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RAYLEIGH SPICY Indian Restaurant & Take Away

Take Away Exquisite Indian Cuisine

MENU FREE HOME DELIVERY On all orders over £10.00 Or enjoy a 10% discount upon collection (minimum order applies) Our delivery areas include

Hockley, Hullbridge, Rayleigh, Eastwood A service charge of £2.00 may apply to deliveries over 4 miles radius)

All major credit cards accepted There is a 50p surcharge for orders under £10.00

STARTERS 1 Onion Bhajis (3)


Fresh onion battered, fried, mildly spiced.

2 Samosas (2)


Pastry stuffed with minced lamb or vegetables.

3 Chicken or Lamb Tikka


Marinated in special sauces, baked in clay oven.

4 Tandoori Chicken (1 Piece)


Marinated in yoghurt, cooked on skewers.

5 Sheek Kebab


Spiced mince lamb barbecued on skewers.

6 Shami Kebab


Spiced lamb burger, fried in ghee.

7 Chicken Chat on Puri


Chicken cocktail in special chat mossalla.

8 Aloo Chat on Puri


Potato cocktail in special chat mossalla.

9 Prawn on Puri


Large prawn served with deep fried bread.

10 King Prawn on Puri


Large king prawn served with fried bread.

11 King Prawn Butterfly


Delicately cook with spices, breadcrumbed.

12 Syleti Tikka(Dry)


Chicken Marinated in garlic.

13 Chicken Pakora Mildly spiced in light batter. 14 New Achaari Chicken on Puri

£2.95 £2.95

Cooked in lime and yoghurt.

15 New Aloo Kebab


Vegetarian sik kebab.

15a New Reshmi Kebab


Lamb burger wrapped in spicy omelette.

15b New Roop Chanda (fish) Silver pomfret grilled and served with lightly fried onions.


TANDOORI SPECIALITY (Served with Salad and mint sauce)

16 Chicken or Lamb Tikka


Diced lamb or chicken cooked in spiced yoghurt.

17 Tandoori Chicken (half)


Marinated and spiced, cooked in the tandoor.

17 Tandoori Chicken (Full)


Marinated and spiced, cooked in the tandoor.

18 Sheek Kebab


Minced lamb with herbs and spices.

19 Syleti Tikka(Dry)


Baked chicken in creamy marinade.

20 Chicken Shaslic


With Green peppers, tomatoes and onions.

21 Lamb Shaslic


With Green peppers, tomatoes and onions.

22 Tandoori King Prawn Shaslic


Large prawns, green peppers, tomatoes and onions.

23 Tandoori King Prawn


King Prawns marinated and spiced.

24 Tandoori Mixed Grill (with Nan) Consists of tandoori chicken, mixed tikka and sheek kebab.

HOUSE SPECIALITIES (These dishes are our chef’s specialities and are cooked to our own recipe)

Lamb or Chicken...£6.95 * Prawn...£7.50 Tandoori King Prawn...£10.50 * Duck...£7.50 25 Tikka Kushbu (Medium) Tangy and aromatic, in bhuna style.

26 Khandari Meat cooked with selected vegetables.

27 Manchorian In a mango and peach pulp.

28 Syleti Makani (Mild) Cooked in our own butter sauce.

29 Shalimar Medium, in thick gravy.

30 Rezzala With diced onion and capsicum.


CHEF’S RECOMMENDATIONS (Traditional Indian dishes mastered by our chef)

Prawn...£7.50 * Tandoori King Prawn...£10.50 Duck...£7.50 31 Chicken or Lamb Tikka Mossalla


Spiced and grilled on charcoal with a mild creamy sauce.

32 Chicken or Lamb Passanda


With almonds, sultanas, coconut butter and cream sauce.

33 Roshni Chicken or Lamb


With fresh garlic.

34 Chicken or Lamb Jalfrezi


Onion, green peppers, tomato, green chillies - hot.

35 Chicken or Lamb Korai


In thick gravy with chopped onion, green pepper and tomato.

36 Darjeeling Chicken or Lamb


Thick sauce garnished with onion rings.

37 Agrah Chicken or Lamb


Creamy will rich spices.

38 Muglay Chicken or Lamb


In almond and coconut sauce richly flavoured with egg.

40 Naga Chicken or Lamb


Rayleigh spicy Hot One!!!!

PERSIAN DISHES (Served with pilaw rice)

41 DANSAK Cooked in lentils, sweet and sour with methi. 42 PATHIA cooked in hot and sour sauce. Lamb or Chicken Prawn King Prawn Tikka Vegetable

£6.95 £7.50 £8.95 £7.50 £6.50

43 BIRANI Cooked with saffron sauce. A favourite with newcomers to Indian cuisine. Served with vegetable curry.

Lamb or Chicken Prawn King Prawn. Tikka Vegetable

£6.95 £7.50 £8.95 £7.50 £6.50

CURRY DISHES Lamb or Chicken...£4.95 * Prawn...£6.10 King Prawn...£7.50 * Lamb or Chicken Tikka...£5.95 44 Curry (Medium) 45 Madras (Fairly Hot) 46 Vindaloo (Very Hot) 47 Bhuna Indian style stir fry with tomatoes and green peppers.

48 Korma Mild and sweet in creamy sauce.

49 Malaya (mild) With pineapple.

50 Rogan Josh Cooked dry topped with sliced tomato.

51 Dopiaza With diced onions.

52 Kashmir (mild) With banana and lychee.

53 Ceylon Madras sauce with coconut.

54 Methi Fenugreek herbs.

55 Phall (Extra Hot) 63 Saag (spinach) Add Mushroom (90p) to Any Dish

BALTI DISHES (Derived from Nepal, cooked in the special balti sauce.)

76 Lamb or Chicken Tikka Balti 77 Lamb or Chicken 78 Prawn 79 King Prawn 80 Vegetable Keema Bhuna Balti minced lamb Chicken Chilli Balti or Mossalla Murgh Mossalla With minced lamb and egg. King Prawn Delight Creamy with lychee's and topped with onion rings.

£6.95 £5.95 £6.95 £7.95 £5.50 £7.50 £6.95 £7.50 £7.95

NEW ADDITIONS Lamb or Chicken...£8.50 * Duck...£9.50 Prawn...£8.95 * Tandoori King Prawn...£10.95

Tamarind Indian - Hot & Sour Jeera Nawabi (mild) - In cumin sauce Tolley Mossala (Hot) – With chilli & tandoori marinade

MAIN VEGETARIAN DISHES (Cooked in vegetable oil containing no allergic properties to our knowledge)

95 Vegetable Kushbu Tangy and aromatic - bhuna style. 96 Vegetable Kandari With kidney beans and mushrooms. 97 Malai Kofta Vegetable nuggets in a creamy sauce. 98 Dall Samba Hot and sour with lentils. 99 Egg Bhuna 100 Vegetable Roshni Flavoured with garlic. 101 Vegetable Manchorian Cooked in mango and peach pulp. 102 Vegetable Korma 103 Vegetable Makani Cooked in a rich butter sauce. 104 Vegetable Jalfrezi Cooked with fresh chillis.

£5.50 £5.50 £5.50 £5.50 £5.50 £5.50

£5.50 £5.50

£5.50 £5.50

SUNDRIES 81 Plain Rice 82 Pilau Rice 83 Special Fried Rice With eggs, peas, sultanas and almonds.

84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94

Mushroom Rice Vegetable Rice Keema Rice/ Chilli Rice Tandoor Roti Chapati Puri Plain Papadom Spicy Papadom Chutneys(each) Rhaita Chips

£1.70 £1.80 £2.20 £2.20 £2.50 £2.50 £1.80 £1.00 £1.00 50p 50p 50p £1.50 £1.50

NANS 122 123 124 125 126 130 127 128 129

Plain Nan Keema Nan (Minced Lamb) Peshwari Nan (coconut) Garlic Nan Kulcha Nan (Vegetable) Chilli Nan Paratha Stuffed Paratha Keena Paratha

£1.80 £1.95 £1.95 £1.95 £1.95 £2.15 £1.80 £1.95 £2.15

SIDE DISHES 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117

Vegetable Bhajee Vegetable Curry Bombay Aloo Mushroom Bhajee Cauliflower Bhajee Sag Bhajee (Spinach) Chana Mossalla (Chick Pea) Tarka Dall (Lentils) Bhindi Bhajee (Okra) Sag Aloo Aloo Gobi Sag Puneer Mator Puneer

£2.50 £2.50 £2.50 £2.50 £2.50 £2.50 £2.50 £2.50 £2.50 £2.50 £2.50 £2.50 £2.50

(Cheese with Peas)

118 119 120 121

Aloo Peas Sag Mushroom Brinjal Bhajee New Niramish

£2.50 £2.50 £2.75 £2.75

(Sweet and sour Vegetable)

Having difficulty choosing? Turn to the next page for our discounted set meals

DISCOUNTED SET MEALS Set Meal For Two Sheek Kebab (ST) Lamb Bhuna Bombay Aloo,

All this only £18.50

Pilaw Rice

Meat Samosa

Syleti Makani Vegetable Curry Keema Nan

Mint Sauce


Vegetarian Meal Onion Bhajee(ST)

All this

Vegetable Samosa

Vegetable Kushbu


Vegetable Mossalla

Bombay Aloo


Brinjal Bhajee



Mint Sauce Non-Vegetarian Thali For One

Chicken Tikka (ST) Chicken Passanda

All this Only £11.50

Sheek Kebab (ST) Lamb Bhuna Salad

Pilau Rice

Keema Nan

Vegetarian Thali For One Vegetable Kushbu

Bombay Aloo

All this Only £10.95

Bindi Bhajee

Mint Sauce

Chana Mossalla

Rice Nan

(Above dishes can be changed, extra charge may occur)

The RAyleigh Spicy Takeaway Menu  
The RAyleigh Spicy Takeaway Menu  

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