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Rudy Blohm Engineer, Sportsman, Gardener

Landings History Part 4 See page 22

Speeding Violations Notice to all residents

Two Landings residents vehicles speeding, but only two of the six had a barcodes were suspended for 30 days after second violation. No offenders attended a vote of the LMA board this past fall. The the meeting to plead their case. board decided not to identify the owners To the majority of Landing’s residents, at the time of the suspension. In all, six thank you for not speeding. warning letters were sent out regarding

By Diana Colson Rudy Blohm and his wife, Gaye, have lived in The Landings for over 15 years. He served on the Landing South II board for several terms as president, and currently serves on the LMA board where he most recently oversaw the building of the new gazebo and repair of the nature trail bridge. He also serves on the Racquet Club board where he oversaw the building of the new addition to the workout center. He helped in overseeing the remodeling of the existing facilities as well. His background is an interesting one. Raised near Cologne in Germany, Rudy Blohm graduated from university before immigrating to America, where his first job was as an Electrical Engineer with Chrysler in Michigan. He then moved to Stroh Brewery, where he oversaw production-line installations in several different cities. When Stroh went out of business, he moved over to Sidel, a French company, which built production lines especially for the Food & Beverage Industry. As senior project manager, he oversaw multimillion dollar projects for Coca-Cola in England, and by special request, two locations in Romania simultaneously—a country he describes as beautiful, but remarkably undeveloped. He and Gaye lived in Strasburg, France, during the year long project. Rudy commuted from Sidel’s home office, north of Strasburg, to Romania, while Gaye remained in Strasburg exploring the surrounding areas. His job with Sidel also took him to several other countries: Germany, Italy,

Gazebo Ribbon Cutting Ceremony January 15 at 4pm Photo supplied by Rudy Blohm Mexico, Canada, and parts of the USA. For long term assignments, Gaye would travel with him. Rudy’s hobbies are many, with photography being perhaps his grandest passion. His magnificent photographs fill their home, with several grouped together in a kind of collage. A cluster of shots taken while on safari in Africa hangs over the living room couch, bringing a unique character to the space. “I take photos and then print them on canvas. I can print pictures up to 24 inches wide. I started with a 13 inch printer, and quickly graduated. When Gaye and I went to Africa in 2013— Tanzania and Kenya—we stayed in small tents and moved around to follow the migration of the herds. In Africa, I took about 1500 shots.” Rudy uses a Sony digital camera, shoots in Raw Format, and then uses Photoshop to polish the shot. “I like Raw Format—you can play with it more.” Continued on page 7

Siesta Promenade See page 26

Photo by Bob Stein

LMA Emergency Contractor

The LMA has contracted with SERVPRO to provide certain services in the event of an emergency situation such as a strong hurricane. Their role will be to coordinate the contractors required to restore LMA services to The Landings in such an event. Areas of involvement will include clearing of Association roads, restoring our drainage system, restoring operations at the Main Gatehouse and the work to

repair damage to trees in our common areas. They will also maintain contact with our security contractor to coordinate the re-opening of The Landings in the event the County declares an evacuation. The LMA joins the racquet club and other Landings associations in contracting with SERVPRO for the specific services they require.

LMA Decal Verification

Letters have gone out to owners of properties in Landings South II notifying them that the decals registered to them will be suspended on February 1st unless they take action before that date to re-validate them. Owners can avoid suspension by re-

validating their decals before February 1, 2015. Owners who will be gone for the month their decals are scheduled to be deactivated may go to the Main Gate before they leave to complete the verification process. The form will be available on The Landings website and from the Main Gate.

Landings Eagle - January 2015  

The Landing Eagle serves residents of The Landings, Sarasota, FL 34231 with key information about the area.

Landings Eagle - January 2015  

The Landing Eagle serves residents of The Landings, Sarasota, FL 34231 with key information about the area.