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Mard¡ Gras Dance, Parade Held Tomorrow

OÍ OÍfice

Tomorrow at noon, the yearly Mardi Gras parade will courmence the annual Mardi Gras Ball. The ball will be held

New council members met with the old as the Sierra Sky Ranch Conference got underway. "During the two days of the

from 9 PM to midnight in the social hall of the Student Center tomorrow night. Sponsor of the event is the Delta


ference, held rccently, the old members of the Student Body Council showed the new members what the duties and problems of thejr offices will be," Joseph King, advisor, said.

At the conference Dennis Rogers received a plaque for outstanding leadership for his work as the fall semester student body president.


members of the fall council ivele given awards for tlÌeir luork. "The first semes¿er council member is given a life membership and a pin, the second semester mem-

ber is given a pin and the third semester member is given a certificate of appreciation," King said. The iirst day of tire meeting was spent in making plans and arrangements

for tlìe

DEZiE WOODS, JoAnn Rizzo, Shqrron Smith crrd Ron Scott

model the costumes they will weqr to the qnnucrl Mqrdi Grqs dqnce tomorrow night.

City College Offers Two-Year

Professional Nursing Program summel sessions will be incltlded nnrsing curriculum. Students will have classes in the physical and soc¡al sciences and literature as well as nursing, Mrs.

second day,

in the

King continued.

On the second day Rogers iu. stalled Tim thomas as the spring semeste¡ student body presidenl, nerv officers.


Suzanne Hazelton is vice-president; JaDet !'r'ancesconi, ciated degt'ee in professioual utllssecretary; tr'r'ed Faieta, treasurer; ing al FCC. The application for accreditation Ellen Ewing, AW'S president, and has been submitted to the Board Jerry Kuns, AMS president. The ten representatives ât large ef Nursing Education and Nurse are Barbara Cavanaugh, Ann Cooì<, Reg¡stration, the grouP emPowered Philip Ginsburg, Sam Ganimian, by law to regulate and accred¡t DerAI Jordan, Lloyd Kennedy, Judy schools of nursing in California. Moyer, Dewayne Peterson, Joan Mls. Mabelclaire Norman, tlit'ecWeber and Kenneth Maul. tor of the program, ìras been at Creativity in student govelnment FCC since last fall pt eparittg rhe was stressed by Thomas, who gerreral olganization anrl crttricrtcalled for a new outlook on school Ium for the proposed Professional affairs. nursing prog¡am. \frs. Norman ex"The main objectives of this se- pects lhe first class next fall to mester's studeut government rvill have between 25 and 30 select be to offer original programs fol membels. Classes rvill then be ad' enjoyment ând educational enrich- mitted once a year thereafter. ment of all members of our student Nursing Curriculum body," the president said. progrâm of genAn integrated Guests at the conference rvele nursing coul'ses and eral education Stuarl M. W'hite, president of FCC and Ivan ¡'CC pnblicity coverÍng four semesters and t\ryo

Thomas agreed and said every new council member now under'stands his job, which will benefit


Community Hospital and St. Agnes where theY re' Hospital, as well as other health in the community education and nulsing their ceived agencies are planned. Under the meet the community needs for thus tuidance of a faculty member of more bedside nurses. lhe college, the student will have Further Screening experience in giving nursing care. !'CC plans to screen the aPPIi' Mrs. Norman sarcl the protram is planned to prepare the students cants on the basis of scholarshiP, a college administered testing program and health requirements. No restriction on age or marital stattls


fall council


leceived pins for their service: Jim Baum, Beverly Brelver, Miss Cava-

naugh, Mary Conner, Miss Cook, Joan Weber and F"aieta.

'Thomas, Miss Ewing, Kuns, Peterson, Miss Hazelton, Jordan, Robert Protzman, Rogers, Merle

Whitford, Jean Dudley and Kathy Kauffman.

X'or the

first time, the Interat the

CIub Council r¡¡as preseDt conference,

"Representatives from each club were present and I expect the ICC will be a re8ular member of the conference," King said.

The new commissioners

been selec[ed, but they

will not

announcedlntil the Student


have be


members have approved my

choice, Thomas said.



AM-3 PM, United States Re' selve Team, Student Center.

Noon, AWS meeting



tion of officers, 86.

Noon, AMS meeting for electio[ of officers, B'5. Noon, Ilternational Club meeting, 8-6. Feb.


I PM to midnight, Mardi Gras Ball, Studeut Center Social , HaIl,

Feb. 10 8 PM, Basketball, FCC vs. Han-

cock, Mclane Gymnasittm Feb.13 Noon, Student Council, B-8. Feb. 14 6:30 PM, AWS dÍnne¡, commit-

tee room. Feb,


11 AM, Latin- American



Noon, International Club, 8-6. Noon, Inter-Club Council, A-128.

lecting matelials for decoration,

planning and organizing the parad.e

aDd preparing entertainment for intermission at the dance. A numbär of dance routines w-ill also be presented at the daDce. Those attendiug will be attired in

Who Wonts



chairman. Five student body members from Reedley College, including an advisor, were also guests. "The conference lvas highly, successful," King said.

Ball. They are making Ilosters, col-

costume dress.

of providing qualified "bpdside" The Boald of EducatioD of tlte Nornian said. commu[ity. The Laboratory sessions in Fresno lìurses for the Flesno City Sclìools has aporoved that some 75 to 85 shows study the new the iDitial accreditation of alì asso- County General Hospital, Fresno per cent of these graduates remain

who in turn installed the other


Psi Omega, FCC drama organization. The Jeiry Venturi quintet will* provide the music for the evening. sponsor. Candidates will also be Featured vocalist for the band ¡s presented at the ball. DuriDt the Rosaland Andrews. dance the king and queen will be At noon tomol'rolv the Palade c¡owned, witl begin oir San Pablo Avenue' Judges for the king and queen Each organization participating in will be four faculty members: Curthe pa¡'ade will sponsor a king atrd tis Draper, Sumpter, Mr6. Martha queeu candidates ì¡/ho wiII partici- Trovillion, and Franz Welnshenk. pate in the parade. Candidates for A representative for each club will the thrones will be judged on their also judge. o|ganizations originality of presenDelta Psi Omega members are tation, said Ctyde Sumpter, DPO busily completing preparation for the dance activities, said Robert Bell, chairman of the Mardi Gras



for beginning.positions at the


Overseos Job? Information on ¿wo special programs for students wishing to work abroad is now being offered by the US National Student AssociationThese two programs have been created to accommodate the many

students desiring to work abroad. The programs begin with a period of two to four weeks spent working in either England or lsrael,

is placed on the applicant. Further information on the followed by a longer period of tnavnursirrg program may be obtained el in surround¡ng couhtries. 'l'he Israel and Western Europe by contacting the director of nursProgram begÍns $,ith a tü'o week ing educafion at FCC. Mrs. Norman received hel mas- stay in, a co-operative work camp tel' of science deglee in nursing in Israel, workirrg with the people school administration in June, there and learning about the life 1961 at UCLA. She has attended of the Islaeli. the San Jose State College and The English work program beSacramento State College, Univel'- gins witlr a four rveek stay at an sity of Ha.¡¡aii and the University English student farm near London. The participants will join with of California at Berkeley. students from all over the world Educatronal Background lo harvest England's strawberry She took hel' basic nul'sing edu- crop. The final rveeks of the procation at the Highland School of gram ìi'ill be spent visiting ScotNulsing in Oakland. Mrs. Norman land, Ireland and Holland. holds a bachelor of science de8ree For further information on these in nursing education from the Uni- and other work opportunities versity of Washington. abroad, write USNSA, Dept. K, She iaught at the Sacramento 2161 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley 4, City College from 1951 to 1955 and Calif . the San Jose State College from

tient's bedside. The two-year course leading to 1'958 to 1960. an associate in arts degree and She has served as educational qualifying the graduate for eligibil- director of the KnaPP College of ¡ty to take the State Board Exam- Nursing in Santa Barbara; medical ¡nat¡on for a Registered Nurse li- supervisor and clinical ¡nstructor cense, was authorized by t,he legis- for the Highland School of Nursing in Oakland and clinical ¡nstrucIature in 1957. tor for the French HosPital of (Salinas), Hartnell Modes to, Ventura and El Camino College Nursing in San Francisco. Mrs. Norman served as an inalong with Fresno will offer the Professional Nursin g Program. structor for the Navy Nursing Twenty California junior colleges Corps during 'World War II. She now offer this program. also served as Joint Executive Requirements Listed Seeretary for the Board of LicensA minimum of high school grad- ing of Nurses and the Nurses' uation, plus a year of high school Association in Hawaii. Her other chemistry with laboratory or its experiences in nursing include ofequivalent are included ln the re- I fice nursing, qperating room nurse, quirements by the nursing board. general tluty and camp nursing.

Shover Writes For J ournol

Robert Shaver, instmctor of creative writing and other English courses at FCC, wrote an article for the December issue of the Junior Coltege Journal, entitled

'Ðnglish 1À and the Term Paper.' The main idea of the article gives Shaver's approach to a successful writing of a term PaPer for the English 1,q. Btudent. Shaver

further related this success to the student's future college yea¡s if sincerely wants the student ". to be successful."

l I



Poge Two


Thursdoy, Februory




Published Ìv'eekly by ,the journallsm students

College, 1101 University, Fresno, California. Central Catifornia lypographic Service.

Dione Wolfe

Mcrncging Editor

MÃRLENE REMY Edito¡-in-chief Richcr¡d Sclois Sports &litor

I I | I



Fog, Fun Don't Mix

of the Flesno CitY Composed by the @'. Dennis HcgobÍon Fecrture Editor




" .-.




Many interesting things have been said about Fresno's weather. Some have been good, but they have mostly been bad: Six FCC students hdve given their opinion on Fresno's \ryeather.

Lois Klotz, freshman

the sun. This weather i s

- "I


pressrng mentally


think it

ing many dents.

move back to Los

Angeles. That

where I'm and I could.

that it

see myself

ing that

convenient to everyone in tr'resno." the"safety of many people." Joyce Richardson, freshman Michael Drake, freshman "The

ing article, "Three X'CC Students to live. As John Råmsey Ullman says, Seek Peaks for Hobby," Published in Lhe last edition of this news- "Man escapes not from reality, but paper, is necessary. Inaccuracies to reality." Roger Derrybet'ry, an outstandresulted from incomplete research into the toais, history and dreams of these three dedicated mountain' eers.

I hate the fot.

fog isn't -as bad many p€ople nk. The one problem I find about the ¡og is t¡ying to go on a date. It's hard enough to tind your date's

Clarification of the mountaineer- tire energy against nature in order

int rock-climber, discovered the sport of mountaineering while rvorking in the Yosemite Valley







Mrs. Sara Dougherty, I'CC phy-

are a lot of


nstructor - "l like a mole with the fog sur-


of it. I t go to drivemovies. It es my hair


.'ounding me rea-

iy to crush me.

3o straight. It SYen gave me a :old. I do like the snow and wish it


Robert Bird was exposed to tionally driven up the mountain side; rather we aÌe lational es' mountaineering while tour¡ng the thetes. 3. Clouds Rest is not on the High Sierra as a forest serv¡ce east side of Mt. Whitney; rather employee. All three of us sought it is many miles to the north in freedom - all three have found it. Together, 'lr-e have found good the Yosemite Valley area. The goals of mountaineering are fellowship and the teamwork abstract: A climber has a great which is absolutely essential on a FCC's adminìstrâtiolì is enforcfeeling of peace when the morning mountain, big or small. Together, ing new' attendance rules, which peaks sun settles upon a lush alPine ìile are climbing the local - are iD eftect as of tlre spÌ'ing semeadow; a feeling of ecstasY' the Minarets, the Pinnacles, the mester of 1962. while crossing a steep ice or snow Palisades, and the Clark Range. The rules are the following: Together, we ,hope to climb the slepe; a deep feeling of Pride and Attendance accomplishment at being able to bigger ones. atteDdance and academReguìar Mike Harding pit enhis survive when he must ic achievement go hand in ha¡rd, and it is imperative that students meet classes throughout the semester if we axe to fulflll the aims and purposes of Fresno Clty Col-



can't breathe. I need is

e t drive The main inaccuracies were: 1. one summer. your recreaI found it when I was driven to tion spot with Mike Harding did not climb Mt. blanket all over \¡/ould snow again." that an unending from solitude it seek F"uji nine times; he climbed the road." only three times. 2. As to moun- workload while at a communica-

tailreering motive, lre are not irra- tions station in Japan.


I woul

give anything

not too cold. T only thing batl i




too foggy. Travel is difficult,

to face it. It tually isn't bad It suits me; it not too hot

I'resno Not much ca¡ done about il

Mountqineers CIqriÍy I Rsm pqge Feqture Slory

Phil Stewart, - stinks. It's ju

here and we have

its recreation



the weather. It'

physicaJly. I't




"Actually, w h a can rile do abou

lun, sun,


nore sun."

FCC Adm¡nistrati on Enforces

New Attendance Regulation

Joyne MonsÍield Sfofes Her Opinions on Sex

Can you imaglne luscious Jayne tion cannot be divorcetl from intelinternationally lectuåI desire, nor should it ber "They should be matched for known glamour queen knocking everything to be right." sex ?

Mansf ield. an

'Well sbe does. Miss Mansfield, whose 165 IQ, according to a national magazlne, pletty "You can ness yourself ì.lp (Incredi physical

heavily by giving vent to emotions," Miss Mansfield said. "People, and particularly the yount, should channel their emo'

tions elsewhere


IQ mâtches her ble Qualities) also does not believe in sex for sex' sake. "Indiscriminate use


emotions makes little

into o¡iines Miss Mansfield.

desirable sense,'''

tardy three times 'in any

given better in all classes. Students with shall be considered as one poor attendaqce..records wiU not be eligible for leave of absences. unexcused absence.




Make-up Work

ll,ñe6s Excuse

'W'hen absent

due to illness

from the

it shall be

college Make-up work fol absences of the stu- any kind must be completed to the

dent's responsibility to present verification of sucir illness to the attendauce office. Such verification shall be presented immediately

of the instructor in charge of the coursê. Belhg excused, by whatever authority, does not in any way relieve the student upon the student's return to the from the responsibility of completcolìege. Absence from classes due ing all assignments for the course. to medical or dental appointments lege. Excessive Absenceg Success in acadenic achieve- must be verified by a statement .4,11 absences, including absence ment is closely correlated $'ith from the doctor's or dentist's of- dtte to illness and late entry, shall regular attenda¡rce. The college fice. be computed in detelmining exLeaves of Absence does not charge tuitlon fees but cessive absences. relies on the attendance of stu- Leaves of absence may be grent- 'When a student has established dents ât classes as a means of re- ed for a short period of time, gen- excessive absences from any class ceiving state financial support to erally not to exceed one week, if by being absent more tlmes than operate the college. Therefore, the the student presents a eatisfa,ctory tlìe class meets in any g:iven week, attendance at all classes is ex- reason and secures advance ap- (a class meeting three times per' proval on the official Leave of Abpected of all students. a student who is absent four In general, absence caused by sence Petltion rvhich is obtainable week, times would be excessively absent home engagements, personal trans- in the Attendance Office. from that class) he rYill be sent a PetÍtions for leave of absence to portation delays and business afletter fì'om either the Dean of Men satisfaction

work must be accompanied by or Dean of Women notifylng h¡m fairs will not be excused. Students are expected to be in wlitten verification of the employ- of such excessive absences. In additior to this amazittg state' give way to all emotions any more the classroom at the time the class ment and may be granted if the This letter will indicate the date ment, Miss Mansfield, the gal rvho than you are permitted to do ev' beglns. When a student has been student is earning a "C" grade or that he rvill be dropped from his has gained star propot'tions by her erything you rvish." classes with a W/F unless satis. er . . . stâr' propot'tions, empha' Hmmm, rvill the real Jayne factory explanation of the absence tically decìaI'ed that teenâge emo' Mansfield please stand. is presented to the Dean of Men or Dean of 'Women within the indicated time given in the letter regatding Excessive Absences. The time is night. Let us heed By SUE CASPERIAN It shall be the responsibility of Ilere's an open invitation to stu- the su'eet stlains of Omar: student to keep the admissions the participate "Ah, make the most of what in dents and faculty to and records office notified of any we yet may spend a mosl unusual grotÌp, change. of address and the student Before lve too into the lìveryone is invited: Intellecshall further be r-esponsible for dust descend, tnals, journalists, orators, liberals, notifying the atteDdance office ot Dnst into d¡.¡st, and ¿gilâlols, eggheads, exislentialists, leasons for absence or, after being under dust, to lie, wits, know-il-alls, bookwot'ms, lethabsent, to contact the a¿tendan('e Sans Wine, sans Song, sans algics, Buddhists, Iisteners, Peoffice immediately on his return sans End." Singer, and dallts, r'eäctors, buffoons and liter' to the college fol an absence slip. Tìn.e: 12 noon ati. you Pl:rt read ShakesPeare, e: Room like to A-158 If

work or sports."

"I mean, after all, You don't

Human¡ties Club lnvites Students to First Meeting

if you are inferested in Ze¡, if you are a Fleudian adherent, if you hate em-

Ibsen, Byron, Tennyson,


on athletics, if you shy

away from u'ell-organized clubs, if you get a thrill from G. B. Shaw,

if you are repelled bY academic complacency, if you dig jazz, Kafka, Japanese Haiku, DostoevskY or Camus.

An opetr mind, a lunch (if you are Brone to



fll€-f1^rtsT coNT€sf "


s¿ck hunger at precisely twelve noon), a tablet of Akla-Seltzer, and a

tolerance group.

for a


Date: Feb. 13,



Thanks for your courtesy and patience during the opening rush. Best wishes for a rewarding semester ahead. The Management and Staff Your FCC Bookstore

Thursdoy, Februory




Class Petitions

Available Freshmen a¡rd sophomore elections a¡e just around the corner.

"Petitions for office are being made available tomon'ow in the admissjons office," said Jim Baum,

Contesf Needs Beouly,T qlent

SB Counc¡l Progresses As Semesfer Begins

Beauty, talent and personalitY are the ingredients necessary for one to submit an application for the Miss Fresno County Pageant. I'ifly per cent of the judging is

article. Some of these projects are especially good for the clubs, who

based on talent and charm, beauty

of face and figure account for 25 per cent and. 25 per cent is based on poise and personality, said Robin Greiner, director of entries. Needs Talent Entrants must possess and dis-

Editor Chooses

New StoÍÍ

should play an essential part in our college's activities. Participat¡on lmportant started arrangements for "Mixer" Mention of these projects brings dances with various colleges after a vitally important subject to my basketball, games both here a¡d mind: Student participa¿ion. there; (2) began an attempl to The council realizes that ma,ny bring some "big name" entertain- people are unable to part¡cipate menl to tr*resno under FCC's spon-

play talent in a three minute l.ousorship. elect;on r;ommissioner'. The Ranpage, FCC's weekly This might include The Highsinging, may be tine. This talent This semester the Student Body dancing, playing a nusical instru- neì¡spaper, has changed three staff waymen, Bobby Rydell, the Four Council is offering a contest be- ment, dramatic reading, art dis- positions for the spring sèmester. Lads, The Hi Lo's, The Lettermen, Ivan Jones, Rampage advisor, The Mills Brothers, Della Reese, tween classes to promote a larger play, dress designing, ol a three election neturn at the polls Feb. 21. minute on the career the par- and Marlene Remy, editor, mâde and the Gold Coast Singers from lhe selections. The class which has the most ticipant wishes to pursue. the Purple Onion in San FranRichard Salais, replaces Len cisco; (3) Started preparation for Enfrants must not be under 18 volers will be given a project by the council. commented Tim Thom- or over 28 years of age. Entrant Berry as sports editor. Berry left Freshman - Sophomore elections; must be single and never have the staff to continue his studies a.t (4) bicycle racks for the growing as, student body president. the Univelsity of Denver. number of enthusiasts on campus; The only qualif ication for off ice been married, divorced, oÌ had an John Maranian is taking over (5) started arrangements for reis that t,he student be enrolled for annulled m a rri aBe, emphasized Bob Costa's position of advertising decorating the student president's 12 units oP more and have a 2.0 Greiner'. manaSer. Applications Available office and the Student Lounge; grade average, said Baum. "Maranian's personality and en- and (6) begun the drive for a new Intelested students can pick up "Tentative candidates for freshthusiasm in journalism make him m¡ln class officers should âttend applications from Miss Doris Dea- an ideal person for the position," FCC plaque in the l¡brary. women,,in Room 128 kins, dean of There are several other projects the cìass meeting in the auditorof the Administration building. said Jones. under u¡ay, many of which are ium at noon today," said Fred MarDezie Woods, active in Delta Psi Applications must be turned in pending council's investigation. lin, freshman class vice-president. is Omega, no later than Mar. 4. A screening Some of them include speakers, "Tbomas or I may be contacted process, deIermining the contest- nev¡s editor, not constitutional amendments and in Room 229 of the Student Center a¡rts for the pageant, will be held a staff position in community pro j e c ts previously or in Joseph Kint's office if any Mar. 5. 1962 at 8 PM in the Roose- the fall semester. mentioned in my last Rampage student needs help." Miss 'W'oods velt High School Auditorium. Added information concerning will be in charge Club News the contest may be secured from of assignint

ries and seei that the news campus is ade-

Miss Deakins.

quately covered. """"Ë. woo¿" New reporters this semester in-

clude Ann Ehrenburg,

Ailo g0irg "The Fashion Corner" Doer "bc your age" epply to thir query &on a factlty oember?

"[f a man in his fort¡es wore a reversible vest, red on one sidc and checked on the other would he bc guilty of tryiog to look like a

ulltt lroilDERS IIEYTR OEASE.. now A-1 Rapiers come ¡n new Cuadro cloth.

colo¡ful iteo

i¡ ¡ot


yorr aumbet of birthdays. By all meaq combine it witfr a casral

Ann Cook and Joyce Iles seek Any student lnterested in wrltpost of vice-president; Mary ing articles for the paper may see the and Leona Jones are runConner Jones in his office in Room 211 ning for secretary; Betty Hughes in the Student Center, and Donna Pursell aspire to the




Run-Away Books Jackson C. Carty, librarian, has

Not grriltyl Tbe ¡¡¡c of thi¡

tlpe crit or cpott


reference room last semester. Students finding any of these missing volumes should leave ,the books in the brown drop box on the front porch of the library, Carty said.


B.F.'s afraid he may have made a mistake. He writes, "A group of us, looking at a men's magazine, noticed a big

'todo' about two button



Election of uew officers will be Bungalow' 6 at noon, announced Ronald Le$'is, publicity chairman. In addition Presideut Jerry Kuns v-ill appoint chairmel for publicity, social affairs and special events. "The organization wil¡f be an


dent'a ¡reference- for two buttot¡ coats is having an influence. Ffowever, it óimply means r¡ren will have a choice of an

active participant in all



you need o early to

To keep you fiom getting tttied in loots" when You tie your tie, we have PrePared out ilh¡strated leaflet, TIE RIGHT. Makes getting the perfect knot easy. GetYourcoPYat

t hodge



"The Fashion Corner" Fuhon of Merced At k nowl ed geo bfe deolers

Compus Reps:

Rrcn Me¡ons L¡B HEnùrn¡t

Participation Divided Participation is divided into tlvo areas: tr"irst, awa¡eness of student happenings, which may be accomp-

lished by reading about them,


second, by active participation through committee work and office positioUs. If anyone is apprehensive in either area, please contact ally of the council members. They will be more than happy to work out a situation so you will be able

to paxticipate. Almost all the commissioners ând representatives will need. committees, most of which are ..not busy all the time.

The next logical question is WHY should students partic¡pate and be aware. Well, the logical answer is that we are partly in school to condition ourselves for citizenship, which demands that students be good participants. It all boils.down to how you feel

l5 lt

Complete . Nurilng Lross

Completion celtificates were treasurer's position, and Ester awârded by Fresno City College Crosby, Patricia Marks and Veron- to 15 vocational nursing graduates ica Raney are rur¡ning for histor- recently. The gladuates have finished a ian. three semester program sponsored place "Voting will take at AWS meeting at noon in Bungalow 5. by tr"CC and the Flesno hospitals. Âll women students are eligible to The course prepares students for the state board examinations for vote," said Mlss Ebrenburg. vocational nurses. I'or those who are not able to licensed Certificates r.vere awarded by attend the meeting, a voting booth M. White, president of FCC; will be provided this afternoon Stuart until 2 PM in the Student Center. Robert P. Hansler', the dean of the An installation dinner wlll be The freshman clasa meeting at held in the committee room of noon today features a 28 minute the Student Center at 6:30 PM. film, "Operation lvy," announced Feb. 14, which ls free of charge. Fred Martin, vice-president. "Please do not sign to come un'¡The film depicts the first less you are going to attend," said hydrogen bomb test in the PaMiss Doris Deakins, advisor. cific," said Martin.

held today in

tàem. Does this mean three buttons are going to be out? A¡d I just got one!"



Associated Men Students

the thing because President Kennedy wears


No question

ticipate, however, because they are SCARED. Yes, scared or apprehensive of time which may be spent or the duties which may be per-

Robert Tpday is Associated Women StuDonleavy, Thomas Walls, Roberta dents electlon day. about citizenship and whether you Silva and Jack Howard. Nine girls are vying for the va- v/ant and deserve the right to be a Returning reporters are Joe cant offices in the organizatiotr, good citizen. Ateca, Donald Foster, Donald announced Ann Ehrenburg, viceHillman, Wayne Huxley, Maranian, president. Miss Woods and Sue Casparlan.

requested the return of any library encyclopedias or other reference books taken by mistake from the


AWS E[ect OtficersTodoy

because of jobs or conflicting activities. Many students do hot par-

Life lnsurance is the only ¡nvestment which gives you a combination of protection arrd savings; it's the ideal way to sta rf a comptete finaneial program. Your campus representative will





Morlo Towers Bldg.

et Lea Measell, Mina Jackson


Every day you hear of somsthing in medicine. The latest is a new wonder drug that's so pow'erful you have to be in perfect health to take it!


Renlol Applies to Purchose . All Mokes to Choose From

Volley fypewrÍter



oú PhiladelPhla


Garnet Woodruff and Varaye Ran-

1295 Wishon Ave.

lJfe lnsurancs ComP¡aY

Dervey, Billie A. Dias, Alice

lindo, Mary Eudora Hollender, Jân-

Mildred Canzadia Williams, Marie


tailored to your individual present and future needs. See him now.


The gladuates are Charlotte Ann

Black, Ann B¡annon. Lillian Irene

functions on campns," said Kuns. Nnnes, Alice M. Raven, Melva Richardson, Elizabeth Ann Ridge, FOR BETTER SCHOOT GRADES Frances Elizabeth Schwabenland,

be -glad to discuss with you a variety of plans which may be

when you can profit by lower

leclr¡ri<:al and industrial division:

and Mrs. Josephine Hostetler. cocr(linator of lhe vocâtional nursing program, a"nd nrtrsing instr-uctors.

1929 Fresno





CLASSIFIED ADS FOR SALE '51 Chevrolet, 2 Door, New W'W''s, perfect condition. Call Len Berry,

BA 7-8700. '59 lmpala, Stick, big engine, 3-2 barl. Carbs. Excellent Condition. Best offer buys, AM 4-3332.




Mafmen Nab V¡cfories; Northern lnvasion Nexf Fresno City College's wrestling team twisted their way Central California Junior College Association victories over Reedley College 25-10 and COS 26-2 and now face a rugged ïveekend in Modesto, San Mateo and San Quentin.


Hancock Adds Two


at 4 PM. tr'resno will then to San Mateo wbþre they wlll col' lide wittr the San Mateo Bulldogs and San Jose City College on tr'eb. 9. Saturday the team will then travel to San Quentin Prison boards and ball-hawking ace Bill where they will tantle (wrestling) Estlada completes the starting with the inmates of San Quentin. Iineup for Hancock. Marshall A.lcârez sparked the Kelly will start Rich Turney and Rams tb victory against COS by John Loyear at forwards; Bob pinning Bob Quintero in the 123 Martin, center; Al Uriarte and pound division. Roy Stuckey, 115 Billy Hicks at guards. pound state champion, ran into Game time is 8 PM. trouble against Milton Krebs of Basketball Reedley but managed a 1-1 draw CO^CHES CORNER coach Harry Miller, Xlesno State, praised the young DampieÌ by stating, for the top match in that meet.

HANCOCK CONTEST CRUCIAL By RICHARD SALAIS Sporting a 22-5 seasonal record and 6-1 in league PlaY the X'resno City College Rams will attempt to halt the powerfnl league leadin8 Allan Hancock Bulldogs in a crucial CCJCAA encounter at Mclane

High School SaturdaY night'

The Rams who bowed to the Bulldogs in their previous meeting, 57-50,

in Santa Maria will be

"This kid Dâmpier is tough, a¡al a very fine shooter." "Wlen I saw him back in Inaliana he was probably the third best màn on his team which was an outstandin8i hiBh school team," Miller commented. . . Dampier preped at Munci Central High School, Indiena. the so-calleal basketball count-iy Hancock coach Joe WÏite will elso have another prep star in 21 year old Louis Cozzettl ex-Seattle, Wash. star, but most likely he will not be used on the starting five Ram mentor .Ioe Kelly commented on the coming tllt r¡/ith Hancock by replying "the boys are ready and they know thet this game 'is the big one for us" . Trlrney way in


ing for revenge with the possibility

of the championshiP at stake. Fresno will almost be forced to win this game or Ram coach Joe Kel¡Y and Co. will be all but eliminated towards their second consecutive league crown.

Hancock Loaded Àlla¡ Hancock, a Perennial Powerhouse

in basketball circles, would




...-..--...-.....-.-....---... 7


FRESNO' -..--...-........--...-...-...






-----..--.---..---.----... 4

2 4

.-...-..--.-- 2 -.-.-...-...-.---.--.--------- 2

Reedley -.....-.....'...--.-.-....--.-... 2 Taft ..---.---.......-.-...-...-..--....-.... 0

2; 717

X*red Andrews, X', decisioned Ron Bressler, 4 to 2; 767 -

Leland Turner, F, decisionerl Ron




deciding the 1962 chamPs bY beat'

always seem to run into trouble

lad, and Louis Gozzetti, prep stand-

out at Seattle, Washington' have been added to the team th¡s semester and all indications point to the Bulldogs as the team to beat' The recent play of guard Al Uriarte has brithtened the outlook for Fresno and the addition of newcomer Allen McCnthen via lhe University of San Francisco frosh cotllcl plovide the liey for the Ra;ns. -ù{t Cuthen starred for Clovis HigÌr lìt'hool, stands 6'"1" attd will pl'obably be used at the torwa|tl position. Rams Nab Victories Fresno swept to five consecutive victories during the semester

break, one of them free of charge

won'by forfeit; 147 - Uwe LueDing, R, decisioned Victor Reyes, 3 to 1; 157 Andrews, F, pinned Mike Arndt; 167 - Dave Elkins, R, pinned Leland Turner; 177 - Dan Nelson, tr', pinned Russell Carlsen; heavywêight - Ed Kirby, fi', pinned

'Pattl Comparon.

Exhibitions: 177 pounds



Hayes, R, decisioned Warren Gray, 6 to 2; 157 - Rodney Petersen, R, pinned -A,ndrews; 137 - Krebs, R, decisioned Eddie Riojas. 4 to 3.


Any ma¡e students interested in competitive swimming should contact Darryl Rogers in the men's gymnasium. Only nine men

are out for this yeads team

the largest schedule in City College history.



1962 SWIMMING SCHEDULE ¡'eb. 13-Modesto -.....-.-.-.-....-.....-....'There Feb. 16-trtresno Hiah School.....-..'Ihere Feb. 23-Bakersfield .....-.-........-.--.- There I'eb. 24-NCJC Relays .......---..Stockton Mar. z-Stockton-COS -Flesno-.Mclane

Mar. 7-Modesto-COS-l'CC-.FTesno IIi Mar. g-CabriUo -----.----------.------- There

Mar, lG-Oakland ..-....-...-..-.-..-.-..- There

Mar. Mar. Mar.


Mar. 30-American Rlver



lam only môre than happy to replace the ex-Rampage Sports Editor the infallible Mr. Leonard Berry, Len will try his tennis talents and educational stabilities at the Universìty of Denver. The Rampage staff and friends alike wish him plenty of success in

ing trTesno. But the Santa Marians

John Dampier, a 6'4" lndiana


Cord, pinned Quintero; 130 - Roy Stuckey, F, decisionecl Steve Aguilar, 8 to 6; 137 - Ed Rioias, F, decisioned Dan Brown, 8 to 4; 147 - Vic Reyes, I', decisioned Bob Hammond, 5 to

4 4

against the Rams awaY from home. The Bulldogs will unveil two new players to their already well-bal' anced squad, and Hancock coach Joc White may have the answer to his problems here in Ramland. Dampier Makes Debut ,

115 pounds, exhibition

F, decisioned Dave McI to 0; 123 - M. Alcarez, F,

'Wells, 6 to 4; 777 - Don Nelson, F, :1 "+ilË decisioned Frank Gallegos, 8 to 6; recent play of Al Uriarte has landed him e berth on the stâ,rtine five 191 - Sbannon, COS, decisioned where he started out in the bee-inninq Grey, 5 to 2; heavyweight - Ecl . Kelton Dotson, ex-Wasñtnstoñ IInion star, has been âdded to the Kirby, F, decisioned John McGrew. Porterville roster for the remainder 123 pounds - MarREEDLEY of the yeâr.

definitely have the upper hand in


COS .þ¡lcarez,

shall Alcarez, tr', decisioned L,ouis Mora, 4 to 2; 130 - Krebs, R, and Stuckey, drew, 1 to 1; 137 - Ilesno



It's do or die for the cagers Saturday night as Allan Hancock invades the Mclane High School gymnasium with an array of taleDted hoopsters. Coach Joe White of the Bulldogs has been at the helm for four years and would like nothing better than to thump the highly regarded AL URIÃ,RTE Rams, defendins CCJCAA champions. Winner of this particular contest thanks to the hapless Taft Cougars should decide the conference title; although Porterville has an outside who forfeited because of weather chance to do something about it. If you happen to be in attendance at conditions. The Rams defeated the, feast your eyes on this boy John Dampier, the newcomer tough Porterville Pirates 96-78; has.drawn many compliments fi'om various coaches' that have seen him. BASEBALL'S'BACK AGAIN clobbered the Coalinga Falcons 97-77; edged by the COS Giants America's national pastime (baseball) is back again and the 52-45 and turned back the Reedley defending junior college state chqmpions, Fresno Gity College, will Tigers 74.51. The cancellation of be rated as a touglr opponentJ Coach Len Bourdet said, "Our the Taft game could prove to be pitching will be fair and the infield will be an all veteran lineup." fatal for Fresno as they are ehTerry lleizenrader, last seasor¡'s batting star, will retunn and joying a two week layoff. Kelly Bourdet is counting on him heavily. Bourdet also pointed out that feels the players needed the "practhe Rams have an outstanding crop of freshmen outfielders. Look tice" against the Cougars. for the baseballers to have another f¡he year. Jerly Ciucky, a 6'9" center', and TERRONEZ ON SHELF AGAIN Bob Butler the 6'4" sharp-shooter Hartì-puuchiug welter Gabe Terronez, FCC sophomore, is baci< on will lead the way for the Bulldogs the shelf again with a broken nose injured during a sparring session. but Dampier who nabbed 38 points Terronez is scheduled to meet Mike Coronado of Los Angeles someagainst Porterville is labeled their time late in March. "The Little Pl'ofessor" rvhipped veteran Joe White top scoler'. Al Orr, the 6'8" for- in his last outing and many followers label the student as "the most ward, adds strength on the back- exciting welter in California." TAFT COLLEGE FORFEITS Poor Taft College, struggling to stay in t'he CCJCAA conference, decided not to mess w¡th Fresno in a league game that was cancelled because of the nemesis weather, "fog". lt seems to me that in that particular area (Taft) the crop of athletes are e¡ther holding out from competition, or there just ¡sn't any! ! I think the Rams needed the game against Taft to brush up for the Bulldogs the Cougars said no dice to rescheduling the game. O'h well, but parted Len Berry rvere the mainyear will be different for Fresno, as they are stepþing into a next stays in Iast season's squad which much tougher conference called the Valley League which includes compiled a fine 10-3 r'ecord and Modesto, Stockton, San Francisco, American River, College of finished high in tournament standNorth Sacramento and College of the Sequoias.

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FCC l.Netters Prep

W¡th Tltle in M¡nd tr'irr the first time in many a year, the tr'CC tennis team are heavy favorites to cop the CCJCA¿\ croln ald coach Dan Oziel is the

first man to admit this. \ ings. Ozier, in his second yeat' at the Prospects Good helm, has the manpower to ultConference d o ub le s champion track the perennial chamPion COS and the net candidates are Prac- Bud Anderson is another highly regarded prospect. ticing hard to do iust that. Fred 'Woberly from Reno, NeOpen Next Week the uP vada; David Koon, Darryl Smith oPen men's squad T,he campaign Feb. 16 on the road and. Dave Bulick are other top against Hartnell and then will skip candidates for the traveling squad. Former McLane star Penny Scott over to Monterey the following day to tangle with the coast heads the women's li6t. M,i6s Scott schoo l.

is possibly the best prospect ¡n the

Fresno defeated Hartnell and history of FCC. Veteran Hilary Monterey 7-0 last year in an iden- Burke and nepcomers Barbara Shepard and Don,na Watts are the tical trip. other squad members. Ozier exBill Carroll Tops Expected to lead the way for the pects formidable conference comRams this year is sopbomore lefty petitÌon to come from the likes of Bill Carroll. Carroll and no\Y de- Reedley College and COS.


029 Fullon

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