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Rogers, Martin Captur,e Soph, Frosh Pres¡dencies

"The freshman class will be Dennis Rogers and Fred Martin and Jo Jackson, committee of given a project bY the student affairs. presidents social of the were electecl sophomore and. freshman classes In the sophomore election Rog- councll," concluded Baum. Rogers ran on a Platform with last week. ers defeated Rodney Olttfieltl'

of the Newman Club eight plans. The first is a sophois supported as sopho- and vice president of the Phi Rho more representative councll which moie class president bY David Pi, sBeech and debate club, Jim will allow for better committee Esterman, vice President, and Baum, commissioner of election, s¡ork. Rogers, Tormer student body president


The newly elected Presldent "The race between Martin and Martin, former freshman vice Richard Ande¡son for freshman also suggested a graduation dance president, is helped as freshman president was close enough for and a combinatlon of freshman president by Mary Caldwell, vice Anderson to call for a recount," and sophomore class activitles. Other plans include Preparapresident; Sharron Smith, secre- Baum added. tlons for an all college assemb.lY tary; Margaret Russell, treasurer' More Frosh Voters publlcity committee, The election featured a race be- next fall, a tween freshman and sophomo¡e awards for outstanding sopho-oì"., a written sophomore conclasses to galn voters. stitution and a forum serles feaThe freshman class won a vic- turing speakers on cont¡oversial



Roger's Plans


Janice Jackson, secretary. Mart¡n's Assistants

Coun c¡1, FCC Pres¡denf Approve $ gl,OOO Student BodV Budget ln'i";lîff',"n;ih:åïtri"r By ANN EHRENBURG lfor sports. Ihis- fr.cui1.t^1.1"*:l_ tl" ïrt.:^ï,tlt.u 1o:o"^*u!:t"",ä. ---gg1,000 student bo¿y budget I a transPortation fund of $1,300 and I Leadershfp ($350) is_us_ed for Asso'l A .illl:i{"d Àl^ insurance,.fund Student FCC ¡istory the rarsesr f,ne larresr in n"r,i"li;ä"; îf ,!o_" -scrholarshlps. -lan

"' by --has been approved council and


thousand dorlars n".litìlì";I;;ã t'r"#iå;*;t l;;";;.-õne allotted for athletic awards.lThis fund recently


White.Theexacramount,ggl,S4S, was taken out of e $5?,0Ù0



Scholarship MoneY From the remaining $25'000 in the general fund, the student council has voted to Put $20'000 into two savings accounta and to use


lfor 80 high

Sports Budget sporteBudget sàÐë;ã'ti :,, ;ãèfr Ëú--,tr o-

school visitors

A total of A

Offers Opportunities actlvities wtll give the "These 432 students studetrts a better chance to pan ticipate on committees and work on proJects," Rogere said.

PeaCe COf pS I

tromlt I--



sports budget this 6emester as it needed 'new equipment, -Ea¡d Fred Faieta, student body treasurer. The others are basketball, $1,150; golf, $900; swimming, $900; tennis, $930;



Sfude nlWg/nts ASB To Heqd


I lo

^ llssemDttes "Let student councll have charge of assemblies," sald Bob Protzman at Tuesday's studen¿ couDcll meetiûgf. Protzman was speaking for a group of councll members who felt that the sched-


The oral arts department witì general student $3,805 placed third in high ranking budget accounts. The separate listings are: band, $625; choir, $580; debate, $1,800, and dramâ,' gency or unforseen circumstances.l $800.

Later.,' Information

Sef Íor T onile Tonight at 8 PM Band Director Marvin Belford will bring down his baton to begin the first concert of the sPring seasot. The program will conslst of selectlons ranging from Bach to Gershwin and Anderson. "We've worked all õemester on thls concert," band vlce-president 'Wesley McElroY said. "It takes a lot of hard work to Put oD a

like this. "Our band has bee4 ¡ated one of the best junior college bands in California and we feel that this show will more than P¡ove it." The band has an active schedule for the remainder of the semester. They wtll Perform at a meeting of the Civil Defense Adminlstration on Mar. 12. Thei¡ next concert will be MaY 23. TheY



close the year bY Performlng


will be used to Êend four students to the National Debate Finals in Kansas, if the students demonstrate in the state fi.


ba.te money

have one."

nals that they are good national competition material, said trÌanz Weinschenk. If they do not enter

Religìous Youth Group P resenfs Speo ker T"od oy


.A,ccording to the constitutloD, he said, the commissioner of assemblies has the duty of formlng a committee of gtudents which will arrange the number anal tYD€ of assemblies to be held on cam-

pus, said Don Petrucelll. .q,t present the assembly commlttee is headetl by Mlss Dorts eral fund. Don Moomaw, a three-year All- 10 A,M and Reverend Sergio Ne- Iteaklns, the dean of woEen, aDd Six ,hundred dollars has been al- American football player from gro of St. Therese's will aPPear ls composed of Dr. Paul Nieleen, lotted fo¡ assemblies, $5ü) for ral- UCL.A, wtll speak at noon today In at 11 AM. Marvin Belford, C. Lorrell Spenlie¡ and $800 for social affalrs, Room 200 of McLane I{aIl. Moo- The audience n¡iü be asked to cer, Clyde Sumpter and three stuThis will cover four dances, said m4w's talk, sponsored by the dents, June Stover, commissioner Shiela Wong, commle6loner of . so- Campus Christian tr'ellowship, wlll participate in the panel dlscussion of assemblles; Tlm Thomas, stutotlay's talk. The follow wlll that cial affalrs. be entitled, "The Smartest Play I president; and Jlm three guest speakers wlll be hon- tlent botty Associa.ted Women Students re- Elver Made." of electlons. commigsloner Baum, at a luncheon in the Student ceived $745, while Associated Men Moomaw's speech Ìvill be the ored cards on the layint our "We're Students were allotted $720. first ln a serles of campus talks Center at 1 PM. table,",sald Protzman, "we don't Speaker Thur€day leading up to Rellgious Emphasls feel that we are beint tlven the 'Week whlch will begin Monday. On Thursday, Mar. 8, Dr. Dan authorlty tranted to us by thê Ewy, a professor of mathematlcs constitution. It ls only our duty Religioue Emphasie Week The Campus Christian tr'ellow- at Fresno State College wlll speak to the student botly to see that ship's annual week will feature on "The Chrlstian Antecedents of assemblies for them are arranged Alpha Gamma Sigma, a stete- next Tuesday and Thursday as Modern Sclence," I{e wlll a,ppear by their representatlves. at noon ln Room 200 of McLane wide scholastic honor society for RellgÍous Emphasls Days. "The commlssioner of aeeem-

the Natlonals, the transportation money will go back into the gen-

Membership Drive Begins for A.G.S.

junlor -colleges, is now acceptlng On îuesday, Ma¡. 6, Jewlsh, HaU. Jerry Salley, Campus Chrlstlan new members for the spriDg se Cathollc and. Protestant leaders mester, nnnounced James Gulley, wlll speak separately on "À Belief Fellowship president, saltl .that president. In God," and then will holal a later in the sprlnt the fellowship All students who received a 3.0 Joint panel dlscusslon. will present speakers on Rellgfous Schools. Reyerend Henry Hayden of the Implications of Recent DeveloÞTlckets for the concert wlll be or above gtade average ate eUgible, was recelved. College Communlty Congregatlon- ments ln Sclence, Communlsm and available at the doo¡. Admisslou except tf wlll be a donation of 60 cents that Potential new members should al Church wlll appear at I AM; the Chrt¡tlan Church and Conwtll go to the band scholarshlP attend the neeting uext Thursda.y, Rebbi D¿vful L. Greenberg of munlcatlon of Rellgious Truth sald Gulley. TemDle Beth Ierael rlll speaJr at through the Flne Arts. fund.

for the men at the Lemoore Naval Alr Statlon. In additlon to eventg they will play for Central, Kerman and Washington HtSh

uling and planning of ¿ssemblles in the hands of the students and that the constitutlon was not being followetl tn the

concerning was not

Debate Money

Approximately $1,500 of the


wlth the help of all fresliman stu-

Student publications received the arships. The moneY will remain in next largest overall sum. The yearan emerunlese the two accounts will get $2,600, the Rampage book gency calls for its being sPent' recelves $3,000 a.nd the literary of the dean aaid Aroh Bradshaw, magazine, Potpourri has been alstudents.


Martin would llke to contiuue advancement made by the freehman class in the fields of social

life and


the interest earned by it for schol- track, $2,500; wrestling,


blies should be the heaal



assembly commlttee. "It also says in the constitutlon that the number of assembllee shall be determlned by the com-

mlttee. There ié a ¡ule at ¡chool that stetes that only one as¡emblY per month iE pernlttetl. The commlssloner of ¿ssemblles had no part ln maklÉg thls ¡ule," he eatal.





Pubüsheil weekly by tthe Journallsm students of the trlesno City College, 1101 Unlverslty, Ì'resno, Callfornia. Composed by the Central Callfornia Typographlc Service.



Editor-in-chief Richcr¡d Sqlois Sports Editor

Diqne liVolfe Mcrrcrging Editor

On The Cdnput By DENNIS HAGOBIAN tr'eature Editor


Vineyard Th¡eves Steal From FCC ****


Fearless Fr azi er Flies 'lnto W¡ld Blue Yonder'

My old pappy once said always get a patent or copyright on what you create. Over the years X'CC has had an' with its students called. the "Roving Reporter." This year the name was changed to By RICHARD SALATS 'What would you say if you "On îhe Campus." The Rampags should have gotten a copyright on it, because it has been stolen. were clamly flylng at 2,000 feet Guess who did did it? That's right, that other tr'resno college. Can't in the ai¡ when suddenly your quite recall its name; oh well, it's not very important. The importaût plane goes into a spin? 'Well, Sheryn Frazier, an tr'CC thing is that the column has been borrowed. I noticed it about a month ago while ekimming through their college sophomore, was exactly in this paper. lt's identical to ours except for the name. ¡'Two Cents Worth," particular predicament a few as it is called, is new to the college. lt was started thie semester. weeks ago, To further explain the Last week at the print shop, I aÉketl the head prlnter if this other situation Miss F razler , is, one in college ever had an article like this before. Not that he knew of, he a few, women pllots. said. Always Oreamed Of Flying This perturbed me. Why shoulcl a college have to get an idea from The ash-blond coed, a naüve of another college? Haven't they the abillty to .think up ldeas of their Oklahoma City., Okla., has always own? ,dreamed of flying an aiiþlane and * is currently undertaking lessons This yearrs Ram is going to be a good looking annual. I was talking from pilot Jim Hering of Fresno. to Jim Scott, Ram editor, and. he said that the annual will be loaded Miss tr'razier, a graduate of witb women! I've seen some of the "calender girls" and they are the Fresno High School, has to her credit a total of 11þ dual flying best in the school. hours, which concisely means that After writing about that Beagle last lyeek, I must have ,scared him off. The kltchen department saitl that he has only shown up once ?. since the article. Maybe ! offended him by calling h¡m a mutt and mongrel. No doubt about it, FCC has l6st the 6tudent with the best attendance record in

many hours with an instructor. Miss tr'razier works part-üme for

Miss Frazier is anxiously awalüng a local law firm as a secretary, the time when she can fly solo enjoys outdoor sports and ha.s the

which ls her next step. Now at this Þoint you begin to wonder if a woman pilot would be dangerous flytng alone with that ole saying "women drivers,'

clearly stuck in your


collectlng, refinishing and (e-

making the junk is enJoyable.

Miss tr'razier belongs to the Club" and hopes That just isn't the case if you "Sky Ride¡s someday to join a new club called let Miss F razier explain. the "Sky Diving Club." ".A. woman makes a better pllot Jumps From 1,000 Feet in the long run, but they are To prove how courageous this much harder to teach," the 5,6', Women Better Pilots

hazel-eyed female is, the Sky Divbeauty commented. Miss Frazier hopes, eventually, ing team is co.mposed of members to become a top-notch commercial that are inclined rto paraehute stewardess but she also has other from an altitude of more than 1,000 feet. ambitions., Graduating from FCC she plans "The objgct of this sport is to obtain a job wlth Continental simple, you.see holv long you can Airlines as a stewardess; how- fall before ejecting 'thè' paraever, she will retire within three chute," Miss Frazie¡, with a short years and enroll in a school for smile, related.

LOmmuntsm license and follow it Teqch:ing Style commercial up with instructors "I want to learn the of flyint and to further my Under Debate lary pilot," educâtion Frazier

the school's history.

unusual hobby,of collecting Junk. Most of the Junk she collects is outdated and she pointed out that

Truly a üìan's sport, but Miss license. Frazier isn't the least disturbed. yocabuOh yes! About the¡ plane that

All of Fresno'6 younger set are eagerly awaiting the completion of Flesno's version of Disneyland, Storyland, in Roeding Park. as a Miss A fateful debate is under way contiDued. Last weekend, while at the park, I decided to take a look at Storyland. There were NO TRESPASSING signs all over with a fence around that will plaÍ a major role ln how In her last semester at trCC, California students are taught it, but I managed to get in. about Communlsm, reports the When in, I was fascinated at the construction of the buildings.

ï¡ent into a spin at' 2,000 feet, Miss Frazier nonchalantly said "good grief" as her lnstructor

grabbed the stick.

Callfornia Teachers Association.




Should the schools indoctrinate

with deliberately slanted. material in an effort to insure that students will dislike and distrust Communism? Or should they follow a more objective, scholarly course,' allowing the student to make up his own mind after he mentary but we find this neces- had had an oppottunity to study sary to check some elementary the operations and meaning of spel lere. Communism in detail? Then too, some posters are These are the crucial questions brought to my office announcing being asked by the State Advisory meetings or events and the student falls to put the time, place Committee on Teaching of Democracy and Communism as it ator. date on them. These would not tempts to deyelop a recommended be too helpful, would they? approach for school districts to Thirdly, we Jrave a beautiful follow in dealing with thts touchy campus and we would like posters to be as attractive as possible; problem. Appointed by Dr. Roy E. Simphowever, no poster has ever been disapproved because the art work son, State Superintendent of Pubwas not up to par, if the spelling lic Instruction, the committee held its second deliberation early was correct. During elections we have to have in Ii'ebruary. It plans to continue rules regulating the size and num- meeting until agreed guidelines ber of posters each candidate may can be established to help local post due to the limited number of school dlstricts develop more efbulletin boards and appropriate fective programs for teaching

Letter Criticizes Procedure To Approve FCC Posters I

was shocked as


passed sev-

eral campus bulletln boards and saw that each notice bore a stam¡ of approval. Why the stamp? Why must our messages be filtered through a censorship? Our F e d eral Constitution provides American citizens the right to free communication. In my opinion, tiìe college campus is the first place in which the provisions of the constltution should be exercised. Morgan H. May



There are numerous reasons why posters and announcements have to be approved before they are posted on the bulletin boards

of our


places on campqs.

about Communism and the Ameri-

without I could go on and on listing cân herltâge. this rule, so many outsiders, in- ieason why it is necessary to have cludiDg local business establish- of aBproval on posters if space rosT ments, home owners with rooms Dermitted. and apartments to reirt and many Just what are we censoring? Bluè wollel in librory phone

First and foremost,

others would use all available Miss Doris Deakins space, leaving our clubs and camDean of 'Women pus organizations no room for their own announcements. Texan: "Where I come from Secondly, and this may be hard we catch fish as big as ei8ht for you to believe (if so, check inches." some of our latest English papers) New Yorker: "So what! We there are many college students catch fish as tolg as 22 inches.,' who do not spell well enough to Texan: "I don't know about even make a poster. Yes, I will you, but in Texas we measure our agree th¡s aeem6 somewhat ele- fish between the eyes."

booth on

Wednesdoy, Februory 21, 1962. Pleose conloct Jo Anne Terry, of C[ 5-61 44.

WANTED /vlole sludent lo shore oportmenl. Locoled one block f¡om FSC conpus. For deloils cq,ll BA7-8997 ofter 8 pM.


Thursdoy, Morch




Poge Ttrree

New Teach êr, Debafe

Teams Score New Method Top Honors af Meef

Robert Hansen has joined the faaulty of FCC as a mathematics FCC debate teams won top honors at the Northern Califo¡nia instructor this semester. Haûsen, from Cooper Junior tr'orensics Association Tyro meet High School, is a specialist in the held in Stockton last weekend. The tean composed of Barba¡a School Mathematics Study Group (SMSG), a modern approach to Cardone a.nd Dezie \ry'oods won teaching algebra, geometry and awards for being one of the three other math courses. In the SMSG method students

learn by ery or reasoning and learning bY

rote is

almost eliminated.

Additionaf ma-

terial such as probability and statistics a r e added to the method. member The new faculty taught this method to teachers last spritrg and supervised the switch to SMSG in Cooper's math classes. He also taught a class for parents using the new technlque. Hansen is a graduate of Drake Universlty with graduate work at the University of Southern Cali-


He taught high school in Los Angeles before golngi to Cooper in 1959 as head of the math department,

Presidenf's Corner By TIM THOMAS That the couucil of tr'resno City College should govern not only the

student body, but also themselves, and create and maintain a college

interpretive reading and Richard atmosphere are the two primary reasoDs for the existence of student Anderson in impromptu speaking. tovertrment at our college or any other similar itrstitution. Wins Seven Awards Many people, myself included, feel that many student government

"tr'CC students ì¡alked away organizations are not accorded full responsib¡lity because those from the tournament with seven dents of previous semesters have not taken the initiative to do so.stuawards, a great achievement," lwould like to include myself in those.Jprevious" groups because Franz Weinschenk, debate coach, I'm just as much to blame-previously. Now, we must se¡ze this top v¡omen debate teams entered said. initiative and prove ourselves to be adults who are worthy of t'his in the tournament. Two other students representing responsi bi ity. Ties With Two FCC who displayed promise are Now, how can you put in your two ceDts worth? This is done by not The F'CC women team tied \üith Betty Hughes and Jim Anderson, just griping about the situation. It is done by griping 'Weinschenk the University of Hawaii and the added. and then doing something about it. University of Utah. The debate coach saicl that one Come to council and voice your opinion pro or con. They defea.ted tw:o teams from thing learned at the meet is that Be aware of activities and improve them by partióithe junior colleges of California patjnt \ryhenever possible. Write letters to the editor Two scholarsh¡ps offered by don't have to take a back seat to of the Rampate or use the suggestion boxes. the Fresno Even¡ng Opti-Mrs. the four year schools. We on council are trying to remedy 'all these Club to Fresno Gity College woJu,nior Colleges Tops varied problems by engagint speakers a"nd entermen students who plan to return junior colleges represented tainment. We are using, a card file whtch wlll in the fall will be awarded in at".A.ll Stockton had talented, wellestablish a personal contact with each student by advance of the date announced students. asking hir to indicate if he wishes to help i-u in the current scholarship bro- trained "The California State Junior activities. c,hure, Students whô wish to C ollege Championship Tournaapply fo¡ these scholarships ment to be held Mar. I promises The establishment of a Judiciary aystem, a conserted effort of all should do so immediately. in to be highly competitive ancl F CC 10 Representatives to question aa many student6 as possible to check order to be considered. for the will really have to work hard," student opinion, redecoration of the student lounge and the preeident's office, all of these are establishing better relations wìth FGC. awarda. Application forms may 'Weinscbenk continued. be obtained ln the Counseling Our Board of Publications ls helping our overÌ\,'orked newspaper Dave St. Lo{ris, former F CC stuCenter. staff. We have spent $31,000 on all related activities and projects of president, partdent body and. his the associated students and have created new schola.rships. ner Douglas Pipes won the senior These previously mentioned items, and many unmentioned ones, ÉÌre the University of Pacific, one from division of men's debate held at Stanford University and one from the University of Pacific in con- all attempts to ôreate a college atmosphere. A college is a place where Modesto Junior College. junction with the Tyro meet iD we develop and better ourselves in pvery way possible. We do this not only educationa)ly, but also eocially. We, eepecially Don Petrucelli and Del Loì¡¡ery Stockton. council, recognize this vacuunr that ex¡sts on' our campus; hence on also received awards for being the Clyde Sumpter, drama coach, asonly one of the three men teams sisted Weinschenk in training the thc aftempts to engage speakers and enterta¡ners. The only problem in this area is that we are a member of the in the tournament to h¿ve a six- debators. Fresno City Unified School District, which iE not bad for high schools, win, no-loss record. but for a college this brings probleme which appear almost ineurThey defeated teams from Hum^A.lcohol and gasoline when mountable. bolt State College, the University mixed is a patent cleaning fluid These are problems that are caused by a set of rules and regulations of California at Berkeley, the Uni- guaranteed to wipe out any driver and laws for high schools a^nd Dot a college. One of these problems is versity of San trÌancisco, St. on the spot. in our system of financing the school through.state funds which are Mary's, Chico Stàte College and paid by the number of hours you spend in class. This creates consterthe Uniyersity of Nevada. nation about attendance rules which a,ppear ridiculous, but are Individual event winners were neCesÊâry. Sam Ganimian a¡d MIss Woods l-D t This, in reality, is the epitomy of ignorancs-u¡fe¡fu¡¿tely. A glaring example is the attendance to the nomination and sports rallies. When I see things of this nature, I don't feel like the proud student body president of F(esno City Gollege that I should, (People don't realize that this is the oldest and one of the richest junior colleges in plus being potent¡ally one of the best in the state.) the state - before, these things are all âttempts to create As stated a college atmosphere; therefore, I sa.y, let's rise to this challenge and. prove ourselves, first of all to ourselves and secondly to the community. Let's have a collete.. . Aro sOüs To paraphrase one of the greatest Amer¡cans of any age, together we are atrong, but divided we shall crumble. Fashion "The Corner" I


Bitt FI. iik"" th" .þtched loot<" but ir gettiag lone Ãe. ¡istá¡ce. He r¡rite*



lB[E, . . when I dothe twist

in my new Cuadro cloth Rapiers by A-l

"Since many sportcoats are shown with suede elbow patches, I thought I would- do

the sa¡re with a bulky knit, sweater

I like, that,s


IflYER?'' "Conect. Women used

to giggle.

Now they

I don't blame them, now that I'm


clad in Weskins.Trya

pair. You, too, will

feél real A-l all

through the elbows. \lVhat's your opinion? My mother

Contesf Offers $S 0O to Novice College Authors Cash prizes totalling $2,000 await contest designed to discover talcollegiate authors in a short story ented young American writers, it rvas announced by Reader's Digest.

thinks patches would look out


place oD


Contest winners


Vhy any norc a rpot jaclet? Go


pracicrl a¡rd ¡ oalt wey to ¡t¡Oloag the life of o¡e of your fa.


AI g?


an¡ual turnout!

Financial ptann¡ng have you





eduçational '¡nst¡tut¡ons

in the world,

look lds free

A life insurance program started while you're still in college is a

ceive honorable mention awards of

discuss with you a variety of plans which can be tailored to



your individual needs.



Morlo Towers Bldg. 1295 Wishon Ave.

"The Fashion Corner" Fullon qt Merced Compus Reps:

RIoH Me¡ons 'T.rB HenrvreN


At your Íovorìle

compus såop

$500. The number twq entry will $350, antl thircl prize will be S250. The next 18 winners will re-


Your Provident Mutual campus iepresentative is well qualified to

tails that help give you a well-

for the best short story in the contest will be


hanging by a string?

good way to begin. And now is the time to look into it-wh¡le you are insurable and can gain by lower premiums.

It'¡ the littLa thingr th¡t count O¡¡TDRESSPOINTBR leaflet pointr o¡¡t tÊe littte de.

Al krtowled geoåle deole¡s

is any

ber of the Armed Forces

ited to


Naturally, you know where

you'll ñnd the pick



Prize money is being provided by The Reader's Digest F oundation.

IT.S A FACT The reckwear designerr -produce 100,000 color combinations a¡d over 40,000 patterns a yea¡.

to yoú


fiction writers is the sixteenth in an annual college short story contest conducted by Story Magazine.

Scientific research has conclusively established that color definitely has a stimulating ef,fect. lVe proved this long ago!



lege or un¡versity student or mem-

The search for promising young

Yo8¡te ttreetctr.


have their


ahead with your idea. It'¡ both a



stories published in an annual hard-cover volume, "Best Gollege

8-9274 MUTUAL PROVIDENT Llfc Insuranco ComPantt

$50 apiece. The announcement of the conteet

urged contestahts




tr¡es as soon as possible, noting that the contest deadline is April 20, 1962, Manuscripts should be from 1,500 to 9,000 words in length and should be submitted to Story Magazine College Contest, care of The Reader's Digest, Pleasantville,

N.Y. Manuscripts must be certified by a faculty member.

Further details about the contest

are available by writing to Stor¡ Contest. care of The Reader's Dl-

RA'IIPAGE Sports Edltor

Roy Stuckey Leads Rams to League Title

The touBh trTesno Clty College Ram nine, defending state titlist, r¡ill play in the annual College of Sequoias baseball tournament Friday and Saturday in Visalia following two victories in a row last

Much of wfestling coach Ilans Wiedenhoefer's success this Year can be creditetl to the littlest guy

on the squad, Roy Gene Stuckey, ex-Madera



pler, weig:hs a, mere 123



Coach Len Bourdet's


but the way he wrestles You begin



for a perfect 2-0 record young baseball season. X'resno was rained out last Saturday against San Jose CC after completing one and a half innings. 10 innings

in the

meet last year and is a good bet to

in the


knocked off the tr'resno State JV's 12-4 and tr'oothil College 3-1 in

The 5'6" sophomore nabbed the 115 pound diviEion in the state repeat but this time


Ram Baseballers Win 2; To Play in COS Tourney


R¡ch K¡tet

Mqrch I



Heizenrader Shines

Defeats Parmalee

Last year's hitting star, Terry

Stuckey defeated BilI Parmalee of Bakersfield last X'riclay to win the conterence 123 pound catetory.

Born in Porterville in

Heizenrader, singled home Dewey Belli for the deciding run afte¡ the score was tied at one all aga¡nst


Foothill College,

Stuckey is an industrial technic'al mpjor et ¡'CC and has participated



chucked eight hit6 in the contest wilh Steve Smith, lb, leading the Bill Horrison ond Dick Selma to heqd Rqm mound stalf. attack with a single and a double. Dick Selma, higfily touted fresh. Cliff Hathaway and will be backed Martin, center; and Belli, left field. man, started the pitching duties by freshman Ron Oliver. for Fresno but gave way to Kryn  total of 32 players trled out lnfie'ld Tough Van Elswyk in the eighth inning. for the team this year antt after by ¡nfield ¡s regarded The Ram Van Elswyk pitched shutout ball Bourdet as the Btrongest point of the cage season:is over Billy Hlcks the last three innings and picked the team which is led by all-league and Marty Sharp are scheduled to up the win. eelection Chuck Caldera at second check in. Letterman Bill Harrison, last Top Contendere

inr wrestling since high school.

An oddity occurred earlier this year when StuckeY stopped Edd¡e Davies of Fresno State but was in a practice session. Davies has a string of 68 consecutive matches to hia credlt, a remarkable record. All-Northern Next The up-comlng all-Northern Meet

Saturalal should ProYe interest' ing as Stuckey will be vieing for the title. The meet wlll drav\¡ an array of talented wrestlers throughout the north. Congratulationa out to Fred Andrews,147; B¡ll Lung,157; Don Neteon, 167, and heavYweight Joe Aquino for winning their dlvision


season's standout, is elated to start !'l fcel we should be considered hitter, will be at in the COS tournament. Harrison, Smith, a clutch letterman JerrY one of the top contendera for the first base and along with Selma a¡è Bourdet's HoYt' title in the conference this 8eason," third. Ken occuples Rosser gap left by transhopes to fill the in summlng up fer Dave "Bucky" Hoover and pro anothcr all-league, is one of the expreseed Bourdet the hie team's potential. in ehortstops defeneive finest year's last ofl LeRoy Harris league. Fhesno compiled a ,7-1 leagre ancl finlshect 23-11 for the record of comprised is outfteld The into the fall The catching duties hands of Fresno State transfer Heizenraaler, rlght fleld; Howard entlre season last yeer.. champs.


Stuckey and teammetes rilill ln the state tournament Ma¡. 9, 10 at Norwalk, Cal. compete


Ft. Washington

Go lÍers PuIt Agsinst -H ortnel I P snther s T od oy FCC's golf team, labeled as one qualifying round of the tr'resno of the strongest in Ram history, City Tournament also figures to will take on the Hartnell College boost the Rams against Hartnell. tr'resno this year is considered Panthere of Salinas today at Fort 'Washington Golf Course in Fres- the top team in the league with much of the competition comint no. The Rams are led bY freshman from the College of Sequoias. "I don't know anything about Rlchard Cunnlngham and Jim Ànderson. Cunningham is cur- Hartnell so I ¡eally don't know what to expect fron them," Ifans rently running second in the 'Wiedenhoefer, golf mentor, cQmtr'resno Oity Amateur Championmented.


The Hartnell contest wlll sta¡t Mike Bellows, ex-Mclane High star, who placed fourth in the at 1 PM.

Cagers Grab Two; W¡ll Close Season Safurday in a tie with

PorterCoach Joe I(ellY and his basket- conference ball quintet will close out the ville College both with ldentical 1961-62 season bY venturing to 9-3 records. Palo Alto to meet the tough Stantr'resno edged the College of Sequoias of Yisalia in an overThe Rams finished the CCJCA.A. time last tr'riday, 60 to 69, antl

fortl JV's Saturday.

then topped the Reedley College



w Allan Hancock





9 6

-..-.-...-.-..--...--.-...---. -.--.-.--..---..-----. ....-.-...--..---........--....--Reedley .-..-.---.......-.....-..... Coalinga ..-.-.....--........-.----

cos Taft

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......-.- 0



Tigers ln Reedley Saturday, 68 to 66.

Renlol All Mqkes to Choose Fron

Yelley fypewriter CO,vIPANY 1929 Fre¡no


Am ó-993ó


Rich Turney led the scorlng'ln both games but the last sedond free throw by guard BillY Hlcks beat


Bottom row, Victor Reyeq_-lohl oller, Ed4i.e Riojc'-",'¡et THE i962 CCJC^AA CHAMPS row, Fred Ãnd¡ew¡, Worren Qtqy, E{ Ke-rby, Iqlculd Middle Alccroz. Maisholl Stuckey,'Bill Lt-,.rg. Top row, cooch Hcms \iViedenhoefer, Joe .A,quino, Roddy C¡ook, Joe Fcria' Turner, Don Nelson.

Matmen NabT¡tle ,tinals Next By RICHARD SALA¡S

'With the conference tltle neatlY tucked away for the tr'resno CltY College wrestling team, headed bY veteran coach Hans Wiedenhoefer, the grapplers wilt attempt to rake in all the chlps ln the No¡thern Californla Junior college finals Saturday in Modesto. The Rams pulled a blg upset last Friday by upending tournament favo¡ite Bakersffeld College' 95-67, with the other scores ¡eading Modesto 53, College of Sequoias 24, ar.ð, Reedley 18 ln the

Kelly will stick with the ,game CCJC.A,A conference châmpiotrship llneup against Stanfofd whlch held in Fresno. F¡ve Firstg will be Marty Sharp and Hlcks, Fresno placed five first Places g;uards; Turney and John Loyear, forwards, and Bob Martfn, ceDter. thanks to wiDners Roy Stuckey'

L23i Fred Andrews, L47; Bill compete Lung, 157; Don Nelson, 157, and year. Joe Aqufno, heawwelght. Ed Kerby of T'resno was upset ln the 177 pound class, losing in the final match. Äqulno was the btggest surprlse, nabblng the tough heawweight dlvlelon, Coach'Wiedenhoefer's crew will go into the Northern Cal. tourna-

ment as pr+favo¡Ites followlng last Friday's vlctory.

in the 123 divlslon


The flròt four fln¡shers ln each dlvl' slon: B; Marshall Alcaraz, llfwhltson, F; Jlm Te'em, Modesto; Davc Mccor!' cos. 1z3-Stuckey, F; Parmalee, B; John-

ney Juns, R. f3rEã'slev, M: Mllton KrebÊ, R; Eddle Rlolaó, F; Charleo Brldgeford' B. 137-9am Huerta, Mi John Oller, F; Jame6 Perez, R; Noffnan Helbeiger, B.

F¡a¡k Cole' ; UwÊ Lur-

Brldger' B; ey PeterÉDr' State Next f67-Eon Nel6on, F; John Blgby' B; The Rams will then show their Phll Blsler, M; Pat Shannon, GOS.

177-Galleoos, COS; Ed KeÈy' F; class in the state Junlor college Larry Cerpenter' B; Russell carlsorr' tourtrament Mar. 9 and 10 in Nor- R.1g1-Wlllad Roberoon; B; Boö walk, Cal. Stlles, M; Roddy Crook, F; Glen Hayeô, R. Stuckey is the defending 116 Heai¡ywelght-roc Aqulno, F; Flank

M; John Mccruw. QOS: pound state champlon but wlll Tuckcr; McElonâ]d, B.