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Highlighting the daY's activities will be a hootenannY presented in the area between lhe Administration Building






14, 1966


109 Receive A¡d To Attend College Iìy ANN

authorizes financial âid to paren

or guardians of students. The veteran's Parent receives aid because of a non-service connected disability. Aid is also supptied in the case of a non-service


units, receive $130 Per


month. Students enrolled

for fewer units receive proportionate aid. Each DONN.A, KNOV|¡LTON month, the collete veriffes the Ficcrc Studio Photo student?,ç attendance to gua,rantee connected death of a veteran's Par- Þayment. This aitt expires on the "Sounds Exciling" student's 23rtl btrthilaY. IJSA. HOBBS, noted joumcl- ent. Under the state program, the \Val OrPhans Aided ist, will tolk on Red Ctrinc¡ of California Veterans Dependents recruditoriÄpril 25 in the FCC Nineteen war orphans are provfdes $50 per school La\r¡ um crt noon. She wcs origin- ceiving direct financial aid under qqnJh to 19 FC-C students. This edly scheduled to speak'Mon634. This aid aid has no age Iimlt and maY be PL taw, a federal dcy, Apr. 18. A mix-up in specrking dcrtes forced Miss ls admlnistered through the Vet- used after the Veterans AdminlsBy TIIOMAS ÂRRIEI Hobbs to ¡e-schedule her crp erans,{dmiDlstration. Full-time tration aid explres. Certification students, those with 14 or more for state aid is handled through Fresno Bee Photo peCfrElnCe. Donna Knowlton is the .A'ssociated blue-eyed and Blonde local state offices. contestant in the Fresno County Miss trV, ool Women Students' Eligtb'le Veterans Pageant. Eslim<¡ted $450 Domoge The smallest group is the five - -f*""tv-vear-old Donna is a sophomore secretarial rnpior. veterans attending FCC under the She is a member of AWS and secretary of Alpha Gamma Veterans Rehabilitation Äct, PL Slgma, FCC honor society. Her in8-15. Veterans with a service-conand sewing. nected disability are eligible to terests are åwimming Yandals smâshed six plate glass windows and one glass door of the receive this aid. I FCC Counsel Cafeteria on Weldon Street side ìast weekend. Beginning May 1, information said the contestants for Miss'Wool They used large gravel, apparently from nearby railroad beds, will be available concerning the causlug an estimated $450 damage to the Cafeteria glass. recently enacted GI Bill. Veterans and personality. "'We have no idea who did the damage," Paul Starr, dean of special I may obtain information from the Miss Knowlton v¡as selected a Semester services, said. "The Fresno City Police Department is checking for I Veterans Service Office, Fresno ar the regular A'WS contestant possible fingerfrrlnts, and our campus police are also investigating:" I Countv Courthouse Annex, or the Counseling for FCC and transprior to the bPring vacafer students not currently enrolled A portion of the Cafeteria near the damage was closed this week I Veterans Administration Office in meeting tion. the Veterans Hospital, Fresno. will be$n May 16 and continue to protect studênts from glass faìIing off the broken panes. She was asked why she would through June 3. Workmen paid from the State Center Junior College District main- I Financial aid will be available like to be Miss Wool. "Transfer students must s€[d in She said, "I enjoy meetint Peo- their applicatioDs, transcripts and today. ple. The experience would be in- take the placement test' hefore Starr said that the only otlrer incident of vandali valuable. BesideE, the prospect of they can receive an appoittDeut recent years was a broken window in the Gymnasiu being Miss Wool'sounds exciting," to see a counselor," sald Merle December. particular The Fresno County Miss Wool Martin, dean of students. has been helc at ou¡ campus "Vandalism Starr said. "Horvever, this case proves that vandalism is quite an I session financial aid should check Pâgeant will be held Apr. 24 at Returning FCC stud.ents not Del Webb's TowneHouse. expensive pastime." I with the Admissions Office. currently enrolled should rnake an appointment to see a counselor at

FCC Coed Enters MiSs Wöol Contest

Vandals H¡t Cafeteria

;ì:ifi: ;i:îI'äï,'"il,ilä:


For Fall

Planning Today For Tomorrow

Construction Progressing



of protress.

Mr. R. J. Eklund, head of the building company which is doing l.he construction, said the demolition part has just been comPleted.

"The only Problem we came the lack of space for the equipment to mol'e arQund,

ficulties," Mr. Eklund said. "The work is going to be done in two phases," said 1\{r. Eklund' Ife said he hoPed the firstPhase would be completed bi JulY 31 vrhich is all of the first floor ex-






Pat Tlrynne



Arrr¡s a,nd The ltfan ---------------B

of Fresno City College's proposed cumpus exponsion plcrr includes o lorge pcnking crreo between the rqilroc¡d trqcks cmd Blockstone A,venue, corurected by c TFIE ABOVE LAYOUT




otherwise there have been no dif-




aeross was

"The last phase rve hope


gin Àug. 25. Martin said it is of utmost importance that students malie appoiÌìtments with their counselors as sooD as possible to outline theìr individual programs fon tbe

The new Student Center build-

cept the occupied area.

for new

(based on appointments)


Normallv ing project is in its third

the Admissions Office. Itnay 27 is the deadline for cu¡rently enrolled students to receive


crJItB NEws



--.. -__-2 ----------.-__-z



Poge Two

April 14, 19óó


Fresno C¡ty Coed PAGE Tells Of The South


lnstructors Hit The Road Exchanging the classroom for open fields, two Fresno City Collete biology teachers devote a


Publlshed weekly by the journallsm students of l¡resno City By JAY YORI{ College, 1101 University, Fresno, California. Conrposed by the Central Patricia (Patty) L. Wynne, FCC student, and five others couple of weekends a month to Californla Typographic Service. Ilnsigned editorials are the expressioh from the Fresno area spent last summer in Virginia working field study and research. of the edltor. Ronald Knaus and James Mcas SCOPE volunteers. @rr

Four of the others are no\ry evening school students: Mr. Henry, second semesteÌ

Drinking On ,Csmpus lwoy 6rtng Expulsron ^t





During the past months they



Tuesday afternoon, in a section of the parking lot near the Technical and Industrial division offices, we sâw a few empty beer hottles and the remains of a six pack in a paper bag. TX"lese remnants were rather skillfully hidden under some unsuspecting student's car. ^ds is true with many of us, we like nothing better than a beer on a warm day or with our lunch. Unfortunately, FCC's carnpus is not the place for beer. The state laws that apply to junior eolleges prohibit alcohol of any type and under any circunostances that are officially associated with school. llhis also applies to various functions that students attend as representatives of the school such as conventions. We are not naive enough to believe that drinking doesn't happen in some form or another when traveling students are away, but drinking on campus will cause nothing but trouble foÍ the involved student or students. So far this semester, one student has been expelted for drinking on campus. If expulsion is sought, live it up. If it was a bit, of careless planning, have a beer elsewhere. Paul Sullivan, JY., Managing Editor


and Mrs. Tim Kellogg, Centhy Yarborough and Betty Johnson. teachers, travel tlìÌouthout t h e San Joaquin Valley collectiug and The fifth member is Joan Peter-1 observing plânt and animal llfe. son, a high school teacher. have collected a variety of rodents,

snakes and fish. The teachers unexpectedly became foster fathers the day following the capture of

a kangaroo rat *'hen she gave

sored by Martin Luther Kin8. lts primary purpos€ is lo register Negro voters.

birth to four


Compa,ring Regions

Knaus, \¡'ho is here from S¡nta Clara, stated that his interest ls in comparing this arid retion to the damp area of Santa. Clara. He has noted. that some of the the importance of voting. She said animals of the valley area need abthe first day only 50 people regsolutely no ìilater to survive. They istered. She thinks this was due survive on metabolic water. In the to the $4.77 poU tax which was Santa Clara area, he said, all anistill in force. But the next month mals need outside v/ate¡ to surwhen the íoll tax was lowered to vlve, $1.50,120 registered. McHenry said that his field stuSince voter registration coukl dies are a contlnuance of ¡esearch PATRICIA WYNNE only be done one day a month, he has been doing for years. By many other things were done in, pressed rvhite shock th¿t students toe marking and through the jourthe meantime. SCOPÐ volunteers I nal he keeps he is able to keep told Negroes of f ree health exa- I would mix with them. minatin¡a ûârrô +rrñañ^¡+o+ian fn minations, gave transportation to I On ttre other hand, Miss lVynne track of animâls year after year them, and cond.ucted some simple I said most of the southern whites and note the environmental changIaboratory tests at the clinics. I aiOu't r¡¡ant them there, aìthough es. Article 1Io Re hrblished some secretly said they approved. Freedom Schools said one white She of the "Chrisin the late suEmer Sometimé Miss Wynne said they conducted freedom schools to acquaint local tiân" ìeaders said he prayed daily he plans to have an article pubthat the Lord would show lished in the Journal of Mammalyoung people with the problems of ". segregation, literacy schools for the group the error of their ways." ogy based on research he has done on the wood rats in the Sauta Understan<ìs adults ând home economics classes for the women. Some of the men I As a result of her summer in Monica mountain area. in the group held meetings for the I Virginia, she said she understands Knaus is presentìy involvqd in farmers to explain how the gov- I the position of the Southern whites a project for the preservatlou of better, even though she doesn't the v¡et lands in the Mendota and ernment would help them. Los Banos area. He would like She said the SCOPE voìunteers agree with them. "I wâs'aìso lmpressed by what to see this area se¿ up as a refuge were v¡ell accepted by most of the Negroes. But she pointed out that the Negro is up against," she said for ducks and other migratory workers must be requested by the in reference to the racial problem. birds. This land, which the birds ìocal National Association for the Miss Wynne f eels that the during their long flights stop and Advancement of Colored People SCOPE volunteers accomplished a feed on, is being converted intd lfouse To llousre

Patty said the workers r^'ent from house to house convincing people to retlster and. stressing


befole they can go into an area. lot but thât there is She said some of the Negroes ex- more to be done.


much farm land.

"It has a wonderful


which within my lifetime may disappear," Knaus said.



McHenry and Knaus both agree

thât the main purpose of their



RON FRANKLIN crnd Gory Deeter discuss their forthcoming

stint with the U.S. Novy Bond with Vinceni Moots, FCC

realíze that biology is more than just dead specimens. "Biology isn't Just in the elass-

music instructor.

roon, but it is

Culture Notes

Exchonge Column

Vorìety Show For Foothill


ald Franklin and cl s, will appeâr with t day in the Fresno H


a 2 PM matinee. sit in with the Navy band for at least one

number of the concert," said band director Vlncent tr The evening concerl featr¡re harmonica plai BalD, teDor Ben Mitch


style of the oldlime ;tring


rvill be available at the lso mav be obtained by -3860 or 222-5752.T}:re

Phil lybcger





E¡vi¡ Huat

lnquiring Reporter

Should Coeds Be Allowed To Wear Slacks To Class?

SoPc 50. 'Ihe question asked by t h I s them in skirts; it looks a lot euphonium player EarI Louder. I Orchesis week's inquiring reporter was what nicer. " Tickets are $1 for students andl Orchesis, modern dance groupldo you think about coeds wearing Jim Dockery, sophomore history Fresno Staie College, will holdlslacks versus coeds wearing skirts major, "I feel it's up to the girls $1.25 for adults for the matineelat whatever they're comfortable ¿nd $2 ror the evenins concert. I :iir"J\i:::,l"otL". i:li:,i:"3:i: ""*ï,iir".t,"a'ins, sophomore art -in. I do prefer to see a sexy girl in I trumpeter Daniel

somewher.e ou-t

there (the fields)," McHeury said.

FCC Musicians To Play W¡fh Navy Band "The pair will

field trips is to bring in live specifor their laboratory classes and also add to the school's biological collection. They feel that it is important thât their students mens

the CÐRRITOS COI/LEGE - pa-st Sundial reported tha,t for the five years the Inter-Club Council has been supporting Yung Woon Choi from Korea.

"Campus organizations will h¿ve

the task of raising money for his education."



- an International Club is planning exclusive variety show, set for April


"Program is based on an lnternational theme and will consist of songs, dances and comedy routines

from foreign lands." a sexy dress." One of the highlights will be Phil f,ybarger, sophomore genEgyptian belly-tlanee routine. an eral education major, "I'd rather naturally. see skirts Slacks aren't convenient for school and not even PARTICIPATE for dating.". Gordon Storoy, sophomore pre-

i dental maior, "I ltke to see coeds cri- | in dresses. I like slacks sometimes, see I

but tlressse are best."



Apn'il 14, 19óó


Summer Session

PLAY: Ken Kennedy ond Renee Clendenning rehecn'se their po'rts in the drcnncr department's spring plcry Arms

ond the Mør. It is the story about life in o smoll Bulgcricrr town following cr wqr with Serbia. The plcy is the fincd production of the yecr for

PJanned F'0,C's

Poge Three

the deportment.

summer session rvill begin

June 13 and end July 22. Eobert M. Kelly, dean of evening eollege and summer session, saicl the summer session will allow many of the students to take classes that they were unable to take during ùhe spring and fall sessions.

â limitêd

numclasses offered and stu-

to covér the cost of mailing

$5 per

unit, and out-of-state stu-

dent¡t must pay $10.40 per the sûnomer sesslon.

unit for

City College To Present Bernard Shaw Comedy

Don Atey, Fresno City College think it is. He flees the enemy n"resqo State College is also of- freshman, will have the lead role and hides in the bedroom of a fering'a summer session, and any in Arms and the Man by George young lady. The girl turns out to FCC stualent ln good standing is Bernard Shaw, which will be given be the daughter of an enemy major. The settíng of the play is Bulelig:ibJê. It's registratlon will be by FCC thespians May 5, 6 and ? garia in 18p5 during a wâr v¡ith on June 20, and the tlme of reg- in the FCC Auditorium. Other cast members are Caro- Serbia. istratjion wiII be assigned by the lene Lung, Ken Kennedy, Brent "This year were're using mor'Summer Sesslon Offlce.

]tror€ information for FSC's Harritt, Leslie Sheets. Renee Clen- int multiple sets f or the f irst summ€r session may be obtained denning, Larry Stocks and Al Ciri- tirne," tr'rederick Johnson, the director, said. "The cast antl crew at sither F'CC or FSC's Summer mele. I'l()t have been working very hard on Sesslon Office. Agey will portray Captain Blunt- the show." schli, a soldier v/ho feelfihat ìvar The set is being tlesigned by is stupid, not glorious as civilians Chârles \Mright, drama instructor. Crew'


tün¡r¡ Ì'llttlra

Perional satisfaction comes from many sources. One of the greatest is individual


developing your own abilities is certainly rewarding. For many men, this has come through a career in life insurance sales and









"DOC" WATSON Virtuoso Guitorist cnd Folk Singer


the Company in sales,

supervisory. and management positions. We welcome the c,hance to tell you nrore.

John Peterson, FCC instructor


are John Brown, Ed Blocker, Gary Brinkley, Doug bodies. Wynne and Bruce McGowan. James P. Collins, assoclate dean AWS members þre Joan Card- of the mathematics, science and well, Kathy Nunes, Cheryl Malick, engineering division, said that Laura Phillips, Judy Jones, Mary statics h¿s been an inactive class Anders, Irene Rodrlgues and Pat- since the spring semester of 1962 because of the lack of a qualified ty W'eaver. in



of Alpha Gamma Sig-

ma, seholastic society,




a master of arts from the Unlversity of in Madison.

Peterson has


attend annual state conference in Wisconsin

He has done three years of

San Francisco Apr.22 to 23. graduate research in aeronautical The theme of the conference science at the University of Caliwill be "The New Alpha Gamma fornia at Berkeley.


"Goals for the 1966 confer-

He began teaching at FCC last semester.

ence," said Mrs. Helen Bever, club

Peterson said, "I stress the imsponsor, "will be to revise the portance of engineering majors AGS constitution and to have dis- seizing the opportunity of taking cussion sessions leading to the the required course offered at betterment of the society." FCC at'an early date, rather than

Dr. Arthur Schaalow. Stantord deferúng to a later time at

Ptt s

CTINT HOWARD AND FRED PRICE Slors of the NewpoÉ Folk Festivol Hoover High School-All-Purpose Room



Phi flho l\u Phi Rho Nu, nursing club, is holding a cake sale today in the foyer of the Cafeteria until 2 PM. Phi Beta Lambda, business club, will have a cake sale Monday from 11 AM to 2 PM in the foyer of the Cafeteri¿.



20f, oll ony smull p¡zzq Serves l-2 3,0ø off ony lorge p¡zzo Serves 3-4


oll ony g¡onl pizzo Serves 4-ó

"17 Vqrieties lo Choose From" S'IA(EY'S PTZZA PARlOf, t26ó Abby 233-O5Ot

Thursdoy, April FIRST


Go to the Formql in Style Msn!








HOUSE OF CAFFE' ESPRESSO 4239 E. Fountoin Wy. ot Cedor ln lhe Pocificq Plqzq qt Shields

1295 Wishon



Every Fridoy ond Soturdoy Night Enloy delicious coffees of vorious Europeon counlries. Also Postries, Sondwiches., Confectionories, lce Creom, Spumoni.






chance to earn while

Program numbers âmong its graduates many men who are currently enjoying

ing the fall


Mrs. Bever and Victor Okkerse, club sponsors, will also attend.


students, giving them a

successful careers

and a Bulgarian


Provident Mutual start¡ training college men while they're still they learn. Our Campus fnternship


Artt ó-993ó



sales management.

dia Barcellous,

tume; Sandy Dralle, Kathleen three sections-the new AGS, fiBier, Sharon Jones and Miss Ha- nance and scholarship and the venhill, properties. Members of the philosophy of AGS. theâter craft class will be the CIub officers are Mike McGinstage crew. nis, president, Warren Lenhart, "!Ve have a few unusual props vice president, Donna Knor¡¡lton, in the show," said Miss Dralle, secretary, Gloria Pavelski, treaschairman of propèrties. "W'e need urèr, Ðlida Garza and Brent Hara Hookah, a Turkish water pipe, ritt, Inter-Club Council representaa Turkish coffee pot, Russian ci- tives. They will attend the congarettes

a Dayi


Working in a field that offers opportunities for

in the

University research professor and other institution where eompetiTechnical crew members âre co-inventor of the laser, will be tlon may be greater and requireLinda Jones, Janet Sager, Jane the guest'sPëâke". men'ts more rig:td." I¡irebaugh, Pam Havenhill, cos'Workshops will be divided into



Offer Statics

tain with tracking Courtney down and obtaining his services..

Statics is the study of the forces Reid, Jim which produce balance ln material

obtai¡ed f¡om the Summer Session

gradee. Foreitn students must pay

Collese W¡ll

Other AMS committee members

Offlj.ce, Administration 112, from


By NDLLItr BONIITITA Del Courtney his nationally famous band will be the and featured attractions a!. thq FCC spring formal Frida¡ May 13 in the Memorial Auditorium The formal's theme is Paradise Under the Sea. Courtney, husband of one of the King Sisters, recenily appeared on the Ed Sullivan Sho

mathematics, science and Decorations committee chairmen engineering division, will teach aD are Mike Lawless, AMS, and Ly- engineerint course in statics dur-

dents should pick up a sheet listing the classes to be offered. Rogistration material may be

May 9 through June l0 where a regislratlon time will be given. Restrdent students pay only 15

Del Courfney Band

tou¡. Cochairmen Ron Wlnter'and Michelle Martin credit Diana Par-

studênts will enroll for the summer progiram. All classes will be in the morning and will be daily.

ber .of

Formal To Feature

and has made numerous other television appearances. He is now on

LI€ estimates that about 1,500

Th€re $¡ill be

Club News

All Continentol Style D(ON'T tYtlSS lT!

Every Fridoy ond Soturdoy Night Ph. y22-7374




¡^zÚ,s Fofie WEAR R.ENTAL SÄOP.-ATALL 79 P/A ^AL sfOWâ


April 14, î966



D¡amondmen Eye SJD Doubleheader fly


Valley Conference baseball action will find the Fresno City College diamonclmen in Stockton Saturclay for a double-

will be batting sensation Dennis Pettinelli, shortstop John Lung, second baseman Jerry Robison, third baseman Ned Andreoni and pitchers Bert Bandy and Len Car-

'Tennis Squad Sets Sights Gianfs


Pacing the Mustangs will


Steve Clenrerrts, piteher John Nilme-vel and Russ Leino and outnetmen, College CitY Fresno currently resting in third Place I'ielders Bob Regpala and Carl Bisjn the ValleY Conterence race, will agno. Tne rlrst time the Rams antl have a chance this Friday to move a step closer to second PÌace when Mustangs met, the Mustangs won they meet the College of the Se- both games. In sweeping their first doublequoias tennis tean on the COS

header of tlìe year, the Rams


TEAM STANDOUTS: Heoding FCC's bid for its second consecutive Volley Conference irqck chcrmpionship, these four men, Delburt Thompson, Ezuniol Burts, Sctm Dovis ond Alvin Mon,n Wright Photo hcrve plcyed importont roles in the Rcrrns' undefeqted record to dqte. doubles matclì to l¡¡in the contest I two runs in the fifth inning when 4-3. However Coach Dan Ozier has I Ken P,api singled and scored when expressed a little nore confi.dence I Pettinelli tripleat. Pettinelli scored when Robison singled, driving in in this match. "I think \¡¡e should beat them his first two RBI'S. A single by Glen Gilmore and a thfs time," he said. "We're still working on a starting lineuP but two base hit by Bruce HenrY broke the team will be ready for the the string of goose etgs as the Beavers then trailed 4-1. match."

The Giants' maln strength will

lie with

stan Ausborn one-two two

Ram Cindermen To Face Triple

i In the eighth, singles by Dave and i,rltis, Sten'e Green, Gllmore John vukovich brought the Beavi



ers to within one run, 4-3. In the

final innint the Beavers wel€

The Rams will counter with its lturned back as the game ended'l

top players ln Gary Htppensteil | 4-3.

A strong pitehing effort by Cargill and good clutch hitting bY i Coach Erwin Ginsburg is "a who õan members Ram Othor be elTected to turn ln strong Per- first basernan Bill Brown, .4,ndre- little worFied'f about. the Rarns' forura¡ces are Doug Banta, Frank onl and Pettinelli lifted the Ranrs chances in the jumpiDg events. over the Beavers in the nightcap, "Distance runners, weight men Waterhouse and John GreY.

and Rick Fiori.

and hurdlers will have to do thelr A clual neet scheduled for to- 8-4. RHI': Job this week," said Ginsburg. saìn'e: day atalnst Chabot Collete ha.s lst -\R.fc ......-..............000 000 120 I c I The substitution of injured Sam been reset for A.pril 26 due to ¿ I.CC ...............-........000 022 00x 4 I 0 conflict in the Chabot roster.

B¡âìne, Dye 6 ând Papi.

IIenry; Bandy and Davis


handicap the Rams in

Discus-l Nelson, l', 150-4; 2. fllasunder the direction of Coach Hans I psí."'þ,'"i+d-o¡¡'il'n,i""¡|"ïn, ï¡i-àl S80-1. Perez. F, 1:59.1: t 2.2:lltJ..f). tr)unr. I a non con- lF, 2:02.0; 3. K. €;tii,] Smith, F,.,i,R"il.''*ln. l",ttu,orl¡,"f]'? LÁi TJ-t. l{. r¡¡ith Thom.pson, F, 49-1 2. ference match the Bakers- | !

rtrriaÀanhaapar Wiedenhoefer ,¡rirr will hac¿ hosr

-- --- -- l


olf course. }lams II [ne -I

nm Shrnn-ì

-i;;;i;:-*;;"; îi':l ;ï;




shire, Bitt Par.ks, Roger St'tt". ,n¿ 1196ä' ;;;;": i' John Winstead. This is the sâme lineul that the Rams used in the fourth annual I


Western Junior College Open Golf Tournament hosted by the Rams on the Belrnont Country Club course April 6 and 7. In th e tournament Richards rnanagecl to grab some glory for


Tho Bcst Cost¡ No Moru


the red anrl white as he tied for'11tlì place in the championship flight. llis score'for the 72 hole match was 84-78-73-72 for a total of 307.


/,aundrcnat Wqsh

HOT CARS attracted Frank Krum, Gene Suglian, Nanci Smith and Cheri Pushigian to Fresno's latest auto show. Frank and Gene tried it was'a large exto explain this one to the girls bu

camera he

presso coffee machine. Our from WALTER SMITH, F'resno selection of casual elothes.

Frank wears a Hartog Valour in wild colored stripes 12.95 and the very popular Levi-Sta-Prest in the trim cut model 6.98.


câsual fashions

the valleys largest

\ryhib Levi 4.50 with a harness leather belt 4.00 and a Kennington Buttoû down shirt in a bold plaid 6.95. Gene has on


Dry lOc

Wosh l0c Wed. & Thurs. )

Lorge toods 25c, 30c,50c lincl. Rugs, Spreods, Blonketsl "Hoir Dryers l0c & 25c"


E. Belinonl

Bet. Vc¡n Ness & Son Pqblo


@ffits UNIVERSITY SHOP 9óó Fulton }loll


Blocks N. of Rotcliffe Stodiurn Neor Dutchmon CAFE 227-97\9 2219 BLACKSTONE & YAIE


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