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The view from above; racing schooners in The Mediterranean is a privileged experience

CLASSIC YACHT REGATTAS UPDATE International Schooner Association owns two classic schooners. His Captain, Simon Pandolfi, is the driving force of this private members only organization. Simon also heads up The Classic Yacht Experience (TCYE) for de Vargas Machuca, a company created by like-minded individuals, passionate about building, restoring, sailing and racing schooners. TCYE offers two classic schooners for classic yacht regatta charters Puritan and Orianda and in 2020 a fleet of restored 10MR gaff cutters.

Six schooners will race in the Capri Classica in May Š Photography Blue Passion

One month to go and all eyes are on the classic schooners in The Mediterranean. Find out why it’s superb to be a schooner owner this season. INTERNATIONAL SCHOONER ASSOCIATION Classic schooners are amazing examples of naval architecture heralding mostly from the golden age of yacht construction in the 20th Century. In recent years many of these yachts have been painstakingly restored, or replicas have been built, with passion and attention to historical

detail. Not to mention sizeable budgets. Over the past 20 years I have known many try to bring this Big Boat Class and owners together with varying degrees of success. The recent formation of The International Schooner Association shows promising signs of a unity. The ISA was formed during a private dinner onboard the schooner Puritan hosted by owner Tomas de Vargas Machuca during The Regates Royales Cannes in September 2018. De Vargas Machuca, President of the

The dinner in Cannes was powerful and intimate and the owners decided to move forwards as a united group. The ten founder members of the International Schooner Association are the owners of: Invader 1905 Orion 1910 Mariette of 1915 Puritan 1931 Orianda 1937 Aschanti IV of Vegesack (1954) Elena of London 2009 (replica of 1910 design) Atlantic 2010 (replica of 1903 design) Germania Nova 2011 (replica of 1907 Germania) Under new ownership, status pending Naema 2013 (replica of an Alfred Mylne design) These yachts have been participating in the classic yacht circuit but often they face the

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The Islander Magazine Updated - April 2019  

The Islander Magazine Updated - April 2019