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Travel Journalist, Deanne Scanlan shares her global travel experiences and advice

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Fishing with the kids

Tibet, Deanne on the YAK was taken at the entry of the Chongolongoma park in the Himalayan Tibet. It is the gateway to Base camp Mt Everest


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“Relax with the best views on the island”

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Australia Day 2019

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INDEPENDENT OWNER Belinda Ferguson - Bongaree JOURNALIST/WRITERS Damian Brown 2019 - Issue 33

Ernie Mayne


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Welcome to issue 33 of the LOCAL News, Island and Surrounds. Most people are now back at work after a break for Xmas and New Year and starting 2019 all refreshed. The team at the LOCAL are really excited about this new year. We will be adding more segments to the paper (watch this space) in the interest of our readers and we will also continue to keep you updated on government grants available for community groups, along with our regular columns such as Cranky Lizard, fishing report and local news.

The Meander Map will continue to grow and be a key detailed map on our region showcasing our local businesses and the quirky arts and crafts available on our main routes. Any advertisers if you wish to showcase your business at affordable rates to ensure our visitors don’t miss you when they are here, please contact Matt Owen on 0447 924 507.

OVER 20 000 Visitors

Our Region is surely becoming a tourist spot with over 20,000 people visiting our little piece of heaven with its proximity to Brisbane through the 2018/2019 holidays.

The NYE fireworks on the passage was a huge success, I was advised there was 25,000 plus visited the Island on the night, and why wouldn’t they, we had perfect weather for the night. Please check out our website and facebook to get up to date news in our region. We encourage you to continue to submit your stories to our web of which we will select your story of interest to the community. Finally, we encourage all of you to buy local and lets make 2019 a record year increasing our economy. Belinda Ferguson Owner / Editor

Letter to the Owner; LOCAL Island and Surrounds News

“In my opinion - this is not who we are” – Fact Check

I read this article and found I had to put it aside for a week and reread it on a day when I could do a rebuttal of the sentiments justice. My initial reading of the piece by Mark Frewing (sic) made me wonder how a community newspaper could allow such a piece to be published under their banner. Why? Because the piece is a jaundiced view of our multicultural society and has many factually misleading statements. Let us start with the opening statement about police “fighting for their lives in a Melbourne street”. I cannot fathom why this incident has been selected to define life in Australia. It is not a one off incident, 157 Victorian Police have been killed in the line of duty (as of 2013). The first death of a policeman in the line of duty is reported as 1803, Constable Joseph Luker of the Sydney Foot Police so nothing should surprise us 215 years later. The “Road to Damascus” statement was interesting pertaining to Tasmanian and Northern Territory parliaments legislating biology out of existence. As of the date of this letter there are NO Bills in the Tasmanian parliament relating to Gender. The last bill in that house was

The views expressed in Letters to the Editor are not necessarily those of the editor or publishers of the newspaper.

the Anti-discrimination Amendment Bill of 2012. Was this the reference referred to? It’s hard to say as there have been no facts made to support this claim. A search of the Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory website also fails to provide any relative Gender related Bills. Given that the author of the opinion piece didn’t define the supposed biological issue I thought it appropriate to put the following on record in the hope it might illuminate the discussion: The definition of Intersex: “Intersex” is a general term used for a variety of conditions in which a person is born with a reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn’t seem to fit the typical definitions of female or male. For example, a person might be born appearing to be female on the outside, but having mostly male-typical anatomy on the inside. Or a person may be born with genitals that seem to be in-between the usual male and female types—for example, a girl may be born with a noticeably large clitoris, or lacking a vaginal opening, or a boy may be born with a notably small penis, or with a scrotum that is divided so that it has formed more like labia. Or a person may be born with mosaic genetics, so that some of her cells have XX chromosomes and some of them have XY. Source: Intersex Society of North America. The parents of a child born under these circumstances must surely have the right to wait until later life to define the gender of their child. Don’t you think so Mr Frewing? (sic) Then there was what can only be described as a rant about Bullying and Sexual Harassment claims. Why would anyone condone these actions by saying “It has always been thus”. In a workplace, public institution or not, the right to speak up about Physical, Emotional & Sexual harassment is just that; A RIGHT. The #metoo movement certainly has brought this right to the fore. So why argue that it is “.. a wastage of time, of resources and human potential”? Maybe we should sweep it all under the rug and not have Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Bill Cosby brought to account not forgetting our own Rolf Harris. These acts of harassment have no age or gender boundaries. The definition of Australia is generally acceptable but it failed to give credit to the landholders we usurped the country from. And at the other end of the spectrum the input of the various ethnic waves of migrants that come here to enrich the fabric of our society. But in my, humble, opinion – this is who we are and I love it. David Barnes December 2018 Weather as given on the TV Channels Given that we are advised of forth coming weather wouldn’t it be nice to have weather presenters do it properly. I cannot accept the need to send a weather presenter on a jolly to the Ski Fields in Canada when presenting Australian weather. It seems to me that it is a total add on cost and unnecessary? So where are these places that are given as – “The Goldie, Tassie, the Alice, etc.”. With possible showers, sunny with occasional rain, windy at times and hot. I ask with the millions spent on weather that more accuracy be given than possible weather, and keep our presenters in Australia rather than junket’s overseas. Come Home Stevie! Merry Christmas to all and a Happy 2019 Farley


2019 - Issue 33

Australia Day 2019

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Australia Day 2019

Meet Deanne Scanlan, Journalist and Destination Designer

by Deanne Scanlan

In this month’s Close Encounters Story, Deanne Scanlan, Travel Journalist and specialist Destination Designer tells us everything about Global Travel and gives us an insight into some special destinations across the world.

Regular Feature 2019 - Issue 33



Cruising will always be a popular mode of travel but the more discerning client is looking out of the box, understanding that a more boutique experience is more rewarding and less hassle getting on and off your yacht carrying 320 as opposed to a ship carrying 6000 passengers. These are the things that make or break your longed-for journey. I have my favourite companies that I like to

With Damian Brown

People ask me if I am surviving the internet which many assume is dominating my business. I never really answer- I just laugh. You see I have been traveling the globe for over 40 years so it stands to reason I would have a bit of knowledge in this getting older head of mine. No internet will replace experiences gained first hand. With over 60 countries marked off on my travel list, it is easy to find material and destinations to write about. Every story I have ever written about a destination is one that I have personally immersed myself in, many more than once.

I think you meant the one above

In my view I have the best of both worlds, travel to a country then write about it. But I go one step further by inviting others to share the world with me. I have never referred to myself as a travel agent because to me being an order taker is something most people can do but being able to design a journey that is as individual as the person, takes it all to a whole new level. I am reminded of a client who wished to hop on board the Rocky Mountaineer through Western Canada and

recommend but there are always budget constraints to take into consideration. River cruising will always be popular because with so many companies providing the ultimate experience they tend to avoid the crowds as much as possible. I am a self-confessed addict when it comes to travel, I cannot get enough. This year starts

In my view I have the best of both worlds, travel to a country then write about it. But I go one step further by inviting others to share the world with me. had no idea that there are over 20 different journeys from and to the destinations, some starting at 4 days and so on. It is never as easy as going to a website and saying ‘I’ll have one of those thank you’.

To do what I do it is imperative that you have a natural curiosity and investigative nature – always searching and always learning. I never profess to know it all but I do admit to being a research junky. As a Travel Journalist I have always believed in including history in my articles. We travel to many places but sometimes we do not have a full

Elephant Village This is the Elephant Sanctuary on the outskirts of Luang Prabang Laos then be passed on to the traveller.

I would like to present a rhetorical questiondo you ever consider over tourism when making your destination decision? A recently published article showed the 10 worst countries for this very thing. Croatia came in as number one accompanied by a photo of hordes all trying to get to the walled city through a small archway. Barcelona didn’t fare very well either with slogans painted on walls ‘Go home tourist’. I love Amsterdam but you definitely need to know when to go. Travelling to Venice is another example, I am sure you do not want to share your excitement standing on the Rialto Bridge with a thousand other people or Japan trying to capture sunrise over the Itsukushima Shrine with hundreds of other photographers. I know it becomes difficult when you wish to see the Cherry Blossoms- the crowds cannot be avoided then sadly. So, what can we as a collective do about it, primarily talk to a designer to discuss the best time to be there which isn’t necessarily in ‘tourist season.’ I am not saying stop going to these places but if you are not too worried about the timing , not only can it be cheaper but you can avoid those crowds. Being in Times Square on New Year’s Eve isn’t one of them.

Put quite simply travelling is changing, people are looking for more experiential journeys, ones that are out of the ordinary to different destinations. There are places even I have not heard of but I certainly do my research when they come across my desk. I have always had a favourite city in the world and it is Prague followed by the close by town of Cesky Krumlov. I travel to Bhutan at least

Put quite simply travelling is changing, people are looking for more experiential journeys, ones that are out of the ordinary to different destinations. once a year with a tour as I have fallen in love with the people the fresh air and cannot get enough of the Himalayan Mountains. I have a longing to see a Snow Leopard but as many of the locals haven’t seen one, I guess I would need to be very lucky. It was my first journey to Bhutan that prompted me to start taking tours there. Bhutan of course came into the light with the recent separation of twins in

The same local village with one of the Maasai warriors Kenya Maasai game reserve ( and me)

in early March with 3 weeks in India, just the northern Rajasthan but another great journey with photos and stories that I am hoping will enthral everyone and entice you to think of it differently. It gladdens me to see that India and Sri Lanka are still sort after destinations. Places like Cuba are like stepping back in time, it is also on my radar for 2019. I love what I do in so many ways but one of my biggest passions is being able to show others how wonderful the world really is.

There are so many pre-conceived ideas out there about dangerous places that simply are not true. I will never recommend a destination that I feel is unsafe for clients. For those over 75 we still have insurance cover for you. We must always show caution – that is a given but wrapping ourselves in cotton wool prevents us from filling our lives up with amazing memories, after all, isn’t that why we travel? Contact Deanne to design or discuss your next global adventure Deanne Scanlan Deanne Scanlan Travel & affiliate of the Express Travel Group Ph: 0411682577 traveljournals


understanding of their past present or even perhaps plans for their future. Of course a destinations past is the exciting part, some better than others.

The travel industry is always evolving and we are currently being asked to be accountable for the style of journey we do. This relates directly to sustainability and the recognition of leaving a very small footprint wherever we go. Cruise lines have implemented policies for waste that will protect the oceans, land companies are looking at the way they run their tours being ever mindful of the over use of plastics. Some companies are now only presenting itineraries online instead of agencies having to throw out hundreds of out of date brochures. Inadvertently this is lowering costs of doing business which can

A local village in the south of Kenya on the Maasai Mara Game reserve (me with local children)

Where is your favourite travel destination?

India and Bhutan are there at the top of the list

What is you ‘Point of Different as a Destination Designer and how does this compare to a Travel Agent?

Uyuni and Own Vehicle This photo was taken on the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia in October and was our transit vehicle.

I don’t want to knock the young and new consultants, everyone needs to start somewhere. To me an agent is more of an


though you still arrive exhausted. Coming home is when you suffer most from Europe and the reverse for Canada and the US. It is all to do with time zones. My biggest recommendation is to drink a lot of water at regular intervals and when your movie is finished, go for a walk around the plane. Limit your alcohol intake and take a dark mask with you to enable sleep when the person in front refuses to turn off their light. Best way to make it all better of course is to fly Business Class. You will never avoid it completely but there are now drinks available at some airports which claim to assist in the problem.

The photo is of me feeding a Giraffe from the reserve in Karen on the outskirts of Nairobi Kenya

order taker, nothing wrong with that either. A Destination Designer or Advisor is one who has in depth knowledge of destinations by either having been there or having the years of experience to tackle the unusual. Putting together a journey that is memorable and unique to the client’s needs is something that I thrive on. What tips do you have for people who decide to travel alone?

Many companies now have far reduced rates for single travellers, not all but the trend is changing. A lot depends on the countries you are planning on visiting but as a rule organised tours are the safest. Not only that but you get to enjoy destinations better and in some cases make new friends. If you wish to travel alone then I would suggest taking the safe road and choosing countries that tend not to have issues. What are the risks to travelling abroad?

If you do your research first then there should be little risk involved. I will never take on a client unless we have full comprehensive Insurance for unseen issues. Common sense is key to having an enjoyable holiday, if you wouldn’t do it at home then don’t try it in a strange country. How do you avoid jetlag and make the most of your time?

Jetlag is dependent on which way you are flying. Heading to the US results in tiredness but flying to Europe is usually better, even

Australia Day 2019


2019 - Issue 33

What do you like about living in the Bribie Region?

My husband and I owned a Pharmacy on Bribie for several years and there was nothing better than the view. People travel to beaches around the world when we have some of the best on our door step. The reserve at White Patch is as wonderful as any Marine Park in Australia and the arts and crafts are spectacular, must be the sea air. There has always been a sense of community with Bribie, something that should be cherished. What is your favourite food and how much does this influence your cooking at home?

I love most things Asian (with the exception of the raw fish) so I prepare a lot of curries. My days are very full so having travelled a lot I love one pot wonders. Curries are always so full of flavour but I do love Thai as well. We will choose this option first if dining out.


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If you were to invite any two people to your place for diner – who would they be?

Is this a trick question? I always answer Hugh Jackman and Colin Fassnidge the chefto cook for me and Hugh Jackman. I have patience, I can wait! Damian Brown is a Freelance Writer based in Southeast Queensland Contact Damian at M: 0497424193 `

If you have a special local person or business you think we should feature in Close Encounters or Q&A

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754 Bestmann Road, Ningi (next to 7 Eleven Service Station) Scan this QR Code to get More Value Meals! or go

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Australia Day 2019


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EVERY SATURDAY JANUARY & FEBRUARY WITNESSING/JP SERVICE, 9am - 9.30am Outside IGA, Beachmere Village Shopping Centre, Cnr Beachmere & James Rds. info@ EVERY SATURDAY JANUARY & FEBRUARY BINGO, eyes down 1pm, Beachmere Community Hall, 5 Progress Ave. Contact Gwen 0448 238 056. EVERY MONDAY JANUARY & FEBRUARY MAH JONG, 9am-12pm Beachmere Community Hall, 5 Progress Ave. Contact Gwen 0448 238 056. EVERY TUESDAY JANUARY & FEBRUARY BEACHMERE ASSIST – NEW VENUE, 9am11am The Shed, Community Hall, 5 Progress Ave, Beachmere FREE weekly drop in! All Welcome: Contact Dave 0475 571 902 or email EVERY WEDNESDAY JANUARY & FEBRUARY TENNIS – SOCIAL DOUBLES 8am – 11am, Beachmere Tennis Club, Roger Street Sporting Complex, Beachmere. All levels of abilities welcome. Tea & Coffee provided. Cost is $4. Contact to confirm play 0405 241 698 or 0439 287 414. EVERY WEDNESDAY JANUARY& FEBRUARY CARDS 9am – noon, Beachmere Community Hall, 5 Progress Ave, Contact Gwen 0448 238 056 EVERY WEDNESDAY JANUARY & FEBRUARY SOUL & LINE DANCING, 6-7pm Beachmere Community Hall, 5 Progress Ave. Contact Gwen 0448 238 056. EVERY FRIDAY JANUARY & FEBRUARY BEACHMERE SLIMMERS SUPPORT GROUP, 9am Beachmere Activity Centre, 25 Biggs Ave. We are a small friendly support group meeting weekly. Joining Fee $15, Weekly Fee $4, Nutritionally sound program devised by local dietitian Cathie Lowe. For info


contact Judy 0401 153 633 OR Find us on Facebook THURSDAY, 17 JANUARY BEACHMERE NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH, 9am at Beachmere Activity Centre, 25 Biggs Ave (3rd Thur each month) FRIDAY, 18 JANUARY U3A BEACHMERE SIGN ON DAY, Sign on for Term One Classes at the Beachmere Community Hall, 5 Progress Ave from 11am till 2pm. Call 0456 685 736 or or visit u3a for program details. ALL MEMBERSHIP NUMBERS/BADGES TO BE WORN – Join us for a sausage sizzle to launch U3A Beachmere 2019. WEDNESDAY, 23 JANUARY CRAFT GROUP, 1.30pm, Beachmere Uniting Church, Cnr Moreton Tce & Second Ave. Bring your craftwork & gold coin donation. Enjoy a cuppa and chat and make new friends while you work. Everyone welcome. Enquiries. Rev Michele 0417 067 992 (2nd & 4th Wed each month). FRIDAY, 1 FEBRUARY LADIES, LET’S DO LUNCH, Noon, Beachmere Hotel, James Road, STARTING BACK FOR 2019 – Join us and come along and meet some ladies who live, work and play in Beachmere. ALL WELCOME. New lunch menu on offer with $10 Meals. Drinks at your own expense – cocktails are fun. Please RSVP to Christine 0413 73 95 73 ladieslunch@bang. EVERY FRIDAY FEBRUARY BEACHMERE SCOUTS – JOEYS - STARTING 1 FEB - NEW VENUE & NEW AGE BRACKET (ages 5-8 years, boys & girls) 6pm-7pm at Beachmere Community Hall, 5 Progress Avenue, Beachmere, contact for more information. EVERY FRIDAY FEBRUARY BEACHMERE SCOUTS - CUBS, STARTING 1 FEB - NEW VENUE & NEW AGE BRACKET (ages 8-11.5 years, boys & girls) 5.50pm - 6pm-7.30pm, Beachmere Community Hall, 5 Progress Avenue, Beachmere, contact beachmerescouts@gmail. com for more information.

EVERY MONDAY FEBRUARY BEACHMERE SCOUTS – STARTING 4 FEB - NEW DAY – NEW VENUE & NEW AGE BRACKET (ages 11.5– 15 years, boys & girls) 6pm - 8pm, Beachmere Community Hall, 5 Progress Avenue, Beachmere, contact beachmerescouts@ for more information. TUESDAY, 12 FEBRUARY BEACHMERE MEN’S SHED, 9am, Beachmere Activity Centre, 25 Biggs Ave, Contact Secretary 0490 871 225 (2nd Tue each month). WEDNESDAY, 13 FEBRUARY CRAFT GROUP, 1.30pm, Beachmere Uniting Church, Cnr Moreton Tce & Second Ave. Bring your craftwork & gold coin donation. Enjoy a cuppa and chat and make new friends while you work. Everyone welcome. Enquiries. Rev Michele 0417 067 992 (2nd & 4th Wed each month). THURSDAY, 21 FEBRUARY BEACHMERE NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH, 9am at Beachmere Activity Centre, 25 Biggs Ave (3rd Thur each month) TUESDAY, 19 FEBRUARY BEACHMERE LIONESS MEETING, from 9am Beachmere Activity Centre, 25 Biggs Ave, All Welcome (3rd Tue each month) TUESDAY, 19 FEBRUARY BANG - BEACHMERE AREA NETWORK GROUP – GENERAL MEETING, 6pm-7pm, Beachmere Activity Centre, 25 Biggs Ave. Find out what BANG has planned for 2019. All welcome. info@ or 0456 818 017 (3rd Tue each month) WEDNESDAY, 20 FEBRUARY BEACHMERE LIONS MEETING, 6.30pm-7pm, Beachmere Activity Centre, 25 Biggs Ave. Please phone 0417 781 562 to attend. (3rd Wed each month) WEDNESDAY, 27 FEBRUARY CRAFT GROUP, 1.30pm, Beachmere Uniting Church, Cnr Moreton Tce & Second Ave. Bring your craftwork & gold coin donation. Enjoy a cuppa and chat and make new friends while you work. Everyone welcome. Enquiries. Rev Michele 0417 067 992 (2nd & 4th Wed each month) 2019 - Issue 33


Beachmere Assist has been operating for over twelve months and in January 2019 it finds a new home at the Beachmere Community Hall in Progress Avenue.

"It's an opportunity to get out of the house, make some new friends or catch up with some old ones," Beachmere Assist Co-ordinator Dave Woodhead said.

"Every Tuesday between 9am and 11am, locals can find a cuppa and a chat. With our new, larger location in "the shed" at the Community Hall we can encourage even more locals to come along. It's great to see everyone having a chat." Beachmere Area Network Group has been co-ordinating and promoting Beachmere Assist since it commenced in December 2017 and it is hoped that the group will continue to provide an opportunity to combat isolation and loneliness in the community in the future.

Volunteers are always welcome and can contact BANG on 0456 818 017 or at au.

Beachmere Ladies Ready for 2019 Ladies, Let's Do Lunch has been bringing Beachmere ladies together for nearly three years and will continue all the fun and festivity in 2019. Organiser, Christine Dillon, said on the first Friday each month Beachmere ladies are invited to lunch at the Beachmere Hotel from noon. "It's a casual hour, or two, where local ladies can get together, have some lunch and meet other ladies. It's a great way for new ladies to Beachmere to find their feet in the community."

"At these lunches the ladies catch up on the latest happenings and find out about any upcoming events and activities around Beachmere, " Christine said.

"It's another great way to keep your finger on the pulse of everything happening in Beachmere."

Ladies can RSVP by texting Christine on 0413 739 573 or by email on .


How many will be found out? How long will the determination last? Well, I don’t know about you, but I was having trouble within 72 hours of declaring that I would try to be better at driving on our roads. I mean control the urges to smash the vehicle in front of me to small pieces just because it is maintaining a healthy 60 kph in a 100 kph zone on a single lane road for as long as the fixed faced, inconsiderate drongo felt like it!! See…it is happening already. In other words, I determined to kick ‘ road frustration ‘ into touch. I have never been one for ‘ road rage ‘ per se…that does not work. It is a foolish, immature expression of uncontrolled anger, which usually ends up in an Emergency Room or a Police Station. This year is the year of a Federal Election in Australia, and, current polling suggests that a change of Government is in the wind. And that will mean that the country will change; Paul Keating was quite right when he noted that “ you change the Government, you change the country.” In politics, change can be refreshing and renewing; change can also be the result of electorate frustration and voters, rather than voting for a change of government, expend their frustration by voting the ‘ current mob ‘ out! Nothing is guaranteed in politics, and, it would be foolish to accept as inevitable a change of Government. In the social media dominated world of today, expectations generated by wild commentary across the social media spectrum raise expectations of the electorate to unrealistic levels. Cranky Lizard has spoken to people, in some of our large cities, who ‘ know ‘ that the current Government could change their lives overnight if it wanted to! Just not possible, or logical. I mean if a Government could make everyone’s life better overnight it would! Wouldn’t you? Of course, you would. This year, 2019, has us all living in a much-troubled world. We humans are not in a happy place. The United Kingdom is snarling and snapping over the idea of Brexit, even though a majority of the Kingdom’s citizens voted in a general referendum to leave the European Community, it seems as if the wish of the majority is challenged by various, vested interest collectives who are determined to thwart the wishes of the majority of the citizens. The United States of America is sadly tearing itself to pieces at a government level over frustrated ambitions in a Presidential election – I have heard it said that if Donald Trump announced that oxygen is right for you – 20 million Democrats would stop breathing! Maybe? Many citizens of the beautiful nation of France, those of the ‘ yellow vest ‘, are trashing their national monuments and resorting to mindless rage and violence over taxes, climate change impositions and unfulfilled expectations from a young President, who came from nowhere and was expected to fix everything right there

Cranky Lizard Speaks

in the Year 2019…..The Chinese Year of the Pig and New Year Resolutions?

and then. He can’t do this – no one can. North Africans, mainly Muslims, are fleeing their home countries in their tens of thousands – these wretched people head for the bright lights of Europe in the hope of a better life for the most part – but there are some sinister aspects to this mass migration – Muslim leaders in North Africa, have stated, more than once, that “ our best weapon to overcome the West is not a bomb but the womb.” Make of that what you will. What is obvious, to even the most casual observer, is that the bright lights of Europe are slowly but surely dimming. The fog of socialism, human rights activism, concerted political and social attacks upon Christianity, some of it deserved, plus an unrealistic sense of entitlement, is enveloping the luminous glow of the Rennaisance promise which is Europe’s legacy to the free world. The endless and mindless conflicts of the Middle East just keep rolling along – religion, imposed colonial boundaries, a schism within Islam, personal and tribal hatreds, inane squabbling over who owns which donkey and the self-serving meddling of the superpowers, Russia, the USA, France and others, ensure that this part of our Earth resembles a bloody awful place to be at any time. Then there is the smiling face of the

dragon – Xi Jing Ping – probably the most powerful man on the face of the Earth. Is he our friend? He says he is, but…? As we travel along our troubled paths, it is natural for humans to seek leadership and strength from our communities and our institutions. The very troubling aspect of this is that such leadership seems to be


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wanting. Cranky Lizard cannot identify, anywhere in our shaky democracies, a calm and gifted leader. Queen Elizabeth provides a supreme example of clear thinking and rationality, but she, by the nature of her circumstances cannot take political leadership. Neither can the Pope or the Arch-Bishop of Canterbury, these traditional leadership models are not failing – they are having their relevance seriously questioned. By casting our eyes about this troubled world, we can see, very clearly, how lucky our country Australia is. Cranky Lizard does not believe in luck as a means of achievement – we have built this nation into what it is through intelligent, hard work. Through sacrifice and application. Through a determination brought about by our challenging climate which forces us to work together, accept the differences and do the best we can with what we have. This works. Australia has a sound economy and a sensible set of national values, which, at times are tried by the personal impedimentia of squalid political brawls – but it was ever thus and we can and do manage our National life pretty well. Cranky Lizard predicts that we, as a nation, will be tested this year by foreign influences, terrorism, economic pressures from within and without and the general national upheaval of a Federal Election. We shall overcome all this. We may not overcome the turbulent times facing our National Cricket Team; for Cranky Lizard this an anxious time for a cricket tragic. The Chinese Year of the Pig heralds goodwill and generosity, and Cranky Lizard has learnt, through many years experience of life in South East Asia – that Chinese astrology and its application to every day is not a matter to be taken lightly.


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Australia Day 2019

Regular Comment

2019 - Issue 33



Australia Day 2019

1988 Cabinet documents reveal the post Joh era reform

Minister for Digital Technology Mick de Brenni has lifted the lid on the 1988 Queensland Cabinet Minutes, revealing a huge year of change in Queensland's political landscape, amidst a state that was crying out for a stable government. The 1988 Cabinet Minutes show Premier Mike Ahern took over in difficult circumstances with the Fitzgerald Inquiry in full swing, leading a Government that was no longer trusted. “Queenslanders have always demanded and deserved good, decent, stable government and it was no different in 1988," Mr de Brenni said. “The release of the 1988 Cabinet papers reveal an attempt by the Ahern Government to respond to that demand and establish the year as a year of change. "The Ahern Government took a significant number of decisions in 1988 - 2,524 decisions in fact, implementing transparency models in-order to rebuild trust with Queenslanders. “Thirty years on and trust is now a bedrock of modern day Queensland politics under today's Premier,” said Mr de Brenni. “The minutes point to the legacy of Ahern that remains in place today. Reforms included much needed police reforms, new ministerial accountabilities, a greenhouse gas policy and World Expo. “Queenslanders wanted change and with two years before the next election, Mr Ahern introduced a number of political committees which remain in place three decades later,” Mr de Brenni said. “These include the Public Accounts Committee and the Public Works Committee (now merged) and the Public Service Act.” Mr de Brenni said although the Fitzgerald Inquiry was still sitting, it was obvious Queensland’s Police Service needed critical change. “Mr Ahern committed to implementing the Fitzgerald Inquiry’s recommendations ‘lock, stock and barrel’ before they had been released,” he said. “The Cabinet Minutes highlight deliberations around disgraced former Police Commissioner Terry Lewis, who was placed in administrative limbo and prevented from retiring, receiving his superannuation or obtaining another job until the Fitzgerald inquiry delivered its findings. “Mr Ahern also relocated the Police Complaints Tribunal from the Police Department to the Justice department, so the police service couldn’t investigate itself." The cabinet papers also show much discussion over the future of the South Bank precinct following the successful World Expo, which ran from April to October and attracted millions of national and international visitors to Brisbane. Mr de Brenni said that following the success of Expo, the Government wanted South Bank to provide a lasting legacy to the people of Queensland. “With no public consultation, they set about creating a potential World Trade Centre in Expo’s place. “The proposal was met with a huge backlash from Queenslanders, who by now had fallen in love with the iconic South Bank buildings" Eventually the Ahern Government created the South Bank Development Corporation who turned the parklands into an event destination. “South Bank remains one of the Ahern Government’s most lasting achievements, with an estimated 11 million people visiting each year. “The Cabinet Minutes show Mr Ahern recognised the need for social progress, particularly in relation to women and the threat of HIV/AIDS but he was much less progressive on environmental and Indigenous issues.” The 1988 Cabinet Minutes is now available to the public at Queensland State Archives at Runcorn and on the State Archives website it has been available since January 1 2019.

Community 2019 - Issue 33

Bribie Gardens Waterway taken for a ride

By Noel Wendt

Many in our community would not know that Bribie Gardens Waterway is not a canal but a gazetted public lake and reserve which has been placed in the hands of local council, now Moreton Bay Regional Council to manage. All maintenance of this public lake, which serves as a drainage system for most of Bongaree plus inflows from the National park via Cotterill and Protea Drive, must be carried out by MBRC. In fact, many would not be aware that MBRC, in a cost recovery exercise still call it a canal and levy all waterfront property owners. Bribie Gardens Waterway property owners pay over $600 a year in addition to our higher rates specifically to cover 90% of the maintenance cost, both operational and capital for this waterway.

not interested in giving ratepayers on Bribie a fair go.

As the Bribie Gardens Waterway is a public lake and reserve, since MBRC are unable or unwilling to manage it properly, it should go back to the State government to manage and maintain. The Local News asked Brooke Savige for a response to these concerns and she has come back to us with the following. Council officers meet regularly with residents to discuss canal maintenance and have already been to inspect the detached fender.

Repairs will start next week.

The detached fender is not impeding access to the safety ladders in the lock and does not present any significant safety risk. Residents were consulted last year on the need for major works to be undertaken at the canal lock and it was agreed that works should be held off until after the summer peak boating season. Hence, these major works are now scheduled to take place in March 2019 and will proceed as planned.

The additional canal levy has been in place since 2012, and while some dredging works and rock armour has been undertaken in recent times, no significant maintenance has been done on the lock or weir, which is the essential infrastructure that allows this waterway to operate. With Council being funded over $200,000 a year from the Levy, as a resident you would expect them to be maintaining the waterway and its facilities to a high standard and keeping the waterway clear of debris. Unfortunately that is not the case. We continue to be disappointed as Council only does the bare minimum with lock maintenance; in most cases only in response to residents’ requests for attention. We waited months for repair of the lock public fencing that was damaged by vandals and we had to pay for this from funds collected by the levy.

Photo by Noel Wendt - internal lock wall with swipe card, shows hazard of missing fender as well as loose fender blocking access to swipe card, safety hazard

The Maintenance plan for the Lock and Weir was established in April 2016 with major works and shutdown to be completed by end of 2017. This still has not been done and two scheduled periods for the works have been postponed with latest plan now being March 2019. In the meantime, the lock condition has deteriorated badly and is now a disgrace with rotting timbers, missing fenders, or unsecured and dangerous fenders such as the one that is blocking the access ladder used to access the swipe card at low tide, as the lower swipe card mechanism has been missing for some time. After over 18 months, we are still waiting for a safer wireless system. Small trees are growing on the lock breaking concrete capping. Please refer to photos.

Photo by Noel Wendt – Closer look of the internal lock wall with swipe card, shows hazard of missing fender as well as loose fender blocking access to swipe card, safety hazard

There does not appear to be any regular Council inspection and maintenance of the facility. The boat which cruises the waterway fortnightly looking for floating debris does not use or check the lock. The property owners of the Bribie Gardens Waterway are sick of being taken for granted, feeling the MBRC is only good for collecting revenue and not delivering the service they are required to give to this public lake and reserve. We have had enough. Bring on the Council elections so we can get rid of this lot who are not performing and are

Photo by Noel Wendt - boat coming out of lock, identifies the lock to residents


Australia Day 2019

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2019 - Issue 33



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Australia Day 2019

Regular Businesses Page 2019 - Issue 33

Talking Business Michelle Hanton


Day Goals

January marks the start of a new year and being halfway through the financial year. This is a great time to spend time reviewing and setting your intentions for the next 6 to 12 months. Not resolutions, but intentions. When you set an intention it’s all about working towards that intention.

Working with 100-day goal blocks is great for the simple reason that they are so tangible and…achievable! 100 days is just a little over 3 months. It is much easier to measure your progress as there is a finite timeline.

Why 100-day blocks work

The reason is simply this…it’s not too far into the future. You do not have the luxury of taking your eye off the ball.

The focus has to be on pushing forward each day. You can actually map out and see your progress – or if you slack off, you’ll have to rush to catch up. Procrastinating is not an option. 100 days may sound like a good amount of time, but the reality is that it goes whizzing past! It is also far more tangible than setting 6 or 12-month goals because you have no wriggle room.

Discipline is the secret

Think about it, it’s really easy to waste a few hours here and there. For example, spending too much time on social media, allowing routines to be interrupted without a valid reason, neglecting to switch your email to offline mode, and so the list goes on. With 100-day goals, you are on a countdown timer. There is a finite amount of time and you have a set goal ahead of you. No excuses. No time to go down rabbit holes – and yes, there are a zillion rabbit holes waiting for us to fall down. There is no time for saying could have, would have, should have. You just need to get the show on the road. Everything needs to be measurable, achievable and progressive.

Daily Habits

One of the worst habits many of us have is timewasting, blaming and procrastinating. To achieve goals these habits need to be shut down, or at the very least reduced. Good daily habits need to be adopted. Actionable steps need to become a part of your daily routine. Breaking your day into time blocks works wonders.

Time Blocks

Choosing your time blocks will depend on what you want to achieve and the nature of your business. The key blocks and the ones I personally use are:

1 Me Time - Time dedicated just to you. It’s at the top of this list because it’svital that you have time to recharge your batteries and do what feels good for you. You need this each and every day. 2 Business development time Spending time daily on development is way of ‘feeding your funnel’ and ensuring you have ongoing connections. Don’t just focus on this aspect when times are tough and you’re searching for new business. Maintaining and developing relationships is essential to your ongoing business success. 3 Work time - Getting your core business done. This is about working IN the business. It looks different for everyone. Some may have regular office hours, others may have flexibility. But whatever the case, your work time needs to be blocked out and you need to be sticking to a schedule. This can be particularly hard if you work from home. 4 Family Time. It is absolutely essential to be slotting in family time. What your personal blocks look like will very much depend on your circumstances. It’s not easy Yes, it can be a struggle to get the time blocks happening. I’ve been there. As a result of my personal experience I also know that unless you get this happening, you will continue to struggle to achieve

Calling all Businesses – Large and Small – Private and Government their vocation within the club and exemplifying the ideals of Rotary within the workplace. In fact, Rotary's motto is "Service above Self".

Bribie Rotary hold an annual Pride of Workmanship Dinner, which is our club's flagship event and comes under our Vocational Service Directorship. This program enables managers in our community to help employees achieve the goal of job satisfaction, and publicly recognise them for their efforts. It is a very popular event and attracts nominations from numerous professions and businesses. It is not confined to white or blue collar workers – but all workers in our society. Recipients of the 2018 Pride of Workmanship awards with Rotarians Bernie Wilson, George Grant & Jeff Eustace

Life's Work - A Call to Service ? Anne Matthews PR Director Bribie Rotary

When I first joined Rotary, four years ago, I was bewildered by the many acronyms, causes, and projects within the organisation. I was raised as a Catholic and therefore to me a “vocation” meant joining a religious order. So I was confused when I found that "January is Vocational Service Month" in Rotary and didn't understand why Rotarians kept talking about vocational visits and outings. The word “vocation” comes from the Latin word “vocātiō” and means a call or a summons. A vocation is an occupation to which a person is drawn or for which they are suited, trained,

or qualified. The meaning of the word did originate in Christianity, but today Vocation is now often used in nonreligious contexts. Vocational Service is one of Rotary’s Avenues of Service and calls every Rotarian to:

• aspire to high ethical standards in their occupation; • recognise the worthiness of all useful occupations; • contribute their vocational talents to the problems and needs of society.

When professionals join a Rotary club, they do so as a representative of their classification – their particular business or profession. Rotarians have the dual responsibility of representing

If you would like to nominate someone for our 2019 Pride of Workmanship Awards, which will be presented in May, please contact me via email annematthews49@icloud. com. Remember, the awards are not restricted to any one specific work environment or profession, but include all. For example, front and back office, desk and counter jobs, cleaners and labourers, from government to private, waitress to electrician. This is your opportunity to nominate someone who deserves recognition for their hard work and dedication.

your goals. This is where having someone on your side who can keep you accountable is invaluable.

Keeping on track

Now here’s the thing – the 100-day goal method works for everyone. By being disciplined you will have no problem keeping on track. But, if you are finding it’s a struggle you are not alone. Talking to a supportive manager, finding a business coach, or being part of an accountability circle are some of the best ways for developing the key skills to move you along the path to keeping yourself and your business on track. If you’d like to be part of an accountability group get in touch for more details and make 2019 the year you take control. Keen to learn more? Get in touch for more details and make 2019 the year you take control. Until next issue….

Michelle Hanton 0418 898082 Michelle Hanton OAM is a multi-award winning international business strategist, the founder of Dragons Abreast Australia and former CEO of Lifeline Top End. Her business, Dragon Sisters, specialises in actionable, momentum building support to help move businesses to the next level.

Michael Hart MP Said Labor incompetence hurts elderly Queenslanders

The Palaszczuk Labor Government’s incompetence has left elderly Queenslanders in limbo after a loophole was exposed in aged care legislation. LNP Shadow Housing Minister Michael Hart said the loophole meant retirement care providers did not have to comply with new rules regarding the payment of exit entitlements within 18 months if the units were freehold. “These were Labor’s laws and their incompetence meant thousands of elderly Queenslanders would pay the price,” Mr Hart said. “These exit entitlements are often used by the elderly or their families to cover the next stage of care in their lives, which is crucial. “This mess is a direct result of the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s incompetence. “Instead of blaming retirement care providers for not alerting them to the issue, the loophole should not have been in the legislation in the first place. “Blaming industry operators for the problem shows how out of touch the Palaszczuk Labor Government is. “Labor failed spectacularly in their due diligence and introduced dodgy legislation. “Annastacia Palaszczuk got this legislation wrong and it needs to be fixed to ensure no elderly Queenslanders are worse off. “Labor has a long history of getting legislation wrong and they still haven’t closed a loophole in the Blue Card system, which allows people to start working with children without a Blue Card.” Mr Hart said the LNP supported action to eliminate financial abuse of elderly Queenslanders.


Australia Day 2019 11

Support your Local Businesses

2019 - Issue 33


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Australia Day 2019

Community 2019 - Issue 33

Illicit Pill Testing …to do or not to do…a hydra monster lurks!

By Staff Writer: Harvey Fewings.

[I acknowledge the well-researched and thoughtful article printed in the Australian on 05 January 2019 by Rick Morton and Jessica Cortis ; I have drawn on material from this article, not directly, but paraphrased. I acknowledge their professionalism.]

At first glance, it appears to be a massive political conundrum. Recreational drugs, such as those we are discussing are illegal – to have them in your possession, to supply them and to consume them. Therefore if you bring them to a Government sponsored testing station are you not breaking the law? Is the existence of testing stations like these a tacit approval, by Government, of illegal drug possession? Is the Government not defying its own laws?

required to sign a waiver which releases the drug testing body from any liability attached to the consumption of the drug in question. The next step in the process and I have simplified it somewhat, is that the substance is run through a spectrometer, amongst other things and the person is advised of the content, and the dangers of consuming illicit drugs. Evidence from the trial in Canberra indicates that most of the young people, who brought drugs to be tested, disposed of them when told of the contents. Some of the materials found in drugs tested were; plasticisers, fillers, cosmetics, pesticides, dyes, paints, coats, lubricants and pharmaceuticals! Please note that and show this information to young people. It may be of some interest to them.

Well, Yes. Technically yes.

And, it was this apparent contradiction that led me to look at this thing a little more critically.

There is, on the table, in New South Wales, a proposal that at sizeable public music events/ festivals, the NSW Government should sponsor “ illicit drug testing centres “ whose task would be to test presented pills, from the public, to determine whether they are safe to take or not.

The proposal has not, as yet, received the current Government’s approval, but the Premier of New South Wales has stated that if evidence was established that this process would increase public safety – then she would consider the idea. The proposal is the direct result of yet another drug-related overdose death at a music festival in Sydney. Various medical bodies, community support organisations and some charities have requested the establishment of these testing stations in an attempt to save lives.

So, the question is – what do these pill testing places really do? The answer can be found in Canberra, gulp, and yes Canberra. Last year, before the Groovin the Moo Music Festival commenced, a drug testing centre was established. A young man brought a sample of what he thought was “ Ice “ to the place to be tested. The test showed that he had been sold a substance associated with mass casualties and death in New Zealand.

The substance contained a pure level of N-ethylpentylone – a member of the bath salts family. This is clear evidence of the crap that is sold as drugs and taken by very foolish people – this substance is poison. The young man was advised of the substance contained in his drug and what it would do to him ; he threw it in the bin.

When a person brings a substance to a drug testing centre for analysis they are first advised that all drugs are dangerous and that they should not be consumed for any reason at any time. They are also

Once advised of the contents of their drug, the people who brought the drugs are free to leave. Most abandon the drug; some don’t. If they take it, they suffer the consequences, and there is no liability attached.

The public conversation about drug testing centres is increasingly led by millennials, and there are plenty of them. There are now seven million Australians aged between 15 and 35 and just 5.6 million aged between 50 and 70.

Young people know that drugs are consumed on a regular basis. They see it is a fact of life, a fait accompli.

The logic, therefore, is that, if it is happening and it is, better to acknowledge it and provide some safety measures than just ignore it! And, there is some sense to that.

For me, I have some doubts about the ‘ down the road ‘ issues. For example, why do we test drugs at music festivals and nowhere else? If the danger exists, and it clearly does, then logic demands that the testing process not be quarantined to music festivals – it should be universally available. Perhaps similar to the needle rooms in the Kings Cross in Sydney. Another example, if the user is advised that their substance contains dangerous or poisonous substances but leaves and takes it anyway; should they not be

responsible for the costs to the public health system and the taxpayer?

I believe that in the second case the element of personal responsibility applies; Yes they should pay for their indulgence. Yes, they should. What if they can’t or won't? Well I hold the view that if, having been advised that the substance you are about to take is dangerous or poisonous, you should be advised, and sign a waiver acknowledging the same, that you will be charged with any public health and ambulance costs incurred by you after ingesting this dangerous material.

A new device for Queenslanders in a medical emergency

It is within the resources of any sensible Government to pursue these costs. Is this a matter of public safety? Probably so.

Should the community pick up the cost of drug testing centres on a universal basis; because to only have them at music festivals is nonsense. Probably not. Community centres and charities, with assistance from the Government, should be able to cope with that business.

This is a contentious issue. It requires some clear thinking about the application of existing laws and the manner in which we view the well-being of young people. And then there is the fundamentally important issue regarding our Police Forces. They are charged with upholding the laws enacted in our Parliaments. They are superb at what they do – how do we say to them that drug laws are OK, but not at Music Festivals ? This logic does not diminish the Police – it diminishes us, because it is our Parliament, it belongs to us, not those that occupy the seats – they do so because we put them there, please remember that.

It is not, I repeat, it is not patronising, for the current generation of Australians who are the lawmakers to be concerned about the welfare of our young people. That is a natural part of the human development process. Millennials will soon be, some probably already are, parents. You can be as sure as guns are iron, that they will want their children to come home, undamaged, just as we have done. On that pleasant note, I shall leave you to think about this matter, it is not resolved here, and my views are not universally accepted, but, we cannot escape it.

It is on our back, and we must deal with it.

[ An astute observer will note that I mention Police Forces, that dates me somewhat – I was a member of the South Australian Police Force in the early 1960’s… Eh Bien ! ]

A new device will give paramedics greater access to a patient’s vital medical information in an emergency.

Minister for Ambulance Services Steven Miles said the SafeMate program, launched today by Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS), SafeMate and Medibank, is a new digital system housing a patient’s medical and personal information that they themselves have entered online.

“This is crucial information that a patient wants the paramedic to know in a medical emergency,” Minister Miles said. “Paramedics will use their operational iPads to tap the patient’s SafeMate card or device, and the medical information will appear on the screen.

"It eliminates the time it would normally take a paramedic to ask the patient a range of questions in order to obtain their medical history and other pertinent details.” Assistant Commissioner John Hammond said every second counts during a medical emergency.

“Having that information at our fingertips, particularly details on allergies and medical history, is crucial for our staff,” Assistant Commissioner Hammond said.

“Accurate and reliable information will enable paramedics to identify the best course of treatment earlier, which will go a long way towards improving patient outcomes.”

Medibank has partnered with SafeMate to pilot the system with customers living with chronic illness in Queensland as part of its chronic disease program, CareComplete. Medibank Chief Strategy Officer Marc Miller said the health services company is using the innovative technology to help customers when they need it most.

“Every second counts when you’re in a medical emergency and SafeMate will help ambulance personnel give our customers the right care from the start,” said Mr Miller.

Chairman of SafeMate Australia John Azarias said SafeMate’s innovative digital system was designed by, with and for paramedics. “It is intended to help reduce paramedic and patient stress, time-consuming hospital visits, and costs in the health system, as well as improving patient outcomes and ambulance efficiencies,” Mr Azarias said.


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2019 - Issue 33

● All Health Assessments

We welcome ALL new patients to our family practice. Please call our friendly reception staff to make an appointment.

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READY TO TACKLE 2019 A big thank you to everyone who has so generously supported Hairdressers with Hearts in 2018, your support has really made a difference. In particular, we’d to thank Keith Wilkins from Knoble and Davis for his continued support and donations. We are excited to share the news that enquiries have come from as far afield as Tasmania wanting to get on-board with our training program for hairdressers that aims to directly impact the endemic issue of domestic violence and elder abuse. On the calendar for 2019 is a brochure that explains what we do, a commemorative event to be held here on Bribie Island designed to shine the spotlight on the importance of standing together and personalising the domestic violence statistics plus an inaugural fundraising dinner in the final quarter of the year. We’re also focussing on growing our membership base and committed to taking our training to regional Queensland to help rural hairdressers gain the skills needed to help them provide the right advice and right support to their clients at the right time. To join us as a member please visit our Facebook page for fuller details. Individual membership - $25 and if you are a pensioner/concession card holder it is just $10. Members receive a bi-annual newsletter and advance notification of our events which means never missing out on tickets. Affiliate membership - $250 for hairdressers and barbers. Members receive the Hairdressers with Hearts resource pack for their salon, and 2 places at our “Say No More” training to DV and Elder Abuse training, plus the benefits associated with individual membership. To join us as a member please visit our Facebook page for fuller details.


Shop 15/25 Sunderland Drive, Banksia Beach. Qld 4507

Seek Social and Cognitive Activity To Help Dementia The incidence of dementia is on the increase. However, within society generally, we do not fully appreciate the impact of dementia on carers and families. People with dementia and their loved ones can and do, feel misunderstood, marginalized and isolated. This can mean that people with dementia and their families find it very difficult to live in their own homes or continue to be active participants in the community.

As Service Manager of Bribie Respite & Support Services I meet people every day who are struggling. I see how family relationships become more stressful when one partner has dementia - or another form of health decline - and how those with declining health can feel a burden to their family. The partner with fewer health issues often also goes into decline through stress and attempting to cope without support. At Bribie Respite & Support Services we try to support families and give them the breaks they need with our daily respite services.

We research the activities we run to stretch people with physical or memory decline. They are designed to be challenging but at a level that allows people to participate and feel satisfied with their efforts. The combination of challenge and fun is a boost for morale.

One of our missions is to educate the Bribie Island community about the importance of social and cognitive activity in ageing so that everyone is able to live independently for longer and get more out of life.

The Dementia Friendly Community group is reaching out to local social groups and businesses who could assist us in our endeavor to make Bribie Island and Surrounds a comfortable, welcoming environment for those people diagnosed with dementia and their families. Our group aims to assist the local social community group members and business owners and their staff to: 1. Learn about dementia

2. Become confidant when spending time with someone with dementia 3. To feel comfortable talking about dementia

4. Be able and equipped to support people with dementia that they come in contact with through social groups or business dealings. 5. Be identified as a group or business who is dementia friendly

If you would like to find out more about the Dementia Friendly Community Group now or in the New Year or if you have questions about dementia or about caring for a relative with dementia please contact us on 07 3408 2112.

Wishing you all a peaceful holiday period with your families, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Joanne Allison-Schouw

Services Manager, Bribie Respite & Support Services

Offering specialised day respite for people with dementia. For 30 years we’ve been providing dementia care support through diversional therapy-based activities, including group games, craft and conversation. We know that the engaging activities we run and the social support we offer protect against cognitive decline, leaving people happier and more fulfilled. Our trusted service also provides important rest and relaxation to carers who may need a break.


Please give us a call on 07 3408 2112 or visit if you or your loved one are looking for dementia care support. 96 -108 Arcadia Ave, Woorim, Bribie Island QLD e.



Australia Day 2019

Health and Wellbeing 2019 - Issue 33

By Cathy McGillvray



Andrew McGilliv ray

START CHANGING YOUR LIFE ON THE 21ST OF JANUARY 2018! Lock In Your Resolutions Guarantee Your Results in 2019 See Real Results By Easter! 12 Weeks To A Fitter and Healthier You Achieve The Most Body Weight % Lost And Win First Prize worth $1227

Enter the 12 week challenge and receive: 1 x 45 minute Personal Training Session weekly 1 x 1 hour circuit class weekly Before & after photos, weighins, measurements, fitness tests Full nutrition program – yes, real food no gimmicks! Cardio program because life is about total fitness SPOTS ARE LIMITED! Yes! We already have 5 participants!

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Happy 2019 everyone, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are now enjoying the Hot Cross Buns that have already gone on sale! Yes folks it’s only 14 Sundays until Easter, and you better get in quick before the supermarkets run out…. Yeah right.

Having a break over Christmas gave me time to ride over 1500kms, lie on the beach often and spent one whole hour surfing the web. I decided one night to scroll through all the new and amazing “health and fitness” stuff lurking out there in cyberland, and I have discovered that some people will buy anything if they think that it will make them lose fat without having to get out of their lounge chair. I was amazed to find there are magical pads that you stick to the bottom of your feet and, defying all known science on bodily functions, make your body discard fat while you sit and do nothing! These sticky pads (that look uncomfortably similar to female personal hygiene products) are just one of a mountain of weight loss gizmos that instantly remove weight from your wallet and at the same time promise to maybe remove fat from your body.

There are earrings that have a “world renown” magnetic ability to enhance fat removal, and I have to admit that if I had earlobes that weighed 10kgs I might be tempted with these, well until I saw sticky tummy “masks” that you slap on your belly and the fat melts from all over your body. I mean why just concentrate on your incredibly fat earlobes when

a tummy mask will “mask away” all your flab from every crevice. Or maybe you would prefer the toe rings that “tell your body” to expel fat continuously while disguised as a brass ring, but please don’t dwell on how this expelling of fat may occur.

Now what truly captured me was when I saw all the ridiculously incredible before and after transformation photos, after seeing those photo-shopped thighs reduced by 16 sizes, and 8 packs appearing from under a beer belly of gigantic proportions after only 2 weeks, I could hardly contain my credit card. I just wanted to order 3 years supply of earrings, footpads, toe rings and masks! After all if I used all of these at once surely I would lose 25kgs in 3 days while I lay in bed drinking wine and being fanned by Fabio.

Well the truth is that I was disgusted to think that these products were legally able to be sold. I find it sad that some people are so desperate to not have to put in any effort to change their lifestyle that they would be prepared to buy some sticky foot pads and sit and wait for the impossible to happen.

Surely in this day and age of information everyone realises that to lose body fat you must move more and eat well. And it is not just about weight loss. If you want to live longer, happier and be more independent you need to exercise. There are finally doctors out there who prescribe “fitness” as medicine, and so much

Senior Gentle Chair Cardio Exercises

Before You Start

You Should Be Exercising At A Level Where You Can Say Five Words Before Needed To Take A Breath. Use a stable high backed chair, please wear flat bottomed shoes or sandals with a back strap so they can’t flick off. If you feel uncomfortable or concerned about any of these movements do not do them or stop! Don't try these exercises alone if you concerned or are unsure of your ability to complete them. Make sure you have a stable friend or family member on hand when you begin to practice these exercises. Only ever move at a speed that feels comfortable for YOU. Start slowly with each exercise until you become used to exercises, remember that you are asking your body to do something new. You may be comfortable only performing one of the exercises and not be comfortable doing the others. That is ok! Everyone’s body reacts differently to different movements. Never do something that you are nervous about by yourself. If you are at all worried please have a helpful, stable person around to make you feel more confident and secure.

Let’s get started!

The exercises below are gentle cardio exercises which we do in Heartbeats classes. You Should Be Exercising At A Level Where You Can Say Five Words Before Needed To Take A Breath. Take each exercise slowly and carefully. Remember exercising does become easier if it is done regularly and small changes can make a big difference. Even practicing only one exercise a day will help improve your fitness. So use your chair, put on your flat bottomed secure shoes, ask a stable family member or friend to help if you want to and let's start.

Chair Cycling

Holding a cut piece of pool noodle or light short broom handle or piece of bamboo Sit in a stable chair with back support. Hold out your “handlebars” and keep them still while cycling Sit up straight and hold your tummy muscles tight Lift both feet off the floor and “cycle” for the count of 20 each foot, or as many as you comfortably can. If you find having both feet up uncomfortable then march instead of cycling. Rest and then perform one of the rowing or paddling exercises.

Chair Rowing

Holding a cut piece of pool noodle or light short broom handle or piece of bamboo Sit in a stable chair with back support. Have feet placed on the floor with toes in a straight line and feet slightly apart Hold the noodle out in front with your arms almost completely straight Bring the noodle back in and tuck under your chin “Row” in and our 20 times or as many as you feel comfortable doing. Rest then go back and repeat the cycling exercise.

Chair Kayaking

Holding a cut piece of pool noodle or light short broom handle or piece of bamboo Sit in a stable chair with back support. Have feet placed on the floor with toes in a straight line and feet slightly apart Hold the noodle like a kayak paddle with both hands in the centre “Paddle” on each side 15 times or as many as you feel comfortable doing. Rest then repeat the cycling exercise.

Chair Left or Right Canoeing

Holding a cut piece of pool noodle or light short broom handle or piece of bamboo Sit in a stable chair with back support. Have feet placed on the floor with toes in a straight line and feet slightly apart Hold the noodle on one side like a canoe paddle with one hand in the middle and one on top “Paddle” on one side 20 times or as many as you feel comfortable doing. Rest then repeat the cycling exercise. Come back and “Canoe” on the other side after you finish cycling


2019 - Issue 33

up Jennifer, are wearing magnetic earrings, sticky foot pads or toe rings – ohhh hang on, you have to take my word the pads and toes as they both have shoes on.

research now proves that by increasing your fitness you can reduce many medical issues and even improve results from chemotherapy, why would you even consider a tummy masks?

So here we are starting a New Year, is this your year to pack away your belly masks, unclip your magic magnitised earrings and flick off your toe rings and actually do something that will really change your life in a healthy and positive way.

Since seeing those photoshopped before and after photos, I decided that real photos are needed! So here are a couple of from the last 12 week challenge that finished in early December. These are the real results from our real clients, eating real food and increasing their exercise in a controlled and monitored way for 12 weeks. You will notice that neither the winner Chris, or the runner

Australia Day 2019 15

Health and Wellbeing

So if you really do want to change your lifestyle, increase your fitness, happiness, strength and confidence all before the Hot Cross Buns run out in Easter, you need to call me on 0408803037 and book in for a free chat before our Reinforcing Your Resolutions 12 week challenge starts on the 21st of January. It finishes one week before Easter on Sunday the 14th of April, just in time before the Christmas mince pies hit the shelves.

Your local family dentist

Join Our Family! Private Dental Cover? No g gap check N h k up, clean, l fluoride and x-rays for patients with available health fund rebates.


No Private Dental Cover? $99 check up, clean, fluoride and x-rays

Medicare Child Dental Benefit Scheme Bulk Billed Local family owned and operated practice Quality, affordable dental treatment Payment plans available DVA bulk billed

Dr Steven Mercurio BDSc (Hons)

PH.3450 0725 1/39 Benabrow Ave, Bellara, QLD, 4507


complete mobility solutions


When freedom calls...

Call 3481 5360


Talk to your local mobility experts today Bathroom Aids • Chairs & Seating • Mobility Scooters • Walking Aids • Wheelchairs • and more.



Australia Day 2019

Health and Wellbeing 2019 - Issue 33

Phone: (07) 3410 7425 Dr Najwa Mohammed • Dr Valarie Sharp • Dr Jai Singh

• Accepting new patients • Appointments available on the day

Our Services • All Aspects of Family Medicine • Immunisation • Women’s Health • Men’s Health checks • Skin checks • Chronic disease: GP managed care plans • Comprehensive health assessment (Bulk Billed) Indigenous (all ages), all patients 45-49 yo and 75 yo and older. • Workcover consultations and occupational medicine/commercial driver’s licence • Sports medicine • Mental health care plan Other services Specialists • Dr William Parsonage ( Queensland Cardiovascular Group) • Dr Lewis Lander (Urodynamics studies) for females with urinary incontinence Allied Health • Les Hyde Podiatry • Lisa Diggles Diabetes educator / Dietitian • Madonna Steinhort Psychologist • Attune Hearing Audiologist • Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology Homes Doctor Service Week nights / Weekends / Public Holidays Phone Number - 13SICK - 13 7425


Replacing Dentures with Permanent Teeth Imagine smiling and laughing without worrying about loose dentures Imagine being able to eat whatever you want Imagine having confidence in your teeth

Dr Sean Keren B.D.Sc Shop 2, 23-25 First Avenue Bongaree 4507

1300 107 000

Address: 3/45 Benabrow Ave, Bellara Hours: Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm Saturday 8am -12pm

Phone: (07) 3410 7425

Pumicestone CreativeŠ

Bulk Billing Skin Clinic

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Australia Day 2019 17

Health and Wellbeing

2019 - Issue 33

Traditional Naturopathy in India

Fresh fruits and vegetables galore sold along the streets

Carts loaded with freshly harvested produce

So many sacred cows free roaming the streets of India

The beautiful children in the villages so excited for selfies Recently I was privileged to be part of a group of Naturopaths and students involved in a cultural exchange program in Rajastan, India. To say it was an amazing experience is an understatement. To say it was one of the best experiences in my life would be more accurate. To be immersed in the culture of the people of this diverse country was humbling, confronting, gratifying. India is overwhelming yet simplistic, everything is in extreme diversity. Its rich culture, beautiful architecture, breathtaking scenery, loud constant happy music; welcoming, friendly, happy people; amazingly delicious food, vibrant and colourfully detailed clothing, fabrics, art and craft; and extreme talents in traditional healing modalities form a vast contrast to areas of extreme poverty, dusty and dirty rubbish and rubble lined streets, crazy traffic conditions with constant horn beeping and seemingly no rules being followed (and yet it seems to somehow work), smells of sewerage, lack of education and implementation in hygiene and sanitisation and nutritional deficiencies to almost epidemic proportions. During our program we were also

One of many beautiful sunrises, an early morning walk through the streets, shared by dogs, chooks, goats and cows

lucky enough to visit several Ayurvedic Hospitals and a university, and several health clinics across different villages where we observed many types of traditional healing methods, identified many healing herbs used in herbal medicine, some familiar that we use in herbal medicine here, like aloe vera, neem, moringa, gymnema, castor oil, tulsi (holy basil), shatavari, ashwaganda, tribulis. As well as so many unfamiliar ones. The traditional naturopathy treatments in India are simplistic and are based around treating a dysfunction in the balance of the five natural elements that exist in our universe as well as our bodies. These are earth, sky, air, fire, water. These methods are used to treat the disease not the symptoms and are commonly in the form of hydrotherapy, mud therapy, applying heat, sunshine, as well as enemas, fasting, diet, yoga and meditation. These therapies are used to treat conditions such as skin disorders, obesity, diabetes, constipation, pain relief, back pain, sciatica, urinary and gynaecological conditions, arthritis, calcium deficiency, osteoporosis, vitamin D deficiency, depression,

anxiety, detoxification and asthma. The naturopathic principles utilised in India which mostly parallel ours as well are: 1. The body has the power and vitality to heal itself. 2. When our body doesn’t excrete metabolic waste properly, then we become ill.

Street vendors Indian style selling their homegrown produce

3. Acute disease is a sign that your body is fighting infection in order to become healthy. 4.

Bacteria does not cause disease. If your vitality or immunity is low that is the cause of disease, not the bacteria.

5. Negative hormones are excreted in the body which creates toxicity which makes us become ill. Carmen Lizasoain is a qualified Naturopath. Like her on Facebook - Imagine Health and Happiness. Information provided herein is general in nature and does not replace personalised advice from a health professional.

Ginger, anyone?



Australia Day 2019

Just when you think you have seen France from top to bottom you come across a part of history that catapults you back in time –way back to the time of the troglodytes. In the mountain region of Alpilles in Southern France, the lavender dominates the landscape. Stone cottages housing bakeries hug the roads like a well-worn jumper. The gentle winding road resembles a slow moving roller coaster as is sweeps and glides through the picturesque countryside. The hills dip and soar all at the same time so when you glimpse an enormous outcrop towering over yet another ancient town, it takes but a minute to realise that you have travelled to a place of signifigence. The medieval town of Les Baux de Provence was built by ambitious Warlords seeking to establish their power. The based themselves high up on this impregnable rock thereby taking control over Provence. As a sign of their arrogance, the princes played with rhyme constructing slogans such as “A l’asar Bautesard” loosely translated meaning At Ransom Belchazzar. Balthasar was said to have been one of the nobles that presented gifts to Jesus. In their eyes they were descended from the Magi (an epiphany of Jesus Christ and magic) and so chose the Star of the Nativity as their emblem. The city suffered greatly during the many wars of the period that were decided over steel and fire. For all of the scheming and plotting of the ruling lords and princesses, there is little left today to stand testament to their reign. One of the most valuable finds was a “Colom



barium” dating as far back as 3000B.C.

Whilst the Romans had extensive influence in the construction of the mountain fortress, it was eventually overrun by barbarians and the Visigoths in the 5th century, then the Burgundians and the Franks a century later. After many changes of “owners” the town finally submitted to Louis XI and the Crown of France in 1642.The city is made up of three parts. The village district that was built around the church of Saint Vincent today remains mostly in its original state (with some minor additions). Traders offer freshly baked bread and delectable pastries. Called the “dead city” Le Baux is no longer inhabited but a re-enactment takes place in the old village each year in the spring. Witness a 12th to 16th century stone thrower which could hurl up to 50kg boulders as far as 200 metres. No wonder in the Lord of the Rings everything got squashed.

Place Saint- Vincent was once the old monastery and reflects heavily on the architecture of the 11th to the 13th centuries. It is the village’s largest and most ancient church and together with the pre Romanesque chapel holds some of the most precious ideals of its time.

Rue de la Calade (the former Town Hall) overlooks the small valley of La Fontaine Santons Museum formerly the private residence of Bertrand Mocadeu, contains a Provencal crib and a wide selection of santons- small terracotta figurines. The cribs have become so

However this classical piece of the past also has a first in the discovery of Bauxite. In a room at the Hotel De La tour Du Brau on the rue du Trencat in 1812, hydroxide of alumina(the raw material used for the refining of aluminium) was discovered. This of course developed into one of the major industries of our time. of Australia was introduced in 1901. However, while this idea has garnered support it has also gained criticisms- as the day also is celebrated as the first day of the New Year, and some feel it may draw away from the significance of celebrating Australia. Another proposed date is to celebrate the day on the 12th of March, yet another historically significant day. The 12th of March 1913 marks the day that Canberra was named and officially recognised as Australia’s capital city. As yet another Australia Day passes, the controversy and protesting surrounding the date will continue. It will be seen that this controversial topic will continue to divide Australians. Surveys were taken by both the Progressive Think Tank Australia Institute (PTTAI) and the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA). The results from PTTAI showed that 56% of Australians did not care when Australia Day was held. While the IPA results showed completely different results with 70% of Australians showing support for the current date of the national day.

As a country Australia has many things to be proud of; the beautiful environment, natural resources, our sense of mateship, humour and irreverence and, in most cases, our sporting teams. In order to celebrate the Australian spirit, every year on the 26th of January, many participate in neighbourhood barbeques or head to the beach with some sausages and sunscreen in honour of our country. However, in recent years, the 26th January is shrouded with negative connotations and controversy surrounding the origins of the day.

Many Aboriginal people also believe that celebrating on the 26th ignores 60,000 years of pre-settlement history. The basis of the protesting is not about

popular that a santons fair is now held each year in the city of Marseilles. The figurines are exported to the rest of France bringing funds back into Les Baux des Provence.

La Maison Du Roy- once the home of a noble is now the local Post Office. It is a central figure to the rich past of the remaining buildings. On the grand rue the 16th century Hotel de Brion houses the Louis Jou Foundation, a collection of prints and publications ranging from ancient manuscripts to modern art. Buy a reproduction from the printers shop a workshop still in use today.

Amelia Strazdins

In 2018, tens of thousands of people protested the date of Australia Day by marching in Sydney and Melbourne to voice the growing movement, referring to Australia Day as Invasion day, as it marks the date that the First Fleet arrived in Port Jackson. The day is promoted as a chance to embrace the Australian spirit and celebrate the country, but for the traditional owners of the land, the date serves as a painful reminder. For our Indigenous people, the 26th January symbolises the beginning of the mass loss of lives, culture, persecution and discrimination which continued centuries to come. 2019 - Issue 33

prohibiting the celebration of Australia and the culture, rather recognising that the date, the 26th of January, represents pain, suffering and the near annihilation Australia’s Indigenous people and that our National Day should recognise, commemorate as well as celebrate all of the country’s culture and history.

For years, many people have suggested that the date be changed to a more significant date for Australia Day, one that does not hold such a dark past. A popular suggestion is that Australia Day be celebrated on the 1st of January. This being due to its historical significance of being the day the Commonwealth

For now, as our National Day remains 26th January for the foreseeable future, acknowledgement, recognition and commemoration are important steps towards what our National Day should represent, regardless of the day it is celebrated and promote what a modern Australia stands for; equality, inclusivity, multiculturism, mateship and freedom.


2019 - Issue 33


italk Travel Bribie Island and Wendy Wu launches brand new solo tours range Solo travel is growing in popularity all over the world, in fact, between 2015 and 2017 Google Trends shows that search for solo travel grew by approx. 40%. italk Travel and Wendy Wu says 65% of their guests already travel solo but still recognised the need to offer a bespoke range of trips for this market segment with the Product Development Experts at Wendy Wu Tours creating solo tours, designed specifically for the solo traveller – with no single supplement. An exciting six new tours have been created for this market, with touring itineraries available to Vietnam, China, India, Cambodia or Japan. Tours range from 10 to 15 days in duration and include lots of flexible free time, to cater for the specific needs of the solo traveller, allowing you the space to find your own dining options, or explore on your own, or with your new-found friends. Each tour has its own unique destinations and experiences but they all have the following in common. 1. No Single supplement: See the diversity of Asia and pay no single supplement on any solo tour. 2. A Guaranteed Private Room: Relax in your own private room every night, guaranteed, whatever

Australia Day 2019 19


accommodation style is on your itinerary. 3. Likeminded travellers: These tours are exclusive to guests travelling solo, ensuring that your tour is filled with like-minded and sociable people, with similar value to your own. 4. Flexibility: The tours have been designed with built-in flexibility, giving travellers plenty of opportunities to mingle with other guests but also explore destinations on your own time.


An Indian Experience: 10 day Solo Tour. From $4,780.

*Terms & Conditions apply

Highlights of Japan: 12 day Solo Tour. From $8,920.

Charming China: 14 day Solo Tour. From $4,980.






italktravel Bribie Island on 3410 0111 or email

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Vietnam & Cambodia Experience: 15 day Solo Tour. From $5,690.



Australia Day 2019

Community 2019 - Issue 33

When it comes to having fun the Slap & Giggle group have their weekly creativity fuelled by Champagne

Masters & Apprentices Display Work Barry Clark- U3A Public Relations.

and creativity in Workshops.

You may never know what artistic talent you have lurking inside you until you give it a try.

It’s all about having lots of creative fun with like-minded people.

Many people join one of the many Art Classes at U3A and are amazed at what they can learn and create so quickly. With more than 150 different classes each week, there are more than 20

Such a diversity of Art on display in this very special exhibition that goes beyond what you may regard as simply “Art” with a wide variety of works using different and inspiring media . Don’t miss it. Where can you see this amazing creativity.

Some are Masters and others are Apprentices. For some it is their first attempt at creative Art as an adult. One new student was heard to remark “Because I had not done Art before I didn’t think

Acrylic Group The Printmakers and Mixed Media Group will display a range of their creative and experimental works .The Watercolour group will showcase the unlimited potential of mixing water and colour in so many inspiring ways. The Pen Plus group utilise the multiple techniques of Pen, Pencil and Ink Wash to create a variety of imaginative and realistic images. The Advanced Drawing group, will display their collaborative work combining the free range talents of their many different techniques. A group of Silk Painters have individual styles that create absolutely unique items to wear and display. Another group of ladies explore the potential and diversity of uses for a variety of Acrylic painting.

The Exhibition is on from January 21st to February 10th and is open each day between 10 am and 4pm, except Mondays when the Arts Centre is closed. Go along to the Community Arts Centre on Sunderland Drive, take your friends and family and appreciate the pleasure and fun that can be had when creativity is unleashed. You might even be inspired to join one of the many U3A Classes Bribie Island U3A is on holiday until Term 1 starts on January 29th. Enrolment for all Term 1 classes takes place at U3A Centre on Saturday 19th January and Wednesday 23rd January.

Timetables of all daily classes can be found at the Bribie Island Library, Visitor Information and Neighbourhood Centre, and all details and classes already full can be found on the U3A Web site

The output of Artists Workshops reveal just what can be achieved with inspiration and guidance by a group having fun.

Pen Plus Group different art classes that encourage discovery of your creativity in all sorts of media. People get together for a couple of hours each week to help each other explore their artistic potential, and are amazed at what they can produce. Tutors provide guidance in Acrylic Painting, Pencil Drawing, Folk Art, Silk Painting and Watercolour, and how to explore new dimensions of Composition

had any talent, but now I have the confidence to release my creative spirit”. U3A display talent at Community Arts Centre. The amazing diversity of works by the U3A Masters and their Apprentices will be on display for Bribie residents and visitors from January 21 to February 10th at the Community Arts Centre.

HAIR 4507 Colour, stylecut and Blowdry Short hair


Medium length $75 Long from


Senior Ladies $25

Shampoo stylecut and Dry Shampoo stylecut and Blowdry hairspray build up removal treatment


Colour and 1/4 foils Stylecut and BlowDry


Photo Supplied – Silk PaintingPerm Group stylecut and Blowdry/set


Photo Supplied – Acrylic Group

Full head Foils – Pen Plus Group 1/2 head of Foils PhotoofSupplied Toner Toner Stylecut Stylecut Blowdry/ghd straighten Blowdry/ghd straighten



OPENING HOURS: Monday to Friday 6am to 3pm

HAIR4507 PHONE 3408 1501

Silk Painting Group

Shop 5, Kangaroo Ave, Bongaree, QLD, 4507



Australia Day 2019 21

2019 - Issue 33

This Australia Day,

SEEN AROUND Send Your Photos and story to us

Local Reader Photos Brian Desjardins.

Leave Only ThongPrints in the Sand The dust has finally settled on a massive Christmas break on Bribie Island, but the New Year period was no party for the council officers who had to spend days cleaning up afterwards.

Division 1 Councillor Brooke Savige said she was disappointed by the revellers who left their mess behind for others to deal with.

“I’m pleased to be able to say that we’re starting the new year on the right foot with our pristine beaches all back in tip top shape, but this is only thanks to our hardworking clean-up crews,” she said. “I want to thank those staff who tirelessly and enthusiastically worked over the holidays to ensure our local parks and beaches were kept clean and safe for locals and visitors alike - I know it was a big job. “The holidays bring a tourism boon to Bribie, which is great for business; but it’s not okay to forget about caring for our environment and blatantly throw rubbish all over the place. “Bribie Island is home to some of the best parks, picnic shelters and barbeque facilities in Australia and I want to keep them that way - especially as we head into the Australia Day long weekend. “I hope to see crowds en masse celebrating in our local parks and beaches, but I also hope to see them doing the Australian thing by taking responsibility and cleaning up afterwards.

“It’s not just un-Australia to litter, it’s actually illegal under Queensland’s Waste Reduction and Recycling (WRR) Act 2011.

“Many locals may not know this by the WRR Act authorises members of the public who witness littering or illegal

dumping to report the crime, so that authorised people can issue penalty infringement notices and compliance orders for the clean-up. “Littering has no place on Bribie Island and there’s no excuse for it in 2019, so I encourage locals to take a stand against litterbugs and let us know if you see any illegal littering. “Littering is a major issue in Queensland that’s polluting our environment and costing millions of dollars to manage and clean-up each year. We can all do our part.

“In fact, Clean Up Australia Day is just around the corner on Sunday 3 March. “So why not make it your New Year’s Resolution to get involved?

“Nine sites are already registered for Clean-Up Australia Day from Albany Creek to Redcliffe, Burpengary and Beachmere.

Great Photo take at Sandstone Point and on the 22/12/18 at about 5.20pm, we were sitting on our back deck watching the approaching storm because it was different, interesting and even a bit scary. This is a photo of the storm front looking out south east in to Moreton bay. The storm then travelled east towards Moreton Island just missing the Southern tip of Bribie.

PRINTER REFILLS OR NEW CARTRIDGES * Bring in this ad to qualify * Limit one discount refill per customer



Best quality refills, best price guaranteed


“You can even nominate a site to be cleaned up by heading to Clean Up Australia Day’s website, but the key to success is in convincing friends and family to get involved with you. “A lot of us do, do the right thing and we’ve got the stats to back that up. “Just last year alone Moreton Bay Region residents helped recycle more than 34,000 tonnes of kerbside waste and our Treasure Markets sold more than 1,780 tonnes of reusable items. “Overall more than 262,000 tonnes of waste was recovered from the kerbside and from Council’s 12 waste management facilities, saving vital resources from ending up in landfill.” “These figures show us that great results happen when there’s a collective effort to make a positive change.”

An essential service for a reliable computer


• Check for viruses and malware • Update your Windows • Clean & Defrag your Hard drive • Complete Physical Clean of your Computer

Laptop replacement screens & batteries. WE SELL AND REPAIR ALL COMPUTER BRANDS

PH: 3408 6421 43 Elkhorn Avenue, Bellara ©PUMICESTONE CREATIvE

Australia Day 2019 2019 - Issue 33



407 Licensed

Serenity Restaurant At the Waterways 155 Welsby Parade Bongaree Ph: 3474 7899




Main Beach Car Park, Woorim. (07) 3408 4282 1




Serenity Cafe On the Passage Corner of Welsby Parade and Kangaroo Ave, Bongaree



8:00am till 10:00pm every day



12-2pm & 5-10pm





Cafe Bella Shop 31, Bribie Island Shopping Centre. Hours Monday to Friday 8am till 5pm Saturday 8am till 4pm Closed Sundays and public holidays.

Freshly made snacks, lunch, coffee and cake Ph. 3408 2303


Licensed The Coffee Club Shop1/235 Goodwin Drive Bongaree Monday - Sunday 7am to 5pm Licensed venue. Ph: 3410 0611



Bongaree Hot Bread 13 Toorbul Street, Bongaree, Open 7 Days ~ 6am-3pm Ph: 3408 1109


Advertise On the NEW “Eating Out?” page only $66.00 per issue and get onto the Meander Map FREE

Matt Owen Advertising Manager 0447 924 507


“Relax with the best views on the island” La Vera Pizza & Bar 7 Toorbul Street, Bongaree The only restaurant in Bongaree that is open on a Monday Open 7 days a week. 425 Ph: 3410 0221 Italia on Marina Licensed Restaurant/Cafe and Bar with Marina and Pumicestone Passage views Shop 1/9 -11 Spinnaker Drive, SANDSTONE POINT PH 5497 7786 231 BYO available Dock and Dine Waters Edge, Spinnaker Sound Marina 9-11 Spinnaker Drive Sandstone Point Open 7 days a week from 7am till 3pm Ph:1300 004 363


Little Mike’s Open Xmas Day 7am - 9am (T/A Coffee Only) Next door to Surfside News, Woorim Open from 6am (Closed Tuesday) Phone Orders Welcome 3469 5817

introducing g

Sundays @ THE JETTY

We are now opening for Sunday Breakfast 7.30 – 10 Lunch 11.30 – 2.30

Sunday Sesh / Live Music 2.00 – 5.00 Bar Menu (Fri – Sun) 3.00 – 5.00 Make it a day!


Advertise On the NEW “Eating Out?” page only $66.00 per issue and get onto the Meander Map FREE

431 PH 3450 4442

1:55 pm



Licensed Sylvan Beach Seafood Cafe 11 Marine Parade, Bellara Licensed Venue, Waterfront Dining Open 7 Days a week. Ph: 3408 8155


Open from 11am

Red Rooster QP Issue 32 PRINT-02.pdf


Licensed The Surf Club Bribie Island First Avenue, Woorim, Bribie Island Bistro | Bar | Gaming Open for Lunch & Dinner 7 Days a week Ph: 3408 2141

Christmas Day! W


On The Beach!





Experience the Pumicestone Lifestyle!





2 Toorbul St, Bongaree

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Australia Day 2019 23


2019 - Issue 33

’ ŠŠ Š “ ‘ ‘ Ž ‡ ” • � “ ‘ ‘‘ … •‘

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Â? „ Â… † ‡ ˆˆ ‹­Â? Â?‰­ Š

 � ��

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Saturday 26th January 3 COURSE DINNER

Discover ou our ur


per person

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and DDaily aily Specials

VALENTINES DAY! Thursday 14th T February or Saturday 16th February y TTuesday uesday Tunes: FREE LIVE MUSIC every Tuesday 11 am-1pm

Call us to Place your Pick up Order or Call us and we will Bring your Order to the Boat Drive through(in the Marina)


Out on your boat? Pop in for a cuppa or a bite to eat! Call us if you want to Dine we will arrange a FREE Berth for you to DOCK your BOAT

GROUPS OR FUNCTIONS We welcome large groups, small groups, social groups, meetings, gatherings, celebrations and everything in between. Order from our delicious cafe menu, our function menu or our platter menu

Open 7 days a week from 7am till 3pm BYO available Waters Edge, Spinnaker Sound Marina 9-11 Spinnaker Drive Sandstone Point

1300 004 363

220 See us on the Meander Map

for 2



Spinnaker Sound Marina - Sandstone Point




Australia Day 2019

Community Initiative Steve Irwin Highway 2019 - Issue 33

Beerburrum Donnybrook Road

We are looking for Meander Bus In Return you get Free advertisin Conditio e mail:- design1@islan

Experience the Pumicestone Lifestyle!

How to use the map


The Bribie island and Surrounds Meander is divided into five routes, which have a different colour-codes. Member numbers show their places on the routes and each venue has a unique number 201 is on Route 2 and 301 is on Route 3.

Bullock Creek Conservation P

301 Rutter Road Nursery 302 Rolin Farms

The venue colour is different depending on the nature of business.


Rutters Road

401 For example the blue denotes that this is a food business and its on route 4 as its number starts with 4

Simpson Road



Hume Road

Clinker Road Pumicestone Road

For example the green denotes that this is a selective shopping area or business and it's on Route 1 becuase it's number starts with 1

Elim Cre

Our focus is to drive Tourism and Day Trippers to your doorstep. So if you are an artist, potter, sculptor, a bed and breakfast or a shop, Join the Meander now!

To become a member of the Bribie Island and Surrounds Meander please contact us now for a full detailed leaflet on membership, advertising and more.


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CABOOLTURE Caboolture Airport




Ningi Fruit Barn 214

McDonald’s 209

204 Caboolture Warplane Museum TAVAS

213 The

Coles Express

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229 Oasis Berry Farm


Bribie Island Road

228 Inflatable World 203 Fast Carpets 205 Pacific Petroleum


Coles Express

306 St Michael’s College 307 Abbey Museum

Connect Church







206 ABN Caravan Hire



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Caboolture River




The Gallery 224 230 Beachmere Health Centre Beach Hotel 212 Birali Steiner School 208 209 Beach Shack Café

Protected Areas proclaimed in terms of the Protected Areas Act that are open daily to the public. Protected Areas not open to the general public but may have accommodation or other activities. Other natural areas that are not formerly proclaimed but are open to the public

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211 Beachmere Caravan Park 210 Beachmere Palms Motel



To Lime Pocket Camping Area

To Ocean Beach Camping Area

siness Owners to join our team. ng for your Business for a year! ons apply

Welsby Lagoon


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Community Initiative

2019 - Issue 33

Mermaid Lagoon

Little Goat Island


502 Beach Camp

503 Gallagher Point Camping Area


C o r a l S e a 501 Ranger Station


Pacific Harbour Country Club 409

303 Toorbul Caravan Park Toorbul Store and Tavern 304


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Parrot Island

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403 Banksia Beach Shopping Centre 410 Bribie Community Arts

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Bribie Island Road 201 Beefys Pies Seven Eleven

e Coffee Bus


Kung Fu Panda Massage

226 The Brew Shed 225 230 Toni’s Pet Aboriginal Station

Bora ring(Durn)

Bribie Beach Access Freedom Fuels

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eel Road

Sylvan Beach Sylvan Seafood 407 Resort 414 Island Curtains Silver Shores Caravan Park 417 221 218 Bribie Kiosk & Boat Hire Bribie Island Visitor Centre 219 No Limits 4x4 Hire Bribie Island 227 Boat Charters 220 Dock and Dine Italia On Marina 231



413 italk Travel Cafe Bella 425 424 Coffee Club 419 Browns Mitre 10

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401 Sandstone Point Hotel Serenity Cafe 420 408 Annas Fashion Bongaree Caravan Park 403 Bribie Book Exchange 418 @The Jetty Restaurant 431 Bongaree Hot Bread 406

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416 Surfside News & Beach Permits 415 Woorim Beach Boutique 430 Pigface Seafood Bribie Island Real Estate 429 402 Bribie Island Surf Club

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Victory Press 426 Bribie Car Care Bribie Thai & 421 Food Take Away 402 Bribie Twin 427 Red Rooster Theatre Bedding 423 412 Showroom First Avenue 428 Bribie Car Bribie Island Golf 405 411 Detailing Mayyada Bazaar

Bribie Island Seaside Museum


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Bribie Island

SERENITY Restaurant At the Waterways


SERENITY Cafe On the Passage


Victory Press For a 5% discount mention this advertWoorim Beach Boutique 85 years -1932 to 2017


On Bribie Island since 1983 Bribie residents 49 years



Come down and enjoy the fantastic Pumicestone Passage for Breakfast and Lunch. Delicious Coffee and home made cakes available Lovely relaxing friendly atmosphere Fur Babies welcome (Dog friendly) Dine in or take away


Restaurant now open at 155 Welsby Parade Bongaree. 07 3474 7899

Dine overlooking the serene views of the Pumicestone Passage. • Breakfast, lunch and dinner • Teas, Coffee and Cake • Wedding Functions • Business functions


C o r a l S e a Open 7toDays | Mon to Fri 9am totoSunday 4pm Thursday Saturday for dinner, Thursday | Sat Sun 9am to 3pm for Lunch,& Saturday and Sunday for breakfast

155 Welsby Parade Bongaree Phone 07 3474 7899

For a Personal Consultation call Mark Or Aaron 3408 2334 or e mail


Open 7Hours, Days |open Mon 7todays, Fri 9am to 4pm Winter | Sattill&2.30pm Sun 9am to 3pm 7am

Corner of Welsby Parade and Kangaroo Ave, Bongaree

Gorgeous simple fashion to suit everyone. Remember the Good Old Days? Where we had great customer service, good prices? You get that and more at Woorim Beach Boutique, it’s only the fashion that is on trend and up to date. Senior cards are welcome!

We print anything from Business cards, Brochures, Leaflets to Posters and more! Visit us on the corner of Mc Mahon and Armitage Streets, Bribie Island for a personal consultation with Mark or Aaron.


Open Mon 5 Days | Mon 8am to 5pm Open to Fri 8amtotoFri5pm

Ph 3408 2334 or e mail

TIAS Design1


Open 77 Days Days || Mon Mon to to Fri Fri 9am 9am to to 4pm 4pm Open | Sat & Sun 9am 3pm Sat & Sun 9am to to 3pm

Shop 1, 6-8 North Street, Woorim, Bribie Island Phone 0498 840 761


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To find out more about Advertising and getting your entity on the map call:Belinda 0447 007 966 Experience the Pumicestone Lifestyle! ROAD ROUTE COLOUR NUMBER


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Donnybrook Bait and Tackle Take Away



Venue Facilities New Member Pelican Artist or Crafter Child friendly Pet friendly


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Beachmere Caravan Park

For an affordable, quiet and restful holiday or break in your caravanning journey around Australia you can’t go past Beachmere Caravan Park. This unique seaside village lies on the shores of Moreton Bay, near the estuary of the Caboolture River offering a pleasant beach and good fishing.

Birding Site Credit Cards Accepted OPEN


2 levels of gifts, decor and fashion At Mayyada we have something to suit all tastes and budgets!

Phone: 3410 0929 Shop1/23-25 First Ave, Bongaree

Call for Check in times

Phone: (07) 5496 8077 Corner Biggs Avenue & First Avenue, Beachmere

Route 4 Bribie Island

OPEN 6 DAYS Mon-Sat 9am-5pm CLOSED Sundays & Public Holidays

191 Sunderland Drive Banksia Beach, Bribie Island Š PUMICESTONE CREATIVE


Prizes up for grabs for young Queensland artists

Free Wi-Fi

Mayyada Bazaar


Caboolture, Ningi Sandstone Point, Beachmere

Access for busses/coaches

Map Grid Reference

Â’ “ Â? ‚ ƒ „Â? Â… ­Â”€ Â?Â?  ­Â”• – Â? Š ”—€Â? ˜Â?Â?Â?  Â‡Â—

Phone: 5498 8247 17 Alice Street Donnybrook

Wheelchair friendly

Historical Building

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Call for opening times

Wheelchair friendly with toilet

Bike race friendly

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Fresh Fish And Fresh Prawn Cutlets In Season, Burgers, Hotdogs, Sandwiches, Chips ect. Cold Drinks Ice-Blocks, Di Bella Coffee and Hot Chocolate, Slushy’s, Pacific Harvest Bait, Petrol And Diesel, Elgas and all other conveniences Front Of Store Dining Area For You To Sit Down And Enjoy Your Meal



Beerburum, Donnybrook, Meldale



Inquiries Phone 3408 9288

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T4 2019 - Issue 33

Community Initiative

Tickets kindly sponsored by

Bribie Twin Theatre

The Palaszczuk Government is calling on young Queensland artists to design the artwork for Queensland Youth Week 2019, following an extension to the QYW artwork competition closing date.

Youth Minister Di Farmer said competition entrants now had until 25 January to submit their design around the 2019 theme — Unlimited. “The theme really sums up who young Queenslanders are, and the value young people bring to our communities,� Ms Farmer said.

“We’re looking for entries that capture that idea of unlimited potential, of looking to the future and seeing limitless possibilities. “Whether you’re still at school, or a young


Open every day exept Wednesdays _ for times

Phone: 3408 4244 225 First Avenue Bribie Island

The winner will have their artwork featured as the creative for QYW 2019 along with a $500 Visa card and a Sony HX350 compact camera with 50x optical zoom (valued at $499). Two runners-up will each receive a $100 JB Hi-Fi gift voucher.

Young Queenslanders aged 13 to 25 can find out details and enter the competition via the Youth eHub at The competition closes on Friday, 25 January 2019.

QYW 2019 will run from 3 to 14 April, after being extended to allow high schools to join the celebrations during the last few days of term. More information about QYW 2019 is available at


One of Australia’s largest and busiest arts centres, with space for display, retail, workshops and studios, and catering for more than twenty kinds of arts and crafts. The precinct is also home to the Bribie Island Woodcrafters and the Bribie Island Gem and Fossicking Club. Numerous other groups.

Featuring 2 huge screens, surround sound, comfortable air conditioned cinemas and the latest 3D technology, you can be assured that Bribie Cinemas are all about the movies!


Bribie Island Community Arts Centre

person in the workforce, we want you to get creative and show us what you can do.�


Opening hours are Tuesday to Sunday 10am to 4pm.

Phone: 3408 9288 191 Sunderland Drive Banksia Beach

Bribie Harbour Shopping Village

Bribie Island Bake House ph 3408 9811 Sue’s CafÊ and Takeaway ph 3408 8448 BWS (logo Attached) ph 3408 7384 Discount Chemist ph 3408 6444 National Hearing Care ph 3408 7384 Banksia Beach News ph 3408 7713 Woolworths ph 3410 5003


Call for indibvidual shop times

Phone: 0412 649 873 25 Sunderland Drive, Banksia Beach


Australia Day 2019 27

2019 - Issue 33

25 Sunderland Drive, Banksia Beach


Bribie Harbour Shopping Village TENANT LIST

Bribie Island Bake House Sue’s Café and Takeaway BWS Discount Chemist National Hearing Care Banksia Beach News Woolworths Banksia Beach Medical Cuts Colour & Curls

ph 3408 9811 ph 3408 8448 ph 3408 7384 ph 3408 6444 ph 3408 7384 ph 3408 7713 ph 3410 5003 ph 3408 6822 ph 3408 9211

Buy your Winning Tickets here!

For Lease Enquiries please contact John Brass on 0412 649 873


When it comes to future-proofing your investment there’s no foolproof method. However, there are some key indicators for good investment which can be directly linked to the strengths and growth of other industries, such as employment. New figures have recently emerged suggesting that today’s 18-year-old will have over 15 different jobs in their lifetime, across five different career paths. How does this affect the property market?

Changes in employment often necessitate changes in location. People relocating for work or in need of temporary accommodation for periods of tenure may require a more flexible arrangement for living circumstances than property ownership. It could be possible that more frequent changes in employment will make home ownership less appealing, putting a greater demand on rentals. From a landlord’s perspective, it is certainly worth giving consideration to such a scenario – and accommodate the changing environment of the rental market.

Areas of high employment will generate a high demand for property and will be a key consideration for savvy property investors.

Buy. Sell. Trade... 7 Days 8.30am - 5.00pm

Another consideration for landlords is in relation to both location and type of property. That is, how well will the property accommodate the changing life circumstances of a tenant? Is the property better suited to young, single professionals? Could it easily be changed to accommodate a growing family? And if it is clearly one or the other – singe professionals or familyorientated - is it in the right location to appeal to that particular demographic?

27,000 + Pre-loved \33 + Genres (Recent Releases - Collectables)

TRADERS NEWS January 2019


(Last day: 31/01/19)

The demand for rental property appears set to remain strong overall. Whether you are expanding your property portfolio, or are eager to enter into the market, understanding where to buy and what to buy is the first step. Your go-to people at this point are the property experts – the property managers and sales agents who live and breathe property markets and their cycles.

Advanced Phone: 3408 4071


Servi ce Rd

Just like employment figures, petrol prices and home loan rates, the real estate market is not static. Nor is the market singular. Rather, the real estate scene is made up of many markets each moving through its own cycle.

1st A ve

The full circle of the real estate market

With people’s working lives now taking shape in a variety of formats and arrangements, consideration to different leasing options may be a benefit to both landlords and tenants, who will benefit from flexibility in their living circumstances.

‘On the Passage’ Shop 3/1 Toorbul St, Bongaree (opp. Jetty/Brennan Park) Bribie Island 4507

for your

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Community This page is Sponsored by 2019 - Issue 33



Restaurant now open at 155 Welsby Parade Bongaree. 07 3474 7899

GROUP: Bribie Celtic Fiddlers MEETS: Every last Sunday TIMES: 10am - Noon WHERE: “Vibe” Markets @ Community Arts Centre REMARKS: Regular rehearsals. Keen musicians welcome. COST: $0 CONTACT: Ross 0490 015 353 GROUP: The Bribie Island Community Parkinson’s Support Group MEETS: On the second Thursday of each month (December and January excepted) TIMES: From 1.00pm until 3.00pm WHERE: In the Anzac Room at the Bribie Island RSL Club, 99 Toorbul Street, Bongaree REMARKS: The meetings are open to people with Parkinson’s and their carers and family members; and anyone in the community with an interest in Parkinson’s Disease COST: a gold coin donation towards postal costs and a gift for guest speakers CONTACT: Co-ordinator David Martin, 0418 750120 GROUP: Bribie Island Family History Interest Group MEETS: We meet in the Anzac Room at the Bribie Island RSL Club at 93 - 105 Toorbul Street, Bongaree WHERE: Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month at 1pm and the second Thursday of the month at 10am, FEBRUARY to DECEMBER. REMARKS: Members talk about their genealogical finds or ask for assistance with their family research. Numerous meetings feature a guest speaker on various subjects. Why not come along to our friendly club, share a cup of tea, coffee and a biscuit and see if we can find your family with you. COST: No Annual Subscription or joining fee CONTACT: Phone Bette on 3408 3096. GROUP: Toorbul & Donnybrook Pensioners Club MEETS: Mondays - Tai Chi 8 - 9 am.; Craft group 9.00 - 11.00; Indoor Bowls 1.00 - 3.30 2nd and 4th Tuesdays each month: - Line Dancing 8 - 9a.m. Fridays - Tai Chi 8 - 9 am. WHERE: 1798 Pumicestone Road, Toorbul REMARKS: A Church Service is conducted each month - 3rd Sunday at 8.15 a.m. Fr George from St Michael’s officiates. Our regular monthly meetings are on the 1st Wednesday of each month, with a short Church Service at 9 a.m. followed by morning tea, and the meeting at 10.15 am. COST: Most activities at the club cost members $2; with non-members $3. There is a $10 yearly subscription to become a member from May to April every year. CONTACT: Helen 0428130726, or Ruth: 07 54292310. GROUP: Bribie Island VIEW Club. MEETS: On the fourth Wednesday of the month at 11.30 for 12.00 luncheon, which usually includes a guest speaker. WHERE: Serenity @ The Waterways, Welsby Parade. REMARKS: VIEW stands for Voice Interests and Education of Women and supports the work of the Smith Family. Other casual functions – morning tea, movie morning – are held during the month. CONTACT: If you wish to find out more, or come to one of our luncheons, you could speak to Jennifer on 3408 2152 or Pat 3408 3835

GROUP: Dementia Support group meeting (includes guest speakers MEETS: 3 Monday of every month from 11am to 1pm WHERE: Banksia Beach Croquet Club, Sunderland Drive, Banksia Beach REMARKS: Everyone invited to come along. COST: $2 includes lunch. GROUP: The Probus Club of Bribie Island Inc MEETS: First Tuesday each month at 9.00am WHERE: Bribie Island RSL Conference Room REMARKS: A mixed fellowship club open to all residents of Bribie Island and surrounding areas. COST: $25.00 joining fee, $25.00 annual membership fee. CONTACTS: Mark Sunter (3408-4145) and Ursula Maffey (3410-0792) GROUP: Pumicestone Passage Probus Club MEETS: 2nd Tuesday of the month from 9.15am for a 9.30am Start WHERE: Bribie Island RSL, Toorbul Street, Bongaree REMARKS: PPP is a mixed club and its ethos is Fun, Fellowship and Friendship. Meetings are relaxed and informative and the club also holds many social events outside of the regular monthly meeting. COST: Annual Subscriptions are $30 single and $60 Couple. CONTACT: please phone Kathy Vincent on 3410 1197 or mobile 0406312074 GROUP: Bribie Masonic Lodge MEETS: On the 2nd Wednesday of the month from Feb – Nov WHERE: 25 Banya st Bongaree at 7 pm. REMARKS: Any member who has not been a regular attender is most welcome also any visiting member from interstate or country member are welcome also. COST: Did not provide CONTACT: Nev 0407 300 765 or Ron 0418 858 855 GROUP: Pumicestone Trefoil Guild MEETS: 3rd Monday each month WHERE: Girl Guides Hut, Webster Street, Bongaree REMARKS: Trefoil Guild is the adult section of Girl Guides Australia COST: $70.00 per annum CONTACT: President Annette on 34082904 or Secretary Pat on 34084079. GROUP: National Servicemen’s Association (Nashos) MEETS: First Tuesday of the Month WHERE: 25 Boronia Drive, Bellara REMARKS: Lunch provided and partners welcome COST: Nil CONTACT: John Price 0439 287 747 GROUP: Sandstone Point mainly music MEETS: Sandstone Point Community & Sports Complex TIMES: 9:30 am Thursdays during school term WHERE: 202 Bestmann Road, Sandstone Point REMARKS: For babies to pre-schoolers and their carer. Full of fun, educational music and musical activity to grow and develop your child, followed by something to eat and something to play with, plus time for you to eat and chat! COST: $6 child or $7 per family (1st session free) CONTACT: Ph 0413 251 569 GROUP: Ecumenical Children’s Choir MEETS: Every Thursday afternoon of school terms from 3.30p.m. to 4.45p.m. WHERE: Bribie Island Uniting Church, Webster Street, Bongaree

REMARKS: Open to all children who love to sing - aged 4 to 15 years. Children taught skills in singing and reading music; learn songs that script our children for positive living; share their music and faith with the elderly three times a year and at other times and functions. Children can work towards earning badges for particular skills. Performance uniforms supplied. Parents welcome at practices. COST: Nil CONTACT: Margaret on 5497 5777 GROUP: Messy Church MEETS: Every second Sunday of the month from February to November inclusive, from 4p.m. to 6p.m. WHERE: Bribie Island Church, Webster Street, Bongaree REMARKS: Church for all ages and all the family. Commences at 4p.m. with fun (and sometimes messy) activities which follow a theme - all age activities. Followed by a short celebration around the theme. Concluding with a delicious evening meal. COST: Donation CONTACT: Margaret on 5497 5777 GROUP: Association of Independent Retirees. ( National Group ) MEETS: Every third Friday normally. TIMES: From 9.30am to noon. WHERE: Cnr Kitchener Rd., & 2 Bohland St., Kedron ( O.E.S.Hall ) REMARKS: The Association of Independant Retirees (AIR) a group of self-minded retirees who are fully or partial self-funded. We are strong in lobbing the Government of issues affecting our lifestyle. COST: Small cost for coffee/tea and bickies. Plus, membership fees if join. CONTACT: 07 3881 1820 or 07 3351 4126 after 5.00pm or GROUP : Lions Club of Sandstone Point Inc MEETS : 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month TIME : 6.30pm for 7pm start WHERE : Sandstone Point Community Hall, 202 Bestmann Road East, Sandstone Point REMARKS : Local Service Club servicing local area - motto “We Serve”. No ongoing meal cost. COST : $50 joining fee plus half yearly fees CONTACT : 0435 017752 GROUP; Caboolture Family Research Group Inc MEETS: Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday TIMES; 9.30am to 2.00pm WHERE; Caboolture Historical Village, Beerburrum Road REMARKS; We are a not for profit group and seek your assistance in promoting our group. We offer one hour FREE assisted locally, Australian and overseas research is available at our Club COST; No entry fee to Vill age for CFHRG research CONTACT: 07 54282018 or email us at GROUP: Bribie Island U3A – University of the Third Age MEETS: 30 different Classes each day for Seniors TIMES: From 8;30 am to 3;30 pm daily WHERE: U3A Centre classrooms, Rec Hall, 156 First Avenue REMARKS: Timetable at Library, Info and Neighbourhood Centres COST: $10 per year and $2 per class CONTACT: 3408 1450 and www. GROUP: Bribie Island Environment Protection Association Inc. MEETS: Fourth Monday Every Month WHERE: Anzac Room, Bribie Island RSL TIME: 7pm PROGRAMME: Interesting guest speakers every month. Visitors welcome.

MEMBERSHIP: Single $15 yearly, Family $20 yearly. CONTACT: President, Diane Oxenford 0438111163, GROUP: Bribie Island Orchid Society Meets: Second Saturday of the month for New Growers and fourth Tuesday of the month for the cultural meeting. Plants to be benched by 1pm for judging. Meeting starts 1.30pm Where: The Orchid House, First Ave. service road. Remarks: Social and informative group, promoting the learning, culture and enjoyment of orchid growing and fellowship. Cost: Meetings are free, annual membership $15 per family, afternoon tea supplied by members on completion of meeting. Contact. President, Paul Thomas 0428099938 or Secretary, Teresa Watson 0407782290 GROUP - Being There – Grief Friendship and Support Morning Tea Meets – 1st Wednesday of the month 10am – 11am Where – 2/229 Goodwin Drive, Bongaree Remarks – Hosted by Geoff Bradford, the morning tea will create a space for people to share the story of their grief with people who understand. Geoff has a wide range of experiences assisting men and women through many forms of grief, his wisdom and insight will al low people to know that it is a normal part of life. Contact - 0421 8 66 560 GROUP - Bribie Island Garden Club Meets – 4th Wednesday of each month at 9.00am for a 9.30am stary Where - Bribie Is RSL Club Remarks - Enjoy a beautiful bench of flowers, morning tea and friendly people. Contact - Les mobile 0411 049 894 GROUP: RSL (QLD) Beachmere SubBranch Inc. MEETS:Every second Saturday Monthly TIMES: 9 am WHERE: Beachmere Community Hall in Progress Road. REMARKS: We are a not for profit group and seek your assistance in promoting our group. We offer one hour FREE assisted locally, Australian and overseas research is available at our Club COST: RSL membership CONTACT: Dick 0753272861 GROUP: Beachmere Slimmers Inc MEETS: Every Friday at 9am WHERE: Beachmere Activity Centre, 25 Biggs Aveue REMARKS: We are a friendly support group meeting weekly COST: Joining fee $15, Weekly fee $4 CONTACT: Judy 0401 153 633 & Find us on Facebook Beachmere Slimmers Inc GROUP: Bribie Island Road Runners & Walkers Club MEETS: Saturday & Sunday morning at 6am WHERE: Bongaree Jetty REMARKS: We have runners & walkers of all capabilities. Enjoy a run or walk and join us for a social coffee afterwards COST: $10 annual QRun membership & Gold Coin donation per week that you participate CONTACT: Bruce Vale Club Secretary on 0435014880 or visit our Facebook page


Australia Day 2019 29

Real Estate

2019 - Issue 33

Real Estate



To have your property featured on this page FREE call us now 0447 007 966

17 Beltana Avenue Toorbul

Architecturally designed home on magnificent acreage

This this magnificent high quality modified Garth Chapman design Queenslander home nestles on approximately 7.11 HA of usable selectively cleared land. The land includes two dams of which one has a continuous supply of fresh water.

The house uses rain water from 3 22,500 litre rainwater tanks which are pumped through a series of filters for a final treatment before reaching any taps, and a massive 200ltr pressure tank to increase the pump life." Enclosed floor space is 200 m2 with a large wrap around veranda bringing the total to 325 m2. This is top of the range 4 bedroom family home (en-suite in main) that was built in 2009 is well designed and thought through.

The large kitchen with a walk in pantry is fitted with up market appliances and extends to a mega size family room and open plan living. The kitchen is equipped with gas hot water and cook top. Thehome is fitted with polished hardwood timber floors throughout.

The garage is currently set up to accommodate 4 cars and has 4 roller doors (2 being remote controlled).


Full industrial concrete driveway and footpath around the home with electric gate. and is fenced to keep the pets inside and the kangaroos out. With the bird sanctuary nearby this property boasts abundant birds and wildlife it really is a nature lovers paradise.

The beautifully landscaped gardens are planted with mango, banana and macadamia trees amongst others.

The property was leveled with a land plane and contoured to drain effectively in 2007. For your leisure there is a 9m x 5m in ground concrete pool built in 2013.

A very large industrial shed built to house your boats and equipment being a sizeable 18m long, 12m wide and a full height awning and two full height roller doors to accommodate larger trucks. The home, garage and shed all run on 3 phase power. 5 private power poles running power to the home and shed. A home of such caliber in a coastal area being only 10 minutes to the highway and less than 50 minutes to Brisbane is a unique find. Offers over $1,100,000


Awnings ~ Blinds ~ Shutters Security Screens ~ Louvres

Shop 2/19 Benabrow Ave, Bellara Phone: (07) 3408 9299 Mon to Thurs - 9am to 5pm Fri - 9am to 3pm Saturday - by appointment only, Saturday, Sunday & public holidays - Closed






SHERI BINZER BBus.St. * 2018 Rate My Agent Award Winner * 20 year local practised licensee * Extremely Dedicated & Motivated

0412 666 779

Advanced Address - 2/2 Eucalypt St, Bribie Island Phone: 3408 4071

News Real Estate

My Personal Property Manager Phone: 54295425

GO to:

The only Real Estate Agency “totally specialising in Residential Property Management” @ Bribie Island & Sandstone Pt & Surrounds Kim Gill - Principal

Advertise for only $66 per issue

Matt Owen Advertising Manager 0447 924 507



Australia Day 2019

Real Estate 2019 - Issue 33

2 Jacana Avenue, Woorim, 4507 PO Box 2102, Woorim, 4507

3408 2700 429

Find us on the Meander Map

2/5 Winston Drive, Bongaree

1/22 Winston Avenue, Bongaree



* Impeccable presentation with exceptional lifestyle * Tremendous modern 3 bedrooms + additional WC * Bonus solar panels & big private fenced courtyard * Extra-large remote garage + easy-care landscaping * Quiet boutique complex of 3, steps to waterfront

* Ground floor apartment with boutique complex * Includes air con, fans, tinted windows, high ceilings * New remote car garaging & bonus ramp to door * Concealed self-storage + close to every amenity * Prime portfolio investment or move in now!

Price: $373 000 negotiable Agent: Sheri Binzer – 0412 666 779

225 Endeavour Drive, Banksia EXPANSIVE + STYLISH + POOL = INSPECT NOW! * Features refurbished sheer size & light throughout * Central designer kitchen with indoor/outdoor flow * Large family room + 2nd lounge, solar & 800 m2 * Short walk to the Golf & Country Club amenities * No rear neighbours, quality residences surround

Price: $595 000 negotiable Agent: Sheri Binzer – 0412 666 779

Price: $252 000 negotiable Agent: Sheri Binzer – 0412 666 779

6/2 Boyd Street, Woorim MODERN BEACH SIDE LUXURY! * Best positioned, air conditioned + high ceilings * Stylish + quality décor & furnishings to match * Lift to front door + offers massive tiled balcony * Concealed storage unit, secure remote garage * Includes the huge swimming pool + BBQ area

Price: $ 435 000 open to offers Agent: Paul Howard – 0408 068 770

52 Arcadia Avenue, Woorim LARGE LOW SET LIVING - PRIME OPPORTUNITY! * Generous tiled open plan with the huge kitchen * Massive lounge, separate formal & casual dining * Extra-large master has both the WIR + ensuite * Solar panels, fenced + big entertainment patio * Remote garage leads to the rear sizable shed

Price: offers over $495 000 Agent: Paul Howard – 0408 068 770

7/74 North Street, Woorim TOP LOCATION + TOP VALUE! * Steps to the beach front & amazing water views * Generous open plan living + is tiled throughout * Large 3 beds inclusive of the 2 way bathroom * Offers great storage capacity & secure garage * Established gardens + rear national park scenery

Price: $369 000 Agent: Paul Howard – 0408 068 770

8 Brigantine Place, Banksia PHENOMENAL SIZE - PERFECTLY POSITIONED! * Pure comfort with an attractive street presence * Large family residence - massive private patio * Well-equipped kitchen + 2 huge lounge rooms * Separate wing king-sized master WIR & ensuite * Ample rear grounds for pool & extra parking Price: $570 000 offers invited

Agent: Sheri Binzer – 0412 666 779

6 Beaufort Circuit, Banksia Beach INSPECT YOUR NEW ULTRA MODERN HOME! * Immaculate within superb quality prime location * Extensive entertaining options + 2 lounge rooms * No rear neighbours, near marina, park & beach * Classy residences surround + easy-care grounds * Bonus side access – the perfect lock up & leave!

Price: $565k all offers considered! Agent: Sheri Binzer – 0412 666 779



Permanent Rentals

Quality tenants waiting for your Investment homes to rent, we have one of the lowest vacancy rates on the Island. To arrange an appraisal, contact

3408 2700

Holiday Accommodation Offering holiday accommodation for the perfect holiday, call us to arrange a holiday you will not forget. 2 Jacana Ave Woorim QLD 4507

FULLY FURNISHED UNIT NEAR THE OCEAN Massive easy care 3 bedroom apartment is fully furnished and ready to move in. The air conditioned residence is complete with a large 2- pac gourmet kitchen, a spacious lounge, separate dining room and high ceilings. This home includes an ensuite plus a big bathroom. The enormous courtyard is a great bonus, along with secure parking for 2 vehicles, making this apartment a must see, and sorry no pets. Walk to the patrolled beach and all amenities. Available from Now $360pw RENOVATED 4 BEDROOM BRICK HOME Step inside & explore this one with all the benefits. New kitchen, with the sizable lounge and is tiled throughout. Each bedroom has built in robes as well. Outside entertaining will be a delight with the huge entertaining area that overlooks the fenced rear grounds. The renovated residence feels as like a new home, make your appointment today! Available from 17th December $395 wk MASSIVE 4 BEDROOM RESIDENCE NEAR SURF BEACH Great location for your air conditioned and freshly painted family home. Generous sized kitchen is complete with combined dining and lounge, along with 4 substantial bedrooms. Has the extra bonus of another lounge or area suitable


for an office. Fully fenced sizeable grounds are an additional feature of this address. The family abode is perfectly situated near to the surf beach and shopping centre. This one will not last and is pets on application. Available December $420 pw PERFECT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY + INCLUDES GRANNY FLAT! Main 2 bedroom residence is renovated and has all that one would require. View the spacious kitchen, separate open plan lounge and dining room as well as the 5 KW solar panels. Bonus 1 bedroom granny flat includes own bathroom complete with independent living area along with some basic kitchen facilities. Front outdoor entertaining area is the prefect retreat to unwind; and a second rear outdoor covered area is the great spot to watch the kids run around the huge back yard. Available Now $425 pw OCEAN BREEZES NEAR THE BEACH Welcome home to this beautiful modernised air conditioned abode. Complete with a new kitchen and bathroom, inclusive is the spacious lounge to relax. All the 3 bedrooms are air conditioned as well ready for summer! Additional features are the fantastic entertaining deck, along with the secure private back yard + offers a single carport with single garage, & room for the boat etc

Permanent Rentals 3408 2700

10 FAIRLEIGH COURT EXPLORE THIS MAJESTIC RESIDENCE PRIME BEACH SIDE LOCATION! * Rarely found – north facing + substantial 1000 m2 * Immaculate low set within lush established gardens * Offers enormous kitchen overlooking tremendous verandah * Ducted air con, large lounge & additional family room * Covered tall side access parking + extra- large 7.5 m2 car garage, triple remotes * Ticks all the boxes – steps to the ocean – inspect now!


Australia Day 2019 31

Real Estate

2019 - Issue 33


LIKE 07 US5498 ON 8001 SALES • RENTALS • PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 21 Esplanade South, Donny Brook

PHONE 0405 759 996

9 Peel Street, Toorbul


TOORBUL Address available on request



2 rumpus rooms with a second shower and toilet downstairs, understairs storage, shelving and garage. Outside the fully fenced yard has a lovely in ground pool (safety certificate in place).

$510,000 negotiable 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 3 Car Spaces

Carport for the 2nd car or boat. Bore water, town water, garden sheds.


Located high on the Esplanade in Donnybrook catching the sea breezes and water glimpses, a loved family home that has been well maintained and cared for. Split-level home Enter through the sun room to the Open Plan Living, Dining, and Kitchen. The kitchen has stone bench tops , plenty of cupboard storage and gas cook top and an electric wall oven. The downstairs area has been freshly

painted, has an air conditioning unit as well as a fire place and the lounge room leads out to the front porch where you can see the views to the greenspace parkland and the water.

Michelle Jones 0405 759 996

Michelle Jones 0405 759 996

Upstairs 3 bedrooms with built-ins. Seperate toilet Linen storage Ceiling fans

17 Beltana Avenue, Toorbul


OFFERS OVER $1,100,000

1 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms 1 Car Spaces

3 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms 9 Car Spaces



This renovator is in a lovely secluded street, close to the water.

100 year old Queenslander on Elimbah Creek. Nestled among the fruit trees at the end of the drive this charming home has 3 bedrooms, a beautiful traditional lounge room, spacious dining room and a great sized sun room, renovated traditional kitchen. The potential here is unlimited put your own touch on this beautiful home. The deck over looks the water and manicured gardens and down to the jetty, where you can throw a line in, glass of wine in hand. Large Boat shed / work shed with a boat ramp that goes down to the deep water frontage, ready to launch the boat.

The lifestyle is the draw card for Toorbul, casual coastal living. Bruce h'way approx 10 mins Brisbane City 1 hour Caloundra 40 mins. A must to inspect

Michelle Jones 0405 759 996

25 Amy Street, Donnybrook



Michelle Jones 0405 759 996


$340 000

4 Bedrooms 2 B Bathrooms h 6C Car Spaces

2 Bedrooms d 1B Bathrooms h



"We have listed for the first time this magnificent high quality modified Garth Chapman design Queenslander home perched on approx 7.11 HA of usable selectively cleared land. The land includes two dams of which one has a continuous supply of fresh water. Enclosed floor space is 200 m2 + Large wrap around verandah bringing the total to 325 m2. This top of the range 4 bedroom family home (ensuite in main) was built in 2009 with a lot of thought. The large kitchen with a walk in pantry is fitted with up market appliances and extends to a mega size family room open plan living.

What a cutie in Donnybrook. First Home Buyers, Investors, Holiday House. Ticks all of the boxes. Open plan kitchen dining lounge 2 bedrooms laundry and storage room Outside entertainment area Water tank, town water. Close to the Donnybrook community and Sports Centre, Post Office Take away, Bait Shop, Boat Ramp. Tenants in place, we like to respect the tenants and ask for an appointment to be made to view the property.

• Licensed Tavern and Bottle Shop • Restaurant • Take Away Foods • Class A News Agency Licence • Boat Hire Licence • 15 minutes to Caboolture

Michelle Jones 0405 759 996

58 Carnegie Street, Toorbul

Ideal family business located in Toorbul overlooking the beautiful Pumicestone Passage & Bribie Island. This business has been established for a long time in Toorbul, there is no opposition. Freehold General Store and Tavern and another building leased by a Pharmacy at the moment.

Michelle Jones 0405 759 996

Michelle Jones 0405 759 996

FEATURE PROPERTY 13 Third Avenu Avenue Toorbul

$378,500 $490,000 4 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 3 Car Spaces

TRANQUIL IN TOORBUL 4 Bedrooms The main bedroom has a sitting room creating a parents retreat. Internal staircase Large Open plan kitchen dining leading to the lounge. Separate pantry. Reading nook or office space. Natural light floods into the home via the skylight windows creating a lovely homely feel to the space. Be amazed at the amount of storage there is room for 3 cars and a boat underneath the home as well as another toilet and shower, laundry. Good side access to the large garage with two roller doors and workshop area. Located one house back from the Esplanade, walk to the playground and the secret sandy beach.

2 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms 3 Car Spaces

Michelle Jones 0405 759 996

3 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 4 Car Spaces


Residential Land


Located in the Avenues this home has been renovated with a nod to it's heritage. All the hard work has been done, just move in and put your personal touch on this home. 2 reverse cycle air conditioners ceiling fans Sea- breezes. Water views from the upstairs bedroom. 5.5klw solar with a 250 litre hot water. Fully fenced Garage and carport in the back garden. 3 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 2 Car Spaces

324 Meldale Rd Meldale 4510



Australia Day 2019

Real Estate 2019 - Issue 33


1 56 Caraway Crescent, Banksia Beach - King sized master suite w/ WIR & ensuite - Generous side access for a boat or caravan - Rear hardstand behind the garage - Garden shed on a concrete slab - Split system air-cons - Instant gas hot water

2 4




For Sale: Sale: $599,000 : $559 000 For Inspect: By Appointment David Wereszczuk | Karen Wereszczuk 0407 657 455 | 0409 255 756

RE/MAX Advanced

1 10 Curlew Street, Woorim -

4 Great sized bedrooms 1 Bathroom Tandem garaging Outdoor entertaining 546 sqm Block Fenced Close to shops, public transport, dining

- 3 bedrooms 2 with A/C - Family sized bathroom - Open plan air-conditioned living, dining and kitchen - Large laundry room - Single carport, Large Shed - Great sized fully fenced backyard - 531sqm block




4 Bedrooms including master suite Tiled living, dining and Kitchen Outdoor Alfresco area DLUG with side car park Great side access double gates to store caravans, boats and trailers - 3 Air-conditioner units throughout - Media Room, Large laundry


For Sale: Offers from $499,000 Inspect: By Appointment Victoria Nicholson 0467 220 351

RE/MAX Advanced



- Bedrooms all with built in robes - 2 master bedrooms both w/ ensuites - Kitchen w/ loads of cupboard & bench space, two ovens, dishwasher - Multiple separate living zones - Oversized triple car garage - Concrete pad at the rear of the garage

For Sale: $389,000 Inspect: By Appointment


Victoria Nicholson 0467 220 351

3 bedrooms w/ ceiling fans & BIR Master suite w/ A/C & WIR Family sized bathroom Open plan kitchen and dining Great sized living area with A/C Massive 740m2 block, fully fenced

RE/MAX Advanced



For Sale: $545,000 Inspect: By Appointment Victoria Nicholson 0467 220 351

RE/MAX Advanced




Auction: of January For Sale:12th : Contact agent2019 OnSite Inspect: By Appointment Victoria Nicholson 0467 220 351

RE/MAX Advanced

2 6




For Sale: Offers Over $580,000 Inspect: By Appointment David Wereszczuk | Mitchell Day 0407 657 455 | 0467 220 351

RE/MAX Advanced

2 4



For Sale: $479,000 Inspect: By Appointment Mitchell Day 0467 220 351

RE/MAX Advanced

2 4


1 18 Bilinga Court, Sandstone Point




2 3

4 bedrooms all w/ BIR Master w/ private ensuite Huge covered alfresco area Resort-style pool A/C, large laundry room DLUG w/ drive-through access Large shed for extra storage 1045sqm waterfront block

12 Sanctuary Court, Bongaree


1 21 Cod Circuit, Bongaree

7 Swordfish Place, Banksia Beach


1 13 Warana Avenue, Bellara


1 722 Bestmann Road, Ningi -

3 Bedrooms with BIR Combined living, dining, and kitchen Family sized bathroom Good sized separate laundry Extra massive shed with workshop 2x 5000L rainwater tanks Security screens throughout 3,146sqm fully fenced block

2 3



For Sale: $495,000 Inspect: By Appointment Mitchell Day 0467 220 351

RE/MAX Advanced




MODERN 3 BEDROOM NINGI TOWNHOUSE Situated in a convenient location, close to transport and shops. - Open plan modern kitchen and living area - Large private entertainment courtyard with pergola - 3 built in bedrooms with a generous bathroom - Pets on application - Single lock up garage Available now $340pw DUAL LIVING ACROSS FROM WOORIM SURF BEACH Fully renovated property complete with dual living capability directly across the road from the surf beach at Woorim. - 4/5 Bed - 4 Bathrooms - 2 Modern kitchen - 3 car garage - Air conditioning - Pets on application Available 18/2/2019 $850pw PREMIERE CANAL LIVING IN BONGAREE Stunning 4 bedroom home, 2 bath on 500sqm block of land, idyllic, relaxed, canal lifestyle. - Kitchen with a walk in pantry - Master Suite with WIR & Ensuite - 3 Bedrooms with built in robes - Double lock up garage - Pets on application - Central location to shopping, medical facilities, public transport Available now $560pw BEDSIT GRANNY FLAT IN BELLARA Great location, close to parks and Pumicestone Passage. - 1 Bedroom - 1 Bathroom - Kitchen - Large yard - Water views Available now $275pw

Australia Day 2019 33

Real Estate

2019 - Issue 33

HOLIDAY RENTALS BONGAREE BEACH COTTAGE Cute fully renovated 3 bedroom beach cottage 50mts from the beautiful Pumicestone Passage. Walking distance to Bongaree shops, bowls club, cafes and amenities. Plenty of off-street parking, bring all your beach and fishing gear. - Sleeps 6 guests - 1 Queen, 1 Double sofa bed, 2 Single beds - Fully equipped kitchen - Tandem carport EXECUTIVE PROPERTY IN QUIET LOCATION This beautiful property Banksia Beach is walking distance to the main Bribie Island Shopping Precinct, a courtesy bus ride away from the Sandstone Point Hotel, Bribie Bowls Club, RSL Club or Golf Clubs. - Sleeps 8-10 guests - 2 Queen beds; 6 single beds (2 beds, 2 trundles, 2 mattresses on floor) - Ducted air conditioning throughout - Pool table - Private battle-axe block - Stunning 12 metre lap pool - Double garage and separate carport TOP FLOOR UNIT - WATCH THE SUNSET FROM YOUR BALCONY! Relax with a glass of wine and enjoy the magnificent sunsets over the Pumicestone Passage from the veranda of this fabulous Bellara unit. Only three units in this quiet complex just a stroll across the road to the beach, fish and chips on the deck, morning coffee on the water and the boat ramp. - Sleeps 6 guests - Master bedroom with Queen bed overlooking the water - 2nd bedroom - 2 singles + 2 single trundles - Air-conditioning - Spacious well equipped kitchen and open plan meals area - Relax on the veranda - overlooking water - Single lock up garage



The role of a real estate agent is to sell your home for the best price possible, as quickly as possible. Agents act in your own interests, delivering a range of crucial services from the early stages to the final settlement. These services include:

• Advising you on how much you can expect to receive for your property, and whether you should sell by private treaty or at auction • Advertising your property

• Bringing your home before potential buyers

• Negotiating the selling price between you and the potential buyers • Facilitating the actual sale of your property and the final exchange of contracts. Choosing an agent

Since for most Australians, property is their single largest asset, it’s important to deal with an agent you know you can trust.

When choosing an agent, remember to check whether they are a member of the respective Real Estate Institute in your state or territory. REI members have a commitment to service and professional standards, and are bound by strict codes of conduct. In addition, REI members have access to a wide range of professional development opportunities enabling them to enhance their skills and offer quality customer service. Agent’s commission

Every agent you approach should provide you with a quote to sell your home, setting out a predicted selling

price and the agent’s fee. Remember to ask for exactly what the commission buys you: some agents will offer newspaper advertising alone, while others may organise open house inspection days, letterbox drops and other effective forms of promotion. For this reason, the agent with the lowest commission fee is not necessarily the wisest economic option. Agency options

One decision you will need to make when selling your property is the type of agreement between you and the agency selling your home. There are several possible options: • Exclusive agency agreement: where you deal only with one real estate agent, whose fee is payable however the property is sold. • Sole agency agreement: the same as an exclusive agency agreement, except that the owner may sell his or her property privately without paying the agent’s fee.

• Open agency agreement: where you engage a number of real estate agents, and only the agent who sells your property receives the commission. Under this agreement, you may gain extended coverage, but could find that the sale of your property becomes a much lower priority than if you had engaged an exclusive agent.

• Auction agency agreement: where your agent organises the auction of your home.

Advanced Phone: 3408 4071


50% Leased/Under Offer RENT : Offering a 3X3X3 lease with fixed 3% increases $2391.66 + GST per cal month - this amount includes all outgoings A perfect opportunity is available for an experienced operator to lease a ready-made business at Sandstone Lakes Plaza. Join the current tenants including a large childcare, huge 24 hr Plus Fitness Gym , Dance studio, Hair salon and others. The space is 82m2 inside with exclusive use rights of some outdoor areas included in the lease. The experienced owners will provide 90% of the fitout , including : Plumbing and Electrical Air conditioning Kitchen ( no appliances) Some fixed furnishings Signage

For further information please contact exclusive agents Darren McArthur or Nicole West Mulally


Call 1300 989 550



Australia Day 2019 2019 - Issue 33

Youth Interest

Geeks & Gadgets

Youth Voice

Happy New Year from the Students at Bribie Island High School we will be back and writing in the February Issue.

January Teen-ty Six By Lilly Owen

As Australia Day approaches, we all find ourselves questioning what meaning the celebration holds to us. Though, a path sparsely explored, is what it means to the future of our nation – the

adolescents. Beyond the arrival of the first fleet, Australia Day has varying significance through the generations. Whether people witnessed Australia’s first fleet landing, lived through its announcement as a separate country, or built the cities up from the ground, Australia Day is a day for us all to celebrate the efforts of those before us in laying the foundation of the world we’re still building today.

Australia Day, as most know, is the day that we commemorate the arrival of the first fleet onto the soil of our nation. Despite the rising controversy regarding the validity of recognising this as the official founding of our country (as it denounces the extensive Aboriginal history that precedes it), it is still currently standing as the core focus of the citizens’ raging pride of our country. Whether the day is spent with family, feasting on lamb chops, watching cricket on the beach or galivanting from party to party in a celebration of Australia, the day is significant to all. The teens of today grew up surrounded by the nationalism of other countries. All throughout television are celebrations from other nations, cherishing their achievements. When raised viewing such things, one cannot help but yearn for an equivalent. It’s Australia Day. On television, we see people running and screaming and celebrating for their nation and we can’t help but want the opportunity to do the same. For us, we have Australia Day to indulge in our shameless patriotism. The twenty-sixth of January is our Fourth of July, our Saint Patrick’s Day. It is our chance to celebrate everything that our nation has become. While most view teenagers as ignorant to the past or anything even remotely academic, Australia Day is a day in which reflection of the past is notably multiplied. The arrival of the day


ȋ ȌǤ ǡ Ǥ ͹ ʹͲͳͻ Ǥ Ǥ

constitutes as a reason to sit down and think about everything that has brought our nation to what it is today. Opportunities like this are few and far between. Australia Day is when the youth has reason to contemplate the strife and struggles that moulded the foundations of our ever-evolving society. During these reflections, conclusions can be made, resolutions formulated, and futures solidified. To the future

of our nation, the past is the most opportunistic pathway to solidifying our future. Finally, Australia Day is simply a chance to enjoy being an Australian. With all seriousness and reminiscing aside, it is the day of embracing all of the stereotypes that many strive to avoid. We crack open a beer, shove on some thongs and scream the anthem. It is simply a day to procrastinate the chores, say “she’ll be right” to any responsibilities and enjoy our lives. To teens, Australia Day is simply a reason to experience pure joy – uninhibited by the burdens of society.

Conclusively, the teen visualisation of the significance of Australia Day, while differing from that of others, is equally as relevant and necessary to embrace as that of even those who built it. Australia Day is the Aussie nationalist time of the year and one of the few opportunities we have to reflect and evolve from such ponderings. The youth’s view on Australia Day is what our nation shall grow into. It must be cherished and embraced. The future’s viewpoint is the one that shall prevail.

Build patterns and designs from X-ray images and explore interactive artworks in council’s latest offering, APT9 Kids on Tour. The program runs in conjunction with the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art’s exhibition The 9th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT9) and includes a number of activities that explore key themes of life and natural resources, the importance of community and storytelling.

Spokesperson for Lifestyle and Amenity Denise Sims encouraged young people not to miss the opportunity to explore their artistic side by learning techniques practised by international artists.

“There’s no right and wrong answer when it comes to art, so this exhibition is really a fantastic way for kids to capitalise on their creative side and create interesting pieces using techniques developed by inspiring artists,” Cr Sims said. “The best part about this exhibition is that kids will come

Education for the head, heart and hands.

School Tours for 2019 Tuesday 12th February, 3pm—4pm Saturday 23rd February, 10am—Noon Wednesday 13th March,, 10am –11am

School Tours on our new campus

670 Beachmere Road  PO Box 137  Beachmere QLD 4510 P: 07 5429 0511  MBBSS T/A Birali Steiner School  ABN 33 417 843 047 208 SEE US ON THE MAP

For information visit: 07 5429 0511


Australia Day 2019 35


2019 - Issue 33

to understand the special connections to the piece they are creating through the life experience of the artist.

“The horns, skulls and teeth symbolising the transitory nature of life.”

“The medical imaging technique represented one of her first remarkable experiences of looking at things in a different way.

APT9 Kids on Tour will be held across the region’s galleries and museums until early February.

“A fantastic example is an art project by Nona Garcia who grew up in Manila and became fascinated by X-rays at a small hospital run by her parents.

APT9 Kids on Tour is free QAGOMA Touring program available to regional Queensland communities, with thanks to generous support from The Tim Fairfax Family Foundation.

“As part of the APT9 Kids on Tour, kids have the opportunity to form designs through a selection of paper X-rays with images of sea coral and animal bones.

For more information on location and dates head to https://www.moretonbay. Find us on 1/235 Goodwin Dr, Bribie Island

Goodwin Drive Family Medical Centre is delighted to welcome Dr Rina Kennedy. Dr Kennedy graduated from Saint Louis University in 1991 (MD) and completed her medical training between 1993-1996. Dr Kennedy enjoyed running her own practice and consulting in local hospitals from 1997 before moving to beautiful Australia in 2004. Dr Kennedy became a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practice (FRACGP) in 2010. Having served the Caboolture and Morayfield community since 2004, Dr Kennedy is looking forward to extending her knowledge and experience to Bribie Island. She enjoys all aspects of general practice, providing holistic care across all areas of family medicine. She is particularly passionate about Women’s Health. Dr Kennedy is currently working part-time with Goodwin Drive Family Medical Centre, balancing work and family life and will enjoy taking in the sea views.

Special interests:

Dr Rina Kennedy MD, FRACGP

Bulk Billing

Fertility issues Antenatal shared care Children's health Preventative health Chronic disease management

Complex care needs Women's health Implanon insertion & removal

Operating hours : Monday to Friday 8.00am till 6.00pm Saturday 9.00am till 1.00pm Sunday Closed



Australia Day 2019

Gardening 2019 - Issue 33

MICK’S PATCH Inspired by Nature!

Last issue we discussed the most common plants that may be growing in our gardens that could be toxic to our pets especially cats and dogs. I mentioned how extremely toxic the Sago palm or Cycas revoluta is- and in particular, the female fruit and seeds to which- one or two seeds, can be fatal to dogs if eaten. I also mentioned the Lilies -Amaryllis and also the Hemerocallis sp - which can be toxic to cats if ingested also. It might be a good idea to take some photos of your plants in your gardens with your smart phone and try and identify the plants if you can, but if you want to learn morethere are some good books available in Australia at the CSIRO online book shop with reference to common plants poisonous to animals, and also there are some great useful online lists that can be downloaded from some Veterinarian websites too.

Cat in denial- “It was the dog!” There are some plants that are healing to humans but can be poisonous to pets. Classic example is that wonderful healing plant- Aloe vera. While most pets won’t eat these plants as they can sense the bitter- toxic compounds, it’s usually the young pups or kittens that cannot help themselves while running and playing in their frenzied and energetic states and as a result will bite anything on the fly-by, and again, it depends on the level of ingestion and the pet’s individual metabolism as to which symptoms they might be suffering from. Best to call the veterinarian as soon as possible if you suspect your pet has consumed anything untoward of course! Better to be safe- than sorry. There is a range of common indoor houseplants that can be toxic to pets also, and don’t forget, as I mentioned last issue; the flower arrangements containing lilies and also the vase water can be toxic if ingested too. The three most common house plants- Devils ivy or Pothos- (Epipremnum aureum); Peace Lily or Spathiphyllum and Schefflera arboricola- the umbrella plant; are

Which Garden Plants are Toxic for Pets? Part 2

Landscape plant of the Month

the common Pothos Ivy, the house plant I mentioned above- Epipremnum aureum- to remove chloroform and benzene from the air around it. Now these pollutants are commonly found in houses with attached garages from fuel fumes and exhaust emissions, which raises the benzene concentration in the air, and from boiling chlorinated water or running very hot showers creates traces of chloroform- but according to the research team of scientists at the University of Washington, they are also working on a gene that can also remove formaldehyde by genetically modifying the same species of plant.

Spathiphyllum sp.- Peace lily flower

toxic if ingested by pets and all contain insoluble calcium oxalates which can cause significant irritation of the mouth, drooling and vomiting. Spathiphyllum sp.- Peace lily flower Toxic to pets- but ironically, these same plants can filter toxins from our homes too. Now I am going to talk about the benefits of house plants to humans and ironically these same houseplants can actually remove toxins from our rooms and indoor spaces, so if we can keep the pets away; there are a myriad of benefits from having these plants in our house. You may have heard that some plants can filter hazardous molecules from the air and some are more effective at it- than others, but it seems you need a few plants in most rooms to really make a difference. Interestingly, I was reading an article published by the University of Washington- in December 2018- in Environmental Science & Technology; how the research teamhave successfully genetically modified

The Pothos plant The results to date have proven that the modified Pothos plant can remove high concentrations of chloroform by 82% after (3) days and almost undetectable by day- six, and with concentrated benzene, this dropped by day (8) by 75%. Most houses with new flooring, cupboards and rubber backed curtains may contain contaminants that could be removed by this modified plant Epipremnum aureum- in the future. Just imagine trying to get rid of that new car smell? I can just see myself travelling with a forest of these babies in my car if that was the case! Anyhow- that’s your toxic lot today-Stay tuned until next issue- for the latest gardening advice!

The Happy Horticulturist! • • • • •

Call: 0417 618 203 Mick O’Brien

Dip. Hort (MAIH)

by Mick O’Brien


Lagerstroemia indica or Crepe myrtle ‘Natchez’

Summer days and flowering displaysmagnificent, the Crepe myrtle.

Lagerstroemia indica are spectacular summer flowering deciduous trees that produce masses of small delicatecrinkle shaped blossoms borne at the end of drooping branches, which is where it gets its common name -Crepe Myrtle. There are many hybrids available now with coloured blossoms varying from white to pinks, reds and mauve and purple. The “Indian Summer Range”- have all been bred with lagerstroemia faurei to be more resistant to powdery mildew- a serious fungal disease that used to plaque the older L. indica. These hybrids were bred in the United States by Dr. D. Egolf and each cultivar takes its name from an Indian tribe. In the image above: The white flowering hybrid is L. ‘Natchez’ which grows to 6 metres and there is a smaller- semi dwarf white flowering variety grows to 3 metres called L. ‘Acoma’ and ‘Lipan’, ‘Tonto’ and ‘Sioux’ and ‘Yuma’ are shades of pink and grow from 3 to 4 metres tall and ‘Zuni’ has beautiful lavender coloured flowers and grows to 4m ‘Comanche’ is pink flowering also but reaches 6 metres and ‘Biloxi’ is pink but reaches 7 metres and ‘Zuni’ ‘Tuscarora’ grows to 6 metres in height with a dark coral pink blossoms. All crepe myrtles put on a display in autumn when their individual foliage changes colour from green to bronze to red to shades of orange before dropping their leaves. Also, the trunks shed their outer bark revealing a lovely attractive coloured smooth trunk. L indica can be prone to suckering- but all Crepe myrtles respond well to pruning. Got to love them!

Garden Creation, Renovation & Maintenance Specialist in Pre-sale-detail & Presentation Garden Consultancy and Advisory Service All Aspects of Garden and Lawn maintenance Our own brand of eco-fertilisers that work!

Special blend of earthen dusts, Humates and Zeolite



ISLAND and surrounds

Over the phone Scammers call and SMS too.

Phone calls are made by scammers to homes and businesses in a wide variety of scams, from threatening tax scams to offers of prizes or ‘help’ with computer viruses. The availability of cheap Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephone calls means call centres can operate offshore with telephone numbers that look like they’re local numbers. Telephone caller identification can easily be disguised and is one of the many tricks scammers use to make you believe they are someone else. SMS text messages are used by scammers to send a whole range of scams including competition or prize scams. If you respond, you may be charged at premium rates or find yourself signed up to a subscription service. It is safer not to respond or click on links in text messages unless you know who they came from. They can also contain attachments or links to malicious software in the guise of

On Bribie Since 1978

Unit 4 179 First Avenue Bribie Island, Qld 4507 Find us on

Australia Day 2019 37


2019 - Issue 33

photos, songs, games or apps. At your door Watch out—some scammers will come right to your door to try and scam you. Door-to-door scams usually involve the scammer promoting goods or services that are not delivered or are of a very poor quality. You may even get billed for work that you did not want or agree to. A common doorto-door scam is carried out by dodgy traders who move from place to place and do shoddy home repairs or just take your money and run. Legitimate businesses can sell doorto-door but must clearly identify themselves and their company and follow other rules. You have specific rights when it comes to door-to-door sales practices including the chance to change your mind—find out more at Scammers can pose as fake charity workers to collect donations. They will take advantage of recent events like floods and bushfires. Before donating ask for identification and see their official receipt book. Bulk mailing is still used to send lottery and sweepstake scams, investment opportunities, Nigerian scams and fake inheritance letters. A glossy brochure is no guarantee that an offer is legitimate. Regardless of the delivery method they use, their story is always the bait and if you bite, the scammer will attempt to move you to the next stage. Next issue we will provide you with Communication and grooming.

2019 Queensland Reconciliation Awards open for nominations Queensland groups and organisations fostering reconciliation are encouraged to share their stories and nominate for the 2019 Queensland Reconciliation Awards. Acting Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships Kate Jones said the awards recognised advancements towards reconciliation across the State by businesses, community organisations and educational institutions.

“The Palaszczuk Government is committed to supporting unity and respect, and we want to recognise the hard work and commitment shown by Queenslanders who are passionate about building a more inclusive society,” Ms Jones said. “Reconciliation is an ongoing commitment, every year more and more Queenslanders are working together to foster this, and the awards are an opportunity to celebrate Indigenous culture and heritage.” In 2018 the Awards celebrated a diversity of projects committed to reconciliation, including employment opportunities, better educational outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth, and increased cultural understanding through community activities and theatre.

“Recognising and celebrating Queenslanders’ achievements in promoting and supporting reconciliation moves us one step closer to creating

a State which embodies equality and respect for all,” Ms Jones said.

“It’s important we acknowledge our history, strengthen relationships, build trust and focus on the future to advance reconciliation.” The 2019 Queensland Reconciliation Awards Ambassador Johnathan Thurston, who has returned for his seventh year in the role, said he encouraged people promoting reconciliation across the State to nominate.

“It’s important for people to see reconciliation as a whole-of-community responsibility,” Mr Thurston said.

“Together we should be striving to develop respectful relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians and create a community where all cultures are valued and respected equally. “By nominating for these awards, you’re highlighting the great work being done across Queensland, and hopefully encouraging others to follow your example in the future.” The awards program offers a total prize pool of $25,000 across five categories— business, community, education, partnership and an overall Premier’s Reconciliation Award.

Nominations close at 5 pm, Monday 25 February 2019. For more information or to submit an online nomination, visit The awards are supported by ABC Radio Brisbane and Queensland, BHP and Lend Lease.


Locally owned family run business

New Car Log Book Servicing Tune-Ups Tyres and Batteries All Automotive Repairs

TEL: 34081542

Ironman 4 x 4 products and accessories • Bull bars • Suspension Lift Kits • All automotive repairs and servicing • Batteries • Tyres • New Car Log Book Servicing ©PUMICESTONE CREATIVE



Australia Day 2019

The SAINTS Home Church Services

Learn to use the Holy Ghost to:• • • • • •

• • • • •

Understand God's plan and purpose for the creation.

How the two Churches work together. (The Home Churches and the Bishopric)

Learn Moses’ creation story and God's universe. Understand how the flood occurred.

Understand the Tribulation, Armageddon and Second Coming events.

Understand how the stars will fall from Heaven, the mountains are to be made low and the valleys are to be exalted. Learn to correct biblical translation errors.

Contact your Bishop for instruction, interviews and Elders visits.

Attend functions by Bishopric, Stakes, Seventies and the Apostles.

Call Elders to bless and heal the sick and troubled. (The Blind will see, the lame walk, the deaf hear) Understand the blessings and



• • • • •

• • • • • • •

miracles by priesthood authority. Join a Co-operative to have 'everything in common' and understand the Bishop's storehouse and God's welfare plan.

No tithes - there is no money in Heaven. (God already owns everything)

Prepare family history to be presented at the Temple for your ancestors. Use Elders and Sisters for your family services in the Temple of God. Prepare for marriage in heaven and the use of the Birthright on Earth.

Marriage (in Heaven) is ordained of God (Deacons and Deaconesses) between a man and a woman (On Earth) A Bishop shall have but one wife and a Deacon shall have but one wife (1 Tim 3)

Understand polygamy or plural marriage and why it is necessary in heaven. Prepare you and your family for Baptism.

Learn to bless you family members once ordained a Deacon. Perform Sacrament Services at home on the Sabbath (Saturday is the seventh day of the week) Prepare you Eldest Son for ordination as a Teacher.

Prepare you parents to be Patriarchs and Matriarchs.

And more.... you are only limited by

Thousands visit the for fireworks

In what was close to perfect weather, Brennan Park and the Pumicestone Passage foreshore came alive on New Year’s Eve when visitors from across the region flocked to Bribie Island for the afternoon and evening markets festival which culminated in a combined fireworks display from both the island side and the Sandstone Point Hotel.

This family orientated event was organised by the Bribie Island District Community Appeal (BIDCA) and featured a diverse range of market stalls as well as entertainment for both adults and children. As well as a slide, jumping castle and mini train, children had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the alpacas, ducks, goats and piglets from the visiting animal farm and the farm’s two little horses were kept busy taking their young riders around the park.

During the day, DJ Peter Sharp provided a really great range of music and the Celtic Fiddlers kept the music coming into the evening. Both the Vietnam Veterans Association and the Lions Club of Bribie Island were on hand with their tasty burgers and sausage sizzle. Due to New Year’s Eve being a working day for many, a lot of people never arrived until later in the afternoon but by nightfall the area was filled with families who were all seen to be enjoying the festivities. One report has suggested that by the time that the fireworks commenced, a crowd of well over twenty five thousand lined the foreshore. The large attendances were even reported in The Sunday Mail and, as was suggested, the lack of any similar events between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast could very well have been the reason for the added crowds. The New Year’s Eve family celebrations and fireworks have now entertained locals and visitors for seven years and 2019 - Issue 33

your working of the Holy Ghost.


Elder Fowler was ordained a Temple Priest in 1991 after receiving the Baptism of Fire from the Holy Ghost in Sept. 1990.

The Baptism of Fire

I relocated in Port Augusta, South Australia in December 1989 and returned to employment with Telstra in order to support my failing business in Port Lincoln. I secured two successive loans to support my failing business and got down to doing the work I truly love. The work was varied and additional training had me performing as a specialist testing optical fibre using an optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR). This and other work took me to many places in my district which now covered most of the state of South Australia form the township of Redhill north to the Northern Territory border, a vast expanse of country including the Eyre Peninsular down to Port Lincoln. At one point I travelled to Whyalla where I saw a woman I was particularly fond of. I determined to ask her to lunch on my next trip to Whyalla. I did so but the event was an astonishing disaster with me a nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof. Home at Port Augusta that night I determined to find out 'What was wrong with me?' On entering my flat, I began pacing up and down between the front door and kitchen until nearly eleven o'clock. I asked myself silently for six hours the same question: 'What was wrong with me?' without a single answer. Tired, I began to stumble with my

thoughts and eventually made an error in my question and responded with an immediate answer. I stood still and pondered the change in the question and the immediate answer. 'I needed to find questions I can easily answer, then I will know the truth.' Thus began hundreds of questions I had never answered in my life, a watershed of knowledge was obtained in the next hour or so. With a new great understanding of myself, I stopped to be met by a searing heat enveloping my being from my head downwards. I imagined I was about to be consumed by fire and die. The heat spread completely down my body and was so strong but dissipated into an intense warmth. I can only describe the feeling as 'A feeling of great love'. Weakened by the experience I succumbed to sleep. A dream was presented to me that night and repeated in its entirety three times with the ending scene extended each time. I would never be the same again.

A dream comes true

Sometime later I returned to Whyalla and again met with the woman I was so fond of. We had lunch at the Ava Gardner garden and every part of my dream of nearly twenty years before came to pass. Strange things began to happen to me. I could feel some peoples thoughts, emotions and presence.

For more Information:

Individual and group training and seminars available (Re-imbursements of expenses may apply) Email :-

0439 365 316

The Tide is High

Xavi Naidoo getting up and close to the animals

BIDCA President Sharon Parsons has thanked all who contributed to make the event a great success. ‘The Moreton Bay Regional Council along with the Mayor and regional councillors have provided very generous sponsorship to enable us to provide residents of the Moreton Bay region and visitors with safe, family friendly markets, entertainment and fireworks,’ said Mrs Parsons. ‘State Member for Pumicestone, the Bribie RSL Sub-Branch and the Vietnam Veterans Association are also valued sponsors of the day and I would like to offer my sincere thanks to them all as well to the members of BIDCA for their dedicated efforts. I look forward to seeing everyone back again on December 31st this year,’ she added.

Owners of boats and properties with coastal or river frontages in South East Queensland should prepare for the first of the state’s summer king tides predicted later this month.

Acting Minister for Transport and Main Roads Mark Ryan said the higher-thanusual tides were already occurring along the South East coast and would reach maximum levels in coming weeks. “With an increase in holiday boating, some less experienced boat owners may be caught out by the wider tidal margins, especially when launching and retrieving,” Mr Ryan said. “The first of the year’s highest tides are expected from the Gold Coast up to Noosa and Fraser Island from 22 January.

Fire works from the Jetty NYE 2018

“Maritime Safety Queensland is warning people living close to the water may also be affected and should move tinnies, kayaks, garden furniture and other items away from the water’s edge.

“Keep a close watch over children playing in shallow water – tidal streams in these waters can be strong.” Mr Ryan said the highest tides this month could be about 20 centimetres higher than a typical spring tide. “King tides are caused by the gravitational influence of the sun and moon.

“However it is important to remember severe weather such as storms or cyclones can cause sea levels to be elevated above the expected height.

“People who live near the water need to stay abreast of weather conditions and storm surges.

“Boaties should remember at this time of year tides are typically at their highest and lowest extremes.”

More northern ports will experience their highest predicted tides of the year from the period 22 January to 20 February depending on the location.


Australia Day 2019 39


2019 - Issue 33


Auto & Marine Electrics Grant Spencer Proprietor - Technician

Ph: 3408 4600

Get summer ready with a free Air-Conditioning inspection and quote

Call ll the h Specialists l

AIR CONDITIONER Repairs from$99

Grantech Auto & Marine Electrics Unit 1/189 First Ave Bongaree QLD 4507 P: 3408 4600 E:

$58 million in Council infrastructure grants and subsidies up for grabs Queensland’s 77 councils are set to share in $58 million worth of local government grants and subsidies from the Palaszczuk Government, with applications opening on Monday (14 January).

Local Government Minister Stirling Hinchliffe is encouraging councils to get their applications in for the 2019-21 round of the Local Government Grants and Subsidies Program (LGGSP). “This fantastic initiative helps local governments deliver important infrastructure in communities throughout Queensland,” he said. “There’s $58 million up for grabs from 2019-21 and I want to encourage all councils to get in their bids for a share of funding. “The funding can be used for sewerage and water projects, security and community safety, and economic development and tourism. “There’s also funding available for disaster resilience and preparedness. “In addition to funding new infrastructure, the LGGSP is also aimed at extending the functional life of existing infrastructure and improving asset management. “These are the kinds of projects that can have fantastic flow-on effects with jobcreation and increased liveability for our towns and cities, while boosting regional economies.” The application period for project proposals opens on Monday 14 January and closes on Friday 8 February 2019. All 77 Queensland councils are eligible to apply for 2019-21 LGGSP funding, with projects expected to be completed by the end of June 2021.

For more information: http://www.

Eliminate bad odours and ask about our Ozone Regeneration

U3A Beachmere signs on for a great term U3A Beachmere will commence it's inaugural class term with over 20 classes and workshops on it's Program. Although only launching in October 2018, the new campus has made a significant start: finding a venue, opening an office and launching a program with a range of classes to suit nearly everybody in just under three months. U3A Beachmere Steering Committee Chair, David Newell said, "It has been a very big job for the Committee and everyone is very excited to be starting out with such a large and diverse Program for Term One." "We have an amazing team that have pulled all this together in such a short space of time," he said. "We have had a great deal of interest in the Program and in joining U3A Beachmere and we are all very proud of bringing U3A to Beachmere."

If you miss the Sign On Day on Friday, 18 January from 11am to 2pm, the U3A office at the Beachmere Community Hall, 5 Progress Ave will be open from Monday, 21 January from 8.30am to 2.30pm Monday to Friday and then throughout Term One until 5 April.

Vehicle Ozone Regeneration, removes mildew, fungus, bacteria and all bad smells in your vehicle. We specialise in solar fit outs for all your camping and caravan needs and are authorised installers for REDARC. • Airconditioner Servicing • All Electronic Repairs • COUPLERTEC Approved Installers • All 12V and 24V Supplies • Starter motors & Alternators • EFI Diagonostics • Auto Air Conditioning Including all repairs and Installations • Batteries from $69 • All Vehicle Servicing For:• Trailers, Vans, & Campers • All Auto and Marine • Private & Commercial




Australia Day 2019

STORM BOY January 17

Chill Time

INSTANT FAMILY January 24 2019 - Issue 33

HOLMES & WATSON January 24

MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS January 31 GLASS January 31

VICE February 7

THE MULE February 7

WHAT MEN WANT February 14



and OUR

WINNER is Jack Quirk

8 years

Please submit your completed picture with your full name, age (if under 18) and contact details via scan & email to or photograph and SMS to 0447 007 966 for your chance to win 2 FREE Movie Tickets to the movie of your choice at The Bribie Island Cinemas. If you are the winner please contact Belinda on 0447 007 966 to claim your prize. Please submit by 1 December 2018. The winner will be announced in next issue. Good luck and happy colouring!

Tickets kindly sponsored by

Full Name: ....................................................................... Age (if under 16) ................. Phone No. ..................................................




9 6 2

2 1

7 5



9 3


8 6 1 7



2 4


9 2 3 8 4

6 3


Sudoku provided by

3 7 5 4 8 9 6 2 1

8 9 1 3 6 2 4 5 7

6 4 2 1 7 5 9 3 8

2 1 6 7 9 3 8 4 5

4 8 3 6 5 1 2 7 9

9 5 7 2 4 8 1 6 3

5 3 8 9 2 4 7 1 6

7 2 9 5 1 6 3 8 4

Sudoku provided by

1 6 4 8 3 7 5 9 2

A few more great entries So hard to pick a winner all our entries were so good! Another lucky winner gets 2 FREE movie tickets.

Isabella Clarke Age 11

Alyssa Bird Age 8

Braith Ferguson Age 7

Find the solution at

This is the Daily Crossword Puzzle #6 for Jan 13, 2019

6 4 8



Free Printable Crossword Puzzle #6

See page 47 for the solution

8 9 1

Australia Day 2019 41

Free Daily Printable Crossword Puzzles

Spot 5 differences in these photos



Chill Time

2019 - Issue 33

Across 1. Bed boards 6. Use a tent 10. Water container 14. Plane's captain 15. Vietnam's continent 16. Produced 17. Unaccompanied 18. Aft 19. Infant's bed 20. Football cheer 21. ____ Fitzgerald 23. Midday nap 25. Large shrimp 27. Diarist ____ Frank 28. James Earl Ray, e.g. 31. NNW's opposite 34. Not nearby 37. Wealthiness 39. Police actions 41. Summer beverage 42. Scoundrel 43. Unable to read 46. No ifs, ____, or buts 47. Pacino and Gore 48. Appraise again 50. Actor ____ Reynolds 51. "____ Weapon" 55. Deli offering 58. Price 60. Spanish cheer 61. Old 62. Tied 64. Stale 66. Made vocal music 67. Flank 68. ____ beam 69. Abhor 70. Ball holders 71. Vestibule

Down 1. Practices boxing 2. Flowering bush 3. Luau greeting 4. Cargo weight 5. Soaks 6. Scientist ____ Sagan 7. Adrift 8. Hamm or Farrow 9. Root vegetable 10. Host 11. "Star ____" 12. Censor 13. Musician ____ McEntire 22. Speech problem

With thanks

24. ____ tube 26. ____ Gras (Shrove Tuesday) 27. Desirable qualities 29. Biblical mount 30. Carbonated beverages 31. Autograph 32. Wall support 33. Spud buds 34. Diva's solo 35. Autumn 36. Is sick 38. Sunday dinner item 40. Stroke a guitar 44. Spookiest

45. 49. 50. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 63. 65.

Congers Decide Sheriff's star Lift Change Wary Window part Water (Sp.) Pre-Easter period Relinquish Individuals Strive Bolted


2018/2019 Numerology By Michelle

Welcome to this 3 universal year

Happy New Year beautiful souls and welcome to this 3 universal year. The universal year energy is like an umbrella, that despite our differences and our own personal paths connects us as a whole, to each other and to the universe. The 3 vibrates in the most creative way, making almost anything possible this entire year. It also sits at the head of the mind plane, enabling creative debates and self-development. What an exciting time we have entered, bring it on I say.

We start January with the stability of the 4. With the 4’s rock-solid foundation bringing much relief after the turbulence of 2018. Use this focused energy to your advantage, that’s why its here. Do the things that need to be done, take the steps towards your goals. With each of these tasks and steps, you edge closer to achieving. This is a great time to be learning. Especially practical skills that will build something that is useful, lasting and meaningful. Again, just the building block and solid

foundation the 4 energy offers. We are all really just students of life and simply put, learning is an amazing gift to self.

With so much energy on the physical plane take the time to slow down, meditate, do yoga or just breathe. If you’ve not experienced these joys, maybe it’s time to learn……. January the twenty-first brings the first of three Supermoon’s for this year and this one will also have a total lunar eclipse. With all of this super charged lunar energy stay grounded. The magnetism of the earth’s core that makes the tides especially high at this time doesn’t need to be feared if you treat it as your friend. Soak up the moon rays and avoid getting dragged into drama or negativity. Allow the supermoon’s energy to transform your life. Have a great month, Michelle




Australia Day 2019


Seized black marketer’s boat serves as a warning A fishing boat has been forfeited to the state and a recreational fisher and restaurant manager fined more than $8,600 for black marketing of redclaw. Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries Mark Furner welcomed the successful court prosecution, as the Queensland Government moves to further strengthen fisheries laws. “Unlicensed selling of fisheries resources undermines the legitimate commercial fishing industry and threatens Queensland’s reputation as a producer of high quality seafood,� Mr Furner said. “Reforms currently before Parliament are aimed squarely at fishers who illegally sell seafood on the black market, including stronger compliance powers for fisheries officers and higher penalties for offenders. “The community has been calling for change to fisheries legislation for many years and these proposed reforms will bring Queensland fisheries management in line with world’s best practice.�

of committing a serious fishing offence, which included losing their vessel. “If fishers are thinking about breaking the rules, they better be ready to risk losing their fishing boat,� Ms Pease said. “To reinforce that message, this particular forfeited vessel will be displayed at prominent boat ramps in south east Queensland over the coming weeks, including at Manly Harbour on 29-30 December.� Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol officers intercepted a Kurabybased fisher delivering almost 200 redclaw to a Sunnybank restaurant in March. During the investigation, 82 freshwater traps, more than 133 kilograms of redclaw, a 4.5 metre catamaran and a kayak were also seized at Somerset Dam and Brisbane. A recreational fisher, who was not a first-time offender, pleaded guilty to five charges including selling fisheries without a licence and using 78 excess and unmarked freshwater traps, was fined $7,600 and had his vessel forfeited to the State. A restaurant manager, who said he bought the redclaw for a staff party and didn’t intend to sell it, was fined $1000 after pleading guilty to one count of selling seafood without an authority. Follow Fisheries Queensland on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@ FisheriesQld).

The unsinkable boat!

Member for Lytton Joan Pease said all fishers need to know the consequences

ŠPumicestone Creative 2019 - Issue 33

On the Paddock By Tom Brown

Creating Better Role Models in Sport

by Tom Brown

I was watching the recent final of the Brisbane International Tennis Final between Kei Nishikori and Daniil Medvedev on Sunday 6th January at home. It was a great final and warm up Tournament in the lead up the first of the 2019 Tennis Grand Slams, The Australian Open which kicks off in Melbourne on 7th January. Like many sporting fanatics, I thrive on watching most sports, however I was taken back by the amount of times that Daniil Medvedev decided to through his racket into the court following numerous frustrating periods of play during the final. What was most alarming was the acceptance of this behaviour by the Umpire and crowd with absolutely no caution or message by the Umpire. We know that tennis racket abuse occurs and have witnessed these acts of aggressive towards the tool of trade across the modern age, however it is time to put an end

to these tantrums. When children throw their bat, ball, phone or food, we are quick to chastise and explain the consequences and penalties for such behaviour because we know that it sets a poor example amongst others and breeds a caustic and disrespectful environment. When professional Tennis Player decides to use a racket to vent their frustration, we reward the player by allowing them to continue and possibly win their point, set or match. The disappointing aspect to this behaviour is the huge number of children who probably view this behaviour as acceptable.

There are one of two explanations available to this ridiculous scenario. Either we allow this because of the player status or the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) do not view this as a concern. I have an idea for Tournament Organisers that may stop this behaviour and promote improved social behaviour. Provide the Chair Umpire with the following script that can be read to a player who decides to through a racket onto the court in frustration – it goes like this, “Mr Medvedev, please do not through your racket onto the court again – it sets a bad example to your supporters and the young children in our audience. If this occurs again, your game will be forfeited� I guarantee that after a few games are forfeited, the behaviour will end. Let’s get serious about setting examples. Thankfully Daniil Medvedev was rewarded with a loss to the humble professional, Kei Nishikori in Brisbane.

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2018/19 NATIONAL SPORT SNAPSHOT Sport Details Cricket World Cup 2019 England 2019 Ashes Series England Rugby World Cup 2019 Japan Tennis Australian Open @ Melbourne Park AFL National League NRL National League Netball Super Netball Rugby Union Super Rugby Bathurst 1000 Car Racing Australian Formula 1 Car Racing 2019 Soccer Hyundai A League

Bribie Island Golf Club Ladies Results from 18th December 2018, to 10th January, 2019

TUESDAY, 18th December, 2018. Single Stableford Div 1: Winner D Dunn 40, R/U L Urquhart 37. Div 2: Winner L Cockerell 37 C/B, R/U C McAlister 36. NTP Hole 4M Pearce, Hole 7 S Smith, Hole 14 B Vinson, Hole 16 L Urquhart. THURSDAY, 20th December, 2018. Single Stableford Div 1: Winner D Hayward 38, R/U M Bailey 36. NTP Hole 4 D Hayward, Hole 7 B Vinson, Hole 14 S Smith, Hole 16 D Hayward. 9 Hole Competition, Winner J Barrett, R/U H Tanner. THURSDAY, 27th December, 2018. Single Stableford Div 1: Winner B Chen 42, R/U D Dunn 41. NTP Hole 4 D Hayward, Hole 7 L Ball, Hole 14 L Ball, Hole 16 S Weeks. THURSDAY, 3rd January, 2019. Single Stableford Div 1: Winner H Winterflood 35, R/U D Neilson 34 C/B, Div 2: Winner P Hyde 35, R/U J L’Estrange 34. NTP Hole 4 V Smith 579 cms, Hole 7 M Huxley 417 cms, Hole 14 J De Ruyter 339 cms. TUESDAY, 8th January, 2019. Single Stableford Div 1: Winner J De Ruyter 42, R/U R McKinnon 41, Div 2: Winner A Mitchell 36, R/U M Carruthers 35. NTP Hole 4 I Coburn, Hole 7 C Pronk, Hole 14 L Gibson. 9 Hole Competition, Winner J Barrett 19 C/B, R/U Y Swanson 19. THURSDAY, 10th January, 2019. Single Stableford Div 1: Winner A Driver 40, R/U R Cantrill 38. Div 2: Winner L Drew 37 C/B, R/U J Osborne 37. NTP Hole 4 V Smith, Hole 7 M Carruthers, Hole 14 T Keily, Hole 16 C Loimaranta. 9 Hole Competition, Winner J Barrett 14 C/B, R/U J Hurst 14.

Dates May 30 - July 14 1st Aug – 12th Sept 2019 19th Sept – 12th Nov 2019 14th – 27th Jan 2019 March – Sept 2019 Mar – Sept 2019 Apr – Aug 2019 Feb – Aug 2019 10th – 13th Oct 2019 14th – 17th March 2019 Oct 2018 – April 2019

Exercise your rights when joining a gym


SUMMER OPENING HOURS (Limited days because of the heat) 10.00am – 3.00pm January Wed 16th Fri 18th Wed 23rd Fri 25th February Sat 9th & Say 23rd AUTUMN (MARCH)ONWARDS Every Saturday + school holidays as usual

ARTIES line forNPCTIONS n o k o o B TE FU … No need s & PRIVA for 2 ral entrie e For Gen just walk right in … to book ours of FUN!! h

All details are on our website.


If your new year’s resolution involves joining a gym, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has some advice to help you flex your consumer muscles.


Acting Attorney-General and Justice Minister Stirling Hinchliffe said it was important to understand your rights and responsibilities when signing up for a gym membership. “While it can be easy to get caught up in ‘new year, new you’ enthusiasm, make sure you read your contract carefully before you agree to it,” he said.

“It’s illegal for gyms to have unfair contract terms in their standard form contracts, but consumers still need to do their homework. “Add up how much it will cost to cancel your membership down the track, and ensure you understand the conditions of your contract.

“The fitness industry is regulated in Queensland, and gyms must offer you a 48-hour cooling-off period when you join. “If you change your mind within this period, you must notify the gym in writing, and they can charge you a fee for any fitness service you used, such as a personal training session, plus an administration fee of up to $75 or 10 per cent of the membership fee. “Even ‘no-contract’ or ‘month-to-month’ memberships may have fees or costs involved in cancelling your direct debit payments.”

Mr Hinchliffe said Queensland gyms were required to provide a written statement outlining total fees and charges in an easy to understand manner, before you signed a membership agreement.

Just bring your socks for bounces of fun!! Located at Caboolture Indoor Sports Centre



Australia Day 2019 43


2019 - Issue 33

82 Lear Jet Drive, Caboolture 4510 Phone 07 5495 5570 Email

228 Find us on the Meander Map

“This statement must tell you about regular fees including the joining fee and any charges for services or programs, as well as any administrative or cancellation fees,” he said.

“If you have a dispute with a gym, try to sort it out with them directly. If this doesn’t work, you can complain to industry body Fitness Australia, if your gym is a member, or to the OFT.” In 2016 the OFT took a gym owner to court after receiving nine consumer complaints. The owner was ordered to pay $80,000 in fines and restitution for wrongly accepting payments under the ACL after he moved the location of his gym and cut the services offered but continued to take money from members.

For more information on joining a gym, including the National Fitness Industry Code of Practice, or to make a complaint, visit fairtrading.

$5.00 Game Fees Weekly $10.00 Rego per semester JNR Cricket JNR Netball JNR Cricket JNR Soccer

STARTING NOW Mondays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays

Caboolture Indoor Sports Centre 82 Lear Jet Drive Caboolture


Find us on the Meander Map

6 – 12yo all ages 12 – 16yo all ages to 17yo

4.00pm 4.00pm 4.00pm 4.00pm

07 5495 5570



Australia Day 2019

Fishing 2019 - Issue 33

Kid’s Fishing Day at Banksia Beach

The amazing children that made the day so successful! Photo Supplied

It is a strong commitment of Bribie Island Anglers foundation Treasurer, Wayne Baker, for the new club to encourage young anglers. This happened last Sunday when as part of Sunfish Queensland’s programme, the club held a Kid’s Fishing Day at Banksia Beach. The event was supported by local State member Simone Wilson providing printing, marquees and give-aways. The MBRC, through Brooke Savige, made the venue available and her donation provided refreshments and lunch for all. Sunfish gave each child a new rod and reel and Morayfield Health Hub provided them with a Tackle Box. Local business, Southern Fish Marine at Spinnaker Sound were generous supporters and our club gave each child a cap and a beach chair to enhance their future fishing experiences.

. The importance of fishing sustainably . Caring for our environment.

A delicious hamburger lunch was prepared by the Bribie Island Vietnam Veterans and then all the new skills were tested in search of tasty fish dinner.

Event Planner, Peter Hunt said “Sunfish, all the sponsors of the day and particularly the parents who brought their kids along should be congratulated on their commitment to the healthy development of our next generation. 31 youngsters took part and it’s hoped some, if not all of them, were encouraged to spend more healthy days outdoors on our beautiful beaches, appreciating the environment and having fun.”

Above : Parents and children alike had a great day! Far Right : Getting to learn how to pump yabbies Right : Food was aplenty courtesy of the Vietnam Vetrans association

Sunfish instructors started the day with hands-on bait catching, 31 kids and parents having fun in the sand wrestling yabbies and then tuition on · Bag limits and rules for freshwater and or saltwater fishing in Queensland · Fishing with soft plastics and or bait · Knot tying · Rigging lines and casting · Bait and rigs for fishing · Recreational Fishing Code of Conduct · Practical fishing session

State member Simone Wilson was there in support

Learning how to cast Photos by Roger Small


2019 - Issue 33

Australia Day 2019 45


Bribie Island Boat Charters

January 2019 Fishing Report

TIDE TIMES FOR February 2019

As the waters of Pumicestone Passage have warmed up this summer, there have been great fishing opportunities for estuary cod and mangrove jacks, as well as some good flathead, in the creeks and around the mangroves and oyster leases. Ningi Creek is the first creek on the left (mainland) side as you travel north from the bridge. As you explore the mouth of this creek, you will soon realise why locals love this area so much; but be careful not to get stuck on any of the sandbanks – especially on a falling tide! The entrance to Ningi Creek is marked by a yellow cross beacon 2km north of Spinnaker Sound Marina. The best baits for flathead have been prawns and pilchards. A word of warning – it is illegal to use supermarket prawns as bait. You must buy raw prawns from a bait shop – to protect our local crustaceans from introduced disease.

Times and heights of high and low waters 10ʼ e° 22ʼ s long 153°lat 27 Australia, East Coast – BRISBANE BAR

The mouth of any creek in the Passage is a hot-spot for flathead, also for sand crabs, through the summer months (any month that has an “r” in it, is the usual saying). This summer has been an unusually slow start for crabs and for prawns; probably because of all the lovely weather we have enjoyed lately. After a good storm, some rain and strong south-easterlies, the crabbing should improve.

Near the oyster leases just north of Ningi Creek, you should be able to get some good bream – silver bream, grunters and tarwhine all tend to hang around there, but be careful not to interfere with or damage the working oyster leases. Kevin and Ross had a good time there recently, bringing home a few bream. Kevin said that prawns were the only bait that was working for them. Greg also thought the same when he used prawns to catch three bream, a little further north, near Shag Island. Squid is a versatile bait, too, which has been favoured by grunter bream and tarwhine. The deep water in the middle of the Passage between the mouth of Ningi Creek and the bridge holds lots of grassy sweetlip and moses perch over the summer. The tidal run through that part of the Passage will be strong, especially around the new moon (January 21st), so you might have to fish on the drift. If you want to anchor, try to choose a period of time over the change of tide. Just north-west of Pacific Harbour is the Avon Wreck, which is most visible on the lower part of the tides before it becomes largely submerged. It is home to some decent whiting and bream. Shag Island lies behind the wreck looking northward and the relatively deep-water channel between them is known to hold good fish, although it can leave you in shallow water, with no obvious exit if you don’t watch the tide.

Heading another 2km north of the Pacific Harbour entrance, on the Bribie side of the Pumicestone Passsage is White Patch. White Patch is nicely protected from northerlies and northeast/easterlies. Anchoring in towards Wright’s Creek will also offer shelter from our usual south-easterlies. This spot holds juvenile snapper, bream, flathead, occasional trevally and mulloway and sand crabs. The northern end of the White Patch gutter narrows and drops out quickly, so be careful of the tide, but there are good catches possible from this area. Reasonable-

Ethan caught this Mackeral at the VMR on squid

Jen caught this Trevally at White Patch on squid sized trevallies have been showing up at White Patch; usually on squid.

South of the bridge has also been fishing well. Try drifting from the 1st green marker south of the bridge, through to the 2nd marker on the falling tide, using prawns or squid, or using the rising tide to sneak closer to the mangroves there. The Pumicestone Passage’s mudflats and protected wetlands also support many species of wading birds. During summer, huge numbers of migratory birds use Bribie Island and the Pumicestone Passage as their nestingplace; others use the area as a restingplace on their migratory path. Be aware that there is a no-go zone known as Kakadu bird-roost, on the north side of Pacific Harbour – we all need to help protect these birds after their long-haul flights from Siberia and other northern climes. Boats cannot anchor on or near the beach at this legally protected sanctuary. Any time, any tide, any season, there is something to find out in the Pumicestone Passage. The diversity of its fish species, as well as the dolphins,

dugongs and turtles, birdlife and natural beauty make a day out in the Passage a very special experience.


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Electorate Office: Shop 1/43 Benabrow Ave, Bellara l Phone: 3474 2100 l Email:

Message from Simone I hope you all had a wonderful festive season and are now looking forward, as I am, to a productive 2019 ahead. In my maiden speech, I made a promise to the Pumicestone Electorate that I will use my voice and I will put my heart into this job and I said that under my representation this electorate will no longer be taken for granted. Since my election 13 months ago, I have been championing issues that impact on our communities to make our electorate an even better place. The priority is improvements to the State’s road infrastructure, particularly along Bribie Island and Beachmere Roads. You may have heard my calls on the State Government to start taking the much needed upgrades of these two major roads serious so they are safer for all commuters. Unfortunately the State Government doesn’t share our concerns for safer, less congested roads as neither of these main connecting roads are being given the priority they deserve. What is most disappointing is that a $20 million Federal Government commitment to upgrade Bribie Island Road was made by the Prime Minister in July last year and since then the State Government has not progressed this further. The Deputy Prime Minister has written to Queensland Transport and Main Roads Minister, Mark Bailey, seeking his agreement to add the project to the Queensland Infrastructure Program, as required by the National Partnership Agreement on Land Transport Infrastructure, however Minister Bailey has not even given the courtesy of a reply. Essentially this $20 million is left begging in Canberra instead of being put to good use on upgrading Bribie Island Road as intended. It’s not hard to see how $20 million would fix the highly dangerous Old Toorbul Point Road intersection where hundreds of school kids are transported daily to St Michaels School. It would also go a long way in fast tracking the planning project for a dual carriage way between Saint and Hickey Roads, making the commute along Bribie Island Road safer and faster. And it would also stretch to making pedestrian access safer through Ningi, so that children can cross this busy road to catch their school bus without risk of harm.

Follow Simone Wilson On Facebook @SimoneWilsonMP

Health Services Forum Bill Shorten has committed $17 million to establish an urgent care centre on Bribie Island, a promise made during last year’s Longman By-Election. I am committed to ensuring any such centre meets the needs of locals and in my last PEN I discussed meeting with the Executive Director of Caboolture & Kilcoy Hospital Services, Dr Lance LeRay to progress this issue. I am pleased to inform that in the coming weeks I will be facilitating a forum with Senior Queensland Health officials and local practitioners to progress these discussions so that the very best health care is being delivered. I look forward to sharing the outcomes from this important forum with you.

Annastacia Out Of Touch The Palaszczuk Government is becoming increasingly out of touch with the needs of hard-pressed families and those on fixed incomes. Last year Labor announced four new taxes for Queenslanders and flagged a fifth – the waste tax. This year I will be calling on the Government to match the LNP’s guarantee of no new taxes. Budget 2019/20 will be telling!

Upcoming Events This year I will be hosting a number of forums that focus on making our community a better and more safe place to live. I will be joined in the second quarter of 2019 by the Shadow Minister for Police, Trevor Watts MP, when I hold a series of Law & Order Forums across the electorate. Full details of forums will be posted on my Facebook page @SimoneWilsonMP and will be dropped in letter boxes. A dedicated Law & Order page will also be added to my Website so you can have your say and be heard at

I have written to Minister Bailey a number of times about getting the $20 million of Federal funding in play in Pumicestone and raised it in Parliament and I will persist until he takes action. I strongly encourage you to join me in demanding the State Government take action by signing my petition online at or visit my office to sign a paper petition. I will also insist that the State Government recognises the need for upgrades to Beachmere Road as locals are rightly fed up with their needs and rights to a safe commute being ignored.