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Be prepared with fantastic tips for bikes, cars & boats


From generators to hinges - make sure you are ready this season

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taken during the build up to Hurricane Paulette by Adrian Cunningham ballyknock.photo

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Batten Down the Hatches


TOP 5 IPN Hurricane Tips

You know how to prepare your home in the face of a hurricane,

you know the essentials to stock up on­- but do you know how to secure your bike, car or boat? These big ticket items are investments that you definitely want to protect. Up your game this hurricane season with some fantastic tips and tricks to help you be prepared!

e went back in the archives for some great tips for you - from W making sure your generator is functioning when needed to ensuring you have a great hurricane party while riding out the storm!



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www.ipn.bm • Hurricane Season 2021 • Island Property News 5

Batten Down the Hatches!

You know how to prepare your home in the face of a hurricane, you know the essentials to stock up on­- but do you know how to secure your bike, car or boat? These big ticket items are investments that you definitely want to protect. Up your game this hurricane season with some fantastic tips and tricks to help you be prepared!



If space permits you to do so, consider storing your bike in the garage or house. This won’t work for everyone, but it is one of the best and easiest ways to keep your bike safe! In areas where flooding is a concern, placing your bike on a lift of sorts and strapping it down to prevent rolling could be that extra step to reduce accidental damage.

Take pictures of your car just before a hurricane approaches. Although this seems very simple, it is vital for insurance purposes as it is harder to examine damages without having a before comparison.

store it inside

pick the best location

If you are storing your bike outside, invest in a bike cover or wrap your bike with a tarp - this will protect your bike from wind, rain and small debris. Avoid parking near or under trees as well as power lines, these have the potential to cause a major inconvenience if they fall on top of your motorcycle. It is recommended that you park near a sturdy wall such as your house, this will help to minimize wind trauma and offer support, so that your bike does not topple over.

protect your engine

Cover your air cleaners and exhaust. The extra protection will prevent water from getting into your engine which can cause problems down the line. If you have any custom pieces, consider removing and storing them safely in your house.

fill your tank

Ensure that you fill your tank before the hurricane arrives, it’s important to be prepared and have a plan after the hurricane subsides. 6 Island Property News • Hurricane Season 2021 • www.ipn.bm

Take photos

find the spare key

Store copies of your car’s registration and insurance documents inside your home in a dry and safe place. It is also advised to make copies of this information and make sure you have the spare key so, if in the event you are separated from your vehicle or family, they can have access to the car.

fill up your tank

Once again, gas is a must for hurricane readiness, we recommend filling up your tank prior to the hurricane. After the hurricane you’ll be able to get to where you need to go, without the hassle of having to find an open gas station.

find a safe location

Park your car in a safe environment where it is ideally sheltered from high winds, water and debris. A garage does help with this but if not, parking behind your house or a solid wall works too. Also, don’t forget to properly secure any car covers or tarps that you may use to cover it!

IPN’S TOP 5 TIPS from years gone by... 1. Run your portable generator every few months

Just like humans, generators need to get a little exercise every once in a while. Electrical experts agree that running your generator every few months will keep the electric starter’s battery fresh and charged. Before firing up your dusty portable generator, make sure it’s outside in a well-ventilated area to avoid breathing in harmful fumes.

2. Assess your hardware


remove anything that’s loose

The first step in hurricane readiness with boats is to well... prepare your boat. Turn off the electrical system, remove the battery and detach equipment that is moveable to prevent breakage. Things that cannot be removed such as tillers and wheels should be tied down restricting movement and ropes being used should be wrapped with a protective rope sleeve to prevent chafing.

Shut, seal and cover

Windows, doors and hatches should be sealed and the fuel lines fully shut off. Make sure to cover engine room vents and plug the stern’s exhaust pipes to prevent storm water from flooding your motor.

beware of the storm surge

Anchor lines should be 10 times the water’s depth at mooring location to counteract the effects of a storm surge. Anchor the boat with a minimum of two anchors and position the bow of the boat in the direction of prevailing winds. If you want to take it a step further, place extra fenders to protect the boat from hitting the pier or breakage of surrounding boats.

store it safely

The island has a few companies that will haul and store your boat, but if you plan to do it yourself here are a few tips to keep in mind. Never leave your boat on a davit or hydraulic lift as these can be dangerous. Instead consider storing the vessel in a storage cradle in your yard. Depending on the boats weight, consider pumping water into the bilge to hold the vessel down more securely.

Spend some time on each window, blind and door to look at all of the latches, catches and/or barrel bolts to ensure that they are secure and that they are not rusted.

3. Hurricane party ready

Host your friends so you’ve got company during the storm. Make sure there is enough space for everyone to comfortably sleep (as some storms last overnight). Ask everyone to come early to ensure they make it before the storm hits. Take some time to create that perfect playlist! Sit down and organize your favorite music into a playlist that pumps you up. Then dance the night away!

4. Check your insurance policies

The first step to being covered during a storm is to make sure that your insurance policies are up to date. If you’ve purchased new outdoor furniture or completed renovations on your home, check that these are reflected in your policies. Rebuilding costs tend to rise over time so you should review your “sums insured” annually to ensure you have adequate coverage.

5. Power up

What would we do without our devices right?! During a storm, it can be heartbreaking for them to die when you know you can’t power them up again. With a little advance preparation you don’t have to go without. The easiest step: take the time to fully charge all your devices from phones to laptops to tablets and any external battery chargers you may have. Don’t forget to download any shows and movies from Netflix and Disney+ to keep you and the kids occupied!

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8 Island Property News • Hurricane Season 2021 • www.ipn.bm

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10 Island Property News • Hurricane Season 2021 • www.ipn.bm

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Price: $10,000/Month Location: Warwick Bed: 3 Bath: 3 Description: SHORT TERM RENTAL - Set in the heart of Warwick, this modern detached home in a small residential community is fully furnished and perfect for your shortterm stay. The property is in close proximity to restaurants, Lindo’s grocery store, public transportation, the railway trail and schools. Available on a short-term basis (4-11 months) only from September 15. Contact: MasterKey Management Ltd, Sharika Tucci, 300-7287, sharika@masterkey.bm Price: $17,500/Month Location: Warwick Bed: 5 Bath: 4 Description: Kennedy house is fabulous 5 bedroom home in a peaceful location. Outside is a wonderful deep verandah flowing to manicured lawns shaded by palms and other large trees. This property also enjoys access to a private dock on the Great Sound. This is a magnificent home and needs to be seen to be appreciated. Contact: Cranfield’s Properties, Sharon Cranfield, 305-8074, sharon@bda4sale.com

Be Prepared this

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