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Stuarf White Speaks To Students ln Annual Homecom¡ng Assembly President Stuart M. White of Fresno City College spoke to in the FCC auditorrum. He said that the college has had more than a 1,000 per cent increase in enrollment since its re=establishment as a separate institutiotr from $be tr'resno State the. homecoming assembly Friday morning


Gagle ls Named

Queeu [aw,


Are Runnerups



White said more and more students are turning to junior colleges to meet their educatlonal

needs, but he comment€d some critics tht¡ik junlor college entrance requirements are too low.

"I take issue with that attitude," "The second annual bomecoming queen contest and football game Whtte sald. "I think every high was a big success," saicl Al Cun- school graduate should have the opportunity to demonstrate his

HER MAJESTY REIGNS Sylvicr Gc_gle, Homecoming queen crt FCC, reigned over her court qt the Homecoming- gcrme lost Scrturdoy night. Shq¡on Lcw, left; crnd'Corol [ee, on

the right of Miss Gogle, were two of her four


Registration Total Sets New Records

Conference To Be Held At Fresno CC

Approximately 200 student leaders from nine different schools will meet at Fresno City College Oct. 18 to participate in the Central Câli fornia Junior College Student Government Association's annual fall

the Fresno City College. President Stuart M. White reported the student body numbers more

than 4,000 for the first time in the college's history. The total 'is 4,155 including 2,283 rlay students aDd 1,872 night students.



eventually have



White told a homecoming


]OSEPH KING . . . À,rronges conlerence

his assistant




Coalinga College



conference of the Central California Juuior Col- secretary and' treasurer and directJoseph King, his conference lead- lege Association in the Coalinga or of counseling of the College of ership class, and the student coun- College Tuesday. the Sequoias; Dr. Ivan Crook. cfl are arranging and carrying out They ï¡ere John S. Hansen, the shanks, the president of COS; conference plans. The student administrative dean; A¡chle BradStephen Epler, the president of the chairmen for the different com- shaw, the dean of students, aDd Reedley College, and Orlin Shires, mittees are Merle Sons and Àlbert RobertrH. Kelly, the dean of the the assoclation's president and Cunningham, receptlon; Cunnlng- evening divlsion. i dlrector of the Porterville College. ham, reg:istratfon; Gary Pyle, the Ifansen presented a special comjunior colleges are members two general assemblles; Pyle, mlttee report studylng the ftnanc- ofNine the a.ssociatlon. They include workshops; Richard Dillon and lng of actlvitles of the assoclaUon f'CC, COS, Coalinga" porterville, Cunnlngham, lunch; and Dillon, and of the Central Callforaia JunReedley, Bakersfield, Taft. Sa¡ social hour, 'Wallace D. Ilenderson, Caltfor- lor College Student Government Luls Oblspo, and Allan Hancock Association, of Santa Maria. nia State Assemblyman from the 32nd Distrlct and an lnstructor in the Ftesno State College, will CIUB NEWS IS SOUGHT CATENDAR OF speak to the students The Rampage appreciates the THE WEEK clubs' appointlng commlssl'oners of Oct. 9 publication from eacà club. Infor12 PM Toft Rooters' Bus leoves metion must be tn Tuesäay Forensics Club, Ad-118 at Oct. 10 shop meetings.

Council Adopts $19,800 Budset

A new fall budget has been adopthas ed by the student councll at tr'resno

increased more than 1,000 per cent City College of $19,800. since 1948, when tr'CC was estab- In the 1957-58 school year the Iished as a separate institution fall semester budget was from the tr'resno State College. The and the spring semester 916,385 budtet total in 1948 was 358. was

Last spring the college had

Mayol Arthur L. Selland wel-

Junior College wtll then discuss Three F¡esno City College .â.cI- other reports were made by their common problems and ex- ministrators attended tàe annual Jerry Girdner, the assocjation's change ideas du¡ing various work-


bly Fhiday that the enrollment

Ball Friday night.

FCC College Administrators Attend


are both new records, and day total is the first in any semester tbat bas exceeded the 2,000 mark. Arthur L. Selland, the Fresno mayor, whlls speaking to an FCC homecoming luncheon tr'liday in the student center, predicted the

were Carol Lee, Barbara

a retired instmctor, ard Nóel Sharon Law, and Octavla Reid. She trbodsham, a history instructor. was croïr'ned at the Coronation tr'CC Coach Hans Wiedenhoefer

Carmen Eanni, the homecoming comed the tr'CC alumni to the home- chairman, introduced the 12 homecoming game held in the Ratcliffe coming queen candidates. Other Stadium Saturday night. participants in the assembly were 'The Veterans Club rÌas in charge the FCC and COS yell leaders and of all the Homecoming activities. pep girls, the I'CC pep ba¡d and Carmen Eanni, homecomfng chair- choir. .A,lbert Cunningham, the stuconference. man, stated that the events of the dent body president, was master of Representatives from FCC, Coa- past week had been a big success. ceremonies. linga College, Porterville College, Taft Junior College, .A.llan Hancock College, Bakersfield College, Reedley College, College of Sequoias, and San 'Luis Obispo

Nearly every high school and community in the central San Joaquin Valley is represented in the record fall semester enrollment of

The day and night totals

ningham, president of the student ability beyond high school. It he body, at a student councll meetfng. doesn't chobse to demonstrate this The purpose of honecomiDg ls abiltty, then he will have to suffor the benefit of the alumni of fer the consequences." Henry (Duke) Potere, .Jr., the Fresno City College. student body presldent of 1950, con-4, homecoming queen was selqctgratulated the students and faculty ed through a competltÍon in whlch each club participated. One queen on their new title of Flesno City nominee from each club was voted College. He said the alumni are name and want on by the entire studeDt body proud of the new know the students to it. through which one was elected to Other speakers on the program reign over the homecoming football 'were. Lester Chan, the College of Bame. Seqüoiàs student body predident, This year Sylvia Gagle was elect- and the two composers of the tr'CC ed to be the queen. Her attenda¡ts alma mater, Dr. Lucille Williams, 'White,


The current budget includes

un3,646 students, including 1,946 day students and 1,700 in night classes. distributed reserYe, $1,000; Homecoming Week, $?50; assemblies,

$280; baseball, $300; basketball, $1,100; football, $5,000; track, $750; guest fund, $100; oral arts, President Stuart M. White will $450; publiclty, $150; rally, $900; be in Sacramento Monday to attend Rampage, $2,500; sociâl affairs, a meeting of a new statewide ad- $945; student welfare, $125; year- Solurdoy for Boll Gome 2 PM. Yisory troup to assist the state de- book, $1,200; tennis, $50; tolf, A rooters' bus is'scheduled to go partment of education develop a $100; wrestlinS, $400; swimming, to Taft Saturday night for the "These clubs are urged to get plan tg make appropriate use of $100; cross country, $400; insur- game between the tr'CC Rams and their inforriation in early,,, stated

Whire Will Advise New Educotion Plon

Rlchard Bruun. news editor.

techni- ance, $1,000; transportation, $500;

nevr federal assistance for Taft College. Yesterday was the Àssociated Men Studênts, $500; deadline for signing up in Ad-118. cal education in the state. Congress enacted the National and Ässociated Women Students The bus v¡ill Ieavé thè University Houts Lisfed For Opening Defense Education Àct of 1958 $500. Ave. campus at 3 PM Saturday and The Fresno City Coltege cafewhich allocates about 91?0,000 to Scholarships \4'ere omitted from return right after thc game. teria is open from 7:30 AM to California for technical education. the budget this semester and will Pep girls, cheer leaders, ralljr 4 PM and again from 6 to 10 pM. The meeting will set up a plan for be added in the spring, announced committee members and others The bookstore is open from 8 A,M the use ol the funds for the state Á.1 Cunningham, student body planning to go u¡ere to have signed to 4 PM and again from 6 to 10 board of education to approve. president. up by the deadline. PM.

12 PM I, S-22 - T an<lTalent 12:20 PM Club, Autl.




8 PM Oct. 1412



F.CC vs.


Taft, Taft

Student Council.

Oêt. '15 7:30 PM-Alpha Gamma Sigma,

initiation, student lounge




1 PM-Forensics Club






Poge Two

Thursdoy, Octobêr 9 I 9s8

Greek Groups


Announce Elisible lisfs


¡f il

NocfAD mlft

Pubiished wqekly by the journallsu students of the Fresno City College, 1101 University, Frêstro, California. Compof,ed by the Central Câlifornia Typographic Service. Unslgued edftorlals are the

Archie Bradshaw, dean of students at Flesno City College, announced that 39 students are D.ow qualified for membershlp in A.lpha Gâmma Sigma, the California junior college scholastic honorary


expression of the editor.



He also announced that 28 students have qualified for ¡nembership in Phi Theta Kappa, tlie national junior college scholastic honorary group. Many of then a¡e on the Alpha Gamma Stgoqoeli-

Spéok The Speech I Proy You

gibility list. r Qualifications for Phi Theta Kappa are that a student must have a B average a¡d have an overall average of B tor all his


If the language used by some at FCC lately is indicative of this institution's level of education, then it misht âs well close its doors. But it is doubtful that the fault lies within the majoritY the only

mrg lity

college work.

To join .{lpha Gamma. Sigma,

up as a srgn

truth, it

<-- q


infantile, weak and objectionable. The inane and nonsensical use of some profanity is a good character. Such words, which need tend to indicate the level at which to mature. It seems that their colone syllable lege vocabulary is limited to a few four letter - every conwords. These words are called upon to express versational topic employed, and these are usually ort the same level as the \4tords.

\{ith no


sentences with these peop besides holding words that no meaning, implies a lack of thought and tact, and gives full vent to the ignorance whích is usually frustrated in the classroom. Perhaps these few would be shocked to know there are some who are offended by thdir language. Unfortunately, the few who go around with their foot in their mouth reflect upon the college as a whole. Ruggeri


The Fresnó City College

operating bus transportation serv-

Degress of Muscular Work-" The paper was read in a gener-

al scientific session of the meeting by Dr. 'W. C. Fleming, the assistant chief of physical medicine and ¡'ehabilitation service, Veterans Admlnistartion Hospital,

Richmond, Virginia. "The purposes of this study," the summary states, "v¡as to de-

termine the threshold muscular fa-

titue level from elbow


ergographic exercise under optimum work output conditions aDd the rate of strength recovery follov/ing various amounts of fatiguing exercise of the elbow flexor muscles. Fourteen situations

The naval air recruiter is visit-

ing the campus today from

opened a new' coutrseling center in the administrat'ion building of

roent Recovery of Elbow tr'lexor Muscles Resulting from {arying

W¡ll Visit Here is

health education, was presented recently to the 36th annual meetinf, tn Philadelphia of the Ameri-

Based on a dissertatlon he wrote at the University of Oregon, Dr. Pastor's study is entitled "Threshold Muscular Fatigue Level and Strèntth Decre-


'were Àtudied, ranging from


ice for students from the Chowchilla. Madera, Kerman, Central, Sanger, Fowler and Washington Union high school areas during

AM to 3 PM to talk with students about how -they can qualify for one of the Navy's two aviàtion

the 1958-59 school year. The buses arrive at the FCC


campus at 7:45 AM and discharge students in front of the administration building. The buses leave the campus at 4:15 PM each day

Navy team in the student center foyer, where arrangements have been made for tables and chairs. A brief summary of the two protrams are the aviation officer canditlate protram is open to the college graduate with a baccalaureate degiree. He must be between 19 and 26 years of age and meet the physical and mental requirements, and be motivated to fly. After four ¡nonths of basic

repetitions was reached, so this

courses he

student-airmen from here attend-

on the return triþ.

Paul Starr. the dean of men, a¡rnounced that transpórtation is also being provided for students who live in the Bass Lake and Oaktrurst areas. A statioi waton 'will make daily lound trips between Bass Lake and the college,

arriving at camÞus at 8:25 AM.

the University Àve.


any questions on transportation arise, contâct Mr. Starr in



$50 Aworded By Club

Tamara Koerner, a Fresno City

College secretarial major, was selected to ¡eceive the North Fresno Kiwanis Club's $50 schol-

arship award, Miss Koerner was chosen from many applicants from the Roose: YeIt, Flesno and Bullard. High

strength testing only through exhaustive ergographic exercise. "The strength decrements 30

will receive a

Starting out the year with a first in nationwide junior college ranks, tr'CC begins the primaly phases of an AtrT.OTC program. The show will be on the Fresno State College campus, with 24 rng.

Lt. Col. Robert Hogg, the commander of the trÌesno State Col-

pleting flight training. He m+y be ûarried.

lege AFROTC unit, has announced the atxeement between the Fresnot City Board of Ðducation and

The navâl aviation cadet program is open to men with two

flv. The mental and physical examinations are held at the Oakland


Naval Air Station daily. How-

The presentation of the award was made by Jewels McGee, president of the NFK.


ever', as a matter of convenience,

examinationS can

On the ('ampus.



¡'itta May Boggs, Louise

The Fresno City College


the University Ave. campus. Archie Bradshaw, the dean of students, said the purpose is eventually to coorditrate âll guidance and counseling in one location rather than have them divided. among the college's three divisions.

The center has individual offi

for Bradshaw and the counselors in rvhich students may confer wÍth theid privately. It âlso has a testing room, and a waiting room for Mrs. Joseph Kelly, the receptionist, Two counselors will stay in their former locations. They are ces

Gervase Eckenrod, the FCC place-

ment officer, whose office is in the business division annex on

'Weldon Ave. and Gerald Fries, rvhose office is in Bungalorv 3 on the O Street Campus. Stt¡dents u-ith special problems in the business and technical di-

visions are counseled o"y the deans of those diYisions, Mrs.

Ethel McCormack and


Hansler. Vocational nursing stu-

dents are .counseléd by the instructors in that area. Bradshaw

is in




counseling and guidance. J. Phil-.

more Collins, the dean of the

general education division, assists

rvith counseling for students in his division.

the college administration will permit tr'CC students to enroll


concurrently at FSC to takè the first two years of the reserve ofticer training.

The potential of junior college studçnts as Àir Force office¡s spurred thg. initial movement of

the new program. A¡d as it stands now, FCC students are on equal

footing with regular tr'SC students.

- Giils Are The

Þesf Fl






Mitzi Doi, Doutlas Eutlaly, Elsie

Exchonge Notes AFROTC W¡II Stort For FCG


meet the physical and mental requirements, and have a desire to


amount of exercise was considered the threshold level."

sion as a naval office¡ and drav¡ full pay and allowance while com-

years of college, at.least 60 semester hours. He must be between 18 and. 25 years of age, unmarried,


q,xercise '$¡ere not statistically significant until the ergographic situation of nine


Intelested students wiu find the

each unit of C,rand one for each unit of D. Students qualifying for both g¡oups are Louis Arredondo, No-

Center Open

cine and Rehabilltation.

Naval Recruiter


record. Grade points are computed on the basis of four for each unit of A, three for each unit of B, tlvo for

A study on muscular fatigue by Dr. Paul J. Pastor, a tr'resno City College instructor in physical antl

can CongresF of Physical Medi-

There seems to be a lack of school spirit on the campus. Although the spirit has improved'from last year, there is still some room for improvement. . It seems to me that most college students have the absurd ídea that school strictly for high school students. They seem to think that since they are out of high school they no longer have to think about school spirit. It is my opinion that anyone who belongs to any organization, whether it be business, church or school, should be loyal and proud that he or she is a part of such a group. The solution to the problem of school spirit rests squarely on the shoulders of the student. Only the student can g:ive the school ópirit..


thdn C on his college

foreign exihonge studentl

Postor Mqkes New Counseling F atigue Study And Guidance

e delicate tastes

School Spirit Here Needs

the student must l1ãve carriecl 12 units with a B average; however, he must have ea¡ned at least 42 etrade points with no grade lower


Girls make better Eskimos than men, announced the W'estern Reserve University Reserve Tribune. W'hy? They can get along with

less clothing reports the 'newspaper. Tribune editors weighed the winter clothing of one cool coed and one male students everything from "unmentionâbles" tó cuff links and learned the girls wore -8 pounds, 12 ounces of clothing; the boys, 15 pounds, 3 ounces-almost double.

Santa Rosa Junior College FOR l¡¡OMEN ONLY: The Oak Leaf reports the college has 942 men enrolled . compared to 621 'women.

Modesto Junior College The Pirate Log reports that due to ne\y traffic regulations parking on the la,wn has become obsolete this year.

Friesen, Barbara Hochderffe¡, Diane Keller, Douglas K'nltht, Eve-

lyn Lovelace, Kenneth


lough, Donald McMurchy, ShtrleY

Patterson, Richard Plsor, John Redhorse, Joy Rog¡ers, Phyllfs Siebert, Deân Tolbert, Jacqueline Simmons, Carolyn Steffen, Judith Unruh, Charles Vanderford, Janes 'W'oodman, Georgia Yokota, Constance .{modeo, Bevadeen Breeding, Frances I. Goodwin and Oneille B. Níemeyer. Students qualifying for Àlpha Gamma Sigma only are Elaine Caffee, Russell Foote, Donna Lee Garcia, Edward Henderson, John Krikorian, Rodney Middleworth,

Joseph Ortiz, Peter Papianou, Glynda Yoornveld, William Wal-

lace, Harold Yick, Elaine


tlell, Ruth Hakobian,

Linda Hastings and A,ida Ma¡karian.

Fine Arts Club W¡ll Put Out

Student List The Fine .A.rts club is working on a student directory to be made available to the students of l'CC. This directory will include the

nanes of all the studeDts and faculty members attending FCC, their addresses, telephone numbers, offices, and their majors. Veloyce Rowe, Chairman of the club, said, "This year's directory rvill be much bettér. It will haïe a hard manila cover and will be printed instead of mimeog¡aphed." Now the members are in the process of gathering narnes. Miss Ror¡¡e believes that the directory will be on sale no lâter

than the middle of next month. The price is 50 cents.

Fresno Cify College

RAMPA.GE Ner¡/s Editor -.-.-----.--.--.Rlchartl Bruun Copy Editor ............-...........M4be11e Bell tr'eature Editor -.-..-..--------Dave Ruggeri Sports Editor .-..----.--------.RusseU tr'oote Club Nervs ltditor, ICC Rep. --.---.-----------Karen McDougald Asst. Bus. Mgrs.-...----Hov¡aral Regier, Joyce Missakian r\alvertisinB: Mgr. .-..-.-.Ronalal Sterltng Circulation Mgr'. ..-...--.-.-Donald Oberg Exchanges -..-.-.....-Chrlstine Harrison Secretaries: Joan Pappin, Geraldine Älexander, Dorls Mâxwell, Mery Ann Steelmån, Jaquettå. Johnson, Bernardine Beatty, w.. Neil Radley Photographers .---------....I(enneth Ruth, William Smalritlge Cartoonist --.------.-.-.---..-..-John Bezay¡ff

RepoÌters: Linda Eubanks, Joe Romero, Àndrew Federico, Âlfonso

Balanon, Davicl ¡fanri€., Monte tlorner, Meril)'n Kelley, Glenn Marshall, Diane l.Ilxon, Gwen

, Pounders, Jesus Salinas, John Turner, Connor Sntton, Mike Minyard. Adviser ...P. D. Smith


Wins Trophy PHI BETA LAMB.DA Phj Beta Lambda, tr'resno City

Poge lhrcc

Homecoming Mayor Spe oks Events Are At FCC Dinner Bi


g S u ccess ciiy


ä#"': â^xf-

corege,. +




College's business ortanizãtion, was presented with the Yeter¿as presentvu that he was the.first $adu.:--;;:lprtde uur¡uÞ u¿¡ftime of the ,Club perpetual trophy at the CoroCity College. -; | F'CC-COS football game. .- -'l "i"-"t,f,""*o nation Ball held Fliday night in the FCC student center. The award Mayor .a.rrhur ,"i,""u, l".c _""":. | ,.i.1"" -_: .r was presented to John Alexander, ident Stuart M. White, and Louis I

,:""#'"'-''il:-":ü1;#;'iffi;;;ää.J -,åiï"lïil:i



vice president of the club:

îîåîïi :iäi:i':åi. ffiï'iTü: he was the get .

1,,.*T1"j,;i::1:5'; comed the,alumni 4nd encouragerl I The gold trophy was given fot' them ^^,,^ll*^l continue to thei";;;;;;';l::tt:i:J^l1u presentation

rirst to

the outõtaDding of the FCC. ca^ndidate for the . homecomiÁt _ I wasamember The homccoming queetr, Sylvia queen by a campgs organization. Boarit of ErIuI paraded' Gagle' around The sponsor of iñe cluþ. is Mrs. in 1e{8 *o"i, :1t^i"."]l1t] l."tioo field, a¡d then wâs escorted to her 1..,.^-'l-.-_. -Ëõc""t"lï _- ^,¡_Lrr r,,. \Milma B. Weston. t'-""':-:".-,1*"1]Y"l:-'_ throne overrookiDs ,o" I rate institution VETERANS CLUB fron ¡'¡eÞuu trlesno ÈøLE State section by .Al CunniHe Þ4lQ' said thar lvv¡¡v6e' 4Ë Ln¿L ti¡e . The election of ófficers was. the ing Úoe board Doarû ,ï,""1ïlÌll^lCouese. ctent body presiclent. -ÁuadL 50 main order of business conducted uv ro 100 s'uoenLs lu ruu + l!svq64! thar stuàents 13"_ 1""j:1tlttioushr her attendants, S's lÆ, attend a junlor college Jf lt åt the noon meeting of the Veter- werg ñ^,^r Lee, r ^^ Octavia -^.1.1o: lwould Carol ^â3Â-,:- Reid, and n"_ | *ã*ì" lJ esta¡ttshe¿. ans Club Monday in Ad-113.. bara White. , Ennollment.Jump6 Those who we¡e elected.are CarHe reported that 850 enrolled the men Eanni, president; BiU Long, I


iìi i.Ë" I ::l:-


first year and now we have over Regfer, secretary; Ronald Dunn, treasur!,000, which is aiready within 800 or 400'more than was anticioated er; Jim Burrus, social cheirlna¡; ili*l l;;,,Igha\ever and. Dick Bratcher, sergeant. of The tr'¡esnir City College. wç Þ4J say ru in the ule rlelo field or of arms. Appointed to the executive mural tennis tdurDame¡.[,yesterday i"l.i; - rlI "!oLçvç¡ we board are Charles (Chuck) îitus, besan its firsr round ot I education in the way of growth rre qì1v oa th" Bob Muth and Ronald Price. FCC tennis courts. Elght men md I declared. This organizatibn is open,to a¡y 10 coeds who are interested, in var-,1 Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin veteran who received an honorable sity tennis this year are entered. franklÍn diat the same thing in re_ I discharge from the servlce. The The tournameüt is under the ili- | gard to the growth of. the united aponsor of the club is Clare L. rection of Mlss Margaret rvler, the states. tr'ranklin thought that it Slaughter. I FCC tennls coach, FORENSICS CLUB lwould take 25 generations to popuThe entries are Janice Potere, I late the United Stat€s a¡d JefferAt the first meeting of the newly organized tr'orensics Club last A¡nie Yamagrrchl, Rebecca A¡tr- lson was very du\ious about popuThursday in Atl-113 an election of brister, Barbara Campbe[, Karen I latlng the territo4y acquired in the officers was held. Dacid Ruggerl Cowan, Julie Daily, Margaret Chris-.1 Louisiana Purchase. vice president; Howa¡d

Tennis Tourney Besins First Play


Mayor Predicts predicted the city colThe mayor l. Siraga, Serge Morales, llese will have 10,000 students a"nd

was elected president and Tom Vo- tensen, Joan Campopiatro. nah, vice presldent. Jim Blackwell, George Ouellette,

Three Democrotic Nominees Sp eok At Politicol Meeting

'¡anyone who is interested in Kimihiro public speaking is urted to come Jack Garrett, Dave Hall, George lthat manr buildings a¡d houses to the next meeting , of the club Kennedy, John Pittz, Orville BolL lwill be removed in the area surBy DAVID RUGGERT rounding the campus. FCC, he said, which will be. every Thursday of and Dave Kelz. Paul Steiq. going the-moderator is of the Fresno City College young to be greater a much the month at the time desit¡ated _ school, although it is a great school Democrats CIub, introduced three of the Demõcratic ãomineei in the bulletin," stated Rugger{. whospoke at a reception in Ad-124 Sbpt. 80. now, The first tournament that the speakers ryere were Consressman Congressman B. F. Sisk He also said that tr'resno is a The speaker! (D,, Bert De Í membe¡s will take part in will be treat and beautiful city. He hears Lotto (D) and Charles B. Garrigus (D), ,ss"rìr¡iymil Nov. 14 on the tr'resno State College campus. The speeches will Percy Brown, an Edison Hish lso many people outside of tr'resno didates for election. anq nice the The Congressman said that it going to have a betterv¡orld. it's consist of p'ersuâsive, extempor- School graduate now studying radio I say -horil people -triendly of Fresno are' was indeed a thrilling experience goint to have to be done by the aneous, and debate. X'tanz Weln- and. television at tr'resno Citv Col- I schenk is the sponsor of the club. lege, is the newly elected presi- I _ He read the official proclamation to "have ân opportunity to hear the people, not the geniuses, not the lhat he issued, making the week, fihest minds on the scientific sub- rich, PHI THETA KAPPA dent of the freshman class. for those who g:overn us are A discussion of who is eligible to Duties or the vice-pres'_1":l^ilt] "Homecomlng W'eek" and present- ject." He salcl that thls agency was just as human as we are. a "challengle fron natural curioslty, receive an invitation to become a be undertaken by . l"d "We all too often expect miraã,i uáã"ì"""ãî;;u-;;;"""; also a challenge to our very liies _Tl:I"_lïl member of the scholastic frater- major from ve¡¡ Memorial San uvr9u¡4 Joaquin acles. W'e don't knoì¡/ all the because our lives depend our on nity, Phi Theta Kappa, was con- High school, Richard -*^:;--:' 1""1".**"lt::^11-1T ansv¡ers; our success is the ability Other speakers 1':l:" at the tuncheon tetting there first." I ducted at a nootr meeting in Atl-ll? A business student at FCC, alËo1.,,^ ;-;,-;,,^_ - student Sisk touched briefty on the to absorb the troubles of the people ^_^^^ *a Monday. Those who will be sug- a graduate of San Joaquin Memor- were Carì -_:--Allen Grace, ""*-"] l.^;_: president -;;year; last FCC aspect of education in the fleltl of in the terms cÍf problems and ingested for inYitation must have a iÃr ¡_ G'r,,iô *.^.--jl-----lbody ial, is Sylvia Gagle, ^^_,^ the neÌy secre-l-_^:.,---.--^._-^_. :::' lpresident Stuart M. White; and science. It was Admiral Rickovet's terpret them in governmental func3.0 erade averâte in fifteen units tary of the class. Lester Chan, College of Sequoias critical opinion, he said, that we tions." with the exception of P.E. Treasurer Joe Nascimcnfn is student body president. u^wr prçsruËuu' fail from kindergarten through the Garrigus launched an atteck on .__:__ __^,:¡_ I 1.he officers who were elected Ieariring welding. Ire is from u.-l""ill" --^:",,: Also -:; attending the luncheon universities in the scienttfic fieltl. the wineries and complained abou[ I lâst semester are as follows: Bill dera and attended ,,--l the Madera | -. Delotto spo'lce on the role of the unfair treatment the raisin Tuck, president; Glyntla Voorne- Union High School. of men; retired faculty members, goverÐment in every day life. He farmers are tetting after thè damveld, .trice president; Betty A-maral, and alumni. made the statement that "if we are age to their ctops. secretary; Joyce Martel,.treasurer;

Brown Chosen As Freshmen Prexy'


;;; Âl'il;ùiå: ;il"#:




and Darrel Rowland,


chairma¡r. The sponsors of the club M¡s.

are Robe¡t J. Shayer and

Feudin' Doze Are Populor fit College


At Mt. San Antonio College, in Louise Hazelton and Mrs. Iiorothy 'Walnut, Calif. recently the stuBliss. dent body held their second annual ccF

"Anyone who


slave sale. The event was


iDterested in "Feudin' Daze."

joining Campus Christian Fellowship is asked to come to the next meeting of the club which will be Tuesday noon in AcI-113," stated Gene Williams, president of the


ot ttts 113¡1

girls and boys were to the highest bidder and, upon sale ,became the prop. erty of the purcbaser throuthout trYeshmen

auctioned off

the remaining daze.


At the meeting held Tuesday, the members heard Cleatus Clark speak on the subject of "Wltnessing." The officers of the club are Gene Willems, président; Marty Stevenson, vice president; Sylvia Allrecl, treasurer; Bonnle Montgomery, secretary; Barbara Hoch-

derffer; inter club council; Joan tr'ennel, music chairman; Joy Rogers, welcomtig chairmá.rx; and Lladona Miller, Dubllcity chalrman. Dr. Lee Roy Just is the sponsor of


Atîention Boptist Students

You ore invited to o Reception ond Open House Next Sundoy, Oclober I 2 5:00 P.M.-{hurch Porlor Eost Lonsing f

flop-pockct IAPERS, rrlu. rtylcd for co¡r¡sl co¡nfot longor wc¡r s¡d naol look¡ on ond ofl compua

CIIURCII Woy ot Glenn

North of Shields Just West of

Nowqvolloblc ln oiûrla'ft of lobrlc¡ t¡nd colora



26 to 38,

4.95 tO ó.95

tunìo¡Tt1PERS 4 to 78

Highesl Ouoliry

lowest Price


flicy'rc *r¡rlng thc oer


the ctub.


Ghcck your

3.98 lo 4.5O





FCC Rams Win Homec( COS Bows 26-6 By MONTE HORNE Slashing runners and a stalwart line proved too much for ¿ College Colleqe of Sequoias Seouoias Giants as the Fresno City Citv College Colleee the. Rams racked up a 26 to 6 victory iin the Central California Athletic ¿{ssoc€tlon Association opener for both þoth teams. Junior Junror Uollege College Athletrc The game, played before a crowd of 6,000 fan's in Ratcliffe Stadium, Saturday, Oct. 4 marked the end of èomecoming week.

?oote tlotu

The staunch Ram forìyard w¿ll

kept the Glants bottled up all


evening, while they opened huge holes for Vestee Jackson and Wfl-


lie Turner to

scamper through.

Everybody loves to watch a foot- Ädolph Bush, Joe Paris and Gene ball game. 'Well, that is most every- Bamburg exploded for sone fine body does. Ând even those who say running, while Dennis Houx and they don't like footbaU ga,mes are Dtck Van Galder kept the Giants' just kllljoys. You kDow', the type defense loose Ìrlth pin-point passwho won't swalloìv a goldftsh just ing. because everybody elge is sv¡allowWith only 1:20 gone In the flrst

ing goldflsh.

quarter, FlesDo wa¡

off to a


FCC halfback picks rip ycrdcge as he sweeps cround. the left side of the COS JOE PÄRIS defense crt Rotcliffe Stc¡dium Scturdcry night. Other identificlcle Rams are Vlolt Miller, g0; Den Houx, 50; qnd Vestee Jackson, 75. FCC won 26-6.


FCC.TAFT Paris, Jackson FCC HARRIERS Rams GAME NEXT Give Potent Offense OPEN SEASON will The City

Perhaps, even though you're the lead, thanks to the hard charging most avid footba,ll fan, you aren't R¿m line and the alertness of fulltr'resno College Rams enjoying that Saturday afternoon back Joe Paris. COS quarterback will travel to Taft Saturday night Vestee Jackson, one of the best at the stadium as you could if you Bernie Boren rolled out to his to take on the Taft Cougars in a all-around football players in Ram knew a little more about how to right, was completely covered by Centrâl California Junior College history, is the right halfback on enjoy going to the olal football the Ram line and trled to lateral to Athletic A.ssociation game. Coach Hans Wiedenhoefer's eleven. a trailer back, but the ball was Flesno and laft both have per- Jackson was chosen most valuga,Íre. Here are a few pointers I've interceptqd in:intd:-atF by Perls who fect records in league play. The able player at Edison High School Rams defeatea lhe College of Se- and also last year at tr'resno City learned from nunerous Saturday went 54 yards for the score. Ram.¡ Score Again quoias Giants 26-6, ì¡hile the Cou- College. He was on the Northern afternoons in the 90's at the good old ldarvard-Yale games. The Rams started another drive defeated Ällan Hancock 28-18. Yosemlte league All Star Team To begin with, get out to the from the 50 yard stripe late in the Both games weie playôd last Satur. durizg his Junior and senior years at Edison. He played In the Northstadium plenty early. Then you'll first quarter. Turner ground out day night. South .4,U Star Game in tr'resno and find out what plays the teams are most of the yardage to the nine The Rams starting lineup: Starting Lineup going to use from their wa.rmuPs, and Ken Bishop took it over for was plcked the most valuable back. f,'rank Eller ................LE you'll find lots of available pre' the score on the first play of the Mac Jackson was born in Pine Bluff, Mecham -..------....--LT game information, but mainly you'll second quarter. The conversion try Bill Pritchard .............I-c Arkansas on March 23, 1939. He Pete Mehas .-....-..............c was Dot good. find. a seat. Chet Rooters -..--..-....---RG is 5 feet g lnches tall anal weishs Walt Miller .....-.,.........-.R,T A COS fumble on their 35 Don Oberg Everybody at the football grame ...........-....-..R8 180 pounds. Dick Van Galder ....-.............-...-......-...QI! " buys a protram book so they'll the Rams another scoring oppor- Dick Joe Paris Lubic .-..-........._.-..LtI know the players who make the ex- tunity. Bush hit for 24 yards in Vestee Jsckson .....---....-----.--.-.-...-.- ...-..-RII Joe Paris, a hard running fullJoe Paris -_.-.-..-..-.-..-.--_._l'B citing plays. But this ls pretty silly three trys and Turner got 10 to put back is one of the reasons tr'resno since the public address announcer the ball on the one. tr'rom there, City College Rams is the pre-season can tell you that Bronkowitchtz Van Galder sneaked it in for 6 RAMS LOSE FIRST choice to win the leaeue championwas the guy who blocked the kick points. A Van Galder to Jim Btr- WATER POLO MEET ship. with his face, before you can turn rus pass was good for the two The Flesno City. College water Indicative of Joe's athletic ability point conversion and the Rams had polo team was defeated,'1?-8, at the the program rightside up. is the fact he was chosen most 20-0 hâlftime lead. hands of the Bakersfield College Concentrate on locating key posi- a valuable player in his senior year Big pass Don Oberg Renegades game took in a the first from of the game starts tions before the on his high school football team. such as the concession stand, and Van Galder and churDed out 32 season for both of the teams tr'ri- He also received the athlete of the yards in the Rams last dav. TD drive. the men's or r\¡omeu's rest rooms as year award. Joe Paris contributed 24 yards to Coach Paul Pastor said that the the case may be. Joe is a very experienced player. drive, thanks to Mac Meacham. team was satisfactory on offense Learn slang terms connected the He lettered three years in high Meacham put a block on the safety but was weak on defense. with the sport. Here are few ex- man for COS on the 20 yard marker The score was 6 to 4 at the school and lâst year on .the Rams. amples: to sprlnt Paris loose. halftime rest period. The Rene- He rvas bo¡n on April 24, 1938 in Keeper play: This is ril'here the gades began to pull away in the Orange, Neu¡ Jersey. He sta¡ds b Lone COS Tally quarterback cen't get rid of had to go one yùrd for third quarter of Þlay, which feet 7 inches tâll and weighs 180 only ÇOS the balt and tets smeared for their score as a 15 yard penalty Coach Pastor attributed to the pounds. a 20 yard loss. gave them the bau at that point. Ram's lack of substitutes. Triple reverse: Ilere's where the Glant standout Jack A.ker took it The starting positions were whole defensive line breaks over from there to make the score Chuck Polley, center forward; Ken through and all the offensive 26 to 6. Ha'tch, center back; Connor Sutton,

backs chicken out and start

lil'alt Miller, Pete

Mehas, Bill

left forward; Darrel Price,


playlng hot potato with the pig- Prltcherd, Meecham, Chet Rooters forward; Jim Reifert, left guard; skfn. and Oberg were the standout line- Chuck Hltchcok, right tuard; Defensive team: A, team with eb- men for the Rams. Flank Franco, goalie, with Iver solutely no scoring punch. Hoffman, substltuting. Offensive team: A team with ab. Hatch scored three points, Sutton CCJCA RESUTTS solutely no, defense. scored three and Prlce scored two.

Trlple threat man: Can't run, Telt ..--......-........28 pass or kick; botches up all Portervtlle......--26 E¡eeno................26 three; a threat to his own Reealley team.





.............--..-. 6 -..........-..........-.Bye

The team 'u¡ilt play a practice game with the tr'resno Stats College water polo team tomorrow at 4 PM.

Huddle: A good place fo4 Asla.tlc

flu to spread. 'When you're at the game watch the key people. Watch the quar-


terback, the referee, u¡atch the two coaches, watch the guy behind you


he ma be a Þickpocket. Àbove all, if you don't know much about football, make sure you're

actually reatching the game. My cousin, Melvin, missed the entire first half o fthe last Rose Bou¡l Clame for which he had $30 seats. He watched a small riot in front

of the hot dog stand under


impression that this was the foot-



$r.ó9 TU-TONE $





Well, maybe there isn't much difference anyrvay. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS





The FCC cross-country team

travel north tomorro$' to meet the Modesto College Pirates in their first meet of the season. This year the Ram squad, aJthough lacking in quantity, bas enough quallty to glve the Pirates

it tomorrow. The team is composed of Pa.ul Richardson, Buss Helm, Btll Tuck, Ken Benscooter, Jess McFerren, Jerry McPherson, Henry l{ieks, and Hilllard Streets. a rough time of

Trophy Cose To Be Seen By FCC's Student Bôdy

On the second floor of the student center stands a lonely tropby case. This case contains the tro-

phies of the different winnings that have happened from events that Fresno City College has palr ticipated in. BEST HAIRCUT



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