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Team-based Programs Drive Results in a Retail Environment

Sales & Channel Loyalty Case Study AUDIENCE Retail store employees and management


“We appreciate the relationship with ITAGroup throughout the years. It only gets better and better as we get to know more people.” -Client’s Marketing Support Manager

Increase employee retention. Increase sales revenues and profits.

RESULTS 6.3% sales increase, surpassing program goal.

Reduction in Management Turnover


Stores not meeting program goals saw an increased level of associate turnover when compared to stores meeting goal. Stores saw an increase in average transaction amount compared to pre-program numbers.

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Strategies & Tactics Strategy: Use peer pressure and encouragement to engage team members and improve employee performance and satisfaction. Tactics: Implemented a team-based structure to align store employee actions with store objectives while encouraging peer-to-peer reinforcement. On a monthly basis, each store’s year-over-year sales percentage was compared to the store’s trend percentage. Exceeding the trend by 6% earned all retail clerks award points. If the stores achieved a variety of monthly goals, retail store managers earned points. To help reduce turnover, a 60-day qualifier was required for award redemption. Strategy: Share and maintain an open dialogue with employees regarding performance expectations. Tactics: Created a communications campaign which addressed store improvement areas and program rules. Communications were designed for unique aspects of a retail environment including: posters, interactive CD-ROM, banners and brochures.

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AUDIENCE RESULTS OBJECTIVES Strategy: Share and maintain an open dialogue with employees regarding performance expectations. Tactics: Create...