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FRESNO Spring vocqtion begins tomorrow.

'Polpourri' deodline Morch 30. Copy


Closses resume Morch 30. vot. xvilt



due in publicotions office.


19, 1964


At Fresno CC GOP Hopefuls May Come To Campus By


Editor in Chief Barry M. Goldwater, US Senator from Arizona, and New York Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller may speak on the Fresno City College campus later this semester. Governor Rockefeller told Rampage editors last Friday during a reception at the tr'resno that he "would be de- to push through a motion requirlighted" to add¡ess the FCC stu- ing a two-thirds majority vote for dent body when he mahes another endorsement, hoping this would swing through California ln May be sufficient to block the Gold"if it can be worked into ' my water salon. schedule." f,'ou¡ Hour Debato Peter Johnson, special repreThe convention, either accisentative for the New York chief dentally or intentionally weak on executive in Californla, said the parliamentary prpcedure to precollege should file a formal letter vent an endorsement, alebateal. of invltation "as soon as pos- more than four hours before the endorsement was made. sible." Goldwater The debate centered around a Senator Goldwater will make procedural parliamentary point on ARIZONA SENATOR ond about six more swings through whether a two-thirds majority or state, during one a simple vote would be necessary. GOP presidentiol hopeful his neighboringmay speak on the The chair asserted after a of which he Bcrry M. Goldwoter oddresses crn overflow c¡owd Iocal campus, according to for- heated debate that a twethlrats US Senator William F. vote would be required for enin the Fresno Stcte College mer Gymncsium lost Fridcy. A Knowland, editor of the Oakland dorsement but, despite bittei protest, the delegates voted to overrepresentotive for the Sena- îä'ttrne.-A letter of invitation is also rule the chairman. tor sqid it mcry be possible Senator. T[Ia,lkout for him to speak qt F¡esno to be sent to the Arizona presidential BosThe two GOP In final a stand, Rockefeller City College lqter this se- sibles were in tr'resno last week- supporters staged the first ¡r¡alk(Borrier Pholo) mester. end to vie for the California Re- out itr the 3O-yeat history of the publican Assernbly endorsement. CRA. As they left the walkout No Eope delegates reminded newsmen that The Rockefeller faction, seeiug "30" is the symbol for the end no hope of winning the endorse- of a story. ment for the Governor, sought to The stage show was to no avail, dissuade the endorsement of any hoï,¡ever, as the CRA officially "My X'avorite Leeture," a radio endorsed the Àrizona Senato¡ at program produced by Timothy candidate. fi'ailing in this they then tried approximately 11 PM Sunday. 'Welch,.Rampage advisor and pubIic information officer, will make its debut on KX'RE Saturday evening at 9:30. GOP presidential hopefuls

NEW YORK GOVERNOR Nelson, A. Rockefeller


Rompoge feqture writer Dovid Pcrcheco while they discuss the possibility of the Governor oddressing the Fresno City College student body when he retums to Colifomio in Mcry. The Governor qnd Arizoncr Senqtor Borry M. Goldwcrter, both hopefuls for the GOP P¡esidentiol nominotion, were in Fresno lqst weekend to contest fo¡ the Coliforniq Republi(Barrier Photo) ccrn Ãssembly endorsement.

PLACEMENT OFFICE P¿ANS CAREER DAY Career Day, a new program at FCC, known officially as Business and Industry Occupations Day, will give qualified students an opportunity to meet with employers and oblain permanent

be given job interviews with the businessmen, and can obtain


time employment.

.4lll tr'ields



be available to people

in aII fields, from secretarial work jobs. and accounting to automotive and Career Day is planned for col- electrical engineering. Iege students who do not intend According to Dorothy Ediger of to transfer to a four-year college the Placement Center, the rlay will and who will be looking for full- begin at 9:30 AM wilh an orien-

time employment at the eud of tation hour for the employers, thls semester. The students wiII after which they wiil hold individual interviews with the stu-

Sheriff Presenfs Law Enforcemenf


Pete Christian, an tr'CC English instructor, will be the guest speak-

er. His topic will will be held on ing of Meaniug."

Informa,tion Forrne

Career Day

Radio Show Makes Debut

be "The Mean-

Two-Part Series ìùI.ay 72, but students who wish to participate should fiu out the Next on the weekly agenda will Scholarship informatio¡i forms immediately. be speech instructor Franz WeinA $200 scholarshitr, for stu- These forms are obtainable from schenk, who will present a twodents interested. in law enforce- all the instructors in the busi- part series on "Propagand.a." ment has been establÍshetl by the ness divisions, and the division Psychology instructor Edward tr'resno County Sheriff's Posse at deans. Hibler will speak on "Maturity" The employers that will be April 11, and H. K. Golway, hisFresno Clty College. The sciroiarship, which pro- asked to come to Ca¡eer Day here tory instructor, will talk on "The vides for two renewable $50 per at tr'CC will be chosen on the Election of 1860 and Succession" semester awards, was presented basis of the information eiven April 18. to Archle Bradshaw, dean of in- on these forms. Scheduled I-nterviews struction, by Sheriff Melvin A. . Other speakers scheduled are The interviews will be held in Clair Gustafson, who tpill speak V/lllemeth. Both men and women students the committee room of the Stu- on "The Relation Between the are eligible for the awards, but dent Center builcling from 9 : 3 0 Novel and the tr'llm" April 26. they are restricted to high school until 4:00, with time out for Geography lnstructor David Hengraduates of Fresno County, and lunch. drlckson will talk on "Geographic to those intending careers in law "This ls the first Career Day .d.spects of the Soviet Union" May at FCC," said Mrs. Ediger, "but t enforcement. "This covers a wide area," sald we hope it will become an annual The City College program will undersherlff Jim Long. "It takes event." take a look at sports wlth a presI''uU And Part-timo Jobs in criminology, or any of the enation by coaches Clare Slaughsclences that deal in law enforce"There are full and part-tlme ter and Don Kloppenburg May 9. jobs of every kind available, from meDt." Thelr topic will be "On tr'ootball. The Fresno County Sheriff's secretarial to mechanical, to the Eight Tapes Ready posse, headed by Willmerth, is a students who apply," said Mrs. saltl that the shows are T\trelch parade group that represents the Ertiger. The office handles three types to be recorded in advance and apcounty In varlous festivals, and occasionally aids the sheriff's of- of job placement to proximately eight tapes are ready fice in search partles'on horse- Mrs. Ediger, including jobs which for broadcast. He is particularly enthusiastic help the students stay in school, back. "Thls ls the first law enforce- Jobs for the student who has grad- about 'My Favorite Lecture." He ment auxiliary group in the uated and jobs for those students pointed out the show, even if county to establish a scholarship who find it necessary to drop out broadcast only locally, coultl be eligible for varlous awards. of school for personal rea,sons. fund," Long atldetl.

Pacheco, Bay Sweep Spring Class Elections

David Pacheco and Ray Bay, Kenny by a vote of 93 to 61. Jr. will assume leadership of the Tallies for vice-presldent were sophomore and freshman classes, Carol Youngberg, 78; Dixie Sinrespectively. Pacheco, Bay and kovits, 30, and Harold Eric their asslstlng officers were (Rick) Comstock, 43. elected by the student bocly last Write-Ins

!'riday. In the- treasurer category, apThe new sophomore class vice- proximately 20 names were writpresident is Joe Golden. Barbara ten in, according to Miss Thomas. Didie¡ wlll serve as secretary and "Ten,of the wrlte-ins ¡eceived one Margaret Hollender as treasurer vote ând the rest received two," she explained. "Those recelving of the class. Carol Youngberg captured the two votes will be checked to see title of freshman class vice-presi- that they are qualifled. to run for dent. Ann Leath, a write-in can- office. The, treasurer w¡ll be didate, was elected. to office with selected from the remaining qualiflve votes, The new treasurer has fied candidates."

not been determined.

Election Doubts Miss thomas added that mauy Only 285 students of FCC's of the candidates had expressed 6,000 total registration voted in doubt when shown the electlon rethe election, according to Mari- sults. "If they lvant to-see the helen Thomas, who acted as elec- election tallies or count the votes they can," she stated. "The baltion chairmatr. The offlclal tallies are as fol- lots are in Miss Deakins' offlce lows. In the sophomore class: for and anyone is welcome to represident, Davitl Pacheco re- count them." Now Proceduro ceivetl 67 votes; Marlene Smith, Miss Thomas arso added that a 31, and Chârles Wright, 29. Vice presidential candidate Joe new class election procedure was Golden captured 97 votes; for being discussed. At the, end of 285 Voters

secretary, Barbara Diclier re- the semester it is'hoped that the ceived 109, and treasurer Mar- sophomore class election will be garet Hollender, ,111, run concurrently Ìvlth student tr'or freshman presldent Ray body votlng. This way the sopho. Bay, Jr. overwhelmed Betty Sue (Continued on Page 3)


Poge Two

Morch 19, 1964



"I have neveÍ known the Birch In Publtshed weekly by the Journalism studeDts of Fresno Ctty CoUege' thÍs school we have dediSociety to endorse a candidate," Call' the Central Composed by f,'resno, Californla. 1101 Unlversity, cated men who take an active Sirs: stated Arizona Senator Barry

fornfa Typographic Servlce. Unsigned edltorials a¡e the bf the editors.


Gold.water, when asked

@Þ would

CHARLES'WRIGITT Eclitor-in-Chief


he interest

in this "institution."


I have honestly tried to


accept the conservative such man is Keith Tally, a wrestl- at this matter of school spirit with er for this college. He is not an an unbiased unemotional mind. group's endorsement. ord.inary wrestler, but a wrestler "It is a matter of policy not to. with a heart! ! It was this kincl The reason I can't seem to stay I would be surBrised if they ofsaid calm is that school spirit is im-

and courteous heart that "yes" when asked by a young portant to me and therefore I Goldwater, the conservative Re- lady if she could have the use Dave Pacheco--.---------------publipan hopeful for the 1964 of his student body card for one expect it to be important to everyone-student and administrators Presidential race, made an ap- night. Advertistng ùfanÐger-..-Elberta Hurst I Exchange -Edltor--.-......Theresa Johnson pearance alike-isn't end that hilarious? itr Fresno this week clqlk' eõwer Photog¡ãphers..----'-'-"----T.o.m . Ëuitness äanager....-.....Mttõnãi' I -. Young men are such iools and Thad B8'rrlar, Kimio Miki to address the California Repubõi"¿ü;ii";-DË"äéöi..----5óitál¿ crir¡m | Now I wouldn't want this letter in love that it was a foolish heart Ehrenburg, Georgq Kuempel, Bett]'--Sue--Kenny' ReDorters---.------..--..--.....-Ba¡bara ^'"-- ""b;;-äiöñõärjni. oénñil jacoby, Jeanne Banta, Derrv Modlin' virsinia Iican Assembly convention at the paicl the consequences of his mis- to be boring so let's go at it from Hacienda. Saturday morning, the take, ancl because of it his student a d.ifferent point of view. T,,et's Senator held a short Bress con- body card has been taken away. Iook at this matter of school ference at the motel. Love ls blintl but men are wise. spirit from that potr¡ular "rnho Goldwater stated he not Let us forglve him for tris 'mis- cares" point of view. First of all think the Birch Society was tak- take and welcome him back to who needs it? It doesn't run the ing over the Republican Party in student participatlon, We ask in school or pay for any of the cost California. "I don't find it an humility for the return oþ Mr. of eclucating students does it? It doesn't raise the educational or issue here or anyplace. I want to Tally's student body card. It tloesspend my time on important iss/ Don Johnston #L736 moral standards does it? prestlge n't contribute 'money or sues." He added that he was so¡ry Sarkis Avakia¡ to the school does lt? Why it his opponent, New York Governor Honorary card. Barbara Diclier--------.-Don Foster-

---------Managing Edltor fered

Ðditor '-'-"-'--Sports 'Writer -------Feature

*9, JL

REBIRTÊ: The new Public re- Ilughey probablY deserved the lations program which council aP- most valuable plaYer awa¡d rath' proved last week has apparently er than füverside's Bob Rule. I life 'tho . . . hlt a snag' It seems that a few guoss that's**;& counof members thinking of the cll tot together and through ex- GOLDIE: With all of the newstensive investigation realized that paper space being devoted to there were too many questions Bârry it looks to me like the left unanswered by the initial pro- democrats have been d.eserted. posal, and consequently this issue But never fear the ole kid here was put back out to committee' is a democrat and since this is so I am pretty sure that the current I will try my best to include a committee will not leave any few lines each week on LYndon questions unanswered' I am un- Johnson and a few other PromiI think this is der the oPinion that this job nent demos . might BossiblY be filled bY a com- the least I can do to balance the missioner of public relations rath- left and the right. *** er than creatlng a seParate department. lftINE IN: FCC ha"s some Prime *+* time on radlo station IIFRÐ everY THE IIREI{: I havo been in' Saturday and Sunda,y. The Srùtulformetl that a small contingent day show is a ehort fivo minrlte of tr'CO students really raised the progtam calletl City College ßulloroof at last weekend's basketball tin ancl it can be heard everY tourney. A few of tho rooters Saturday at 1O:OO PM . The bave told me that theY ma'de more other is a 15 minute show at noise ttrån quite a fow of the 10:45 every SulrdaY, this Prograne larger cheering sections in attend' known as îho CitY College Digest' ance at the tourneY. I think that both of these progla,rns a¡e hosted these peoPle deserve e sincere by "Red" lfaylor tr'CC student vöto of tha.nks for rePresenting comnent¿tor. r** our school in such a fine waY. *** TIDBITS: The AMS CA,MPUS .WAY: MT. THE AMERICAN sponsored bore'ling league got off and Mrs. Marvin Mclaughlin' Par- to a rousing start last Thursday, ents of FCC soPhomore Jim Mc- ten teams put ln an appearance Laughlin are inviting the fo.reign . . . however I have some startling students, through People-to- info-Circle K slgned a team uP People, to be guests of Chowchilla and then failetl to fieltl one this Rotary Club 'for one complete ls not the best procedure is it? weekend in ,{Pril' The students Antl AMS had a glrl on their will be trans¡rorted and housed bY team Oh well, I guess thls the citizens of Chowchilla. An might be called equal rights. effort will be made to orient the students with the farming and NEII9 OIITB: fü will be greatly business proced.ures of the peoBle appreciated if a,rry of You stuof Chowchltla. Thls is a Prime dents inter€sted in forming ù example of .A'mericanism at work Rodeo Club will conta,ct me in and I think that the McLaughlius úhe Ra.rnpage offico any day of tleserve a very large vote of the week with the exception of tha,nks from the entire student Tuesday. îhis includes girls inbody. If any of You foreign stu- terested in bamelracing and calfdents have anY question concern- typing, experionco will be helpful ing this event, Please contact but not mendetory. \ilith all of Rick 'Wrightson. tho college rodeos taking Place it is a shame rle can't reprosent FOIIR ROSES: I think roses the 'ole school at ono of these are in order,for the lùa¡n wrest' functio'ns ånyway. lers, basketballers, cindermen a.rrd for Gabe Terronoz. Tho wrestling


Nelson Rockefeller, insisted on emphasizint the Society and its hypothetical backing of him. 'When asked to comuent on California Senator Thomas Kuchel's remark that the Birch Society was an abomination, Goldwater quipped, "He's certainly entitlecl to that opinion." In later comments, the Senator announced, "f don't know enough about the Birch Society to tell you what they are." 'When it was pointed out that Rockefeller was backing civil rights and the housing initiative,


school spirit. Let's get ricl of it before it spreads. Let's get I was shockecl to cast my eyes quick ricl of the dances and rallies and upon the following statemetrt in do away with all the clubs and Iast week's Rampage: "The F¡esassemblies. Let's cut out footbuses, according no City College basketball, ba$eball and to Paul Starr, dean of men, are ball, track and instead attend school years old. and'are Pracabout 12 six days ¿ çseft-çe¿lcln't that be tically' heltl together by baling fun? And. rememberwhile we're wire'." these things we're also deff this is truo, FCC, which is d.oing stroying chilclish thlngs like compart now a of ono of the largest initiative, teamwo¡k and Betition, and richøst Junior collego dis- enthusiasm these words tricts in the US, shoultl hitle its and school because spirit are as inseparGoldwater saicl that the housing head in shame. 'Who wants to go to college in able as sticky hands and a jelly initiative would not figure in his campaign. "It Ís pu¡ely a Cali- a bus which might not arrive sandwich. Sirs:

been donefornia matter," he explained, at its destinatlon? Why doesn't 'When all this has'Why we have "and I have great respect for the college administration sPend look what we have. states'rights." its money on these so called machines not students; machlnes computers for brains and "little things," rather than a with spacious cafeteria or a huge gym- push buttons for mouths. Is that nasium. lMho, in their right mind, what we really want? It it's not wants these luxuries if they might then we're sure headed. in the be killect tomorrow in one of wrong direction, Thts sort of

Circle K Club Hosts Confab

these fragile buses on their waY thing would have delightecl Hitler,

The Cal-Nev-Ha District of to school and, therefore, would but we live in a socalled demoCircle K International will be be unable to view their beauty cracy with high ideals and I helal ln San Diego, California, anyway? Of what value would can't help but feel that these deceased? ideals should. sort of ooze over to ques- include the,schools too, these need not answer

March 20-21, 1964. Delegates in- these buildings be to a

cluding Barry R. Turner, presitlent; Malcolm Chaclclock, vicepresident and representatives including Pete Pierre, treasurer; Marvin Machin, Bob Armer, Keith Mealy, W'arren Stallings and Kent

I tions. I a,m cert¿in everyone There have been many comknows tho answers. I urge our ments lately placing the blame administration to think first be- for lack of spirit upon certain foro spendfng tho taxpayor's persons and groups. But I say monoy. It seoms they would thât the blame rests on everyone's

Smith will be among the 400 ¡ather er€ct a.n edifice than save of the Cal-Nev-Ha Dis- a htrnan life. Personally, f feel trict throughout the District at- that life is priceless. Elberta Hurst, #226L tending the tenth Annual Convention of college service organlzations in San Diego, California, I foel you are not up to date members

March 20-21.

on certa,in facts, Miss Hurst. CerCircle K International is a serv- tainly tho buses a¡e old and perice organization for college men, haps aro "practically þ6ing held sponsored by Kiwanis Interna- together by bsling wiro" but their tional, and maintaining the same daily trips aro only about 4O-5O ldeals and objectives. There are miles eú a, speed of abouú 4O mph more than 10,000 members on so the danger of losing a life on

its rolls,


a totâI of

such trips is small.

The new tlistrict. which will be puses. The Cal-Nev-Ha District one of tho richest in the IIS, will ranks as the largest of Interna- not be in effect untll July 1 of tional with 65 clubs and over this year when new Crown diesel 1,300 members, coaches are scheduled to replace Hosts for the Tenth A¡nua,I our present buses. (Continted on Page 3) 500 clubs on as many college cam-


head, Upon the students for their nonchalant "who the, . . cares" theory; upon the student councll

for being so impressed with the fact that they're a councll they've

forgotten that they're students; and upon the administration for hindering instead of helping Just when their help is needed most. The organization of a college shoulcl and. usually does work along the same line as our US government; that there are different departments, each wlth its own job and each ln its own way regulating each other through a system of checks and balances. ff the rurnors th¿t ar€ rrow circulating about a certain ca,m. pus orga,niza,tion formingi a, couy little group to put wh¿t is lmown

smugly as a, squeeze on the school paper is tnre (and from all indi. cations they are) then now is th€

timo for FCO súuclonts tg come out of their coma a¡.d start esk. ing questions such as: !Íhat hap. pened to tho students that par. ticipated in a quite ha¡mless on COS last month? Tfhy cen'l


I hope that all of tearn walketl off with second you stutlents will have a ball durplace in the stete wrestling tour' ing our upcoming vacation. I noy, the ß,am'baskotballers led know that those of you who are by Lonnie Hughey took thtrtl journeylng to far-away places placo in ttreìta,te basketball con- will represent FCC in a very clave, tho track tea,m took thtrtl commendable manner (I hoBe place in the valley conference re- this doesn't cramp your style). kiys . . . and Glabe Terronez de- And I am sure that the rest wlll cisionod veteran fsaac Logart in beneflt most of us It is a ten rounds last MondaY here in certalnty that the rest will benetrÌesno. fit the teachers. HÄVE FUN:

As far as tho basketball toa¡n's in the stÐte meet I a,m At the age of 16, John Quincy sure thet if glven the cha¡rco úhey Adams, sixth president of the coukl beat the Riversicle quint€t. Unlted States, touierl Russla as And f know that I am not the secretary-lnterpreter for an ofonly ono who feele that fronnio flcial IIS dlplomatlc mlssion.

doesn't even make teaching or learning any easier. So rally round thè ftrag boys and down with

they use their student bo<ly ca,rds? .Wrat heppens when your school peper ca¡r't print without censot the facts and news tha,t rr¡€ Bo

vital to



The health care blll in



represented an estimated 6.4 per cent of tl€ total outlay by Amerlcans for all their personal needs,






the Health fnsurance reports.



Morch 19,1964

Poge Three

C/oves Nominoted To Counc¡l Reps Leave Tomorrow Britìsh ls/es P-to-P Post For Annual CJCSGA Conference Ca¡ol Cloves is an ambassador to the British Isles for the Uni

of International Relatlong and Rodrigo Dar, Commlssioner of Publications, will attend the Foreign Students Workshop; Myra Aten will attend Community tend the Activities WorkActivities workshop and Rick Campus Terry Edgmon, Associate¿ Strìdent Body President will head shop; Publicity and. Public Relâ- Comstock will represent f'CC at the Student Body Presidents tions, wiII be attended by V/illiam the workshop for Student Body Student Council representatives President, and. Susan Hawthorne, sioner

will leave for Santa Maria on Sat- ASB Vice President, Campus O¡urday morning¡for the California ganizations; Carol Cloves, ASB Junior College Student Govern- T re asurer, Frances Hanoian, ment Association Reeion Five Edith Hughes, and Cherry Moore, Representatives at Large, will atConference.

versity People-to-People Student .A.mbassador Program.

After an orientation program of about a week in Washington,,

DC, the student ambassadors will fly to Brussels, Belgium, where

they will then depart for their,

entry program


also an ambassador, will go by

boat to London, England, where their program wlll start. They will see England, Scotland, Ireland, and. Wales; and stay with


different families to get acquainted with the people from these countries.. "I'm looking forward to meeting the people


Rome, Italy.

'l Shoo/< Borry's Hqnd'



Council members and their re-



la,st summer in the People-toPeople program. She will be staying in a "Ten Century Old Castle"

Other schools attending will be Allan Hancock, the host college, Bakersfield. College and their and.

customs and cultures," says Miss

whose son stayed with her family

Bispham and Suzanne Reid, Com- Elections.

Desert Division, Coalinga, College of Sequoias, Porterville, Reedley

and getting acquainted with their She will spend the latter part of the summer on the continent. She plans to stay with a family


The other workshops open to One of the purposes for the missioner of Publicity; SamHabib, tr'oreign Student, sudin attend will be Student Bod.y Presipresiconference is to elect a state dent for the State convention in It.rederick Wrightson, Commis- dents and Song and YelI Lead.e¡s, the fall.


Miss Cloves and Suzanne Reid,

sBective workshops are, Irving Lee, Associated. Men Students


Miss Cloves and Miss Reid Plans for the establishment of have applied for their passports a joint I¡resno City-Reedley Junand will receive them in three ior College student council were or four weeks. They have also released this week by Terry Edgtaken some of their shots. Miss mon, associated student body Cloves says, "lMhatever you do, president. don't hit me on the arms." lXdgmon, who has written a proposed constitution for the combined council, said Tuesday that such a move would create closer ties between the sister


ties and to provide and maintain

a system of coordination "to be of significant value to both

ßy BARBAIIA EHRENßU-IIG Rampage Staff Writer

call to Texas. Newsmen compared notes, left to file stories and. the I shook Barry Gold.water's room was cleared. hand.. Goldwater retired to his room Last Saturday I went to the to change to weste¡n dress for Del Webb building to meet the press bus that would. take re- the afternoon State College roaleo. porters to the opening of GoId- I left for home, to talk about and. water headquarters on to a press remember the day I shook Barry conference ¿t the Hacienda where Goldwater's hand. However, I still do not agree q¡ith his political the California Republican Associ- philosophy. ation convention was being held. No bus appeared, so a taxi took a Goldwater aide, a UPI man and me to headquârters. THE . .

and was gold with an oversized schools in the areas of state wide key "to the \À/hite House," The representation. " Gold.water appeared


tanned, d.ignified-looking Senator

The student body president of shook hands, signed autographs the hosting school will serve as and was intervie\4¡ed by Bob Long chairman of the organization, with of I{MJ-TY, During the entire the vice-president filling in in his openint ceremonies, Goldwater absence.

was no more than a few feet secretary-treasurer would be from me, schools. (Continued from Page 1) elected by members of the joint On the way out of the building, more officers would be ready to The plan would be the first council at the first meeting' of Goldwater stopped to shake the take over at the beginning of "dynamic step in the right d.irec- each school semester. hand of a shoeshine man. "I renext year. tion for cooperation between the X'unds will be raised by dues member you," he exclaimed. "You Volunteers from the clubs will two schools," Edgmon said. from the respective student bodies shined my shoes here during the run the elections and man the He addecl that' this proposal as determined by the joint coun- war. I asked you if you had booths, said Miss Thomas of the wonld constitute a permanent tie cil. something for dand.ruff and you people procedure. new "Îhe more with Reedley. Edgmon said that the plans did. It nearly took my hair out," involved in an election, the better The constitution, already ap- have been discussed intensÍvely the Senator quipped. the turn out," she concluded. proved by advisors at tr'CC, is ex- with members of Reedley and exGoldwater's aide motioned me pected to be in the mail to Reed- pressed hopes that his constituto a convertible, the second car SAFETY! ley soon after spring vacation, tion would be ratified with onty in the Goldwater motorcade. It Edgmon said. 'was in this car, immediately "minor changes." The proposed name for the orahead. of the Arizona Senator and D¡CK'S LAUNDROMAT ganization is "State Center Joint Presid.ential hopeful that I rode Wosh l0c Every Wed. & Thurs. Student Council." Membership to the Hacienda. has been' ¡estricted by the consti1123 E. BEttl,tONT At the mptel Goldwater busied tution to "the executive officers Bet.,Vqn Ness Sqn Pqblo (Continued. frorz Page 2) himself with shaking more hands, of the respective councils" of the Open 24 Hourc Convention will be the Circle I( so I stepped in front of him, held colleges. out mine, and said, "Senator, I'm The student body presidents Clubs of San Diego State College from the City College Rampage." ¿md University of San Diego. Aswould each elect two members to sisting will be tho Iüwanls Clubs He smiled, and replied, "Glad to meetingthe sessipns on a attend C[ASSltlED ADS you with us." to-meeting basis. Advisors of the of Sa¡r Diego. He.adquarters for have the conYention will be Del ì[ebb's Goldwater's aide ushered. me as student bodies would serve exERNEST J. M. SCHEXNAYDER JR. ís hovOce¿n llouse in Sa,n Diego. into a smoke filled room. coming o Birlhdoy porty. Fridoy. /v{orch 20, officio nembers. l9ó4, Timer 8 Prvt-8 AM. Ploce. ó3ó N. Principal speaker wiII be John plete with television camerâs and The constitution lists its objecFullon St. Everyone is invifed. tives as: to promote closer ties H. de Boisblanc, President of cables. WANTED: Algebro Tulor: Ph. Ct 5-2ó58 between the sister colleges, to pro- Circle K International. Other Goldwater made his appearofl. 5. Ask for Doug. mote eDgagement of joint activi- Ieaders in Circle I{ and Kiwanis ance, announced that he had no and at least one other principal prepared statement and. began to speaker wiII contribute to the pro- answer newsmen's questions. One gram. half hour later, the Senator left llhe subjoct of the oraúorical the room to make a telephone cont€st \[riu bc "Promote Free Dnterprise" the Circle I( theme Shirt for 1964. Elimination trials will l¡e held in closôd. sessions, and tho three top ora,tors will compete publicly for the grand prize. Other convention activities will include the adoption of convention resolutions and a theme and objectivés for 1964, a social protram hithlighted by a luau, an UNIVERSITY SHOP eveniDg of entertainment, and the I 029 F¡llor installation of newly-elected. of-








Week Summer Session JUNE 22 ro AUGUST 29 7 Week Session For Grqduqtes Only JULY l3 to AUGUST 29

IANGUAGES AND CIVILIZAT|ONS of Chino, Fronce, Germony, ltoly, Jopon, Russio ond Spoin (nolive instructors).

ond intermediole courses, ló unils. lnlermediole ond odvonced courses, I I units. Upper division courses. I I units. Groduole courses, 8 units, Elemenlory

POLlTlCAt ARTS Conprehensive progroms combining fundomenlol courses

wilh oreo studies on Communisl Chino, Eostern Europe, Jopon ond

Koreo, Soulheosl Asio, the Soviet Un-

ion ond [otin


Bochelor of Arts ond Mosler of Arls in longuoges ond civilizotions ond in

polilicol orts.

l9ó4 Acodemic Yeor Foll Semester October l, l9ó4 to Jon, 30, l9ó5, Spring Semester Feb. ó, 19ó5, to Moy 29, 1965. Acc¡edited by lhe Western Associotion of Schools ond Colleges os o Liberol Arls lnstitution. For informotion write lo:

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Ashlon in Gong's Shopping Center

Morch 19, 1964


Poge Four

Teqms Foil Title Bids

DeoverPscesSwim Crew

In Tourneys for

tr'resno CitY ColJinx day is not only Friday the 13, but also, Saturday the 14. Ram Cagers and GraPplers, started out on winnlng grounds during the flrst day activities wlth Joe Kelly's defendÍng champion basketballers driving past Santa


straiEht in a weekend duo.

Coãch Gene Stephens said that the team is looking better are also working hard every after-

with every outing. "We

-+noon and showing plenty

Fever Breaks, FCC Bags



termination," he atlded. Tomorrow afternoon the aquamen


face Modesto here,


Fell )-lTì,'".il",ll Double F€llll[|]:|ì ln uouÞle '"" 1oo Len Bourdet's nine snaÞped out

I In the 100 yartt breaststroke, I Ken Anderson placed first with

of their spring fever to down Sacramento City College in a I an excellent time of. 2240.2. Keith

Rosa, 89-69 Thursday and Hans

I i





nri¿ry, Élancock, who City CoIlege hacl beaten twice before, bounced the out-of-shape Rams, I 1-7 0.

Up north (Concord) the followWoody

ing evening, matmen to 2-2. Sacramento ûroppeo [o ar | ¡ rrpprnl ano ltu(Ierson. Leallcu up 'l ne ftams time or of Rams II to win wltn a lrme wrn [ne the evenl event with VC play. The 0-4 record in vc 4:25.3. twice last week bv | +:zS.S. were defeated tï,/ice Modesto City CoIIege. I ln ttre 19-16 win over Cabrillo,' YanTom Seavers Top right hander, I Wavne Deaver and George went aII the lvay for the nams I dersluis ïyere the big point makin the first game, giving up five i ers' Vandersluis won the z'Jo individual medley in 2:33.3. hits and striking out 14. I Vard llfa¡ini Connects style in 23.9 and the 100 freestyle Lincoln Marini was the big man in 52.5. in the first game when he Winning the 200 yard breastsmashed a !2 inning tlvo-run stroke again was Ken Änderson triple. The timelY hit gave the with a good time of 2:36.2. Rams their first VC lvin of the FCC vs. Cabrlllo 400 medley relay-É'resno, 4:16.5, season. 200 freestyle-Woodstead l', IIefferF, Davies, C¡ 2û7.1, Cracking three hits aPiece in nan 50 freestyle-Deaver ¡', FIlippinl F, basesecond was the first tame I{ohen. C; 23.9. individual medley-Vandersluis man Don Reinero atrd shortstop F,200 Purves F, Dewald C; 2z4L.L. Divinsl-Phiuips C, Mealey F, McBrendon Bentley, Bob Jlm Teter. Laine F. Ounjian, and Marini had two hits 200 butterfly-I{lavon tr', Heffernan !', Mokeling; 2:26,2, each. 100 fÌeestyle-Deaver F, l'ilippint F, Davies C: 52,5. game, bi8 lefty In the second Vanclersluis F, 200 backstroke - 2:33.3. ¡', I¿ine C; Roger HubbeII came through to Purves 500 freestyle-Armey F. Winsted tr', pick up the second wfn for the Adams C: 5:53.3. baékstroke-Aniierson F, Patich Rams. Hubbell has earned him- C,200 I{nndley Ci 2:36.2. job Bouras 400 freestyle relay-!'resno, 3;50,3. as far self a starting FCC vs, SCC det can see. 400 medley relay-Ft'esno, (Vander-^.nderson, Klavon, Filippini) Don Reinero came through sluis, 4:25.3. {:25.3. 200 freestyle-Delacy, S, IIefferna.n, with a timely double in the third F, Ilarvey, S; 2:01.0. inning, as he drove iD two runs F.50I{arvey, freestyle-Deaver, F, Filipptni, ¡',


iI I

oss, S; 23.5. baseman Noss, 200 individu¿l ìnedley-Vanalersluis,

in the frame. Third

Knott, 191-pounder; Frank Kerby, 1??-pounder; and Ron Marquez failed to ,come through ln title bouts, but their second places 'were enough (along with two thircls by Armondo Jacobo, 147-

pounder; and Dave Rocha, 130),

to capture runner-up positlon. made the i f,on Hughey, who state all-tourney 'team for the second year in a row, potteal 49 tallies in FCC's, 110-81, victory over Pierce in the Rams' flnal contest.

Injuries and. all, Riverside still its way to the state crown with a, 78-71, score agalnst Hancock in the big game. banged.


the first


Thê Rams tomorrow have a re-


and Iree Hansen.



1495 N. VAN




..-.........-....--.......-- 6 Lewis -..--...--....-.--.-

BEFORE ASSAULT-Don Stone, freshmcn pole voulter, hqs hit the best cdtitude of this spring's vcrulters qt F¡esno City College. The former Fresno High trock star hqs crn clÌ timè best óf 13 feet; Other Rcrm polers qre Steve Richords (Borrier Photo) ond Gary Moberley.

K. Errahorr

I t,


COS, ARJC Top Rams

3. River; 4. Modesto. Sprint medlcy relay-l. COS (Slms, mento;(meet Powerful Coilete of Sequoias' Fâ-riìton, record). S. Garcia, .I. Garcia); 2. 1:29.5 ^mericân Shuttle hurtlle relay-1. Fresno (O. spikers loom as the Power of this Sacramento; 3. American River. 3:34.8

year's Valley Conference track Kla- race âfter capturing the team 200 butterfly-Delacy, S, for the Rams. F, an(l Noss. s; S; z:2r.1. 2:21.7. von, rn. ¡, and \oss, anr F, Pierra, F, championship in the second. anfl ees 100 fleestyle-Deaver, Saturday the team will host Bean. S; 52.9. ReIaYs 200 backstloke-Noss, S, Vander- nual VaIIey Conference San Joaquin Delta at 12:30 PM. sluis, F, Purves, tr'; 2:3ã.8. Iast weekend in Visalia. F, 500 freestyle-Harvey, S, And Monday the Rams will travel 'Winstead, F; 5:4õ.3. The speedy Giants from Visalia ^r'm€y, to San Jose to compete in the 200 breastst¡oke-Anderson F, Mcbreastst¡oke-Anders 7 3 points to take the amassed 2:40.2. z X', ¡" Roehr, Koenr, S, ó, i+u.z. )e, Gee, San Jose tournameDt. 400 freestyle relay-Flesno (Thomp- team crov¡n over the American no Deaver); n, tr'ilippini, Pierre, son, Ilourdet Loses LemleY l-ime. River Beaver tracksters, scoring Diving'-Mealey, F, 189.?8 points; Last Sunday, Coach Len Bour- McClain, õ6'/2. tr', 144.55; Beân, S, 140.10. det suffered a setback when he Fresno Ctty College's sPeed Iearned that Don LemIeY had winning two regular demons, been signed by Roy Partee (a SlaughterClubbers events and two relays, scored 49 scout for the New York Mets) points to finish third, compared fo¡ a substantial bonus. with four placs finisher Sacra"\ryith Lemley hitting, Bourdet Swat Golf Enemies mento City College with 32, Mostood a chance to win the VC By JIM ANDERSON desto tallied 27 t¡" and san Joacrown. Without him (LemleY) The 1964 edition of the Fresno quin Delta only managed to the entlre team is going to be City College Rams golf team has score 11. hurting for a hard-hitting first had a good start in this season. FCC's thinclads will travel to baseman,"' according to sources. Under the tutelage of Assist- Be¡keley this Saturday for a trigo Partee said, "Don should ant Coach Clare Slaughter, Pinch angular meet against the UniveraII the way to the majors." 'WeIl, hitting for Hans Wiedenhoefer sity of California tr'rosh and we'll just have to wait and see who \Mas busy coaching the state American River. This will be the if he does. runner-up wrestling team, have first valley conference dual meet compiled a 5-1 record this season for tr'CC's splkers, as the score ard, a 2-I record. ln Valley Con- between the Rams and. Beavers CÍty Coaches futor ference aetion, will count in the YC standings. Saturclay,

Fr€sno (110)

FPT 7410 342t 5349 119 E. Austln ..-.-.-...-....-...- 4 222 Monreal .....-....----.------. 0 R. Lewis --.....-..-..--.--.- 1 012 000 R. Matt --.-...--.-....-....-.. 0 204 D. Matt ............-.---.---.-- 1 004 Long -...-.-.......--...-........ 2 Totals ........-.-..-.........- 45 20 15 Scott

S:2:23.5. l{alvev. S, l{alvey, S. Delacy, Delacv. S;2:23.5. Ross Moschitto had two doubles F, l{al'vey, (tie)

Alumni football game will be turn bout with Reedley College's held at Ratcliff Stadium be- Tigers on the Reealley links. The tween the tr'resno State College FCC crew has already defeated football team and some old Reeclley,2T-3. The Fresno linksmen thus far tfmers which have been rounded have proved to oppositlon that up. Coaching the Alumnl will be they are one thing though you Darryl Rogers and Don l(lop- could never tell what mlght haBpenburg from Fresno City Col- pen when you are out on a golf lege and Bob Dinaberg from course playint a game. The Ram roster consists of Clovis High School. Kloppenbu¡g will act as of- Terry McOabe, Dave Sabo, Dennis fenslve and. head coach of the Makasian, Bill Fiori, Dan Deil


(r¡l-Lt r!cotd). Two mile relar¡-l. Americân River (laylor, Vogel, Iiing Ne{f); 2. cos; 3. Dolta: 4. Sacramento. 7:i5.0 (meet lecor'al). 880 ysrd rclay-1. COS (White, S. Garcia, Curtis, Colem¿ln); 2. Sacru-

(Sac); 3. Williãmson (l'); 4. Csrtwrlsht (COS). 22'3". Discus-l. Westrick (F); 2, Roberson (COS); 3. Samuelian (¡'); 4. Âlcala (COS). 151'71/"". Pole vault-l. Reichmuth (Mod); 2. Stone (I'); 3. 'W?ritten (COS); 4. Manro (COS). 13' (ties record). Iligh jump-1. Mitchell (COS); 2. PoÌvell (F); 3. tie between Alexander (Mod), L€sci'ett (AR). 6'6" (meet recortl). Triple Jump-l. Ard (Moal); 2. Mltchell (COS); 3. Wllliamson (l'); 4. F\rllar (Sac). .15'2" (meet record). Dists,nce medley relay-l. American Rlver (Vogel, Neff, Biancani, laylor); 2. COS; 3. Delta; 4. Modesto. 10119.1. 440 yard relay-l. Fresno (^. Wllliams, O. W'illlams, lelxler&, Willlamson); 2. COS; 3. Amerlcan Rlver; 4. Moalesto. 4.28 (ties record).


Ozier Notes Newcomer Performonce The tr'CC tennis teem completed a semi-successfuf twoday schedule last week, beating San Joaquin Delta College of Stockton 4-3 Friday, and losing to Modesto Junior Collego Saturday 6-1.

Coach Dan Ozier noted espec-

ially gootl performanco by Robert Nelson, Ð ¡rew ma,n on the tea,m.

Nolson won both of his we€kend matches for the Ra,ms, and shows promiso for the future.

Gabe's Bodv D¡gs

Produce Upset

soft spoken FCC cholr boy let his fists do the talking. In the late rounds Logart hit Terronez with a few solid punches but was not match for the powerful mitts of the tr'CC "little professor. " In round 10, Terronez came out of his corner like a tiger as he smashed the New Yorker with F resno's Memorial .4.udltorium. several blows on a gash at the The Fresno bomber, cheered on upper corner of Logart's ¡ight by cries of "Viva Terronez" from eye as blood trickled over his the hometown crowd, started face. slowly in the flrst round, but conReferee Yern Bybee, only sistently stalked his prey and con- of the contest, scored the Jurlge ftght tlnued to put on the pressure and 6-2 in favor of Terronez. The deto clobber Logart on the head and. clslon, based on a 0-10 polnt per body throughout the fight. round. system, was greeted by treTerronez's lightning fast fists mendous cheers and applause by beat the Cuban Logart almost at the enthusiastic home-town fans. will in the fourth round, continuTerronez, in the dresslDg roon ally racking up points with sav- after the slug fest said, "Logart age left hooks to the head and is a very gootL fighter. I'm very hard rights to the botly. glacl to beat hlm." Hls manager The popular weltervelght con- Pat DiFuria sald "f dou't know," tlDued to clobber his opponent ln when asked about Te¡ronez's futhe fifth and sixth xounds as the ture plans.

California welterweitht champlon Gabriel Terronez, a Fresno City College student, won an unanimous 10 round decision over flashy Isaac Logart of New Valley Conference Summary: York City, formerly the world's 100 yaral dash-l. Harrts (ÂR); 2. No. 1 ranking welterweight, Iast Williamson (F); 3. Block (Sac); 4. Curtis (COS). 10.1. .wll- Monday night before approxi120 yard high hurtlles-1. Â. liams (F); 2. Ilatley (Del); 3. Miller mately 2200 cheering fans at (.A'R'); 4. Iludson (Sac). 14.7 (meet recortl). Ts/o mile-l. Recortl (Sac); 2. Jiminez (COs); 3. Moses (AR); 4. Duna-

Williâms. MooIe, Teixiera, A, Williâms); 2. River; 3, COS; 4. Sacramento. 58.5. ^merican Mile relay-1. American River (Mello, Neff, Bienicanl, King): 2. COS; 3. trtresno; 4. Sa.cramento. 3:18.5 (meet