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Fullerton Choir W¡ll Sing Here


City College a' will Þresent an


assembly at F.JC Apr. 25. The 90 voice g¡oup lvill perform at 10:30

AM'in the auditorium.

Dr. Herman Spindt, Jesse Jones, Dean Malloch W¡ll Speak

Spindt, left, COMMENCEMENT SPEA.KERS - Dr. Hermqn þf Cclilomicr, ond director of cdmissions ct the University

Dr. jcmes M. Molloch, deon emeritus of the St. Jcrmes Episcopcl Church crnd cr member of the Fresno City boord of educrrtion, will speok qt the Frepno Junior College commencement exercises to be held in the FJC quditorium on Bee Photos


Vetercrns Will Six FJC Students Compete Orgonize Club

ln Reedley Speech Contest

that Fresno Junior College needs Six Fresno Junior College speakers participated in a Cenan organization for former ser- tral California Junior College Association speech contest at vicemen, an organization in which Reedley Junior College Mar.29. you can express your feelings, The contest was the first of its kind. Leroy King, an inhere is your opportunity. A Veter- structor from Porterville JC, said that the association hopes ans Club is being organized on to continue the contest every year. the FJC campus for this purpose. E Ie William Rumley, an tr'JC in- ,n"oî'å.'1"îJå"ï:å"']:i::.:Tt;: I S o p h o m o r e structor of history, is the sBonP re s i d e n sor of the club. "'"'' I G ra The election of spring seme.ster club Charter members of the The six from tr'JC were Jesse now include Carmen A. Éanni, Jones, Donald Wamhof, Russell officers and the discussion of plans Milton D. McOoy, Norman Ford, for graduation ì¡¡ere the highlights Ray Warren, Bill Buchanan, Or- and Daleen Brumfield. of a recent sophomore class meetville Ð. Bolt, Richartt D. Dillon, Jesse Jones took first place for ing in the Flesno Junior College Charles Vantlèrf ord, George R. X'JC in the original oratory. Sec- auditorium. Dagers, James E. Ðspinosa, Mar- ond place went to Ernest Starrett newly elected officers are shall Finstad, Gilford Brisco, of Porterville and third to Russell AIThe Grace, triresident; Barbara FraJerome C. Hill, Albert Cunning- Foote of FJC. tus, secretary-treasurer; and Clyde ham, Arthur Miyashiro, Mel Le- A, three way tie was the judges Fore, Sumiye Taniguchi, Billie Jean ham, Georgs Sandoval, Bart Reed, final decision for the extemPirlrout, Bisel, Ronald Bob Stewart, Rodney Van Kirk, raneous speaking. The three were \Schultz, Wanda Charles Leavitt, Jaires ReClaude Watkins, Jerry V/hite, Starrett, CaroI Nelso'n, Reed*ley; page, and Doutlas Clifford as memKenneth Kent, Àllan Caruthers. and David Ruggeri, X'resno. be¡s of the executive committee. The final contest of the day was James Y. Brown, Howard L. Joe Kelly, co-adviser of the sophRegier, James D. Burrus, Cliff original interpretation, reading omore class, stated that all sophoGene Craig a book or from D. Dunn, Dale Boem. Youngman, Ronnie more students, planning on gxaduMinor. Craig tvhitney, James of Porterville won first place, and ating in June must order their caps 'Whlsenant, Andrew J, Breìiler, the runnerups were Jones and Aggor¡¡ns by May 2. and Carl Williams, John Watkin, Ed nes Moyle of Porterville. 'When ordering, he said to reMunger, Ed Briggs, James Raf- Summing up the score, tr'resno member the last day to cancel the ferty, Edgar Young, Ray Baker, Junior College took tì¡/o first 'W. orders and obtain a refund on the place, places, and one one second RobertFrank C. Hill, Billy rental is May 12. son, Elson V. Bruce, Moses P. third plâce. The Reedley speech coach, Wil- No iefund other than the $1.50 Carline, Robert M. Roser, Joe M. tr'inkbinder Jr., Donald. Knight, liam Nye, was in chargs of the deposit can be made after that Ray- C. Baker, Robert Parsons, contest. Franz lVeinschenk., an tr'JC date. The last date to order,g¡aduPete Garronda,_Marvin Bruun and instructor, accompanied tile FJC ation announcements from the



Gerald Culwell.

i!"i;:T"ìl*t,, ,n" Fresno runior


"*",.irlJ Thursday, June 12, for all students who College auditorium will receive their associate in arts degree. This is the second time FJC has had the commencement exercises on the Uni-


If you are a veteran who feels

NO. 2l

Graduation SIated For lune l2

Sharum. commissioner of assemblies, will be in charge of arrangemenß. The group will perform for the

cappella choir


IO, I958

The Fullerton Junior College a cappella choir and madrigal sin8ers will present "Portraits in Sound" tomorrow at a 9:40 AM music assembly in the Fresno Junior College auditorium. Director Kenneth HelveY will lead the group in a program of sacred, secular, popular, and comedy type music. Instrumental and vocal soloists will be featured in the assembly. Student Body President Ken Pipes wilt introduce Helvey. Kathy

Fresno Rot?ry Club's annual dinner at the Hacienda Motel tonight.





bookstore is Apr. 11.

versity Ave. campus. Dr. Herman Spindt, dlrector of admissions at the UniversitY of California, will be the main sBeaker. Jesse Jones, r¡¡ho has rePresented FJC in numerous speech tournaments and won a first place at the Central California Student Government Ässociation's speech

Junior College, will


He will

cellent planning for the future of f'JC. In developing these hieh standards for club activities, they eipress ideas which appeal to the

develoBing good activitiès, the

Next Week

"Flunk ngw and avold the rush"


Many FJC students

sophomore clasæ.

will be ac-

Dr. JohqFGregg, pastor of the herlng to this very appropriate First Cong¡e$tionat Chtirch, witl motto 'when the mid-te¡ms start give the invocation and the bene. next Monday and continue to diction. Dean James M. Malloch, Á.pr. 18. dean emeritus of the St. James Counselors have been instructed Episcopal Church and a member of to break the news of failing grades Educa- in a soothing mafiner to relieve tion, rdlll congratulate the class. the agony of the lazy student. Holstcin To Preaent Class The mid-term exams will be givGeorgë Holstein, dean of a.dmis- en in regular classroom time," sions and records at X'JC, will pre- stated George Holsteir¡ dean of adsent the g¡aduating class, and Stu- missions and records. art M. White, I'JC president, wtll He said that students wishing to confer the assoclate of arts degrees know the results of their mid-term on the students. White will also in- grades shoutd ask their teachers troduce Dr. Spindt. or their counselor. Lowel[ choir direcSpencer, Teachers will turn in the grades .C. to:r at FJC, will n¡ovitle a musical by Apr. 23. They should be availnumber during the ceremonies. able for students by Àpr. 28. After the recessional, the freshman Final examinations will be held class will sponsor a reception in from June 6 to 12. the student center in the dining room and patio. If it rains that night, the student lounge will be

the Fresno City Board of

FresnoJC TrioW¡ll


Àispecial practice for all gradu-

Attend Meeting

âtes v¡ill be heltl in the auditorium James P. Collins, dean of genJune 2 at 7:30 PM. eral education, Miss Naomi Edinger, a home economics iDstructor, Anhouncement Deadline The final date to order a¡nounce- and John S. Hansen, administraments is tomorrow. Caps and tive dean, will attend a confergo\ryns a,re to be rented by May 2. ence of the sub{ommfttee on Both of these items can be pur- home economics of the state steering committee for vocational educhased in the bookstore.

ln the junior college to"Students who are in doubt cation afternoon at the College morrow about graduation due to final of Sequoias in Visalia. should check on thelr tr&des grades in the


Miss Edinger will represent FJC tween 4:30 and 5 PM on June 12," at the fifth council for Home Economics Teacher Education in Calstated Holstein. ifornia at the Hotel Californian in Jackson C. Carty, head librarian, admissions office be-

is in

cha"rge of the commencement ceremonies, and Archie Bradshaw,

tr'resno on Apr. 17 and 18.

Graduation exercises will be held for candidates of the associdean of students, is assisting him ate in arts degree in the audiwith the arrangements.

Certificates To Be Awarded The qualifications for receiving pate in club activities, the per- the certificate are regular attendcentage of the club's attendance, council meetings (three and their coordinatíon with Inter- ance at best thinking of all the students Club. unexcused absences meaus disthey represent." the idea for presentation of the qualificatlon), participation i n Qualifications Listed award wÍll be sent to the student meetings, and service rendered to awards to athletes, also will be the council. given at the 4eeting. Qualifications for receiving the council for approval. This is the first year that InterInter-Club also voted to givê a Mrs. Kay Seagraves, the dean of club trophy are the number of acwomen, said, "Members of Inter- tivities the club participates in, the certificate to its most outstand- Club Council has given the two awards. Club Council are doing some ex- .amount of effort the club uses-in ing member of the council.

number ofr members that pa.rtici-

M¡d-Terms Planned For

Reedley are the thoughts of Fresno Jrinior be the student College instructors as the midrepresent the term exams draw near.'

tournament Mar. 29

lnter-Club To Give Trophy To Best Club

The Inter-Club Council voted to give a trophy to the tr'resno Junior College club for the most outstanding services to the school. the award will be made in late May at the annual awards assembly. Individual awards, including


torium June


CAI.ENDAR OF THE WIEK Apr. 10 12:40 PM Veterans Organization meeting, M-200 12:40

PM International Club special meetitrg, council room

Apr. 11 9:30 .{M AII College .A.ssembly, University Ave. auditorium 12:15

PM T & I Club meeting, 5-220 on O St.'camPus

Apr, l¿Ll8 Mid-term week

RAIIPAGE t[DslÍ0 J[¡t0f,


April I O,



n-[IlP.fl_E Publishecl weekly by t College, 1101 Univêrsity, Califõríia Typographic S of the editor.

nts of the Fresno Junior Composed bv the Central torials are the expression


BRIGGS ..---.--.-.-----.r........4r,IC8 ALVAREZ ----PAT RAFT'ÐRTY



The Future At Springtime

The usual time for procÍtostications and reflections of the past to arise, is when the old year is dying, and the le.w y.ear fu'due to unfold. However, spring is also an appropriate time of the year to ponder the piesent and anticipate the future. Spring is the eternal herald of rebirth and new thirl-ss-to comè. But even at springtime, it is neither wise or profitable to rely completely õn piognostications. However, one should anticipate the events of tomorrow to a e.ertain degree-. Ttre free world, led by the US, is breathing warmly down the neck of Russia in scientific and military developments. What margin separates these two groups is not easlly {i¡cerned. Onè force might lead the other by a considerable margin or they both may be racing along in a deaÇ heat. Even the most accomplished experts are'unable to present a completely accurate judgment. Hõwevðr, it would-appear that the Russians are confident of having Îorged ahead of the US because of their recent zealous attempts to set up a progiram with this country which would halt further nuclear tests.


intemqtionql Club President

ln'Iernotiong,l CIub President ,F' ts From trctn

Ø-1 ofArr




Abas Khorshidpour, International

FÆTs Ro&æ.,..

Club's spring semester president,

had always dreemed of comlng to the Unlted States and last year his dream came true. Khorshidpour ls an engineering




ïyas '\ry .


in regard to further

nuclear testi4g,


seems urtbe reached in the

decisions will very near future¿ \Mith the alternate launching of satellites by Russia and oon look the US, it seems llhely like a tennis court on a

litely that any policy-making

on both The eyer-increasing manned sides deems it probabl rocket soaring successfully past the stars. The experts are also hard-pressed to answer what the results willbe of this boon to transportation and militarization. One thing Iile can be certain of, new avenues of dispute and conflict will be opened which will make heavy demands politics and diplomacy of the w_orld's-_great pow_erp. upon -\{'ethe can only hope the conflicting sides will settle their diffeiences ovär thi conference tables and not behind thöir Rafferty terrible push buttons of destruction.


Studenf Lounge Restrictions lgnored

CST A E mphqsize*

major at f,Ìesno Junlor C$lese. His future plans are to t¡a¡sfer to Fresno State and to 8lo back to Tehran, Iran, after graduation. attended Havaf High School A recent series of articles published in the Fresno Bee has lnHe Tehran. From 1947-49, the Ira¡' illuminated the immediate need for bringing competent re- ian Àlr tr'orce sent him to England cruits into the teaching profession. for schooling. When asked about Several orga¡rizations on the national and local level are the English people âs compared to dedicated to this purpdse. Among these is the California the Americans, he stated that ât Student Teachers .A,ssociation. ¡ home the English are courteous, 'What is the CSTA? What does it IF . a r I polite, and wonderful to foreigners, rio? who betonss ro it a¡d wuy?¡EðStef ASSemÞly once away from England, they but These are some of the questions I F ¡ Ã. quite different. He added the are lJlV€}fSe eduðarion marors are askins. rFêäÍUÍêS Americans are still the same people when away from ::äliä,T;l I Musica Prosram friendly home. educatlon maJors. It aims to sup I A combination of nusic ranging 'Whlle tn England, Khorthidpour plement the teacher education_ cu* from sacred Jo coài", had a chance to work' with the | io ,""i"ty '. riculum by providing student'as- I - piring tea,chers an opportunity to I and culninatiqg in the dranatic' Uutted States forces and from that parücipate voluntarlly ln the or- | these were the moods of music experience developed his dream of ga.nizatlonal offairs of their chosen I which ,issued folth at the a¡nual reachlng thls continent. profession. The experience of as- | Spring muslc assembly held Ma¡. Upon leaving Tehran last year, sociatlng wlth others bent on the I 28, in the Unlversity ^A,ve. audi- it took him 31 days to reach same professlon gives the future I torium. X'rance. IIe traveled by way of teacher a common back8round with I Ftfty-six cþoir members clad ln Turkey, Greece, Estonla, Yugoother prospectlve teachers who he I maroon robes and stonding before slavia, Italy, S*itzerland, anal then will associate with ln college' golden hued draperies¡ presented to Pa¡is, France. Khorshidpour thêt whlle

Need F or Teochers InThe Uniled Sfofes

It seems th¿t the signs that are posted in the Student Lounge have not been obsenred and that the students are childishly using the lounge for a lunchroom and coffee shop when they have been politely asked not to. The students interested in school aff¿irs know that the furniture cost approximately $3,000, and that good care must be tahen to preserve its appearance. The Student Council has announced thatrif this abuse is continued future steps will have to be taken to control it.r All students arg responsible for their own conduct, and we must not show that we are immature by disrega¡dirig Brunn these small requests. lnroutn rrequenr -Richard




tràveling through Yugoslavia on

reg¡onar ¿rro



fast train, some men got on and told him to get off and tale the next slow train. He did thls, and

..oklahoma" performeal i sical show

by the men'B octet, and the dra- consequently it took him four daYs SPRING CONFERENCE ON TANGUAGE ARTS Last year the Flesto Junior Col- matic finals of 'Walt Whitman's to travel through the countrY. It lege, under the direction of fEc- poem set to music "Song of De- Normally takes about two days to TO BE HELD ON FRESNO STATE CAI\'TPUS get through Yugoslavia. The Spring Conference on Lang- Shaw Àve. Campus of X'resno ulty members, Miss Kate Darling mocracy." and Harrison Hall, initiatetl the I Soloists for : the p¡ogFarn. in- He also stated that California, to uage Arts., sponsored by the tr'res- State College. Coffee and d.oughnuts will be local chapter. Business and social I cluded Sonya Miller, who for her him, is the best state in the u¡ion no Council of Teachers of Eng- served meetinss are hetd monthty, 9 AM. with the F.resno because of the 'rveather, raln in""d l;i";-";;rance lish and the Central Yalley Sec- The at interestl Lu {¡rÞÞ Miss Darling, according to general session, startint at 4uuu¡u¡uÉ ,..-,^_ ).-^r,^-^ dôñÊ the +h^ aria Âda cludecl; its people, and their Pro'Western "'"'^1¡:.ll^'"'.'"" choir sa¡g ^L^ilJunior College SPeech .{ssotion of the presided over by in the .local chapter's activÍties h* I ,.g""otit rl Red Carnation,, in Span- gressiveness. AM, be 10 will 12 APril ciation, is being held on Clark, president of CVS, increased ionsiderably .tn-r: ¡o¿y Cady pantomiming,.Blow in the Laboratory School on the Robert "..:*. II irl; Members Will Attend Meeting Bakersfield College. the address, ilow, ,and ,,I .W.ant you To Cfiri"f "Some Problems We Face" will This month members wjll attend I s" I,,Iv Baby,, and Jánice Ivey who Fresno Junior College be tiven by Howard J. CamPbell the Annual State Executive Coun- I *".-:,ó nivine Redeemer.,, t0E's RAMPAGE cil meeting in San Francisco. II '*-of tr'resno State College. -rn-wettSpencer' choir director ' ls also chapter expectlocal The Erlitor........-.--.-.-..........Gary Becker Managing pánel | and head f the Flesno t":t^"t c:,t; News Editor .4, discussing "Some Pos---.-Suan CYr BARBER SIIOP sible Solutions" will include mod- ing a speaking program to b"-pr"- l tegl musl| department stâted' "r Spo¡ts Editor.. Edito¡..--. Copy the execuiive Dr. Farlev" by sented (4 bo¡bers lo serve you) I erator Rlchard Guerian, Kerman Advertisins M to th.""T ]lt t1:t" jtll* Asst. Bwiness High School; Emily MurrY, IIan- secretary of cra centrat section. lwish participated prog¡am, in the Sally Ymagr¡chi lwho We speciolize in oll hoircuts ford High School; Lawrence Ben..Robert AhreDs Ci¡culation Majo¡, Mgrs.--...........-Pet€r AesL Advertising doski, Clovis Union High School; Women Flol Tops nut trtar Geofge MevetY cinon net ;ìffi:'iå". u:"j ilJ"".'å,:i"Ji I ?aÞpin North High ExchangE Editôr--.-.............-.-..-..Jo¿n meetings.

Boogies lvy Leogue






Across F¡om FHS

Donald Soelberg,

School, Bakersfield; Virginia Va-

lasis, Edison Hith School; and Robert S. Billings, Fresno State ColIege.





work in the choir for the last

t'wo Cartænigt --..--....Bill Scheidt ..,...-.Don Simerlv ror her rine work Mesenger Betty l¡gan, Iraj Mae Lloyd, Secreto¡iæ: {u-dv-cacrv and those who pantomiming, Pernazr, Emma Jean Mitchell, Sumiye

frgsh, olean tastg ! Ilin I"'T'

worked backstage on the lighting, the props, and the curtain draw' ers r-hose work was instrumental in puttlng over the program." Spencer also wished to tlank Chases' flower shop for their do' nations of the flowers and potted

Taniguchi, Juanita Mitchell. R€porters: Bill Johnæn, Ki¡k Ellis, hnest Garci¿, Ilelen lforton, Dave Ruggpri,



DISCOUNT ON ALt PARTS To FSC ond FJC students onlY


2t 13




""oiåll r dl y n

Schwarz, Loralee Sedæ, Edna Smith, Patricia Andresen, Myrna Roberts, Ma-

belle Belle, Dick Bruun, Alfonso B¿lanon, Rueeell Foote, Karen McDougald,

Bill Pritchud.

Publications Comm...---.---.---.--Shalon Wallem Atlviær ...-......... P. D. Smith


....Ernie Benck










AMS Plans

Fresno College Pres¡dents

Activities FOr )pnng Men The

Clu6 tleut lnternational Glub

The International Club heltl its meetint last Tuesday at 12:40 PM in A-8. Johann Kurrik discussed




"UnificatioD of East and West

organlzation of Fresno Junior College, under the advisorship of Lee D. Ross, has two main actiYities planned for this semester,


One is the neaùly completed task of revising the constitutior

Student Council

of the organization.

The Sturlent Council

The other is to co-sponsor the spring formal with the Associated 'Women Students. The spring formal Ís tô bg held, May 16 in the social hall.


Fine Arts Club The tr'ine Arts Club held a. meeting last Wednesday at 3:30 PM aúal plans were discussed conceäing the Pasadena choir'

Will Visit Hospitol On Field Trip

urer. Bertelsen, a sophomore, has been frosh prexy and commissioner of

C.oduceus Club


athletics at FJC. He also playecl football and is presently playing

buslness adminlstra-


a freshman, playetl

footFJC anal bas been a mem-


ball foi

ber of the cholr. He E¡a.duatetl fron F*resno High School a¡d is an educatign major. Caldera, .a g¡a.duate


Caduceus Club

will vislt

the Porterville State Hospitsl Âpr. 26 to str¡tly geúeral hospital prc-

baseball for FJC. ,He traduated from Sanger High School and ls



boartl held its. meeting last Monday at 12:40 PM in the council

The officers of the A.MS are Phil Bertelsen, president; Pete Mehas, vice president; Augie Caldera, secretary; and Jerry Roberts, treas-




The T & I Club will hold its meeting toiirorrow at 12:15 PM on the "O" St. campus.


The presidents of the two colleges of Fresno cne shown crt a EDUC.A,TIONÄL LEA,DEÎS. qt re¿rent conference Fresno State College witb Dr. Thomos Merson, decr¡ of instruction ct Bc¡kersfield College crt the left, Ttrey are Stucrt N{" lVhite, FJC president, on the left, cmd Pee Photo Dr. Ã.rnold Joycl, president of Fresno Stqte.


departDeDts connected with mealicine ln actual operatlon," sald Mrs. Nora Slmpson, Flþnsor of the club.

Acconpanylng the etualents will

be Mr. and Mrs. John

Clabel, past

spotrsoß, Dr. Paul Pastor, cùsg)n-


High School, has been freshnan class vlce presldent aDd commls-

"!hls is one of many fieltl trips to observe the alifferent


sor, and Mrs. Slmpson.

sioner of, athletlcs,'He is also pley-

ing baseball. A. sophomore, he



general education. Roberts. a sophomore and majoring in business administration, has


nember of the Interclub Council.

He t¡aduated from Roosevelt High SchooI.

lnter-Club Decides To Review Constitutions.

The Inter-Club Councll decltled at lts last meetlng tq holal a spe' cial Eeeting totlay to go over all

Stuck for dough?

club constitutions and'lssue char-

night give a snbstantial checking account in the LeÆ BON YOYAGE presents? You

ters. . May 14, the Tslent - Club wiil sponsor a talent show with all I

Bank of Paris. A deck of ca¡ds for playing London Bridge. Or walking shoes in which to Rome Italy. Better yet, give Luckiesand make yoru present a Pattin' Cørton! A Lucky, after all, is the bqst-tasting øgarette anywhene. In Pa¡is you hear, "IJn

clubs expected to submlt an entry. A trophy will be giYen to tåe club having the best act. A. dance will be held May 2 for any club to sponsor. The Flne ¿l'rts

Club fs


to issue'an all

student directory.

\l9e'll pay-t26 for everSr Stic&ler we pri¡ü-anil fo¡ bu¡dred¡ mørc tbat lever geü usedl So start Sti*lingthey'reeo easy you c.- thi¡kofdozens

eecondsl Sticklers ale simplo


tpith üwo-werd. rhyming aD¡çera.

BotÀ worde mugt bave the sBEe DuEber of ¡yllabl¿s. (Ðon't do drawings")

Fhench!) Roughly trandated,.it means: it's. all fine, Iight, good-tasting tobacco, toasted to taste even btter. (That's adventising!) Just light up a Lucky a¡rd siæ fur yourself! (Now, that's smar.t!)

The Fteeno Junlor College Student Council has chosen delegates to atteDd the Pasadena State Jun-

ior College Student Government Conference. The delegates from FJC are: Su' san Cyr, Ken Pipes, Vic Takeuchi, Al Grace, Äu¿iie Caldera, and Phil Bertelsen. The conference, hosted þv

sTtctfl.ntc! tulAKE s25

Luckee? C'est merveillcr¡x.!" .(That's

Sfudent Council Chooses Conference Delegotes




ts A rôoDEst

Ju¡ior College, wlll



be heltl in Pasadena on MaY 8'10. FJC will be the host college for the fall student governmeirt conference to be held here ber.




FJC Auditorium To Be Site Of Clinic Meetings the Merchants .A.ssocia,tion of

tr'resno announced this week that the X'resno Credit Clinic wlll be held Apr. !5,' 22, ancl 29 ln the tr'íesno Junior College auditorium. The three meetings will start at ?:30 PM and conclude at 9:30. A]l phases of credit Úy experts.









Pdæ Ace


LuoELL. Humble COLI..GE






wH^T rs A





will be discussed

Meeling For Vocotionol Nurses Sloted Tonight

X'resno Junior College Vocational


Nurses alunnae will meet this evening at 7:30 PM in the coed lounge of the University .A've. cam' pus.

Frítz' Schweiter, chief X'r a Y technician of the Fresno CountY Genffal Hospital, wlll speak on "New DeYelopments



wrllr^rs, u.


Maete¡. Caater



Tddle¡ Cú¿-ler DOl{il^ SHE^. SlAlE 1ËACHERS




-at |

tuoùrct of






Rested Baseba llers Defeat Citrus Owls , 7 -4 ln Non-League En cou nter

star, Harvey Shiraga,

Spotli,ghting the Sportt By BILL

heim. Richmond went six full innings, then coach Len Bourdet Put in Shiraga to aid him wÍth one out

R¿in has been keeping the Ram baseball team from keeping in shape during the past fou¡ weeks. Their game with Citrus Saturday

Richardson Has

Mile And 880

DOUBLE PLAY COMBO Jock Goodwin, left, - Shortstop qnd. second bqsemqn Augie Coldera constitute the twin killing combincrtion for the Rcrm bqseboll tecrm this yeor.

Goals ln Track

on a sacrifice bunt. He went to squad. third on a fielder's choice by Clint Richardson, 22, has had five Harwick. and scored when Rich- years of track experience. He be-

out, with' Busch going to second' best times are 4: 36 in the mile Jerry Grimsteatl hit a sharp ground and 1:58 in the 880, He recorded ball down the third base line that the latter- time ln the Air Force took a bad hop Just as Citrus third world widè meet in 1956 when he

and placed second in- the half

this one



a mile wlth a time of 2:03. sçored

The Rams put the tame out of reach in the fifth inning u';th a five

run splurge on,tour hits and two walks.

Jack Goodwin nialked, Don Oberg

hit a sacrifice bunt, and.


picher Tony Occhiato elected'tò throw to second to get a force PlaY

probably two as the bases were loaded and the runners were mov-

to their inabilÍty to enter more

baseman Dick Mortensen get set to took sixth place. field it. The balt rolled down the At Tachikawa, Japan, he won the ìeft field line for a double, scoring F'ar East Air Foíce mile ln 4:40

long drive to deep left that

Johnny Hampton led the Ram

than seven of ten events. but were basketball team with 599 poitrts unable to do so. last season for a 19.9 per tame avThe Rams r¡¡ill again meet the erage. He scored 476 of these on COS Giants tomorrov¡ at 4 PM ln field goals. He was also the only the FJC swimming pool. -A¡yone Ín- player on the team to score over

in watching the me€t is welcome to do so. FJC-COS Results: erase Dave Wim- 220 fræstyle-Suttor F, Efbert COS, Tay-



. . . mile crnd BB0 runner

Track Squad Wins


game, second baseman .{ugiç Caldera made a glove handed stab of a hot ground ball hfi by Citrus' gleat athlete, Bill Kilmer. Caldera's stpp saved at least one run ând

ing with two out. In a baseball game, two out of The FJC Rams had a six to four three times the breaks during the edge in first places over the Col- course of the game will determine lege of the Sequoias Giants but the victor. Two of Flesno's runs lacked the depth in the dual meet against Citrus were set up by a bad held in Visalia Mar. 28. The Giants hop ball. Three more runs were won the meet 46 to 37. scored as a direct result of a bad The Rams tried hard to make up throv¡ to second base on a bunt. the 23 point deficit \¡/hich was due Basketball Statistics

mond walked Mickey Beran with gan his track career at Cloviç High School, v¡here he lettered for three the bases loaded. years. Rams Forge Ahead IIe particiöäted in track in Japan The Rams went ahead with two rrrns in the bottom of the fourth. and the Phillipines while he was Third sacker Stan Busch walked in the Àir Force for two years. The 6 foot 1 inch, 160 pounder's to tead off. Mike Noakes grounded


the third inning of

Swimmerslltlin Six First Places, Yet COS Wins 46-37

ond bâsemar Leroy Mason reach.ed Richardson, member of the Fresno first on an error, and took second Junior College track and field

Busch. Richmond then followed uP

tirst game they had played gince Mar. 11. Saturday tËey lookgd very good in spots as they beat Citrus. In was the

in the seventb. Citrus drew first blood in the To run the mile in 4:20 a,ntl the game in the third inning after sec- 880 in 1:55 is the goal of Paúl

with a¡other


Sports Editor


their pitching talents to hurl a four hit game over the team from Anâ'


bar at 13' 6" to

mer's 1957 record of 13'5". .Eller, broke hls own school record with a toss of 49'7" in the shot By RUSS FOOTE anat pla,ced fourth in the discus. Coach Erwin Ginsburg's Fresno The Rams' Dext meet wlllo be Junior College track and field against th'e San Jose College frosh squad, performing between rain team in San Jose on Saturday. storms, started their 1958 season Taft Meet Results:

Its opbilingi Meet

an F. fime: 2:40.6. F, Sanderson COS,qAndemon F. TIme: 26.6.

60 freestylF._Sm_ith


100 free throws. The record for most points scored in a season is 697, helcl by last year's marksman, Warren Schmidl Polly Carver seored 456 points,

tood for a 15.7 per game average. He was chosen as most valuable player on the team. Ilonorary captain, Larry Gambrill'finishe'd with


Butt€rfly-Hows¡d F, Ward COS. Time: 8:18.8.

!00 fræetyl+Smith F, Sanderson CÒS.

BackstroktsCæk COS, Howard F, Mo¡. Ga¡cia COS, Tlmi: l:00.6. row COS. Time: 2!61. a total of 286 poiùts. 440 F, Elberü COS. Hous-

6:68. Frank Johnson, who filled in very B¡e cos, Newcomb cos. on Goodwin, but hls throw tvas off capably for Nat Haskins at Center, msn relay-Fresnq Tihc: 1:21.6. the bag. .Âugie Caldera then lald in fine style. 100 Bisw€ll (T), S¡vder (T), Cegielski Fou¡ scored 168 points. Medley relay--Cos. Ilme: õ:25.4. (¡.) Ttme: 9.7 a perfect bunt down the third base ' The R¿ms, led by double win(T), 220 Boswelt (T), (P) Snyder O'Neil line to load the bases with none ners Paul Richardson, Frank Ðller, llme:21-6 1t out. Busch reached first on a field- and ,.A.lymer Dansby, topped Taft 440 Mlller (T), McFenen (F), Lins (P) Time: 61.4 toR Boys & GtRrt MEN & WOITEN WfiH ACNE! er's choice that nipPed the lead and Porterville in a three-way 880 Richuilson (F), Rodriquez T), Helm (F) Time: l:68.3 runner. meet at Taft, Mar. 25. f'JC had 68 Ramirez (T),'Mc_Richardso¡L'(F), Noakes Starts lt Off points, Taft 62, and Porterville, 31, Mile Guire (P) TiEe: 4:86.0 Noakes singled off the second based on a 5:3-2-1 bËoring basis. 2 Mile. R¿mirez (T), T\lck (F), Oltar,(P) Time 10:44-l baseman's glove.into right fieltl to Richardson, recently lowered the 12HH. Dangby (F), Uhev (P), Luna (T) score Obert and Caldera. Grim- school record in the 880 yard run Time:16.7 .Lun¿ T), Dansby F), Snyder T) stead walked to atain load. the to 1:58.3. This bettered Freal Ga- 220 LHe Time:26.0 r¡' bases. Richmond hit a long single mino's 1953 record of 2:00.8. Richff'F"t*' to right to scoie Busch and Noakes. ardson also won the mile in the Ilendriz (F), WOULD YOU TI/KE STOOÍHER, CLEARER'




Phil Bertelsen doubled over

the good early season time of 4:36.0. 131,'""'u*r' centerfielder's àead to score GoodWeightma.n Frahk Eller won the ), Snvder (T) rvin. discus at 145' 10". Dansby zipped Mile Relay laft, Fresno. Time: 3:28.4 Citrus pÍcked up two runs in the over the 120 yard high hurdles for Pole Vault- Hgnd¡ix (F), Baker (F), twoway tiq Heicht: t3'0" seventh. Richmond started the in- a winning time of 15.7'and also ning for Fresnó, but was relieved w'on the high jump at 5'10". by Shiraga rvith one run in, the Pole vaulter Voyce Hendriz and Volleyboll Sports Doy ls bases loaded, and one out. Shiraga shotputter Frank Eller, represent- Open'To






FJC Coeds got Bill Kilner to hit a sacrifice ing Flesno Junior College, both On Sat., Apr. 19, there will be pop fly and forced Doüâ Whetzel to broke school records in theilre- a volleyball sports day for women out to end the inning. spective events at the Santa Bar- at Reed.ley College. Those wfshing tr'resno threatened in the last of ba.ra Ðaster Relays last Saturday. to attend ere requestecl to sign the seventh with runners on first Hendrix, the 1957 state high up in the women's gym by Friclay and third and one out, but Mason, school champion, cleared the cross- of this week.

who had rtilieved the faltering Occhiato on the mound, got Shiraga to foul out and picked Grimstead

off first

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