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Make Your House Shine!

 It’s official! BBQ’s, backyards, and bikinis mean the

weather is hot and its time to live outdoors again. Filled with sunshine, friends, and relaxation this is the time of year to embrace and have fun outdoors. Don’t just settle for an awesome interior, love your outdoor space as much as you love inside.

7 Curb  Appeal Starts Online

We live in a digital world and like other industries that change due to technology, so does real estate. Statistics show that about 88 percent of home buyers now begin the process on the web so it’s important that your online listings make a great first impression.

9 BS&R  How To............................... By BS&R Group

Island Property News Sofia House - Box 9, 48 Church Street, Hamilton HM12

Choose the right wood for your outdoor project. While wood furniture is a popular choice for outdoor spaces, not every wood is a good choice for your garden or patio. So which should you choose?

Contact: Jennifer Ward Tel: (441) 236-2025 Email: Publisher: Jennifer Ward Circulation: 5,000

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Hamilton Properties Available for Rent SOFIA HOUSE

2 Reid Street 2 Reid Street


North section 1,800 sq.ft South section 3,310 sq.ft


City ofCity Hamilton of Hamilton

North section 1,040 sq.ft South section 1,871 sq.ft

Second Floor North section 1,711 sq.ft


BD$ 3,980 per mo. BD$ 3,980 per mo.


7710 7710


ARMOURY BUILDING Ground Floor - 675 Sq. ft

Third Floor

2 Reid2Street Reid Street


2,123 2,123


Commercial Commercial



Kitchen, meeting room & restrooms common space

on the on the of corner Reid and Street and Queen Street is office quaintspace office with space with of natural light. Views of the Harbour LocatedLocated on the top floortop onfloor the corner ReidofStreet Queen Street is quaint lots of lots natural light. Views of the Harbour the The South. Theincludes space includes three private boardroom, reception area, ensuite restrooms and kitchenette. furniture from thefrom South. space - three -private offices,offices, boardroom, reception area, ensuite restrooms and kitchenette. Some Some furniture available. available. is alocation great location aboveFootwear, Perry Footwear, near shopping, pharmacy, theterminal. ferry terminal. This is aThis great above Perry near shopping, pharmacy, HSBC HSBC and theand ferry

Contact us for Pricing

Phone: 295 -1568 • Email: Thecan space be sudivided two sections. A isTSF 1,104and TSF and Section B TSF is 726(having TSF (having the kitchen and restrooms become The space be can sudivided into twointo sections. SectionSection A is 1,104 Section B is 726 the kitchen and restrooms become commoncommon space).space). Base- $22.50 Rent - $22.50 PSF / $3,980 per month Base Rent PSF / $3,980 per month (includes electricity) - $12 PSF / $2,123 per month. ServiceService ChargeCharge (includes electricity) - $12 PSF / $2,123 per month. = $6,103 per (excluding month (excluding Total = Total $6,103 per month taxes) taxes) • Outdoor Living 2018 • Island Property News 5 Rachael Correia Rachael Correia

It’s official! BBQ’s, backyards, and bikinis mean the weather is hot and its time to live outdoors again. While Bermuda has year round “warm” weather there is something extra special about our summer months. Filled with sunshine, friends, and relaxation this is the time of year to embrace and have fun outdoors. Dust off the patio furniture, clean the pool and get your outdoor spaces set up for fun & entertaining again. Create an environment that can offer you a retreat of relaxation or set your space up as the social hub for friends and family. Whatever your needs don’t just settle for an awesome interior, love your outdoor space as much as you love inside.

6 Island Property News • Outdoor Living 2018 •

Outdoor Living Make Your House Shine By Jacqueline Ward, Island Property News Homes come in all shapes and sizes but one thing we can agree on is that the curb appeal of a home is a big factor to a prospective buyer. The term “curb appeal” derives from real estate sales and home design. For years, buyers have formed their first impressions of homes while standing in the street or sitting inside the car, just beyond the curb. For Bermudians especially, where outdoor spaces can be used year round, exterior areas are truly where a house shines. Curb appeal matters. The attractiveness of a home’s exterior can make or break a deal with potential buyers. But it’s not just the driveway that’s important, the condition of your front yard, entry area, lawn areas and sidewalks will color the impression of everything else a potential buyer sees during a visit. Homes with great curb appeal usually command higher prices and spend less time on the market. Luckily there are simple, inexpensive ways to help your home impress.

Mow the Lawn

It’s hard to stay on top of mowing when the weather warms up, but a mangy lawn riddled with dandelions won’t make your home attractive. A neatly manicured yard demonstrates that you’ve taken good care of the house during your tenure as its owner; an unkempt lawn and garden suggest that you haven’t bothered with upkeep over the years.


Consider flanking your front door with trees or shrubs or a pop of color by placing flower planters on your stoop. For those homes with smaller lawn areas, window boxes are a classic choice that will add colour and instant curb appeal. Laying plants of different heights and textures in front of your front door is a great way to boost your home’s appeal, and a great option for renters as well as those who don’t have a yard.

Clean It Up

Walk around the outside of your house and take note of what looks dirty. Parts of your house that may get grimy over time include: windows, downspouts, gutters, porches, decks and garage doors. These can usually be tackled with soapy water and a scrub brush. For a bigger job, consider using a pressure washer.


Like your interior, updating the colour of your home along with the trim, doors and shutters can help your home look enticing to buyers. Try painting your front door and trim with bold colors to make a modern statement. For the rest? When in doubt, take a cue from the neighbors. What colors are common on your street? In a selling situation, it’s typically better to fit in than stand out.

Replace Hardware

Don’t overlook your house numbers, entry door locksets, doorbells, mailboxes, or light fixtures. These elements add visual interest, but can detract from your home’s appeal after they show years of wear. Replace, clean, or paint pieces that have become dingy or out-of-date.

Decorate Your Home

Do you put up seasonal wreaths? A flag? Is your outdoor area set up and staged to look inviting? Curb appeal can sometimes involve decorating your home as well. Consider staging the exterior of your home when you’re staging the interior as well.

Make a Statement

Show a little of your personality by utilizing a distinctive mailbox or showing your house numbers in an interesting way. Or try incorporating outdoor art with some tasteful features, such as beautifully arranged rocks, a sculpture, or wind chimes.

Install Landscape Lighting

Outdoor landscape lights lining a sidewalk or driveway provide safety and security, but they can also have big impact on your yard’s appearance. Extra lighting can also act as added safety for walking around at night and security.

Fix the Driveway

Cracked asphalt is not doing you any favors. Fill cracks with asphalt patch and coat the surface with blacktop refinishing compound.

Hide Your Trash Bins

Everybody needs trash bins, but nobody likes to look at them. Store them in your garage or hide them behind a fence or enclosure. • Outdoor Living 2018 • Island Property News 7


Providing Electrical Services, Design & Engineering Services, LED Lighting Sales and Audits.


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Tel: 296-9524 •

RESIDENTIAL • COMMERCIAL • INDUSTRIAL 8 Island Property News • Outdoor Living 2018 •

292-3438 • •

Curb appeal

Starts Online

This is why online curb appeal is so important.

We live in a digital world and like other industries that change due to technology, so does real estate. The notion of curb appeal these days starts well before a potential buyer even gets near to the property. Before the modern conveniences of the internet and smartphones, potential buyers would form their initial first impression of a property from standing outside in the street or sitting in their car, parked next to the curb. Statistics show that about 88 percent of home buyers now begin the process on the web, first checking out online listings (like the ones you can find on our site and photos before they even consider going to a property physically. If a seller’s home is not presented well in the photos or videos of the online listing, the traditional curb appeal is worthless and an amazing home could be left on the market far longer.


Obviously photography is key to getting buyers to the front door. You have to treat your online listing just as importantly as you would staging your home. Find the best time of day to shoot each room, avoid too much sunlight (which gives the photos a glow effect) and try overcast days for best results, take out things that don’t show your home at it’s best - like bikes on the porch or platters on top of the fridge and take pictures from all angles. Consider using a professional to take your photos or at least make sure your photos are high resolution and done with a lot of attention to detail. Think of your online listing as your first impression and to be taken seriously as your first avenue to getting people to your property. Once they’re in the door make sure your home delivers all you promised in your photos!


The top reason for storm related power outages is tree branches hitting or becoming tangled in power lines. Keep tree branches trimmed at least 10’ from power lines and you will reduce your chances of storm related outages.




299 2800

27 Serpentine Road, Pembroke HM07, Bermuda Tel: 295 5111 | WWW.BELCO.BM • Outdoor Living 2018 • Island Property News 9

Summer living is easy! Visit TreeCon for motorised retractable awnings and retractable screens, keeping the sun and insects at bay!

Marshall’s Maintenance Company Ltd.



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Bermuda Blinds Canvas Awnings Dream Screens Garage Doors

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• Shower Enclosures • Storm Shutters


TreeCon offers Excellent Warranties with Island-Wide Services & Installations.

Simply the very best Showroom: #1 Cemetery Road, Pembroke Tel: 295-4771 Fax: 295-4774 Mon. – Fri.: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

10 Island Property News • Outdoor Living 2018 •

Bermuda’s Original Cleaning Company Est.1962

BS&R How To:

choose the right wood for your outdoor project Expert Advice from BS&R Group

While wood furniture is a popular choice for outdoor spaces, not every wood is a good choice for your garden or patio. Outdoor furniture has to contend with the elements as well as everyday use. Only a few varieties are durable enough to do the job. So which should you choose? Here’s a look at some wood types and factors you should think about before purchasing your next outdoor piece:

The Elements:

splinter making it perfect for your deck & bare feet.

Cedar and Redwood - Are straight-grained, dimensionally stable and are naturally decay resistant. As lightweight woods they are the perfect choice if you plan to move or rearrange your outdoor furniture often. They are relatively soft which puts them at risk for dents and scratches and can split when driving fasteners. The species also bleed tannins, which makes painting problematic if not prepped properly.

First and foremost is to consider what kind of elements the piece will be in. Humidity, hot sun, or a lot of rain and moisture all affect wood differently and are all factors we contend with on an island like Bermuda. In such conditions, your wood furniture might require extra protection or maintenance. For instance, you may have to provide some shade.

Teak, Ipe and Mahogany - More expensive than most woods used for outdoor furniture, however they remain popular because of their longevity, immunity to weather, and very few care requirements. They resist movement, surface checks, warping, cracking, decomposition, and denting.


As with most furniture you want to make sure a piece is constructed well. Joint especially are important with outdoor furniture as they are enduring more. Look for dovetailed or mortise and tenon joints as they hold up well. Any screws that have been used to put the pieces together should either be stainless steel or have a rust proof coating.

Consider where you’ll be putting your outdoor furniture. Will it be completely exposed to the elements or on a porch or under an awning? As well placing outdoor wood furniture on hard or soft surfaces can make a huge impact on its protection from rot or mildew.

What Wood to Choose:

Accoya – By far our favorite wood to use outdoors, Accoya is treated wood that is durable, dimensionally stable, rot & insect proof, and can last 50 years above ground. From sustainable sources this wood has a low thermal gain & doesn’t


In the end, not all woods are made equal so make sure you have a piece you’ll love that will stick around for years to come. Consider all the factors that go into choosing an outdoor piece and you’ll end up with something that will exceed your expectations.





Bring your Wood or Metal Shutters & Furniture Back to Life

With endless combinations of finishes available for wood and metal products, your next stripping and refinishing project couldn’t be in safer, quicker and moreSpecialising dependable hands. In:












Expert Craftsmen, Extraordinary Results Visit our Showroom - #99 Middle Road, Devonshire • Tel: 236-2886 •

• Aluminum & Wood Shutters • Iron & Aluminum Furniture • Bike Frames & Car Rims • Rust & Corrosion from all Metals



• Wood Furniture of any kind - Doors & Windows & Shutters - Conference Tables - Dining Tables - Bedroom Sets - Teak Furniture



INIS • Outdoor Living 2018 • Island Property News 11

i be Inspired n with Us n


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To arrange a meeting call 236-2025, email or pop in and see us - Sofia House, Ground Floor, 48 Church Street

Community corner... Expert Advice from the Department of Health It’s 2048. Jerry and Jackie are holding their grandbaby and reminiscing. They remember over 30 years ago when they began dating and before becoming intimate, had a conversation using the 5Ps of sexual health (Partners, Practices, Past History of Sexually Transmitted Infections, Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections and Prevention of Pregnancy). It was during this conversation that Jackie told Jerry that she was living with HIV. Jerry was initially shocked, because Jackie “didn’t look like she had HIV”. Knowing Jerry would be concerned about his risk of contracting HIV from her, Jackie explained that she stays healthy by taking her medications every day and having regular blood tests to assess how much virus she has circulating in her blood. She confirmed her viral load as undetectable which effectively equals untransmittable, especially with correct and consistent condom use. Jerry still had some concerns so he made an appointment at the Hamilton Health Centre, Communicable Disease Control Clinic. While there, he was able to have an open conversation with the Public Health Nurse about HIV. The Public Health Nurse recommended regular sexual health screenings and advised him of the current recommendations that all persons aged 13-64 should be tested for HIV based on risk. He was also informed of the recommendations for PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) which greatly reduces the risk of HIV and can be used within discordant couples, where one partner has HIV and one partner does not. The Public Health Nurse provided him with a free, confidential HIV test, told him that he could come back regularly for repeat testing and recommended 12 Island Property News • Outdoor Living 2018 •

some websites that he could visit:, hiv,, Jerry had one more important question – “Can he and his HIVpositive partner have children free from HIV?” The Public Health Nurse informed Jerry that through effective prevention efforts, Bermuda had eliminated Mother to Child Transmission of HIV. Jerry left feeling empowered and excited about his new relationship with Jackie... and the rest, as they say, is history. Currently, there about 300 persons living with HIV (PLWH) in Bermuda with few new cases reported each year. The Department of Health agrees with the vision of UNAIDS which is to end AIDS by 2030. The spread of HIV is 100% preventable and most cases in Bermuda are through sexual contact. Help us nd AIDS. Get Tested. Know Your Status. For more information go to or call the Clinic at 297-6442.

Rental Listings FREE for any advertiser or $30 per listing • Deadline is the 20th of the month Prior TO Publication

Price: $1,300/Month Location: Sandys Bed: 0 Bath: 1

Price: $2,600/Month Location: Smiths Bed: 1 Bath: 1

Price: $3,995/Month Location: Warwick Bed: 2 Bath: 2

Description: Spacious Studio/ bedsitter overlooking Port Royal Golf Course with kitchen and full bathroom. Contact: Bermuda Longtail Real Estate Ltd,, 232-2769

Description: Walk to John Smith’s Bay from this modern spacious lower dwelling with private entrance, patio, large living and bedroom with full bathroom and laundry. Partly or unfurnished. Contact: Liza Outerbridge,, 504-7945

Description: Split level end unit at The Palms Condos near Belmont, modern kitchen and open floor plan, both bedrooms with en-suite with lovely yard and maintained hedges. Contact: Bermuda Longtail Real Estate Ltd,, 232-2769

Price: $2,800/Month Location: Warwick Bed: 2-3 Bath: 2

Price: $4,000/Month Location: Smiths Bed: 2 Bath: 1

Description: Quiet lovely multilevel townhouse style apartment with a bonus room, modern kitchen and split air conditioning close to restaurants, grocery stores, school and transportation. Contact: Bermuda Longtail Real Estate Ltd,, 232-2769

Description: Gem of a cottage with ocean views and pool, open modern kitchen with air-conditioning throughout and close to Spittal Pond. Contact: Bermuda Longtail Real Estate Ltd,, 232-2769

Price: $2,400/Month Location: Warwick Bed: 2 Bath: 2

Description: Bright and airy upper open plan apartment with patio, sunroom and garden. Contact: Bermuda Longtail Real Estate Ltd,, 232-2769 Price: $2,500/Month Location: Southampton Bed: 1 Bath: 1

Price: $4,000/Month Location: Pembroke Bed: 3 Bath: 1

Price: $3,000/Month Location: Warwick Bed: 2 Bath: 2

Description: Fully furnished spacious apartment with modern kitchen lovely private patio close to Church Bay. Contact: Bermuda Longtail Real Estate Ltd,, 232-2769 Description: Upper unit close to many amenities with new modern appliances with balcony off the dining room and fireplace in the living room. Contact: Bermuda Longtail Real Estate Ltd,, 232-2769

Description: Walk home for lunch! Nirvana is located just off Woodbourne Avenue, overlooking Pitts Bay Road and Hamilton Harbour. A recently renovated kitchen greets you on entry, offering stainless steel appliances and attractive custom cedar cabinetry. Contact: Cranfields Property Bermuda Ltd, Jasmine Norman,, 707-5679 • Outdoor Living 2018 • Island Property News 13

Rental Listings FREE for any advertiser or $30 per listing • Deadline is the 20th of the month Prior TO Publication

Price: $4,300/ Month Location: City of Hamilton Bed: 1 Bath: 1.5

Price: $5,000/Month Location: City of Hamilton Bed: Bath:

Price: $18,000/Month Location: Paget Bed: 5 Bath: 4.5

Description: Perfect Executive City location at Six Dundonald Street, secure, furnished and available June to September. Contact: Cranfields Property Bermuda Ltd, Jasmine Norman,, 707-5679

Description: Commercial space, starting at $5,000 per month, if you are looking for a commercial space in the City of Hamilton, I have great opportunities available. Contact: Liza Outerbridge,, 504-7945

Description: Stately home in a peaceful location with 7,000 sq ft of living space. Needs to be seen to be appreciated! Contact: Cranfields Property Bermuda Ltd, Jasmine Norman,, 707-5679

Price: $4,500/Month Location: Paget Bed: 2 Bath: 2.5

Price: $5,200/ Month Location: Smiths Bed: 3 Bath: 2

Description: Modern, centrally located Skytop Gardens unit with wonderful views. Unfurnished, fitted with stainless steel appliances. Travertine tile throughout. Contact: Masterkey Management Ltd.,, 300-7287

Description: “KindaKute” a spacious family home with lovely garden enjoying citrus trees. Great location, access to shared dock. Available Now. Contact: Liza Outerbridge,, 504-7945

Price: $4,800/ Month Location: Flatts Bed: 3 Bath: 2.5

Price: $12,000/Month Location: Southampton Bed: 4 Bath: 5.5

List your rental property for Only


OR FRee for any advertiser! email

Description: Townhouse with nice entertaining area, pool in complex, Ocean Views. Contact: Cranfields Property Bermuda Ltd, Jasmine Norman,, 707-5679

Description: Executive Luxury spacious home with pool, large garden, beach in South Whale Estate, modern kitchen with island, lower floor with open family room or man cave and Guest apartment! Contact: Bermuda Longtail Real Estate Ltd,, 232-2769

Protection for your ‘piece of the Rock’. Think Home insurance Think FMg…296-3600 14 Island Property News • Outdoor Living 2018 •


Covering possibilities








As of June 4th 2018


9:00 9:45am 10:00 10:45am

Zumba Gold Caroline Mulholland

11:00 11:45am 12:00 12:45pm

Zumba Gold Jackie Poole


Yoga (Hatha)


Zumba Gold


Jen Ward

Robin Holder

Jackie Poole

Caroline Mulholland

Jen Ward

1:00 1:45pm

Zumba Kid Jr. (Parent & Child 4-7 yrs) 12:30-1:15pm-Jen Ward

BODYSHRED Annette Lewis

Zumba Kids (8-12 yrs) 1:30-2:15pm-Jen Ward

2:00 3:00pm


Saturday Kids classes are a 4 week session strting on June 23rd and ending on July 14th - these are by sign up only. The cost is $60 for the 4 weeks. Please call 436-2023 to reserve your space!

2:30-3:25pm Jen Ward

3:00 4:00pm

Salsa (Beginners) 3:30-4:30pm Derek - Clave Dance

Zumba Kids JR (4-6yr)

4:00 4:45pm

(7 Week Session) 4:00-4:45pm - Jen Ward

5:00 5:30 6:25pm


Yoga (Vinyasa)


Yoga (Vinyasa)


Jen Ward

Mel Dupres

Jane Walker

Mel Dupres

Jackie Poole

Men’s Hour Yoga

Zumba Gold


Robin Holder

Caroline Mulholland

Annette Lewis

LOCATION: 6:30 7:25pm 7:30 8:30pm



Yoga (Hatha)

Ammuaakhu Sahnera

Jen Ward

Robin Holder

Sofia House, Ground Floor 48 Church Street, Hamilton Beside the main Post Office

Our class schedule is subject to change as we continue to grow - visit for our latest class calendar.

We are a co-op of Inspired instructors all running our classes in one awesome location. You can purchase punch cards and attend any class on the schedule. Enjoy a welcoming, non-gym environment with classes designed for everyone!


CLASS PRICES: $20.....Drop-In $90.....5 Class Pass $160...10 Class Pass

Members receive $10 OFF of either class punch card!

@inspiredfitnessbda | 436-2023 |

IPN Outdoor Living Issue 2018  

It’s official! BBQ’s, backyards, and bikinis mean the weather is hot and its time to live outdoors again. Filled with sunshine, friends, an...

IPN Outdoor Living Issue 2018  

It’s official! BBQ’s, backyards, and bikinis mean the weather is hot and its time to live outdoors again. Filled with sunshine, friends, an...