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of FCC. Thursdcq¡ ct ll .A.M the progrom, somewhcrt shortened, will be presented to the student body during the crrnuol Eqster .Assembly. "Though clqssical in noture, this will be c¡ fine music experience for cll who crttend," spencer concluded' -A,rmer


by Les 1r¡ood



PUBt¡5HED vot. xvl


Kiwsnis to Sp onsor Csmpus Circle K CIub A Circle "K" Club, to be sponsored by the North Fresno Kiwanis, is being formed al f,'resno

Iuncheon meeting each week on a

rotating basis.

Tlìe membership of tlie gloup,

Honor Band Rehea rses The 1962 All State Junior College Honor Band will ¡ehearse at tr'resno City College on Àpr. 15, 16 and 17 for a concert 'to be given on Apr. 1? at 1:15 PM ln the Roosevelt Auditorium, announced. Marvin L. Belfold, ¡'CC band direc{or and host chairman for the honor

City College, announced FCC coun- 'Wood explained, will cousist of selor Kennetir Wood, facultY ad- maìe students of good character viser of the new organization. and scholastic standing who mainThe Circle "K" Club is not a tai[ the following qualificatious: band. social fraternity, Wood said. It is 1. Have grâde point average tr'ifteen tr'CC musicians have been a service club for college men oP' above 2 points and have no "F's." named take part the concert. to iD eratin! on the campus and is simi2. Participate in some activitY or conductor is The Honor Band Iar to doY¡ntown service clubs, he have outstanding grades. Kruth, Director of Dr. Edwin once will meet The club i¡ 70r/z explained. 3. Are currently enrolled campus at noon and or more units. perhaps have one evening meeting 4. Are enrolled

a week on



a month. academic courses. Prospective members for the The club is to be a leadership and cha¡acter building tXoup u¡hich charter group at f"CC will be recwill serve the campus andthe com- ommended by the Dean of Students, Dean of Men, and the Demunity, ìlllood said. partments of Äthletics, Forensics, Enlanges. OpPortun ities Music, Dramatics, Art, Publications "Circle 'K' broadens the oPpor- and Counseling. tunities available to students the s'tudents thus' selected. will through peisonal contaqt with busbe invited by letter to attend the iness and professional leaders," the organizatioåal meeting Apr. 11. At Two Circle "K" counselor said. this meeting officers from the members will visit a Kiwanis X'resno State Circle CIub, the


Public Forum Sef for Todoy

Bullard High School Key Club, and the committee members from Kiwanis Club will explain further the deta,ils and responsibilities of Circle "K."


"Ultra Righl Wing Conservatism

MaY Join

Other students may ,ask to join A¡ Asset or a LiabilitY to Àmer- Circle "K," or they may be asked -ican Society?" will be the toPic of by members of the club to become

a forum

presented today


the affiliated.


d trleshman-SoPhomore






"An initial committee meeting was held this week to outline the

The public is invited. to attend basic þlans for the local club. Comthis event which will be held ih mittee members included Room M-200 at 3 PM on the CitY Harrison and Steve Mazzoni of l'resno City College, Rick Stearns College c¿mpns.





FCC Spring Theme ',Compete for CARE' By ANNE EHRENBURG Caught in the spitit of sBrint collegiate fads, Fresno City College has come up with the most worthwhile college sBring-time activity contest ever devised.


Carp-college competition has

been originated on




purchasing the most CARE Packages. The committee chose .Caldwell as chairman. The committee has received. the enclorsement of school administra/ors, city officials ,antl representatives of the CÀRE organization for the campaigrr, the stualeDt chair-

and bas spread. across the nation. The student council has declared Apr. 13 as CARE DAY on C.{M- man emphasized. The stualent council enclorsed the PUS. The college and CA-RE have Band.s at San Francisco State Col- issued challenges to colleges project and Tim Thomas, student lege. The concert is on the general throughout the Unitecl States to The United States Naval DeCalifornia Music Educators pro- top the tr'CC record for purchasing partment announced that jun¡or gram, Belford said. CA-R,E packages. graduatlng in Students from Fresno City CoIThe CA-RE committee on cam- college students lete who will take parl in the con- pus, headed by Don Caldwell, Juhe aÈê eligible for a special nine week summer ROTC course cert include Maxine Leatham, hope the record ï¡ill be set on ,held at the University of CaliOboe; Wes McElroy, Clarinet; CARE day, next, trÌiday. forn¡a at Berkeley staÉing July Richard tr'iori, Clarinet; Steve Students who purchase C.A-REl Sharp, Clarinet; Neil Nuotio, pachages will receive a ticket 5. Students will be able to enter French Horn; Dennis Redmon, which may be torn in half, stated French Hom; Jess Murillo, Trum- Caldwell. Half will be a receipt for regular college ROTC as juniors pet; Terry Fandress, lrumpet; the donation, the other half v¡ill be when they have completed this Steve Garberson, Trumpet; Ken deposited with the CARE repre- course. FuËhen information of Maul, Trombone; Gunter Krueger, sentatives and will indicate whlch the course may be obtainéd from Baritone; Werner Kruger, Tuba; country the CARE package will be the Professor of Naval Science at UC. Jim Ganduglia, Percussion; Helen sent to, Caldwell sxplained. McKee, String Bass, and Sig¡e The CARÐ competition idea beSchultz, tr'lute. gan in JoseBh King's 2 PM Speech body president, challengect all the Schools which will be includ.ed 21 class. The students of the class junior colleges in Califoraia to the in the All State honor bancl are formed the CA.R.E committee to college competition last week-end Santa Monica City College, Bakèrs- explore the possibility of conduct- at the California Junior College field College and College of the ing a school-wide, fund,-raising cam- St¡dent Government Âssociation paitn to buy as many CA-RE pack- Cdnference. Sequoias.

Business Students Win

Bank of America lssues Awards

will be Dick Cross- and Kelly Jones of the Bullartl Key Sophomores Terry Fitch and America Perpetual Plaque of City of the Young Re- Club, antl Richarcl Ransom 'a¡d Brian Kelley have been selgcted College. publlcans at tr'resno State College, Edward Manning of the tr'resno for the Ba¡k of America 'ScholarThe ca¡tlldates have been chosJohn tr'. Castle, State cha,irman of State Circle "K" Club, plus mem- ship Award, Glervase À, Ecken¡ocl, en on basis of their personality, the Constitutional Party, Reverend bers of the Kiwanis Commiùtee," dean of the busi¡ess rlivlsion clis- ability to express themselves ven bally as well as writing, marrner closed. Bob Moon, pastor of the tr'irst W'ood said, The officers of the foremen- The annual award given to sec- of dressing, and subjects taken, Methodist Church, and BiU Crump, past president of the Ïlesno Young tioned group will- <lesôribe some retarial or clerical a.nd business besides the requirement of sophoReDublicans. service projects that have been administration or accounting ma- more stå,nding with a "8" or better Fotlowing a'limited debat€, there completed, ând erplain the.opera- Jors includes S100 fn cash, a trip averaSe. will be an audieÊce participation tion of thelr home clubs st 'the to San tr'rancisco and. dirner, a¡d "The selection was made by the periotl. Darnes entraved on the Bank of Bank of Ämerica .A,ward connittee Apr. 11 meetlng, Wood said. The speakers

man, president

in doin€; so a record for the school

ages as possible, and

three weeks ago but no publicatlon was made until now,"'Dean Eþken-



Miss tr"itch ancl Kelley along witb Dean Elckenrod are leaving for Sa¡ tr'rancisco today alt noon. Tonight, hosted by Bank of Âmerica, they

will dine at San ÍÌancis


where each will be presented with a $100 check by a ba¡h vicepresident.



Published weekly by the Journallsm students of the FÌresno Clty College, 1101 University, Fresno, Callfornia. Composed by ttre CeÀtral Callfornia Typographic Service.

Students Clash w¡th Profs ln Softball Game Tuesd"y


Accred¡tation Team to Visit


way against a 28 student ¡oster students who are picked by the of boys and girls made lnter Club Council. The chairman of the comnl0tee up the various clubs on camsponsoring the gane is Ron Manpus. fredo with the publicity chairmaû The game to be played on the Susan Reynolds. athletic field, west of the g:ymna"The students will wln," boastetl sium, will start at 12:00, Apr. 10. Man-tredo. Manfredo also indlcated Money For'Scholarships that 12 girls will participate. Oh The purpose of this game ¡s to brother are the profs in for some raise money for scholarships. To funl ! ! be given are $25 apiece to four Price ls OnlylTen Çents Tichets for the tame are now on

'Want to see the ole veteran profs consisting against the bright-eyed colleglans from

in a knockdown fra,cas? Wait until you feast your eyes in the upcoming Student-Faculty Softball game to be played next Tuesday. Such faculty members as big John Toomasian, his,tory instructor, the versatile Clare Slaughter,

CC's football coach, ,and tennis mentor Dan Ozier will lead the F

College Campus Adm¡nistration H¡nts

Fresno City College will be visited by an accreditation team of the fl'estern College Association May 2 and 3. , 'Ihe team's recommendations rMill go to the Cqmmission for Accrediting Junior Colleges of the 'Western College Association who

will vote this summer to corìtinue the accredited rating held by city college or to withdraw it. The commission can recommend accred-

itation for from one to five


school review t\e aims and purposes, culriculum, instluction, stu-

5, l9ó2

Thursdoy, April


On What to Wear!

sale which can be purchased from any clnb member and will be sold at ths game for 10 cents. Hele is the squad for the faculty members w¡tlì only ole setback in

tlent personnel service and activithat basketball coach Joe Kelly is ties, and administration against standards set by the association. With the spring weather arriving and the changing of clothing attire missing. 'What happened to Fresno City Such committees normally are Fresno City College students are reminded by the Administration of College's ans'\ry'er to Babe Ruth? composed of six persons fþ¡ss wha.t to wear on campus and to school activities. the leguìations on what to u¡ear listed in the FCC handbook should T,he faculty squad: Ivan Jones, Dick Cleland, Ray be followed by every student, and for those u¡ho are uninformed of Cr¿mer, Hugh Golway, William what to wear here are the procedures in the different catetories to Neal, Larry Martin, John Toomafollow. sian (pitcher), Jess Baker, Clarc assistant to the chairman, who Event Women Slaughter, Shoes Dan Ozier, Chet GarriCoat Men often is making his first accreditason, Attire Charles King, Jack Williamt¡on visit. son (pitcher), Gerry . Cornwell, Chairman of the team coming to Classes Sweater, Loafers, Raincoat, Slacks, Richard Sandau, Paul Nielsen, F CC is Karl O. Drexel, Director of Skirt, Saddles, Sportscoat Sweater,

The accreditation of institutions of high learning is required every five years or less, depending on Diablo Valley College. Other comthe number of years for whièh mittee members include Robert they ,have been accredited prev- Gillingham, Social Science, Ðduca- Athletic iously. tion, Compton College; J. E. Brook- Events FCC was accredited last in 1957 inS, Dean, Laney Campus, Oakwhen it received a full five-year land City College; Harold Richard- Teas and



School clothes

or sporty

Jacket Sport Shirts Same as What's the School Clothes above ì¡eather like? Rooters Cap Flats, etc.


Suit, dressy Heels not If Needed accrerlitation. son, Psychology, San Jose State Receptions Date Dress, Mandatory The Western College Association College; Edmund T. Peckham, So- On Campus School Dress ¡s one of six,,regional accrediting cial Science, Admissions, UniverAcceptable agencies which cover the ,nat¡on. sity of Pacific, and J. Graham SulliWhen a junior college is accred- van, Chief of the Bureau of Na- Evening Long or A.nkle- Dressy Dressy ited, those undergraduate units tion,al Defense Education Act Ad- Dances Length tr'ormal Flats, or Evening designed for transfer credit and ministration. Heels Jacket earned by JC students may be lrving P, Diamond, Dean of Stutransferred to any other college dent Personnel, College of Marin, Sern i-formal Dressy clothes, Dances but NO formals or university ¡h the weste¡n re- is Assistant to the Chairman. (long or ankle) gion, and through reciprocity The value of the accreditation agreements, to other college re- and its meaning and importance gions throughout the nation. to tr'resno City College and its stuTeams appointecl by the West- dents w'ill be reviewed in the Ramern College Association for each page next week.

Suit, White Shirt, Tie Mandatory

Dark Suit, or Tux

Dean Larsen, Robert Kelly. The students roster: Boys Dennis Ä,vakian, Deryl

Jordan, -Etl ìMilde, Ron Manfredo,

Jim Baum, Ron Petrucelli, Ron Lewis, Larry Sisemore, S,ammy Ganimian, Bob Koonce. Tim Thom-

as, Rich Anderson, tr'red


Dennis Rogers, Rod Oldfield, Fred Martin.

Girls-Mary Caldwell, Sue Reynolds, Karen Harbedoff, Sharon Castro, Jackie Howe, Jo.A.nne Terry, Linda Adams, Margie Block,

Dark Suits,

but NO lux

Halby Hobler, Susan

Reynolds, Suszanne Hazelton, Judy Scott.


'O rientsl Sp ringtimê,' Theme oÍ Style Sh ow "Oriental Springtime" will be the theme of the annual .A,WS spring style show and. tea which will be held nex,t Wednesday at 3 PM in the soclal hall of the student cen-

piano music during the entire affair.

Are You El¡s¡ble For Graduation?

Will you have 60 units with a 2.0 grade point average at the end of this semester? If the anslver is yes, you are in

Senior girls from the high line to graduate ! schools ln f'resno City will be the It may be hard for some of you to look that far ahead, but special guests ât the style show now is the time for a little preparation. Caps and gowns may and tea, commented Miss Ewing. be ordered now at the Bookstore. ter. All senior girls from Edison, BUI- Any students receiving an AA degree on June 18 is exRodde/s Mademoiselle fashions lard, Mclane, Fresno, Roosevelt, pected participate in the graduation exercises, unless will be shown by the models who De'Wolfe Continuation, and San excused to by petition will be members of the student Joaquln Memorial high schools will These petitions are available through the Dean of Admisbody at City College, stated AWS be lnvited to attend, sions and Records for those students who have a valid reapresident Ellen Elwing. Judy Moyer will be the fashion 'son for missing the ceremonies. the tea will be stagetl by thJ co-ordlnator for the show. She is a Each year the graduating class tries to get a better turn FCC home economics department. member of the fashion board at out than the previous one. Last year; with a totb,l of 240 The refreshmeDts wilt be prepared Rodder's, students graduating, only 135 took part in the ceremonies, and served by the home ec stuJudy Kuykendall is planning the according to George C. Holstein, dean of admissions and dents. oriental decorations for the event, records. The Fresno City College vocal A,nn Cook is co-ordinating.the tea Fresno City College is one of the few junior colleges offerensemble will entertain and C. and Mary Conner is in charge of ing a formal graduating ceremony. Lowell Spencer, FCC music in- publicity. Leona Jones, the secre"Some valley junior colleges are looking to us for a pattern structor, will provide background tary of AWS, will inyite the guests. to follow in preparing their graduating exercises," Archie Bradshaw, dean of students said. The rental fee for the cap and gown, and the tassel, which may be kept, is $3.50. If you order now and are unable to graduate, you get your money back if you notify the Bookstore by June 1. Remember, you have worked for the opportunity tq graduate for two years, so take advantage of these ceremonies. It will be something you will remember for the rest of your Jack Howard life. ,

"The Fashion Corner"


question from

H.L í¡

a natural one to ask.'lVe bave

ide¿ that many âre


fused by this expression. He w¡ites:


don't want to


dumb, but what's meant by I 'split-slecvc'? I heard rhis term t¡scd the ì¡ther ¡ieüt."

of tùc sct-in at thc fro¡¡t ¡rid tùc comfort of the nglm loo&,

¡t tte bacÌ.




Do you'want to darken a lþht. colored leather belt? Go over it with â cloth dipped in am-

monia. Apply uniforrrly to


S\ryEATER the shake treatment after. taking it off. Thco lay it flat on a shelf rather than hanging. Acts as a'¡rv¡talizer," aaa

Do color combinations stump

you? Our lcaflct DRESS



Hooggie Shop

lorgesl Sqndwich ln Town now ol Blockstone & Clinton in Yosemite Shopping Center Home of the originol Hooggie.




2toa tt. !t act(tto]lt

ot. . . BA 7-88t t

Phone orders


POINTERS, clcars


puzzliug question of "whatgocs-with-what" a¡d i¡ packed

with practical clothes tipo. D. rop_in for your copy at



"The Fashion CoÌner" Fulton ot Merced Compus Rep:





Sum pler Sele ctsCqst

PcAc Thrcc




President's Corner By TIM THOMAS Since we had no paper last Thursctay due


"clead week," a' Uttle

catching'up on the news ls important. Mauy things have happ€ned' flrst of which was the claPathon. Our expectations were far surpassetl. A large number of students participatod as we set the WORL,D'S AIPPLÀIySE RECORD. *Council felt that their efforts spent or' ThonDean Sam Ganimlan and more than adequately rewarded. gantzing it.were son will play the two leading roles to thank the administration wishes aleo Council of "Becket" by Jean Anouilh. this activity with such a have to us for allowing Ganimian will Portray King Henperiod. plann¡ng and organization 6hort seen will be ry II and Thomson ramifications for many has had clapathon The in the title role of Becket in the local, state and received we tr'irst, body. student our in May 24, 25 and, 26 Production coverage through the UPI, AP' the rtride nation news the East CourtYard. Bee, the Guide, and all the television stations'in our Clydq Sumpter, director said' area and Sacramento. This we a.ppreciâte. that thèse two roles aró excellent

Kan. Speech Tourney Calls Ram Speäkers

ou¡ best. I'm of the opinion that such a trip not onty aids our for' ensic students, but does much to promote trlesno City College. ttWe represent not only ourselves i,n competition but we rep. ment. resent the effectiveness and suP. The six stuclents who are attend- port of the ent¡re staff and stuing the -A,pr. L2; 13 anal L4 event dent body at Fresno City are Richard .Anderson, Barbara Other members of the FCC squatl Cardone, Sam Ganimian, RandY \ryill be hea.ding for Los Angeles Ollèr, Dennis Rogers and Dezie for a tournament for first year de' Woods. Clycle SumPter, drama baters: The tournament will be coach, will accompany the students held at Loyola this week-end. characterization which ih o u t,ct group of a inspired that it was at this heet. clapathon of the The students that are attending after'result One prove a challenge to ânY 'actorano,ther activity. staft to council, from the board meet are Don Petrucelli, Betty w¡ll this independent entirely students, The studen-ts roles Others cast in supporting of fun with ,the clapathon, now let's plane Tuesday eveni,ng, heading Hughes, Jim Anderson, JerrY are: Margaret Thomas as the Their idea is that we have haal lots community and the world community' f or the stiff compet¡t¡on that Salley and Jeurgen Gricke. Queen; Dezie Woods as the Queen do something for our mother: Don Kisner as Gilbert This project is the CARE COLLEGE WEEK' A special session of the StuFoltiot; Sharron Smith as Gwel- Thisprojectistheresultoftwoeffortsonthepartofcouncil:first' make to. second, Council has been called for FSC Counselors this, and dent as suôh into activities don; Ron Àlloway, tsill Workman, to encourage students respects which tomorrow at noon in Bungalow 8' community part of our ¡.ntegral body an student ou¡ McRichard Gagundas, and RalPh members are advised On Campus Council Gowan as the four English Barons. such efforts, whole to attend, the organized which class King's speech Joe off to Hats Fresno State College Personnel Hugh Ragle witl PortraY King which, will make will be on the FCC campus today Louie of France, Ron Scott and affair. council is making them an official committee awaits them in Hutchison, Franz to discttss the college transfer proRoger Johnson will be seen as all of our school's resources âvaitable to them. All organization is complete, including challenges to all other junior Weinschenk, debate coach at FGC, gram. Louie's Balons. Neil Nuotio will colleges in california to beat our record, and a counter challenge from said. Arch Bradshaw, dean of stupl¿y the Pope. The coach also .said that reprè- dents, announced that the tr'SC rep' Others in the cast include Robert Harvard UniversitY. a' success' sentatives at the National Tourna- resentatives will talk to city colCraig, Joyce Richardson, Helen Now the job is up to the students to make this ment will be from colleges in all Iete students in' Mclane Hall, Rohrbough, Jan Clemans, Sharron the california Junior college parts of the countrY. Room 200, at 11 AM. Frazier, Änn HickeY, JoA¡n Sor- tr'ive members from council went to An8eles for a three day conAll students who Plan to trans(er The students are noly Practicing renti, Barbara Cârdone and JoAnn stuttent Government association in Los each dele- the events they will enter in va- to tr'resno State in the fall are re terence. The cost, $35 per delegate, was w'ell spent because Rizzo. 'when the reports rious speech'and history classes quested to attend this meeting, plans for improlint our college. Cast being exceedinglY large Pro- gate learneal many plans and ideas the about informetl will be body student the are in, during schooll hours on the camÞus. Bradshaw said. vides an opportunity for double conf€rence. fine of this gained result as a playing Sumpter said, "We are very many stualents with casting ' mentioned that he felt that anxious for the opportunity to par' dual roles. Crews are in the Pro' one of,the speakers at the conference ticipate ¡n the Nat¡onal Þhi Rho Pi cess of being organized to com- manyofthestudentsinjuniorcolleges,andothercollegesforthat a month ago' I Forensics Tournament. The stuplete the vast technical aspècts of matier, lacked pride in their college' Unt¡l about would have been inclined to agree with him. But after seeing all the dents are working verY hard in PIZZERIA this l2th century Production' students come to counc¡l members and myself and ask to help organize o¡der to be prepared to meet comThe Four Sons'of ltoly such activities as the clapathon' the care cotlege week, the soph-frosh petition from apProximatelY 15 I WANTED Speciolizing in brawt, our float in the clovis festival and a dance for future weeks, states, have to DISAGREE with that speaker. like would to "We especially Severql girls bicycles (usedl will ITALIAN FOODS .wE ARE ON OUR WAY!!!! thank the student council for the Contqcf Ellen Ewing 530 No. Blockstone AD7-7054 confidence they have shown us for AM ó-2098 or Hours 4 P.M. to-3 A.M. granting us the money for making Mory Connen CL 5-228ó News this trip. Delivery Service "We cannot promise them the ond Food to Go sweepstakes trophy but we will do


We're goiDg to Kansas CitY This is the phrase that six tr'resno City Collete debaters are using in making preparations to leave for Hutchinson, Kan., for the National Junior College Phl Rho Pi tourna-


Dt clcco's


Ph¡ Beta Lambda Picnic Scheduled for Saturday of the The annual Phi Beta Lambda Pic- nolds, vice-presldent




in my ner llcskins.

üomen tust orDit efouñd ma



mc feel so worldl¡ Thank those lucltY $¡n and &l llækim,

of c¡uns. Hold ]t


I ncod somr spaca


nic witl be heltt APr. ? at Roeding ciation. Miss Reynolds said that a revieì¡¡ Park, from 4 to 11 PM, announced will be made of the requirements Gishla Henderson, club rePor:ter. and secondary Games oi softball, tennis, bad- for elementary 'teaching credentials. be w'ill o'thers PlaYed and minton Also scheduled for discussion at before eatin8;. 'Ihere will be danc-


the meeting, Miss Reynolds added' ing fotlowingthe meal' the'plans for a field triP on are Miss Henderson advised that Äpr. 72 to Sierra lJnion High sport clothes should be lYorn to Alpha Gamma Sigma Neç- members of SlPha Gamma Sigma, will be lnittafed ÀPr. i2 ât au lnformal luûcheon in the committee room of the Stutlent Cente¡, ennounced James GulleY, club Pres-

Gulley stated that



the affair.





who have a 3.0 grade average with no gracle below a C, are eligible to join the state-wide scholastic honor

Young Democrats The F resno City College Young Democrats will meet wtth the CitY College Young Republicans toda.Y at 3 PM in room 200 of Mclane Hall, announcetl Neil Nuotio, President of the Young Democrats.


fiÉ þc¡ln¡d

,0tü0Írutfl B$I'

!f lh.lhdd T.lrylû üa ¡!¡\


t.L l¡lnûr, tlÌ,?ûl


A guest sPeaker from tr'resno State College will discuss "The Hurdles and Problems in Belng Accepted for Teacher Training at Fiesno State College" at a meeting of the SCTÄ 'at 2 PM toclaY in

room 124 of the Admlnistration buitaling, announced' Susan ReY-


monoger ond 5 ossistonls. Àlonoger selected must hove leodership obililies. Appliconts selecled will hove full line sunmer work ond Pqrl lime oPPorlun' ity during the school yeor' Compony

fof one compus

will interview locolly

llotrlr¡¡d for l¡. 00uH 81008AlTm


Notionol Chino Conpony hos opening

bt,û. hnlei tll! P.ú







0tst DlAilfiB






during. April.


!ú|Ic¡lon!¡lld 8.ltt l¡dlt Drtllc¡[G



society. SCTA

ffi[0 B6tt¡ttsililil[ffim




Write, giving nome, oddress qnd phone number to P. O' Bor ó02, Fresno 9, Colìfornio. 5 A0[0Eilf ÂlrÂilN.Bmt Sest Actor, CIIARIIS BOÏn

B¡st tolm. Bcst Fln


Bmt lrl$irt Stuo locl¡loid


Plaiü Snoil Shills 4.95


OII\/AtjiR *ua



0r fiE

It{ B$rb

thr llY, llner, Journil lnsloú, llorl&l.b¡run ¡nd 8ün, Lr ¡mól.l

Ilr¡e!. RID¡ lr Rú|il ¡¡il 28 othú



llonlßt¡d lor tùo

t0rJEt cr0Dr$ alAm lhr ht ln tlln PIð¡ $ DRAIilAIIC RIII OI fttAüRlE ClltllAutß


UNIVER,SITY SHOP l0tt f¡ltcr'






Netters St¡ll Jumper

Rackefeers Conf inue W¡n Streak



By DON FOSTER Defendlng league champions Cotlege of Sequoias of Yisalta invade Dan Ozier's unbeaten R¿m netters,

Charles Craig, in the Easter Relays In Santa Barbara, leapetl 23'6" to break the school record. He held

the prevlous record. at 23'5". The sturdy sophomore is expected to clear 24'6" by the end of the

ln quest No. 7, Tuesday. who are

The rampaglng Rams will heeô league singles champ Bill Carrolt, boys singles; Penny Sco¿t, gl¡lg singles; Barbara Shepard and Hilary Burke, gifls doubles; Bud A¡-


in the is just re-

Steve Sharp placed third

high junp


6'2". He

gaining lasÈ year's form. Lyal Carlton ran a 4:35.7 mile


Signups are being taken this week for the intramural tennic and badminton tournaments in the women's gyln. nlt men and women are able to participate except membe¡s of the tennis

the anohor leg of the medley relay;

this ie his best time of Along with him in the same race Oscar Haynec ran a 50.7 quarter;

the year.

Dan Brink a 2207.1 half and Curtis Craig a fast 3:12.8 in the 1,320 leg of ths relay.

The mile relay with



derson and Fred Moberly,

Owens, Charles Craig, Curtis Craig and Oscar Haynes were within 1.8 seconds of breaking'another school

na Watts, mixed doubles. Carroll, Fresno City's star racketman, lost ln the final round of the trlesno County tourney Sunday when edgeat by Glenn Ilippensteil, 6-3, 2-6, 6-4. Carolt upset

a clocking of. 3:20.7. The times Ìvere Owens, 62.7;

Charles Craig, 49.8; Cnaig, 49.6 and Haynes, 49.2. T,he Freeno City College track team will take on the Reedley Col-

Dean St. John Saturday, to gain the finals. Tennis mentor, Ozier, who is try-

lege Tigers tomorrow, The first will 6tart at 3 PM. ' Coach Erwin Ginsburg said that he is pleased with the results of event

ing to bring FCC their first CCJCAÂ net crown, also ha.d a

busy weekend on the hard cou¡ts by taking home the touratment singles and doubles tiüe in þe class D division. The sophomore instructor teamed up with Cárroll in an effort to capture the À doubles championship, but lost out to Hippensteil and his partner Mitton Rich-


depth br¡t the boys are improving every day.

Ralph Bischel, the 10th place finisher in .the rveights in the nation last year is out for the season. Ä few of the other track stars have quit the team, Ginsburg

CHARLES CRAIG goes oll out in prqcticing the broodjump.


Reedley, said Ginsburg, is in the same boat we are in. They have a few good boys but lack depth,

Halts Falcons 4-O; Reco rds FIv S¡lva Wields Torr¡d Wand

As Tonkers

DumpSocfo Clicks of the stop 'watches


Ha ruison

By RON DELPIT Hot ha¡cled freshman Lawrence Silva wielded the big stick Tuesday connecting for a double and a triple to pace .the league leading Rams to a 4-0 win over the Coal-

becoming closer together each time inga College Falcons. the aqueous Rams splash into a Chunky sophomore Bill Harriìon pool filled with opposing mermen. hurled the win for the Rams, sr¡r. a ninth inning uprising to the FCC tankers, who journeY Viving preserve his whitervash. to Coalinta tomorrow, cracked four , Second Shutout pool and three school records while In twirling his second shutout of nipping America¡ River JC, 48-46, the season Harrison was nicked Iast Thursday in Sacramento.

one while striking out two in go- , Caldera who doubled to deep right ing the distanCe. I center iu the fifth and Jerry Rosser The ex-Bullard High moundster I who smacked two timely singles to pitched true to form as he set give him a tv/o for four day, Bulldogs Next down the yisitors almost effortlessIy through.the first five innings. The win upped the Rams league But as has been the case all year record. to 7-2 while the loss dropped the middle innings almost betrayed the Falcons log to 3-6. him. The Rams ,next encounter will be Ram Twin Killing Saturday against the Allan Hanln the sixth the pesky Falcons, cock Bulldogs at Santa Maria. The with the a¡d of a single by second Rams swept a twin bill from the baseman Dean Sisk and a double Bulldogs in the two teams only

by centerfielder Chester


The record breaking all-Ameri- for nine hits by the persistent got runhers as far as second and cana are Ed Wilde, Doug Peargin, tr'alcons, but he was backed up by third with only one out. Coalinga Dennis Rogers; frosh Karl Klavon superb defense. Hè walked only catcher Mike White then hit a bouncer back to the mound which and Steve Garberson; but the prodHarrison snagged and trapped igy about the FCG aquamen seems Sisl( off third. Gatcher Ron Ol¡ver to be the improvement of sopho4a tagged Sisk out and then relayed more Jim Baum, the sphere to Chuck Caldera at City Baum captured the Capital Apr.7 FCC vs. Hancock Col-

dual meet by picking up three vital in the three-meter dive. He then grabbed a third in the 440 freestyle and took two seconds, in the 200 butterfly and 220 free-


style, aidint the Rams' 65-25 victory over Reedley, Mar. 27, in the losers'plunge.

Wilde smashed three records winning lhe 22O and 440 freestyle in timee of 2:13,8 and 4:51,7, respectively, Th u rsday. Peargin broke the school 100 freestyle rec-

ord with a clocklng of



doubles; and Dave Koon a.nd Don-

record with

the team. There is not

of loop victort

lege, -there, noon.

Apr. l0

¡'CC vs. Taft College, there,-noon.


Apr. 10

FCC vs. COS, in

¡*resno,-2:30 PM.

Apr, 12

F'CC there, -2:30 PM;

vs. Porterville,

TRACK Apr. 6

tr'CC vs. Reedley College, -there, 3:00 PM.

SWIMMING Apr. 6 FCC vs. Coalinga Collete, -there, 3:30 PM.



on Silva's double,



5-0 scores.

a€tL -suñEÐ '(

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Tbe only other R¿m batsman to connect safely were Terry Heizen. rader who slngled in the third anrl

tively, with



The hitting star for the

and Porten¡illo Colleges,

previous encounter,

second base to nab the alert White who was ,try¡ng to advance during

was Silva. The portside swinging first baseman scored one run after banging an opposite fielcl triple to the base of the 340 foot sign and knockecl in another with a twobagger to almost the same spot.

ardson, 6-0, 6-4. tr'CC, who beat COS Mar. l0 in compiling their 10-0 record. recently knocked off Reedley, Coalinga

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