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Chrisfmas Dreams W¡ll Theme Formal To Be Held ,\t TowneHouse



vot. xlx


17, 1964


Mqgozine Seefts

Christmas," will be the theme of contest was conducted in promothis year's .formal. tion of the spring formal tn April. Sponsored by the Associated Jackie Clark, a sophomore, was


Men and Associated Women Stu- chosen queen. dents, the formal dance will be Entorta,lnment held in the ballroom from g PM Entertainment will be provided to 1 .A.M tomonow night. by Rusty Draper, who appears A queen contest for the affair wlth Bruce Davis ¿t the llacienda

Literc/ture Robert Shayer, literary ad.viser

for the Potpourrl, announced that any etudent who is interested in seeing thelr writing in

\Ías cancelled due to lack of club

participation, aunounced Marlhel-

prfnt is urged to submlt material for publlcatlon. Shaver said: "A student need. not be enrolled in the creatlve wrltlng class to submit material or be a staff member."

3 FCC Students

out that


editor fn chlef ls selected by htmself and art ad.viser Dean Draper.

The edltor then chooses his en-

tire sùaff from the appllcatlons that are recelved for staff appolntments.

"The flrst step 'a student should take if they are ln elther applying for a etaff posltlon or submttting naterlal is to contaet me or l)ean

Draper," safd. Shaver.

MÄN'S_JOB-Mcngcrret Borger (second from right) hcmds Dcrve Turner, left, the Christmcrs formcrl insteãd of Rov Purves ccs Icrnice Poindexter, crl"o cr receptionist;.13r""F"îj.;

Sixth Year

Potpourri, which will publish for tùê'üíth"ðö-risecufti;e yeârj lS T entirely ' publishett within the school.

Shaver said, "Po,tpourri is eDürely a student project. The magazlne has two purposes: one is to encourag:e potential writers; the othef is to serve as a cultural aspect'resno City College."

Motel. tr'eatu¡ed etrtêrtainment will be the King Sisters and gold and white decoratlons wlll carry out the Christmas theme. Blds are free to I'CC students

and one guest. Btrts close today and may be obrtalned at the bookthree Fresno Ctty College stu- store ticket office. dents took awards of excellence Chairmen of the var{ous formal rluring the Northern Callfornla dãnce commlttees are Dave Tut!Forenslcs Championships. er, bitls; Barbara Ehrenburg, pubBette Lopez, Dennis Mathis and llclty; Janlce Polndexter, lnvttaJohn Porter won aw¿rds from the tlons, and Diane lleller, decorachampionshlp matches, whlch tions. were held on the tr'CC campus Invitations tr'riday rand. Saturd.ay, Dec. 11-12. Invltåtions were sent to all Teams from 11 two year and faculty members, saitl Turner. four year colleges took place ln They are cordially invited to atthe matches. Taking first place tend. honors for four year colleegs was The AWS antl AMS met Jolntly the University of the Pacific. to discuss plans for the formal. Cerritos College took the top plaee Interested ,students were lnvlted in the two year college diyision to attend.

Get Debqte Prizes


Shaver potnted

The Champagne Ballroom of en Thomas, chairman of the queen the Del Webb TowneHouse wlll contest. This is the first year that be the setiting of the annual tr'res- such a contest has been attempted no City Colege Christmas tr'ornal, fo¡ the Christmas formal, Les Reves de No€l, "Dreaüs of Last spring, a similar queen



bm"its-Spring. Budgre.f

.Dss ,-toÌ,.thg qeçqnd straigbt yearTea.m members from the schools Turner, presitlent of ÄMS, participated in oratory, debate stressed that drees for the men and interpretive reading. Each will be dark suits and for the team consisted of six members w'omen will be formal, and each member hatt to compete Doris Deakins, d.ean of women, in each event. and Dorothy Roshong, faculty ad-

Superior or excellent, ratings visor of AV/S, will be in the re w'ere g"iyen to stu- ception line with Miss Ehrenburg dents.

and. Turner.

Cafeteria Nears Finish; May Open Next I T rustee's

Decision T-onight The nearly completed cafeteria apparently will not be open until

after the Christmas holialays, of Trustees d.ecislon which will probably come

Þendlng 'a Board

at the meeting tonight,

A¡ adminlstrative


sald the Boartl tlicl not come



decfsion at the last meeting oD whether the cafete4la will open

on Jan. 4, 14 or 15. The cafeteria which was designed. by 'Walter 'Wagner and Partners, is closed pending installation of equiBment which was delayed by a General Motors Co. strike. Completes Mall

, 'WaEEer designed and constructed the present gymnaslum. The new cafeteria will complete a mall from the University Âve. parking area to 'W'eldon Ave., with the

entrance of the gyhnasium at the north end. The new structure is deeignecl to match ùhe archltecture of the

new gymnaslum, Glreator tr'aciliti¡e The $700,000 structure features a larger coffee shop and a "scram-

ble" servlng area ln the oafeteria.


Foge Two



December 17,1964

Spanish tluh 5 ells P astry Los




Publlshed weekly by the journalism students of F¡esno City College,

1101 University, Fresno, California. Composed. by the Central With the continuing controversy over the separation of Spanish CIub on camBus, will California Typographlc Service. Unsigued etlitorlals are the expresdon church and state, some thought ought to be turned toward sponsor a cake sale Tuesday from of the editors. ,to 11 AM 3 PM in the student the naming of scholastic vacations. It seems very strange that, since there is supposed to be cetrter. no religious influences within public schools, most school Michel (Mike) Wallick, club CIIARIJES WRIGHT vacations suspiciously fall such that they include the major president, stated. that half of the Editor in Chlef religious holidays. Further, these vacations are even named proceeds from the sale would be after their respective holidays. A timely example is the up- donated to charlty. 'Wallick was elected. president BARBARA EHRENBURG------------------ -----Managing Ectitor coming Christmas holiday vacation. ----.-.--.--------News Editor One religion doesn't celebrate its Christmas until Jan. 6, of the club at the first meeting, DERRY MODLIN---------------Sports Eütor but it looks as though its members will not get much of a Dec. 8. Other new officers are DON MENCARINI---------. holiday. Joe Haro, vice presid.ent; Ruth Another religion celebrates its Christmas at an even more Strickland, secretary; Judy Aldistant date, so they won't even start to get a holiday on bright, treasurer, and David. Mai, their yule date. sergeant a[ arms, And the same situation exists for the Easter holidays. Not P res id rmprove Abiliúy all celebrate Easter on the same date, so why should the .l r ¡ purpose of the club is to "The major religions be allowed to impose their will upon the mi- promote ^ Useless the speaking ability of nority groups? In other instances, such as civil rights, the all students a,t FCC belonging to My ftrst twenty-five days of of- Editor of the Rampage; Sir, majority doesn't seem to be doing such; the courts see to Los Conquistadores," saicl lil'al- fice have been filletl with excite. It seems as though thes€ dethat. ment as FeIl as an enormous monstrations for "political freeAnd what about the poor atheist ? What is he supposed to Iick. amount of hard. work. It is not dom" are taking place unfou.ndHe atldecl that the meetlngs .do? will be conducted ln Spanish as eâsy to take oçer in the middle of ed. I know for a fact that tìese much as pogsible. The constitu- a semester as president, but it stud.ents have the right to dlscuss tion ril'as drawn up in tAat lan- certainly w?s a challenge and I politica.l and. other coDtroyersial welcomecl it. matters, and even the right, to deguage. bate these matters in organizayou I am writing to students in "Anyone may joi¡ 'this club;" said 'Wallick. "If they wish to try the hope that you will have a tions and. clubs about the ca.mpus. to improve their speaking ability better understanding anrl appreci- If I remember correctly these in Spanish and if they are inter- ate the fantastic ìilorh. accompllsh- demonstrations stemmed from the "When I arrived I was fascinated by the highways and ested in belonging to the first ed by your studert eouncll thls fact that when the University freeways. Self service grocery stores still thrill me," Eden tr'CC Spanish Club." semester. So often a word of started. its fall semester on SeDAdea, a foreign student from the Philippines, stated. or a nod of appreciation tember 21, it barrecl recruiting of thanks Good Tr¡rnout Miss Adea is from Daet, Camarines Norte Philippines. She is overlooked when 'this can mean funds and followers fo¡ off camAccording to 'ÌVallick, there so much. attended Catholic schools throu ghout her education. In 1955 pus actiivties, such as civil rights were 36 people present at the she graduated from St. Luis Col'Whef! everything is running demonstrations and. political canclub's first meeting and. there are lege. She continued her educasmoothly the presid.ent and coun- paigns. These solicitations rere 83 potential members at the prestion in the Philippines and atcil are neYer congratulated oD barred. in part because of coment time. tended the University of Santo great "organizational i-D- plaints from poliricians that unitheir Thomas undertaking secretarial "If anyone is interestecl in join- genuity," but just let things get I versiry properw was being used studies as her major interest. ing, please contact me, l\fike 'Wal- disrupted and immediately my of- by partisan groups in tìe presi"I came to America in 1958 lick, in the language laboratory. fice is flooclecl with ca.lls and dential eampaig¡, which is against to join my fa.mily who had alYou may also see some of the notes from hurt, bewilclered, hys- our current larrs. ready left for the United. States other officers or Lee Ross. also terical, and insane stud.ents (you It is Yery alifficult for me to sometime ahead of me," she exin the language lab." know the degrees to which they back a mo\-enrent, with a fre€ plained. "¡1y s'teÞ fa,ther brought Lee Ross, Spanish instructor, cet). coDscience, ìed and dqmin¿fsd þy us over d.ue to Job opportunities." is the sponsor of the club. you rights militants, Trotskyite f ask appreciate to these "One of the first things I no"I talkett all the Spanish class- facts. This semester you have seen groups, and members of a Comticed which differs from my life es when we began to organize the largest homecoming ever to munist front, using the tactics of in the PhilipBines is even though the club," said Wallick, "and. the take place at this college. You tr'idel Castro and If ao-Tse.tung. families are very closely knit in enthusiasm is fantastic. lf ìile can have seen an drive It is tlifficul. to coDdone the acgirls often leave America the keep the enthusiasm and. not lose callerl "Ope¡ation Lifeline," you tions of a mob creatint an anhome before they marry and exsight of our goal, we *'ill be able have seen a very successful Ram- archy that is ar best 60 per cent perience life away from home to clo big things with the club." burger-Round-up. These things students, man]- oi Fhom are reall the bills, shopping and . have become a part of our college volting for the sheer sake of rehousework. It is a very gootl thing history ancl cannot be ove¡looked.. volt. and helps one mature," expresssd s,/Earl J. Ta].lor, Jr. Behincl the scenes up in the Miss Ädea. No.2697 council chambers have come many ffirne Job Full EDEN ÃDEA. ,. ñ I reâlities as the result of hard "Fascinqted" Miss .{dea works full time as a ^t work of interested. stualents. ward clerk in the Saint Agnes Pays "Speech 27, or the parliamenI cordially invlte you to attend Hospital along with, càrtyir.g 701/2 pines, however, English is the law insight tary class, offers to our council meeLings in eYery Tuesunits at tr'CC. Her major i-n school language taught and spoken Price those students interested in goY- day in room 230 of the student is the medical secreta¡y assistant the PhiliBpine schools. form," ernment of any said Joe Used will be purchased you þooks program. She plaDs to get her center. We would. lor.e to meet As a hobby Miss Adea collects and. we are always open for neìil' from students by the bookstore Associate of Science degÌee in the stamps from both the Philippines I{ing, the class instructor. on Jan. 27-28-29. Students enrollecl in the two ideas. near future. ïIer native la,nguage, and. the United States and also unit class which meets every The bookstore $'ill follow the s,/Suzi Holloma.n Tagalog, is spoken in the Philip- enjoys a coin collection.




ent Lauds Lounctl New



Hiqhways, Grocery Stores Fascinate Filipino Student

Closs Leørns rYreeTrng Kures

Mond.ay and. 'Wednesday




o'clock, learn through readin8: and actual experience in conducting a regular meeting, he aclclecl. "It is my most enjoyable class because I get the finest quality of stud.entrs, and a lot of the student leaders," said Mr. King. Students enrolled in the class have ,this to say about the course in government. "It's an outstandÍng experience and I think any person interested. in goÍernment shoulcl take the course," stated Ron Primavera, representative a.t


"It has certainly he ped me in cond.ucting an effective council meeting," added Suzi Holloman,

: ASB President. "This class wiII be of benefit to any person interested in student government or clubs while they a¡e in college, orwho will be active ln the community after school," said Jim Shipma.n a rep-

resentative at large. Dian Johnson, a student in the



kid-you drop out-we drop i¡." Courtesy of the Los Angeles Tlmes

Bookstore Full Half

AS. President


ls "Preparation"




for a number ol

Full half price will be paid for books currently being used. Purpose? .A'II books which will no longer Editor of the Rampage; Sir, be used on this campus twill be In reference to the recent letter purchased. for the price a used from Marihelen Thomas cotrcern- book dealer will pay for them. ing the lack of participation in The bookstore does not profit recent social activities: I have from the purchase of these obsobeen enlightened. After three se- lete books, bu,t offers this service mesters of junior college endea- to the students to give them sopevo¡, I find ,that I have been wast- thing for books which are no ing my time, longer of any value to them or to While during this time I rvas anyone else on this campus. under the impression that my purThe students d.o not have to pose in attendiag school was to seII their books to the bookstore, prepare myself for the highly as the bookstore offers an addicompetitive business world. of our tional service. present society, I find. ( Ä place is provid.ed where stuto Miss Thoma,s) that I should dents may list the books they have been devoting my time to the wish to dispose of a.nd may ask "Mr. Ugly" antl "Christmas their own selling price or offer Queen" contests, as well as many their own needs. This o,ther worthwhile activities. is kept in ready ¡each of f realize that erren though I listing anyone who desires either to sell part work time, like many other a book, buy a book or trade a s,tudenüs, I should devote my spare time to ,activities to "liven u¡1" book. This service has been in effect tr'resno City College. for three years and has proved So, come on all you guy trying to pull ,a 3.0, donate your time to to be of great value to many

class had this to add. "It will certainly help out in the future when \{'e become involved in things such as the PTA. The class is highly recommended for any student a.nd. will cer- worthwhile activities. talnly benefit him now and. in s/Lynn Irons

the future, concluded. Kfng.

same policy as has been followed



s/Jewel He¡bert Bookstore Manager

December 17,1964


Poge Three


vening Divislon Students\i/illTake

Latin Club FI


Heootes Cakes

Placement Test "Evening dfvision

Fresno City College's lratln American Club will sponsor a cake sale tomorrow. Jecs Saldana, LÀC fund drive chai-rman, said, "This is the first

the spring

of many projects th¿t will be by the club to raise

lege .students.

"Anyone planning on taking a night course in Ðnglish or math must take the placement test.


club has done extremely well this

also helplng the college by selling programs tluring the football SeaEOn.

Saldana sa¡¿,

"tne Latin


for these courses, almost all other night courses can be taken without t, h e placement,

Except THEN IT BEGÃN-The obove phôtó shows

the new ccdetericr just ofter the contrqctors completed the rib structure. The crrfetericr, which will probctbly open next month, was



due to cr Generql' Motors strike equip

1¡rhich slowed delivery of the needed

ment, Additionol photos cmd story on pqge .. RampagePhoto .1.

Choir Presents Repeat. Performance Of Program

will sponsor the traditional Noche De tr'iesta next semester sonetime in February. The tr'resno City College choir consists 'of two Bach selections: "The alate has yet to be approved by Doris Deakins, dean of wom- presented its annual Christmas "îrio in D Minor" and "Jesu ioy program last night in the autli- of Man's Deslring." en. Mixed Selections Saldana concluded. saying, "I torium. The choir will Bresent â The fourth part of the evenlng would like to differentiate be- repeat performâDce today at noon. tween the nev'Spanish Club start"Christmas Music" is the theme is composed. of a mixed selection ed on camBus and the Latin of the program, which is divicted including "Behold, the Star" by into four parts. Hedges; "Vision of the ShepAmerican Club. íSong of Human Right," a herds," by Pasquit; "The Christ"First," he saicl, "the r,aO is Walsh and. "The conducted in English anil the work by Howard Hanson commis- mas Story," by'West. Indian folk sioned. for the Unitecl Na.tions Baby Boy," a Spanish Club in Spañsh. "Secondly, the LAC is a soclal, Children's Organization, UNÐSCO, song:. Ohoir Pfeml)ers cultural, and., service organization, comprises the flrst part. Hanson's while the Spanlsh Club's primary work sets the words of a docuChoir members are Charles .A.dpurpose is to help others become meat the Universal Declara- kinson, Donald Ändefson, Lynette tion of- Human Rights-to music. Änderson, Sus¿n Bennett, Joe more fluent in the language." ican Club

semester must- take

the oollege placement test in January," stated. Kenneth A, Wood, counselor of evening divislon col-


The chairman said, "We are trnng to reorganize the club and to ¡ecruit new members. Saldan¿ pointed out that the


planning on working toward an AA or AS Degree or contemplating changing to day classes for

test," 'Wood added. A dat¿ processing test, requlred for thosê planning to eDter the fleld., will also be given ia Janu,ary.

The college placement, tests will be glven on Monday, January 11, a.t 8 ÀM in the tr'resno Clty Col-

lege Auditorium , and.


January 18, at 7 PM in Room 200 of Mclane Hall.

The data processing tests wlll be glven on Monclay, January 11,

Lawrence Stoeks, Elmer Tack- at 1 PM and Monday, Janua.ry ett, James Turner, 'W'alter Web- 18,'at 7 .PM in room 127 of the ster, Cherri Wells, Stephanie administration buildinE. White, Geraldine Williams, Phil-

lip Youngman and

J,aneanne Zach-


Foreign Students

Peart Leaves For Invited To Dinner Any foreign student wishing to FF Europe, hgypf eat Christmas dinner in an Amer-

Dr. Gilbert Peart, coord.inator ican home should contact Paula of merchandising field experience, Siemens, commissione¡ of internaleaves tomorrow for a two week tional relations, as soon as postrip to Egylrt and southern Eur- sible. Miss Siemens can be reached ope. by calling 229-9815 or by leaving, Following Robert Brannon, Ann his itinerary, Dr. The L,ÄC meets every Thursday The second part of the program in Room 160 of the Ädministra- features Mozart's "Twelfth Mass," Bryant, Pamela Burgess, Patricia Peart will board the plane for a note in the student president's tion bulldlnB. and two quartets. The thlrd. part Chandler, Diane Civiello, George Rome in San Francisco:Saturday office. "I'oreign students nay visit the Cla¡k, Richard Cottrell, Charles morDint. After spending tw'o days Daniels, Thomas Degraw, Prinest touriDg Rome, he plans to go to Ämerican homes in twos or lndi-



We treal you ¡n so mtnv wdys one's bound ro

A rcal ol r¡me Pub


be righi!





Echols, Donald Ellis, David Fan- .A,thens, where he will spend annlng. ôther two day por{on of the trip. Leaving Athens, Dr. Peart plans tr'armer, FenCharoletta Robért ton, Linda tr'ischer, Michael Gar- to öe in Egyp't for five days. "I'm particularly interested in rison, Charlotte Giese, Brian Hansên, Ma"rion Holley, Edith Hughes, the wa.ter problems of Egypt," Janet Isheim, Anice Jessing, Carol stàted Dr. Peart, "because I want Johnson, Timothy Kellogg, Caroi to .see how they relate to those Iyn Loeb, Yoland.a Ma¡tinez, Gary of thel San Joaquiu Valley," Dr.

vid.ually," said Miss Siemens. "Many families call asking for names of students who would like to eat Ch¡istmas d.inner with them. I hope the students w-itl

son, Russell Qualls, Frank Rod- Dam on the Nile. Then, startiag riguez, Morris Rossl, Karla at the Aswan Dam, he will take

Company pioneered the idea of an internship program for college students interested in life insurance careers. Tíme has proved

contact me as soon as possible."



Mathews, Latricia McDowell, Bev- Peait teaches ,a class in the ecoerly McGhee, Diane Mille¡, Wll- nomic problems of the San Joaquiu Valley. Iiàm Moore, Richartt Nelson. After he arrives in Cairo, Dr. Ilay Nelum, Carol Nygren, Clarence Pennywell, 'Willian Peter- Peart intends to fly to the Asv¡an

Fifteen years ago, our

Schmiclt, Dennis Scott, Leslle an all day trip uB the Nile by

Sheets, Larry Sherrill, Carolyn hydrofoil to Abu Symbil, near Simmons, Verla Sktllie, Marvln the Sudan border. This is whe¡e the Egyptian monuments are beStilliens.


ing covered by the water backed up by the -A.swan Dam. tr'rom Cairo, Dr. Peart's schedule calls for a two day visit in Madrid before returning to Fresno on Jan. 2.



its worth. Our campus agents are

trained while they're stÌll at school, given a chance to make a proper career decision before

graduation. 370/o ol thóse participating in this progran¡ in the last 10 years are currently enjoying'successful careers with the Company in sales,

supervisorç and management spots. 22o/o

of the Company's 50 top agents began their insurance careers while

æ 7N

æ 7N



æ ^, æ ^,

æ ^


college students.

We think our campus internship program is

pretty special-so do others. We'd be glad to tell you more about it.



ilil Staff

Yuur F[[ Btl0IlSTtlHE




Monoger 1295 Wishon Ave.






Poge Four

December 17,1964

Rams Face Tl 'KellV Stays W¡th Start¡ng Five After

Two More Losses The Fresno City College Ram basketball team had a disastrous weekend last week w-hen they dropped two hard fought contests in Southem Califonda. The Rams battled the {efending state champion Riverside City College Tigers last Friday. In this game the Freln¿ns

came ou¿ on the sho¡t end of the score, 81-79, wtih the Tigers putting on a spirited rally tor catch and beat Fresno ln the final min-

utes of the game. Leading scorer

in the


was, 6-6, 250 pound Ram center, Marlin Elrod with 25 points, Lar-

ry Scott, Ram forrartl, had 1? points. Top indivldual performances for the Tigers was Page, a.

STÃRTING FIVE: This starting tectn hcs played c mcrjor roll this yeor in leoding the leqm to their present record. The tecrn includes: Bobby Lee (former 'Woshingrton Union stcr), Eddie Austin (lqst yecr's stcr¡t-

ing gucnd), Mcelin H¡od (Lonnie Hughey's replocement), Lor¡y Scott (lc¡st yecrr's storting forwcrd) ond Kenny "Chico" Lewes (lost yeccr's storting forwcrd). Ameral Photo

Ginsburg ls Interview With Turner Voted lnto Brings Out Known Fqcts Fresno Hall


By JoEl ARMAS Wrfter

Ramp,agie Sports

but there is no joy in the Ðrwin Ginsburg, Fresno City h of FCC's winningest water College track coach, was recently p s unhappiness is the lack of named to Fresno's Hall of Fame. coverage given to his team by this paper the past season. This wa,s av¡arded. to him on the An interviçw with Dave brought out some interesting facts. basis of his outstanding achiel"e"The best season in ,the hlÉtory ments in football; however, Gins- of FCC and. who knows about tt? burg has proven to be an all- It's just not right," said Turner. fhe Spectstor around athlete. "Would you like to talk about Ginsburg's early success in it?", I asked. A,nd talk he tlid. Even before sports became apparent when he lettered. all four years at Tulare he finished I knew we had wron8High School in track and basket- ed the aquamen. I listened. to him baII. Weighing only 130 pounds tell of how week after week they aL gradua;tion, Ginsburg was han- faithfully played their hearts out By DAVID R. PACIIECO dicapped from playing football in before pragtically empty bleachschool.

However, three ye,ars afte¡ graduation, he entered. tr'resno State College and upon comple. tion of his college education had attained the distinction of a "10letter" man, lettering a number of times in basketball and football. WETCOME TO

BETHET TEMPTE Thomos qnd Clork 9:45 Sundoy School I


Morning Worship 5:45 Youth Emphosis

7:00 Evongelistic Service

T. E. Hollingsworth, Postor Ph.2ó4-5330



FaIf llime:



travel to Bakersfielcl tomor¡ow to The halfùime score w¿rs all k[ot- tangle with the Bakersflelal Colted up at 4L-41. lege Renegades in a return tussle, Five men fouled out of the rug- I'CC defeated the Renegades earged contest as Davis, Smith anal lieilthl's year.

Houn for the Jerry Taçkanian Ra,ms Paco tr'tfth coached crew. tr'resno's Chtco tr'CC's wrestlers placed fifth beLewis and. Bobby Les were the hind, Cal Poly, Arizona State Uiother two who fouled out, iversity, UCLÀ and El Coach Joe Kelly classified lhe Junior College, EII Camino won game Riverside as, "probably our the ,stdte tourney last year while best game ,of the year.,, FCC fintshed. runnerup. In the San Bernardino game Ind.lyidual standouts' for the big ErDie Powell proved to be the Rams were Keith Boyer, plâcing difference as he notchect 34 potnts against a down ridden Ram crew thlrd, Armando Jacobo and. Roger placing fourth. in leading SBYC to a 77-68 trl: Mclaughry, 'Wiedenhoefer said, ,,I umph. think we learned a lot ard with this exChico Shines Individual leaders for the Rams perience we now know our misv¡ere: Chico Le,wis (12), Larry takes. I think we did extremely Scott (14) and Bobby Lee (11). well, placing fifth in a tourney tr'resno wlll trayel to Modesto that had 26 different schools enMonday to participate in the Mo_ tered." I



desto Tournament.



The Modesto Tourney is year FCC entered the tourney with a a.nd. yeaì out the best tourna- 4-1 match reco¡d, fresh off a 20 ment in Northern California with to 12 win over Chabot's Gladia-

such teams as San Francisco, San f,ors. The matmen will face a þrg test ers. Rampage Columnist quin Delt,a competing. tomorrow when they enter the Best Record Coach Joe Kelly has produced X'resno CCStr in a Cal Poly Tournament at Cal poly, "You said something a.bout the some great, teams at tr'CC, but game that will face pit will the Rams d+ The Rams will return to the Valthey have never been accused. of best record in I'CC history, I Yalley Conference champs ley Conference schedule January terrupted, "How many did you lack of hustle, ,the Rams of the Glolden 27, to face Modesto JC at MoCoach I(elly in describi-ng this against win?" years opening games has cle- Gate Conference. desto. "'We won three." scribed his team as "flat," This "W'e, well we lost seven. But !t¡'e weren't last. It's just not isn't the word I would use. Kelly, in his tenth year of right! Every other sport gets covcoaching is respected and ad.mi¡ed erage, why not us?" "Did you appeal to the news- as a tine basketball coach, as well ¿s a fine gentleman, on-and-off paper office?" I askecl.

the Aardwoods.

PrintÆd Losses

"Yes, but they only printett the losses, Man, we played some terrific games. Àgainst Delta we played two overtimes with our first string fouled out." His enthusiasm had kinclled my itrterest. "Did you win?" f asked

I suggest the players start giving out one hundred per cent, and. stop reading their press cllppings. f,he tean4s performance so far has come in spurts, hot and cold

Mateo, Santa Ana and San Joa-


flashes, phenomenal shootlng; while at other times, poor shoot-

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1429 N. VAÈ{ NESS

THE TRESI{O POI.ICE DEPARIMEilT ls seeking quolified oppliconts for its police Codet

progrom. Codets ore lroined on-the-iob ?o become regulor polrolmen on lhe Fresno Police Dept. To quolify condidøtes must:

) Be I 8-20 yeors of oge, inclusive. (B) 5'9" lo 6'5" loll (C) Possess volid driver's license (D) Be in good heolrh onå physicol condirion (E) Poss rigid wriffen, ogilily, ond orol exominotions (A

APPIY: Personnel Dept. Bosement, City Hsll, 2326 Fresno Sl. BEFORE:

Dec.28, 1964

Solory: $412-$502 per Àto.