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Enrollment Hits 3,019, 600 Over A Year Ago; New Record Forecast



(â, VOt.


Six hundred more students have registered for the fall semester at Fresno Junior College at the end of the first week



1957 '



ago. The evening enrollment ls 1,326, compared to 1,0?5 for last year.

Holstein predicts 1,750 day stu-l

Bookstore Hq/s

i:ll:,xî' *å' ?"îîl.l;:.;':l:l,l: I Ne ä"ï",*:}*l.'5lLffi",:$1""* An |

w Q u s rte rs d M s ncrge r

classes conducted on the Unlver_ | "The Fresno Junior College sity Street campus. The only new I Bookstore is ve¡y proud of its new

this French.

course offered

STUDENT COUNCIL: Front row, left to right: Dicrre .A.vilo, Bqrbcno Frogus, Shcnon Cummings, Shirley fluber, Jone Trodewell, Morgoret Christicrrson, Solly Comocho. Second row: Vic Tqkeuchi, Jesse Jones, Hcrold Sinner, Jim Richmond, Al Groce, Jim Repcrpe, Ken Pipes, Rich Armstrong, Äugie Coldercr.

semester is I Quarters

in the Student


Nes' equipment has been installed' beginning I students registered at . F.JC I In addition to class texts, many come to us not only from nearly I new littes of ¡nerchandise are Dow every San Joaquin valley commu-lavailable," stated Wesley Ândernity but as far north and south son. Anderson, mana,ger of the bookas San Francisco and Los Angeles. Late registration will be con- store, is retiring Oct. 4 ancl Gil ducted from 8 to 11 å.M in the Ilorner,, who was a student at F'JC admissions office and all changes in 1953-1954, Ì¡iU be the new of programs from 1 to 3 PM until manager. Mrs. Leona, DeBerry is the cashier and head salesman. Oct. 4. It is following examples of FJC has added to the faculty 12 teachers for day classes and bookstores all over in being a eight for evening classes. self-service store.

Counc¡l Plans Tuesday Meetings Group W¡ll Use W Suggestion Boxes Al

Grace, p¡esident of the student body, called to order the lirst


of the council


Sept. 1?.

hite T ells Sfude nts How

To Be Succe ssful Ily I(AREN




Fresno Junior College Students held their first assembly of the 1957 Fall semester last Friday in the auditorium of

A permanent date of every first the University Avenue campus. Al Grace, student body president, welcomed the students and third Tuesday of the moDth to school and introduced the new members of the faculty, 'student council, and chairmen of at 12:40 PM was set for the meetings in the Student Council office various campus organizations. Class theGrace in the'student centei. then introduced Stuart All commissioners with the exM. 'iVhite, president of XVC, who outlined the 10 important points ception of rally chairman have on "Elow to get the most out of been selected. Grace stated that if yeafs." this position would be filled as Norman Mader was selected as their college Among the 10 points enumeratsoon as nossiblg temporary chairman of the fresh- ed urere: The slate of officers for this se' man class in their first meeting 1. Get acquainted. with the colmester are: Grace; Sharon Cumlawn of the lege and make the most of its opon the east Monrlay mings, secretary; Augle Caldera, portunities. vlce president; Barbara tr'ragus, administration building. Ttre next class meeting.will bel .2' 'a'fter becomfng acqualnted treasu¡er; Shtrley Huber, preslthe campus' spread out and dent of A'WS: James Richmodd, tomorrolv at 12:80 p¡,rri trtã-au-lwith o"to}" acqualntect wlth the compresident of .A,MS. Representa- dltorium. Class offlcers are to ¡" I tives at Lerge are: Àrvid .A,llen, etected at this time. "nårre-b; l-l"it]' adRlch Armstrong, Sally Comacho, rreshmen," Mader;å,;¡;i; L1 : 9:t.1tni'i^:t"d,Yltln .1he -tTitll',!1""_:"^'13_1u Jes€e JoneÊ, George Irasher, Ken rs your crass! Lers e"i o;t r"¿ | part in the 4. îake an active :1ît:t Plpes, James Repape, Harold Sin- suBport it!" .. I student sov€rnment. ner and Ylþ Takeuchl. selected | 6. rwu uuuu¡uLveÞ committees were ws¡E Þç¡Ewresl Trüo ¡ Take --tI^ ,-,,^-*^-lnventory of yourselvgs Janet I to Lo aBsrsL asslst the L¡re urótruau' chalrman. dóuçL Selectetl as commlsslon€ra are to to ãeteÃi"" determlne what ktnal of frlends frlend.s Jatre Tradewell, soclal affafrs; Enos, Marge Guerry, _Jo_li _+tex- | you want and what you expect of Diane .A,vlla, social welfare; Ed 4nder, Jan Giffortl, an<l Sitl Mose- | l¡"-. Brlggs, publicatlons; Sonja Mlller, sian make up the electlon com- | white went on to potnt out to oral arts; Al Laycock, scholar- mlttee. The social 1600 students that F{c was _c:T:ûklt""ltrr" chrtsten-lthe frrst pubric Junior corùge to ships; Phll Bertleson, athletlcs, members are Margaret and Margaret Christianson, pub- sen, Joice Imperatrice, and Caryl I be founded ln the state after the Powers. licity. legislature authorized thelr lncluslon in the state's educatlonal sysHOLD temAtlnthe1907. INTERCLUB conclusion of hls speech,

Freshman Meets Tomorrow ln Aud orium


ES I l":","¡i¡ilï,;ü

of participatlng clubs of various clubs to some of the I son.


read orientation classes. In thls way I Coach Hans 'Wledenhoefer told thelr newly drawn up constftution new students will lear¡ about the lthe stutlents that for the month at their first meeting on SePt. 19' ditferent clubs and their pur- | of Äugust he had been seeklng The preliminary meetint of the poses, ancl new members will be I out prospectlve players for the Rams football team. scu¡ester was ìtell ¡epresented by recruited. A dinner wfll be held tonight I{e coucluded by statlng, "when a nrajority of the campus organiiD the Student Center for the rep- a student has pride in his school, za.tions. Open to all officially recognized resentatives of the Interclub prlde ln the fieltl of work he ls campus clubs, under- the able Council members and thelr sPon- interested ln, and pritle ln hls guidance of Mrs. Kay Seagraves, sorg. The main purpose of the dln- school football team, the student all proposed clubs will be granted ner is to let the representatlves should prove this feeling by ata cha¡ter providing they have a tet to know thelr sPonsors better tending all rallies, and assemblles, coastltutlon, sponsor, leadershlp, and to diseuss plans for future and be present at all of the footbell ganes. 'When thls le done, and conduct meetings. Anyone fn- activlties. nanY has this ls called school splrit." The Inte¡club Council terested in formlng a new club is The pep girle, Barbara tr'ragus, actvte€d to contact Mrs. Seagraves, plans for the comlng years and ls under the leadership of Äugie Cal- Dlana Diamond, and Dlanna Avlla, the dean of rtromen. In the future the Interclub dera, vice-pfe'sldent of the student accompanled by the tr'JC bantl, brought the rally to itõ end. Councll wlll seud repreÊentatlves body.

of the Interclub Council







PRESIDENT PREDICTS SUCCESSFUL FUTURE or the faculty and administration of Fresno Junior College, 1 extend a most cordial welcome to all students as we begin the 47th year of tr'resno Junior College. The hlstory of our eollege has been somewhat turbulent, but pxF

Grace Welcomes FJC Stu d e nts As student body president of Fresno Junior College, I would like to extend a welcome to all new and returning students. .4.s we start this 1957 Fall semester, we have many reasons to expect an eDjoyable and success-

trenely interesting. Today we ful year. Many events have been take prlde ln the progress of rÈ planned by your studeDt counçll cent years, whereby we enjoy a that should interest eYeryone. fine campus, a high calibre stu- Also, the buildlngs on canpus tlent botly, an excellent faculty, have been completely repalnted, and appreciate the support receiv- and the grounds improved consided from the Ctty of Fresno and erably. In addltion to thle, new

faculty members have been addam confldent that in the years ed and ure ha\¡e use of the student airead the students of today wlll center. These are only a few of look back upon thëlr days at Fres- the major reasona why thls year no Junior College as belng very should Drove a great one. If you have any ldeas which memorable and worthwhlle. My best wlshes to all for a suc- would benefit the school, don't hesltate to give them to your stucessfuJ and profltable year. dent councll. We of the council Stuart M. White are here to serve you,'so please FJC President surroundlng communltles.


call on us if we can help you ln any way.

FJC HOTDS STUDENT Remember, this is your school GOVERNMENT CONFAB -se lsf's'¿ll get behind tr'JC aúd Slerra Sky Ranch was the give it our full support. Sincerely, scene tr'riday Sept. 13, of the Al Grace Stutlent Government Conference held from 10 Ä.M. to 9 P.M. Joseph W, King, advleor to the studetrt couDcil, outlined the proceedings of the day, explaining

council p¡ocedures.

Student Body Preslclent

AWS, AMS Plan Meetings Today

The mornln8i Bession was deto acqualnt the council The .{ssoclated 'Women Stumembers wlth the tr'JC constitu- dents and the Associated Men Stu. tion, completely revlsed by last dents will meet today at 12:30 year's student bofui offlcers. Also PM ln the social hall of the studlscussed was the co-ed lounge dent center. whlch ls to be. used by the stuShlrley Huber, the A'WS preslclent, will conduct her meetlng ln dentg at any tlme. The afternoon segsion conslsted [he east end of the hall, whlle mainly of ¿ talk by King on good Jlm Richmontl, the ÂMS presl= dent, will hold hts ln the west endleaderehlp qualtles. slgned



Join Fresno JC Faculty Th¡rteen lnstructors (Picture on


Page 4)

1e in

flMPREE É.uru ¡Yü¡ ¡@Ú

t Universitv, õãiiiõ*iã ivpographic;'d


nts of the tr'resno-Junior

Published weekly by

CoPÞosed P'v th9-9:1-1?t torials are the expressron

Collese, 1101



new to tþe svstem' lht-tttã appointment of Mrs. Nora Simpson ,a



are Mrs. Louise B' transfers are from the Hamilton Junior High school. Thev Hazelton, English, and Mrs' Sara degree from the Okla- Barbara and. a staff nurse for hosJ. Dougherty, PhYsical education' Science homa Agricultural ancl Mechani- pitals in New York CitY and Baltiother transfers are E. Har- cal College and is a graduate of also has been an elerison Hall from the Continuation the Johns HoPkins UniversitY more. She High School, business; Malcolm School of Nursing' She has been mentary teacher ln Oklahoma. No L. Bourdet'from the Sequoia High a nurse for the cltY health de- information is available at this SchooI, PhYsical education and partments of BerkeleY and Santa time on Mrs. Krikorian. and Mrs. JoNell baseball coach,

Krikorian from the


Junior High School, sPeech and English.

The instructors ne\[ to the

Romp oge lnstitutes CIub News, PublicitY Covercrge


tem ere Marvin L. Belford, music; Mrs. Wilma BradleY Vleston, business; Mrs. Margaret Coltier, business; Francis V. Higgins, engi-

neering; Lawrence W. Martin' business; Dr. Paul J. Pastor, hY-

giene and swimming; 'Wllliam A. Reynolds, Jr., tr'rench and Engana 'walter F' 'whitmann'

The staff of The Rampage, student.4elvspaps{.of Fresnoltistr, ¡""ià-t"ö;lËt;, :oi"s *i[tr-sótroot to .of{ci1lstlnd ¡t*11tIt": ìÎ1"-1"1^- L^^LÂ,^nañ., master bachelorand ñociôr a re-l _ nettordras If yqgltsare tääîirã.iä"ä ii"^.i'"fd"ai"g_vo" FJC. at will ãùñ."-,-*el"o-" u"cÏ. 'iüã-nämpgge ror the Des musrc -:"llii:1 taught "-1:i: "11 -!if-"1-::;11:q':"^'^ with vguTl?iq has .l^".-o-1. idit. "eade"s and åäi;i #äiläih;ìäi"J""*. schools' Mrs' citv Iowa' Moines' that publication I it a makir-rg assistance we hope f;-õ;ti"t; ÍÌÌÌ:1ï: -i.:^:Tñ;"., ,íìüiî:ã' ly:1""",.Y:..-? State Teachers' trom Missourl :i:l^""1."u"i1:i itenis I


il-p from


cottese- u:-d . u master's desree from the University of Southern Lynfor rne the !vutaught ror She taugnl california' she California.

of 2 '[.ne rúampage ur.Lruc cvcr]" rlirnnÀor¡ PM' 2 PM {g+{uy atwrurr ersvvt v*¡¡vqp 911!sr u¡rç vari-o3¡ urrlle¡t al ar' äi-iit1'ä. .oop"rà'tJä to cooperale wish to we We \flSh ¡*.t\*,q li"-:9. "Tltn-:3"":t-:1t"-ln:,,-Yl; schoor and runior in the, pakgun inyotv-g$ tñ; triö õt ¡"i'È"*oi" 3lq l:ïlf,-yo'' Hish observed be "lä**t must deadline p"i"t1"S n"**_prp"t,-iftõ-iVto"¿ry l"oll"t"'^ ... by all " l."y"T; State College and has tr'resno":1T::tï:'ï::"""iu"t



Míxer Dc,nce A Success last

Friday- evening in the fire mixer dance which was held attended, as very who students the by rated *ur .o"iäf ñJfi

worked as secretary, office worker, and office manager.

Higgins holds bachelor


master degrees from the Indlana State Colìege and master degre-es

from the University of Michigan Men Students Associated the dance, the and the Case Institute of Techof The co-sponsors r"ä' i"rr à"^k!"*i;;;d \,ñi e" Siía e"ts' \ry ere e xtre-m elv' pleas ed noloty. He has taught in Ohio' \JELCO¡1E BASK-AND I¡IAY ]lIE *ìitt th" near capacity crowd of approximqlelv 999 students' Iov¡a, Michigan,- and Indiana' of tne the offiðers or ew¡¡vv'as stated by the-orflcers v¡tv dance, purpose vr the The r'e ouroose r,urr,vùç of to trom the Eastern New Mexico students iiiriã-to" groups, n,,os yas .ponsôfing -to .19ake ,it



University and a master's degree

from the Nerv Mexlco Highlands University. He has taught at the Hollister and the De Moine High School in Alubuquerque. Dr. Pastor has bachelor and master degrees trorn the SPringfield ColIege of Mâssachusetts and a docSeek New tor's degree from the University FJC Bands, promote and somusicâl of Oregon. Last year, he taught to ment inI All students with Previous strumental and vocal exPerience ciâI activities this senìester. It will I swimming at the University' and bachelor are invitecl to join the Fresno consist of activities having to <lo I Reynolds has degrees from Stanford UniAll uraster drama. and art music, with I choir' and bands Coltege Junior he has also studied announced Lowell C. Spencer and students interested in this club I versity, where years for a doctor of three for to are urged ioin, instrucmusic Belford, L. Marvin Belford is developing a march- | psychology degree. He studied at tors. TheY are available at Adm' in band and has about 25 stu-lthe Sorbonne in Paris. He has 137,139 or 141. in A well-blencled and balanced dents at present, but wants at I taught at the Yuba College a teâchsounding choir of 30 voices join- least 40. He also plans to devetop I Marysville and has been ât Stanford. Whited the first daY, but Spencer anti- a concert band for the concert sea- | ing assistânt rtrann has bachelor and master decipates and hopes for more in the son this year. "The music department looks grees from Stanford University nêxt few weeks. arts degree He plans to develoP some small very promising, but more students and an associate of College. He Jose State San of from the fùlfillment for quartet needecl and are a vocal groups such as plans and goals to make this a has been a teaching assistant at sextet. "Next month the cholr will en- good year at FJC musicallY and Stanforal and San Jose. Mrs. SimPson has a bachelor of tertain at thhe Ahwahnee Hotel socially," stated Bradforcl. The occain the Yosemite Valley. sion is the 50th anniversarY celebration of junior colleges throughout the State of California," said




A new campus club called The Fine Arts Club ls now in developRENT




... in the Studenl Cenler, all dresset up in nerv Painl anil equipmenl mal¡es ils bow. Here is the place lo Purchase your lexls, school suPPlies, GanilY anil cigarelles. Have you seen lhe new lines ol school iewelrY, silver Ram

rings, charms, class Pins, f. J. G. l¡eï rings, bells, olG., Attll lhose L0YELY mascols on lhe lower shell

Taper'Ivys Iov League stgling back strav set i.nto darts...the erclusiue leature that n'akes

uith Speciol Rotes to Students

'em the most!

At Uow føuorite store


TIe can'l lisl all lhe goot things ïou will linil here. Bul come in ant browse arount. Remember,






Pooe Threc

JC OfÍers Mony Sporfs For Sfude nts

Rom Gridders Ploy Sfockton

Ily WAYNE COOI(E Wrestlin€, basketball,

Ry GARY BECKER Coach Hans Wiedenhofer wlll take 35 men to Stockton tomorrow night as the Fresno Junior




ming track. Take your pick.

College Rams rneet the tough Stockton College Mustangs. The two tèams have met four times

These are just a few of the many varied athletic activlties offered this year by the tr'resno Jun-

with each team winning Kickoff time is 8 PM.

ior College athletic department, 'Wrestling will begin at the end of football season. The swimming pool is norv open. Instructional and competitional training will begin as soon as possible. Those interested in the course can see the coach in the gym or at the pool between the hours ot 2:40 to 4:30. Bashetl¡all will begin Oct. 15. Those v¡ho are lnterested watch

47, Fulle¡ton hqlfbqck, fights lor extrc yødoge in the second quorFIRST GAME - Hood, ter of lost Fridcry night's Fresno-Fullerton gome. Identifiolcle Rcnrr plcryers ore Andy Mostoros, 49, cnd Fronk Eller, 23. Fresno tied Fullerton 6 to 6.




not participating iu football


basketbail can see Erwin Ginsburg in Room 103 in the library or iu the afternoon at Ratcllffe Stadium. This is an indlvidual sport, therefor workouts can be erranged accordint to the student's Drogram.


garne, defeating Yuba Junior eollege 20 to 14 last night. Stockton was last year's Big,Eight champion. . Stockton has two fine bacBp i¡

the form of halfback M¿rshall Dragomanovlch, a returning let-

terman, and fullback .lMlllie Slmpson, an ex-Bakersfielal High star. They have seven returnlng lettermen from last year's team whlch playecl in the Potato Bowl, and their ìlne âverages over 200

The Fresno Junior College crowd of 2,000 last Friday night four yards and a touchdown. The pounds. \ll/iedenhofer stated that Stockattempted conversion was wide. will travel to Stockton to iù Ratcliffe Stadium. In the second quarter, the ton should be as tough, or tougher The Hornets got a break in the tangle with the Stockton Couege Mustangs tomorrow night after openlng minutes of the game Rams moved from the X'ullerton than lrullerton. He clted the outopening the 1957 football cam- when Jerry McKee recovered Yes- 36 to the 19 on a pass from El- standing work of Bill Herron, paign in surprising fashion by tY- tee Jackson's fumble on the lùam don Bryant to halfback Ken Louie Sanders, BilI Pritchard and


ing the favo¡ed Fullertou Junior 13 yard line. Four plays later For- Pipes. An intercepted pass halted Ken Pipes in the Fullerton 8ame, (Continøed on Page 4) ( Continxed on Page 4 ) College Hornets 6 to 6 before a rest Younger circled right end for .,'olTll







The Mustangs have played

Fresno JC Rams Open Football Season Those who are lnterested in With 6-6 Tie With Fullerton JC Hornets track and cross-country who the bulletin for an

ridqy Nisht

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Yes, the ItnOC go for U$OCI How obour you? ataat Lleea?T a ¡vlig 1o¡lcco co.



r,fr¡ns fosJGco co.

tox on





Phi Belq Lqmbdq P/bns

College Picks Hansen New Administrotor

Tuesdøy Meet Prospective members of Phi Beta Lambda will be Buests at a

of stuat College of the Sequoias in Visalla for the past six years, John S. Hansen, dean


Iuau on the lawn by the tennis courts Tuesday from 3 to 7 PM. The guests and members will gather at the ¡ecreation conter at 3 PM for a social hour with swimming and games planned for those who wish to participate. Shirley Huber, the secoed rice president of the club, is general chairman of the affair. fler comLìittee consists of Sharon VTallen, Surni Faniguchi, and Bill Murphy.

has been named. as the De\il admiuistrative dean for Fresno Jun-



I{ansen, a native of Fresno, at-

tendecl both

Roosevelt a n d F'r e s n o High Schools, graduat-

ing from


High in 19 3 8. He received his

President Ray Beach called his

bachelor degree

officers to an executlve boald meetint on the Friday oP registration reeek to map plaas for the

from Fresno State College,

and his master's

semester. 'With the president were

degree f rom

Stanford University. He has also done additional graduate work at Stanford, tr'SC' and Claremont Graduate School.

Thc rÌean, who is married and has t't¡¡o children, served with the Army tlurint World 'War II in the

12 of 15 new foculty members. They ore, left to right, first row: NE\á FACULTY - Here cre Mrs. Louise B. Hqzelton, Mrs. Morgcnet Collier, Mrs. Nora Simpson, Mrs. Sc¡rc J. Dougherty, ond Mrs. Wilmcr Brodley Weston; second row, Mqrvin L. Belford, E. Hcr¡ison Holl, John S. Hqnsen, Dr. Pcrul J. Postor, Molcolm Bourdet, Froncis V. Higgins, ond Lcrwrence-lV. Mc¡lin. Not pictured qre Mrs. JoNell Krikoricrn, Williom A. Reynolds, Jr., ond lVolter F.



of Link trainer instruc-

tor. He also spent some time overseas in the Marianna Islands.



a iournalism


structor at COS in 1947 and also taught English, speech, and PhYs-

Preside nf's Reception Honors Fifteen New Faculty Mennbers

Rqm Gridders PIoy Sfockton ridoy NiEht

(Continaed ¡rom Page 3) Wayne Simpson, and Earle B. Ha- nomícs students. Clara Randolph, The probable Ram starting line- zelton: Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Pas- Courtney (Cokey) Newman, Carol up is as follows: tor, Mrs. 'Wilma Bradley Weston, Mclntyre, and Sandra Williams.

Right Halback


The fans

.-------.-...-----Kobzoff .--.-.-Jackson should be in for an

outstanding tame as both teams feature classy fullb'acks, Slmpson of the Mustaugs and Jackson of

the Rams.

The only Ram lnJurY recelved in the Fullerton game was a sprained ankle suffered by end Lee Baker.

In last year's outing held


Ratcliffe Stadium. Fresno defeat-

ed Stockton by a score of 14 to 0. The Mustants are coached by

Mrs. Marta¡et Colliers, 'W:alter F. .Whitman, ¡i¡d Mrs. JoNell



Hansen Praises Fresno Jaycee

Special guests who were invit- FI ed included Dr. and Mrs. Erwin C. Kratt, Dr. and Mrs. -drnold E. I have always held in high esJoyal, Dr. and Mrs. Irwin O. .A.d- teem the Fresno Junior College dicott, Dr. and Mrs. Dallas Tuel- administrators, instructors, and ler, Dr. and Mrs. Leo 'Wolfson, stud.ents with whom I have come Dean and Mrs. James'W. Malloch, in contact durlng the past several and Messrs. and Mesdames.A.rthur years. Certainly, when I ÌYas ofL. Selland. James H. Robinson, fered the opportunity to become George W'. Turner, D. B, Wheeler, associated with FJC as adminisErwln À, Dann, Lawrence Ð. trative dean, I was happy to acToddhunter, James C. Trombetta, cept. Malcolm Davison, James'W. BradI am proud to be a .member. of shaw, Robert S. Mlner, George W. one of the most outstaDdlng junWarner, Jack E. Mulkey, John ior colleges ln Californla, and, Solo, N. A. MacDonald, \ütlllam also, to be an employee df the Johnston and Charles F. Carpen- Fresno City Unified School Dlster. trict, which I believe to be the top Faculty Club chairmen fôr the city school system in the state. receÞtion included Rustlgian, genIt is with enthuslasm that I eral chafrman; Naomi Edinger, look forward to helplng tr'JC meet refreshments; H. Dean Larson the needs of a rapidly-troìvlng and C. Lowell Spencer, entertaln- student body. ment; Mrs. Dorothy Bliss and Perhaps I should add, too, that

Don Hall, formerly of the College of the P4ciftc, and ln an advlsory capacity is the grand old man of football, .A.mos Alonzo Stagg. Mrs. Edna Hartley, deco¡atlons; I'm real glad. to be back ln my Walter Witt, arrangements; John home toç'n. Castlne, recelving line; Katherine John S. Hansen HERE'S HOW YOU Darllng, invltatlons; Chester GarA.dminlstrative Dean

cÂll "WALK oH ÂlR"!

UNDERWOOD SUNDSTR.AND' GRAY AUb TYPTWRITERS For Rent or Sole * Porloble¡ ond Stondo¡ds

* New ond Used * Rentol Purchose Plon

* lrode-ins Accepled Per Wcek

* $I

FRESTIO OFFICE'fr]ACHINE CO. "Your Tyþcuriter Cornc¡"

WM. C.

CTARK 244¡9 S. ilAPlE Ph. CL 5433 or AD 7-lol I

rod and Mrs. Edna tlartley. The meeting was held in Mrs. Elart. Iey's home.

The second executive

education, being aPPointed

-....--Herron L€it End Left Guard -----------..--..---Pritchard -----Lamb Left Tackle Center ---....-.,-Lowery Risht tackle -------------,-.------Miller .Sanders Right Guard -.-------Raco Right End ---Luiano Quarterback Left Halfbeck ----.--.--.-----------Pipes

Rubald aDd sponsors Mrs. W'ilma Bradley Weston, Geryase Ecken-


The Fresno Junior College held a President's Reception in deân of students there in 1951. honor of the new faculty members and their wives or husThe dean's duties here at FJC bands Sunday from 4 to 6 PM in the Student Center patio entail assisting the president in on the University Avenue c¿mpus. the administrative duties of the President Stuart M. White of FJC and Mrs. White and Carl college in order to leave him freer Rustigian, the FJC Faculty Club to handle the building Progrâm president, and Mrs. Rustigian rison, special details; and Philip and the probleur of ever-increas- formed the receiving line to wel- D. Smith, publicity. and come the 15 Entertainment included a meding enrollment. CIub ley of Broadway tunes, sung by their spousesj nts. Sonya Miller, a sophomore stuassisted with The guests of honor included dent. Judy Cady, a freshman stuwere: Messrs. and llfesdames Mar- dent, presented pantomiDìes envin L. Belford, Malcolm L. Bour- titled "It's the same old, Jazz, det, James W. Dougherty, E. Har- Momma," and "A good man is rison Hall, John S. Hanson, Fran- hard to find." cis V. Higgins, Lawrence V. MarRefreshments were served þy F tin, 'William A. Reynolds, Jr., T. four of Miss Edinter's home eco-


Shirley Huber antl Charles Leavitt; Secretary Nola Meyers; Treasurer Sharon 'Wallen; Ex-President Dorothy


ó60 VAN


at fiIONO

Ar 4467

meeting was held


in B-8 Sept.


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All officers and

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were announced as the first \üed-


sponsors were

preseDt to plan the agenda for the first club meeting which was held


Retular club meetitrg




at T PM for a supper

each month

in the coed lounge (Continøed from Page the drive and the half ended vrith ând social meeting.

tr'ield trips to be arranged to various local business ortanizations were announced by Beach. He said, "Non-members are welcome to Join these trips for which transportation is always avail¡ricked up a yard and then Pipes able." Dates for the trips wlll be I aud a took a pitchout and rac9d 35 announced in the Rampage sign-up sheet will be poeted in yards for the score. Alex Kob- B-8. zof f 's extra point attempt rvas wide ancl the score q¡as tied up Cofeterio, Coffee Shop at 6 all. Hornets reached the Ram The Hove [loy, Night Hor¡rs 11 late in the third period as a The Fresno Junior College caferesult of a blocked punt but the teria and coffee shop are uow tough Ram defense held. The two open for the convenience of stuteams battled back a.nd forth in dents and faculty members. the final quarter with neither Lunch will be served in the team getting inside its opponent's cafeteria from 11:30 AM to 1 PM 35 yard line. and lt will open again for dinner Outstanding on oerense for at 5:30 PM to 7 PM. The coffee Fresno were Bill Herron. Fred shop is open from 7 AM to 4 PM Raco, BiIl Pritchard, Bill Lamb, and from 7:30 PM to I PM. \il'alt Miller, Pete Mehas, and "We are very happy to Felcome FJC students and we promise to Jackson. The Rams gained 163 yards, servg the best meals possible," 132 on the tround and 31 through stated Mrs. Nlna Stradel. who ie ln charge of the cafete¡la. the air. the visitors leading 6 to


Coach Hans Wiedenhofer's forces got a break in the third quarter when a poor' punt v¡etrt out on the l'ullerton 36. Jackson


untll Ãome enterprising


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decided that the JC students, like

Reneath the high Slenas, Hero archod by blno above, Hsil to thee our .¿IIma M¿ter, Memor{es mey wo alwa,ys love. Tough Years go b¡'-1¡'.'¡¡

students from other echools, should have something to slag to show pride at belnt m.embers of such a fine'organlzatlon. A, contest was

lnltiated and an-

nounced ln the Rampage. ÉIowcver, nothllg became of thfs, and ¿ year late¡ trro of the faculty HaiMlall!! The above words and their ac- members got together to solve companying music, although they the pioblem. Dr. Lucille Williems, are not curreDty in Yogue on our now retired, and Noel X'rodsham, campug and at our college's var- history instructor, wrote the lous events, were, five or sir music and v-ords, respectiYely, to years aeto, a flourishin8, often the ahna mater. It ls a beautiful song, and sung alma mater. Somehow, during the past ,few what's . more it is original. Its years, through no fault of pre- words are not those of some Ivy The Red and \['hite ne'er fa,il f,'rebno JC may it still prr:vall,



sent day students and student body officets, the practi'ce of remaining ¿l sports events until the alma matef had been sung was allowed. to die out. Now the origirial alma mater has been completely forgotten. Few of the people on campus know that one

League university's alma mater with only the name of the school changed. Its melody is a eopy of no other. Both the lyrlca and the music ¡eflect the beauty and the spirlt of the San Joaquin Yalley. .4. lack of an alma mateq is seen and felt at games: 'We don't want to be forced to gulp aud sta,y ever existed. When Fresno Junior College silent v¡hen the "other side" was first oBened there was, of swlngs into song, 'We have our course, no alma mater. Thle sltu- own, origlnal á,lma Mater. Let's atlon continued for a few years revive lt!