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Mission & Vision Turkish American Society of Michigan (TASM) is a non-profit organization established in 2009 to plan and execute cultural, intercultural, educational, religious, charitable, literary, sporting, and social programs and activities.  The mission of TASM has complementary and synergetic components: addressing the cultural and social needs of Turkish-Americans as well as members of other nations who have historical and cultural ties with Turkish people; introducing Turkish Culture to Michiganders; and helping Turkish-Americans better integrate into the society.  Our vision is to establish bridges between Turkish and American Cultures to cultivate friendship and promote a better understanding of diverse cultures through dialog, communication, and interaction.

Community Services

Turkish Classes TASM offers Turkish language classes from beginner to advanced levels to help students develop their listening, writing, and reading skills.

Weekend School At TASM Weekend School, children watch movies, read books, do arts and crafts projects, engage in fun activities, play games, and socialize with each other. Our volunteers offer tutoring support to children who would like to enhance their understanding of a specific subject or concept.


Seminars & Presentations One of the usual activities of TASM is organizing presentations and educational seminars on a variety of topics. TASM invites renowned experts to share their knowledge and experience with Turkish-Americans living in Michigan as well as our friends in the community.


Winter Retreat It is a tradition for our community members to take a week off in late December for a winter retreat, typically at a vacation resort. Families get together to relax while children enjoy playing together for a full week.

Picnics Warm weather is the time to enjoy the outdoors. TASM organizes several community picnics in spring and summer. Turkish community members and their friends and neighbors get together to enjoy great food, friendly atmosphere, and fun sporting activities.


Intercultural Events

Community Dinners TASM combines efforts with other community organizations that share the same mission of promoting diversity, intercultural dialog, friendship, and mutual understanding. TASM organizes or proudly sponsors the organization of several programs such as Neighborhood and Friendship Dinners, Annual Dialog Dinners, and Intercultural Receptions.


Trips To Turkey Turkey is on the crossroads of many ancient and contemporary civilizations and is considered to be one of the biggest natural open air museums for its history and culture. Trips are organized annually for those who would like to visit this mystical country and experience the distinct hospitality of the Turkish people.


Noah’s Pudding Carrying out one of the main goals of TASM, promoting intercultural understanding and fostering dialog among diverse cultures, our volunteers prepare and share hundreds of cups of Noah’s Pudding (known as Ashure in Turkey) with neighbors and different community organizations in Michigan. This tradition has emerged as a form of remembrance of Noah and his followers’ salvation from flood, which is described in scriptures of all Abrahamic religions.


TASM Women

Turkish Coffee & Movie Nights Throughout the year, TASM hosts Turkish Coffee & Movie Nights in which our guests get together to enjoy a taste of the Turkish culture. These events feature select movie presentations, slide shows, and samples from Turkish Cuisine.

Henna Nights Henna Night is a traditional part of a Turkish wedding ceremony celebrated by the bride, her family, and her friends a day before the wedding day. Every year, TASM hosts live demonstrations of the Henna Night ceremony. After the ceremony, the guests enjoy the rest of the night with folk dances, music, and delicious food.


Breakfast With The Ladies Of Tasm TASM Women’s Branch regularly welcomes our guests and their children to enjoy breakfast and a delightful conversation together. It is a wonderful time to catch-up with friends, share something new with one another and savor exquisite breakfast treats.

Cook & Share Classes Turkish Cuisine is among the most delicious and well known in the world. TASM Women’s Branch hosts Cook & Share Classes; a perfect opportunity to learn how to make some of the most favorite dishes of the Turkish Cuisine. Following the cooking session, the participants enjoy the meals they just cooked together.


Crafts & Bake Sales TASM organizes Crafts & Bake Sales to help the victims of natural disasters around the globe. TASM Women's Branch prepare and sell delicious Turkish dishes and wonderful works of art to raise money. During these activities, our guests not only enjoy the delicious food but also get the opportunity to support a good cause.


Giving Back

Helping Hands TASM pays special attention to sharing with the community and especially with its most disadvantaged members. TASM encourages its volunteers to take more time and effort to step in and contribute by being more active in extending a helping hand to those in need.


Retirement Home Visits

Visiting the elderly is an integral component of the Turkish Culture. Members of our community regularly visit retirement homes and share friendly conversations with the residents. Our children also find the opportunity to remember and pay respect to them.


Food For The Homeless

TASM organizes charity events to distribute food to those who are in need. Our volunteers regularly visit soup kitchens and homeless shelters to help with food preparation and service.


Special Days & Events

National And Religious Days Of Significance TASM regularly organizes programs on national and religious days of significance. These programs include the celebration of Turkish National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, commemoration of the fallen soldiers of Gallipoli, and celebration of the nights of religious significance.

Bayram Gatherings Ramazan Bayrami (Eid Al-Fitr) and Kurban Bayrami (Eid Al-Adha) are important religious holidays for Muslims. TASM organizes Bayram celebrations every year where families, friends, and children find the opportunity to get together as a community, exchange presents, and enjoy great food.

Mother’s Day & Father’s Day Celebrations TASM volunteers organize parties on these special days. Our children participate in activities and present gifts to their parents.



Arts Club

TASM provides Michiganders the opportunity to learn about traditional Turkish art forms such as Ebru (Water Marbling) and Calligraphy.

Music Club Our volunteers offer individual classes on commonly used Turkish classical music instruments such as Ney, Oud, Tanbur, and Bendir.

Sports Club Soccer, basketball, bowling, and table tennis are some of the sports activities regularly held throughout the year.



International Spring Festival TASM organizes International Spring Festival each year to celebrate the arrival of the spring. Turkish-American Michiganders as well as members of other nations who have historical and cultural ties with Turkish people are invited to the festival which is complemented by warm weather and a friendly atmosphere. The event provides a perfect opportunity for children to enjoy the sun with fun games, popcorn, and cotton candy. It is also a great time for adults to meet with other families and share pleasant conversations.


International Children’s Festival Every year, TASM organizes the International Children's Festival, an amicable day of fraternity dedicated to fostering communal exchange, peace and fellowship, and promoting cultural understanding among Michiganders with diverse backgrounds. Groups of children representing various countries and cultures contribute to the event with their traditional dances and songs. The event also features country exhibit stands where the guests have a chance to become more familiar with different cultures from around the world. In addition, TASM volunteers offer homemade Turkish food delicacies and refreshments for guests and face painting, popcorn, and cotton candy for children.



1451 E. Big Beaver Rd. Troy, MI 48083 Tel: (248) 952 8276 Fax: (248) 680 7446

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