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Fishing Report from the Gazebo By Norman Olshansky

Family Swim Night and Pizza Party

Sam Austgen gets fishing lesson at Gazebo and catches his largest fish

First let me confess that I love to fish, even when I don’t catch a lot of fish. I especially like fishing at the end of the Landings nature trail by the Gazebo, which is one of the best fishing spots in our area. Where else can you go, within walking distance, and have a scenic place to sit or fish by the water. It is not uncommon to see bottlenose dolphin and manatees passing by the Gazebo as well as all kinds of birds and beautiful boats.

Wade fishing next to the Gazebo While I like to wade fish, you can also catch lots of fish while casting from the Gazebo. This summer has been one of the best for fishing at the Gazebo that I have experienced in my 25 years fishing from that same location. This past month, I have been catching at least 15-25 fish on each of my outings. The most common species is mangrove snapper. However, we are also catching lots of large black drum and yellow tail Jacks. (Jack Cravalle). An occasional red fish and snook can be caught now as well as small grouper, ladyfish and flounder. Catfish are plentiful as are sheepshead. Needlefish and gar are also hanging around the Gazebo. I recently caught a silver Jenny, which I’ve not seen before

at that spot. At other times of the year expect to catch pompano, permit, mackerel, trout and an occasional stingray, lizard fish, pin fish and blow fish. I’ve caught over 20 different species of fish at that one location. There is a reason why fishing from the Gazebo area is so productive. The Intracoastal Waterway narrows just north of The Landings so the water flow and current can be strong, which flushes lots of fish through that area. I’ve found that an outgoing tide is best but even on incoming tides, you can catch lots of fish. At what is called “dead tide”….just as high or low tide ends… tends to be the slowest. The best tackle to use at the

Gazebo is a rod (that is long enough and flexible so that you can cast into the water) and a spinning reel. A starter combo rod and reel can be found for about $35. As you move up to better equipment, it can be more expensive. I recommend using live shrimp on a bare hook with a split shot about 18 inches above the hook. Personally, I frequently use a small jig head and put live shrimp on the jig. Live shrimp can be found at Economy Tackle on Tamiami Trail and Mr. C B’s at the South Siesta Bridge. I cast out into the inter-coastal and let the current take the bait while I periodically bounce the bait off the bottom. If you are just starting out, I always recommend that you talk to the pros at the bait and tackle shops for advice related to the type of fishing that you are planning. Heavier tackle is required for fishing in the Gulf than in the flats, bays or by the Gazebo. Just a reminder, you need to have a fishing license, even if you are not fishing from a boat. If you are a Florida resident over 65 or under 16 years of age you do not need a license but will need to provide proof of age if requested by marine and wildlife agents. We can’t wait for the new gazebo to be completed. While it is not designed for fishing it has been a great place for many who like to fish but do not want to wade fish (standing in the water) in front or on side of the structure. If you are looking for tips or instruction for fishing at the Gazebo at the end of The Landings nature trail, feel free to contact me. I always enjoy teaching my Landings neighbors how to catch fish. I’m listed in the Green Book.

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Publishers Note

During the construction of the new gazebo the nature trail from the bridge out to the gazebo will be closed. Questions: call Rudy Blohm.

Landings Eagle - September 2014  

The Landing Eagle serves residents of The Landings, Sarasota, FL 34231 with key information about the area.

Landings Eagle - September 2014  

The Landing Eagle serves residents of The Landings, Sarasota, FL 34231 with key information about the area.