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PUBLISHED vot. xv[







27, 1962

High School Sfudenfs Seek College Credit Stxty htgh school senlors and one Junlor from hlgh schools of the Fresno area are attendlng tr'reeno Clty College under the boDoFs protram. Three of the students are atteudlug a night course in psychology and of these three one ls also attending a day eourse, according to FCC offlclals.


hono¡:lr p¡¡ogranr, carried

on by eeveral other Juniol collegæ of Callfornla, ln additlon

to f i0rc, allows high school aenlors to attend n Junior colle¡¡e for whlch will be applted to tlìeir college tranecript, a,nd hlgh school Juniors

tn attônd for high



Of the 61 students, 16


Jna¡nL.B-suil4 -IgËb". *?å..qJ.È.Ê{pg Fresno High, seven are from Lane High, two each are claimed

by both Edison and I'owler High and 12 a¡e students of Roosevelt High.

Courses attended bY honor

students are general Psychology,

to sociologY, analYtical geometry and calculus, Principles of econourics, beginning


Russian, intermediate Russian' college algebra, culturâl anthropology and human anatomy' Students a.rê recommended for thls prograrn bY their Principa,ls and teachers' Most of them are c.arrYing or¡e tlrree qnit class witl¡ the oxcePtion of thoso onrolle¡l in fìussia.n' a fou¡ unit cortÌse. The honors Program is aided

Eight of the 6t high school honor students look over the girls ore (L to R) Betty foyce, Cc¡roline

FC-C compr:s. The

negs Medical ExPense Plan Insurance ls stlll available in the counsellng center or the health center,

accordlng to Arch Bradshaw' t students. Thls insurance wlll Provide uP to $1,000 for medical expenseg wtthln one year of the date of an accldent. Other beneffts of the plan include $18.50 Per day for hospital room and board uP to

dean of

30 days, surgfcal treatment, mediambulance service.

cal attention and

Betty McCorter, Kcrthy Chc¡¡ies, June


A $32,970 assoclated student body budget, the largest in FCC history, was approved by the


dent couDcil Tuesday.

follows: band, $8OO; choir, üi5OO; deba,te, $650, drama, $200. Money available



(Frey Photo)

The money comes from the aud dances has increased over of student body cards, prof- Iast year by $200. Assembly comits from the bookstore, cafeteria mittee will have $500 this year; sale

submitted by student body comor facultY advisers of


the activltles. Mlss Jackson then Printed a tentative budget which was aPproved last Tuesday and will go into effect immediately. The largest account thls Year is football, which will Set $6,165. Running second ls the Rampage fun, which will receive $3,500. This provideg transportå,tion for all areas of the associated students such as competitivo sports, rooter buseg, debate and drama triPs' band' choir and journalism. Over one-fourth of the total budget goes to sports as follows: baseball, $137; basketball, $2'-

and $AO0 for leadership awa.rds.

aro in the fonn of studont body scholarshlps for reTb.eee



will go to campus publicatlons. Potpourri, the school lfterary magazine, will get $100; Ram, the yea¡book, will receive $4,600



Internatlonal Dev€l-

Whlte is

Kenya, Africa, on an opment. The Êtudy should be flneducatioual survey, Dr. Paul Niel- ished by mid-October.

setr the vice president, is in of Fresno City College. President .White is studying the needs for higher education in Kenya and seelng lf a two year college can be set up, He also will see what arrangements must be made to start such a school. The four man team of which Whfte is a member is maklng the study for the Kenyan government and ls sponsored by the Unlverslty of California. It is under the auspices of the United Sfates

assemblies charge

shop ând funds from a jump of $150; the social affairs fund has increased by $50. The one-thlrd of its average ttally at- former years. 'tenda.nce to be hlgh school stusocial affairs budget provides actiÐach of the student body deDts. vities such as social affairs, Ram, $1,100 that can be used by any In 1960, slxtY senlors, three Rampage, and assembly commlt- campus club or organization to JuDlors aûd otre sophomore were tee submitted a budget request stage dances. Over $1,5OO will be spent (>n enrolled in the Program. In 1961 to Jo Jackson, student body secthere was a total of 80 students retary, at a fiDânce session last awalrls: S1,S8O for ¿thletic ln the program attendint FCC. Thursday. The requests ì'rere awards, letteis and a banquet;

Students' Accldent and Sfck-


Liukkonen, Suscm Mqlone, Lee Albright, Ncncy Ãyres,

Sfudent Body Budget Dr. Nielsen Takes Presídency As WhiieStuart Surveys in AÍrico Lorgesf in FCC's History Whtlein for

by a state law which allows Junior colleges to Permit uP to and coffee

Student lnsurance Still Available


"Students took a tremendoue part ln registratiotr," stated Dr. Nielsen, "and did many things that the faculty could not have gotten along wlthout. 'We are off to a good start for the year." Dr, Nlelsen was supe¡lntendent of the former Seandlnavian School Distrlct before he was appolnted Fresno City School District od'ucational servlc€s. He seryed ln

thls pos{tlon for one yêar then was appolnted Ctty College vlce president last year.

Weinschenk Releases

19 6 3 Debate Schedule


The F.CC debate team'õ sched- pionships (debate, inter. oratory, get ule for its fÍfth year of competi- Ínterpretive speaking), FCC. $1,000, and. the Rampage Sprlng Semester: $3,500. The literary magazine and tion was released. recently by faculty adyearbook wlll Franz Welnschenk, larger sums March 1-2, San Franclsco lnvlçeceive Iater as their þrlnting dates are vlsor, tational (all events, San Frand.uring the secônd semester. the schedule is as follows: clsco State. Associated Men Students wlll March 15-16. State JC tournaFall semester: 'Women


get $625 and



receive $?00.

events), Univ. of CaliÍ., Oct.20, Debate workship at ments (all Santa Barbara. of Pacific, Stockton. Univ. $910 has been set aslde to April 3-6, Phi Rho Pi (Natlon..Nov. 2-3, Fall Ntr'CA tournacover costs of student governal tr'orenslcs Fraternlty) tournament and leadership confereucd6. þ¡ñt (debate, extemporaneous ment, San Bernadino Valley Coland $100 has been allotted for spè'aking), at Stanford Univ., lege.


Palo Àlto. May 3-4, 'Sprtng tournaEeût The plan is ava.ilable on three 461; cross country, $465; tennis' student activitles secretarial help. Invitatfon9-10, Modesto Nov. wrestllaundry and cleanfor (all $1500 events), Pasadena College, levels: full year, college Year or $1?5; water Polo, $655; al (debate, interpretlve oratory), May 11, CCJCÀ Sprlng tournasemester, The deadllne ls 30 days fund, which will receive $3,500. int fees pays towel fees for all OraI a,rts will receive over students. These cost 50 cents per Modesto Junior College. ment (for central Calif. JC's from the opening of eacb seis as broa,hdown student. The team chamCallf. Dec. 14-15, only; all events), f,'CC. $2,OOO. mester.


Thursdoy, SePtember 27, 1962


Two FRE6fio



RAtilíÍÍcotÍons I}Y ANN $HRDNIIURG Fresno CitY Cotlege can take

the lead in Promoting an awareness of world events on tlìe camtr'resno CltY puses of Central Californla iunior the of studeDt8 the by Journallsm weekly Publlshed Composecl bY the colleges, says l'red Faieta, stuCollege, 1101 Unlversity, Fresno' Callfornla' Servlce' @" Typographlc dent body President. Central Callfornla He feels that this can be accomplished bY joining with other college and universitY students who take a keen interest in national and international affairs' These students are active in the 400 member colleges of the NaJob tionâI Síudent Association' ToP BY JACI{IE TARR represenas Nelson's Pob Mrs. The NSA is an alliance made Governor Mrs. Helen Nelson, consumers office up of and run bY student tovernthe for tative Council Consumers Brown's Pat the Governor's rec- ment leaders on the various camAd.ivsor, stâted recently in a lec- is to advise aII matters afthe Nature at Fresno CitY College that ommendations on She is also puses. Faieta attended of this consumers. Congress fecting Student tional consumers are being misled' legislaand She emPhasized the modern aftiliatecl with the stateconsumer organization this summer ColCitY investigates X'resno to and ture returned has changes of today, economicallY to the Pub- Iege v¡ith rePorts'of the conferand sociallY, have Put a "tre- problems and'reports appearing before ence, mendous shift in the method of Iic, besides as an "One of the main PurPoses of commissions and boards lnliving" and a "tremendous lobbY"' consumer the NSÀ is to act as a sounding crease in money maDagement "official Nelson Mrs. conclusion, In problems as consume¡s"' board for the oPinions of Amerihave cân students and to encourage Mrs. Nelson Pointed out sPecifi- said, "We are all goingi to cally dhat there is great evidence to do a 8;reat deal to train our- them to take an interest In community, natiotral and internalnsofar as we could have a ¡freat selves to spend our income"' tional affairs," he said' deal more skill in crediting ourMRS. ]O NELL NIXON poses-with some of.ihe sqYve"lt" =h? associProbF CC PeoPle example, the For selves. Faieta wants àåliã"i"a on her recent iour of Japon' (Tom Clccrk Photo) CATENDAR ably spend more money on autoated students to join the NSÀ on OF THE WEEK mobiles than homes or house a one Year's trial basis' This wtll TodaY buying. other Central California Rsw Solnon and Seoweed, Ugh! at allow Students' Women expected is tamilY Associated junior colleges to observe the "An averagé automobiles noon ln B-7' to buy from 12 to 15 automobiles rrerits of havlng the NSA on a Oct. 1 in an entire lifetime," Mrs' NeIcampus on this tYPe' 6on continued, "and therefore Phi Beta Lambda, at noon, in He said he will Propose this pay an exceedinglY high amount A-221. plan at the California Jirnior Co[of interest on a car moreso than Oct'.2 lege Student Government A'ssotlrey would on a home'" Student council at noon in B-6 ciation conference at Asilomar in SPentling More lrnPortant ßy RICHAßD SAr¡AfS Campus Christian Fellowship November' He hopes that after Calito sacriAccording to Mrs' Nelson' how entire the 3 trial Oct. the Perlod, Persua.ded by her former Jaþanese students and willing you spend Your money is a far Last day to file Petitions for fornia assoctatiou witl join the fice a few of her belongings, jovial Mrs' Jo Nell Nixon' an FCC greâter responsibtlity than earn- freshman and sophomore class NSA' as a bloc' the local scene with English instructor, has recently arrived on journey to Japan the ing a PaY check' "rvV'e have to offices. College adventurous an CitY after Fresno about in ptenty talk to Students learn how to sPend our PaY vote to past summer' assembly ât noon will have an oPportunity checks since Your earney moDey Nominations join the National to whether on auditorium' the lllrs. Nixon, who spent rnore thâ¡r seven t'eeks a'bload' originin and represents' food, clothing urged her November' in Association Student meetally got the ide¿r from her Japanese students whothe Delta Psi Omega Pledge journey shelter." llna'nce to older already upãn-qraxing the fip' I{owever,'ln Fresno CitY CoIIege has an ing at ?:30 P Mtn A-154' Mrs. Nelson also stated,ioneher sold totlay) of world this in modern leader the (due to to a is it shown that Rally Club, from 11:30 average' person makes over plnrpher"""ously other the the "ñ" to besides late model a,utomobile. This in itself' fieltt bY sendfng a delegate quarter of a milllon dollars be- 12:30 in the RaUY Shack' summer' this congress nalias, supplied the flnancial backing to Ja¡ran' student She 20-65' 4 of Oct' ages t\ryeen the instiFresno to collect enough rnoney onlY the was in FCC need "I suddenly got the idea and sold my carjoking Interclub Council at ûoon clearly mentloned that we representative faslìion' a a have in tution to for my'trip,'i commented Mrs' Nixon to know how to sPend our money a-12 8. congress. the at Flies fruxuriously lvlsely. Faieta ls the first delegate airliners, Mrs' Nixon covered the from a Central Callfornia junior e, Alaska and Honolulu, Hawaii becollege ever to attend the confab' Japan. While in Japan, Mrs' Nixon which was heltt at the Ohio State clties of TokYo, Hara, Kyoto' KamaUnlversitY from August 13 to 30' kura and manY others' I me the most' The National Student Associ"Of aII the cities in Japan I think Kyoto impressed ation offers information' leader- Mrs. Nixon continued. shlp training and personal assistIn Iiyotot a, city noted as a' cultura'l centert she ¡net ¿ur unusu¿l ance ln 4etlvatlnE âwareness Proher a guide and ¿ l¿te rnodel Chrys' g.a*" ont tnen¡ber camPuses' The Japanese friend who loaned the cities of lei lrtr-conditioned) to help her tour the city' In stâtuesr ãrganization hoPes to stInrulate con' gr€&t Buddhist the Iiokeder¿r and Nara, Iiamuk.,ro, discusslon, debate and controversy and gold pure wtth lined and sisting of bronze' mercuryi coa'l on colleeg camPuses about topics tremendously' her irnpressed feet 5€l as htgh towering as that affect college students' year 749' ÌYas aD of "The Buttdhist statues, datlng back as far as the awareness an is "Education the world and involvement ln the appalling view." $¡as an interesting place world. We çannot isolate 'our- "The famous moss gardens ln Kokedera and to see also," Nixon slghed' selves on a college camPus Takes Surni Lessons expect to be educated Persons"' engagec he said. In Tokyo, the land' of over 11 million .people' Mrs' Nixon she spent tlv( Institute' O'Hara the in student À arts. fine in the painting lessonr months studying the art of Sumi painting' Sumi paper' rice on water and ink applying of consist "I enjoyed the lessons once a $¡eek and admired nìy teaclìer-thr well-respected Yoshio Horiuchi"' n'llows only Incitìentally, Surni pointing at the O'Hara' Institute rvas gra'nted Nixon Mrs' however' <ìescent, Ja,panese students of tutoring under a s r Mrs' Nixo The food in Japan benow âre men TwentY-four ' special Pre who admits it made h boiled rtc ing readied at FCC in the fields praed dishes which i reading bluePrint of welding, and seaweed made it even lvorse' and machine skills as a Part of Gion X'estival Exclting Federal ManPower Developthe famed Mt' Fuii' Mrs' Nixon was thrilled t the visitlng Besides 1958' There ment Act, Passed early this Year' of record year 869) in the worl hlt the was DooTom wltness the oldest festÍval (ttating back to the What was disaster to the of tour in extended trained an belng are followed men Japan. The Glon, bl ln located ley was the the Gion Festiv: natlon's college camBuses and the a 42 week Program, at a cost to "The colorful floats, lanterns and costumes at Klngston Trio' ot government $32'Trio federal Kingston the I w toniSht at 8:30 reputation of the Jaunt to Japan will alr'r'ays bring 318. F. E. McCuIIeY, of the Derlal .Auditorium was secure' is who for sonre unexpllca'ble reason' who, EmÞloyment, of group' partment b Martin their of -=-F* DennY flve time' thet Since future' neer of co-or<linator the in serving as regional plens to tour the world Torn DooloY, tho vlctlm albums have gone over tho mll' for the Program, satd that the act the car! another buY brought must First, she a necktie PartY, lion m¡.rk ln sâ'l€s' was passed as Part of the Preslsuccess' of sign Às a further FOR SAIE tlent's program to provide t¡alr¡' the member the nation's unemPloYed' for tng oulboord ¡kl hull wlll Jovlyn ló foot FOR SAtE Reynolds, B mork 78 lncluding lroiler. Ercell¡n Hansler, dean of the l9¡lO Ford CouPe w¡th 5ó Oldr cnglnc oll Robert Stewarl condilion. lrlust ¡cll, ownrr novlng I Technlcal ancl Industrlal divlsion' chromcd. Chromcd wh¡cl¡, fuck'N'Roll' Jl 550. For lnfonnolion coll Frc' sldelines-as I Rrorqd' 4'l box. flæt Nd tâught ll t Pq¡nl, the courses are being Éoielo ql. B^ 9-5267 ot Frc¡no Cll coll lnformotio For offcr. Bc¡l firú, a restaurant complete wlth said rubbcr. Ncw Collago cxl. 3. by Dean Larsen, Merle Suns and Atl 4-39¿14. docking facilities for Yachts' and Smith. Shannon ln motion. ¡.,Tr^m a line of men's clothes'

Mske A Fortunê, But Wqtch Where lt Goe

Adventurous N¡xon Commenfs on Japan

Kingston Trio To

Periorm Ton¡ght

Government T rotnsWelders On Compus

Thrrrsdoy, Septemb-èr 27, 1962




Poge Three

rnment Bo.sses Pick Tenth Commissio ners

Student body government has been in full operation since -before school started, with the student counõil helping



Ann ¡versary Shows Gains in People, Books

More students than ever beforet"i:ä.i"Tol know where they,re going? To for the fall semester are Douglas the library of course! "ou Yavanran, athletics; Ann EhrenAccording to Mr. McCarthy, head librarian, tþere have been more students visiting FCC,s burg, pubticátions; Leslie Guen- A,nne Terry, Diane Benbrook, Jim ... librarv this vear,-tþr¡^?qv other year since ili iñ;dñt tîn 1952, *h"; i¿-;d;Éed with a zel, scholarships; Luella Wilde, Anderson, and Philip Ginsberg, total collection of 2,000 books. social affairs; Carolyn Poindex- reBresentatives at large; also Now on its tenth anniversary, ter, student welfare; Kathy Mur- Janice Jackson, AWS president. the litrrary conta.ins some 18,948 termine the number of students pected the å,ttenda¡rce would keep phy, elections; and Gayle Ed- The position of AWS president is books ¿nd ha¡,d t¡ound maga,zines. visiting the library. During the right on growing wiilr tho echool. mondson, assemblies, yet to be filled. ìvery year even more books are school year of 1960-61, the numfn case you're wondering how AIso new this semester is EleaStudent council meetings are added to the collection, such as ber ì¡as counted at 185,626, ancl a population census is taken in nor Bock, sqcretary. The com- held at noon Tuesdays in Bunga- t}re 2;476 which were obtaino<l during the year of 1961-62 ap- a library, an ansv/er is forthcommissioner of oral arts is yet to be low eight. Faieta stated. that the last year. proximately 204,003 students at- ing. A count is taken of every appointed. meetings are open to all interYearly polls Commissioners appointed

have been, and tended. are, being taken regularly to deMr. Carthy st¿ted th¿t lre

Officers elected last spring are ested students.

Fred Faieta, president; tr'red Martin, vice president; Jp Beth

McCarthy, Richard Fagundes, I(athy Haas, Margaret Persh, Jo

Want Ad? During the past u'eek not One petiùion for the availablo sophomore offices has l¡een requested. This nroans that there

Tlre library, which is locet€d



C Groups Stsrling Elections




rr,nd Judy Scott, secretary; Carol homecoming queen candidate to and from 6:3O PM to g:2O PM on Monday, tlrrough Thursday. Beta Lambda, F resno City Schaeffer ancl Alnite Schnridt, represent our club." Also provided in the library,


treesurer; Alice Rivas, reporter; Tl¡e oúhe¡ tradiúional activities College's club for business stuGishl¿ lfenderson, historian. that will be planned by ArùS this dents, held its first meeting last There are no nominees for the year a,re the Fall Tea, the Christtr'riday, the 21st in .Fy-221. office of parliamentarian, but the mas F'orrnal, the Spring Formal, The nominations of officers voted and elected Carol Klepper the Spring Style Show and ilre

ylce president; Kathy Gutierrez, people in cboosing a business ocJa,cklo Martlnez. Marlene Okada cupa,tioñ; to develop cherzùcter; to train for usoful citizenshlp; to Íoster pa,tr¡otism; and to encourRA'VI REGIME age and practice thrift. According to Mre. Mary Miller, sponsor of the club, '"ñot only does Phi Beta Lambda provide 4ssistance and confidence to those students interested in the busiBy I'RED F. I'AIDTA ness field, but it is also a very One of the most important events of this semester is Dow upon active club in social activities." us. It is the opportunity you have to enhance student citizenship and Mr. Wohlgemuth will act as costudent government. It is an event thàt can make or break us as a sponsor of the club. college community. I am referring to the ,class elections, at which you are to exercise your right to vote. Circle K DeWayne Zinkin and Albert The releted article on tlìis page wlll give you ¡ur lde¿ of tlìe Weitz will report to Circle K at a r¡vailable offices for freshmen nnd sophonrores. meetiDg tomorrow noon in the These offices are an important factor in the realization of our conference room of the student aims. Therefore, the correct choice must be made. It is your responcenter. They will report on the sibi lity. annual Circle K regional If you know someone who you think u'ould rnake good of(icer seventh conventlon held in San Diego, ma,terialr approach him (or her) and discugs it. Antl wllat al¡or¡t Aug. 28-30, 1962, which they atyou? No prevlous experlonce is necessory, only l desÍre to w.ork tënded. and serve in o fiduclary capacity. Circle K ìÀ'as organizetl last If you do not consider yorlrself capable, at least respect the vyirig semester and is starting its first candidates by listening to them, voting for your choice and above full year at City botlege. The all, by SUPPORTING them with yorfr presence and participâtlon in returning officers are Fred Faieta, clas6 ventures, vice presldent, and Zinkln, secRemember, next semester aùd, rnore. so next year, yorrr ASIì retary. Remainlng officers will presldent a¡rd his council will l¡e elected from the returning stube elected at the next meeting, dents. If their experlence includes a class office they shall have The Circle K is a servlce orbeen woll trained a,nd rea.dy for the responslbility. So clloose well ganizatlon sponsored by the Kinow! wanis Club, and ahs so far thls ¡'urther informatlon on elections can be obtained fronr Kathy Mur- year helped with the Clty College phy, Commlssioner of Elections, Miss Doris Deakins, or little'ole me! registratlon and on Sabin Oral Sunday, last Sunday. Other service projects will be carried out FOR SAIE Non-Pef if ioners during the year. 5ó Olds 2 door Hordlop. lmmqculole. "Prospectlve new members," Delu¡ Rodio ond Heoler. Hydro. Tinted Election stated Kenneth 'Wood, club sponGloss elc. P¡iced lo sell. Coll BA sor at FCC, "are welcome to at7-0ól I

Foietq: Elections, Voting lrnporlont

Cause Schedule Change



Rentol Applies to Purcho¡e . . Al! Âiqke¡ lo Choo¡e From

Volley lypewrîter CO'I,IPANY 1929 Fre¡no


Am ó-993ó


besides books and magazines, are

þrivate listening statlons and tape recorders which are providçcl by the school for use by students. ' Some of the ,personnel wo¡klng ln the llbrary are Mrs. Cahn, assistant in charge of reference; Mr. Wolfenden, assistant in

Kathy Klepper, a sophomore, wa¡r The purpose of Phi l3et¿ f,¿mbcharge of circulation and reserve nominated for the office of presi- d¿ is to develop business lea,der- lnternotionol Club room; Mrs. Pate, audio visual; F CC's International Club has dent; Judy Scott and Janice Mello ship; to súrengthen cont'idence of and Miss Garcia, in charge of orwere nominated for 1st vice- young people in themselves and elected its new officers for the dering books. Some 20 students prositlent; Carrnen Rodriguez, 2nd in their work; to help young 1962-63 school year.

ASB President


on Univer.sity Avenue across from the school, is open from 8 .{M 'to 5 I'M, Monday tlrrough tr riday,

Phi Befo lombdo

is a good possibility we will were opened during the meeting for the office of ICC representa- Spring Tea. ha,ve no sophornore representaand will be left open for the tive. Those nominated at the Mrs. Dee Roshong ü¡ill assist tion in the f¿ll semester. meetltrg to be held today at noon. meetin8 to be held today will be Miss Deakins as co-sponsor of the Tho freshman sl¿rte, on the At l¿Ét Friday's meeting, announced at a later date. other hand, is near completlon. 8roup. Are the freshmen EoinE to domineto the class scene? Wrat is the ma,tter with our SOPHO-

hour of a class hour. This is the method used that brings in the

most accurate count.

CIuh lúews

Jackson, treasurer; Richard An-

derson, lVlitchell Bower, Randy

student in the library on the half


enrolled in the library science to keep FCC's ; Pad tr'åsa,ng, ICC; library running efficieDtly. Feldman, publlcity chair-

Anne-Ma,r'ie Ilern


ei rn


choson president; Helen Telik. class also help man.

The offices of vice president

and treasurer will be fllled at the club's next meeting on Sept. 2?.

The sponsors for this year are Miss Coltrell, and Mr. 'Reynolds,

Advisor Returns From Ita ly

After spending a year teachint at the Unfversity of Trieste ln head sponsor. The club, whose membersttip is Italy, Phillip Smith has returned gradually increâsirÍgr is for Âmer- to F CC as the journalism instruclcan ¡us well as foreign students. tor.

ASB Evaluating Frosh Event, FCC Roundup

Replaclng Smith while on a year sabbatical leave from FCC was Ivan Jones. Jones not only supervised the Rampage but filled in for Smith as journalism instructor, and public information officer. When asked to compare ltalian students and Amerlcan studeîts

The student council set ¡¡p Smith stated: to evaluate both .the ''The Itallan students are yery Ramburger roundup and the immature and irresponslble as {ar freshmen class assembly and to as schooling is concerned! whén see whât lmprovements can be a student doesn't want to go to made in the running of these school he doesn't go. events. "I had. a ball while I was ln The committees will assemble Italy, and hope to return agalD reports from the students v¡ho sometime in the near future," corñmittees

worked on the proJects, from the Smith concluded. taculty members who sponsored or helped with the events, and Porson3 ¡ntoresled in reoln of fllghf

from any interested student,

The Ramburger roundup cômmlttee is headed by Janlce Jack-

son, Members are Anne Marie Bernwheim, Jo -A,nne Terry, Mltchell Bower, and Carolyn Poindexter. Members of the

ore invited to oltênd Air Erplorer ne€t¡ng on Tucsdoy evenings from 7:3O lo 9:OO qt lhê Scout Hul on Sonto Ano St. off Polm Ave. Your ¡nterest w¡ll bc held by on Air Force lnslructor; in the theory of flight ond os your

Freshmen assembly eommittee are Fred Martin, F red tr'aieta, Kathy tend and learn more about Circle Mu¡phy, and Linda Riggin.

pilol in tho oír.


The nominations assembìy or- K." '57 Volkswqgen $85O \ The committees have asked if iglnally scheduled for today has Associoted Women anyone with an idea ou how to Fo¡ lnformotion see been postponed until next ThursImprove these eveDts to contact Sludents day at noon ln the auditorlum. Fred Foieto o¡ BA 9-5267 one of the douìmittee members. Assocf ated Women Students All interested candidates for will hold their first meeting tofreshman and sophomore class purBose offices r¡¡ere to have turned in day at noon,in 8-6. The of meetint the is to. announce their petltions by luesday. Howyear's protram of activitles. ever, at that time there v¡ere Do the Ðlection of officers wlll t¡e held candldates for any office ln the sophomore class, according to {ùt next week's rneeting. Ja¡rice ïraditional Slacks Mrs. Jo Nell Nlxon, sophomore J¡rckson is presently serving as

AWS presi<Ient. class sponsor. Accordfng to Mlss Dorls DeaThe election \¡¡ill be held Mon- klns, dean of women and sponday, October 8th, which was orig- sor of the club, "The flrst activlty

inally scheduled for October lst. of the year is an installatlon Commissloner of e I e cti o ns dinner for all offlcers and for all Kathy Murphy has urged inter- women who wish to âttend." ested students to file petitlons for Adds Miss Deakins, "'We hope the various offices. They may be that À.WS Ì¡iU be actlve ln obtained in Roòm 108 of the ad- homecoming this year. We wtll mÍnlstratlon butldtng. soon be on the lookout for a

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Too baal they don't take sta- for 115 yards and one touchdown. sume there is plenty of experitlstlcs lnto conslderatlon when Employing a well oiled stralght ence on hand, but two of our they total up the score of a foot- T offense the Slaughtermen, often startlng linebacke¡s hatl neYer rlilcllett the Northerners' ll4e wlth played. that position before." ball game. To summarize the early gea,son Coach Cl¿ro $laughter and his off teckle slashes and cross bucks runhard Owens and by Levi plan, run he stated, "We're tolng to Ram eleven wero a,mbushed bY have to start slow and ¡noYe tho San Jose Ja' 14'12 in ning: Woody l(nott. slowly," f,'umble lfurts their grid lidlifter even though Jaguar the fumble on Knott's Line Changes vlsitors the outplayed locals the

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26 set up the winnlng touchdown Slaughter and aides Don KloPas San Jose fullback Phil Monk penburg and Darryl RogÖrs plan toward experlence . . . not much, exploded through the center of only a few changes itr thÞ startbut ¡¡ step forward for Coach the Ram llne on a å2 yard jaunt lng llneup for tomorlow's game Clare Slaughter's Youneî grttt to the Ram 13. Wlth 11:23 re- with Oakland City College. equad whtch *'ill travel to Oat(- malnlng ln the final stanza Monk Levi Owene will Jotn Ohuck la¡rd tonorrow for another non- slithered through the Ram de- Calderar.,Artlo Cox a,nd WoodY fense for the flnal crushing blow conferenco teet. Knott in the offensivo baokfield Tv¡o missed pat's ì'ere the mar- on a four yard plunge to the to roplaco hallback Paul Rlcha¡ds. gin of dlfference as San Jose kept promised land. Owens leturns to the Rams thelr perfect record agalnst the Inexperience, a dlseas€ that sfter a year layoff and was team football strikes every PeriRams lntact. The Jags were vlcmost valuable football named torlous ln the only previous meet- odlcally, has hlt the Rams. player Barstow High School at Practico And Patience lng of the two clubs bY t 32-0 hls senlor Year. rlurlng Unfortunately, footbaU speclalmargin ln 1959. IIelPs Caprolla.n qulck for cure no found llhe Ba¡ns outgalned the vlst' lsts have and only bug flnd Marv yardst athletlc Dracchanges thls Defenslve tota.l ln Norttr lrom the tom I¡assfng ya,rdago' completo paaÉ¡€a' tlce and tame tlme will heal the Caprellan and Jim LôDe at eÃds lntorcepted to mfegufded Pagua.r Rams fn tlme to make a st¡ong and Dave Rulz in the bsckfleld. aerlals, was pona,Iized fewer Yarde 'btal for the Valley Conference Tomon:ow tho Rams JourneY tltle. and ovon firmbled moro oft€n. to Oakland's Youell fiold to do Slauglrter wae pleased wlth the battlo with tho top r¿ted Oah' C&lale,ra, Stå¡s perforrna,nco of hls charges' re' la,nil City College Thu¡dorbtrdswas Calder& Quarterback Chuck brllllant ln defeat and teamed marklng "I thought thoY dld a, Coach Clare Slaughter is oxPected Ruiz reøl flno Job" and addod' "Actu' to alter hle defensive llne in a,n tfth froeh scatback Dave 'Walt ally, people don't roa,lize how a,ttempt to tlghten tho slightlY td sparkir'the Ram offense. lür¡orotùrr, sophoqore lettermaû we'vo had to st¿rt from scratch. Innous Ra,ur dofonse. .from Clovls htgh led both squads Gtreen l¡lnebackers tn aerlal snags, hauling in flve "With a college team, You asThe San Jose loss was onø game


. . . Frosh scrrtbock Dcrve Ruiz leops in vcrin for o Cqlderq qeriql crs two Scrr Jose defenders crrd ctn


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was \¡/HERE'S THE INTERFERENCE?... Woodv Kreott sweeps right end for five ycnds os c¡ host of white shi¡ted ]ogucrs close in for the tcckle.

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Dtck Selma and Bix Hayden, the one-two punch of FCC's state -or 11

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field a winner. Dave Ruiz, freshman halfback from Sanger high, sho'n¡ed plenty of gridiron savvy Saturday and should prove to be a ç real gem in games to come. Ruiz Top Runner Ruiz leads the team in average yards per carry with a mark of 3.à. Woody Knott is not far behind with a total of 3.7. Walt Yarboróugh showed signs of brilliance on kickoff retuiñs as he fielfüd three for 190 yards including a 6p yard beaut in which he almost went all the way. the Oakland CC Thurlderbirds . Tom he home grounds of the Oakland will be at 2:30. Raider Oakland Tough nnually field one of the finest teams in of the state and should Prove to be a the Rams bid for their first win.

champion baseba.ll squad, are still

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firing. Ilayden, righthanded tbrowlng

uP his first victory of tho Winter Baseball ca,mpaign while strlßeout minded Selma registered a gavo. Hayden, playing fol the Twins' saw his squatl edge the Fresno Rams 5-4. Bob Shanze letl the winnets with two hits in four tries while frosh recelver Don Lemley chippetl in wlth a Pair of safeties for the losers. Action will continuo this weok with a full scheduìe of games.

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