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Make the case for Music Kevin Rogers and Henry Vann

The context • Accountability: ROCK

– League tables – Ofsted

• Budgets: – Reduced staffing – Reduced KS4 /KS5


• Heads want strong music: they need help

Quality: parents / students will demand good music remains ‘excellence in • Curriculum strength is musical learning vital to a good music dept. by all, through uncompromising expectations • Student interviews can and musical provide powerful evidence passion from the teachers’ • Parental letters get noticed ‘it is inappropriate to • Community feedback consider a choice between music for the • Teaching: creative, elite and music for all: it imaginative, inclusive has to be for everyone’

Value, not cost: in school • If the school is funding aspects of the music department’s work, how widely does the benefit spread? • Headteachers / governors must recognise that COST is not the same as the VALUE across the school • But we need to prove it . . .

Value, not cost: all students must benefit • Do all students hear music played by students for: – Assemblies – Informal concerts – Formal concerts

• Do all students benefit from the expertise of instrumentalists/singers in MOST class lessons?

Value, not cost: the impact on students • Who is involved: – SEND, looked after, PP, etc.

• Instrumental learning • Ensemble participation • Event impact: your school and the local Hub • Student testimonies – dyslexic, autistic students

Value, not cost: the wider community • School community: – do you say ‘yes’ to requests for music at school events?

• Local community: – does it expect school music at local events?

• Publicity machine:

‘Music has become the lifeblood of the school ’

‘The music department contributes strongly to the ‘spiritual communions’ of the school: it positively affects SMSC and pride in the school’

– Parents will choose schools with good music

‘Developing a strong music provision has changed the culture of the school’

The research basis • Brain research: – Choose information that sits well with the SLT’s values and approach to education – Memory work: • dementia and music research • learning facts through song • 29 index references to memory

The research basis • Research on: – learning an instrument

– In Harmony; Kodaly; etc – positive progress 8 scores at secondary

The research basis • The Power of Music – Professor Susan Hallam – Available from Music Education Council

The research basis • ‘Soft skills’ research Hampshire Music GCSE leaflet: – Cultural issues in a fragmented society – Creativity . . . . but your curriculum must deliver!

• Business / industry requirements • Mental health issues: especially singing

The research basis • Social impact – Cross-age collaboration – Community choral group

• Leadership skills – music ambassadors – the music team (buddies) – technical / recording / PA leaders – Arts Award

Clarity of arguments for all aspects of music education Curriculum music

Instrumental and vocal learning; ensembles

Musical ‘events’ and opportunities

Some tips from other teachers • Ofsted inspections, these can help. • Your school’s SEF. – Ofsted's Preparing a school self-evaluation

• Parents and carers – your friends. • Excellent teaching. • Seek help when it is needed – nationally and locally. • Never give up.

The National Context • Your music education hub • Ofsted – are they now a friend? – Opposing a truncated KS3

– And the evidence supports this 2-year KS3: L5+ 69.8% L6+ 12.7% L7+ 0% 3-year KS3: L5+ 92.7% L6+ 47.0% L7+ 9.6% (Hampshire figures, 2012)

– And their framework supports you.

• EBacc, Progress 8 and Bacc for the Future

The National Context • ISM / ISM Trust Certificates. • Careers and employability: HESA, Deloitte, IBM, UBS and more • Colleagues everywhere will be there to help – have a look at the ISM blog

Over to you: • What are your tips? • What else can you do? • Do you have any questions?

Kevin Rogers Hampshire County Council’s Music Service and ISM Council Member Henry Vann Head of External Affairs 020 7313 9327

Make the case for Music  

On Thursday 22 March 2018 Kevin Rogers, County Music Inspector for Hampshire and a Council Member of the ISM and Henry Vann, Head of Externa...

Make the case for Music  

On Thursday 22 March 2018 Kevin Rogers, County Music Inspector for Hampshire and a Council Member of the ISM and Henry Vann, Head of Externa...