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Accelerate your career with ISM Master’s Studies

Why Master’s at ISM? Speed is one of the main factors for success in business. What about your professional success? Will you wait for the opportunity or will you take action now? Invest in your own success – get knowledge, skills and network while studying for a Master's degree at ISM. Our programmes are designed for young professionals, as well as those who want to start a career in their chosen field. Here you will find world-class lecturers, programmes based on content from Harvard and Oxford universities, and real business case studies. You will develop a network of like-minded ambitious professionals and gain invaluable interpersonal skills. Dr. Dalius Misiūnas


ARE WE A GOOD FIT FOR YOUR FUTURE SUCCESS? YOU DECIDE! Have you ever wondered what impact a world-class Master’s degree would have on your career? We know the answer. According to the Government Strategic Analysis Center,

ISM Master’s alumni earn 80 % more than graduates of other universities.


Source: STRATA, graduates of economics, marketing and management, 2015-2018 m.



98 % of International Master’s graduates are employed in their field of competence


Average monthly netto salary – 2000 Eur 1-2 years after graduation*

1 out of 4 have their own business

99 % of graduates would recommend MSc studies to friends or family

* ISM alumni survey, 2019, 318 respondents (alumni of Master’s studies)




60 % of faculty from abroad

Academics from well-acknowledged European and US universities, such as Oxford, Harvard, Illinois Institute of Technology, etc.

x2 Opportunity to gain a double-degree diploma from prestigious business schools


According to the biggest investors in Lithuania, ISM University provides the best education quality The investors’ confidence index for Lithuanian (ICIL), 2019



3 programmes for your future success






INTERNATIONAL MARKETING AND MANAGEMENT Become a marketing expert with this in-depth, market-oriented programme, designed to arm you with knowledge and skills for a career in marketing! Whether it’s digitalisation, market research or branding – we have the current updates from market professionals and globally-minded academics.


Programme details Duration

1,5 years + Master's thesis

Mode of study

Compatible with work and other commitments (approx. 3 evenings per week)

Tuition fee

2475 Eur per semester Fee with discount: 2104 Eur per semester for employees of ISM sponsor companies 1733 Eur per semester for ISM alumni 999 Eur per semester with state scholarship


At least 18 ECTS credits in the fields of of Management/Economics/ Business/Human Resources/ Marketing or Finance

Double degree opportunities


HOW IS THIS PROGRAMME SPECIAL? Exclusive Harvard University course in Lithuania! This course is fully based on the content of Harvard University. The course analyses the success stories of competitors, their determinants, the uniqueness of competitiveness and other important factors affecting it.

Exceptional course in CUSTOMER VALUE ANALYTICS offered in only five universities in Europe! Course taught by renowned lecturer Kristina Maikštėnienė and strategist Gedas Kučinskas.

Ranked no 1! Programme ranked highest among all marketing Master's programmes in Lithuania (data of the Study Quality Assessment Center).


Signature courses Andrius Grigorjevas Brand Management Learn from one of the most famous branding professionals, strategists and keynote speakers in Lithuania. You will get hands-on experience in creating brand development plans and presenting it to companies’ representatives. Andrius Grigorjevas is a partner at Synthesis Consulting and Be&Do companies, both of which consult on branding strategy.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Virginija Poškutė Microeconomics of Competitiveness Immerse yourself into the Harvard University experience! The Microeconomics of Competitiveness is a distinct graduate subject, offered in cooperation with prof. M. Porter and a team of his colleagues at Harvard Business School (HBS). You will explore the determinants of industrial competitiveness and successful economic development viewed from a bottom-up, microeconomic perspective. You will learn about government policy, as well as what roles companies, industry associations, universities and other institutions play in competitiveness. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Virginija Poškutė is the only certified professor in Lithuania to teach this course. The professor has an international experience working on projects of World Bank, United Nations, UNICEF, European commission, as well as national projects on economic and social policy issues.


PhD candidate Gedas Kučinskas Kristina Maikštėnienė Customer Value Analytics You will get the foundation on how to measure and manage marketing performance to increase profitable growth, and how to raise company’s marketing accountability to a higher level. This course provides an introduction to marketing analytics and marketing metrics – some of the most important tools for making marketing accountable and strategic. Gedas Kučinskas works as Head of Strategy at media agency BPN LT, which develops cutting edge online and offline marketing solutions for leading companies. In this course he will join forces with ISM marketing guru Kristina Maikštėnienė, who has over 20 years experience in business consulting and executive education.


Dr. Dominyka VenciĹŤtÄ—, Merkys SaukeviÄ?ius Integrated Marketing Communications Dominyka is a founder & personal branding guru at Persona Cognita. In this course she will join forces with procurement and negotiations expert Merkys Saukevicius, who has accumulated a solid experience in top managing positions in companies like Lietuvos Energija and SEB bank. You will get a deep understanding of marketing communication and learn to develop a communication strategy for a real industry client. Challenges in marketing communication from the perspective of an agency, client and media sides will be addressed to convey a comprehensive view on integrated communication.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vatroslav Ĺ kare Digital and Social Media Marketing Get ready to master growth marketing tools! You will develop digital marketing strategies and effective KPIs on measuring the success of your media plan. This course will discuss content management, social media, mobile marketing and viral marketing. Vatroslav Ĺ kare is an experienced digital marketing and branding professional, with experience in consulting business. The professor has been his own consulting company and been implementing digital marketing and branding strategies for multiple companies in sectors such as tourism, hospitality, retail, banking and others.


Hear from our alumni!

"The magic of marketing, innovativeness and entrepreneurship, creativity, strategic thinking and project management, teamwork, presentations, professional lecturers, and stress rising from the necessity to combine studies and work... These are just a few associations of my experience in the International Marketing and Management programme. If anyone asked me to distinguish one attribute I've learned, it would be a "can do" attitude, which is imperative and advantageous in the current global competitive market!"

Rokas MackeviÄ?ius Head of Business Development at M&M Trade Lt, Ltd. 16

Doc. dr. Lineta RamonienÄ— Director of International Marketing and Management Programme Lineta specialises in strategic management and marketing and has been teaching, and developing business applications for over 15 years. Lineta also actively advises companies n the area of strategic management and marketing. Lineta is a member of the American Marketing Association (AMA). In recent years, she has done internships at IESE Business School (Spain), University of Chicago Booth School (USA), University of South Florida (USA), University of Leuven (Belgium) and University of Twente (Netherlands).

Want to find out more?

Talk to the programme director! 17


Situated at the crossroads between Economics and Finance, this programme is dedicated to aspiring leaders in the financial industry. Programme graduates are able to apply methods of mathematical statistics and econometric models to the analysis of corporate finance, portfolio management, financial markets and institutions, financial engineering across local and international, public and private institutions.


Programme details Duration

1,5 years + Master's thesis

Mode of study

Compatible with work and other commitments (approx. 3 evenings per week)

Tuition fee

2475 Eur per semester Fee with discount: 2104 Eur per semester for employees of ISM sponsor companies 1733 Eur per semester for ISM alumni 999 Eur per semester with state scholarship

3 main pillars of the programme

Finance: mitigating risks Economics: seeking efficiency Encouraging Research curiosity


18 ECTS credits in the field of Economics/ Finance or Mathematics.

Double degree opportunities


HOW IS THIS PROGRAMME SPECIAL? Best practices from Oxford and Harvard universities. You will study according to the practices and methods of prestigious universities, and taught by lecturers, who have graduated from LSE, Harvard and Oxford universities.

Learn from TOP professionals in the field! From the White House to New York Stock Exchange – our lecturers are ready to share their job experience with you.

Ranked no 1! According to the Study Quality Assessment Center, this Master's programme has the highest rating among all Master’s programmes in Economics in Lithuania. It combines micro and macro approaches to financial management, thus providing comprehensive knowledge and a broad understanding of finance.


Signature courses Dr. Nerijus MaÄ?iulis Advanced Macroeconomics You will analyse and develop models describing macroeconomic dynamics, explain economic growth, fluctuations, and relationships between economic policies, macroeconomic variables and financial markets. This course is taught by Dr. Nerijus MaÄ?iulis, one of the leading chief economists in Northern Europe, who is currently a chief economist at Swedbank. It is a great opportunity to listen to an opinion leader, who approaches macroeconomics from a practical and professional point of view.


Dr. Jamelia Harris University of Oxford Development Economics Saving the world requires a strong understanding of how development economics work. If this understanding comes from the University of Oxford, even better! You will explore financial systems in developing countries, issues of financial inclusion and the role of financial sector development in poverty reduction. The course assesses diverse problems in international development and discusses the national government’s responsibility in the development process. This course is taught by Jamelia Harris, based on her course taught at the University of Oxford. She has an Msc in Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and as well as a Phd from the University of Oxford. Jamelia comes from Trinidad and Tobago, and has worked in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Ethiopia.


Prof. Dr. David Wheat University of Bergen Norway Monetary Policy Learn about monetary principles from Harvard University alumni and former White House employee. You will learn how to use a simple method to diagram monetary theories and how to use simulation models to deepen your understanding of the macroeconomic dynamics of monetary policy. This course is taught by Prof. David Wheat, who holds a Master's degree in public policy from Harvard University and served as a staff assistant at the White House under Presidents Nixon and Ford. He delivers a course based on System Dynamics, a novel approach to illustrate complex behaviours.


Dr. Ana JoloviÄ? Financial Intermediation Immerse yourself in the peculiarities of financial intermediation and get insights into the best practices of risk management processes and techniques, used by banks and other financial intermediaries. This course is taught by Dr. Ana Jolovic, an experienced consultant, as well as trader from Serbia. She can share her experience in both private and public sectors to widen your perspectives. She spent half a year at Commodity Futures Exchange Commission (CFTC) and trained at New York Stock Exchange.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bogdan Stacescu Advanced Corporate Finance Most desired finance experts in the market have advanced understanding of corporate finance. After the course, you will have a good understandings of investment choices, the cost of capital, risk management strategies and the effect of financing on the value of the firm. This course is taught by Dr. Bogdan Stacescu, Associate Professor at BI Norwegian Business School. The professor was a visiting fellow at Harvard University and is an expert in the field of corporate finance.


Hear from our alumni!

“Choosing to study at ISM was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I got to live and study for a double degree in Norway for a year, I found skills and tools to choose, and pursue the international career path I‘m on right now. I can honestly say that ISM has shaped my life.”

Emma Mkhitaryan Data Scientist


Dr. Tom Hashimoto Director of Financial Economics Programme Tom Hashimoto has a Doctoral degree in in Financial Geography from the University of Oxford. He specialises in post-socialist financial centre development. His areas of focus are financial institutional reforms, collective political will and socio-legal philosophy behind the transition. He is a Fellow of Higher Education Academy in the United Kingdom.

Want to find out more? Talk to the programme director! 27


Ready for a career boost or transition? Reinvent yourself as a team manager with this unique programme! Prepared in partnership with Illinois Institute of Technology, it offers managerial skillsets for specialists, who do not have a business background. It will give you competence to distinguish yourself from others and make positive changes in the world by driving innovation and sustainable business initiatives.


Programme details Duration

1 year + Master's thesis

Mode of study

Compatible with work and other commitments (Friday, Saturday)

Tuition fee

3300 Eur per semester Fee with discount: 2805 Eur per semester for employees of ISM sponsor companies 2310 Eur per semester for ISM alumni 1824 Eur per semester with state scholarship


Bachelor's (or equivalent) degree in any field

Double degree opportunities at


HOW IS THIS PROGRAMME SPECIAL? Study tour and internship in Japan. During the 10-day visit, you will deepen your knowledge at Nagoya University of Commerce and Business, Japan, and visit leading companies such as Toyota, Daido Metal, Mitsubishi Aircraft and others. The most talented Innovation and Technology Management students go on a study tour with 40 percent compensation! Developed by global experts. The programme was developed in collaboration with Illinois Institute of Technology (USA), the Technical University of Denmark and the Nagoya University of Commerce and Business (Japan). World-renowned teachers. You will be taught by academics-practitioners from universities such as the Illinois Institute of Technology, KU Leuven University, Technical University of Denmark, Nagoya University of Commerce and Business, and others. The studies are based on real business cases. 30

Signature courses Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jason Li-Ying Technology and Innovation Management You will be introduced to the theories, models, tools and practical cases from industries by understanding what technological innovations are, why they are important and what is needed to enable and manage technological innovations within and outside of the boundaries of organisations. The course is delivered by Jason Li-Ying, a professor in corporate entrepreneurship and innovation, and the Director of Research at the Centre for Technology Entrepreneurship, Technical University of Denmark. Besides his teaching and research excellence, he also serves as a board member at China-Denmark Innovation House and as an advisory board member for FOM Technology. 31

Prof. Dr. Jan Vanthienen Artificial Intelligence Principles and Applications How to make Artificial Intelligence more than a buzzword in your organisation? In this course you will get a grasp of AI concepts, applications, technologies, methodologies, issues and trends in business and management context. You will perform Case-Moot Court Competition analysis on the challenges and benefits of Artificial Intelligence application. The course is delivered by a world-known expert and a regular speaker on BBC, prof. Jan Vanthienen. He is a professor of information management, teaching and researching business rules and decision modeling, validation, and verification in the context of business process modeling.


Prof. Dr. Gurram Gopal Process Innovation Management Good processes can accelerate innovations. This course has a strong emphasis on innovation and change management. Its aim is to familiarise you with the principal operational issues that managers confront, provide you with language, concepts and tools to deal with these issues in order to gain competitive advantage through operations. This course is taught by prof. dr. Gurram Gopal, a professor from Illinois Institute of Technology. His professional career includes the development of marketing strategies for some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies as a strategy consultant and manager.


Assoc. Prof. James Reardon New Product Development You will learn how new products are created and which tools can be used to facilitate the process. This course is delivered by professor James Reardon, who is a marketing expert and member of multiple marketing associations. His publications have appeared in TOP marketing journals across the globe. Also, he is a professor and a chair of the marketing department at the University of Northern Colorado. His non-academic background includes managing several businesses in various functions.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alfredas Chmieliauskas Innovation Project Management Every innovation, product or project requires solid project management skills. This course is designed to provide you with them. You will develop skills necessary to critically analyse, assess, and improve innovation-related project management in your organisation. This course is taught by the former president of ISM, prof. Dr. Alfredas Chmieliauskas. He is one of the founders and long-term president of the Lithuanian Project Management Association. He is a certified project management guru with a solid experience in consulting and leading workshops for countless business and governmental organisations.


Consultant-expert Benas AdomaviÄ?ius Business strategy You will not only learn about theoretical concepts, but experience first-hand issues of managing business in a competitive landscape via simulation. You will develop skills for environmental and market analysis, understand the major business strategy issues, formulate business strategies and tactics. This course is taught by Benas AdomaviÄ?ius, who is a top business consultant – expert in Lithuania. He has more than 20 years of experience in strategy consulting and is highly respected by the executives of Lithuanian companies.


Hear from our alumni! “I signed up for the course due to content and the schedule. This allowed me to work full time and fly down in for the weekends. The course itself was very interesting. It had a good subject and good teachers. ISM holds good standard, but most of all it has the “business” attitude and approach. This is essential as the world is very pragmatic and any theory has to obey the simple laws of supply and demand. Programme director Vida is very enthusiastic and very inspirational. I would certainly recommend the course to anyone and I believe the future will require even more abilities to adapt to speed and need for innovations.”

Jim Strømberg Chief Operating Officer at


Wanna find out more? Talk to the programme director!

Prof. Dr. Vida Škudienė Director of Inovation and Technology Management Programme The professor studied at the University of South Carolina, USA, Latvia State University, Vytautas Magnus University and Kaunas University of Technology. V. Škudienė presented her research at international conferences in Iceland, France, Japan, Israel, USA (Hawaii, Chicago), Greece, Spain, Norway, Jamaica, Sweden, Italy (Bocconi University), is published in more than 30 scientific articles, has prepared an electronic textbook “Organizational Behavior”, she is an author and co-editor of a book on innovation management.


Not sure if you can invest into high quality studies? Try study loan! ISM students can receive state-supported loans on preferential conditions to cover the tuition fee of their studies. During the time of studies, State Studies Foundation may pay the interest of the loan, and its repayment starts a year after graduation, amounting in ~ 75 Eur/month payment when the value of EURIBOR is set to zero.

Not convinced? Invest in your studies for free and pay only when you get a career return! We offer a unique opportunity the "Accelerate" programme allows you to study for free and pay for your degree ONLY if and when it generates a career return, and you start to earn more than the national average.

The logic of this model is simple: You will not have to pay during your studies. This will allow you to concentrate on your studies without worrying about funding. You will only start paying when your salary exceeds the national average. If your career does not accelerate within five years of graduation, you will not have to pay anything. The top 15 future ISM International Master’s students will be selected for this program. If you would like to apply for 'Accelerate', register on the and submit the documents by the 1st of May. Hurry up! 39

Not sure how to plan your career? Consult with ISM Career Center! More than 600 job and internship offers per year Individual career consultations Opportunity to meet and communicate with various companies during lectures and events Annual Career Day offers a chance to talk to almost 40 companies from a variety of fields Mentoring programme

Živilė Gribulytė Head of Career Center


Simona Česnakaitė Career Center Manager

Consultations and psychological well-being

At ISM we make every effort to help students feel as comfortable and safe as possible, so we provide psychological counseling to students and staff when needed. University consultants adhere to the principle of confidentiality. Consultations are held in Lithuanian, Russian and English.

Anicetas Suchockis Consultations in Lithuanian and Russian Room 109, +370 5 2123960

BirutÄ— RuplytÄ— Consultations in English Room 109 , +370 616 242 12


Can’t wait to start? Here’s how your next year with ISM is will look like! GRADUATE STUDIES ACADEMIC CALENDAR / 2021-2022


Fall semester

20,5 weeks

2021 09 01 - 2022 01 31

Christmas Holidays

1,5 week

2021 12 24 - 2022 01 01

Spring semester

21 weeks

2022 02 01 - 2022 06 23

Summer Holidays

2 months

2022 07 01 - 2022 08 31

ISM team is ready to answer all of your questions: Gintarė Aldonytė Director of Studies

Rimantė Mitrikaitė-Vitkūnienė Senior Programme Manager

Mingailis Bajorinas Admission Officer +370 619 62 308


“The magic of marketing, innovativeness and entrepreneurship, creativity, strategic Management programme. If anyone asked me to distinguish one attribute I’ve learned, it would be ‘can do’ attitude, which is imperative and advantageous in the current global competitive market!”

Rokas Mackevičius Head of Business Development at M&M Trade Lt, Ltd.

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