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Dyer Indiana Appliance Repair Specialist with Washing Machine Maintenance Tips Professional appliance repair and simple maintenance can make a big difference in performance and life span of home appliances. Dyer, Indiana – Residents appreciate tips from their friendly Dyer, Indiana appliance repair specialist. David Hinton, owner of DBH Appliance Repair has worked in the industry since 1990. Here are some of David's washing machine maintenance tips: Washing machine repair should be done by a qualified technician. Washers combine water and electricity, creating a risk of injury or death if done incorrectly. Level the washer – An unbalanced washing machine can be very noisy and cause wear and tear on internal parts. Also be sure to distribute clothes evenly around the spindle. Replace hoses – Rubber hoses become brittle over time leading to bursting. Replace every 5 to 7 years. Washer Loading – Follow the manufacturer's instructions when loading the machine and be aware that an overloaded washer will not work efficiently and the excess weight can cause damage. Also, one large load is more energy efficient than several smaller loads. Save water, energy, detergent and wear and tear on the machine by doing full loads. Detergent – The amount of detergent needed depends on the hardness of water, the size of the load and the amount of soil. Follow manufacturer's guidelines. Water Temperature – Warm or cold water is recommended. energy.

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Water Level – Use the appropriate water level for the size of the load. water reduces agitation.

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Visit to learn more about this appliance repair firm servicing the Dyer Indiana area. About DBH Appliance Repair: David B Hinton owns and operates DBH Appliance Repair. Since 1990, the factory trained technicians have provided residential appliance repair. Types of repair include: refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, ovens, ranges, stoves, built-in microwave ovens, vent hoods, trash compactors, clothes washers, dryers, and dryer vents. DBH Appliance Repair is factory authorized for manufacturer Fisher & Paykel and serves Dyer Indiana and surrounding cites in Indiana and Illinois. Contact Information: David B Hinton DBH Appliance Repair 250 Henry Street Dyer, Indiana 46311 Phone: (219) 865-1517 – Indiana; (708) 895-4350 – Illinois Submitted By: Right Now Marketing Group, LLC

Dyer Indiana Appliance Repair Specialist with Washing Machine Maintenance Tips  
Dyer Indiana Appliance Repair Specialist with Washing Machine Maintenance Tips  

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