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Än assenbly and rally will be time activities will consiEt of also be in the downtown area durRam Week committee head, Bernl By BOBBIE BURTON lng the noon hour all week. 'Wiluas, The f'resno Junior Chamber of JCC comnittee member; held Novembe¡ 4 in the Memorial crownlng the Queen, which will be Reserve Sections Fresno the with FJC along queen former ¿ done by Gundunas, Commerce Lee Halverstaalt, JCC Preêldent; Auditorium. At this tlme the sectlon wlll be reserved at tþe À Junlor Cotlege inter-club'council and Lou Gundunas, JCC commlttee caudidates and dltBataries will be football team member, ÂIso the game for all former alumni of concluding are and Mayor Dunn commlttee of and rally introduced. A parade will follow introduction member. f,'JC. Alumni and the publlc will 'Week which plans for FJC's Ram at 1 p.m. in downtown tr'resno. the Mayor of Salinas wlll be nade. also hea¡ of Ram 'Week on the For Proclamation Ask through 31 from October wlll run Each queen candidate will be in Posters have been made by the local radio atrd televisiÒn statlons Hall statetl that Mayor Gordon a Novenber 4. ne\ry 1956 automoblle. Pla¡s a¡e FJC a¡t class and after heving all durlng Ram Week. F red Hall is the Ram W'eek etu- Dunn wil be asked to issue a also being made to obt¿in the Fres- group pictures of the Queen candiÄ picture of g¡oups and several dent chalrman and Don Lovelace' proclamatfon that the week of Oc- no High Scþool band for the Pa- dates attached they will be Placed responsible parties of Ra^m 'Week, is 4 November through 31 tober Other coordinator. the student 'Wilkins, Ram Homecoming Week ln Flesno' rade. Other items aleo will be add- in the leadlng downtown dePart- from both the JCC and FJC will committee heads are Ed ment stores. ecl to the parade at a later date.


rally chairman; Tom Garner, rallY Arrangements a¡e now belng nade commfttee coordinator, serpentine for a wager between MaYor Dunn and parade; Hall, qu'eens election and the Mayor of Salinas, that and half-tlme activities; and Love- FJC will beat Hartne[ Colloge. Mayor Dunn will bet the Mayor lace, queens PublicitY. Ram Week is sponsored bY the of Salinas a case of raislns against FJCC. Mal De Orian is the JCC a crate of lettuce.

FJC Hosts

be taken and placed ln the Fr€Bno A sound truck provldecl bY the Bee. Voting For Queen The various committee members, Voting for the queen candldates JCC will be in the downtown area will be held at tne entrance of the all during the week to inform the from tr'JC and JCC have been Ra;tcliffe Stadium. Students will public of the activities and game. meeting each Monday and F riday

vote when they enter and show Ä serpentine consisting of eight mornings at 7 a.m. to discuss and their stìrdent bocly cards. Half- members of the student bodY will make further plans.


Two Loan

Jttl0n G[[LE8E

Funds Now

State JC's

At Confab


By ELEA'NOR FRANCO The trtegtro Junior College will be host to 400 student delegetes and feculty advisers November 17

'Archie Bradshaw, director of




guidance at tr'resno Junior College,


27, 1955

NO. ó available to help needy students finance their school expenses. Bradshaw sai(l that ttre Fresno Lion's Club has offered loans of $30 for 12 full-time students who are worklDg for a degree ln any field, providing they maintain a C average. No interest is charged for a periocl of 90 tlays but a promisory note is required. After this , time a six

FJC To Hold Rolly BeÍore Hortnell Tilt


student who assoc

president, the conferenc will have sessi modeled after

per cent charge is adderl.

He said interested

"-Frusno- ü¡nior eolþ8g{'sfif a rally November 4 in the F resno States Con Memorial .Audltorium during Ram Ringer ancl regional vice-presi- lWeet the morning before the homedents from Taft, Napa and Ell cotiog :- footbaJl L^¡...^^- +L^ -^^-^,, game --^ between the Camino Junior CollegJ" *iu n"e- | pare the conference's atenda from lRams and Hartnell College'



Also available tp

tion. This allows a total of $50 for each approYed applica,nt. The loan ls interest free until the date due need not be repald until trainlng is completed antl the

ìn section meet- | .Edd Suttdjian, chairman of the ings, including northern at Napa, I prog."-, sald that it will be a southertr at El Camino, and central I regular rally with the pep Birls

student secures a position. If the loau becomes dêlinquent, four per

-*ï,::l *. î1Ïtl-t:1t-ï''":Tt i"': various the from entgrtainment student body preside"r,'t"a i"*¡ I

cent lnterest


W. Kfng, an FJC student Eovern' I clubs' ment adviser, wbo is the associa- | Miss Willa Marsh, dean of stusupervising

ment claes, whose members include lto eo to the rally'


state secretary, and Carol Barsotti,

stete student coordinator-

Sfude nts

: flTi"iJ:i::, ::'^""i,. I r Ir IgI -: g¡ "i#ili", at an openins o*n""ii;;;";; ltr' er

åîlîìåå;å".JlT *: who will 'welcdme tivps to




"Soc iety Hï"iilülHonor the representa-



Mrs. Dorothy D. Briss, advisor to


tn" nationar schorarship honor


society, Phi Theta Kappa, a¡rnounc-

Gable Talks ;.'":å:Li:":i",S:ii,:'Jååïüil1 Hysiene Classes l:l iliiilii i"i1*: ïliïJïifi: school Mrs. -A.nn Gable, the

excluding physical education. Bltss also stated that there last week, explaining the health lare five students who were memservices available to the Fresnol'bers last semester curren'y regisJuniôr College students. tered at Fresno Junlor College. "As a public health nurse," Mrs' I tUese lnclude Olga Hernandez, Gable said, "I think nutrition is to lfhefesa Magdaleno, Sta¡ley Tusan, health as reading is to educatlon." l Margaret Schott, and Eugene R. . She addecl that the common cold lDurbano. and headache are the most pre- | Those ellgible for membership lnvelent types of slcknesses today I clutte John A¡akelian, Bonita K. anrl is costing industrfes, schools, I Ctaf", Alf"ed Copus, Wtllard R. and the over all public, milllons I Edmunds, RoDert C. Estep, ElleaDor nurse, talkecl to the hygiene classes

ln V /


' of dollars.


I U"..

Flanco. Dmmanuel R. Garrison, Mrs. Gable's hours on the tr'resno I Billy Joe Hardwlck, Laura Lewls, State campus are Thursdays from | tr'rances M. Neely, Rfcha¡d Okadd' ¿ 12:30 to 4:O p.E. and on the mainlÀlbert B. Pa¡ley, James Rfnger' caurpue, Mrs. Gable is here on I Marf J. Stanke, Manerd R. SteTuesdays from 10:30 a.m. to 4:00 lwart, Henry N. Teraoka, Walter p.m. and oD W'ednesdays from I Terrlo, Dera¡ L. Toilglan, Robert Walters. and BarbaÌa 'mlkinsoü. 12:30 to 4:00 p.m.



Rompqge Hqs Competition By F JC Closs

that students on the the conference ar'| main campus will be excused at rantements. 10:30 a.m. and students on the They are assisted bY FJC's stu- | at 10:15 a'm' denr councit ,na .tqae,ü;t;;'lnresn3 l:"t" -tÏn"s

tion's state faculty coordinator, are I dents, saicl

ÀIfreda Barton the association's


majors is a loaD fund provided by the National Secretarial Assocla-

proposals enacted

at Taft. Rrnger, Huberr Erema¡,


should contact him in his office on tbe' main qarÐ,u+ in".Bu.qgsþr;


and the

sald that there are two loa^n funds

Ram Week Rally"ls Planned

California llotel. Jim Rlnger, an




to 19 from 60 California juniorlVOt' Vlll

colleges when tþe California Student Government Ässociation holds its 20th biannual conference in the


WATCH THE BIRDIE-Marlene Stefcrno on the left ond Gene Frqncis crre prccticing for the musicql ossembly, which is to be held on November 4, the lcst dcry ol the Rom 'Week.

The Rampage will have comPetition next week. The advanced dictation class is publishing the first fall issue of their paper', The Outline, MondaY. Ho$¡ever, the readership ofthe Out' line will not be as large as that

of the Rampage, as the Outline is written entirely in sho¡thand except for the masthead and the beadlines.

The Outliue was published for

Staffs To Participate ln Scholastic Press Meeting panel in By HAROLD w¡LSON

which sessious lowed by publicatiotr problems will be discussed, Members will be served Iunch at Fresno High and the afternoon events will feature writing

Members of the FJC Publlcations will particlpete in tlfe San Joaquin Valley Scholastic Prees Association conference to be held at F¡esno contests. Htgh School on. October 29. The contest wlll be in three The conference wlll be attended by members of region 3 which in- sections and on two levels, one for cludÞs ell of the high schools and high school Btudents and one fór junior college students and the Junlor colleges In tr'resno County. Participants will include members three . branches . wlll lnclude the

the first time last sPring. The purpose of the shorthand news' paper is to allow the students to practice the skills they are learn' ing.

The content 6f tne paper will include smâll nev¡s items, interviews with addinistrators and sec-

retaries, features, fashions, book reviews anrl helpful hints.

The etlitor of The Outline is

Corinne Blume. Miss Blume said the other shorthand classes have been lnvited to contrlbute to the papbr.

Students who are working on the

of features, èditorlals, aRd paper are Miss Blume, Rachel Barof the yearbook staffs as well ag writfnÞ gporti stories. ragan, Betty Benabldes, RosemarY those of the newspâPer staÍfs. The speaker fo¡ the morning Price Roblnso¡,, Journalism ad' Chalablan, Carolyn Haw, Donna wtll be Davltl Juehké, Publlc re' vlsor at Fresno Etgh School a¡itl I{ubbard, Theresa Magdaleno, R¿Ylatlons dlrector for the Fregno past Dresident of the Natlonal Àsso' mond Martinez, Lucille Melkonian, bråhcb of Nortb .A,nerlcaù Àvlatlon ctatfon of Journallsm Directors, Jo Ànn Monfort, DorotàY McÐon' '

wtll .:sct as gelêrsl chalrlÀan for altl, Mary Pearson, Auil¡ey'lü'illing' ham, and Shfrley Wong. Mi. Júêhkë'b a{ldrésg ûlll be fol- the conference.

Poge Two


Thursdoy, October 27, 1955

r¡Et[0 JrrtrI[x cott[8t

RMPfrEE m¡f


Published weekly by the journalism students

of the Fresno Junior

College, 1430 O Street, I¡resno, California, and courposed at the Central

Califqrnia Typographic Service, photre 3-3001. Unsigned editorials are the expression of the editor. EDITOR_.-.--_.


-...--_---ÂL COPUS




....--...----...BARBAR.A. WILKINSON

Editor Says To Have Two Campuses Event

Verleo Fqrrens

G. S. Stubblelield

"\ilhy can't we have a brawl ?r' This was the cry of some students on the Fresno State campus

of the Fresno JC

last Friday after they watched the annual brawl between the Fresno State College freshmen and sophomore rvomen* students.

After viewing the question, I came up with what could be called a possible solution. An event perhaps could be arranged between the FJC students on the Fresno State campus against those junior college students on the main campus. TÌ¡e affair would have to be held on one or the other campuses-probably the state campus-and would have to be supervised by the junior college officials. Tlyo students<ne from each campus-lvould be the chairmen of the event. Students from both campuses could volunteer their services. Ttre main things to consider in an event like the one being mentioned is that it could get out of hand. Hortrever, if the event-say ¿ touch football game, with no student who is on the FJC football squad eligible-would be planned carefully by both the students involved and the two chairmen, it could be a real booster in the school's morale. This is an event that could bring the students into "closer relations with one another." However, no one should jump before the gun has gone off as this is only a suggestion and not a scheduled event.

Paper Needs Everyone's Cooperation

SlaD¡ey M.

Bonnett Er¡e¡t H, Wolf

FIC Remarks Given

0n Snap Quizzes

This week we have been hearing remarks from the students about unfair short (shotgun) quizzes. Our roving reporter went out and asked for a few opinions concerning this problem. The question of the week

is: Do you thi¡k that


quizzes are absolutely necessar.y



a qollege


By MARGARET SCHOTT Gervase À Eckenrod, instructor of the new business activities class at Fresno Junior College, said that

Jacinto are responsible for stencils for the publication. Genny Schellen-

berg and Delores Pedroncelli are preparing the material on field trips. Patricia Spomer is gathering

business surveys, field trips, a bulletin board, and a business pub- the information on employment. lication are planned for the school Roscoe Bolin is in charge of yea¡. collecting the publications for a Eckenrod said that the first issue vocational libraly for use by the of the publlcation, The Rams Busi- division and will secure college ness Line, which will be printed and university catalogs as well as monthly, is scheduled about No- informative literature on local




think that unless a teacher specifies that he or she will nof give shotgun quizzes that it is a good idea to tive them." Gertrude S. Stubblefield, a business teacher, hds this opinion. .,I think that it depends upon the nature of the "clase. In some cases a shotgun quiz helps the student to remember, but Ín other cases there would be little advantage to



The purchase of one magazine does not require the purchase ofanother; your special studenú prices are good for all or øny of these three weeklies. Sign up tcday at the campus bookstore or with your college agent.

Homer Dairs, a bnsiness admini stration major and a graduate from Sanger Union ltrigh School, has this to say about the question of the week, "I think that they are




Mondorin Collor SPORT SHIRTS

$5 on¿ $5es



the first national sports weekly, for less than gC aú issue. TB,ATED,

such a quiz."

good in a way, because some people industries. Cecil Lane, Jo Ann Monfort, and wouldn't read the lesson at all Duane Blakeman are working on and then they v¡ould just ride the bulletin boald which will dis- along with the .dlscussion, as most play business division projects and of the class does." activities of Phi Beta Lambda. Ernest ,H. Wolf, an engineering ports otr students who have secured teacher, is of the opinion "There is primary Eckenrod said the atm of positlons as well as sketches of no reason to conside¡ that such a business courses offered at FJC the business protram is to train method as logical procedure is the students to competently fill and business division activities at positions found in the business necessary ÍII considering other the the college. methods rvhich are available to Eleanor Franco and Lorraine world, including those of leader- secure the same goal." ship.



freshman who is majoring in engineering, answers the question in

He said the pamphlet will be sent to local business houses to iuform them of.the qualifications of students seeking full or parttime jobs. It will also include re-

U//. Ð3u/¡,

clqss. Eqch wqs eleÇted.president qs ihe closð set uþ seÞqrqte sets of officers for its two compuses. Bee phòto

Harry Tomas, a graduate from

Edison High School and noril

"I am in favol. of In view of the fact that the Rampage has a great amount this mânner, quizzes, and I think that of news to cover, only the best cooperation by the students, itshotgun by the teachers, and by the various clubs on both campuses makes the kids much more alerJ.', Stanley M. Bennett, an economics will make the paper an interesting one to read. It has come to my attention that at various times, differ- teacher, remarks; "I don,t think ènt reporters r/r¡ere assigned to do their assignment and were that it is absolutely nècessar.y, but I think tbat it is a good way of only criticized by either a student or à teacher. see whether the kids I know that at times a reporter will perhaps bother a checking to properly." teacher or a student from doing his job, but that is not done are studying intentionally. The reporters have a deadline to meet and only Verlee Farrens, a Fresno High with the cooperation of everyone concerned will the Rampage School graduate who is majoring in secretarial traininng, says, ,,I student meet his deadline.

Gervase Eckenrod Tells Of Plans For Business Activities Class

DUO PRESIDENTS-GIynn Bryont, ieft, ond Fred Gqrciq q¡e the two leqders oJ Fresno Junior College's freshmqn


[,{nïEH'S IIRIVE IN Opposile trtqln FJG Gompus Opeñ 7 A.Àl:


12 PJT.

Speciol Roles

To Students

Striped ond Ploin Cotors Long ond Short Sleeves

Rams lnvade Pirates' Stadium Saturday Nite By Fresno JC will gei trtãv ititä¿" trté põtts



Thursdoy, Oclober 27, I 955

Power By Smashing Giants 41'27kick was sprint, Joe uP in


Things are reallY shaPing the Central Caìifornia Junior

Costa's Sood BY MIKE HARTMAN 20-13. read the score and Rams College The Fresno Junior Fresno ended scoring in the first this shou¡ing tremendous power smash' Col-

Iege Association title race seâson. The College of the Se- ed the College of the Sequoias quoias Giants, tabbed bY the ex- Giants 4I-27 SaturdaY night in ;H;ò¿;t-õentrat perts as hea'vY favorites to win Visalia. game. football CCJCÀ crown earlier in the The victory, the second in conthe ^"iü*;"-;ìlt pin their hopes on a much improved running season, are completelY out of the ference play for the Rams, moved attack led by the hard dliving tr'ullrunning for the title. them into third place in the Central back J. C. White ând' that of Left fine running iob of J. C..White Junior College Associais California Porterville, with Taft, along their Halfback Larry Kaprielian. tr'resno' and LalrY KaPrielian for behind Porterville standings Taft tion league in PlâY. unbeaten on the lrassing arm of wer'ìr atainst CoIIete of the in Taft. 19 and to 33 JC swamped Fresno Tom Flores in the first few tames quolas. lhe opening conference game, de' Fresno lost little time in taking go the on with rvill imProved Wiedenhoefer of the season has Los Angeles CitY College the lead, scoring tvice in the filst feated. its \Sround gâme the last two samo lineup of last rveek which 26 to 7, and last \Meek downed quarter. Fresno went ?0 Yards in consists of Richard Fendorak, and Reedley JC 3! to 7. Porterville on six plays for their first touchdo'wn' games. Porterville, under Head Coach, Harold Marquez, ends; Tom'Sano, the other hand, has won over scoring on a 34-Yar-d Pass, Tom Sid Hall, have one of the finest Thurman Burson, or RaY Ledbetter' Reedley 40 to 6, rolled over COS tr'lores to Larry KaPrielian with Junior Coltege fullbacks in Bob tackles; Aldredge and Bob Ditr'uria 33 to 7 and Saturday night routed Don Birkle kicking the extra point' Wiley. WiIeY is a formel Kings- güârds; Bernard Zarusua or Leo a rebuilding Coalinga Collegie team KaPrielian Scores burg High School football and Hall, center; Tom I'lores, quarter- 40 to 0, also scoled the secKaprielian RenNick and KaPrielian back; track standout. tr'resno Jõ'rvith two wins and one ond touchdown on a ?O-Yard sprint Top linemen boasted bY the dino. halfbâcks, and White, fttll- loss to their credit hold on to around rlght entl. The attempted Pirates are AubreY Worden, Bob back. place and will be shooting conversion ì¡as no good. thirtl Edwards, Bob Johnson, and Montie victory No. 3 against Porterfor Rams increased their lead Bedford. Cooch Announces Coge ville Saturday night in Porterville. asThe J. C. White scored on Fullback The Pirates are re ported to u"o" I cos follows in the standings Ï¡ith a 65 yard run and Birkle booted a. well balanced team with manY Proctice Storts MondoY mark and Joe KellY, head basketball coach, a one win and two loss the extra Point. returning veterans from last year's prac' Reedley and Coalinga share the basketball the that annottnced Lee Taylor adtlecl six points for sqnad. COS with a 22'Yarð' touchdo'\iln Hans 'Wierlenhoefer, FJC coach, tice will start November 1 from cellar. praised the fine rvolk of John 5 to 7 p.m. et Yosemite Junior PATRONIZE OUR ADVERIISERS middle guard, and the High gym.

night.when orterville in Association

half on a 2l-yard pass from tr'lores

to Chuck Hevron. Birkle


his thircl extt'a point arrd at half time the Rams led


In the third quarter Ilresno

scoled again on a 22-Yard run bY Kaprielian for his-third TD. Àgain

Birkte kieked the extra


Eariy in the fourth quarter Flores

hit Kaprietian with a 38-Yard Pass and another touc.hdown. Birkle booted his fifth extra point of the game.

COS ended the scoring when BiIl Taylor smashed over fi'om one yard out. Lee Taylor convertedSummarY .----]..3-74-7'7-41 Fresno 0-13-7-7-27 cos -...---.-..--Fresno: KaPrielian, 4, Scoring White,- Hevron. PAT - Birkle, 5. L. Taylor, 2, Burrows, B' COS - PAT J. Costa, 2, L' Taylor. Taylor.




Across from Fresno JC



7600 GASOIINE when


ra ¡ns smart

glrls wear

(001 sl ickers



colorsg I1..95

REIIDINO c long gcri key block

rounds left end for Fresno .JC Hq¡old Mqrquez is throwing o ürdoy-nþhl. -holfbock' icr" tigl iÉ in the bockgrround. Photo by cone



Fulton at Fresno

Thursdoy, Ociober 27, 1955


Pcge Fou¡

State Assemblyman Now lnstructor FJC History .Bv


Club Selecfs MonÍort As New President offi-



for the 32nd district of Fresno. --H;;,d¿ñõ-came to Southern Cal'fornia in--f9-25-apa þfuT to f"è*ó.-tte is a graduate of Fresno High School ¡nd -o-uäã also of trbesuo State College.

The new Phi Beta Lambtla cers Bre Jo Ann Monfort, President; Duane Blakeman, {lrst vice'

hås also done graduste stqdies et

the UnlversitY of

president; LYdta FhY, second vicepreslclent; Barbara'Wilkinson, secretary; RaY Hamilton, treasurer; and. Eleanor Franco, reporter'

he hait a Job of iDspecting figg and then delivering milk. In 1940' he begàn teaching Engllsh at Sierra Unfon High and later taught psycholoE:Y school.



A. Eckenrotl'

Braxton C. Henderson' GamPue ActivitY




WHÃT'S H^A,PPENING?-Two of the.FJC's students' Curlev M. Ho¡ris ol 439 S. Fruit, left, crnd Richcrd Kurushima of house 2138 Weller, cne putting electrical wires in the FJC's beinS built bY the students'

a dance ool from 15.

Officers were aleo eilected



recent meetlng. TheY are Al Brown' president; Larry f'oote, vlce-presi'

å::,T"å:'J'åT'"ï::ï''"i::;äïi and Morris McClaY, treasurer' Newman urup


executive secretarY of Fresno Labor Council, vice-Presitlent of

ranco, Publicit'YThe advisols are Mrs' Edna Hart-


at Fresno State

Henderson is best known for his civic background. He was elected to the lower house ln 1951. He was

tions; GennY Schellenburg, Public relations; Janice Roush, Posters; Blakeman, fielcl trips, and Miss F


Between high school anal college'

A historian remains to be aP' pointed Yet. Chairman of the committees are Hamilton, waYs and mea¡s; ShtrleY UPPerman,

D. Hentl-eisõnls a Fresno Junior Colleg-e new rtiito"v i".tructor. He is also a state assemblvman







' ' --

Re-oh,þY::*f i: antl :',:i'1'#ilf :1"",:"'i':lå.'ï"ilJqsif Dr. f,. R. Just, sociologY Sierra Redwoods'



has two

rt i f i c ori o n s

l"'a¡e:Tþl,l: lig: S: l and 4' attendingl'November "ç All vetera.ns who urs. Louise Murphy, shou

!'resno Unitecl Glvers Plant executive board member of the trÌesng County Heart Assdciatlon' He also was a soclal worker forl' tbe State of California, arìd sponI

j:' :T:t:i i:, i:'*: " " Nstional Il:",,':tîTäLit""i" :;.*iiT:i:i County chaPter of -the

s marrrèd,"u I g-o:]:^îll1

sons, ,..i¿e's'^''i-




Education FetlowshlD

school under PL 550 may sign I .I"!:-"--th" veterans urges all u. monthly certlfication, l ans secretary, alforLZ-.rSS!1.--^The Newman Club wlll hold ha*nraa¡l+a crn es sôon as oosslble. ^.^^,-^ 'n

in the


of St'


Church to elect officers' There will be dancing, and refreshmeDts

will be served'

Aws Genny Schellenburg, secretary

of tåe Àssoclated Women Students' arrnouoce¿ that the Pins for the officers are here.

Bobbie Burton, raice'Preslclent' that there is going to be a


to 1 P'm' campus main the of hall in the cake sale from 10 a'm' November





better F¡gorettg* r





Enjoy o Cool Mildness never possible before!

Dqn Mercerville, ProP' 3O9l Venturo Frcsno, Calif' GEf HEPI Fre¡no Junlor Collegc etu' J.nt, toy, Hockel'Cowon'¡ lccord DeportmGnl



Frcsno's OnlY Self-Service Record ShoP


See You Soon!

l;54 F"lio?5t

Ph 6¡l7l













ChesteîlField '* Made w¡thAæupa4