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Julia Pallé Formula E, Senior Sustainability Consultant

Alexandre Gueschir FIA, Marketing Director

Laurent Mekies Ferrari, Sporting Director

Alexandre Turpin Williams Racing, Business Manager

Mario Isola Pirelli, Head of F1

Andrew Wheatley FIA, WRC Category Manager

Matthieu Bonardel Michelin, Product Research Technical Director

Bruno Famin FIA, Director of Operations

Michael Shearer OBE, McLaren Applied, Managing Director (Asia Pacific), and, Sustainability Adviser

 rof. Burkhard Goeschel P FIA, President of the Electric and New Energy Championship Commission Clive Bowen Apex Circuit Designs, Founder and Director Garry Connelly FIA Environmental Delegate Stefano Domenicali CEO of Lamborghini  rof. Gérard Saillant P FIA, President FIA Medical Commission

Nikolas Tombazis, FIA Head of Single Seater Technical Matters Oliver Ciesla Ex WRC Promoter Chief Executive Pascal Vasselon Toyota, Senior General Manager Chassis Peter Wright FIA, Consultant Simon Larkin WRC Promoter, Event Director

Giles Simon FIA, Technical Director

Simone Perego FIA, Project Officer and Manufacturer’s Commission Coordinator

James Allison Mercedes, Technical Director

Thomas Riedel Riedel Communications, Founder and CEO

Joao Sousa IUCN, Senior Programme Officer


This story long-list was then narrowed down to a final shortlist of stories based on the following criteria, with stories that met all 4 criteria being included within the final report: → Motorsport Link Can we credibly say that the prime driver of innovation stems from the motorsport industry or was substantially advanced by it? → Credibility & Relevance Is this innovation being used today and has it been deployed by a credible source? → Societal Benefit Does this innovation bring significant value to society (social and/or environmental)? → Impact & Scale Has this innovation been used widely, or does it have the potential to have impact at scale? The final shortlist of stories were written using the details provided from the interviews and workshop, as well as expert third party sources. To verify and ensure credibility of each story, a minimum of 2 independent sources were used as evidence, with a particular focus on using identified sources outside the motorsport world to remove any form of bias or conflicted interests. Each story was then run past an internal FIA review committee for final review and sign off before being published in the report.

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A Report on the contribution of motor sport to health safety and the environment  

A Report on the contribution of motor sport to health safety and the environment  

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