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November 2013



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Paget, Harbour Views • Renovated 4 bedroom + apartment • Tiled flooring throughout • Walk to the Ferry Stop, grocery store



Devonshire, Bright & Airy • Nicely finished 2 bedroom • Open plan with private patio • On acres of manicured grounds

Location, location, location!


fireplace, diningroom with fireplace, a sitting room, study/home office, and three substantial bedrooms with bathrooms en suite all of which open onto large, covered balconies with stairs down to the pool at each end.

Southampton, Exclusive Lot • Spectacular water views • Approx, half acre, Res 2 • Potential for substantial home plus • dwelling

Two internal staircases lead to the lower/pool level where you will find the Pub, a powder room, laundry room, gym and the spacious, poolside guest suite. The lower porches spill onto the expansive pool deck, and the picturesque pool.

New on the market, “Knollwood” is a substantial home situated on over an acre of private and peaceful property in the heart of Paget. This home is perfectly designed for entertaining, both indoors and out. Major additions were carried out eight years ago and a new, stateof-the-art kitchen was outfitted in 2008. An authentically-constructed English-style pub was custom built in 2009. On the main level are the spacious kitchen with breakfast room, formal living room with


The beautiful gardens include a large, level lawn, a paddock, a Secret Garden and other delightful areas surrounded by a wonderful blend of mature trees, hedges and old Bermuda stone walls.

Also, more building lots...

“Knollwood” is an exceptional property offering an oasis of tranquility all within 5 minutes of Hamilton.

Available at US$4,375,000 to Bermudians, PRC’s and International Purchasers. Please contact Sole Agent Liz Lusher at Joy Lusher Real Estate, Ltd. for more information or an appointment to view. (See our ads inside).

St. George’s - nicely located Scotts Hill - with lovely water views Scaur Hill - two adjacent 1 acre lots

Visit us at

for many more fantastic properties! P.O. Box HM2184 Hamilton HM JX - WWW.DECOUTORE.COM

TELEPHONE: (441) 292-4990

TRESSPASS AND UNCERTAIN BOUNDARIES David Kessaram, Head of Litigation, Cox Hallett Wilkinson Limited

Trespass on a neighbour’s land may occur by the construction of a building over the boundary or the creation of a driveway or the erection of a fence on the adjacent land. This article examines the remedy of the landowner whose land has been trespassed on and particularly the availability of an injunction to force the removal of the offending construction. The landowner whose land has been built upon without permission may lose the right to complain about the trespass if no action is taken to prevent the continuation of the trespass. As a general principle, the law requires that people take prompt action to protect their property or to enforce their legal rights. Failure to take action within the time periods prescribed by the law will usually result in the loss of the property or the right in question. When it comes to trespass to land, the law is generous in permitting the innocent party 20 years to take action to prevent the continuation of a trespass. However, even if action is taken within the prescribed time, it does not always follow that the trespassed land will be returned to the use of its rightful owner. The innocent landowner may be denied an injunction to compel the trespassing structure to be removed if he has sat on his hands. Instead the court may grant a remedy in damages. The effect of the denial of an injunction will be essentially to force the innocent party to part with his land to his transgressing neighbour for monetary compensation. In a case decided in the Privy Council the owner of an undeveloped lot of land noticed that his neighbour was building a house and swimming pool and a security fence on his neighbour’s adjacent undeveloped lot. He thought nothing of it until years later when on visiting the land again his suspicions were aroused that part of a wall and some fencing surrounding the swimming pool was built on his land. He instructed surveyors who confirmed that there was an encroachment on his land by some 455 square feet. The court refused to compel the removal of the encroachment and awarded damages instead. In such circumstances the court will consider the following factors in deciding whether to grant an injunction or force the innocent party to rely on his remedy in damages: a. The extent of the injury to the plaintiff ’s legal right. If the injury is small this may cause the court to lean towards awarding damages as a remedy.


Whether the injury is capable of being estimated in money.


Whether it would be oppressive to the defendant to grant an injunction.

The grant of an injunction is in the discretion of the court. The factors listed above are the main factors which will be considered. However, there may well be others. The state of mind of the trespasser may be relevant, e.g., whether the trespass was committed with a reckless disregard for the position of the boundary. No one factor will be decisive. Damages instead of an injunction have been awarded notwithstanding that the trespass was blatant. High-handed conduct by the trespasser may, however, be a factor in the court’s decision whether to award additional damages to reflect the court’s disapproval of the defendant’s behavior and/ or the distress and humiliation caused to the claimant. Exemplary or aggravated damages have been awarded in cases where the defendant’s encroachment was wilful or deliberate; or where the trespass was committed with a view to making a profit over what would be payable as compensation to the owner of the trespassed land. The ordinary assessment of the quantum of damages to be awarded to the innocent party does not depend on a real estate valuer’s assessment of the actual value of the land on a square foot basis. In the case mentioned above the Court approached the question of assessment of damages by looking at the gain in value of the trespasser’s land. It considered what the parties would notionally have agreed as the purchase price of the land if there had an arm’s length negotiation prior to the trespass. Where such an approach is adopted the additional value to the trespasser’s land by the enhancement of its amenities was a major factor in the determination of what the parties would have agreed to be paid for the trespassed land. The lessons to be learned from these cases is that landowners need to be wary of incursions on their land by their neighbours. It cannot be taken for granted that action within the periods prescribed by the law will ensure that the court will order the trespasser to return the trespassed the land to its former state. The court has adopted a set of principles for awarding compensation in money instead of an injunction where to do so would be more just between the parties. This column should not be used as a substitute for professional legal advice. Before proceeding with any matters discussed here, persons are advised to consult with a lawyer.



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Representing Bermuda’s finest properties Liz Lusher - Sales: Cell: (441) 334 8104 • Email: Sue Lusher - Sales: Cell: (441) 333 9138 • Email: Beth Gosling - Sales: Cell: (441) 335 3588 • Email: Diana Martin - Sales and Rentals: Cell: (441) 337-0226 • Email: Catherine Mahoney - Sales: Cell: (441) 737 1534 • Email:

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FOR SALE A SPECIAL HOME IN THE HEART OF PAGET! “KNOLLWOOD” “Knollwood” is a beautiful home, well positioned on just over an acre of mature, completely private and very peaceful grounds. The house is in excellent condition and finished to a high standard. Featuring generously proportioned rooms and over 5,000 sq. ft. of indoor living space, as well as over 2,200 sq. ft. of covered terraces and balconies, the house is perfectly designed for those who love their space, or to entertain on a grand scale!

“Knollwood” underwent expansive additions in 2005 and was enormously enhanced by striking upgrades such as Brazilian Cherry floors, custom crafted carpentry including the authentic English Pub’s Bar and cabinetry, and the beautifully designed vanities in each of the en suite bathrooms. On the main level are three bedrooms with bathrooms en suite, formal living and dining rooms both with fire-places, sitting room, study and a spacious and stunning kitchen completed in 2008. On the lower level you will discover “The Naked Pheasant Pub”, a gym, laundry room, powder room and spacious poolside guest suite. The attractive pool is further enhanced by a lighted waterfall at one end. “Knollwood’ offers all the favourable amenities of a high-end home, together with abundant storage inside and out. This unique home will appeal to any family seeking a safe and beautiful environment in which to raise their children, or perhaps to a couple for whom privacy, space and fabulous entertaining areas are a must! “Knollwood” is a haven – and the expansive gardens where children can safely play and explore are home to an annual explosion of wild Freesias across the southern lawn! A delight to behold!

US$ 4,375,000.00

Available to Bermudians, PRC holders and International Purchasers

Please contact the Sole Agent Today for an Appointment to View


Take advantage of this opportunity to purchase an extremely spacious family home located within minutes of Hamilton on the North Shore in Devonshire. With stunning panoramic views and surrounded by established private homes each with substantial acreage and protected by woodland reserve, this home was built approximately 10 years ago. Structurally in excellent condition but in need of cosmetic improvements. The mature plantings afford a high degree of privacy, and essentially the lucky purchaser of this home will have a ‘blank canvas’ upon which to create a dream home at an excellent investment level. Comprising four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, enormous kitchen and dining area and a spacious living room with fireplace; double verandah’s taking full advantage of the lovely outlook PLUS a studio apartment with kitchen and bathroom, all well positioned on a large lot measuring 0.73 acres; zoning is Res. 2 and Woodland Reserve on the southern portion of the property.


$ 1,250,000.00

Available to Bermudians and PRC holders

Please contact the Sole Agent Today for an Appointment to View 89 Harbour Road, Warwick PG 01, Bermuda • Tel: (441) 236 5120 • Fax: (441) 236 7409 Email: • • Member of Real Estate Division, Bermuda Chamber of Commerce

4 w Island Property News • November 2013

Bermuda’s Luxury Real Estate Specialist

SPANISH GRANGE: EXCEPTIONAL VALUE FOR A DYNAMIC FAMILY Set on three acres in prime central Smith’s Parish with immense ocean views, tennis court, swimming pool, media room, large gym, 5 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, a one-bedroom apartment and a total of 10,000 square feet, this is a superb choice for an active family seeking an elegant lifestyle in a convenient location. The charming central courtyard with its fountain and climbing bougainvillea is a distinguishing feature, as are the arched French doors framing sparkling South Shore views. Offered at US$ 6.95 million. Available to Bermudians, PRC Holders & International Purchasers.

By Appointment

+1 441 296 0278 tel +1 441 295 8693 fax

Island Property News • November 2013 w 5

RENTALS deadline FOR Rental listings: 18th of the month prior to publication List your rentals for FREE - contact Kiona Estravit on 436-2022 or email $1,000/Month – Sandy’s. A cozy studio apartment ideal for a single person and located near Port Royal Golf Course. This cute studio on Benny’s Bay Road comprises studio room, small kitchen and shower bathroom. Included; air-conditioner, bed, 2 stools, fridge and electric stove. Assessment number available. The laundrimat is a few minutes away. No pets, no smokers please. Contact: Bermuda Longtail Real Estate Email: or 232-2769 $1,550/Month – Sandy’s. Modern ground floor apartment located near St James Church comprises cozy living dining kitchen with gas stove and fridge. Bedroom and full bathroom. Granite countertops in kitchen and bathroom. Laundry in the hall. Parking for 1 car and small patio outside. Air-conditioning and tiled throughout. Contact: Bermuda Longtail Real Estate Email: or 232-2769 $1,800/Month – Devonshire. Extra spacious one bedroom now available for November occupation. All major appliances. Centrally located close to public transportation. No pets, no indoor smoking. Contact: Ruby Dane Realty 232-4461 $1,900/Month – Sandys. This property is located in a tranquil neighbourhood close to grocery store and ferry service. There is roundtrip shuttle bus service to the ferry within walking distance from the apartment. This 2 bedroom 1 bath first floor apartment is tiled throughout. Ceiling fans in living room and bedrooms with lots of storage space. The living room has an electric fireplace and French doors open up to a patio. Kitchen includes gas stove and fridge. No pets, no indoor smoking. Contact: Ruby Dane Realty 232-4461 $2,000/Month – (Listing No. 719) Pembroke. Garden apartment with views of Mill’s Creek and Hamilton Harbour. Charming large studio apartment with sectioned off bedroom area, brand new kitchen with full size appliances. Light and airy with covered patio and private garden area. Reverse cycle A/C and cable ready. Use of washer and dryer in garage. Contact: Roderick DeCouto Real Estate Ltd. Email: $2,200/Month - Price Reduced! – Paget. Immaculate 2 bedroom lower apartment located near hospital and on the bus line comprises open plan living dining kitchen, laundry and full bathroom. Tile throughout, ceiling fans and some air-conditioning. Small pets at landlord discretion. Watlington water. Located near the railway for a walk or jog. Contact: Bermuda Longtail Real Estate at or 232-2769. $2200/Month – Warwick. A feeling of comfort and familiarity awaits you in this traditional Bermuda Cottage. The home comprises a kitchen, laundry/ pantry, two bedrooms, one bathroom, combined living/dining room, enclosed porch and small basement storage. Laundromat, grocery store, gas station and public transportation in close proximity. Unfurnished. Tiled and carpeted throughout. Sorry, no smokers or pets. Landscaping is included. Shared tank. Available immediately. Contact Sharika Tucci

Masterkey Management Ltd. at sharika@masterkey. bm or 300-7287. $2500/Month – Warwick. With storage space always at a premium, this bright and airy condo unit fits the bill for those seeking comfort, convenience and closet space! This is a two bedroom, two bathroom unit featuring extensive closet space in both bedrooms, the hallway, combined dining/ living room and the exterior, private storage room. Offered unfurnished, the apartment includes an electric stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, stackable washer/dryer and ceiling fans throughout. Water views extending towards Dockyard. Shops, ferry and bus routes, restaurants, schools and a golf course a mere stone’s throw away! Landscaping included. Shared tank (water charges may apply). Not suitable for pet owners or smokers. Contact Sharika Tucci Masterkey Management Ltd. at or 300-7287. $2,500/Month – Paget. Quaint town-home centrally located comprises open plan living/dining, separate kitchen, laundry and powder room all on the lower level. Upper level has 2 bedrooms and 1 full bathroom. Patio off the living room. Airconditioning. Tile and carpet. One small pet may be allowed. No smokers please. Contact: Bermuda Longtail Real Estate at or 2322769. $2,750/Month – Hamilton Parish. Spacious upper apartment with garden in quiet location comprises open plan living/dining/kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and laundry. Tiled and split airconditioning throughout. Available December 2013. Contact: Karen Longtail Real Estate at karen@ or 333-4028 $2,800/Month – Southampton. This large lower 2 bedroom apartment consists of a living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 1 bath and laundry facilities, lovely tile throughout with spectacular views of the South Shore. split A/C, cable and patio area. There is shared common areas for lounging in hammocks and the property is ideal for snorkeling and swimming. Contact: Karen Longtail Real Estate at karen@ or 333-4028 $2,900/Month – Smith’s. Three bedroom, one bath is now available. This rental comprises very large rooms, plenty of kitchen cabinets, fireplace in the living room, covered porch, well for flushing, ceiling fans and A/C. Contact: Ruby Dane Realty 232-4461 $2,995/Month – Southampton. Immaculate ground floor 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment located within walking distance to Whale Bay Beach, Port Royal Golf Course and near Rockaway Fast Ferry 20 minutes from Hamilton. This spacious apartment comprises open plan living dining combination, large kitchen with portable dishwasher, master bedroom with ensuite bathroom, additional bedroom and bathroom, laundry, large yard where you can do your own gardening planting herbs. Quiet neighborhood. Split air-conditioning in most rooms. Pet friendly. Contact: Bermuda Longtail Real Estate at aaac@

6 w Island Property News • November 2013 or 232-2769. $3,000/Month – Southampton. Sensational 2 bed 2 bath main house with A/C throughout and a true gourmet kitchen! Fully tiled throughout, living room with fireplace, front room that could be utilized as an office or small bedroom. Master ensuite, second bath offers you 2 sinks, marble counters, travertine tile, jetted tub, separate shower and a bidet! Formal dining room and kitchen with granite counters, solid wood cabinets, gas cooking, dishwasher, microwave, s/s fridge & separate laundry. Private enclosed back garden with patio and plenty of space for barbequing! Currently occupied so please allow at least 24 hrs for showing. Available around Dec 15th. Contact: Kim Sheen Kim Sheen Properties at or 734-1264 $3,000/Month – Warwick. Warwick Dazzling water views from this 2nd floor one level open plan with private balcony to enjoy the spectacular South Shore & a lovely pool so you can sit back and chill! Fully equipped kitchen, tile/carpeting throughout, vaulted ceilings, a/c & separate laundry facilities on site. Offering a couple of furnishings. Vacant and ready for you! LR/DA 15.X 22 Galley kitchen 9 X 9 Bed #1 10.31 X 13 Bed #2 10.32 X 13. Contact: Kim Sheen Kim Sheen Properties at ksheen@northrock. bm or 734-1264 $3000/Month – Spanish Point. This charming twobedroom, one bathroom cottage offers convenience, comfort and privacy. Close to Hamilton but off the busy commuter routes, with a local shop and public transport close by, “Old Steps” is situated in a quiet, neighbourly back road with easy access to swimming and snorkelling at nearby Spanish Point Park. With large internal rooms, wooden floors, ceiling fans and a fireplace this 1950’s cottage is airy and comfortable. The kitchen and bathroom were re-modelled in 2008 and offer all modern conveniences, including fridge, stove and washer/dryer. Outside there is a large well-treed garden, with sea views. There is a large cellar and a large water tank. Pets are welcome. Unfurnished, but rent includes gardening and major maintenance. Available 1 January 2014. Contact: Warren Cabral at or Jonathan Trott on 734 2222 $3,800/Month – (Listing No. 503). Semi furnished Manor House Condominium - in the very top building with amazing views. This unit is spacious and situated in an amazing location at the very top of the Manor House Property, with panoramic views of Harrington Sound and North Shore. The unit is semi furnished and comprises three bedrooms, two bathrooms (master bedroom is ensuite), large living room, separate dining room, kitchen with all major appliances. There is also a laundry (full size washer and dryer) in the outside locked closet. Two shared swimming pools. Contact: Roderick DeCouto Real Estate Ltd. Email: $4,300/Month – Melissa Lane. This split level condo is ideal for a family or house share. Tiled throughout with modern fixtures and fittings, features include: Spacious eat-in kitchen with breakfast bar and nook,

ample preparation/cabinet space and stainless steel appliances. Open plan living room with gas fireplace and French doors leading to a covered porch and courtyard with PVC gates offering privacy and entertaining space. Laundry area and bathroom with shower and storage space complete this level.Upper floor has a master suite (bathroom en suite) with an additional room. The second bedroom and bathroom en-suite is tiled, tray ceiling and opens to large patio area. Small pets are welcome. Available November 1st. Offers are welcomed. Contact: Ambika Scott 1609 VIP Exec at or 7352386 and 232-1609 $6,000/Month – Pipers Peak. Newly listed executive 3 bedroom/3 bath rental. Available November 1st and fully furnished. Split-level layout - perfect for entertaining, family time on the upper level whilst the lower level offers optimal privacy. Open plan kitchen/living/dining room with an enclosed patio and major appliances (stainless steel) granite countertops, breakfast bar. Bonus family room, spacious enough for guest quarters or a children’s play area. Each bedroom has walk-in closets and two of the rooms have french doors leading onto the lower patio. Master bedroom has a bathroom en suite with his and her sinks, separate shower and an air-jet tub. A stone’s throw from the lovely South Shore luxuries. Contact: Ambika Scott 1609 VIP Exec at or 735-2386 and 232-1609. $7250.00/Month – (Listing No. 720). Pembroke. Spacious modern two-storey, free-standing house with shared use of pool and dock. The home comprises three bedrooms & two bathrooms on the lower level, lots of closet space and covered verandah with water views (master bedroom has ensuite bathroom with Jacuzzi tub and separate shower). On the upper lever there is a large living room with fireplace, separate dining room, and kitchen, all with French doors opening onto the large covered verandah with spectacular views. There is also a powder room, and laundry. Contact: Roderick DeCouto Real Estate Ltd. Email: info@

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RENTALS (cont.)

Helen Dyer, Sales Representative Helen, a graduate of York University, is Bermudian born but was raised in Toronto, Canada. Years of helping out in a family owned beauty business, taught her the importance of providing quality service, and listening to the clients. Her 17 plus years of experience in the international sector dealing with Fortune 500 clients further developed her strong work ethic, professionalism and desire to constantly improve and expand her knowledge in all areas. She was one of the first local based recipients to attain the Associate in Claims designation (AIC). Helen is a graduate of the Dale Carnegie program and has completed the Steven Covey 7 Habits course. Having lived in a multicultural city, and several years in Trinidad, she has a passion for languages and is currently studying Spanish and Portuguese. Her recent passing of the Real Estate exam, and position at Coldwell Bankers, is providing her with the opportunity to combine her service oriented work experience, and gregarious nature to provide professional, and personable service to her clients. Representing Bermuda’s finest properties

Keeping Real Estate Personal

Sue Lusher - Sales: Cell: (441) 333 9138 • Email: Liz Lusher - Sales: Cell: (441) 334 8104 • Email: Beth Gosling - Sales: Cell: (441) 335 3588 • Email: Diana Martin - Sales and Rentals: Cell: (441) 337-0226 • Email: Catherine Mahoney - Sales: Cell: (441) 333 9138 • Email:




The Grove is a well-established and desirable 12 condominium development located on Harrington Sound Road in Smith’s Parish, near Flatt’s Village! In a quiet ground floor location by the pool and gardens, this spacious unit comprises: an entrance foyer, kitchen, large living/dining room opening on to a West facing garden patio, open-plan den/ office area, guest bedroom and guest bathroom with built in washer/dryer, master bedroom with bathroom and sun-room en suite and a covered patio. With lovely views over-looking the swimming pool and Harrington Sound, the amenities also include private water rights on a small beach. All rooms are spacious with excellent natural light. There is a dedicated carport, security access and private mail box. Each unit has a private storage locker on the lower level. This represents a perfect opportunity for the discerning purchaser to invest in this much sought after development at a competitive price level!

This much sought after development has stunning views over-looking Harrington Sound and the South Shore beyond. Located on the ground floor, this condo is in a prime position with stunning views of Harrington Sound and the South Shore, surrounded by an expansive lawn area.


SOLE LISTING Available to PRC’s and International Purchasers

Comprising an entry hall, powder room, kitchen, and well-proportioned living/dining room with fireplace, opening on to the deep covered terrace. Both bedrooms enjoy en suite bathrooms and there is good closet space and an outside storage area. Amenities include a swimming pool and tennis courts! Rented until November 2014 to excellent tenants!


$795,000.00 SOLE LISTING

Available to PRC’s and International Purchasers

89 Harbour Road, Warwick PG 01, Bermuda • Tel: (441) 236 5120 • Fax: (441) 236 7409 • Email: • • Member of Real Estate Division, Bermuda Chamber of Commerce

Island Property News • November 2013 w 7


Castle Harbour , Hamilton Parish: Nestled in 1.7 acres of private, wooded grounds. Enchanting family home with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room with fireplace, and family room with fireplace. A path leads to the waterside and dock.

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Looking for someone to manage your property? Take the headache out of rental properties? Produce reports on the conditions of your estate? Organize all repairs and schedule general maintenance? Screen prospective tenants? Rental assessment for vacant units? Draft Leases? For both Commercial or Residential land holdings?

GAR Bermuda does all this and so much more! Call or email us today!!


Available also for PRC holders to purchase.

Crisson & Company Ltd. P.O. Box HM 640 6 Dundonald St. West Hamilton HMCX Bermuda

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Furnish your home with BF&M’s wall-to-wall cover and enjoy the beauty of worry-free home ownership. BF&M’s Complete Home Insurance combines cover for Building and Contents with Mortgage Protection that provides benefits in case of disability or death. Renters can rest easy with a contents-only policy that covers everything from possessions to tenant liability. Condominium owners can get cover tailored to their specific needs. Call 295-5566 today and ask one of our specialists for details, or go online at



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8 w Island Property News • November 2013

3/19/10 9:50 AM

IPN November 2013  

The place to find homes for sale and rent. Available FREE each month from news stands and real estate agents islandwide.

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