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Speeding, A Growing Concern at The Landings Over the past five years, more and more younger families have moved into The Landings. As a result, more and more walkers, bicycle riders, skateboarders, inline skaters, and moms pushing strollers, have appeared along the edges of roads. Since there are no sidewalks, these pedestrians are in danger of being seriously injured by a speeder. Add texting to the equation and the result could be disastrous. Former LMA board members Bill Whitman and Dick Bayles shared their opinions. “We’ve always had a problem at The Landings with speeding,” Whitman said. The last enforcement action took place almost 8 years ago. One thing is certain, inaction has not helped the speeding issue. Whitman recalled a speed enforcement process that was in place when he first became an LMA board member. Three non-board members and a prosecutor were assigned and became a “Fining Committee.” When a fine was about to be imposed, a letter was sent to the violator and the violator had 14 days to respond and may or may not come with an attorney. Whitman thought the fine was $100 per incident with a maximum of $2500. “Many fines were imposed,” Whitman said. At the time, two people acting as witnesses to the violation, used a calibrated speed gun. One person used the speed gun while the other recorded the license plate number. “It was very effective,”Whitman commented, but could not recall why the program was stopped seven or eight years ago. Whitman is thankful for the configuration of the roads at The Landings, noting it does help slow people down. In the past, there were more speed bumps in the road ways. Whitman noted, “they were put in, and taken out, put in, and taken out.” Now only a few speed bumps remain on Kestrel Parkway North.

Whitman would like the LMA board to take the strongest enforcement action possible to curtail speeding before someone is injured or killed. Former LMA board member Dick Bayles stated, “The measures that the LMA is taking to control speeding aren’t working, and probably won’t work. They are either unwilling or unable to penalize drivers sufficiently to make it a deterrent.” During the time Dick Bayles was on the LMA board they purchased the electronic speed radar sign, started doing some speed monitoring but we never actually took any action. They also installed a speed bump, but there were so many complaints they ended up taking it out. As a help to Landings residents Whitman suggested pedestrians who are on the roadway before daybreak or after dark wear reflective clothing and carry a flashlight. “Being courteous is another important safety factor,” Whitman said. “Neither pedestrians or drivers should act as if they own the road.” One of the current methods used to slow down speeders is called a speed table. These are flat top speed humps with room for the entire wheelbase so a passenger car could rest on top. Any vehicle exceeding an estimated speed of 20-25 mph could be damaged. The downside of a speed table is their cost, about $4500 each. Although Dick Bayles never favored them in the past he said, “The current approach is not a long-term solution to the problem. I believe appropriately placed speed tables will slow the speed down where it has to be slow.” Two of the top reasons for speeding are:

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By Trebor Britt

• 1. People don’t leave early enough to get to an appointment or event on time. • 2. People do not regard speeding as a serious offense and they are unlikely to get caught. To review what current actions are being taken regarding speeding violations, refer to the LMA meeting notes in this issue. . If you would like your opinion on this Put “speeding at The issue represented, please send an email to Landings” in the subject line.

Decal Verification Letters have gone out to owners of properties in Landings South III and IV and Bayview notifying them that the decals registered to them will be suspended on November 1st unless they take action before that date to re-validate them. Owners can avoid suspension by revalidating their decals before November

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1, 2014. Owners who will be gone for the month their decals are scheduled to be deactivated may go to the Main Gate before they leave to complete the verification process. The form will be available on The Landings website, from the Main Gate

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