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Washer Doesn't Agitate And Washing Machine Leaks Are Two Common Home Appliance Problems Homeowners can often make the washing machine repairs themselves, but often experts must be called. Albuquerque, NM -- Ortega's Appliance Service Today, Inc. of Albuquerque continued the company's policy of offering free advice on simple household appliance malfunctions by addressing two common problems. Manny Ortega knows that customers appreciate this advice and will come back to Ortega's when they need a repair that is over their skill level. Many homeowners will notice when a washing machine will not agitate. Possible solutions for this problem are as follows: Examine the agitator solenoid and the surrounding wiring. If anything appears amiss, this device might need to be replaced. Secondly, inspect the belt as it might need to be tightened or loosened, and adjust if needed. A second common problem is the washing machine leaks. Some of the causes are hoses that are cracking or have been chewed by rodents. Inspect them to make certain they are in sound shape. If there is a section of a hose that feels "spongier" than other sections, then it is ready for replacement. Also, over a period of time gaskets can become defective. Take a look at them, and if it appears water is leaking at the gasket, then replace the gasket. Occasionally cracks develop in the housing of the water valve and the water valve must be replaced. And taking a part you need to replace with you to the appliance parts store is always a good idea. Often an appliance repair is a little too complicated for the average homeowner and Ortega's Appliance Service Today, Inc. should be contacted for service at (505) 8849177. To learn more about this Albuquerque New Mexico based appliance repair firm, visit: About Ortega's Appliance Service Today, Inc.: Manny Ortega operates Ortega's Appliance Service Today, Inc. Since 1975, their factory trained technicians have provided residential appliance repair for the Albuquerque, New Mexico area. Contact: Manny Ortega Ortega's Appliance Service Today, Inc. P.O. Box 31006 Albuquerque, New Mexico 87190 Phone: (505) 884-9177 Submitted By: Right Now Marketing Group, LLC Also See:

Washer Doesn't Agitate And Washing Machine Leaks Are Two Common Home Appliance Problems