The Islander Magazine - May 2022

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FINDING BALANCE No, you're not too busy. We have all been there, drowning under work commitments, maintaining a social life, trying to keep fit, saying no to unhealthy snacks and generally doing life. If it hasn't happened to you, then well done, but if it has - keep reading. When we are busy, we struggle to find the time to check in with ourselves, know what we need to keep on top of our healthy habits and figure out what we need most. There is a reason you see so many "fastest way to lose belly fat" type articles, people are desperate for quick fixes, but newsflash, they don't work. The quick fix approach surges when priorities are made, and things are put on the back burner for any length of time. But being busy doesn't mean you have to or should forget about your health. You can do some things to ensure that you strike up a balance between life and your health and wellness. Schedule Setting time aside will help you have enough time to fit in your healthy habits. Putting a weekly regime in place will feel less daunting and help you schedule everything else. It takes time to figure out a routine and stay positive as you adjust to the one that works for you. Things can quickly get left out when you juggle things between your regular daily schedule. In contrast, if you start with the most important thing every day, this can help you get it done, whether that is meditation, prepping healthy meals or doing your workout; if you do it first, the day can't give you any excuses. Non-negotiable When you are busy, healthy habits typically go out the window first. Most healthy habits should be non-negotiable, but life does get in the way, so set your top non-negotiable and do them every day, this way, you have committed to the most important things to you. Do them every day, and these will naturally turn into habits; how often do you think about having the time to brush your teeth? Plan Failing to plan is planning to fail. Managing certain healthy habits can be challenging at the best of times, so when everything else is getting in your way and time is running away, help yourself. Plan ahead, lay your gym kit out before you go to bed for your morning exercise class, meal prep healthy dinners, so you don't get a takeaway when you are finally home from work. And also have a plan B. Have a plan b that is flexible and easy so that you don't completely give up; if you haven't managed to fit in your regular workout, then do a quick tenminute workout instead. Listen Some days it is possible to fit in the long run, some yoga, a relaxing bath and grocery shopping, but on others, you just about have

enough time to breathe. Your health and wellness are all about finding balance in all areas of life, so you will likely need different things on different days. This is where you can schedule and plan to make it easier, but ultimately some days, you may want to do a HIIT workout and other days, you may need to enjoy that glass of wine. Multitask If you have joined a gym but can't quite find time for that 60 mins spin class, that doesn't mean you shouldn't do any movement. You can easily incorporate movement with other things. For example, go out on a brisk walk whilst calling your friend back or do a quick yoga video whilst the kid's dinner is cooking. There are also minor changes that can help throughout your day, have a healthy bar in your bag, so you don't reach for the biscuit tin,

always take the stairs and instead of scrolling social media, do a guided meditation. Prioritising your health and wellness is one of the most important things you can do. If you are saying you don't have time for it, you are actively telling yourself it is not a priority for you. The way we eat, move our bodies and care for ourselves impacts every single part of our life. These healthy habits are not a reward for getting everything else in your life done - they are necessary. If you prioritise your health and wellness, you are buying yourself more time later, more energy, and more life. ______________________________________ Gemma Harris Freelance writer & Personal Trainer

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