Issuu Advertisement Offerings - How to Promote With Issuu

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Promoted Reads Boost your marketable metrics with Issuu’s most interactive ad placement.

What is it? Promoted Reads guarantees you reads by delivering your publication ahead of any basic documents in your target demographic. The publication is fully interactive for at least seven seconds, at which point the user can either navigate to your page or exit the advertisement. The delivered reads are then reflected in your publisher statistics.

Use Cases Targeted Exposure Get your publication in front of the eyes you’re looking for. We can target your promoted reads by interest category and geography, meaning only those you want to see your ad will see it. Metric Improvement By guaranteeing reads on your publisher statistics, we can make sure you reach a minimum amount of reads on any publication, making us a powerful tool for marketers and publishers alike.


Reads $.35 / read 1,500 reads for $535 5,000 reads for $1,750 10,000 reads for $3,500

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Promoted Impressions Make your stats pop by guaranteeing hundreds of thousands of reads on your publications.

What is it? Promoted Impressions displays your publication in the unit to the bottom-right of the main publication, where it can be expanded, set to auto-flip, or clicked-through to a desired link. Each time this ad is displayed, an impression is reflected in your publisher statistics. Delivery of the impressions can be spread out to fit your desired marketing schedule.

Use Cases Find your Audience Want to deliver your content to a targeted audience? We can help you deliver your brochures, catalogues, magazines, flyers, and more to any city, state, country or region in the world. Scale your Audience By offering your publication hundreds of thousands of interactive impressions, you can easily boost the metrics that matter when it comes to growing your business. When you advertise with Issuu, we’ll guaranteethat you hit your impressions goals every time.


Impressions $15 CPM (Cost per 1,000) The more you order, the lower the price. Our most common packages are: 100,000 impressions for $1,500 250,000 impressions for $3,125 500,000 impressions for $5,000

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Social Spotlight Package Expand your reach and get featured on Issuu’s socials and newsletters, seen by millions worldwide.

Issuu Social Spotlight We will feature you on our social media platforms, for a week, with a strategy tailor-made for your publication. We will feature you on the official Issuu Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, as well as the Issuu blog. Together, these platforms have a total of 10 million monthly impressions, and the material we create for you can Whether it’s an interview, feature, or profile, Issuu can help tell your story and amplify your voice to our vast international audience.

Newsletter Promotion

In our monthly CONNECTIONS newsletter, we display up to 6 featured publications per month. In these spots publishers may display customized copy, creatives, and clickthroughs to the publication of your choosing. The newsletter has an audience of 1 million of our most engaged readers and publishers, with an open rate of 20%. Impressions from this ad are not reflected in your publisher statistics.




$500 per post per platform Social Package for $1,500

Standard spot for $1,000

Social Package x2 for $2,750

Premium spot for $1,250

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