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Issue 08 2017

N e w s , C o m m u n i t y, R e a l E s t a t e & Tr a d e S e r v i c e s

INSIDE THIS MONTH Pg 3 Response to small dog beaches Pg 9 Blessing The Fleet and the Possible Parting of the Ways Pg 20 New Realestate Section Pg 24 Australia day Photos Pg 25 Lucky to ne alive! Pg 37 Fishing Report and Tides See page 18 for a film presentation on Fascinating Vietnam, Cambodia & the Mekong River on 2nd of March.

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2 2017 - Issue 08




ISLAND and surrounds

Published every four weeks.

Dear Reader,

Phone: 0447 007 966 PO Box 1019 Bongaree Qld 4507 100% independently owned While great care has been taken to ensure the accuracy and contents of the publication, the Island and Surrounds accepts no responsibility for inaccuracies. The views expressed in this publication do not necessarily represent the views held by TIAS. All content is copyright and may not be reproduced without permission. The production of this FREE newspaper is only made possible by you continuing to support our local advertisers. Circulation 19,000 - Delivered to all homes and local businesses in the following areas; Bribie Island, Sandstone Point, Ningi, Godwin Beach, Beachmere (including Peel Road & Beachmere Road) Bribie Pines, Toorbul and Donnybrook. SALES Belinda Ferguson - Bongaree ADMINISTRATION Kym Braithwaite - Bongaree PHOTOGRAPHER & CREATIVE WRITER Deb Neill Photography - Bongaree JOURNALIST Terry Fogarty - Bongaree DESIGNER Roger Small - White Patch

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Letters to the Editor...

Ken Hill comments

As I was describing ISLAND and Surrounds Community News Paper to a close friend who lives interstate, I was asked, “So, how is it different from the Other Community News Papers?” This got me thinking about what we provide to our community and our product. I want to keep the fresh and independent spirit of our paper. The price of taking risks, being the newest publication in our region, can be invigorating and refreshing if it is done with imagination and loyalty. My feeling is that we want to establish a loyal following, take risks, be completely transparent with letters to the editor and our distribution, and to provide you with the most informative and up to date information about our beautiful region. We are a voice which has a genuine chance to grow and improve, based on hearing you and being heard by the rest of our community. A voice which will be equally cautious of praise and venomous critiques. So, in 2017 we ask you to support our locally owned and operated businesses, to build our community into one of the best in Queensland. Our local businesses employ local people, including us and work hard to provide you with the very best products and service. Where would we be without them? Our Distribution is far greater than any other publication on the ISLAND and Surrounds, going to homes that normally don’t get a paper in our region. We want to include every home and driveway from the Bruce Highway to Bribie Island and Donnybrook to Beachmere. Therefore, we are very different to any other publication in our region.

BY MICK When your world is tumbling down around you Your problems and fears they confound you You stare into the face of your darkest night Within you, search deep and make it right Do not waver, do not give a yard Stand fast and still and stand hard. Be as a rock and do not give ground. Do not lose heart, it can turn around. If emotion is the master that holds you in its sway You can still make it through this darkest day With hollow eyes and tears that fall as rain Steel yourself and sooth away the pain It took an eternity to make you Such fears as this should not break you The generations who made you Are within you and will aid you Since the day your seed was sown The generations and you were sealed in stone They are you, you are not on your own You always stand together, you never stand alone



You never stand alone

A Little While Back

Please Explain Mr. Turnbull

A little while back, I contacted Brooke Savige regarding the curious way the powers that be design our road markings. She was very good and passed on my complaint that the new road markings as one approaches the ‘Woollies’ roundabout from the bridge become visible only when you’ve already found yourself in the wrong lane. Their response?” Oh no, we couldn’t possibly put arrows on the road that could be seen a bit sooner, there’s already a big sign anyway. “ Strangely they have enough time (and paint) to paint lurid yellow bicycles all along Verdoni Street (to what end?) but no time, paint or inclination to assist both locals and visitors get to where they want to, without collecting a bingle on the way. I’ve seen a number of close calls already. But then who cares? The road marking brigade obviously don’t. R.Cooke Marina Boulevard.

Please explain, Mr Turnbull So we know you are a very rich man Prime Minister Mr Turnbull and you have, from your account, earned your money. Yes, you are entitled to donate regularly or otherwise to your Liberal National Party. But why were you initially coy about revealing the size of your latest political donation - $1.75 million? And you also add that you paid tax on that amount so you are entitled to donate it. Of course you are, Mr Turnbull, but all political tax donations are tax deductible. Does that mean you paid tax on one hand and got it back in the other? Not sure why our political reporters did not get an answer to that question. But on the question of the Opposition Leader Bill Shorten wanting to live on Sydney Harbour with taxpayer’s money, you say Mr Turnbull, well didn’t he earn that money too? Therefore, if he (Mr Shorten) can afford it why not live on Sydney Harbour Mr Turnbull? Of course, Mr Shorten has been labelled as not squeaky clean, either, about things in the past but surely the leader of our nation or an alternative should set the right examples. So, are political donations tax avoidance? Someone needs to explain this to the lay person on the street. Yours etc Political fence sitter (name and address supplied)

Bribie Island Library Bribie Island Library alterations obliterate essential Community Meeting Room – Big Mistake; Huge! Dear Mayor Sutherland The closure of Moreton Bay Regional Council’s fantastic Bribie Island Community Meeting Room facility was a big mistake – Huge! Bribie Island’s community is special. Together our community contributes several diverse, voluntary, not- forprofit services to support the broad needs and interests of our residents and Council – often at no cost. But Moreton Bay Regional Council, without explanation and without arranging a suitable alternative, recently closed the much loved and well used Bribie Island Library Community Meeting Room which was at the centre of delivery of these services. One only had to peruse the extensive booking list of groups previously using and appreciating this wonderful and welcoming facility to understand how important and essential it was to our community. Health, Well-Being and Fitness; Education and Training; Environment and Heritage; Community awareness, information sessions and forums etc - all these services and groups have now been suddenly and unceremoniously “evicted”. Council claims to value such generous community contributions but their recent closure of this essential and locally unique Bribie Island Library community meeting room has been a real kick in the teeth for us all and leads us to ask the question: Is nothing of value safe? What were they thinking? If Council’s motto for the region: “Where Lifestyle Really Matters” is to be taken at all seriously then arrangements for an equivalent standard replacement local meeting room must be implemented immediately. Yours Sincerely Ian Bell

Hoax e mail or spam? Dear Editor, You have been the victim of hoax email, or spam email. I refer to the letter in issue 7 with the authorship given to Dr Dale Kerwin, this letter has been “doing the rounds” for about two years or what is now called “going viral”. There has been minor changes over time but the bulk of the letter is unchanged. According to the official internet site for the Griffith University Dr Dale Kerwin is a full time member of the faculty, not a self-funded retiree. This can be found at https:// fiona-paisley/curriculum-vitae . In the Tasmanian Times Dr Dale Kerwin denies being the author of the letter. php/article/change-the-entitlements . This letter can also be found on facebook as posted by someone called Grant Newson. https://www. posts/1316511445050184 Grant Newson - Author: Dr. Dale Kerwin School of... | Facebook As a self funded retiree, I’m frustrated with Canberra’s continuous fiddle with Superannuation contributions and rule changes Plus the measure to Rebalance the ... I remember receiving this email several times, now I just press “delete”. Thanks for taking the time to read the and I take responsibility for everything contained here in. Regards Eric Adams

2017 - Issue 08



Letters to the Editor...Dog Beach at Bonagaree I support the proposal of making a section of beach along the passage dog friendly. I am a dog owner myself and walk my dog along the passage most mornings. During the hot weather I let my dog off to have a quick swim to cool down and always do so in a place that is not going to disturb anyone, which is not hard at 6am. However it would be nice to do this without the chance of getting a fine. I also agree this would of much benefit to those who cannot access the current dog friendly beaches. Regards Michelle Murphy Bongaree

In relation to the suggestion of dog friendly area in Bongaree. A couple of years ago, I approached our local council representative to propose the similar suggestion but in a different area. That location was that portion of land on the Passage side of Sylvan Beach Road, opposite Bibimula Street. There are few houses in the area and the southern side of this area is already fenced to prevent access to the land drain. This suggestion was rejected due to ‘public opposition’. The area is at present unused apart from small periods when road racing by cyclists use the area to park vehicles etc. John Southwell

Hi I fully support the idea of a dog friendly area along Bongaree. Whilst I am fortunate enough to be able to pack my dogs in the car & go to Woorim there are many who can’t & the joy of being able let your dog have a swim safely is fabulous. We should be able to provide a secure area for dogs to have a paddle at Bongaree - I think there is a similar area at Nudgee Beach with fencing & access to water. Please go for it ! Kerry

About 5 years ago, while on holiday in Tasmania, I noticed a sign in a park specifying times when people could walk their dogs in the park. I sent a photo of this sign to Gary Parsons, our previous councillor, asking for the consideration of the availability of the Bongaree beach to dogs in the early hours of the morning. He referred my request to the “appropriate person” who replied that no plans were being made to extend this privilege. Perhaps, Anne Kinchela, it is time for the council to re-think their decision and open up an area for dog owners to exercise their dogs in the morning hours when few people utilise the beach. Christine Blegg Bongaree

What a great idea Anne Kinchela has! Hopefully the Council approves of your idea. How good would it be for the locals that do walk their dogs along there be able to let them off their leash for a swim. My dogs would love that too. Kathy Millier

Hi Re: reply for dog beach. I would love to see a “little dog “ off leash beach area at solander esp, banksia beach. The place suggested at

Magical on the water Jetty Dining Open 7 days Seasonal changes may occur

Bongaree is too close to busy traffic and too many people. Red beach is great but I won’t take my socialised little fur babies there as they get frightened when there are so many large not to mention ginormous dogs bounding towards them, which is to be expected. I would love to know what the percentage of small dog owners is on the island as think it would make up the majority. Solander beach is also easily accessible by foot from the foot oath and car park, has toilets, plenty of parking and hardly anyone uses the beautiful area. I would love to see dogs say under 8 or 10 kgs only, you know handbag or lap dogs. No Staffies, cattle dogs, rotties, shepherds etc. Regards Andie Hi, I have recently retired to Bribie with my dog Molly. Yes, we have been to the dog off leash beaches at Woorim and Red Beach, both ‘out of this world’ for the owner of a dog who loves water. Both beaches are pristine, with dog owners taking responsibility for their pets, both as socially integrated dogs, and cleaning up after them. It would be a great advantage to have another ‘dog friendly beach’ at Bongaree as Anne Kinchela suggested. In the future, I may not be able to take Molly to the designated beaches for her to cool off. Perhaps specific times would make it more acceptable to other residents, but in all honesty, children playing on the beaches love to see dogs swimming, and dog owners are responsible people. Thank you Alana Brown

I think the council members are forgetting the elder members of Bribie Island that have no transportation to get to Bellara, Red Beach or Woorim dog beach I would like to suggest an off leash area opposite iga at the car park and a little swim at the little beach between the time 5am to 9 am so lets think of the elders with there dogs thank you Signed R Shipman

Happy Valentine

- Written by

Terry Fogarty

While most of us recognise Valentine’s Day as a time to send cards or buy gifts for the love in our life, it has ancient origins in pagan rituals associated with fertility. Adopted by the Christian Church and renamed St Valentine’s Day, it became a day to celebrate true love. It was first celebrated through the giving of cards in England in the fifteenth century and has grown in popularity to be one of the biggest card giving celebration days behind Christmas. Poems have been written about it and love songs have been sung. February 14 has become a celebration of love and caring for all ages, from tiny tots to grandparents and beyond. The notion of a secret admirer comes alive on Valentine’s Day and fills our senses with endless possibilities. How will you celebrate this Valentine’s Day? Will you surprise someone you love or perhaps simply walk hand in hand into the future. Whatever you decide we wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

• Licenced venue • Fresh Seafood • Gourmet Burgers • Aromatic Coffee & Cakes • On the water Jetty Dining • Gluten free options • Great for functions • Live entertainment

Come and experience some of the best views Bribie has to offer whilst indulging in our scrumptious seafood, mouth watering burgers and delectable desserts. Overlooking the Pumicestone Passage through to the iconic Glass House Mountains, come and soak in a relaxing sunset on our waterfront deck or jetty.

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4 2017 - Issue 08

News Features By Ken Hill

Stephen Philip Robinson November 15, 1957January 21, 2017

Steve checks out with no faults I had known Stephen Philip Robinson for more than three years. Not a long time, but I got to know he was an exceptional human being. He could make anything with his hands, he could make people laugh and he was a very generous and family loving soul. He had devoted mates because he was just Steve, the bloke we would all like to emulate. He cared about his staff like a father cares for his children. He would have a bit of fun with them too. The owner of Island Body Works panel shop had over the past 22 years built up a reputation of quality workmanship and attention to detail. His staff continues his legacy but he is sadly missed by all who knew him. At 58 in September, it came out of blue, like a lightning bolt, and he had urgent surgery. He turned 59 on November 15 last year but departed this world on January 21. He leaves behind his loving wife Cheryl, and children Stephanie, 22, and Ben, 17... and a lot of friends and colleagues who are still a little dumbfounded. At his funeral, attended by some 350

people, a guard of honour was formed and balloons were released. One red balloon got stuck under a canopy shade and when it finally got out of the canopy and floated away chasing the many other balloons, it was as if Steve was leaving us all, reluctantly. Another smaller green balloon finally followed suit as if it was his two treasured dogs making their last gesture to their master. Those lovely pets attended the funeral. Steve always had a solution to a problem. The story was told of a fishing trip off Moreton Island with his mates. Alas, someone forgot the bait, at night I believe, but no worries Steve pulled out a bag of Jelly Babies lollies and they placed them on the hooks. Of course, they didn’t catch any fish although one of Steve’s mates swore an oath that he was losing his bait to fish. It was suspected of course he was eating the jelly babies before putting the line in the water. There were many more stories of his times of entertaining friends and mates which could be summed up by his warm, embracing and sometimes cheeky smile. Steve Robinson was a man amongst men, a family man, a man who seemed to live two lives in one. He was always there to lend a hand and that was often illustrated with much additional work he did for his Volunteer Marine Rescue on Bribie Island. Steve had the answers to fix a problem, and was generous with his time and endeavours. He also loved his music and once in his youth was a disc jockey. His dedication to his business is legendary but it is the time and concern he had for his family, staff and friends who made him stand out above many of us lesser mortals. He was will be sadly missed but thanks for the memories Steve. By Deb Neill

Boat Ramp Dilemma!

A Brisbane couple, out for a beautiful day of jet skiing on the Passage, had a terrible misfortune on the boat ramp at Bongaree. Whilst reversing the ski into the water, the driver mistakenly pressed the accelerator pedal instead of the brake, causing the car and trailer to reverse into the water. Although, the occupant of the car managed to escape in the nick of time, he was still very shaken. Bystanders assisted in saving the trailer and

ski but unfortunately the car was submerged to its rooftop. Emergency services arrived to lend a helping hand and safely removed the car from the water. I was told that the owners were insured.

Free dementia education sessions on Bribie Island

Do you know someone living with dementia? Alzheimer’s Australia (Qld) is holding FREE education sessions for people living with dementia and their loved ones on Bribie Island. There are an estimated 67,600 people with dementia in Qld, which is expected to grow to 78,600 people by 2020. Chances are, someone you know is living with dementia – come along to these free information sessions and discover more about dementia and the support that is available. The education sessions will cover a series of topics, including “Dementia Know the Facts” and “Living with Memory Loss” for people worried about their memory or who have been recently diagnosed with dementia and a “Course for Family Carers” and “Considering Residential Care” for family or friends wanting to find out more information about caring for someone with dementia. Barbara Cunningham, Senior Dementia Advisor from Alzheimer’s Australia (Qld) says that the aim of these education sessions is to support the community. “Attending these workshops could help you get a better understanding of dementia and develop effective strategies either for yourself or to support a loved one,” said Barbara. Registrations are essential and light refreshments will be provided. All sessions will be held at Bribie Island and specific location details will be provided upon registration.

Family Carer Course: Friday 17th February Considering Residential Care: 2nd June To register or for more information, including course times, please call 1800 588 699 or email Alzheimer’s Australia (Qld) is the charity for people with dementia and their families and carers. As the peak body, it provides advocacy, support services, education and information. An estimated 353,800 people have dementia in Australia. This number is projected to reach more than half a million by 2030. These educational sessions are funded by the Australian government. National Dementia Helpline: 1800 100 500 An interpreter service is available (The National Dementia Helpline is an Australian Government Initiative) Dementia is a National Health Priority Area Media enquiries: Sibel Korhaliller, Marketing and Communication Manager

Caboolture Hospital welcomes next generation of doctors

Member for Pumicestone, Mr Rick Williams MP has welcomed the next generation of Queensland doctors who will be starting work this week at Caboolture Hospital. Rick Williams MP said 17 medical graduates would be doing the rounds of wards at the Hospital. “All of our graduates face a rewarding and challenging year ahead as they learn to navigate their important new roles and put into practice everything they’ve learned. For these graduates this is the start of their journey as junior medical officers under supervised practice on their way to achieving full registration in medicine. We’ve got a strong history of supporting home grown talent and this year’s intake is no different, with 80 per cent of the 2017 medical interns being graduates from Queensland universities,” Rick Williams MP said. “A strong, educated workforce of medical professionals is vital in achieving our goal of ensuring Queenslanders become among the healthiest people in the world by 2026. It’s so exciting that we have 17 graduates starting their careers here in Caboolture “I welcome them to the Queensland public health system and thank them for the roles they will play in improving the lives of those in our community.

FREE DEMENTIA PROGRAM IN FEBRUARY re you carin for so eone with de entia o e alon to our free course in your area to find out how we can help.

FAMILY CARERS COURSE - BRIBIE ISLAND FRIDAY 17 FEBRUARY A course specifically designed for people supporting a person living with dementia. You will learn how to better understand their needs and discover practical strategies to manage day-to-day.

Call our experienced staff to book your place today. TO BOOK YOUR PLACE PHONE 1800 588 699 OR VISIT OUR WEBSITE WWW.FIGHTDEMENTIA.ORG.AU/QLD


2017 - Issue 08



Cafe • Patisserie • Coffee


13 Toorbul Street, Bongaree • Ph: 3408 1109

Calling all DRAMA QUEENS…….and KINGS, PRINCESSES and PRINCES As you all know, Bribie ISLAND and Surrounds provides us all with many opportunities to be creative, be inspired, be healthy in mind, body and spirit, be active and to have fun! As of Thursday 2nd February 2017, a new, creative and innovative form of expression has blessed the ISLAND and Surrounds with another avenue for children (aged 7 and upwards) to explore and connect with their inner child – so to speak! Drama Works to instil a sense of confidence, boosts self-esteem, assist with

Open 7 Days ~ 6am-3pm



from $

per head

• Cold Room available for hire:


3408 1109

One free coffee of your choice with any breakfast purchase. offer expires 15th March 2017

S fro OL Nea m D rly $3 OU 69 T ,0 ! 00

Please present this voucher to receive specials lis ted

pubic speaking and provide a creative and beneficial form of expression for our children. As children interact, create and challenge their abilities, both individually and in groups, there’s a constant increase in awareness and confidence, all under the banner of fun! Louisa Snelling, teaching the last 16yrs and founding the business four years ago, is as passionate about drama as she is about providing quality programs targeted

at the individual child. She believes that drama has the potential to change young lives for the better, regardless of their ability. Louisa and her team have worked with hundreds of children over the years including those with learning difficulties, social issues and students gifted in the arts. “Regardless of who the children are they always seem to really respond well and grow in confidence and skill through drama classes”. Louisa would love to see every child have the opportunity to experience a drama class and luckily for us our children now can! Drama Works staff members believe that their job is to encourage students to discover their potential, and to create a platform specifically for children to grow. They provide an environment of creative discovery in a safe and friendly atmosphere each week at Cooinda Hall Bongaree. Whether your child is full of confidence or painfully shy, Drama Works would love your young person to come along and trial one of their classes. Classes run Thursday afternoons during the school term. Bookings are essential. You can find them at www.dramaworks., or dramaworksqld or call Louisa on 0408 739 246 for more information. Will you encourage your child ‘to be or not to be…………………..that is the question’!

70 Pebble Beach Freehold Retirement Community residents turned out to enjoy their annual Australia Day Breakfast, cooked fittingly on the barbie!

6 2017 - Issue 08



Your Local Councilor Update

Cr Peter Flannery Writes

Cr Brooke Savige Writes

Some great news for Beachmere with the establishment of a Men’s Shed. Men’s Sheds are now an important part of our community and provides a place for all men to get together, learn new activities and to feel part of something. Their role in our community should not be understated whether it be by assisting a project for a local community group, fundraising events or to simply provide friendship and a place to talk about things a person may not have anyone else to talk to. For more information or if you are looking to attend their next meeting, contact Dennis Banks on 0418102194.

It was great to see Council’s mosquito treatment helicopter spraying around Beachmere in early February. Aerial treatment forms part of Council’s ongoing mosquito management program and includes regular onground treatments of parks, reserves and sporting facilities. Residents are also encouraged to empty any containers around the home that may carry stagnant water. Kind regards Peter


One of my Division Events this year will be held at Clayton Park Beachmere. It will be a fun-filled evening for the whole family and I hope to see you there.

Smoking restrictions in Queensland’s national parks has begun

Visitors to national parks in Queensland will be breathing easier with smokers needing to move 10 metres away from most visitor facilities when smoking. National Parks Minister Dr Steven Miles said the new restrictions applied to picnic tables and barbecues, toilet blocks, jetties and information shelters, as well as occupied camp sites. “These restrictions will protect the health and wellbeing of park visitors, and we hope smokers will consider their own health and the health of others and observe the new restrictions,” Dr Miles said. “We want to support people who want to stop smoking, and protect those who choose not to smoke. While the focus will be on educating visitors about the new rules, rangers do have the power to issue on-the-spot fines of $243. The restrictions will apply to parts of 272 national parks, including 245 formalised campgrounds and 150 day-use areas, and bush camping sites. New no-smoking signage is being installed, with signs striking a balance between informing people and avoiding visual pollution of these natural areas.

Visitors will also be reminded of the new restrictions via messages on camping tags and the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service web pages,” Dr Miles said. The national park smoking restrictions are part of Queensland Health’s recent changes to the Tobacco and Other Smoking Products Act 1998, to make more public places smoke-free. Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young welcomed the start of the national park smoking restrictions. “Smoking is the single largest preventable cause of death and disease in Australia,” Dr Young said. “Even passive smoking – breathing in the smoke from other people’s cigarettes – can adversely affect your health, causing cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Experience shows that strong smoking bans increase people’s enjoyment of smoke-free public places and provide smokers with a clear understanding of where they should not smoke. This is one of several Queensland Health initiatives to reduce smoking rates in Queensland, limit people’s exposure to second-hand smoke and decrease the likelihood of young people taking it up. Queensland’s smoking laws are among the toughest in the world. Smoke-free public places, coupled with quit smoking services, have resulted in Queensland’s adult daily smoking rate dropping to 12 per cent,” Dr Young said. Dr Miles said the national park restrictions were also expected to help cut down on litter, and reduce the risk of wildfires.

We have certainly had some hot days lately, while we trying to keep cool, it’s also important that we look after our fur babies as well. I am an avid pet lover and my dogs are an important part of our family. Please always ensure that your pet’s water bowl is checked on a regular basis and they always have access to clean, fresh water. If you are out during the day, ensure that the bowl is big enough to hold enough water for the whole day. Leave two or three water bowls – just in case! Pop in a few ice cubes to keep the water nice and cold. Did you know that pets can suffer heatstroke or even death in their own backyard on a hot summer’s day without shade or water? Early mornings and late afternoons are a very popular time to get out and about with your pooch in Division 1, especially with the heat in the middle of the day. In order to make it a pleasurable outing for everyone, including other pet owners, please be considerate of other people as animal owners are responsible and legally liable for the actions of their animals. We all know they have to go - they have to go! Luckily Council provides a network of doggy doo dispenser bags and special animal waste bins throughout the area for you to clean up

and dispose of your animal’s waste in a sanitary way. We are very fortunate to have some beautiful on and off leash dog exercise areas in Division 1. Remember that dogs are prohibited from conservation parks, sports fields, reserves and foreshores (beach) unless designated as a dog exercise area. Dogs must be leashed at all times outside your property, except when in designated off-leash areas. They must also remain on a leash in a public place (including parks) unless otherwise signed. If you want to take your dogs for a run in the off leash areas, I have listed them below for your convenience; Bribie Island Off Leash areas • In the enclosed area marked by official signs forming part of Cosmos Park on the corner of Sunderland Drive and Cosmos Avenue, Bribie behind the Croquet Club (Dog agility also installed) • On the beach from Red Beach car park around to Woody Bay, Woorim, Bribie Island • On the beach from Woody Bay to the pathway opposite the Koolamara at the corner of Lowry and Benelong Streets, Woorim. Donnybrook Off Leash area • The parkland within Progress Park on the western corner of Ann Street and Donnybrook Road Council is also looking at adding another two dog off leash areas in the coming financial years, which will be located in Bellara and Sandstone Point. Stay cool and survive the heat this summer!

Regards Brooke Savige

2017 - Issue 08



GIFTS & FASHION - HOME DECOR - RUSTIC FURNITURE OPEN 7 DAYS!!! Mon- Fri: 9am to 5pm Sat - Sun: 10am to 3pm

Inspirational gifts, casual fashion, Indian cushion covers & throws,paintings, lamps, floor rugs, terracotta giftware and home décor,recycled teak furniture, vases and artificial flowers, home fragrance fragrance...and HEAPS MORE... TWO MASSIVE FLOORS! Have you been down the stairs?

Huge Range to suit all tastes and budgets!

Extra customer parking via Second Avenue

Phone: 3410 0929 Shop1/23-25 First Ave, Bongaree Bribie Island By

Walk With Pride Whether you do or you don’t believe in destiny, it’s hard to deny that sometimes a wrong turn can change your life. For Leanne, finding herself unexpectedly on the Bribie Island Road was to shape her and her families’ future in many unexpected ways. Leanne was looking for somewhere to settle with her four children, between two and eight years old, in the car as she missed her turn off and found herself on Bribie. Four days later she had found a house and started an ironing business. With the need to support her children she was determined to work from home so that they had a stable and supportive family life. Ironing was never going to be her life’s work. Leanne started studying natural therapies and reflexology which enabled her to offer therapeutic massage from home. Her constantly inquisitive nature and her drive, led her to seeking something more so Leanne started on a journey of self-discovery. She wanted to get back in touch with her femininity so began taking belly dancing classes. It was through her love for belly dancing that she first heard the word Mayyada. Mayyada being a Arabic word that means - walk with pride or graceful walk and is often used as a girl’s name. This led Leanne to opening Mayyada in First Avenue, Bongaree, with a belly dancing and drumming school out the back and a small 3 x 9 metre retail outlet in the front, selling belly dancing costumes, which Leanne made by hand,

and jewellery, incense & soaps etc. The school took off very quickly with 120 students ranging from toddlers to over 50’s, but trying to run the shop and the school was a big ask for one person. Leanne had to make a decision between the two. The thing was, although Leanne had a successful belly dancing and drumming school, she really wanted to explore retail. It was a big risk! “I always ask myself, ‘what is the worst-case scenario, the worst that can happen’ and

“Mayyada offers you a magical mystery tour at every turn but the thing that is truly amazing is that this wonderland has something for everyone.” if I can deal with that then I take the risk. Sometimes you have to pick yourself up and dust yourself off” Leanne said. It was through this decision that Mayyada Bazaar was born. Initially furniture and art was imported from Indonesia, however within the first couple of months everything had sold out! Forcing the business to expand, moving to larger premises, which inturn lead to more buying trips, leading to even more expansion. Leanne’s son and daughter are now involved in the business, heading overseas at least four times a year, on buying trips. They also custom design furniture and art


works having them made in Indonesia, providing support for Indonesian families who might otherwise not have an income. They are currently exploring their options in other countries of South East Asia. Many of us know the wonder of exploring Mayyada Bazaar. Three floors of exotic scents, clothing, artworks and furniture, rugs and even garden pieces that you will not find anywhere else. Mayyada offers you a magical mystery tour at every turn but the thing that is truly amazing is that this wonderland has something for everyone. “I always ask myself what would I like as a customer? I want good value for money and I want to know I am not being ripped off and I want good service and a friendly face,” Leanne said. There is nothing cheap and nasty about Mayyada. Even $5 will buy something lovely. I would find it hard to believe, that if you live off the Island, in the surrounds, that you have not visited Mayyada. If you haven’t however, then you are missing the most fun you can have on Bribie outside the water. Life is mostly a series of transitions, ever changing facets of the same whole. This could not be more true for Leanne. When I asked her what was next, she said “We are always brainstorming ‘where to next’ for Mayyada Bazaar, no doubt something exciting will happen in 2017, we’ll all just have to wait and see.”

World Day of Prayer World Day of Prayer will be held on Friday 3rd March at 9-30am at the Bribie Island Uniting Church, Webster street. World Day of Prayer is a worldwide movement of Christians of all traditions. They come together each year on or near the first Friday of March to observe a common time of prayer to which all people are welcome. In many countries, they have a continuing relationship under the motto “confirmed prayer.” World Day of Prayer focuses attention on one country each year. The Christian women of that country write a prayer service for all to share in. They reflect on their country, their lives and challenges, and we join them to celebrate both our unity in Christ and our diversity in culture. More than 3million people in over 170 countries join in the services or prayer events, many contributing to a project to aid the country for which we are praying. This year we are honouring the people of the Philippines and the theme is “Am I being unfair to you.” This year we are celebrating 91 years of World Day of Prayer in Queensland.

8 2017 - Issue 08


Precision Landscaping & Maintenance Established for over 10 years Body Corporate maintenance and Landscaping Specialising in Paving and Retaining walls Concreting Plant layout and Supplies Complete Garden Make overs Hedge Trimming and Weed Control Turfing and Irrigation Ride on Mowing Call Shaun Lynch for a quote on

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Auto & Marine Electrics Grant Spencer Proprietor - Technician

Ph: 3408 4600

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Ozone Regeneration Ultrasonic Aircon Services

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2017 - Issue 08 By TERRY FOGARTY

Blessing The Fleet and the Possible Parting of the Ways

On Sunday, January 22 thirteen boats set up at the VMR Bribie Island pontoon for the Christian blessing of the Bribie Island

Volunteer Marine Rescue Bribie Island has served the Bribie Island Yacht Club with a notice to refuse use of some part of the facilities they share - namely, a plot alongside the shared building.

also attended the ceremony.. Bribie is very close to Pastor Kelly Horn’s heart as she was a pastor here for sixteen years. Pastor Horn offered an individual blessing for all passing mariners and their vessels, wishing them safe passage and prosperity for the coming year. VMR issued BIYC with a letter in December, advising them they can no longer use the grassy storage space as VMR has to expand maintenance capabilities at the base. The complexity here is that BIYC has spent thousands of dollars for outrigger canoes for the new paddling clubs that have amalgamated with the yacht club so this shared space is vital to BIYC. The eviction notice of the adjacent land came right on the tail of this capital expenditure and was totally unexpected.

Dragons abreast at th Blessing of the Boats with Rick Williams and Brooke Savage HTN

fleet. The ceremony was conducted by Pastor Kelly Horn who returned to Bribie from Caloundra especially for the ceremony. Bribie is very close to Pastor Kelly Horn’s heart as she was a pastor here for sixteen years. Pastor Horn offered an individual blessing for all passing mariners and their vessels, wishing them safe passage and prosperity for the coming year. “The blessing is open to any water craft to receive divine intervention for a safe boating year ahead” Commodore Malcolm Hollywood said. Member for Pumicestone Rick Williams and Councillor Brooke Savige

Dragons abreast at the Blessing of the Boats with Rick Williams and Brooke Savage HTN



All boats Big and Small were invited to be blessed on the morning

“The blessing is open to any water craft to receive divine intervention for a safe boating year ahead” Commodore Malcolm Hollywood, said. Member for Pumicestone Rick Williams and Councillor Brooke Savige also attended the ceremony. As many of you know the Bribie Island Yacht Club shares space with Volunteer Marine Rescue. Recently there has been some ripples that have surfaced in the relationship between the VMR and the Bribie Island Yacht Club.

Turbo charged and ready to race

Local athlete Ethan Chan competed successfully at the Australian Open Water Swimming Championships held in Adelaide from the 27th-29th January 2017. Ethan bought home Silver medal for his efforts in the Men’s Open Multiclass age group in the 5km distance swim. Whilst this is Ethan’s first medal for a National Open Water Championship he has a huge list of accomplishments behind him. Ethan “Turbo” Chan is a 22-year-old who has a stellar swimming career behind him which he aims to continue with Global Games in 2019, Special Olympics Summer World Games 2019 and 2020 Tokyo Paralympics. Open Water Nationals 2017 was a huge achievement for Ethan as he recovered from an injury. This was his short-term goal to get him back into racing and on track to achieve even bigger goals. Making the team for National Open Water was vitally important as it is the only means of being selected into an Australian swim team for any major world championships. ‘Turbo’ is classified as a S14 swimmer, which is a class given to all intellectually impaired athletes in the Paralympics, and covers various degrees of impairment and capabilities. His favourite swim event is the 400m Freestyle which he hopes will be another event open to S14s in the Paralympics. Ethan has been on 3 Special Olympics State teams - one Junior and 2 Opens. He has also been on 2 Special Olympic National Teams 2011 in Athens and 2015 in LA and he’s been on the podium for two Australian School Sports Nationals. In September 2011, he competed in the Global Games with Ausrapid/ Swimming Australia team competing in Liguria, Italy. Ethan has broken numerous State and Australian Age Swim records for S14 Class since he was 14. In 2012, Ethan won the Young Sportsperson of the year for Moreton Bay Regional Council. He was also awarded the 2012 Redcliffe & Bayside Herald’s Annual Young Star award winner for Sports and in 2015 he won the Disability Swimmer of the meet at the Brisbane Senior Metropolitan Championships. ‘Turbo’ is a people person and his aim, when finished with competitive swimming, is to assist in coaching Special Olympics swimmers because he wants to promote healthier lifestyles for the intellectually impaired. Ethan trains under Head Coach, Kirk Taylor at Australian Crawl at the Caboolture Regional Aquatic and Leisure Centre. Kirk’s training program swims all year round in the indoor 50m pool at Burpengary and he credits this, along with the swimmers work ethic, commitment and passion for their sport, to the outstanding results the team are having. The team is going from strength to strength with a large growth in competitive swimmers and open water swimmers. Kirk is passionate about helping swimmers in all levels of the sport and was awarded the New Zealand Coaches and Teachers Open Water Coach of the Year in 2007. Ethan’s next big focus is in the pool at the Australian National Swimming Championships which will be held in Brisbane in April.

10 2017 - Issue 08



“Jam Sessions”

Do you have a hidden musical talent? Are you a local band just starting out? so, oin us or a am ession reat opportunity to meet ith other musicians or sho case your compositions Brin your o n instruments ouse P system

1st Saturday of the Month at 2pm until 5pm Beachmere RSL Sub Branch meets on the 2nd Saturday of the month (except January) at 9.00 at the RSL Club Phone 5496 2090

Proudly sponsored by Pacific Petroleum, Beachmere Road.


PETS & PETS Supplies


Cat Treats $4.95

Fresh Roo Meat $6.75 per kilo

4.5ltr Aquarium Fully Equiped only $55

Greenies for Dental Health 340gms $24.94

Specials end on 15th March 2017



VETERINARY SURGEONS & PHYSICIANS Dr Craig Kohler BVSc, Dr Rachael Khan BVSc, and Associates HOURS: Mon-Fri 8.30 am - 6pm | (Wed to 7pm) Sat 9am - 4pm Sun 9am - 12noon GROOMING & HYDROBATH: Ph 3408 6011 / Benabrow Ave, Bellara

Beachmere RSL A place to call home... In 1992 a small group of local veterans began the Beachmere RSL Sub Branch, meeting in private homes until a shed was purchased and placed at Rogers Street Sports Ground, becoming their temporary home. With true community spirit, members began fundraising to assist Veterans and the save for a permanent ‘place to call home’. 2013 bought discussions with the local Community Club regarding the viability of taking over the Council owned premises and converting it into an RSL Club. With the assistance of the Moreton Bay Regional Council, this became a reality, with the Caravan Park lease thrown in as part of the deal. After two years of consultation, negotiation and hard work, leases were finally signed from Moreton Bay Regional Council to the Beachmere RSL Sub Branch, with the official opening and take over on the 1st December 2015. Beachmere RSL Sub Branch finally had that long awaited for ‘place to call home.’ Members were kept busy throughout the coming months, upgrading and installing new equipment, setting up and creating a Board/Welfare Room and a well-appointed Library. Water tanks have been installed and solar panels purchased adding to the commitment and sustainability of this new Club in a small Community. All members have worked tirelessly turning the Club into an RSL. Beachmere RSL Sub Branch President, Matt Hanrahan, has sourced various memorabilia which is proudly displayed in the Club. The new courtesy bus purchased by the Club also serves to take Veterans on outings. Local sponsorship from Pacific Petroleum on Beachmere Road and A1 Mechanical of Beachmere ensures that our Veterans benefit from having a courtesy bus and are safe when travelling. Receiving a generous grant from our State Member, Rick Williams allowed the Club to lay new flooring. All profits raised from the Club support our Veterans. Beachmere RSL Sub Branch are enormously grateful and thankful to the State RSL, other Sub Branches in South East Queensland and local Community members who have assisted them with their journey. Their dining area boasts fabulous and affordable meals, from a mere $10, which you can enjoy on the verandah overlooking the bowling greens. The Club in now open for lunch on Sundays and have introduced a Jam Session on the 1st Saturday of each month, where local musicians bring their talents to the stage. You are invited to come along, relax and embrace the great ambience at the Beachmere RSL Sub Branch.

Toorbul Caravan Park Permanent Residents in doubt of their future Over 40 residents who permanently reside in Toorbul Caravan Park are in doubt of their future. Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) are considering a proposal which will affect tenancies being passed onto family members. The proposal means that once the current resident passes on, their families are required to remove the once permanent residence. Moreton Bay Regional Council is proposing that long-stay and semipermanent tenants will not be able to transfer their tenancies and the site will revert to a tourist site. All residents have put forward submissions advising Council that they have invested considerable money from their limited funds to make their homes comfortable and improve their sites. All residents maintain their own gardens and facilities. Toorbul Progress Association Incorporated has written to the Council advising them that all permanent residents of the Toorbul Caravan Park have been put under considerable stress regarding their future, liveability and viability of their homes and lifestyle. Toorbul is a small community and while MBRC do own the land, the long-stay and semi-stay residents are critical to the community development and commercial survival of the area. They are asking that MBRC show compassion and respect to them and their families by granting them permanent status as per their original lease/tenancy agreement. MBRC held meetings late last year with the Community and received feedback from the whole community. Councils decision will be made on the 28th of February.

Applications to open for 2017 community grants Community groups and individuals are being encouraged to apply for grants of up to $15,000 in the second round of Moreton Bay Regional Council’s 2016/17 Community Grants Program. Mayor Allan Sutherland is encouraging local sporting organisations, not-forprofits, arts groups and individuals to apply for funding for their project or initiative through the program, which opens on February 1. “Depending on what category you apply for, you’ll be able to get up to $15,000 for grants and $50,000 for interest free loans towards your project,” Mayor Sutherland said. “Council’s community grants program is about being able to help community organisations and individuals across the region realise projects and initiatives that require some financial support. We have some great community groups and individuals who contribute so much to our region and as a council we’re proud to continue to support what they do through initiatives like our grants program. “If you’re an artist, member of a sporting organisation, choir or any sort of community group and have a project you’re passionate about that needs funding, I encourage you to put an application in. In the first round of this year’s community groups shared in more than $327,000 for projects that range from canteen upgrades and wheel chair accessibility improvements to tree planting events and historical preservation.” For more information visit www. or call 3205 0555.

2017 - Issue 08

Trash Revolution

ur ery own Tim Moebus of Trash Re olution was Runner up “Citizen of the Year 2017” at the recent MBRC Australia ay awards. I oined the guys from Trash Re olution for two hours cleaning up the Christmas tree decorations left behind on Bribie Island Road ingi. Thanks uys.



Australia Day on Bribie

Bribie Island SES

I oined my fellow Bribie Lions & Lionesses, ietnam eterans and Cornett’s staff to pro ide a wonderful free breakfast to 1 00 people on Australia ay in Brennan Park.

ur dedicated Bribie Island olunteers in ited me to oin them to commission their crew ehicle with a ,000.00 tate o t grant.

Flag Presentation

Bribie Island Rd Saddle Club

Medicinal Cannabis

It was a pleasure to oin the Beachmere ands Retirement illage community for coffee after I presented them with a new ueensland lag.

Ningi Hall

The Bribie Island Rd addle Club recei ed a 2 , 0 .00 grant that I had the pleasure of handing o er. It will be used to build a cross country training course. reat to see o er a 100 new young riders oin.

Warrigals Jr Rugby League

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk MP and our Labor o ernment team passed the most progressi e Medicinal Cannabis laws in the country. It helps pilepsy, Chemo & other suffers.

New Bike for Jet

Mrs Rae uyder from The ingi all Assoc recei ed a grant of ,000.00 to air condition the ingi all. It is used by children’s playgroups, sport & craft groups and beautiful rchid hows.

unday I saw o er 200 Players sign on for the season. Youth in sport, keeping fit and learning to be good winners and how to act as losers.

On the Buses

Caboolture Hospital Interns

A few weeks ago Pieta Palmer’s had bikes stolen. 2 were reco ered but Year old Jet’s was not. This lo ely family ha e challenges and I admire their fortitude. I purchased and deli ered a new bike to Jet. e was ery e cited and grateful to ha e a new bike and promised to use his helmet.

I welcomed 17 new Interns to Caboolture ospital. The brilliant young physicians will work alongside 11 who stayed on from last year’s intake. Thank you for choosing Caboolture ospital.

n our buses talking to commuters and dri ers. The best way for an MP to find out what is really going on is to become a passenger and talk with the commuters, who are en oying the new timetable. Concrete platforms are re uired at se eral bus stops. I’ll be talking to TransLink.

12 2017 - Issue 08


Bribie Island

CAR DETAILING SELLING YOUR CAR? a e i ully de ailed a a affordable price a d a i i e your $$$

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heat of the sun beaming onto your arms? Protect your skin from 99% of UV rays and reduce the heat in your car by Tinting your windows. Often people say, once you have your car windows tinted you can’t stand being in a car without it. Window Tinting really works! Have you seen bubbled up rear screens on vehicles and think this is just what window films do. With Quality films, and quality installation, this will not happen! The film on these vehicles are either a DIY job or a very “cheap” film only designed to last a short amount of time. With high quality Window Films, you are guaranteed that the film will not bubble, peel, lose its colour or turn purple. The comprehensive warranty covers all material faults and is backed up by the manufacturer of the film. Charlie, owner of Channi’s Window Tinting & Signs, has been a Bribie Island resident since 1999, so give him a ring on 0410 508 468, and book in your Free Quote to insulate the glass panels in your car, home or office. Protect yourself and your family now.

Don’t Squint . . . Tint!

2017 - Issue 08

100 YEARS of MAKING BREAD on BRIBIE ISLAND Barry Clark- Bribie Island Historical Society. A fascinating Historical connection has recently been made in the 100-year history of ‘baking bread’ on Bribie Island. Before the Jetty was built at Bongaree in 1912 few people came to Bribie Island. The resident population was less than 20 people, and they were all very hardy souls. They scratched a living in whatever way they could from fishing, oystering and grazing cattle. With the building of the Bongaree Jetty came the start of a regular Steamship service from Brisbane, and within a few years’ land was offered up for lease, and a few basic sheds and cottages were built. The people who came to live here were an interesting lot, many of whom regarded the Island as a safe and isolated hideaway, where you could live quite cheaply if you were prepared to turn your hand to anything. It is said that the Island was known back then as the “Three D’s”. ……Drunks, Dogs and De Factos!! Interestingly, the only business on Bribie Island in those days was a Fish Cannery run by a lady, Mrs Sarah Balls, who had bought and relocated the Fish Cannery from the north of Bribie Island down to Bongaree in 1910. She employed most of the rough and tough men on Bribie for a few years, until the Cannery closed down in 1914. The first road on the Island was built from Bongaree to the Ocean Beach in 1924, twelve years after the Jetty was completed, and by then the first General Store and State School had opened at Bongaree. By 1923 the resident population of Bribie was close to 75 people. To address the needs of the growing resident population, and the


Community hundreds of visitors and holiday makers who came regularly on the Steamships from Brisbane to camp at Bongaree, the Islands first bakery was started by Mr Kerr in 1923 in a shed in Toorbul lane. Soon after that a Mr Heenan opened a new bakery in Foster Street. The original Bakers ovens were wood- fired with timber cut from the Bribie bush by Col Watson, who had a Forestry permit and cut wood to size and delivered to the Bakery. However, in the early years, Bribie’s bakeries had a habit of burning down, or simply going

This is the original wooden shed that operated as Mrs Ormiston’s General Store in the 1920’s. broke, due to big seasonal fluctuations and peaks in visitor numbers. Tom Read worked at Mr Heenan’s bakery for a while before opening his own new bakery in 1932, just around the corner at 20 Banya Street, Bongaree. Tom had a pet parrot

named “Bulla” which was a great talker, but also swore like a trooper at everyone. The parrot often flew out to sea to meet the Steamship Koopa laden with tourists, and perch on the mast as it steamed over from Redcliffe. When Tom Read was called up for service in World War 2, his nephew Fred Kling took over the running of the Bakery. In those days, there were only a couple of types of loaves being baked, but with many hundreds of Military troops based in the area of Bribie Island during WW2, the demand was greatly increased. After the War Tom Read sold the Bakery to his nephew Fred Kling and his wife Mavis, who lived with their sons in a two-story house next door to the Banya Street bakery. They ran that bakery for another 32 years. When Fred and Mavis retired in 1982 their son Peter Kling took over the business. In 1987, the Klings bakery in Banya Street closed after 55 years of hard work, family commitment and service to the community. Peter and Judy Kling then opened a Bakery in the new Cornett’s Arcade on Welsby Parade, where their son Mathew later became involved in the business for a further 15 years, until it was sold in 2001. Four generations of the Kling family operated bakeries on Bribie Island for 69 years, from 1932 to 2001, providing a much-valued commitment and community service. This is a remarkable achievement, and unlikely to be beaten in the history of Bribie Island businesses. Peter and Judy still live at Bongaree, and continue to enjoy the delights of Bribie in retirement, without the demands of having to get up very early every morning.

A FASCINATING HISTORICAL LINK Shane Shepherd had been baking on Bribie for his mobile “Pie Cart” business for many

years, before deciding to set up his new bakery in Toorbul Street a few years ago. In 2015 Shane and Sue Shepherd purchased the building at 13 Toorbul Street and established this as their new home and “Bongaree Hot Bread” business. They now have a well-established business, but did not appreciate the historical significance when they selected this location. You have read in this article that it was Fred and Mavis Kling who bought the Banya Street Bakery back in 1950. Mavis Kling had been Mavis Ormiston before she married Fred in 1937. Her parents, Jim and Elsie

Toorbul Street Shop 2017 – This is the Bongaree Hot Bread shop today on that very same site HTN Ormiston, had been on the Island since 1919, and her mother had the General Store on Toorbul Street in the 1920’s. When Bongaree Hot Bread opened at 13 Toorbul Street in 2015, it was on the very same site where Ormiston’s General Store, a very basic wooden shed, had stood almost 100 years earlier. This fascinating historical connection has been recognised by the Bribie Island Historical Society who have presented two framed tributes telling this history of bakeries on Bribie. Next time you are at Bongaree Hot Bread shop you can see these stories in blue frames on the wall.



SAVE $200



Come instore and see our range of filters, pumps, chlorinators and cleaners, we can help you find the best equipment for your needs and pool requirements.



Health and Wellbeing

YOUR BIRTHDAY SUIT ALTERATION EXPERTS Do you look in the mirror and see an old frayed, saggy & wrinkled birthday suit? Cathy

IS YOUR SUIT LOOKING SO OUT OF FASHION THAT YOU HAVE STOPPED TRYING TO MEND IT? NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO DOES IT FEEL LIKE YOU JUST CAN’T FIX IT? Fit Beyond 50 is not a “One Size Fits All” Gym Because YOU aren’t a “One Size Fits All” person! How different will your life be when your birthday suit is fitter, healthier and stronger? Let Our Experience In Birthday Suit Alterations Help You To Feel Fresh, Revamped and Remodelled!

Andrew McGilliv ray

Tone your suit, tighten those squeaking joints and saggy bits and the reduce the oversized bits Phone Cathy on 0408803037 To Book your FREE chat TODAY Give Yourself The Present Of Health & Happiness

…………………………………………… Fit Beyond 50 – Knowledge And Experience Personalised Fitness For Any Body At Any Age NO JOINING FEE, NO CONTRACTS, NO CANCELLATION FEE 2017 - Issue 08

Wow – That Went Fast!

Fit Beyond 50 turned 6 on the 6th of February and writing this made me consider what this milestone, this business and our clients mean to me. Fit Beyond 50 was born on a Thursday night when I was standing at the edge of the gym that I was working in. Next to me was an over 40 female client, and I was trying to convince her that stepping into that crowded, weights room full of smelly young males was going to help her become happier and healthier. I was doing my best to prove it wasn’t as disgusting and terrifying as she thought, while frantically searching the crowded room for one piece of equipment not in use. I couldn’t train her to reach her best results because I couldn’t plan her workout since I had to fight for every piece of equipment! It was impossible to give my clients the attention they deserved. I had no time to answer questions and I was forced to measure clients at the edge of the gym for everyone to see!

I was going home and grumbling “There has got to be a better way, I need a room for my client and just me, no fighting for equipment, with privacy and no screens displaying half naked females gyrating to hip-hop and definitely no stinking young males!” So I hatched a plan, lost a bedroom and a sunroom and gained Fit Beyond 50. Since then I have lost a lounge and gained another studio. Hubby’s now part of the action and we have added and increased classes to keep up with demand. The business has passed the scary business milestones – the 2 year graveyard where businesses go to die and the 5 year wall where the owners crash. We study to ensure we’re up to date with the best methods to help our clients, and most importantly, I have been watching clients become confident, stronger, faster, leaner and most of all happier.

I’ve seen fitness fads come and go with Commando Crazypants Bootcamps, people in Crossfitting Cults, Boxfitting into shoulder injuries and classes that gyrate into lower back issues. I have cringed as I watched people be made to crawl, climb, swing, run with logs overhead and dogpoo underfoot, and then panic when suddenly they discover that was “The Best” is now out of fitness fashion. I have seen gyms closed down, owners disappear and places change names 4 times in the 6 years I have been operating.

I know there will always be something new that will promise you the body of a God or Goddess in 8 minutes or less and magic pills are always going to be sold, just as snake oil was, yet if these worked why is the obesity issue growing. In the end the best fitness “craze” is one that’s safe for YOUR body, and one YOU love – if you love doing it you will keep doing it and love is why we keep doing what we are doing and why we have clients that have been with us for the whole 6 years.

So what does 6 years mean to me – clients who have changed shape, lifestyles and health. Clients who can now do up bra straps without assistance, at 70 do pushups on their toes, at 80 easily carry a bag of potatoes and just the other day, one 63 year old client did “clap pushups” - and that was an excellent birthday present for Fit Beyond 50!

Senior Gentle HIP Exercises One of the best ways to start your day is with gentle leg strengthening exercises while you are still in bed.

Before you start

If you feel uncomfortable or concerned about any of these exercises stop! Start slowly with each exercise and give your body time to adjust to doing something new. It is not a race to the finish! You may be comfortable only performing one of the exercises and not be comfortable doing the others. That is ok! Really! Everyone’s body reacts differently to different movements, please work at a pace that suits YOUR body. Never do any of these exercises if you feel uncomfortable with the movement or you feel nervous about how yur body may react. If you are at all worried please have a helpful, stable person around to make you feel more confident and secure.

et s get started

The exercises below are stretching and balance The exercises shown are done while in bed, they are a great way to start your day but can be done any time you are lying down. They are designed to gently strengthen your leg muscles. Take each exercise slowly and carefully. Remember, keeping your legs strong will help you stay independent as using these muscles will help with your balance and mobility. Done regularly these exercises will strengthen your legs and even small changes can make a big difference over time. Even by practicing only one exercise a day you can improve your movement over time. So make sure you are lying comfortably and let’s start.

Ankle Pumps

Lie with both legs flat and with your head supported by your pillow. Bend your ankles slowly so that your feet are moving up and down, like you are paddling, making sure you are not forcing them past a comfortable place. Repeat 10 times each foot then rest Repeat slowly, only do as many each side as you feel comfortable doing up to 10 sets. Rest

Heel Sides

Lie with both legs flat and with your head supported by your pillow. Bend one knee to a comfortable position and slowly pull your heel toward your buttocks. Do not bend your hip more than 90°. Hold for 10 seconds. Slowly return to flat position. Repeat with other knee. Only do as many slides each side as you feel comfortable doing up to 10. Rest

Hip Abduction

Lie with both legs flat and with your head supported by your pillow. Keep your toes pointed toward the ceiling. Move one leg out to the side as far as is comfortably possible. Slowly return to the starting position and relax. Repeat with other leg – again only to a position that is comfortable for this leg. Only do as many each side as you feel comfortable doing up to 10. Rest (You can place a towel or pillow between your legs if you wish but this is not necessary)

Straight Knee Lift

Lie with both knees bent and with your head supported by your pillow and your hands by your sides. Keeping your buttocks on the bed, slowly straighten one leg as straight as is comfortable for you. Slowly return foot to the bed and repeat with other leg. Only do as many each side as you feel comfortable doing up to 10 each leg. Rest

2017 - Issue 08


Health and Wellbeing

Bul Billing or



Restorative Remedial Massage Therapy

satisfaction from seeing people empower themselves and take control of conditions that have been affecting their daily life. Ginnie specialises in the following

• Pain Management • Rehabilitation • Improving flexibility • Improving movement • Improving sleep and Immunity • Injury prevention


el o e t o ne

do tors to our tea !

BI I for patients rB hris o sett

is a local GP who has worked on Bribie Island for the past year.

r B Sho

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has a special interest in skin checks procedures.


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Restorative Remedial Massage Therapy is a new business to the island. Restorative Remedial is operating from Bribie Island Chiropractic on Benabrow Avenue and Ginnie Rossini is the treating therapist. Ginnie is a qualified Gymnastics Coach, Personal Trainer, and Remedial Massage Therapist. She has over 10 years’ experience in the sports and fitness industries. As an ex gymnast Ginnie understands the importance of maintaining the body to see results in training, speedy recoveries and injury prevention strategies. Having dealt with injuries and chronic pain herself, she is aware of how daily life can be impacted and has a passion for getting lasting results for her clients. Her expertise is in viewing the body as a whole and understanding biomechanics. Combining all her knowledge and drawing on personal experience allows Ginnie to provide a well-rounded multifaceted treatment that works. Her goal is to restore balance and function to her clients. She derives


Bribie Health Food Store International protein Want to lose weight or Bulk up Prices compare with internet Can order specific customer orders Two days delivery

Replacing Dentures with Permanent Teeth Imagine smiling and laughing without worrying about loose dentures Imagine being able to eat whatever you want Imagine having confidence in your teeth

Bribie Simply Health Food Store – Woolworths carpark opposite the Post Office.

Phone 3410 0521

Dr Sean Keren B.D.Sc Shop 2, 23-25 First Avenue Bongaree 4507

1300 107 000

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Just opened!

Plenty of parking and loading room

Opening Special “Mention this ad and receive 10% discount!”

Brand New Garden Centre on Bribie Island, opened 2 weeks ago. Huge range of plants, pots, produce, fertilisers, soil, chemicals & gardening tools.

2/50 Verdoni Street Bellara QLD 4507 Ph 0477 711 320

Open 7 days from 8am till 4pm

Bribie Garden Centre PLANT NURSERY



“I was talking to a friend of yours on NEW YEARS EVE and he told me you cannot sell your home. Why? Give it to me for 6 weeks and I will only charge you a Flat Fee of $4,500.00 when it s SOLD and that is a bargain”.

“The Town Crier stumbled over this shop who supplies the big bulky and juicy hamburger meal deal for only $12 you really get spoilt comes with chips, scallops and a drink you just need the big tummy to eat it”.

Phone Mike the Town Crier “Your best mate in Real Estate since 88!” Phone 0408 837 638 or Email me

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FREE ENTRY Cash prizes + Grand Final births won each week www caboolturersl com au (07) 5495 1699 Cnr Beerburrum Rd & Hasking St Caboolture

Get back- to the swinging 1960s Australia’s population at the back end of the 1960s was around half the current Australian population, a dozen eggs (with no mention of free range or grain fed) was around 60cents, you could buy a brand new EH Holden Premier for about $2000 and the average movie (flicks) ticket was about $1.50. The 1960s was a decade that saw unprecedented, sweeping and at times dramatic changes occur in the relatively isolated nation of Australia. Decimal currency was introduced, a Prime Minister went missing while swimming, a band called the Beatles dropped by, an opera house was being built and Jean Shrimpton caused a stir at Flemington’s 1965 Derby Day by wearing a mini skirt without (heaven forbid) a hat, gloves or stockings. T.V and radio bought on the evolution of popular culture in the Australian youth, no longer contained by the tyranny of distance, they began to emulate the fashions, fads dance styles and music of their European and US counterparts. Three Gold Coast girls have decided to bring the show biz glamour and unbridled passion of the sixties back, with a brand new show The Beehives at Caboolture RSL on February 23rd. The Beehives show is a costumed, all singing, all dancing tribute to famous 60s girl groups of soul, Motown & hit parade. Relive classics from the Shirelles, the Supremes, the Ronettes, Aretha, Dusty & Shirley just to name a few. The three lovely ladies who are all

Manager Kent Parry said “we did an Andrews Sisters Dinner Show which sold out last year, so early interest and ticket sales suggest the Beehives could sell out too”. Call Caboolture RSL on :(07) 5495 1699 to book your table or more information.

ENTERTAINMENT CALENDAR February 2017 Wednesday 15th February 2017 Friday 17th February 2017 Saturday 18th February 2017 Sunday 19th February 2017

Toby Tyler 00-70’s Smokin Crawdads Karaoke Comp

Wednesday 22nd February 2017 Thursday 23rd February 2017

Toby Tyler 10:30am to 1:30pm Beehives Dinner and Show 5:30pm to 9:00pm $35 Members $40 Non Members Interism 7:45pm to 11:30pm Caught In The Act 7:45pm to 11:30pm Karaoke 2:00pm to 5:00pm

Friday 24th February 2017 Saturday 25th February 2017 Sunday 26th February 2017 career entertainers who have worked together nationally and overseas began collaborating on the show in 2011. The girls all have dancing backgrounds which is showcased in their vibrant interpretations of the moves such as the Monkey, the swim & mashed potato. Complemented by a pre-show dinner and backed by a live three piece band all styled up this fabulous show brings the sixties back to life through sweet harmonies and groovey dance moves. Dinner is included in the show and with Members tickets at just $35 tickets are selling fast. Caboolture RSL Marketing

10:30am to 1:30pm 7:45pm to 11:30pm 7:45pm to 11:30pm 2:00pm to 5:00pm

March 2017 Wednesday 1st March 2017 Thursday 2nd March 2017 Friday 3rd March 2017 Saturday 4th March 2017 Sunday 5th March 2017

Toby Tyler 10:30am to 1:30pm Sydney Hotshots 8:30pm to 10:30pm $40 Presale $45 At the door Country Boys 7:45pm to 11:30pm Little Stevie & The Tailfins 7:45pm to 11:30pm Karaoke Comp 2:00pm to 5:00pm

Wednesday 8th March 2017 Friday 10th March 2017

Toby Tyler Wild Card

10:30am to 1:30pm 7:45pm to 11:30pm

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News Features

‘Early Bribie in Colour’, a new book by Warwick Outran ‘Early Bribie in Colour’, a new book by Warwick Outran is different in that it is illustrated with oil paintings by Ron Powell, about pre-World War 2 Bribie Island, Brisbane’s most popular tourist resort, serviced by a number of ships including SS Koopa and SS Doomba.

these glimpses of early “Bribie In Colour” together with a little early Bribie history. Also included are some newspaper articles giving a contemporary view of visitors to Bribie from 1924 to 1929, and it is interesting to note that in 1929 the Bribie community had its own hospital. Also mentioned are some of the residents from the 1890s to the 1940s and the huge early Pumicestone Passage Oyster Industry of the 1890s which quickly faded to nothing from a then unknown cause. Recreational and Commercial Fishing also rapidly declined. And in 1904 the Amateur Fishermen’s Association formed and today its headquarters are at Bongaree. A portion of their collection of fish specimens are displayed in the Bribie Museum. Initially the cause of decline in fish, oysters and other seafood was unknown. Today, the cause is well known and there is ample information on the internet but Government Departments and Councils appear to consider the problem too big to attempt a fix. The great depression of the 1930s affected everyone and the company withdrew the SS Doomba from service about the beginning of the 1937. At the outbreak of World War 2 in 1939 the Navy took the Doomba for active service as a minesweeper. In 1942, with the enemy in northern Australian Territory, the Military took total control of all Bribie Island, civilians ordered off the Island except about 20 essential service civilians, confined to a small area around Bongaree Jetty. Property was

Ron Powell Ron Powell first visited Bribie in 1964, purchased land at Bongaree in 1969, built a house which was completed in 1974 for use at weekends and holidays, then after the death of his father in 1989, Ron and his mother took up full time residence. A number of locals showed Ron black and white photos taken pre-war, from which he made drawings and produced oil and acrylic paintings. Ron had no training but this method gave him a better feeling of what Bribie may have been like pre-war. It is hoped you enjoy





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exclusive to italktravel Bribie Island



commandeered including SS Koopa, homes and businesses. The entire Island was off limits to civilians while Fort Bribie, Fort Skirmish defended the Port of Brisbane and Australian, American and British troops trained here for jungle warfare. The war ended on 15 August 1945, the Koopa had been brought back from the northern islands war areas and held in Brisbane as a floating source of electrical power until returned to her owners Brisbane Tug and Steamship Co. Ltd. in November 1946. Residents later told that it took over 30 years, until the 1970s, to restore Bribie’s permanent population to the 1939 total of about 1100, consequently a number of old timers referred to Bribie as a war casualty. Hope you enjoy this glimpse of preWorld War 2 and how different Bribie is today. The book is for sale at Nextra Newsagency and Bribie Island Arts Centre.

Bribie Island Community Kindergarten recognised for exceptional practice Bribie Island Community Kindergarten has been awarded the Excellent rating from the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA). Michael Petrie, ACECQA’s Acting Chief Executive Officer, congratulated the Queensland based service on receiving this recognition for a second time. “Bribie Island Community Kindergarten was one of the original services to receive the Excellent rating and they remain a leader in our sector through their ongoing commitment to exceptional practice,” Mr Petrie said.

To encourage children to learn about their land, history and local Aboriginal culture, educators make use of the service’s unique location and environment. “A weekly ‘Joondoburri Walk’ led by Uncle Ron, an Aboriginal elder, allows children to engage with their local Aboriginal culture. Educators also organise monthly bush and beach family walks to encourage families to connect with the local Joondoburri people, by learning about their history and how they lived and hunted,” Mr Petrie said. The service’s ‘Standing up for a natural childhood’ research project looked at reconceptualising how children engage with their local surroundings. This collaborative approach between educators, children, families and Uncle Ron resulted in the development of the ‘Joondoburri Walk’ book which has been shared with the Bribie Island Library, Queensland State Library and the National Library in Canberra. Since their initial Excellent rating the service has extended a partnership with Pikinini Playground Family Day Care, an early childhood service in the Solomon Islands. By collaborating with the Rotary Club of Bribie Island, the service has secured funding for two staff members to visit the service to promote the benefit of early education and care in the Solomon Islands. “This long-term partnership has supported educators at both Pikinini Playground Family Day Care and Bribie Island Community Kindergarten to gain fresh ideas and inspiration, and has allowed children to extend their cultural awareness by learning about life in the Solomon Islands, one of our closest regional neighbours,” Mr Petrie said. “I congratulate Bribie Island Community Kindergarten on this recognition and their ongoing commitment to high quality education and care.”


Europe River Cruising





free film presentation

free film presentation

Thursday 2 March 2017, .30am

Thursday 2 March 2017, 11.00am

RSL Bribie Island

RSL Bribie Island

RSVP By Tuesday 28 February 2017

RSVP By Tuesday 28 February 2017

Call 3410 0111 Email Visit

Call 3410 0111 Email Visit


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Specialising in Concrete Pool Construction

BDAQ Award Winning Pool Builder Over 30 Years of Experience I Servicing North Lakes to Gympie

Service & Quality GuaranteedP: 5438 8046 Concrete Pools & Spas | Landscaping | Fencing Service & Quality Guaranteed Pool Heating | Decking | Water Features

151 Nicklin Way Warana I

Concrete Pools & Spas | Landscaping | Fencing

Specialising in concrete pool construction Service & Quality Guaranteed Pool Heating | Decking | Water Features

Concrete Pools & Spas | Landscaping | Fencing Pool Heating | Decking | Water Features

Specialising in concrete construction P: 07pool 5438 8046 |

Specialising in concrete pool construction

P: 07 5438 8046 |

P: 07 5438 8046 |

Free Magnesium Acqua Therepe System for a limited time only! (call us for more information)

Landscaping I Fencing I Heating I Water Features

tail e R y a P Don’t s for the Price lity beds a best qu


Custom Bedheads

Now Stocking Therapedic Beds

No need to leave the Island when shopping for a new bed!

Visitors Arriving and need a new bed? Pre order or choose from our stock

Phone 3408 2155

Full Bedroom Packages Available

Come and see Jason, your friendly local bedding specialist

Bribie Upholstery Unit 1/181 First Ave, Bongaree

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5429 5425

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ISLAND and surrounds


G o to w w w .my

P R D nat ionw ide B ribie I sland 0 7 3 4 0 8 8 1 0 0 w w w . prd. com . au/ bribieisland T im

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PG 21

Advertise in the new look Realestate section Call Belinda on 0447 007 966

Rental markets tighten throughout most of Queensland Queensland’s rental market improved over the December quarter with many markets behaving as forecast, returning to more traditional vacancy rates after an unusual September quarter result. REIQ CEO Antonia Mercorella said, generally speaking, the year ended on a steady note. “The data has shown that supply and demand in the rental market is fairly evenly matched in the southeast corner. “The vacancy rate in inner Brisbane has fallen to 3.6 per cent, which is very close to the healthy range and this is good news for both landlords and tenants. “When vacancy rates are within the healthy range it means landlords can secure tenants comfortably and it also means tenants have the opportunity to secure appropriate and suitable rental accommodation,” she said. With the exception of the September 2016 quarter, Brisbane City has remained within the healthy range (2.5% - 3.5%) since December 2013, indicating the rental market is steady and wellbalanced between supply and demand. Greater Brisbane’s vacancy rates have held steady in the healthy range for five quarters, falling to 3 per cent this quarter. The Logan rental market weakened over the December quarter, reaching a vacancy rate of 3.3 per cent, which is still within the healthy range.

Tourism Centres • After 13 quarters operating in the tight

range, the Gold Coast rental market operated within the healthy range for the December quarter, reaching a vacancy rate of 2.5 per cent. • Maroochy Coast was the tightest rental market in Queensland with a vacancy rate of 1.1 per cent for December. • Noosa vacancy rates remained relatively steady with vacancy rates of 1.4 per cent. This market has operated in the tight range for the past four years (since September 2012). • Rentals of medium to high density living in Noosa follow a cyclical performance with a market peak during the summer and holidays period. Vacancy rates of units in Noosa reduced from 3.2 per cent in June to 1.4 per cent in December. • The Cairns rental market remains generally healthy with vacancy rates at 2.4 per cent for December. • Fraser Coast has experienced some volatility over the past eight years, however, it continues to operate in the healthy range, rising to 3.3 per cent in the December quarter. • Maryborough rental market recorded the largest increase in vacancy rates over the quarter of 3.2 per cent, reaching vacancy rates of 5.6 per cent, primarily due to new housing construction in the region.

Regional Centres • Toowoomba vacancy rate increased from 2.3 per cent for September to 2.8 per cent for December. This market has

Ms Mercorella said signs were good that 2017 would bring improving conditions to regional operated within the tight and healthy range since the REIQ began reporting vacancy rates in 2008. • With the exception of Toowoomba, Gympie, Scenic Rim, Southern Downs and Tablelands, the rental markets in regional centres are weak with consistent low demand. • Southern Downs recorded the largest vacancy rate fall, dropping 2.2 per cent, from 5.3 per cent in September to 3.1 per cent in December. • Vacancy rates in Bundaberg, Rockhampton and Townsville improved between 0.3 per cent and 0.7 per cent, but these markets are still weak. • Banana recorded the highest vacancy rate in the State of 15.2 per cent in the December quarter. Ms Mercorella said signs were good that 2017 would bring improving conditions to regional Queensland. “The State Government is focusing its jobs-creation programs on centres such as Gladstone, Rockhampton, Mackay and Townsville. “Also, it is well-known that jobs and rental markets go hand-in-hand. When

workers are made redundant they are often forced to leave town to search for work elsewhere and we are seeing many move to southeast Queensland. “But the low Australian dollar will bring visitors to our tourism centres such as Cairns and Mackay and hopefully the rising coking coal price will benefit the mining centres such as Gladstone, Rockhampton, and Townsville, as well as western Queensland mining towns,” she said. “A boost to employment figures will benefit the state’s housing market enormously. We have seen this at the Sunshine Coast, where the unemployment rate of 4.7 per cent (for September) sits well below state and national levels and it’s no coincidence that the vacancy rates on the Sunshine Coast are the lowest in Queensland,” she said.

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Owner says Submit all Offers Woorim 2/9 Ottiwell St

2 bed, 1 bath, 1 car -100m to surf beach, transport & shops










Mark Wust Quality Home ( Open Home Sat 10am -10.45) Banksia Beach 3 Blueberry St

4 Bed, 2 Bath, 2 Car, Media room, Side Access, Rain Tank $575,000

Walk to the Passage

Banksia Beach 8/2 Venus Ct Townhouse 2 bed 1 bath +Separate Toilet, 1 car Offers OVER $320,000

Enjoy the Eccentric Lifestyle – Ocean & Lake Views 98 Biggs avenue Beachmere

3 Bed, 2 bath, 2 Car + Caravan Shed $479,000


Attracting the Best Tim Gall was a boy from Moree in North West NSW, where he learnt to play golf with his family. His mentor and golf pro moved to Maryborough Qld inviting Tim to join him. Within 18 months, Tim had moved to Brisbane under Ian Triggs at Keperra Golf Club. Tim competed on the Qld Troppo Tour , but married young and decided to follow a career in Resort Golf Management, Starting at Sanctuary Cove as a bag attendant and

was promoted to Head Golf Professional within 2 years. Tim has worked in the Golf industry for the past 30 years and decided he wanted a new lease on life and was interested in property, during his years in the golf industry Tim spent time as the General Manager of Land Division for Peregian Springs whilst also managing the Golf Club. Now, Tim has a new dream, to help people sell their homes, allowing them to fulfil their dreams. Jane Baillie at PRD is delighted to have Tim join their very experienced team of professionals. “It’s definitely a sellers’ market at the moment. People are beginning to discover Bribie Island and the surrounds. Property prices are much lower here than on the Sunshine or the Gold Coast and the



lifestyle is just as appealing. There are plenty of buyers wanting to move here.” Tim said. It’s a sign that Bribie Island and the Surrounds is really coming of age when professionals like Tim choose to work and live here. So, if you want advise or to know more about investing, then contact Tim Gall.

PR D nationw ide Bribie Island 07 34088100 w w w bribieisland T im G all 0400461562 tim.gall@ 2017 - Issue 08


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Purplebricks To Replicate UK Losses in Australia Date: 24 January 2017

• Aircond Modern Kitchen & 2 Living areas • Huge 2nd Master with built ins • Aircond Master Bedroom with ensuite • Covered area at rear for entertaining

• Spear pump & large built in workshop • Double Carport

Quiet address, close access to stroll or 4 x 4 the surf beach and tracks, surf club, hotel, shops, bus all nearby

Office: 5429



Specialised Personal Service speaks a thousand words

Here to help with all your legal needs

(incorporating Blanch Towers Lawyers)

Legal Aid Preferred Supplier


T: (07) 3408 7366 F: (07) 3408 9244 E: 1/35 Benabrow Avenue, Bellara PO Box 61 BRIBIE ISLAND QLD 4507

w w w. w a l l a c e d a v i e s . c o m

Purplebricks To Replicate UK Losses in Australia The chief executive of Australia’s largest network of independent agents says the arrival of Purplebricks in Australia has failed to ignite consumer interest and that the company is on track to replicate the significant losses incurred on its home soil. ‘Since its August 2016 launch, when more than a quarter of a million properties were listed for sale with Australian agents, Purplebricks has sold little more than 150 properties and currently has just 310 properties listed’ said First National Real Estate chief executive Ray Ellis. ‘By any measure, that represents a rejection of its “low cost” model and a market share smaller than 0.1 per cent’. Purplebricks claims to be the third biggest agent in Britain by client instructions with a market share of 5 per cent, but in September the ABC’s Media Watch reported just one in four UK customers give it a rating of one star out of five on its Facebook page. In contrast, 82 per cent of First National member agents in Australia achieve 5-star reviews.

‘Australians have an entirely different view of property ownership and are focused on building wealth through property investment. They understand the extra value that a professional agent brings the marketing, negotiation and sale of property, and therefore continue to choose agents to maximise their sale price,’ said Mr Ellis. In 2016, Canstar Blue researched customer experiences with Australia’s major real real estate brands and announced that First National Real Estate was number one with the most satisfied customers. It was the only brand to achieve 5 star ratings, doing so in six separate categories, one of which incorporated value for money. Issued by: First National Real Estate Stewart Bunn, National Communications Manager, First National Real Estate 1800 032 332 or 0413 624 317

ISLAND and surrounds



Realestate Advertise in the New Look Realestate section Call Belinda on 0447 007 966

2017 - Issue 08

By Cathy McGillivray Draft Protected Area I always wanted to Strategy The State Government has released a discussion paper on its draft Protected Area Strategy. Environment Minister Dr Steven Miles said the discussion paper was available online and invited all Queenslanders to have their say on the draft strategy. “We’re asking the public for their comments on how we can build and manage a diverse and effective protected area system in Queensland,” Dr Miles said. “Our protected areas include our national parks and privately owned nature refuges, and are recognised for their diversity, flora and fauna, and wonderful scenery. Our draft Protected Area Strategy proposes actions to expand and effectively manage Queensland’s protected area system, now and into the future. The strategy outlines ways we might do this while conserving representative and resilient samples of Queensland’s biodiversity at the same time as moving towards our goal of having 17 per cent of the state’s total land area as protected areas.” The Australian Government, on behalf of the States and Territories, is a signatory to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, which has set a 17% target for terrestrial protected areas to improve the status of biodiversity by safeguarding ecosystems, species and genetic diversity. “At present, Queensland’s land-based protected areas cover almost 8 per cent of the state,” Dr Miles said. “Protected areas in Queensland are made up of about 70% State lands (owned, managed or jointly managed), such as national parks, while about 30% are protected areas on private land (nature refuges), which are owned and managed by private individuals, businesses and not-for-profit organisations. This discussion paper is asking for feedback on how to grow both types of protected areas, and what is an appropriate ratio for State and private protected areas.” Dr Miles said the Queensland Government remained committed to the sound management of the state’s national parks, saying they were a “critical element” of the government’s vision “to have a world-leading protected area system. Our protected areas are the cornerstone of Queensland’s nature conservation programs as they protect our state’s unique biological diversity, which is increasingly important in the face of a changing climate. The stateowned and managed protected areas, such as national parks, are also a major drawcard for domestic and international visitors, and play a vital role in delivering significant economic, recreational, and health and wellbeing benefits to all.” National Parks Association Qld (NPAQ) president Michelle Prior welcomed the Queensland Government’s strategy. “Queensland is internationally renowned for its biodiversity and natural beauty, and in need of a clear strategy to deliver a world-class protected area network,” Ms Prior said. “We welcome the foresight shown in developing a protected area strategy that encompasses the various tenures of conservation lands under the one umbrella. National parks and other protected areas deliver Queenslanders many benefits from boosting our economy, providing vital ecosystem services, protecting our natural and cultural heritage and are central to our outdoor lifestyle.” The draft Queensland Protected Area Strategy is available online at https:// The closing date for public comment is Friday 24 February 2017.


News Features

own my own business! I always wanted to own my own business! ALWAYS!!! But when I left school back in the 70’s I’m pretty sure I thought “entrepreneur” was some sort of French soup. I sort of fell into Administration, and over the years that’s where I stayed, begrudgingly plodding through my working life, making ends meet while always, always, searching for the perfect business for me. Moving to Bribie was supposed to change everything for me, but somehow it didn’t and I stayed in admin for the first 6 years to keep a guaranteed income. When, finally, I had a chance to become self-employed I jumped, leapt, cavorted, grovelled, and crawled through broken glass to do it. But was the grass greener in the other paddock? Or was it pinker because of the rose-tinted glasses I had firmly planted on my nose! So, six years later what have I learnt from being in business on Bribie? Well, those glasses are not so firmly upon my nose. Yes, sometimes my view is a rosy pink and sometimes it’s a dim shade of grey, most of the time it is a view of plain, extremely satisfying, hard work. I’ve survived the dreaded first 2 years and now the dangerous 5 year milestones, both these places are where far too often small businesses go to die. The very best thing I ever did was pay a ridiculous amount of money for a business coach. I did this at the very start, at a time when I could least afford it. This move taught me that I knew nothing about running a business, that what will work in bigger communities can fail dismally on Bribie, and that if you have to do stuff that terrifies you to make your business work or lose absolutely everything…. You can learn to poke terror in the eye and run away laughing. My coach made me do things that I hated to do, and now I do those things very well because I practiced and practiced and just got out there and did it, I had to or my dream died. I learnt to do the sucky stuff first so you didn’t hide in your office and avoid the world or spend endless hours awake at night stewing over the thing you were avoiding. My coach would say “what’s the worst thing that could happen if…” and we would sit down and decide if I could handle that “disaster” and if the answer was no then I would have to work out what to do to stop the disaster happening. Some of those disasters were truly terrifying, but if you really want your dream you just do what has to be done, it was my dream and so it was my dragon to fight. I learnt you must find experts and stalk them! Read, listen, watch everything they do and eventually you will be an expert too. Get help from the experts! At the start going to Toastmasters terrified me because speaking to pretty much anyone terrified me – but I did it and it changed my life and improved my business beyond belief. Dare to be unique. Find your niche and settle into it and make it your happy place. I named my business Fit Beyond 50 because I was beyond 50, and I wanted to make other 50plus people fit and healthy. In choosing that name I stopped a lot of people using my business because they thought they were too young! This decision is one

that I have regretted at times and yet this decision has also made my business unique in an industry full to overflowing with young-ness. My business has always had clients of all ages, but I am an expert in my niche. This has made a huge difference to how I run my business and how well it is received in my community Systems are king! A stable business has good systems. If you can’t track what you are doing how do you know it is working? I track my advertising and I track my sales. I have a love hate relationship with spreadsheets. But they won’t guarantee your success unless you read them. Last year I picked an advertising medium that proved to be a very, very large waste of money. I should have known better, it was sold to me from a large company with nothing to do with Bribie, they didn’t know or care about Bribie and I should have realised this. This wasn’t my first mistake when it comes to my business, but sometimes you just have to experiment and then learn your lesson – the hard and expensive way! Do not stress about the others, you will always have competition. I have seen people and businesses destroyed trying to defeat their opposition, if you spend all your energy fighting them you have none left for your clients. Keep an eye on the competition but never bad mouth them – well not in public anyway, at home alone the place for that. While you waste time concentrating on what they are doing, they are working on their business. I have had ideas stolen, even adverts repeated word for word over the years and I have learnt to think of it as flattery. They must need my help I guess. Concentrate on making your business great for your clients not on trying to make their business bad for theirs. I have lost clients to new fads and faces, and I am proud to say that I have never behaved like a petulant three-year-old to those clients about their choices. All I can do is do the best in my business and I now have them returning to me because I never made them feel embarrassed about leaving. Never forget that Bribie is our community! You can advertise every day in every way, but on Bribie word of mouth is the only advertising that counts. Unless you are loyal to your local community, and especially your clients, all the advertising in the world will not help your business on Bribie. As a business owner on this small island you are judged by what you do ALL. THE.TIME. Yes it can be annoying that I can be judged by what I eat on my Saturday night out, but that’s just a thing that happens due to the nature of my business. As a business owner in a small community getting blind drunk or having a fist fight in a public place is a basic kind of stupid. If you want to be a respected part of your community, respect your community. Support other local businesses. If I have a client with a local business I always promote it in any way I can. I support as many local businesses as I can because I know how important that is for Bribie. We are a small community, and a lot of the money spent in this community goes off the island due to “offshore” business owners. When I can, I give back to the community. One part of my business is provided at a loss but it is there to help a part of the community where I believe fitness is extremely important and I really enjoy being with this group of clients! So six years of business on Bribie really has been a rollercoaster of a learning curve that has had me crying, laughing, stressed and exhausted and that’s just on any given Monday! If you have a dream follow it, while always remembering that you are there for your CLIENTS because without them your dream is only a dream.


Slick The Village Dog This was a true story told to me by Colonel I knew some years ago and with some embellishment it became a poem. A call came in from way up north Some kids were getting crook So we got ourselves a chopper And went up to take a look Their water they drank would turn your gut But the medic said we’ll soon fix that When she found the cause in the well It was a stinking, rotting dead cat So we chlorinated the water The kids had a new lease on life They hailed us as heroes, as saviours and saints I was worried the Chief might give me his wife Then a feast was called in our honour But trust me it was not a good look The tucker was smoked, it seemed quite well done The fare was the poor village chook The skin of the chook was blackened and tough And the flesh was as red as a plum Served with fried gizzard and fly blown rice The whole thing seemed pretty damn glum The Chief ripped me off one scrawny leg His intentions both kind and true But the blood trail on the table Was a sight that near made me spew Now hanging around on the outer Just lurking there back near a log Was my mangy, four legged saviour We’ll call him Slick, the dog Old Slick was starting to slobber In his mind he could taste the chooks guts But if he was caught pinching the tucker They might very well rip off his nuts I found a bit that was more or less cooked And decided to give it a whirl But I knew if I ate any more of the thing My poor tortured stomach would hurl But just then my prayers were answered And a grand plan entered my head Old Slick would either score my chook Or he’d wind up stone bloody dead Slick dribbled, as I chewed with distaste And he watched as I lowered the leg Under the table out of sight of the Chief Slick knew there was no need to beg His eyes were locked on this tasty morsel Then his quest became more than a frollick He came through at speed and snapped up the leg I was lucky to keep my left bollock All the kids saw him and took up the chase I was praying Slick was a survivor I thought if they rescued the leg of the chook I’d have to eat it with Slick’s wet saliva Slick never returned to the table that day A move that was full of discretion He was out in the scrub well hidden away Satisfied by his chook stealing session And the moral of this story my friends Has come to me at last To survive at a feast in East Timor Think like Slick, just plain bloody fast.

24 2017 - Issue 08

PHOTOS by Deb Neil



Lenny and Lisa from Mudgereba were at Bongaree with a Super Hero stall


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FREE SABAH, MALAYSIAN BORNEO TRAVEL PRESENTATION Gwenda Zappala, ex Sabah Tourism representive for Australia presents

Brad Phillips, Lee Jones, Jaacob Bully and Rob Witt doing their best to keep a safe beach at Bongaree

the fantastic ‘Spectacular Sabah’ tour departing 18 September 2017.

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10:30am Wednesday 22 February ‘Top Lounge’, Bribie Island Bowls Club, Welsby Parade, Bongaree




• Cook Islands • Mighty Murray, Clare Valley & Kangaroo Island • Tangalooma Shortbreak, featuring Whalewatch cruise


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Latin America Blooming Tasmania Sabah, Malaysian Borneo Leura Blue Mountains Garden Festival

Colleen Salter and Bill Dowse came over to the island from Ningi

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Busy mum Jodie with her children enjoy the festivities at Brennan Park


The Rehu and Rossiter families arrived on Bribie from Rothwellfor Australia Day

At Golden Age Day Respite Centre we provide care and support for people with memory loss and their carers. Our service is designed to provide social support to those who choose to remain at home in the care of a loved one or on their own. Our service also supports Carers by providing the opportunity for a much needed, regular planned break from caring. We support guests from Monday to Thursday each week so that older members of our community can benefit from social activity such as Exercise classes, Trivia, Quizzes, Bingo, Indoor bowls & Golf, Picnics, BBQs and Concerts just to name a few. We can transport guests to and from the Centre, provide support and assistance to participate that is appropriate to individual

need, assist with personal care and cater to specific dietary requirements. Our group environment provides a comfortable atmosphere where activities and outings are developed with a person-centred approach. The staff provide support and reassurance to each of our guests. Carers are not forgotten either with care plan consultation, support groups and one on one consulting as required. Our team understands that some people with memory loss can be unwilling to leave the home without the support of their loved ones and so a planned transition too solo, regular attendance can be developed to suit the needs of the person with memory loss and their carer.

Contact: Service Manager Golden Age Day Respite Services 96-108 Arcadia Ave Woorim PH. 07 3408 2112 EMAIL:,au

Everyone enjoyed the Australia Day Clebrations at Brennan Park

They came in every vessel imaginable to enjoy Australia day on Bribie

2017 - Issue 08 By TERRY FOGARTY

Lucky to be Alive! -

The names of the people involved in this incident have been changed to protect their privacy and so as not impact an ongoing police investigation. On Monday afternoon January 30, John Smith was out the front of his home on Bribie Island doing some gardening. His wife was in the house cooking dinner for the family. The evening was warm and balmy and all seemed right with the world. Suddenly, his wife heard someone yelling threats “I’m gonna kill your kids and bury them in the garden!” This was not the first time she had heard this. She rushed out of the house closely followed by her 21-year-old son and her 16-year-old daughter. The man who was standing screaming at John is a neighbour who lives about four doors up. He has been terrorising the family for about eighteen months but on this occasion his threats turned into a physical attack. The threats began with loud knocking on their door at all hours, the same catch cry “I’m gonna kill your kids and bury them in the garden!” The Smith’s never knew when there would be another knock at the door. Their young son was afraid to go out and play. ‘’It has been truly horrible. I jump every time someone comes to the door,” said Mrs Smith. They asked their neighbour to stop and tried to talk to him but he was so angry it was impossible to talk to him. After some months, the Smith’s reported this


News Features harassment to the Bribie Police. However, there really isn’t much the police can do in these matters. You see harassing someone and threatening them maybe horrible, it may cause stress and anxiety but unless you act out your threats or physically harm someone it’s not actually a crime. Although the police warned him off and made him aware they were watching, the constant threatening behaviour continued. However, on that warm balmy evening in January the threat escalated when John responded verbally to the tirade of abuse being screamed at him. The neighbour head-butted John who was thrown backwards. John threw a punch which did not connect. His 21-year-old son tried to control the situation. “Calm down! Stop it!” Then he hit the ground hard having received a blow from the neighbour. Mrs Smith went to her son to see if he was okay and then approached the neighbour saying “This has to stop! Please stop” but the neighbour had not finished yet. He raised himself up and came down hard, KING HITTING Mrs Smith. She was unconscious and vaguely remembers coming too with her 10-yearold son crying telling her he thought she was dead. She was transported by ambulance to Caboolture Hospital where she was diagnosed with severe concussion, remaining in hospital under observation for several days. Her vision is still blurred. “Everything is hard and I feel very slow thinking. I had to be taken down to Redcliffe Hospital the other day because my vision was so blurry,” said Mrs Smith. But Mrs Smith knows how lucky she is. “In a way it was a relief. I thought now the police can charge him and we can finally have some peace back in our lives,” said Mrs Smith. But it has been two weeks now and no charges have been laid. The Smiths are

very frustrated and confused. Mrs Smith told the police she wanted to charge the neighbour but she has had no word as to what is happening. I contacted the Bribie Police Station for comment and I received the following email from The Police Media and Public Affairs Office. “Police have received a complaint regarding this matter which is now subject to an ongoing investigation. QPS is unable to provide further comment on the incident due to operational reasons.”

OPPORTUNITY LOST! In late 1884, when the world first adopted the global system of civil time based on the Greenwich Meridian, one of the most meaningful recommendations made was that each standard time zone should, as far as possible, include the pertinent ‘major population area’ for the zone. The system that was recommended is very simple – • The globe is 3600 around the girth • There are 24 hours in every day • Therefore, 1 hour of standard time is the equivalent of 150 longitude. In November 1892, an Intercolonial conference of surveyors assembled in Melbourne, recommended the introduction of three time zones for Australia in which the standard times would be – • Western Standard Time (WST) 1200 east of Greenwich (8 hours) • Central Standard Time (CST) 1350 east of Greenwich (9 hours) • Eastern Standard Time (EST) - 1500 east of Greenwich (10 hours). There were a number of anomalies imbedded in the system adopted, including – 1.CST did not include Adelaide 2.EST did not include Brisbane, Sydney and many other ‘major population areas’.

Because they had the power to do so, the South Australian Government, in 1898 advanced CST by 30 minutes - to 142.50 - and Adelaide, then with a population of less than 180,000 became part of CST. It might be noted that referenda held in 1986 and 1994 failed to revert CST back to 1350.

Graeme Brittenden What happened in 1898 begs the question – knowing the anomaly highlighted in item 2 above, why wasn’t EST advance by the same 7.50? If nothing else, that would have, at least, preserved the ‘status quo’. Doing so would have fixed a huge anomaly that still exists in Queensland and New South Wales. If one draws a line along the 150 degree meridian – from near Yeppoon through Goondiwindi, Tamworth and down to Wollongong – then the present population of that segment of the eastern seaboard is somewhere between 10 and

11 million people. The Queensland portion, under current legislation, is outside any time zone for 365/6 days of the year. The New South Wales portion only enters an Australian time zone when the current out-dated version of Daylight Saving Time (DST) is in vogue from October to April each year. • When the proposal to advance EST by 30 minutes to 157.50– PERMANENTLY - is adopted by the States along the eastern seaboard, then this anomaly is corrected and DST need never be considered again along this sector of Australia. • Should South Australia continue to embrace DST between October and April, then 88% of our national population would be in the same time zone for those six months that include our holidays and our major international sporting events. What a blessing for our radio and TV networks and domestic airline schedulers. Yes, we lost a great opportunity in 1898 – if EST had been adjusted in the same manner as was CST then one could claim that • •DST, AS WE NOW KNOW IT, MIGHT NEVER HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT OF DAY!! • The present version of DST will never, ever solve the anomaly outlined above. Why the Deputy Lord Mayor of Brisbane


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would want to perpetuate this anachronism is beyond belief. In an article which appeared in a US edition of Reuters dated 28 November 2014, one of their correspondents, a Mike Corones, described DST, as we now know it, as :• “the greatest continuing fraud ever perpetuated on the American people”, It is not unreasonable to apply the same conclusion to the current situation in our eastern states. People who should know better want Queensland to adopt this practice. The only method by which our legislators will ever correct the many anomalies caused when the clocks on the eastern seaboard are ‘out of sync’ is the advancing of EST by 30 minutes to 157.50 east of UTC/GMT on a permanent basis. Graeme Brittenden Sandstone Point. February 2017.

26 2017 - Issue 08

STEAK Enjoy a delicious 200g steak served with chips & salad or creamy mash & seasonal vegetables plus your choice of sauce*

Enjoy a delicious Frito Misto for two as the moon rises over Moreton Bay. We’ll complete the occasion with a bottle of house wine for you to share. Bookings suggested to avoid disappointment *T’s & Cs apply.

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2017 - Issue 08

Where to Eat The Surf Club Bribie Island

First Avenue, Woorim, Bribie Island Bistro | Bar | Gaming Open for Lunch & Dinner 7 Days a Week Phone (07) 3408 2141

coopy s amily Caf


C a fe • P a tis s e rie • C o ffe e


Uninterrupted views of Pumicestone Passage at Bongaree Jetty. Very affordable family café dine in or take away.Daily specials Open 7 days a week

Bongaree Hot Bread

Open 7 days ~ 6am-3pm 13 Toorbul Street, Bongaree Breakfast and lunch, superb coffee, delicious pastry’s, hamburgers, grilled Barra burgers, and more. Ph: 3408 1109

The Coffee Club

Trading hours Monday - Sunday 7am to 5pm Shop1/235 Goodwin Drive Bongaree 4507 This is a licensed venue. Ph: 3410 0611

Kai Cafe & Restaurant

Cameron & Rochelle Hogg 155 Welsby Parade, Bongaree Email: kai.katering@bigpond. com Phone: 3410 0509

Sylvan Beach Seafood Cafe 11 Marine Parade, Bellara Licensed Venue Waterfront Dining Open 7 Days a week. Phone (07) 3408 8155

La Vera Gourmet Pizza & Bar

7 Toorbul Street, Bongaree Passage views. Specialising in gourmet pizza, pasta, risottos, salads & desserts. Ph: 3410 0221

appy s Caf

1 Toorbul Street, Bongaree Gourmet burgers Home baked goods Family friendly Retro games & pinball Ph: 0447 444 066

New retailers enter market; shop around for a better electricity deal in 2017 South-East Queenslanders are urged to include in their new year to-do lists the re-evaluation of their electricity retailer and their electricity plan. Minister for Energy Mark Bailey said newly implemented reforms to SouthEast Queensland’s electricity market could bring real benefit and lower electricity costs. “Thanks to major reforms South-East Queenslanders now have access to flexible electricity pricing as a result of the newly deregulated retail electricity market,” Mr Bailey said. “Retailers are also offering a wider range of products and services and using innovative new business models to tailor products to suit consumer preferences and usage levels.” Mr Baily said new retailers, Powershop and Red Energy, have recently launched in South East Queensland and was another sign of industry confidence in the deregulated electricity market. “We deregulated South-East Queensland’s electricity market to encourage new market entrants such as Powershop and Red Energy, to drive competition and provide customers with more choice and opportunity to save money on their bills,” he said. “Since the

electricity deregulation reforms were implemented during 2016, five new retailers have entered the residential market and five new retailers have entered the small business market, making a total of 17 retailers in the residential market, and 16 retailers in the small business market. As a result, customers can now choose from over 130 new offers in the residential market and over 80 new offers in the small business market. This means South East Queenslanders can benefit from increased competition and innovation, including a range of householdspecific products. For example, a family household can now access products which are more suited to high levels of electricity consumption at peak times, while a single person living alone can access a range of different packages which favour lower amounts of electricity consumption. Additional information and tools are available to help vulnerable customers compare offers and choose options that suit their needs. I encourage South-East Queenslanders to shop around for a better electricity deal, because the more you do the more retailers will be forced to compete.” “We’re also extending assistance to 157,000 extra Queensland families with a Commonwealth Health Care Card, helping them save $330 a year on their energy bills. Under the changes, eligible households will be able to contact their electricity retailer to apply for the concession from 1 April, but it will be back-dated to 1 January. For more information on how to shop around for an electricity retailer visit choosing

• Gourmet Pizza • Pasta • Risottos • Salads • Desserts • Coffee • Licenced restaurant • Panoramic views overlooking Bribie Island passage Open for dinner 7 nights a week 5:00pm till late & Lunch Sunday 12:00 - 2:30pm

Opening Hours Mon to Fri 7.30am to 5pm Sat 8.30am to 4pm Sun 7.30am to 3pm

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1 Toorbul St r eet | Sho p 5, Bo ngare e , B ri b i e I s lan d

ISLAND and surrounds


• Retro Arcade Games & Pinball • Family Friendly • Gourmet Burgers • Specialty Coffee • Home Baked Goods • Silent B&W Films • Family Friendly • Organic Homemade Honey • Friendly Happy Staff • Pet Friendly • Specialty Coffee • Hot Breakfast • Vegetarian Menu • Milkshakes & more

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28 2017 - Issue 08

A bit of History

Air Show

The 2017 second annual Anzac weekend April 22-23 vintage air show at Caboolture Aerodrome will excite the whole family. The ‘Knights of the Sky’ will return to this venue hosted by TAVAS - The Australian Vintage Aviation Society with a collection of flying World War 1 aircraft. Modest admission charges will ensure a great family weekend of aviation history at the Caboolture Aerodrome. For those who wish to support this event, there are sponsorship packages available. Organiser Andrew Carter says it is a great opportunity to display directly to literally thousands of people over the weekend. ‘Pocket Book Directories’ are a new supporter of the show. The following is an account of the atmosphere you can expect at the Air Show through the eyes of Mr Carter. “Although every Australian knows about our role in the ground war of 1914-1918, very few know anything about the major part we played in the war in the air over those same years, both with the Royal

Flying Corp and in our own Australian Flying Corp. TAVAS was established to do just that in a unique and interesting way,” Mr Carter said. “We are the only flying museum of this type in Australia, the only ones with a collection of flying WW1 type aircraft. All the aircraft are very accurate replicas or reproductions of actual aircraft that flew during the war and all have a story to tell about the men who designed them, as well as those who flew them. This personal connection is important. Most of the aircraft in the collection relate to Australian airmen in some way. The best example of that would be our Fokker E.III Eindecker. This is the first true fighter aircraft of all time! Ours is just one of only two accurate flying examples anywhere in the world. It is finished as one that flew with the Turkish Air Force at Gallipoli, piloted by German Pilot Hans-Joachim Buddecke. Flying an aircraft exactly like this, Buddecke shot down and killed the last Australian to die at Gallipoli. Yes,

the last Australian to die was actually a pilot flying for the Royal Naval Air Service. This took considerable research – it’s not something you can just find using google.” The first true fighter aircraft, the Fokker E3, breaks ground for the first time at Caboolture airfield. “We have a Bristol

suspected that an Australian ground gunner was responsible for bringing down the highest scoring ace, it just couldn’t be conclusively determined who. By 1997, with the advances in ballistics and forensic sciences and technology and the use of computer modelling, we know the single .303 round was fired from the ground on the Fokker’s right hand side, approximately 600 metres away. The only person there was Sgt Cedrick Popkin of the Australian 24th Machine Gun regiment, who was trained to shoot fast moving, flying aircraft with his pole mounted Vickers Machine gun. TAVAS accurate replica Fokker Triplane in the colours of the one the Red Baron last flew. Not only was the Red Baron brought down by an Australian, but Australian’s were the first to reach the crash site and the first to souvenir items off the aircraft and the man himself. Most of that now resides in the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. Australians buried him with full military honours. So, the Australian connection to this man and his aircraft, is very strong, but not very well known by Australians. We plan to change that! Educating Australians about the significant part we played in the air war of 1914-1918 is

what we do. We do a lot of independent research to ensure we distinguish the fact from the myth and we tell the true story through our flying displays and museum. All of the aircraft mentioned in this article plus many others will be participating at our Great War Flying Display over the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd of April at Caboolture Airfield. Come and see history fly! Apart from just seeing aircraft from WW1, WW2, Korean and Vietnam wars fly, there will be many modern and vintage aircraft operating over the two days as well. There will be plenty of information stands, food vendors and public conveniences for use. Between the flying displays, you can sit in the cockpit of a jet fighter, go inside an ex RAAF Caribou, or try a joy flight in any of the ex military aircraft that will be available on the day. Those who are interested in learning how to fly can speak to a flying school on the day and may even take their first introductory flight! There is plenty for everyone to see and do at Caboolture airfield over the 22nd and 23rd April. Be part of it. For more information visit the TAVAS website at and follow their regular updates at tavasww1

Fokker E.III This is one of only 2 in the world – Authentic reproduction of the first fighter aircraft of all time. This has the same engine used back in 1915, fabric from the same company who produced the fabric during WW1 and the same instruments. It literally has to twist the wings to turn. This aircraft shot the last Australian to die at Gallipoli.

By Warwick Outram

F2B fighter, which is completed in the colours of one used by Ross McPherson Smith who scored 10 of his 11 victories in this aircraft. Ross flew with 1 Squadron Australian Flying Corp (AFC) in Palestine and worked closely with Lawrence of Arabia and his irregular fighters. Ross would take Lawrence on reconnaissance flights to plan attacks against the Turks and would then operate his Squadron of F2B fighters in support of Lawrence’s ground attack. Lawrence wrote a lot about his respect for the Australian pilots in his autobiography. Ross McPherson Smith went on to international fame in 1919 when he and his brother were the first to ever fly from England to Australia.” Another Australian example operated by TAVAS is the SE5a fighter aircraft, finished in the colours of a 2 Squadron AFC example, flown by a one-legged pilot, who went on to become a fighter ace in the last months of the war. Lt. Frank Alberry was one of the original Anzacs to land at Gallipoli. He then served in Egypt and then on the Western front, where he was shot in the right knee. His leg was amputated and so he diced that if he could not walk, he would fly. He partitioned for an Audience with King George V of England and explained his case. The king was so impressed, he sent Alberry to a Royal Flying Corp flight school. Upon graduating, Alberry was sent back to the Western Front, where he joined 2 Squadron and amassed his victories. The best-known aircraft in the collection, is possibly the best-known aircraft of all time – the Red Barons Fokker Triplane. Although the myth perpetuates that a Canadian pilot shot down the Red Baron, this was proven false just one day after the Barons death. It was always

History Snippets

1902 James Campbell and Son leased 12 acres of waterfront land at Bongaree.and formed the Brisbane Tug Company and with their tugs Greyhound’ (single screw), Beaver (twin screw) and Boko (a paddle wheeler) provided towing, supplied fresh water to ships and conducted river and bay excursions. The tug Greyhound ran to Bribie at weekends and passengers were unloaded at Bongaree by Artie Bestmann using his punt. 1904 James Campbell died; survived by four sons and three daughters. 1909 John Dunmore Lang Campbell died (1854-1909). 1910 The Island Tourist Dream was a reality and the Campbell family formed the Brisbane Tug and Steamship Co. Limited and ordered a new excursion steamer from Scotland, the SS Koopa. 1911 On Christmas Eve the people of Brisbane witnessed the triumphant arrival of the luxurious excursion steamer SS Koopa which, immediately commenced a regular, 4 days a week, service between Brisbane, Redcliffe and Bribie Island. Bribie Island tourism boomed providing the opportunity for many thousands of Brisbane residents to have low cost seaside holidays until World War 2. 1919 The Koopa transported thousands of men, members of the first AIF returning from the Great War, up the Brisbane River to Circular Quay from Lytton, where they spent a quarantine

period, in an attempt to slow the epidemic of Spanish influenza. 1921 SS Doomba purchased in Scotland. 1923 SS Doomba joined SS Koopa on the run to Bribie with a combined carrying capacity 2,630 passengers. 1939 Australian Navy commandeered the SS Doomba and converted her back to a minesweeper to serve as HMAS Doomba throughout the war. 1942 SS Koopa was commandeered and as HMAS Koopa served the R.A.N. as a Repair Ship in New Guinea waters, from Milne Bay to Dutch New Guinea. Military took over Bribie Island-Tourism died. 1946 HMAS Doomba completed Naval Service and was sold in Sydney to Meggits Ltd. 1947 HMAS Koopa completed its Naval Service and SS Koopa recommenced its run to Bribie. 1952 The Bribie Island tourist industry serviced by ship did not revive after the war and Brisbane Tug and Steamship Company sold their associated assets. The Moreton Bay Development Company Pty Ltd., a local Bribie Island Syndicate desperately tried to save the Island’s tourist economy, by purchasing ‘the Koopa, leasehold land at Bribie and certain Brisbane interests’. 1953 The new company announced a four-month net loss of £4,624:2:4d (from 15 Feb 1952 to 30 June 1952), and on Monday 4 May 1953 the Koopa made her last trip. The Moreton Bay Development Company, (the residents company) went into voluntary liquidation on 8 May 1953, so ending an era of ships servicing Queensland’s first Island tourist-resort at Bribie Island for over 70 years.


2017 - Issue 08

HAIR 4507 & Eye Brow Bar Eyebrows eye brow tint and wax

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Young Queenslanders wanting to create real change and develop leadership skills are being encouraged to apply for the 2017 YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament. Minister for Youth Shannon Fentiman said nominations for the 22nd YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament are now open for young Queenslanders aged 15 to 25 years. “Being involved in the Youth Parliament helps our young Queenslanders learn first-hand how our Parliament works,” she said. “But it also helps them connect with their peers, meet and engage with parliamentarians and develop leadership skills. The program brings together 93 young people, who each represent an electorate in Queensland, along with an additional four Indigenous representatives.” Ms Fentiman said the Youth Parliament also benefitted members of parliament across the state, giving them an opportunity to hear the issues and concerns young Queenslanders face. The initiative is run by YMCA Queensland, and has seen young people from across Queensland come together for over two decades. “The YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament provides a great opportunity for personal development in leadership skills, public speaking and networking with their peers,” Ms Fentiman said. “An

added benefit for participants in Years 11 and 12 is that they will be able to receive one point towards their Queensland Certificate of Education after completing the program as YMCA is now accredited by the Queensland Studies Authority.” In April each year the program brings participants together in Brisbane to form committees and discuss ideas, and again in September for a residential program and the opportunity to debate their Bills at Parliament House. Between April and September committees will connect in person, via phone, or internet to draft their Bills, and to design and implement community action plans. The Queensland Government provides annual funding of $60,000 to YMCA Queensland to run the program. Nominations are now open and will close on Monday 27 February 2017. For more information about the YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament, email or go to

ISLAND and surrounds


Nominations open for YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament 2017 - Issue 08

Youth Page

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Geeks & Gadgets By Brianna Boserio and Alexis Thomas An underlying question on everyone’s mind ever since the beginning of time (or at least since the conception of Sciencefiction and fantasy): what is the difference between geeks and nerds? The common mistake made by a substantial amount of people, is that they believe geeks and nerds are the same. However, this is grossly incorrect. This debate concerning the topic of geeks and nerds must come to a halt. Technically the definition for a geek (to quote the Oxford Dictionary) is “an unfashionable or socially inept person”, whereas a nerd is, “a foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious”. While both these terms have developed into offensive stereotypes in society, particularly among teenagers, it is the nerd label (the more positive of the dictionary definitions) that teens obsessed with sci-fi, fantasy, anime, manga, comics, role play games, like dungeons and dragons (and the list goes on) are trying to reclaim as their own, positive brand name. Even though both nerd and geek are described as socially awkward, we must distinguish that they contrast in their motives. Nerds are awkward in the sense that they not only love their fandoms, they also focus on work and embrace all their wit and abilities within the nerd world, whereas geeks are, put simply, people that are just

uncool, predominantly because of their looks and demeanour. Nerds can often be found in libraries, hunched over books, or wondering aloud about their surroundings. “Nerd” seems to be used most often in a complementary way when describing others, but at the same time, nerds are usually socially awkward and don’t fit in easily and due to this can be quote easily be confused for being a geek. At Bribie High School, we have a Nerd Club that runs every Friday afternoon in the library. We are a seventy-six strong student club that is making “nerd” hip and cool. We are no longer going to sit in the corners of the classrooms hidden behind books, comics, pokemon cards or board games. We are no longer going to be silenced by criticism for loving Dr Who, Marvel comics and Harry Potter. We will scream our support for our Hogwarts house, like a footy fan screaming for Broncos. We will courageously defeat werewolves in character in dungeons and dragons like AFL Lions defeating Hawthorne and we will proudly attend our Comic Con and Supanova conventions, like teens flocking to a music festival. In the words of Yoda, ‘Nerds, we are. Proud are we.’ Nerds of Bribie unite, reclaim this title from the depths of oppression and wear it valiantly.

www bribiecinemas com au

2017 - Issue 08


Youth Page

Youth Voice Voice of the Youth – Demand on Technology in School By Phoebe Diamond-Griffin, Natalie Moore and Madeline Scully In the educational climate of today, nothing is perceived as more progressive than finding ways to digitise everything we are doing. In the mad rush to bring computers into the classroom, schools may be losing sight of the real goal: to educate their students. The challenge to attain every student’s attention, has become every teacher’s hardest struggle. The second is to create fun and exciting learning experiences in order to make the students passionate about the topic being taught. Teachers battle students chatting with their peers, performing a circus act for their class, or worst of all, students on their phones or laptops. The inclusion of technology in classrooms, has opened a whole new window for students to find ways to avoid learning. It is quite easy, if not addictive, for a student to be playing games on their phone, while teachers attend to other students or while their eyes on the other twenty-seven students in the class. Not only does this affect the student and their attention span, but it creates trust issues between the students and teachers. Unfortunately, it is just another argument

Bribie Island State High School Well, 2017 certainly started with a ‘on the right foot’ as the ISLAND and Surrounds High School, Bribie Island State High School, held their first Senior

teachers are forced to waste valuable teaching time on and it can only be seen as a detriment to our education.. Relying on technology has become our youth’s kryptonite. Not only are their eyes glued to screens, their lives are intertwined and infused with technology, particularly social media, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube and the list goes on and seems to be ever-growing. Student’s reliance on technology is a double edged sword. They need digital literacy to thrive and achieve in their chosen field and to NOT include technology would leave them leagues behind other schools that immerse their students in to world of technology, however, with it, students are just finding more and more ways to disconnect from the classroom. The education system, in an effort to enhance student outcomes, is pushing for our schools, and the curriculum, to be based entirely around technology, may have lost sight of other considerations, like the temptation for a student to segue into a game when they are supposed to be writing a TEEAL paragraph. With screens often facing away from the teacher, it is almost impossible for them to monitor twentyeight student’s screens, making it easy for students to become distracted from their learning. Technology already has a lot to answer for. We hope it doesn’t leave us looking for an answer to poor student results.

The 2017 leaders are a very talentedgroup of students, who individually and collectively are motivated to make a difference both within their school environment and their local community. They have begun the year with a focus on supporting their fellow students.

ri ie sland tate chool urriculu ids Bribie Island SS Students are Right into Reading! Reading success is a priority at Bribie Island State School. In 2017 all classes will engage in multiple Guided Reading sessions each week. Teachers have worked together to agree upon a common procedure for the teaching of reading that is used across the school. This allows small group instruction in varied aspects of literacy development including; comprehension, reading fluency, phonics and grammar. Promoting the love of reading extends to our wider school community who support our reading focus in many ways. These include; parents engaging in home reading experiences, volunteers supporting reading development in classrooms, parents engaging in training sessions and the P&C purchasing books for the school library, classrooms and home use.

n ducation or Goetschi & Celine Gruenenfelder from Switzerland, Isabella Botelho from Brazil and Hidemi Sampei from Japan. We trust that you all enjoy not only your education and this beautiful Island but also this unique and diverse country of ours. Overall 2016 was extremely successful for our Year 12 students who achieved outstanding results within the University selection process. We would like to congratulate Tayla Adams & Madison Clarke for their OP score of 2, Anjali Herring & Kirra Sodhi with an OP score of 4 and Lachlan Morgan, A-Arna Daraz and Gemma Brogan who scored an OP of 5. This score opens up a world of university opportunities for our next generation and we wish them the best of luck their chosen careers paths.

Year 12 students who achieved outstanding results

School Captains Kristen Axford, Paris Williams, Jye Adams and Dakoda Titmus

School assembly on Monday 30 January where they inducted new student leaders,

Bribie Island State High School embraces cultural diversity and 2017 welcomes 11 International Students who have been selected to experience Australian education on this beautiful Island of ours. So, on behalf of the ISLAND and Surrounds we would like to welcome

International Students

introduced their International Students and congratulated their top performing Year 12 Students from 2016.

Aurelia Louhio from Finland, Caroline Backhaus, Lara Schell, Sina Giesen & Vincent Maier from Germany, Verena Schmitter, Simone Schallenberg, Jessica


A Journey begins with one step – Reading begins with one word! Welcome back to another exciting school year 2017. For those of you who do not know me, my name is Kathryn Hopson. I am currently working as a School librarian for a Private Christian College Prep to Year 12-Day school alongside the Prep to Year 12 Distance Education School. I have worked for over 28 years in various libraries and have a Master Degree in Information

Technology – Library Major, and simply love what I do. I would particularly like to take this time to encourage our mums and dad sending their Preps to school for the first time – well done on getting your child ready! As a librarian I always get asked “How do I start reading with my child?” So here are my tips to make your child a super reader! Just take 2 Minutes! 2 minutes every morning over breakfast, pick up a copy of the ‘Island and surrounds’ or a catalogue or paper and read a story with your child. 2 minutes on the way to school in the car, read street signs, If they catch a bus, while waiting read the bus stop signs. 2 minutes -Write simple secret one word notes and slip into lunch boxes, Love, hugs, kisses that your little one can find. 2 minutes - Picking you little one uprepeat sign reading Back home and either wait till bedtime and as part of your routine spend 2 minutes reading a few pages of your favourite story. (You can always extend this time if you are having fun!) Until next time Happy Reading! – Join in with World read aloud Day!


Gardening & Lifestyle

MICK’S PATCH with Mick O’Brien Dip Hort (MAIH)

SUSTAINABLE GARDENING SOILS AIN’T SOILS PT 7 Last Issue when talking about fertilisers I explained that the (N.P.K) is a ratio of the (3) main nutrients called Macro nutrients, which are: (N)= Nitrogen ,(P)= Phosphorous and (K)= Potassium and I also explained why Native friendly fertilisers are low in Phosphorous and how adding high amounts of phosphorous could be toxic to the Proteaceae family and can cause their untimely death.

LANDSCAPING PLANT OF THE MONTH Vivid Blooms in late Summer. Dichorisandra thrysiflora or Blue Ginger.

So what is fertiliser toxcity then? Now I would like to elaborate a bit more on some other factors relating to fertiliser toxicity and how fertiliser burn is caused and why its very important to water before and after the application of fertilisers. Most manufactured chemical salt fertilisers are concentrated and need to be diluted accordingly to the manufacturer’s specifications, with the exception of those slow release ready to apply pellets, granules or premixed hose on types that is, so to gain the maximum benefit from your investment, it all comes down to the soil moisture, which is the master key, to unlocking and releasing these vital nutrients as they make their journey through the fine highway network of capillary vessels via the plants root system. An example being , if you were going to mix a dry powdered concentrated all purpose fertiliser and diluted it to the manufacturers instructions and then apply it to dry soil, what would happen is after all the moisture has been absorbed by the plants capillary system there will be traces of concentrated salt residue left deposited in the minute pore spaces around the root system called colloids and these accumulated salts may become extremely toxic if you haven’t previously irrigated your soil sufficiently beforehand.

How is fertiliser burn actually caused? Interestingly, the residual salts that are left around the root hairs have a reversal effect of irrigation application. The dry salts have the ability to attract all the plants vital moisture reserves from the fine root hairs via osmotic pressure, this can cause the plants to dehydrate and suffer root burn and as a result leaf scorch like symptoms become apparent, so if the root system is not flushed adequately with plain water, then the the plants could collapse and die.. This is actually what is meant when we use the term “fertiliser burn”,so its best to water first until the moisture seeps through the soil profile and then apply your diluted brew and then keep an eye on the moisture for a couple of days to ensure you will get the maximum benefit from your fertiliser regime and then your turf and gardens will remain strong and turgid. Its also easier to understand why its not wise to fertlise in temperatures above 30 degrees, as keeping the moisture in the soil can be a real challenge indeed, also why its important to mulch and add organic matter at all times. Well that’s the low down on fertiliser applications, so stay tuned for Soils ain’t Soils Part 8 and after watering your plants, don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated also!

Now this plant, Dichorisandra thrysiflora or Blue ginger, is in flower now and flowers through to Autumn, although the common name is blue ginger it is not at all related to the ginger family. Its a fairly rare exotic plant that has mottled banded canes with moderately long, thick sword shape, shiny green leaves. The flower is a vivid stunning blue spire something to really behold. Blue ginger grows up to 2.5 metres in ideal conditions but makes excellent pot culture and they need to be protected them from frost and full sun. They prefer moist soil and dappled light and can be tucked away under a canopy of trees for best results.They love our humidity and start flowering in late summer. They form rhizomes and if the plants dry out they will die back and re-shoot after winter. Can be propagated from cuttings but best to let the cuttings dry overnight before sticking in potting media. These eye catching Blue flowers are sure to impress!

Bribie Island & All Surrounds

PHONE MICK : 0417 618 203

QUALIFIED HORTICULTURIST Dip.Hort(MAIH)RH-101 • Garden Creation & Renovation • Makeovers & Rejuvenation • All Aspects of Garden Maintenance • Horticultural Consultancy Service • Lawn Mowing & General Clean-ups • Topiary Hedges & Edges Manicured • Pest & Disease Diagnosis & Treatments • Property Pre-sale -Detail & Presentation • 5 STAR Quality Standard of Workmanship 2017 - Issue 08

Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust my Garden has fried and Water I must Well that must be the mantra for us die hard gardeners trying to keep moisture in our gardens and lawns as of late with the extreme lack of rainfall and 30 degree plus daily temperatures on average. While doing my rounds this month there is still plenty to do as a commercial gardener but the soaring temperatures can make life unpleasant to us outdoor workers indeed and when I finish tending my customers gardens I come home to mine and sometimes think, I better hire a gardener, one must be mad to work out there in this heat. Which brings to mind my subject today on Horticulture therapy. There are professional organisations that specialise in therapeutic gardening techniques targeting Alzheimer’s sufferers, the elderly, sick and people suffering from depression and also those who have lost a loved one. Now I have been working in the industry many years now and it never ceases to amaze me the response from an individual who has been depressed or ill and when they walk outside in the sunshine and see their gardens looking respectable and see first hand the flowers, birds and bees all out in force; their smile and long glance of silent appreciation is something I will never forget. The beauty of hands on gardening, whether its planting a seed or harvesting your own vegetables or cutting flowers it seems to ground the soul and assist in true healing, its truly natures gift to us and all we got to do is take the time to enjoy. Now the summer heat can be stressful to us all, especially the elderly and our pets, but for our lawns and gardens, my mantra for garden maintenance in summer comes back to the basics. Cutting your lawns as high as possible to prevent it from browning off and if possible irrigate immediately after the cut. Hedges, that were shaved short prior to the onslaught of these 30 degree plus temperatures, could stress and defoliate if not irrigated immediately after cutting too. When plants stress they are most vulnerable to insect attack and borer, so again I recommend a gentle clip if possible. Preventative cultural methods like mulching greatly assists the plants and gardens to recover from environmental extremes like strong winds and hot sun. And don’t forget your air conditioner pipe all that moisture just dripping away perhaps could be redirected into a bucket and help save your most stressed plants from extinction. So hope you are all managing to keep cool as possible in this heat and may your gardens survive and be full of life! Until next issue, I am definitely off to the beach! Take care.

Happy Sustainable Gardening!

2017 - Issue 08

Let’s Talk Gardens Summer Gardening With Summer in full swing we are all naturally spending far more time outdoors and we want privacy and tranquillity while we are enjoying it, add to this our busy modern life styles and who wants to spend those precious weekend hours trimming and primping our gardens? Bamboo is a new favourite for the lazy gardener in all of us! But, unlike bamboo varieties that were common in our grandparent’s day, the ones that ran and took over the yard, “New” clumping varieties are proving hugely popular. As with any plant it is essential to know where you are planting and to select the right variety to suit. All bamboo will benefit from some pre-planting ground prep and some post planting care. Enrich the soil with a good amount


Gardening & Lifestyle

of spent mushroom compost ( Searles produce an excellent product) prior to planting soak the root ball of the bamboo in a seaweed solution and then apply at fortnightly intervals, water regularly and deeply for the first 6 weeks after which time you can slowly reduce the frequency of watering. The most popular of all the clumping varieties is the Gracilis bamboo, it has a lovely shape when planted singerly and makes a fantastic free form hedge. Gracilis is a moderately sized, lush bamboo with a clump that can reach 70-80cm in diameter and 6-8mtrs in height which is perfect for screening out your neighbours 2-story house. Also popular are the varieties Malay Dwarf Variegated, Chinese Dwarf, Timor Black, Giant Buddha Belly and Oldhamii.

TRAVEL TIPS with Kirsten McDonald

Live like a local Europe is a wonderful choice for a holiday, so many beautiful countries to visit and cultures to experience. Flights from Australia to Europe can be expensive and long, so it is tempting to see and experience as much as possible while there. However, spending the time to immerse yourself in their culture and live like a local a can be just as rewarding. Apartments are great for longer stays, as you will have laundry facilities, a kitchen to prepare meals, central locations and you will be living amongst the locals,

Paris offers some great options. Or base yourself in a beautiful Villa in Italy; spend your days exploring the local towns and countryside. Walk the country lanes, shop at the local market, and discover food authentic to the region.

from beautiful Bribie - our Island home

p. 1300 304 661

asure • Brand name blinds at amazing prices ade to me stom m u c y t i Qual

Tired of those flapping untidy verticals? THERE IS LIFE AFTER VERTICALS.

PROUDLY SUPPORTING AUSTRALIAN MANUFACTURERS Obligation free measure and quote Caboolture, Bribie and surrounding areas

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Chill Time By Roger Small

Your little dog is out of control!















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Your Big dog is far to dangerous and agressive for this beach!







4 2

OH OH...The dog fight continues!























provided by 5 1 7 answers published in next issue

















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Mango Ice-cream With so many Mangos around at the moment, I like to make this ice-creambecause it will keep in the freezer for a time that Mangos get scarce and the memory of their flavour is still a craving for me. It’s simple to make and a popular favourite with everyone. Ingredients 2 large mangos (or enough to make 1 cup mango pulp) 1 can of sweetened condensed milk 2 cups heavy cream

5 9

6 7











































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8 6

7 2



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Instructions 1.Slice mangoes and scoop flesh, discarding pit and skin. In a blender or food processor, process mango until blended (like the texture of applesauce). Be sure to leave a half a mango in chunks. Of course you can always just use a fork if your Mangos are ripe enough. 2.In a bowl, combine mango pulp, condensed milk and heavy cream. Using a hand mixer at low speed, beat mixture until it begins to thicken. Increase speed to medium and continue to beat for about 8 to 10 minutes or until stiff peaks form or you can use a stick mixer on low then increase the speed at the end. 3.Cover with plastic film, lightly pressing film against the surface of cream mixture (this is to prevent ice crystals from forming). About three hours later, I fork through the mixture and then freeze for at least 6 hours or overnight. 2017 - Issue 08













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COLOUR THERAPY Created by Roger Small Please submit your completed artwork with your full name, age (if under 18) and contact details via scan & email to belinda@islandandsurrounds. or photograph and SMS to 0447 007 966 for your chance to win 2 FREE Movie Tickets to the movie of your choice at The Bribie Island Cinemas. Please submit by 20th February 2017. The winner will be contacted and announced in next issue. Good luck and happy colouring!

Proudly supported by Joy & Jon Potter from Fast Carpets.

Full Name: ....................................................................... Age (if under 18) ................. Phone No. ..................................................

2017 - Issue 08


Chill Time

By Michelle Welcome the month of February, the number 2 month in this universal year 1. The 2 vibration brings with it a gentle, feminine energy that is resilient and forgiving. This is a good time to let go of any past issues and hurts, you know carrying them doesn’t serve you well. Heal yourself this month with self care, its a beautiful gift to give yourself. What brings you joy? Communicate from your heart and share your reality without hesitation. This isn’t a time to be shy, it’s a time to be tactful, diplomatic and brave. Only good things will happen when you speak the truth from your heart. This is also a fantastic month to be social. Say yes, to any party invitation and be open to enjoying new friendships and company. You may just come across someone that is from “your tribe”. Give yourself permission to shine

bright. The world needs your light. 10,11,12 – This weekend of the full moon also has with it the arrow of frustration. Its not a time to fight the big battles or make any decisions. Take time to relax, get outdoors and avoid any serious discussions. 13 –A fantastic day for planning, your intuition is high today if your listening. 14,15 – Doing is the key today, you can achieve almost anything under this vibration. A great day for personal growth or anything business related. 16 – A day of strength and creativity. Don’t expect to find todays joy in domestic duty, be open to discovery. 17 – Does it feel like you’ve done this day before? Learn from a repeated mistake and avoid it happening again. Keep track of your possessions today.

18,19 – Go out and buy a lottery ticket in this weekends vibration of positive financial gain. Be meticulous in any legal dealings. 20,21- Your first impression of a person or situation is accurate. Trust where your instinct is guiding you. And as always balance is the key to your happiness. 22 – A huge day for manifesting. Be positive in self talk and outward communication. What you think will produce itself under this vibration. 23 – Be confident, it will bring you success. 24,25,26 – This weekend brings activity and an amazing potential for love. If your attached the power of your relationship will grow and if your looking say yes to any party invitation and see where it leads you.

27,28 – A steady start to the week, however be mindful of loosing something. Your intention sets the tone for your reality. 1 – Welcome March and its quick wit. You are mentally strong, feel confident and successful and you will be. 2,3,4,5 - Do not succumb to the couch. Fantastic vibrations this weekend for renovating, getting those odd jobs completed. The fresh new energy this brings will benefit your life all round. For a personal reading contact me at Have a great month, Michelle

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MARCH EVENTS & ACTIVITIES – BEACHMERE EVERY SATURDAY MARCH WITNESSING/JP SERVICE, 9am - 9.30am Outside IGA, Beachmere Village Shopping Centre, Cnr Beachmere & James Rds.


,000 Pre lo ed 33

EVERY WEDNESDAY MARCH BEACHMERE MOSAICS CLUB, 1.30am – 4.30pm, Beachmere, $10 Tools & most materials supplied, for details please phone Helen 0411 347 830

Re e t Re eases Co e ta es

EVERY FRIDAY MARCH BEACHMERE SLIMMERS SUPPORT GROUP, 9am Beachmere Activity Centre, 25 Biggs Ave. We are a small friendly support group meeting weekly. Joining Fee $15, Weekly Fee $4, Nutritionally sound program devised by local dietitian Cathie Lowe. For info contact Sue (07) 5496 2957 OR Find us on Facebook.

Jan/Feb 2017 Traders News

,3 C , T O C , 12pm, RSL Beachmere, Main St. Come along and meet some ladies who live, play and work in Beachmere. Meals & Drinks at your own expense. Lunches start from $10. Please RSVP to Christine 0413 73 95 73 (1st Fri each month) SUNDAY, 5 MARCH CAR BOOT SALE, 7am–11am, Beachmere Village Shopping Centre Carpark, Cnr Beachmere & James Rds. BOOK A STALL NOW or come along to pick up a BARGAIN! $10 per car, 0456 818 017 (1st Sun each month)

Australia Day OPEN

SUNDAY, 5 MARCH CLEAN UP AUSTRALIA DAY, BEACHMERE, 8am–10am, 6 SITES in Beachmere want to join us to CLEAN UP BEACHMERE, turn up on the day or register your support online, site locations or email info@bang. for details.

TUESDAY, 21 MARCH BEACHMERE AREA NETWORK GROUP, GENERAL MEETING 6pm7pm, Beachmere Activity Centre, 25 Biggs Ave. What difference can you make to the Beachmere Community? All Welcome. Want to ask a question email or phone 0456 818 017 – Find us on Facebook (BANG). (3rd Tue each month) WEDNESDAY, 22 MARCH BEACHMERE LIONS, BUSINESS/BOARD MEETING 6.30pm-7pm, Beachmere Activity Centre, 25 Biggs Ave. Please phone 0417 781 562 to attend. (3rd Wed each month) SATURDAY, 25 MARCH BEACHMERE MOSAICS CLUB, 9.30am – 12.30pm, Beachmere, $10 Tools & most materials supplied, for details please phone Helen 0411 347 830. (Last Saturday each month) MAY 2017 BEACHMERE SCOUTS - CUBS, (ages 7-10 years, boys & girls) expected to start in MAY 2017 - Tuesday afternoons between 3pm & 5pm at Beachmere State School. Contact to register your child’s interest.

Servi ce Rd

(See instore or

‘On the Passage’ Shop 3/1 Toorbul St, Bongaree (opp. Jetty/Brennan Park) Bribie Island 4507

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By Darren Smith.

By Lane Nash

The Passage from the IGA parking lot in Bongaree

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1st A ve

MONDAY, 6 & 20 MARCH BEACHMERE ARTS & CRAFTS GROUP 9am-11am, Beachmere Activity Centre, 25 Biggs Ave. $5, Come meet some fellow craft minded people, bring your knitting, crochet or art project. Just come along, bring a friend no bookings required. For more information 0411 099 848 (1st & 3rd Mon each month)


Bellara - Checking out the sunrise by the boat ramps. Bellara - Checking out the sunrise by the boat ramps.

Boris relaxing on the Bribie Boats.

36 2017 - Issue 08

Sport, Fishing, Camping

Bribie Island Golf Club Ladies Results from 17th January, 2017 to 9th February, 2017: Single Stableford 17/1/17 Div 1 Winner – B Newcomb 37, R UP – L Pinson 36C/B Div 2 Winner – A Rogers 38, R UP – S Power 37 Div 3 Winner – H Arkinstall 41, R UP – E Jarvis 35 C/B 4 Person Ambrose 19/1/17 Winners E Jensen, J Malone, D Neilson & C Hancock 60.625 R UP M Carruthers, S Barnulf, A Rogers 62.625 Single Stableford 24/1/17 Div 1 Winner – S Vallely 39, R UP – D Dunn 36 C/B Div 2 Winner – S Armstrong 39, R UP – M Bailey 36 Div 3 Winner – S Tailford 36, R UP – I Coburn 35 Single Stableford 26/1/17 Div 1 Winner – A Rogers 41, R UP – L Latcham 40 C/B Single Stableford 31/1/17 Div 1 Winner – S Portley 42, R UP – S Vallely 40 Div 2 Winner – M Sills 37, R UP – M Bailey 35 C/B Div 3 Winner – R Cossley 40, R UP – I Coburn 34 Monthly Medal Sponsor Woorim Pharmacy 2/2/17 Div 1 Winner – M Thomsen 70, R UP – C Pronk 74 C/B, 2nd R UP – D Neilson 74 Div 2 Winner – M Bailey 74, R UP – S Power 75, 2nd R UP – F Jackson 76 C/B Div 3 Winner – S Stack 72 CB, R UP – S Milligan 72, 2nd R UP – B West 74 Single Stableford 7/2/17 Div 1 Winner – L Gwyther 39, R UP – R Cantrill 38 C/B Div 2 Winner – T Brown 39 C/B, R UP – F Jackson 39 Div 3 Winner – S Stack 38, R UP – R Crossley 37 C/B Single v Par 9/2/17 Div 1 Winner - L Gallaway +3, R UP - D Neilson +2 Div 2 Winner - A Lauchlan +3, R UP - M Barbeler +1 Div 3 Winner - S Barry +1, R UP - J McCowan -1

Bongaree Caravan Park to trial dog-friendly accommodation Moreton Bay Regional Council is set to roll out the welcome mat in coming weeks to travellers with canine companions when the Bongaree Caravan Park opens its doors this February to a dog-friendly accommodation trial.

Mayor Allan Sutherland said from February 1 to March 24, both travellers and their furry friends would be able to stay at the Bribie Island tourist park’s camping spots and caravan sites. “This is an opportunity for people travelling with a furry friend to discover the foreshore parks, beaches and cafes that have made Bribie Island a popular destination for many visitors and families,” Mayor Sutherland said. “By rolling out the welcome mat to our canine companions, new visitors will be able to share their Bribie experience with their beloved pets and have convenient access to some of South East Queensland’s premier on leash and off leash parks and beach areas.” Mayor Sutherland said bookings were essential for visitors and their

pets looking to participate in the trial. “Already, we’ve seen a number of guests book in to stay at the Bongaree park’s camping spots and caravan sites with their dog. For many people, a dog is an important member of the family, and this trial means those furry family members can join our caravanning and camping travellers as they experience Bribie Island and the greater Moreton Bay Region.” Division 1 Councillor BrookeSavige said for local businesses and cafes, the trial also was an opportunity to extend their pet-friendly hospitality to overnight and short-term travellers. “On any given day, you only have to look at Bribie’s parks and cafes to see that the island is a popular area for locals and

day travellers with dogs, and this trial allows local businesses to share that pet friendly atmosphere with our camping and caravanning friends,” Cr Savige said. “With a regional tourism industry that generates more than $659.8 million annually and employees more than 3,700 people, it’s another unique way council is looking to support our tourism economy.” To book a place during the trial or for more information visit www.moretonbay. or call (07) 3408 1054.

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Bribie Passage Kiosk & Boat Hire Panoramic views over Bribie Passage • Bait • Tackle • Live Worms • Ice

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1383 Bribie Island, Ningi Mon-Fri 6.00am - 5.00pm except Wed 6.00am - 4.00pm Sat 5.00am - 5.00pm Sun 5.00am - 4.00pm Weekend & Public Hols 4.30am - 5.00pm AAA 4 W D B each & O ff R oad R ecovery - B at t eries ( C ar, 4 W D & t orches) Qld vehicle access & cam ping perm it s Fresh & Froz en B ait - T erm inal T ackle Live Blood Worms - Gas Refills - Ice

2017 - Issue 08


Sport, Fishing, Camping

By Cheryl Williams Fishing Report for March Well it has been great weather for fishing and camping. Lots happening on the water and on the surfside. We are still seeing drivers taking their dogs in their vehicles up the beach dogs are not allowed there is designated walking areas for dogs and they are signed with on leash or off leash, a lot of people are complaining on Social media that dogs are spoiling there fun at the beach so please be mindful when taking your dog on the beach and make sure you are in the right designated areas. There is a fine for taking your dog in the vehicle up beach. The fish have surely been biting out there and this is great for the avid fishermen. Bream and whiting Red Beach, Avon Wrecks, Skirmish Point and caught on Preserved Beach Worms. Flathead Ningi Creek and Passage caught on squid. Mud crabs and Sand crabs Lime Pocket on mullet. Maged Aziz caught a Cobia at Cape Moreton weighing in at 17KG on 50 pound braided caught on Pilchard. Jasmine Buckby caught a Mangrove Jack 1.4kg at Hussy Creek on prawn. Kase Maree caught a 1mt Flathead at Bellara caught on Prawns and released well done and great for doing the right thing. The turtle nests up the beach should not be to far away from hatching so remember to be mindful when driving up the beach and you are in the soft sand cause this is where our turtle nests are and they need to be given every chance. I have seen the dolphins frolicking about in the passage and in the Banksia Beach Canals. We have been having some very hot days so please be mindful of fires within our National Parks there are fire pits at campsites you must also take your own firewood which is available at Gateway Bait and Tackle. Also remember if you take the kids fishing don’t forget to come and weigh their catch in as we have a monthly draw where they could win a gift voucher. Our days have been very hot over the last few weeks so make sure we slip slop slap and keep well hydrated.


1 WED Time m 0520 0.35 1126 2.43 1757 0.38 2352 2.26 2 TH 0602 0.43 1205 2.32 1833 0.42 3 FR 0038 2.25 0650 0.54 1248 2.16 1913 0.47 4 SA 0128 2.21 0744 0.67 1339 1.99 2001 0.55 5SU 0229 2.17 0853 0.77

1443 1.83 2102 0.61 6 MO 0343 2.16 1018 0.81 1604 1.74 2218 0.64 7 TU 0501 2.20 1146 0.76 1730 1.75 2337 0.61 8 WE 0614 2.29 1259 0.65 1844 1.84 9 TH 0049 0.53 0715 2.39 1358 0.54 1942 1.95 10 FR 0149 0.45

0806 2.45 1446 0.47 2031 2.05 11 SA 0239 0.39 0851 2.48 1528 0.44 2114 2.12 12 SU 0324 0.37 0931 2.46 1604 0.43 2152 2.17 13 MO 0403 0.39 1006 2.41 1635 0.43 2228 2.20 14 TU 0439 0.43 1040 2.34 1704 0.45 2301 2.21

15 WE 0513 0.49 1112 2.24 1730 0.47 2334 2.20 16 TH Time m 0547 0.57 1142 2.13 1758 0.51 17 FR 0008 2.17 0621 0.67 1214 2.00 1826 0.57 18 SA 0045 2.11 0659 0.77 1249 1.86 1900 0.65 19 SU 0126 2.04 0746 0.88

1331 1.72 1942 0.75 20 MO 0218 1.97 0847 0.95 1429 1.62 2037 0.83 21 TU 0327 1.93 1009 0.97 1549 1.57 2152 0.87 22 WE 0447 1.96 1131 0.90 1711 1.63 2310 0.82 23 TH 0554 2.06 1234 0.78 1816 1.75 24 FR 0017 0.71

0648 2.19 1325 0.66 1908 1.90 25 SA 0114 0.59 0735 2.30 1410 0.55 1955 2.04 26 SU 0206 0.48 0819 2.39 1453 0.45 2039 2.17 27 MO 0253 0.40 0900 2.45 1534 0.37 2123 2.29 28 TU 0340 0.34 0942 2.46 1613 0.32 2206 2.39

29 WE 0425 0.32 1023 2.42 1651 0.30 2251 2.45 30 TH 0511 0.35 1105 2.33 1729 0.32 2335 2.47 31 FR 0558 0.43 1148 2.20 1807


Jasmine Buckby caught Mangrove Jack 1.4KG on Prawn at Hussy Creek

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The only BBQ BOAT HIRE on Bribie Island

FISHING HALL OF FAME Send us your fishing photos and we will publish them! Show the Island and Surrounds what fabulous fishing grounds we are bestowed with. Boast about the ones that didn’t get away. Please ensure you put a caption

with your photo and ensure you advise the photographer’s name. Send to admin@ or text them to 0447 007 966.

Flathead 1metre in length caught and released by Kase Maree on prawns.

Maged Aziz of Brisbane caught Cobia 17KG at Cape Moreton on Pilchards

38 2017 - Issue 08

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CARAVAN SALES AND REPAIR CRSC Caravan Repair Service Centre • Safety inspections • Gas certificates • Insurance repairs • Servicing all makes & models

Mention this ad for a 10% discount Unit 2/1 Brewers St Burpengary P: 3888 0360 M: 0412 749 254

GARDENS & LANDSCAPING Bob s Tree ard ervices Bob 0438 623 158 and Lee 0457 944 785

Fast Carpets

If it’s on our floor today, it’s on your floor tomorrow. Carpets, Vinyl & timber Planks you can afford.

Tree Felling • Pruning Lopping/shaping Stump Grinding • Palm Cleaning & Removal Yard Restoration • Emergency Call Out Storm Damage removal & Prevention Free Quotes & Pensioner Discounts Fully Insured. We will beat any written quote! No job too big or too small.

Unit 7 / 95 Lear Jet Drive, Caboolture PHONE: (07) 5432 4550


HAIR STYLIST Hair 4507 & E

Bribie Island Chiropractic

Dean Sluce - B.App.Sci Chiropractic Fax: (07) 3410 7230

Phone: (07) 3408 6700


HORTICULTURIST ic O Brien. ip. ort.

Bribie Dazzler Cleaning Service

Qualified & Registered Horticulturist (RH-101) Horticultural Consultant- Bribie Island Provide information on all things gardening. Guest writer for local gardening magazines. Pest and disease diagnosis and treatment plans. Organic gardening advice, Plant selection & ID. Info on: Soil health & Eco-friendly fertilisers. PHONE: Mick 0417 618 203

For a Sparkling Regular, Spring and Bond Clean! ABN 71 326 381 155 Call Heidi today to book 0431 231 852

Bribie Island Carpet Cleaning Bribie Family Owned and Operated For over 20 years Carpet Cleaning/Pest Management Phone: 3410 0001

yebrow Bar

Color , style cut and blow dry $60.00 Perm style cut blow dry or set $70.00 A man’s buzz cuts $10.00 Weekly shampoo and dry off $10.00 Eye brow tint and wax $10.00 Eye brow tint on its own $7.00 Eye lash tint $10.00 All other waxing $5.00 each eg: lips, chin, cheeks and neck. PHONE: 3408 1501

Bribie Island Shop 3-4, 9-13 Benabrow Ave Chiropractic P.O. Box 633 Bellara Qld 4507

MOBILE HAIR STYLIST Tara Cheers Hair Stylist

Tara Cheers

For bookings please phone or text 0424 997 953


Sadlers Contract Cleaning Homes/Residential Offices Bond Cleaning Please phone Karen on 0402 767 852 ABN 221 051 458 40

COMPUTER & IT SERVICES Tech Butler IT Repair & Training

hen it doesn t wor or you don t now how Tech Butler provides repair, set-up and training services to your premises 24 hours, 7 days a week for your PCs, laptops, phones and devices. PHONE: 0417 716 747

FASHION, HOMEWARES & GIFTS Green Door Bowen Therapy

Bribie Garden Centre

2/50 Verdoni Street Bellara QLD 4507 Open 7 Days a week from 8am till 4pm Huge Range of Plants & Pots Soil Chemicals Fertilisers Gardening tools Phone 0477 711 320


Phone: 1300 304 661



Mayyada Bazaar

Huge range of unique and well priced goods for your Home Decor, Homewares, gifts, unique furniture and fashion needs Phone 3410 0929

FITNESS Fit Beyond 50 - Cathy McGillivray

CertIII & CertIV in Fitness, Australian Heart Foundation Heartmoves Licensee, Menofitness Trainer. Private personalised fitness and wellness is our focus at Fit Beyond 50. We aim to encourage and motivate all our clients to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle through fitness and nutrition. Phone Cathy on 0408803037 NOW


• Locals supporting locals • Serving Caboolture/Bribie Island for 6 years, with 18 years industry experience • We come to you or meet us at Welsby Pde Bongaree; King St, Caboolture or Oxley Ave, Margate • Free call anytime for free advice • Pre-planning & prepayment available. Pay now and pay no more. Ask us how. 1800 355 830 or 5495 5553

MASSAGE THERAPIST (REMEDIAL) Like us on facebook Restorative Remedial

Diploma Qualified Massage Therapist specializing in: • Chronic pain management • Injuries and rehabilitation • Lower back and neck problems • Improving performance and training. Open Mon, Tues, Thurs, Friday 8am-6pm Call Bribie Island Chiropractic for bookings 34086700


General pest control Termite inspections & termite treatment Bed, bugs or fleas Servicing residential, commercial & body corporate Termite inspection. Call Greg today on 0417 768 887

PET SERVICES Aussie Pooch Mobile

The Mobile Dog Wash that comes to you! • Mobile Hydrobath • Eye & Ear Clean • Coat Brushing • Nail Clipping • Aromacare • Blow Drying • Deoderant • Dog Treats Call egan Today MOBILE: 0409 451 254

LIFE COACH Free Life Coach (For Limited Time) For practical help with advice Relationships, Parenting, Depression, budgeting This is REAL WORLD help! Ph 0405 780 081

PHOTOGRAPHER Deb Neill Photography

My name is Deb Neill and I’m a Bribie Island professional photographer specialising in nature, wedding, portrait and special occasion photography. Email: Phone Deb on 0402 048 275


SECOND HAND GOODS Busy Fingers Op Shop 38 Cotterill Ave, Bongaree

Phone: 3408 1014

2017 - Issue 08

TILES & ACCESSORIES quality products impressive displays competitive prices


Proffessional & Trade services



Great bargains on clothing, shoes, POOLWERX SHOP & MOBILE SERVICE electrical, tools, art, kitchen, furniture, Pool Safety Inspections Computerised water testing Water & Energy efficient products linen, toys and much more. 0499 742 314 Safety inspections and handovers Equipment repairs & Installation Free pick and low cost delivery

Shop2, 122 Goodwin Drive VOLUNTEERS ALWAYS WELCOME! Bongaree 07 3408 3566 Make friends whilst helping the



SOLICITOR where the pieces come together Wallace Davies Solicitors

T: (07) 3408 3/75 7366 Lear Jet Drive, Caboolture F: (07) 3408 9244 E: 1/35 Benabrow Avenue, Bellara PO Box 61 BRIBIE ISLAND QLD 4507

5432 4840

Bribie Island Community

CLASSIFIEDS MDC - 05 camper trailer for sale. Queen size bed, 85L Poly tank, Stone guard, spare wheel, Aluminium tool box, fully enclosed detachable Annex, Midgee proof Let’s netting on all windows, sink with pump tap and much Keep Itmore, only $3,900. Please share if you know anyone Local! that is looking for one. it’s in very good condition. Call Belinda on 0447 007 966

TELEVISION ANTENNA REAL ESTATE Monday-Friday 8.30-3.00 and Saturday 8.00-12.00 Richard on 0425 477 JohnPh. the TV Antenna Man639 to book your space or Asset Body Corporate email ITUNING $60.00


• Administrative, Financial & Secretarial Services • Professional & Reliable Management • Residential & Commercial 19 Benabrow Avenue, Bribie Island Specialising in Complete Bathrooms, P: 3408 8277



41 Benabrow St, Bribie Island


Laundry and House Local for more than remodelling for the 25 years Elderly and Disabled LICENSED TO First National Real Estate

Ph 3408 6246


Alcoholics Anonymous meets on Bribie Island 3 times per week

Christ hall, cnr of Fifth Ave and Foley St Bongaree.


Friday - I.D. - 7.30pm. Banksia Lodge, corner of Sunderland M.E. & Renovations DrvTiling and Solander Esp, Banksia Beach

WATERPROOF, Specialising in Complete Bathrooms, Laundry Contacts: 3408 TILE AND and House remodeling forJaime the Elderly and9798 RENOVATE Disabled. Bribie Island Steve 0409 560 561areas. and Surrounding

For Sales, Holiday and Permanent Rentals Call Michael Early contact our Friendly Staff! 71 Welsby Parade, Bongaree Q 4507 Email: Ah: 0402 048 275


Australian-made Digital TV Antennas, outlets & troubleshooting EPTPOS AVAILABLE - PENSIONER DISCOUNTS If I cannot fix your pProblem, there will be NO Monday - I.D. - 7.30pm. Church of Christ hall, cnr of Fifth CHARGE AveLic andNo: Foley St Bongaree. Titab T15423 Est 20yrs 5yr Warranty Thursday Steps and 12 Traditions - 7pm - Church of PHONE 3408- 12 6530

0419 729 223

Local for more than 25 years.

SMART Phone: (07) 3408 1006 MOVE

Come One, Come All, Car Rodeo

Call Michael Early 0419 729 223 After Hours: 0402 048 275 Email:


Corner of First Ave & Queen St, Bongaree. TUTORING Every Saturday from 1:00pm My Personal Property Manager the coffee shop behind the library SuperAt Tutors Kim Gill - Principal Tutoring prep and primary Foravailable Furtherfor details call Dennis on • Site Welding & Fabrication Reading writing and Maths. The Only Real Estate Agency 0418 159 116 Real results “totally specialising in Residential • Stainless, Alloys, Steels HEAVY DUTY TRAILERS $50 per hour Property Management” • New, Repairs, Modifications holder, teacher and ex @ Bribie Island & Surrounds. MANUFACTURED LOCALLY Blue Callcard Bribie & District Wildlife Rescue Inc • Structural. Ornate . General teacher PHONE: 5429 5425 FULLY WELDED you find081 an injured animal anywhere • Domestic . Commercial. Marine Phif 0405780 LOCAL & INTERSTATE  Caravan/Trailer from Bribie Island, Caboolture, • Over 30 Years Trade Experiance SMALL & LARGE TRUCKS AVAILABLE  Service & WINDOW TINTING Morayfield, Narangba, Redcliffe and CONTAINER, CARAVAN REMOVALIST & BOAT Repairs WELDING & Clontarf. 0400 836 592 JOBS LARGE OR SMALL Serving Bribie & Surrounds since 1999 AJ Smart Move STORAGE AVAILABLE STEEL SUPPLIES Free Quotes Window Tinting: Car, Home, Office Removals and Storage CAREFUL, COURTEOUS OWNER/OPERATOR Fully Insured - Reduce heat, glare and UV We make moving ...EASY Frosting: Plain & Decorative Phone Marty On 0458 474L56  Custom Trailer Builds






0410 326 376

Wheels by the Water

 General Fabrication Works

Phone Justin Now PHONE: 0410 326 376


Supply & Fit Towbars

Trailer Parts and Accessories OPEN Mon-Fri 8-5, Sat 801 I Rideshare Bribie 1/75 Lear Jet Drive, Caboolture. Ph. 5432 4093 ‘ridesharing’ your affordable alternative to taxis PHONE: 1300 857 601


We Make Moving... Easy!

I Rideshare Bribie is a booking service connecting local registered rideshare drivers to residents, business & visitors Bribie Island in the Bribie Island & surrounding areas  SIGNMAKERS who are needing transport solutions in an  DIGITALaffordable, PRINTERSsafe & friendly environment.



ROOFING Call us for yours and your client needs – a-frames – digital – frosted etch ll Type etal – screen printing – vinyl signage – vehicle/boat decals – vehicle/boat wraps – window vision

TUNING $60.00

Phone 3408 6530

oo ng

– directional signs 55 610 427 784 – ABN safety signs – RESIDENTIAL construction signs - COMMERCIAL - INDUSTRIAL Australian-made Digital TV Aerials, Outlets & Troubleshooting! – real estate signs New Roofs • Re-Roofs • Roof Repairs – PENSIONER DISCOUNTS – •installations EFTPOS AVAILABLE

Phone 07 3408 1151• Fascia Gutters & Downpipes If I can‛t fix your problem, there will be NO CHARGE!!!


F 07 3408 1122 E • Wall Cladding


Titab Licence No.T15423 – Established 20 Years – 5 year Warranty! PHONE: Matt Beveridge 0433 630 910


Sandstone Phone 0410 508 468

Point Hotel.

Gold coin entry/ Car Entry: $10 (proceeds go to charity) YOGA Family Fun, Kids Fun, Entertainment, Yoga For Health & More Remedial Yoga - overBBQ 55’s welcome - Chair

yoga available. Anglican Church Hall, Cnr Foster and Banya Tegan Lather’s Monthly Beach Streets, Bongaree Tues & Thurs 10.00 am Chair Yoga Thurs Clean Up midday 2nd Sunday of every month at PHONE: Maggie Coombs 0400 250 520

Brennan Park from 8:30-9:30am

Foster Carers Wanted at Caboolture Zorb Ball Hire... Great for & birthdays andAnimal a lot of laughs. District Welfare Children 6yrs to adults We available supply $50 food, vet 2 balls each forcare, 2hrs worm and flea treatment” - 0435 2460 06

Phone 0450310071


Swimming Lessons....Free 4 places are open for children from 5 to 14 yrs old They can be swimming 2 strokes in 1 month Blue card holder and retired coach

Safe Decorators

Painting and wallpaper specialist Over 35 Years experience Apprenticeship Trained Low Prices • FREE Quotes Bribie Island & North Brisbane

Ph 0450310071

Email: PHONE SAM: 0418 721 298

SAND SOIL & GRAVEL SUPPLIES Bribie Sand Gravel & Landscaping 171-173 First Avenue - Bribie Island Sand Soil & Gravel Supplies Red Mulch Now in Stock.


ISLAND and surrounds

FAX: 3408 1955 Email: PHONE: 3408 1037

SEWING SERVICES Northside Sewing Centre (NSC)

at Clontarf has closed. The good news is it’s located closer to you! NSC – “Fabric by the Sea” 155 Bishop Rd Beachmere, 4510 . It’s the second house at end of the driveway. Over 1,500 bolts of quilting fabric. Open 9am to 4pm Wednesday and Thursdays. Ring for preferred times 0409 290 113. Come and have a cuppa and a browse.

Stacer 4.29m Sea Way Sports + Trailor It’s in Excellent condition 2 way radio + AM/FM radio, Rego for 12 months 40 HP Mercury Motor The whole boat is in Top condition $9,500 Phone Ron 3408 1602


ISLAND and surrounds


ge 40

– illuminated signage – routed letters – magnetic signs – shop fronts – banners




Signwriting: Vehicles, Shops, Sunday 11thOffices October

Advertise here for only $49.50 per issue. Call Belinda on 0447 007 966

Advertise in the classifieds for only $77 per issue. Call Belinda on 0447 007 966

40 2017 - Issue 08

The resort lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.


Secure Gated Community

Waterfront Place, Sandstone Point, QLD 1800 674 266 ·

First Class Resort Facilities

Sales Centre Open Monday to Friday · 9:30am to 4:00pm

Boutique Resort Size

Call Karen

1800 674 266

ORG IS170215

No Stamp Duty or Entry/Exit Fees

Issue 8 ISLAND and Surrounds Community Newspaper  

Issue 8 ISLAND and Surrounds Community Newspaper

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