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Issue 21 2018 / 14 February


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CELEBRATING 40 YEARS OF MARRIAGE We meet Elianor Riess and her husband John in a Valentine Island & Surrounds Special.

New Zealand comes to Bribie Island

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Dear Editor, I wish to reply to the letter from Elizabeth Cambra from issue 19. Yes, Elizabeth many people including myself were very happy to see the departure of the local politician. I saw through the charade and the letter in the other publication. I would like to mention this quote “you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time” I am no fool and I am sure you and many others are not either. Theresa McHenry Banksia Beach

The Island and Surrounds newspaper and as always – it’s a good read. I have just read some articles in the latest Island and Surrounds newspaper and as always – it’s a good read. I specifically wanted to make comment on the article from “Cranky Lizard”. This was an awesome article and I couldn’t agree more. I have rarely ever bought fruit and vegies or meat at a supermarket, mostly because it is much easier to access local, Australian produce at a fruit shop, market or butcher shop. In addition by buying from these smaller, local outputs I’m living my mantra of SUPPORT LOCAL. And Cranky Lizard’s ideas about looking for Australian products is totally on the money. It may occasionally cost a little more but I truly value being able to purchase something that is made in Australia with Australian grown produce. It can take more time to shop this way but in the long run it will make a difference to this great country of ours; and I believe to our personal health and wellbeing. Let’s buy local, let’s buy Australian! And keep up the great ideas Cranky! Maria Oram

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Happy Valentines Day! 2018 - Issue 21

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Alternative Road Concept? Bribie Island Road is becoming more of an ordeal every day with an ever growing number of traffic lights, and no solution in sight for the crawl through Ningi. It would be interesting to look at the growth of traffic to Bribie Island over the past decade. An alternative is for a motorway that would skirt around built up areas. Establishing a corridor for a future 4 lane motorway from the Bribie Island Bridge to the Bruce Highway is a lot easier than having to resume built up areas in the future. Money may not be available for such a project overnight, but unless a corridor is planned, it is highly unlikely that it will ever be an option. Currently, a route is possible from the Bribie Island Bridge to the Morayfield exit on the Bruce Highway. There are no existing traffic lights at the Morayfield exit, and it is closer to Brisbane than the Caboolture turnoff. The proposed route is shown on the map below. There is also a proposal for Bells Creek Arterial Road near Caloundra to be

extended to North Lakes, but it seems to be only a proposal. A motorway corridor from the bridge to this road could still be justified to avoid passing through built up areas in Ningi. It is only reasonable to expect that the Queensland Government will not seriously consider this motorway if local residents show little interest. I encourage people to write to this paper, or Simone Wilson, if they would like to see a feasibility study done for this proposal. Ian Hooper I was amazed to see the comment by the Deputy Opposition Leader Tim Mander (Issue 20) about speed cameras in your travel section. It is every driver’s responsibility to know the speed limit on the road which he or she is driving so there is really no need to have a sign saying, ‘speed camera in use’. The great big signs with numbers on them really give you a hint. If you go over that speed limit it is your problem when you


2018 - Issue 21 Happy Valentines Day!

Australia Day breakfast at Marquardt Park

Letters to the Editor... get your photo taken so you just have to suck it up. Of course, you don’t have to be a party to paying for speeding fines, just keep your heavy foot a bit lighter on the go pedal – it is your responsibility to know the speed limit and follow the road rules. If any government really wanted to raise revenue from irresponsible drivers, they should start putting red light cameras on all traffic lights to book red light runners. Regards John Goss

Why do some people treat the island as a rubbish dump? Why do some people treat the island as a rubbish dump? Noticing all the litter recently I picked a piece I noticed up and decided to count how many steps it was from under the picnic table where it was dropped to the nearby bin: 8 steps! Come on now! This is just lazy filth, rubbish in gutters, waterways, dog droppings on beach foreshore, this really annoys me. Check you have a doggy doo bag (provided free!) BEFORE the event. Pick up after yourself, there is no litter fairy who cleans up after you and look after this island we call home. As for vandals who snap off trees recently planted on Bellara foreshore, and the dumped shopping trolleys, that’s also a problem.



Australia Day 2018

Libby entertained everyone with her talented Whip Cracking.

A tradition first observed 25 years ago was again followed this year when 31 neighbours from Bongaree’s Allamanda Drive and Azalea Avenue gathered in the adjacent Marquadt Park for an Australia Day breakfast. This year Libby entertained everyone with her talented Whip Cracking. One of the original members of the group, Paul King, recalled that the park was not much more than an expanse of sand in 1992, and it was only due to residents bordering the park dumping and watering in their lawn clippings that the park eventually became completely grassed. Les Edis, another original member, said “We all had to bring beach brollies for shade in the early days, because the park’s trees were just small saplings. The fig tree under which we now gather has grown to the extent that it provides more than enough shade for the whole group”.

Neighbors Celebrating Aussie Day with a traditional Aussie breakfast in Marquadt Park

Frustrated no end by it all, as I guess 99% of the population are, so why isn’t it patrolled, and people fined appropriately? Barbara-Lyn Hyam Bellara.

Neighbors from Allamanda Drive and Azalea Drive get together for the traditional Aussie Day Breakfast Photography:Rip and Grip

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4 In the same year that Melbourne staged the 1956 Olympic Games and Elvis Presley released his first Pop Single, Heartbreak Hotel, Elianor Riess’s father took the courageous decision to purchase a one-way ticket and relocated his wife and 10 children to Melbourne to escape the political unrest of Tunisia, North Africa. As a 14-year-old, Elianor Riess knew too well the reasons for leaving the family farm in Tunisia and beginning a new life in Australia. To this day, Elianor is eternally grateful to her dad for a life journey that began in Tunisia and continues today living on Bribie Island with the joy of her life, husband, John.

Regular Feature

Happy Valentines Day! 2018 - Issue 21


I arranged to meet Elianor and John Riess at their family home on Bribie Island to talk everything relationships, family, food and Bribie. As I drove into Elianor’s Street, I was searching hard for street numbers, as you do, and then I sited this well-dressed lady in a front yard wearing a colourful dark green patterned dress. Immediately my intuition kicked in and said, “Damian, that has to be Elianor.” With that thought, we shared eye contact and I was swiftly given my parking directions.” I share this arrival story because it goes to the heart of the effort some people invest to care and look out for people. Elianor welcomed me with a big smile and escorted me around the back of the house and into the lounge entertainment area where I was introduced to husband “Two amazing things happened to me in my life, my family relocated from Tunisia to God’s Own Country, Australia and I married the Joy of my life, husband John Riess.” John who was offered a warm greeting and hand shake. The rear of Elianor and John’s home faces onto the picturesque canal and is surrounded by manicured gardens, a rear entertainment area and pool. To put things into perspective, John is in his early 70’s and Elianor in her late 70’s. John has Vascular Dementia and requires significant full-time care while Elianor has stayed off her own serious illnesses over the past few years and has found the strength to get on and celebrate life with John. In days gone by Anniversary in June this year. When we and Italian. I was intrigued how Elianor John was the leader and provider and first met in Melbourne, we hung around was able to maintain her repertoire of these days Elianor plays the lead role of each other for about a year before we languages. Elianor said, “Well you have spokesperson, entertainer, communicator, were married in Melbourne,” she said. to remember that I had 6 brothers and executive chef and carer. Elianor said, “We both share a common interest 4 sisters so these days I will call my “What makes me happy is to look after in collecting antiques and building sister for a chat,” she said. “We start our my husband, John. He looked after me relationships with special people. We love conversation in English, we move to for nearly 40 years and I now look after to showcase our antique collection which French then Italian and so on. That’s him in our beautiful Bribie Island home includes English, Spanish, Japanese and how we do it. I also speak the different that John designed,” she said. French items positioned throughout our dialectics.” Professionally, Elianor was a lead propagator of chrysanthemums, Roses and Carnations in Brisbane for many years and has a passion for creating and designing gardens.

Celebrating love, life, friendship and 40 years of marriage

The three of us sat together in the lounge area sharing stories. John seems to love a chat and joke. John spent 38 years operating his Backhoe Business in Brisbane which followed a short career as a Marine Craft Fitter with the RAAF in Melbourne. Professionally John studied a trade as a Motor Mechanic with the RAAF School of Technical Training in Wagga and went on to work as a RAAF Marine Craft Fitter stationed at Point Cook in Victoria. John said, “The RAAF had three Marine Rescue Bases where they employed Marine Craft Fitters in Australia. They included Townsville, Newcastle and Point Cook and unfortunately I was posted to bloody

Elianor showcasing Japanese Antiques

Family Painter and Friend, Richard Curtis

They say opposites connect and it certainly helps if you have a few common interests and enjoy a good laugh together. Both Elianor and John are creative, visual, humorous and loving people and have shared a bond for each other for almost 41 years. Elianor says, “We are celebrating our 40th Wedding

home.” Elianor is a born entertainer, passionate gardener and expert communicator who’s love-language is based around food. It’s not hard to take the lead role from your husband when you share these attributes. It also helps when your wife speaks the five languages of French, Maltese, Spanish, Arabic

Point Cook, Victoria.” When I raised the topic of living in Melbourne and the AFL, John was quick to close the door on life in Victoria. Albeit in a fun and jovial spirit, John pointed out that he was raised on Queensland’s Central Coast and enjoys the Queensland climate and lifestyle. My initial excitement for connecting with John and sharing my passion for my beloved St Kilda AFL Team was killed off in less than 3 seconds. John made two statements,

“I don’t do aerial ping pong” and then he said, “Do you know that they have reclassified Victoria from a State to a Condition.” John has a knack for delivering these types of statements which made me laugh out loud. Thankfully Elianor intervened and offered me a cup of coffee which was spoken in Italian. Of course, I needed to respond in Italian for Elianor to begin the coffee production. I replied, “Yes please.” Elianor said, “You say, si Grazie.” Of course I nailed it because I needed a coffee and I also noticed the packet of melting moment biscuits sitting on the bench top. It was interesting because after John and I were served our coffee and biscuits, I heard Elianor’s voice down the long hallway near the front door calling out, “Richy, are you their? Richy?” I turned to John and said, “John, out of interest do you have a cat? Do you have a Cat or Dog because Elianor is calling a name at the front door.” John did not reply, however I turned around and in walked this young looking professional guy called Richard who was introduced by Elianor as the family Painter. Its turns out that Richard has been adopted as one of the family and has been helping paint the family home for the past 4-5 years. We all enjoyed a coffee and had a good chat before Richard returned to his tools of trade. I choose to refrain from asking if there were any other human beings, tradespeople or potential animals in the house. Elianor loves to cook food and share dinner parties with friends whenever possible. These days Elianor invites friends over to their home about once a month and cooks 3-4 signature dishes. Elianor said, “We eat, we laugh, and we share stories which is what life is all about. I love to entertain and have people with me in our house.” I was fortunate enough to see first-hand Elianor’s famous Mince and Pork Sausage Mix.

“My love language is food – sharing my food” Elianor, John and I enjoyed a few hours together before I said my farewells but not before I was able to capture the answers to 10 of my top questions that I had prepared for Elianor. Q: What is the most important life value? A: To be a good human being and to do the right thing Q: What is your Love Language? A: Food is my love language – preparing food all day and inviting friends around to celebrate food, friendships, share stories and laugh. Q: What does Valentine’s Day mean to

2018 - Issue 21 Happy Valentines Day!



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The view drom heir beautiful Bribie Island home that John designed you? A: When we were young it meant a lot when we were courting. It does not mean a lot to me these days because I am always in love. Q: Your love language is food. Tell me about your recipe for making homemade sausages? A: The sausage ingredients are – Lean Beef & Pork Mince, lots of fresh garlic, paprika, pepper, salt, olive oil, fennel seeds. You mix this and rest it overnight and then make your sausages fried in olive oil. I serve them with Tabouli, Cous Cous or maybe as a hamburger. Q: Tell me about the type of foods that you prepare for John and yourself these days? A: I cooked two different meals every night. One for myself which is either French, Italian or Arabic and one for John which is a typical Aussie meal which could be a roast or fish and salad. Q: How will you and John celebrate your 40th Wedding Anniversary in June this year.

into a nursing home and maybe go back and revisit Tunisia. A: Two amazing things happen to me in my life, my family relocated from Tunisia to God’s Own Country, Australia and I married the Joy of my life, husband John Riess. What makes me happy is to look after my husband, John. He looked after me for nearly 40 years and I will look after him in beautiful Bribie Island home that John designed. My meeting with Elianor and John was extremely insightful and one of happiness and laughter. I arrived with wonder and departed with a new friendship. As I said good-bye, John reminded me of his most important guiding life principle, John said, “Damian, misbehave and enjoy yourself.” Thank you to Elianor and John Riess and to the good neighbours in our community like Simone Wilson for without special people like Simone, life for the elderly and incapacitated would be much more challenging. I can’t wait for the dinner invitation……..

Q: If you need help with completing paperwork for hospitals or help with responding in to letters in English, where do you turn?

Q: How did you end up choosing to live on Bribie Island?

Q: You said that some of your friends have suggested that you place John

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754 Bestmann Road, Ningi (next to 7 Eleven Service Station)

NAIDOC 2018 funding now open

“Moreton Bay is home to many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and language groups, and we want to help our community recognise their contributions, rich history and

Without the support for Simone, we would struggle. She has been our saviour.

A: Well I rate how John feels every day out of 10. Some days John will say that he is a 4/10. I plan my day based on how John is coping. Either way, I need to help with eating, washing and dressing.

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Lifestyle and Amenity Spokesperson Councillor Matt Constance said applications are now open for eligible groups across the region to apply for funding towards activities, events, or programs celebrating all things NAIDOC.

A: I have a beautiful community neighbour, Simone Wilson. Whilst I can speak 5 languages and vary the dialects, I struggle to write fluent English and my husband struggles through his dementia.

Q: Given John’s variable health condition, how do you cope each day?

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Moreton Bay Regional Council is offering funding of up to $1,000 to help community groups and organisations celebrate NAIDOC Week 2018.

A: We will have a big dish of Cous Cous, a bottle of champagne, box of chocolates and a big big hug.

A: We were heading to Noosa many years ago and John asked if I would like to check out Bribie Island on the way to Noosa. As soon as we crossed the Bribie Island Bridge, I said to John, we will buy a block of land today and we did just that. We went into the first Agent LJ Hooker and purchased a new block in Bongaree on the spot. We have rebuilt our home in Banksia and 17 years later we are still here. The tranquility and friendliness of the people is special to us.

4For only $19.95

Elianor and I, selfie time! Damian Brown is a Freelance Writer based in Southeast Queensland Contact Damian at profileyourlife@gmail. com M: 0497424193 `

If you have a special person or business you think we should feature in Close Encounters call Belinda 0447 007 966.

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culture, and achievements,” Cr Constance said. “Last year, successful applicants used funding to hold a wide range of NAIDOC Week activities and events, including art workshops, traditional dance classes and an Elders Day Out.” To apply or for more information about the funding and eligibility head to www. In addition to the funding, council is also able to assist community events through the loan of road safety equipment, marquees and community banners.

Applications close 5pm, April 1.


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Happy Valentines Day! 2018 - Issue 21

FEBRUARY 2018 EVENTS & ACTIVITIES – BEACHMERE EVERY SATURDAY FEBRUARY WITNESSING/JP SERVICE, 9am 9.30am Outside IGA, Beachmere Village Shopping Centre, Cnr Beachmere & James Rds. EVERY FRIDAY FEBRUARY BEACHMERE SLIMMERS SUPPORT GROUP, 9am Beachmere Activity Centre, 25 Biggs Ave. We are a small friendly support group meeting weekly. Joining Fee $15, Weekly Fee $4, Nutritionally sound program devised by local dietitian Cathie Lowe. For info contact Sue (07) 5496 2957 OR Find us on Facebook. EVERY TUESDAY FEBRUARY BEACHMERE ASSIST, 9am-11.30am The Beach Shak Café, 5 Biggs Ave, Beachmere. FREE weekly drop in! All Welcome : contact Robyn 0418 301 540 or email EVERY WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY CARDS 9am - noon at Beachmere Community Hall, Progress Avenue, Beachmere, contact Madeline 5496 2503 for more information EVERY WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY BEACHMERE SCOUTS - CUBS, (ages 7-10 years, boys & girls) 5pm - 7pm at Beachmere State School, 24-58 James Road, Beachmere, contact for more information EVERY SUNDAY FEBRUARY SPRING IN YOUR STEP, 8am FREE FITNESS in Clayton Park, Moreton Tce, Bookings 5433 3000. More info at spring (till 25 March 2018) FRIDAY, 3 FEBRUARY LADIES, LET’S DO LUNCH, 12pm, NEW VENUE FOR 2018 : Beachmere Hotel, James Road, come along and meet some ladies who

live, work and play in Beachmere. $10 Meals & Drinks at your own expense. Please RSVP to Christine 0413 73 95 73 (1st Fri each month). SUNDAY, 4 FEBRUARY CAR BOOT SALE, 7am–11am, Beachmere Village Shopping Centre Carpark, Cnr Beachmere & James Rds. BOOK A STALL NOW or come along to pick up a BARGAIN! $10 per car, info@bang. 0456 818 017 (1st Sun each month) WEDNESDAY, 10 FEBURARY CRAFT GROUP, 1.30pm, Beachmere Uniting Church, Cnr Moreton Tce & Second Ave. Bring your craftwork & gold coin donation. Enjoy a cuppa and chat and make new friends while you work. Everyone welcome. Enquires. Rev Michele 0417 067 992 (2nd & 4th Wed each month) TUESDAY, 13 FEBRUARY BEACHMERE MEN’S SHED 9am – Beachmere Activity Centre, 25 Biggs Ave, Contact Secretary 0490 871 225 (2nd Tue each month). THURSDAY, 15 FEBRUARY BEACHMERE NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH MEETING, 9am at Beachmere Activity Centre, 25 Biggs Ave (3rd Thru each month) THURSDAY, 15 FEBRUARY COFFEE WITH A COP, 10.30am at Beach Shak Café, Biggs Ave, Beachmere. An opportunity for members of the Qld Police to enjoy conversation with our local community. (3rd Thur each month) TUESDAY, 20 FEBRUARY BEACHMERE LIONESS MEETING, from 9am Beachmere Activity Centre,

25 Biggs Ave, All Welcome, just show up. (3rd Tue each month) TUESDAY, 20 FEBRUARY BANG (Beachmere Area Network Group) GENERAL MEETING, 6pm-7pm, Beachmere Activity Ctr, 25 Biggs Ave. What do you want for Beachmere in 2018 come have your say – ALL WELCOME or 0456 818 017 WEDNESDAY, 21 FEBRUARY BEACHMERE LIONS MEETING, 6.30pm-7pm, Beachmere Activity Centre, 25 Biggs Ave. Please phone 0417 781 562 to attend. (3rd Wed each month) WEDNESDAY, 24 FEBURARY CRAFT GROUP, 1.30pm, Beachmere Uniting Church, Cnr Moreton Tce & Second Ave. Bring your craftwork & gold coin donation. Enjoy a cuppa and chat and make new friends while you work. Everyone welcome. Enquires. Rev Michele 0417 067 992 (2nd & 4th Wed each month) FRIDAY, 4 MARCH LADIES, LET’S DO LUNCH, 12pm, Beachmere Hotel, James Road, come along and meet some ladies who live, work and play in Beachmere. $10 Meals & Drinks at your own expense. Please RSVP to Christine 0413 73 95 73 ladieslunch@ (1st Fri each month). SUNDAY, 4 MARCH CAR BOOT SALE, 7am–11am, Beachmere Village Shopping Centre Carpark, Cnr Beachmere & James Rds. BOOK A STALL NOW or come along to pick up a BARGAIN! $10 per car, au 0456 818 017 – 1st one for 2018

Beachmere Cleans Up Beachmere Area Network Group is looking to increase the number of teams to volunteer on Clean Up Australia Day on Sunday, 4 March. Last year, six teams were organised to cover various areas of Beachmere and the BANG committee were amazed to hear that Beachmere had more teams than any other town in Queensland. They are hoping for at least one more team to register to cover even more of Beachmere. Christine Dillon, Secretary of BANG is the Beachmere Clean Up Australia Day co-ordinator, “We already have six teams covering the Conservation Park, Bayside Drive, the boat ramp in Saint Smith Rd, Bakers Flat, off leash dog Park in Biggs Avenue as well as the Sports Club fields in Rogers Street.” “If people want to join in they can register online for one of these sites or start a team at a different area. Or you can just turn up by 8am at one of the sites with a hat, covered shoes, sunscreen and some water.”

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2018 - Issue 21 Happy Valentines Day!


Support your Local Businesses

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Beachmere Assist Opens Its Doors Beachmere Assist has opened its doors to help Beachmere locals connect to a variety of services and advice. Beachmere local, Robyn Hanson, suggested the advocacy group which will help locals connect to Government services or with volunteers who can help with errands like shopping or just getting to doctor’s appointments. “We will lobby for more services in the Beachmere area and arrange visits from various groups to ensure locals are getting all the help they need,” Robyn said.

“Every Tuesday from 9am till Noon at the Beach Shak Café in Biggs Ave, we will be available for locals to drop in, grab a cuppa’, have a chat or get some help.” “We also need volunteers to assist and get involved and they can pop down and get some more information.” People interested in attending or volunteering can contact Robyn at or call 0418 301 540.

Beachmere Community Bank® Gaining Ground Beachmere may only be a small village, sometimes hidden, sometimes forgotten, but it has shown itself to have true community spirit on more than one occasion. In its latest show of strength, support for the Beachmere Community Bank®, has seen the community already pledge over one quarter of the total required within just six short months. Chairman of the Project Steering Committee, Dale Martin, said the interest in and support for the Bank was very exciting. “We are so pleased to have reached a quarter of the total pledges needed to get the Beachmere Community Bank® open.” “You can help us achieve our very own bank for Beachmere by finding out how to pledge, to buy shares or by opening

an account at the local Agency Branch. With around twelve months to save your pledge, why not open an account at the local Agency and save your way to supporting Beachmere.” “Opening the Bendigo Bank Agency here in Beachmere, in the B-News beside IGA, has been a large part of securing people’s interest and has shown we are 100% behind opening our own Community Bank”, he said. “The Project Steering Committee are working hard to make a Community Bank a reality, which will benefit not only Beachmere, but the surrounding areas like Ningi, Bribie, Caboolture, Donnybrook, Toorbul and Meldale.” The Community are putting their money behind this project and showing the big banks that people do have a choice. For more information about the Beachmere Community Bank® contact Dale Martin on 0411 444 093 or Karen Harris on 0402 114 201 or email info@



“Comment” Your Local Councillor Update

Cr Peter Flannery

and are encouraged to wear sturdy enclosed footwear, long-sleeved shirts and long trousers, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, a hat, sunglasses and gardening gloves on the day.

Happy Valentines Day! 2018 - Issue 21

Abbey museum gets support for exciting new project


I encourage you along with family and friends to come together and join in on

Sunday 4 March 2018 for Clean Up Australia Day. Since its inception in 1990 and the enthusiasm of the community to participate, Clean Up Australia Day has evolved and works with the community, Government and business to create a cleaner, more sustainable environment for all. Clean Up Australia Day is an important day that requires a community effort to remove litter from roads, parks, lakes and beaches before it’s washed down our waterways and out to sea. Clean Up sites usually have designated start and finish times, with most commencing in the morning and finishing up with a barbeque lunch. Volunteers seeking to help can search for their closest Clean Up Site at www. or call 1800 282 329

Another great community initiative happening in March is Neighbour Day on Sunday 25 march. Our region has a great sense of community and a great community starts with great neighbours - Neighbour Day is the perfect opportunity to say hello. Knowing your neighbour can help in times of emergency or extreme weather, boost neighbourhood safety and help to create a friendly and inclusive community. There are a number of ways you can get involved: • host a get together at a local park; • join a local community group or sporting organisation; • take part in a local event or program, or lend a hand and join Council’s volunteer program; and • for more information visits knowyourneighbour

Susan Lamb and Edith Cuffe In the latter half of 2017, the Abbey Museum sought assistance from the Federal Member for Longman, Susan Lamb MP, in lobbying the Federal Government for funding. With assistance from Ms Lamb, the Abbey Museum has been successful in securing $5,000 under the Stronger Communities Program which will help with the construction of fencing around the Museum’s Joust Arena, a feature of its Abbeystowe Living Museum project. Ms Lamb said “The Abbey Museum and Festival has evolved into a national institution, bringing thousands of visitors into our region each year. This provides a massive boost to our local economy in terms of spending and employment.” While visiting the Museum to officially announce the successful application, Ms Lamb met with Director and Board

Secretary, Edith Cuffe O.A.M., to discuss the next steps for the Abbeystowe Living Museum project. The project will bring the Museum to life with real medieval experiences, featuring roving actors, craft worker demonstrations, and lifelike buildings and structures which will give visitors an understanding of the cultural and social practices of the Middle Ages. “‘It’s a really exciting proposal and one that I’m following very closely. Anything that brings jobs, tourism, and education to our region is definitely something that I’d support’” Ms Lamb said.” The Member for Longman and the Museum’s management will continue to work together to identify opportunities for Government support that will assist with the Abbeystowe Living Museum project’s development.

There’s a Powercat to suit Everyone! | 07 5428 0043 | 0411 477795

2018 - Issue 21 Happy Valentines Day!



COMMUNITY REPORT-BACK A Message From Susan I had a great time speaking with everyone at Australia Day in Bongaree, there were a lot of important issues raised with me while I handed out my delicious 'LAMBingtons', made with love by our local Beachmere Bakery. Common themes that came up during our conversations were household budgets and the cost of living. People are telling me that they're finding it hard to keep up with the skyrocketing cost of power and healthcare. Well, I've heard you loud and clear, and I'm making it a priority to bring these issues to the forefront of political discussion when Parliament resumes.

Susan Lamb MP Federal Member for Longman

Community Highlights What's really going on with power prices? Have your say With power prices rising at alarming rates, I'm often told that the Turnbull Government isn't doing enough to ease the pressures on everyday Australians. Join Mark Butler MP, Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy, and I to discuss what a future Labor Government will do to reduce skyrocketing energy prices and what you think needs to be done. RSVP to my office by 02 March. 06 March, from 6:00pm

hello to Stopping in to say Vets' the Bribie Vietnam ustralia while they serve A ious Day punters a delic BBQ breakfast

Caboolture Senior Citizens Centre 24 Hasking Street, Caboolture

Private health insurance premiums double inflation It just isn't right - private health insurance premiums are going up by an average of 4 percent, or $200 per year. That's double the rate of inflation! Only Labor is standing up to the industry, with Bill Shorten recently putting these massively profitable companies on notice - ridiculous hikes like these will not be tolerated under a future Labor Government. It's time for Malcolm Turnbull to stand up to private health companies. If you're impacted by rising premiums, share your story with my office so I can raise it in Parliament.

We're taking appointments for the next Open Office Making it in to the office during the week can be difficult. That’s why my office takes regular appointments outside of business hours to assist you with resolving individual issues. The details of the next Open Office event are: 22 February, from 4:30pm

Your Electorate Office Level 1, 69 King Street Caboolture (07) 5432 3177 Level 1, 69 King Street Caboolture QLD 4510

Many of our fu rry family members were out on Austra lia Day - I had to have a pat




By Staff Writer : Harvey Fewings.

As the travelling road show, that is the current, left wing, Victorian Government, rolls into its third year, some interesting matters insinuate themselves onto the stage. Curious I am, to follow the logic of these interesting matters. Many millions of dollars, tens of thousands of words plus container loads of angst, are being deployed, in the name of global warming [ climate change ], and the shocking fate that awaits us all if nothing is done. So, what to do ? Well, so the logic determines, firstly we control emissions of power generation ; that means less coal is burnt, in Australia, to generate power and instead, we rely upon a combination of solar panel farms and wind turbine machines to provide the base load power that we need to provide power for our industries…which provides employment for the people the socialists claim to represent ! Up to this point in the cycle of logic, the power generation solution has shown to be as useless as an ash tray on a motor bike ! It does not work, it does not provide the power needed to run our cities and our industries. So, what to do ? Apparent it is, in the socialists logic, that firstly blame should be

SOCIALISM’S TORTURED THINKING… apportioned and that obviously will be all conservative governments and all people who follow conservative or Australian liberal thinking, you know, responsibility for yourself, think for yourself, balance your books, exercise social discipline at home, in the workplace and in the community ; that kind of nonsense !! Once blame has been apportioned then we can all proceed to the next step in the cycle of logic. And that is a bit of a gob stopper ! Back- up power systems are needed and, as fortune dictates, the only systems that work are the portable diesel power generator engines. Engines that consume vast amounts of fuel and spew extra tonnes of carboniferous exhaust into the atmosphere !! Embarrassing it certainly is, but it is explained by blaming the conservatives and moving on….whatever that means ?? So, what have we got so far ? An apparent reduction of coal burning power generation in Australia thus reducing the amount of pollution spewed into the atmosphere in Australia… The rest of the world, however, takes

We are the Window Film Specialists!

no notice of the sterling efforts of the Australian Socialists and continues to increase coal fired power generation, thus increasing pollution on a global scale and thus negating entirely the efforts of pollution control by the Australian Socialists. Disappointing it is, for the Australian Socialists, because they also know that the rest of the world is proceeding with sensible funded research, into reducing coal fired power station emissions, thereby making a measureable contribution to controlling global air pollution.

At Channi’s we specialise in creating solutions for your window requirements. We fit and supply, on site, anything from solar film to save your carpets from the sun, frosted tinting for security/ privacy, custom designed for effect or just for your car or boat. Call us, we will have a solution for anything you need to adhere to a window!

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In the logic of the socialists, the lack of power generation capacity is now your fault, because you are using too much power !! And, in the business world, which is the eternal enemy of the socialists, business owners are faced with demands from the Victorian socialist government, that they cut production to reduce power consumption. And, if you do not, then you, the business owner, is the problem by demanding too much power. So where are we now ?? The blame has been shifted from the Victorian socialist government to ordinary people and business owners of Victoria ; it is they who are the problem, they are using too much power. Let us follow this tenuous thread of voluntary power reduction a little further. Assume, you are a business owner and you have a brain snap and agree to cut production to help the socialist government out. Like any good Aussie bloke would. Reduction in production means reduction in profits, or, in some cases no profit at all ! Therefore it is reasonable and logical that you would reduce the working hours of your staff, or even reduce the numbers of staff you employ because you don’t need them anymore, your business has become smaller…to help out the Government.

Undaunted they are, and the Socialists press on with the logic cycle. The next step is to request, from business and the community, a voluntary reduction in power consumption. To explain this thinking in its starkest terms ; the socialists have stuffed up the power system, it can no longer carry the base load power demanded from it and now, you must fix the problem for them because they can’t !! You must stop using as much power as you normally do !


HAIR 4507

the icing d Serv sland an eI ce Bribi unds sin Surro 1999

residential and commercial residents. Mention this advert to qualify

Happy Valentines Day! 2018 - Issue 21

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Is this young fellow going to be one of the next gen “Crusty Demons!”

Motorcyclists Advocating Child Empowerment By Ernie Mayne

In December 2017, Mace Motor Cycle Club was asked to have an information stall at the local Neighbourhood watch meeting. We gave out information brochures and talked to the people there about our club and what we do. It was very well received. It’s just a matter of getting the word out. Late last year sunshine coast chapter of MACE was asked to participate in the

Sunny Coast trike fest. Trikes from all over were coming and rides and tours were prearranged by the organizers. One of the days our club was asked to organize a sausage sizzle and supply some drink as a fund raising event for our chapter. We were challenged by rain on one of the days and although the next day looked rather wet, it turned out just fine. There was a great turn out of trikes

By Ernie Mayne

Local Identity Top Hat Tony receiving a $200 check from MACE Treasurer Glenda (warrior) and President Dave (Tazz) for Cystic fibrosis and even some non-Mace members volunteered to help. The club had a lot of support of local business, Woolworths, Coles, Dixon Street Meat Market plus a

Trent with his motocross bike Young Trent Hayes, aged five, is mad about motor cycles. He has been on some sort of bike since he was two years old when he started riding a balance bike then progressed to a peddle bike when he was three and then learnt to ride a motor bike at Glasshouse and Caboolture Friday night bikes (flat track) on a Yamaha Peewee 50 at the age of four. Add photo of Trent and his President of MACE Dave arriving with Club Mascot Ted

MACE Saugage sizzle bakery. The event was a great success. A portion of the fundraising went to Mace Sunshine Coast, another portion went to a lady fighting cancer who financially struggling, and another portion went to Cystic Fibrosis. A Local Identity Top Hat Tony has spent a lot of time collecting for this disease.

Trent quickly moved onto a Honda 50 and has also ridden a Honda 70. He still enjoys flat track but his passion has moved on to trail riding and Mini MotoX. Trent recently completed a 26km loop at Manar Moto Park, while camping there for a week with his dad Shannon (who also a bike enthusiast). He also enjoys Phoenix Creek Moto Park as well and as with most boys enjoys a lot of mud that goes with the sport.

On another note there has been some stories of local kids being bullied with drastic results. The Sunshine Coast chapter is now on a campaign to talk to school classes and whoever will listen to our message. We will help, support and empower the kids to get over and combat the bully, to help the kid with moving on and to help the family as well. We will also talk to the bullies and through appropriate sources find out any deep seated issues and insecurities they may have, which is causing them to create havoc and harm whether it be Physical, Verbal or Cyber bullying. We will try to help all concerned. Not confirmed yet, but the chapter may have an “in” with what the premier is doing about bullying....more on that later Someone once said: What goes around comes around. Work like you don’t need the money. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like nobody’s watching. Sing like nobody’s listening and live like it’s heaven on earth.

Trent age 5 with monster trucks When the monster trucks were in Brisbane a few months back, he was invited by the organisers to show off a few skills, with other young riders from other clubs. His mother, Natasha and grandmother Lisa Zanin are fairly sure he has the skills and determination to take his passion a long way. Although they get a bit scared when they see him zooming around the track with no fear whatsoever. Add photo of Trent and monster trucks I say, GO TRENT. Show us what you’ve got young fella and good luck.

2018 - Issue 21 Happy Valentines Day!


STOREWIDE ONE DAY ONLY - SATURDAY 3RD MARCH 2018 Get your pool sparkling clean and healthy for the start of the Summer season. Come meet the team and pick up a great discount on all products and accessories. We will be open from 8:30am to 5:00pm with fully supplier representatives that are offering great discounts and trade offers including chemicals, solar, blankets. Poolwerx Bribie Island 2, 122 Goodwin Drive, Bongaree 3408 3566 | POOLWERX SUPPORTS TM

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Health and Wellbeing

YOUR BIRTHDAY SUIT ALTERATION EXPERTS Do you look in the mirror and see an old frayed, saggy & wrinkled birthday suit? Cathy

IS YOUR SUIT LOOKING SO OUT OF FASHION THAT YOU HAVE STOPPED TRYING TO MEND IT? NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO DOES IT FEEL LIKE YOU JUST CAN’T FIX IT? Fit Beyond 50 is not a “One Size Fits All” Gym Because YOU aren’t a “One Size Fits All” person! How different will your life be when your birthday suit is fitter, healthier and stronger? Let Our Experience In Birthday Suit Alterations Help You To Feel Fresh, Revamped and Remodelled!


Tone your suit, tighten those squeaking joints and saggy bits and the reduce the oversized bits Phone Cathy on 0408803037 To Book your FREE chat TODAY Give Yourself The Present Of Health & Happiness

…………………………………………… Fit Beyond 50 – Knowledge And Experience Personalised Fitness For Any Body At Any Age NO JOINING FEE, NO CONTRACTS, NO CANCELLATION FEE

Happy Valentines Day! 2018 - Issue 21


They say clothes maketh the man or woman, and they certainly can. We have all seen the difference a good suit or well fitted dress can make to someone who we usually see in thongs and t-shirts. Yes, with enough elastic threading and wires for support, boobs can go from hanging Spaniels ears to being close enough to rest your chin on. Tummies can be concealed and thighs can be squeezed into sausage skin underwear that makes going to the toilet a session of resistance exercises and deep knee bends that are usually only seen when Olympic athletes warm up for a wrestling match. So you squeeze your body into clothes so you can impress at the big event, but then when you get home you fight, wriggle and peel your way out of the uncomfortable, breath reducing layers and are left with your own birthday suit showing imprints from being imprisoned in these straightjackets of shapewear. You breathe a sigh of relief as your body and skin relaxes and you thank the desert and wine gods that the mirror you used to check your outfit before you left, is in the other room now that you are naked. Looking good naked isn’t about being sexy for someone else, although it can make a difference to how you feel about yourself in a relationship. Yes we all age, yes gravity drags things lower in both men and women and hair appears in places that hair doesn’t belong, and then

your eyesight diminishes so you can’t even see this extra weirdly placed hair! But just because you are not the hairless nubile nymph you once were, it doesn’t give anyone a reason not to keep their foundations strong, safe and supple even if the cladding is getting a bit out of date and droopy. Before changing my lifestyle I would slink around the house covered in as much fabric as I possibly could so my husband wouldn’t see my lumpy bits. Lights were turned off, mirrors were avoided like the plague and I owned a complete set of “shapewear” which made going out in summer feel like I was wrapping myself in gladwrap and rubber inner tubes. If I ever tried dancing it was only until something – usually my sanity – snapped. Once you have a well fitting birthday suit you have a far wider choice of outfits and most of them consist of a lot less fabric with a lot less bindings and you also have more energy for all types of activities, dancing included. Your birthday suit is the most important suit you own. It’s irreplaceable, and although, if you have enough money, it can be altered by nipping and tucking this is really isn’t a permanent solution. If you really want to keep your precious birthday suit fitting you beautifully then you must ensure that the hangers that it rests on are strong and the padding it is draped over is the right shape, and of course you must nourish your suit with food that will keep your fabric looking as good as the day it was made. Without strong bones and strong healthy muscles your skin will have no support, without water and nutrients

Senior Gentle Exercises Keeping Time Before You Start!

Have a stable high backed chair or stand by your kitchen bench to use for balance and support. Please wear flat bottomed walking shoes. If you feel uncomfortable or concerned about any of these movements stop! Don’t try these exercises alone if you concerned or are unsure of your ability to complete them. Make sure you have a stable friend or family member on hand when you begin to practice these exercises. Only ever move at a speed that feels comfortable for YOU. Start slowly with each exercise until you become used to exercises, remember that you are asking your body to do something new. You may be comfortable only performing one of the exercises and not be comfortable doing the others. That is ok! Everyone’s body reacts differently to different movements. Never do something that you are nervous about by yourself. If you are at all worried please have a helpful, stable person around to make you feel more confident and secure.

Let’s get started!

ALL OF THESE EXERCISES CAN BE DONE SEATED INSTEAD OF STANDING BY MARCHING YOUR FEET WHILE SITTING IN YOUR CHAIR. Take each exercise slowly and carefully and only do as many times as you are comfortable with! If possible make sure someone is with you for support. Remember exercising does become easier if it is done regularly and small changes can make a big difference. Even practicing only one exercise a day will help improve your fitness. So have some support near by, put on your flat bottomed secure shoes, and let’s start.


Stand or Sit Up tall with your stomach held in and your shoulders rolled back. March on the spot 8 times with each foot, while keeping your arms still by your side. Then march forward 8 times, and as you march forward push your arms out every time you step with your right leg and bring back when you step with your left leg. Rest for 1 minute then repeat both movements. Repeat as many times as you are comfortable with.


Stand or Sit Up tall with your stomach held in and your shoulders rolled back. Start by marching on the spot 8 times with each foot, while keeping your arms still by your side. Then march backward 8 times. When marching backward, bend your arms and move them in circular motion “rolling” them in front of your chest. Rest for 1 minute then repeat both movements. Repeat as many times as you are comfortable with.


Stand or Sit Up tall with your stomach held in and your shoulders rolled back. Start by marching on the spot 8 times with each foot, while keeping your arms still by your side. Then Tap your right heel in front of you and bring it back. Then, tap your left heel in front of you and bring it back. When tapping your heel, bend arms and raise up your fists like you are4 shadow boxing. Perform 8 taps with each foot. Rest for 1 minute then repeat both movements. Repeat as many times as you are comfortable with.


This will be a little more difficult than walking forward or backward so please step slowly. Start by Stepping to the right 4 times, and then step bck to the left 4 times. Once you have done this twice then as you step sideways, raise your arms slowly from your sides up to the shoulder level. Rest for one minute then repeat as many times as you comfortably can and then rest

2018 - Issue 21 Happy Valentines Day!


Health and Wellbeing

Replacing Dentures with Permanent Teeth Before your skin will be dry, tired and looking worn out. You could spend your whole life saving your money to purchase the best outfit money can buy, but if your birthday suit beneath it is abused, then no amount of clothing can make you look your absolute best. Treat your birthday suit well, give it nourishment and exercise, clean air and real food and then you won’t be dodging mirrors or looking at a saggy, wrinkly, fraying slightly grey suit every morning.

After This year is the start of the seventh year of Fit Beyond 50.

Imagine being able to eat whatever you want

February 6th is our Birthday and I would like to thank everyone who has made every year successful and happy.

Imagine having confidence in your teeth

I love that we have altered so many birthday suits over those years and look forward to making lots more people happy to admire their birthday suit in the mirror.

Medicrew Outreach Clinic Now Open in Toorbul! From left Sri Toorbul Pharmacists David Armstrong Nurse Practitioner, Kat Luckett Practice Manager, Jo Jones Medicrew Community Liaison, Simone Wilson State Member for Pumicestone, Dr James Torrance Director, Mark Van Wyk Director and Lee Geard Receptionist The Local Toorbul community showed up to support the grand opening of the Medicrew Toorbul Outreach Clinic on Tuesday 23rd of January for a morning tea. Medicrew Toorbul is a general practice dedicated to providing better access to healthcare. Their advanced approach means that they have Nurse Practitioners (NPs) at their clinic and staff who are at the highest level of the nursing industry. Dr James Torrance and Mark Van Wyk Directors of Medicrew were pleased to see such a great turn out for the grand opening, and welcomed the community to their new medical clinic. They hope to increase the opening days as soon as possible; however, they will need the support of the local community and the people of Toorbul, Meldale and Donnybrook to continue. Dr James and Mark were pleased there were 11 bookings for their first day of opening. To start, the clinic will be open once a week on a Tuesday from 9am till 4pm, all bookings will be managed through their twin waters branch. They will accept same day bookings also. Some of the services they provide are; • General Health and Wellbeing • Skin Checks • Dressings • Immunisations • Sleep & Respiratory Problems

Imagine smiling and laughing without worrying about loose dentures

Dr Sean Keren B.D.Sc Shop 2, 23-25 First Avenue Bongaree 4507

1300 107 000

Dr Pat Tomasiello, Dr Marcel Van Dansik, Dr Hayley Skidmore Dr Chris Tomsett, Dr Hozefa Nooruddin

100% Bulk Billing

• Mens & Women’s Healthcare • Prescription renewals • Chronic Disease Management • Ordering of diagnostic tests (x-rays, ultrasounds, Blood Tests, referrals, scripts, consults & Morel) • And Much More This is great news for the community of Toorbul, Donnybrook and Meldale, this means residents now do not have to drive 30 minutes or more to get these services provided. The clinic is working out of the Toorbul Community Hall and does have a private consultation room. Medical records can be sent to the outreach clinic; however, you will need to complete a form. They are a mixed billing practice and offer bulk billing to all eligible patients holding a valid pension card, DVA, Health Care, disability or Concession card. They also bulk bill all children under 16. For all other patients, a small out of pocket fee applies which does not include costs associated with consumables (eg Dressings). The fees may vary due to the time spent with the clinician. You can book on line at https://www. or you can phone for an appointment on 0498 956 503. Have a look at their facebook page to see updates.

We are pleased to welcome a new GP to our team

Dr Aleena Ali-Ramdath ● Phone or Online Bookings ● Comprehensive Skin Checks ● QML Pathology on site ● Mental Health Checks

● Visiting Dietician/ Diabetic Educator ● Female Pap Smear Nurse ● All Health Assessments

We welcome ALL new patients to our family practice. Please call our friendly reception staff to make an appointment.

Ph: 3408 6822 Shop 15/25 Sunderland Drive, Banksia Beach. Qld 4507


Health and Wellbeing

Stomach Ulcer

Happy Valentines Day! 2018 - Issue 21

foods that irritate and focus on foods that soothe and heal. ‘Triple therapy’ is the general medical treatment for peptic ulcer Nutritional recommendations are to Increase protein intake for collagen production Increase consumption of essential fatty acids which inhibit the growth of Helicobactor pylori Probiotics- Lactobacillus johnsonni, Lactobillus casei, Sacharomyces boulardi

enhances the secretion of mucous improves healing of the gastric mucosa; Aloe Vera, to protect the gastric mucosa from damage and soothe the lining of the stomach; and Golden seal to heal the gastric mucosa. Hoping this advice can help the special people in my life that have had recent experience of peptic ulcer and thanks to them for inspiring me to further research and hope to help others experiencing this painful condition.

Eat prebiotic foods such as sauerkraut, miso, kimchi, tempeh Vitamin C, vitamin A and zinc will help to heal the damaged mucous membranes. Vitamin C supplementation has shown to reduce gastric ulceration in users of NSAIDs and enhances the antimicrobial treatment of Helicobactor pylori infection Glutamine is an amino acid which increases cell replication and promotes healing. Also known as Peptic Ulcer; Gastric Ulcer; Duodenal ulcer depending on location in the gastrointestinal tract. Peptic ulcer occurs when the lining of the intestinal tract becomes damaged and inflamed, where there is an erosion of the gastric mucosa. Gastritis is inflammation of the stomach lining and may be a precursor to an ulcer. Symptoms can include: Heartburn, nausea and vomiting, pain in upper abdomen and chest, bloating, indigestion, epigastric pain especially when stomach is empty- 1-3 hours after eating and often keeping you awake at night. Pain may be relieved by eating food. If the ulcer has perforated you may have black, tarry

stools. The causes of stomach ulcers can be alcohol, NSAIDs- ibuprofen (Nurofen), Aspirin, Advil; cigarette smoke; stress. 90% of peptic ulcers are associated with the Helicobactor Pylori bacteria, so if you suspect you have one, ask your doctor for the simple breath test for this. Low stomach acid increases the risk of Helicobactor Pylori due to alterations in pH. Helicobactor Pylori secretes urease which is an enzyme that acts to protect the bacteria and damages the stomach lining. The aim is to repair the mucosal lining damage and to restore the microbial balance, and prevent recurrence. Avoid

Avoid alcohol and coffee as they directly irritate the stomach lining. Replace coffee with green tea Foods such as tomatoes, hot and spicy foods, tea, sugar and orange juice can exacerbate the symptoms. Coke is a corrosive so you can imagine its effect! Sugar will also feed the Helicobactor Pylori bacteria. Decrease refined carbs and processed foods as they are inflammatory. Reduce or eliminate NSAIDs (Neurofen, Advil) as they directly contribute to stomach ulcer. Herbs- Turmeric- to reduce inflammation in the stomach, Slippery Elm to heal; Meadowsweet acts as an antacid, anti inflammatory and anti ulcer; Licorice,-

Carmen Lizasoain is a newly qualified Naturopath. Like her on Facebook - Imagine Health and Happiness. Information provided herein is general in nature and does not replace personalised advice from a health professional. Find us on

Dr Leo Blanco

MBBS, FRACGP, Cert of Skin Cancer

Dr Cluade Baxter

MBChB, BSc, MRCGP, LLM, FRACGP, Cert of Skin Cancer

Dr Cluade Baxter MBBS, DAvMed,FRACGP, Cert of Skin Cancer

We Bulk Bill

We offer a comprehensive list of medical services Minor Surgery Ante-natal shared care Child Health/Immunisation Adolescent Health Family planning lmplanon insertion & removal Men’s and Women’s Health Mental Health Consultations Dietitian, Physio and Podiatry Available Onsite

Skin cancer checks and treatment Travel advice/ Vaccinations ECG and Spirometry Workcover Veteran's Health Aged care Aviation medicine Chronic disease management

Additional Services: Pre-employment Medicals, Commercial Driver's License, Insurance & Medico-Legal Reports, Specialist Services, Yellow Fever Vaccination.

NEW Operating hours Monday to Friday 8.00am till 6.00pm, Saturday 9.00am till 1.00pm, Sunday Closed.

2018 - Issue 21 Happy Valentines Day!

In the last few months in this country, we have had debates. Debates about marriage, good result. Debates about ‘being a Republic‘, no result at all. Debates about our flag, again no result, much noise, no resolution. Debates about ‘ Australia Day ‘, no result, much foul language, much posturing, no common sense and nothing of importance. And a few more inconsequential debates about nothing really, just noise, identity politics, flawed personalities, bloated egos and self- appointed, self- important drongos running their little agendas.


Regular Comment

Cranky Lizard Speaks

February, 2018.

The above matters were not really debates, they were shouting matches ; finger pointing exercises which did not produce any sensible gain for our community ; except for the debate, plebiscite and subsequent Commonwealth legislation about marriage. Those events took Australia forward, which was good and the matter is resolved.

Regardless of the shimmering and obvious risk to Cranky Lizard’s person in these discussions, Cranky Lizard will pursue the matter of beef imports and “ buying “ Australian… chimera or not !!

Cranky Lizard struggles desperately not to be bipartisan in any comments in this column, preferring to draw attention to public stupidity, public waste, mindless bureaucracy, obvious nonsense in our public life and bloated egos floating to the top of the public pond.

Cranky Lizard asks you all to think about this for a moment – thirty three thousand million dollars each year for Australian Aboriginal people – and this has been going on for many, many, many years. According the Census figures of Australia, this means an average of $44,886.00 each year for each Aboriginal person in this country. Cranky Lizard rushes to point out that this is not a statement of envy ; not a statement of condemnation ; not a statement of criticism – just a statement of fact.

That’s all, a statement of fact. And, Cranky Lizard asks, again quietly… where does all this money go ? Who gets it ? What is it spent on ? Why is there no improvement in Aboriginal circumstances ? Because we know that there is no improvement – they tell us, regularly !! Now, there may be some confusion about Cranky Lizard’s use of the word Aboriginal. The Oxford Dictionary describes Aboriginal, “ as a person living or existing in a land from the earliest times or before the arrival of colonists. “ The same dictionary, Oxford, describes Indigenous, “ of people born in a region. “ Common sense use of the

Following upon a theme developed in an earlier Cranky Lizard, Cranky Lizard points out that buying Australian products has taken an encouraging turn…wonderful, juicy peaches to die for, are able to be purchased in Toowoomba…why not here in this region ? As also previously mentioned, beef imports are on the table, Cranky Lizard has followed this matter with some Federal politicians and it seems as though, although not quite clear just yet, but it may have something to do with our trade arrangements which we, as a nation have entered into with certain other nations. The whole business has taken the form of a chimera, which students of Greek mythology will recognize, as a fire breathing female monster with a lion’s head, a goat’s body and a serpent’s tail !! Hallelujah ! Should such a thing exist ??

Australia Day nonsense continued, noisier, nastier, less colourful, and of little consequence to the millions of Australians who celebrate this day and its meaning in the fabric of our Nation.

Having due regard for everyone’s feelings about the comments made by the obviously well fed, self -proclaimed Aboriginal woman from Melbourne, about Australia Day, Cranky Lizard quietly points out that each year, in the Federal Budget, [Sourced from the Public Domain], be it a Labour or a Coalition Budget, some $33 billion dollars, each year are allocated to the Aboriginal people of Australia, for their benefit.

money and build, for God’s sake stop the bullshit and build a Nation.

In the coming months, in our region we may be faced with further election activity at a Federal level depending upon High Court matters and other various political factors. Cranky Lizard points out that these events bring out the promises, the baby kissing, the glad handing, the whole wonderful, colourful spectacle of democratic politics in action.

Take part in our democracy, be involved, follow your beliefs English language determines that Cranky Lizard, who was born in Australia, is an indigenous Australian, but not an Aboriginal Australian – and it follows logically that all those born in Australia are indigenous to Australia but are not all Aboriginal. Being aboriginal is special and Cranky Lizard is sure that Aboriginal Australians are rightly proud of that fact. Back to the debates, or shouting matches. Much of our Nation’s life has been consumed, in the last few months by these debates [ we shall call them that, for want of a better word ! ]. But nothing has been achieved. Nothing. The whole purposeless exercise reminds Cranky Lizard of the army recruits who were made to march up a hill and down again, time after time, no purpose, no reason, just do it over and over again. All this noise, the empty gestures, the ferocious posturing and bug eyed staring at TV cameras, seem to be fostered, dare Cranky Lizard say it – encouraged by a slavish media, luxuriating in the extra sales and attention generated by their constant self- handling of these matters.

Watching with wry amusement to all this nonsense, was Father Time, who slowly and quietly moved the clock along and it is now February, the Christmas credit card bills have arrived, the reality of work and unpaid bills, lobs with a dull thud into our lives and we must focus on living. Cranky Lizard observes that whilst all this noise and energy was generating much heat but no light, not one bridge was built, not one dam was built, no sensible forward thinking infrastructure plan was developed, not one. Australia seemed to have set its own hair on fire and was running about like yellow crazy ants. A certain country politician pointed out that during this period we have, as a nation, built nothing, done nothing, planned nothing except shouted at each other !! That may seem a harsh judgement – Cranky Lizard supports this view and fervently believes that it is time to stop talking, shouting, posturing, gesturing and start doing…build bridges, build roads, build dams, build railway lines, borrow

Yes there will be moments when anger surfaces and frustrations boil over, but this is Australia and we have a wonderful democracy…use it, take part in it…do not be bullied or intimidated at polling booths, tell the ‘ in your face mob ‘ with the leaflets to get out of your way, vote how you want to, not how people, or hired thugs in T-Shirts, tell you. Do it your way, how you want to ! Not how anyone else tells you !! Take part in our democracy, be involved, follow your beliefs ; because if you don’t, your place will be taken by the zealots with gimlet eyes, the shrill voices, the mindless slogans and the shocking, empty solutions to our Nation’s future. Cranky Lizard wishes you all good health and good luck. Urges you to keep it real and live your life right up to the limit. For those who are interested, the small garden rake has been found next to the sunflower plant !!

Thank You for reading this wonderful newspaper; an essential part of a growing and dynamic region such as ours.



Happy Valentines Day! 2018 - Issue 21

Commencement of our Young People with Disability Learning Centre & Support Services Inc.

extending their skills in areas such as: • Every day cooking and kitchen tasks • Managing washing • Managing housekeeping duties • Managing money • Every day literacy and numeracy • Gardening and garden maintenance

BUY A BRICK IN SUPPORT OF OUR OVERNIGHT COTTAGE RESPITE BUILDING Bribie Respite & Support Services (formerly Golden Age) is building a home style overnight respite facility to support those who are living with dementia, who are frail & elderly and their Carers in our Bribie Island and Surrounds community.

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT $30 buys a brick, your name will be placed on a memorial plaque and you will receive a certificate of appreciation in celebration of your contribution. Our community needs an overnight respite facility that is home like, easily accessible and can support the needs of older people, people with advancing memory loss as well as young people with disability, who choose to remain living at home in our community.

• Interpersonal and communication skills development • Sports, recreation and physical f itness opportunities


• Local community involvement • Cultural activities


If you wish to support us contact the Centre on 3408 2112 All donations over $2 are tax deductible

BRIBIE RESPITE & SUPPORT SERVICES96-108 Arcadia Ave Woorim QLD 4507 Ring Reception for details 07 3408 2112 or 0490767902

Bribie Respite and Support Services are pleased to announce the commencement of our Young People with Disability Learning Centre from February 2018. The new program is designed and lead by a highly experienced Special Education Teacher who will be assisted by teacher aides and trained volunteers. All staff involved in this initiative have extensive experience in working with Young Adults with Disability. This is the first service of this type in our area and is designed specifically for Young Adults with disability to assist them to reach their full potential. The program will provide our local young people who have completed their schooling with the ability to enhance their everyday lives by

Free training program to continue for the long term unemployed due to renewed funding Caboolture based community group has secured continued funding to offer Certificate II in Retail courses to those struggling to gain skills to help them get into or return to the job market in the Moreton Bay area. Courses will begin in early April and potential students can apply now.

Come in and see the stunning...

Better Together is proud to be part of the Skilling Queenslanders for Work project which is proudly funded and supported by the Queensland government. Under the recently announced Skilling Queenslanders for Work funding round outcomes, the government is investing $30.6 million in 161 projects that will assist up to 4881 disadvantaged Queenslanders. Better Together’s Better Outcomes program was recognised as the best Community Training Initiative in the state for 2017.


Program coordinator, Pearl Hall said, “Winning the award was a huge honour and it recognises the supportive partnership we have with our registered training organisation, Foot in the Door

The aim of this new innovative opportunity is to assist young adults with disability in our community to reach their full potential as happy, healthy, and independent young people. The Learning Centre program provides all learning resources, transport to / from the learning centre and all tuition for a small daily fee. As we move closer to the NDIS launch in our region Bribie Respite will also be working with local Young Adults with Disability and their carers to assist them to develop their NDIS planning tools. We will also be offering Young People assistance in the home, the opportunity to attend a learning holiday program and overnight respite from January 2019. For further information on how we can help you and your young adult please call us on 3408 2112.

Training. We are looking forward to supporting 60 participants over the next 12 months.” Amie Storer, Better Together manager went on to say, “This program is especially beneficial to those struggling to find employment due to barriers and may need to complete further study to find employment.”

Better Outcomes participants will continue to have loyal and dedicated support including professional development workshops that address vital job ready skills such as: • cover letter writing • interview preparation • resume writing • knowing your strengths and developing your personal brand etc The program also supports the participants in addressing any personal issues and barriers which may have impacted on them finding employment in the past such as housing issues, paperwork anxiety, lack of confidence etc. Better Together’s goal is to empower unemployed community members with a qualification and in doing so, offer local businesses highly skilled employees who are ready to work.


2018 - Issue 21 Happy Valentines Day!

Community groups across the state are encouraged to apply for the Queensland Anzac Centenary Lasting Legacies grants program, with the closing date extended to 25 February 2018. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said Lasting Legacies had already supported many local organisations in honouring and remembering our state’s servicemen and women. “With funding of up to $80,000 available, this grants program helps community groups undertake meaningful projects to commemorate the Anzac Centenary,” she said. “I encourage RSLs, local organisations and clubs to apply for these grants to help Queenslanders recognise and reflect on the First World War, as well as other significant military milestones. “With the application deadline now extended until February 25, I urge community groups across Queensland to think about how they can celebrate the Anzac spirit in their local area.” Ms Palaszczuk said funding was available for a wide range of commemorative projects, including preserving memorabilia, restoring memorials, public events and historical research. “Already more than 270 organisations across Queensland have shared in over $5.6 million in funding through the Queensland Anzac Centenary grants program,” she said. “These grants include funding for small projects of up to $20,000 through Spirit of Service, as well as larger projects between $20,001 and $80,000 under the Lasting Legacies program.” Ms Palaszczuk said Queenslanders demonstrated immense pride in honouring the extraordinary service and sacrifice of our defence force personnel, both past and present. “As we mark a century since the signing of the Armistice on 11 November 1918 – leading to the end of the First World War, I know many Queensland communities will be commemorating this historic event. “Applying for a Queensland Anzac Centenary grant is great opportunity for local community groups, as funding could be used to improve or extend their anticipated events for this year’s historic Remembrance Day.” In recognition of the significance of the Armistice Centenary, the Palaszczuk Government has committed $2 million to a statewide program of commemorative activities. The program will feature a statewide public art project, the illumination of iconic Queensland landmarks and a variety of community events and concerts. The Lasting Legacies grant program closes at 9pm, 25 February 2018 and Spirit of Service closes the following week at 9pm, 4 March 2018. For more information on the Queensland Anzac Centenary grants program and upcoming commemorative events visit: www.qld.

Queensland motorists win as confusing fuel prices come down New laws mean that from the 31st of January, Queensland motorists won’t pay more than the fuel prices they see. Energy Minister Dr Anthony Lynham said drivers would no longer be confused by conditionally discounted fuel prices on service station price boards. “From the 31st of January, fuel retailers must display only the full price of fuel available to all motorists,” he said. “That means no more displays of confusing discounted prices only available to drivers with discount vouchers or who make minimum in-store purchase. “And retailers will have to keep their price boards up-to-date so that they never show a price less than the price at the pump.


The coupons below are redeemable from the advertiser on their premises only. Please cut out the coupon and present it while paying. Valid until 15th March 2018


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Market & Cafe Bribie Harbour Shopping Village, Fonts: Cabin Sketch & Over theBanksia rainbow Beach Shop 7-10/25 Sunderland Dr,

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OPENING SPECIAL Beef Burger, chips and can of drink

“It’s what you see is what get from now on at your local servo.” Member for Pumicestone Simone Wilson said “It’s good to see this policy finally come to fruition after the LNP first announced it in 2016 – a policy that Labor were dragged kicking and screaming to support. “Petrol price transparency is an important step in helping Pumicestone residents get the best price at the pump, but the state government has missed an opportunity to back the LNP’s plan for real time price monitoring.” “Our ‘Fight for Fairer Fuel’ plan will force retailers to publish their prices in real time, letting motorists shop around for the cheapest price. We know it works because by forcing fuel companies to publish their daily prices, motorists in New South Wales have saved hundreds of dollars a year. “I encourage all residents who want cheaper fuel to show their support and sign our petition for Fairer Fuel at www.” The reforms follow the State Government’s Fuel Price Summit in 2016, which heard that truth in advertised petrol prices had long been an issue for motorists. Flagged in July 2017, the regulations took effect from 31st of January and carry fines of up to $2523, for individuals and $12,615 for corporations. Retailers will still be able to offer and promote discounted fuel schemes. They simply can’t display a discounted price on their price boards that is only available to some motorists under certain conditions. Palaszczuk Government said “I encourage Queenslanders to use the real-time, fuel monitoring services like MotorMouth and Gas Buddy that are available now. “The Palaszczuk Government said Government will continue its campaign for the Turnbull Government to give the independent Australian Consumer and Competition Commission the powers it needs to act on the national issue of fuel prices.”

For more information visit


Shop 5 11-13 Marine Pde Bellara Tuesday - Sunday 7am - 5 pm


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ISLAND and surrounds


More time to apply for up to $80,000 in Anzac grants

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Happy Valentines Day! 2018 - Issue 21

By Warwick Outram

History Snippets In memory of Marguerite (Lou) Young Bribie citizen -poet -author -and first Librarian at Bribie Library

Register your event for Small Business Week 2018 Registrations are now open for small businesses looking to host an event for Queensland Small Business Week 2018 (QSBW) being held from 28 May to 1 June. Minister for Employment and Small Business, Shannon Fentiman said the week is a celebration of the state’s diverse small businesses and provides them with the opportunity to discover support programs to allow their business to start, grow and employ. “More than 97% of Queensland businesses are small businesses and they make up 44% of jobs in Queensland, so it is vital that we continue to recognise the valuable contribution they make to our communities across the state,” Ms Fentiman said.

BRIBIE’S FIRST PUBLIC LIBRARY: Opened in 1964 in an old snack bar that was previously part of a public toilet and shower complex with Lou Young as Librarian. Lou said “My mother Mrs. Fairleigh was the first person to join the membership and the twenty third person was Ian Fairweather.”

“Events held during Queensland Small Business Week 2018 will give small business owners the opportunities to learn and network with other small business owners to help them grow and lead to more local jobs.” “Last year more than 6,000 people participated in the week long, state-wide event that showcased more than 414,000 small businesses in Queensland,” Ms Fentiman said. “I encourage any Queensland small business owner wanting to take their business to the next level to take part

Courtesy John Oxley Library


in our celebration and register an event during Queensland Small Business Week 2018.” QSBW 2018 will feature new and innovative events and activities including a Small Business Summit and Celebration of Small Business Dinner held on Friday 1 June 2018. The Summit will give small businesses an opportunity to hear from a variety of experts and provide opportunities to collaborate and learn, whilst the Celebration of Small Business Dinner will showcase the new digital gallery featuring Queensland’s 100 Faces of Small Business, which is currently open for nominations. “The State Government recognises small businesses are the engine room of our Queensland economy,” Ms Fentiman said. “Our successful Back to Work program has given almost 70% of grants to small businesses that are creating jobs for Queenslanders.” As a QSBW 2018 event host, you will be supporting small businesses and local operators in your region. Event hosts are able to promote their events on the Business Queensland website and receive promotional support, while building your organisational profile. Each event host will receive a pack with a range of print and electronic resources including posters, cards and templates.

To register your QSBW 2018 event, visit

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Eliminate bad odours and ask about our Ozone Regeneration

Vehicle Ozone Regeneration, removes mildew, fungus, bacteria and all bad smells in your vehicle. We specialise in solar fit outs for all your camping and caravan needs and are authorised installers for REDARC. • Airconditioner Servicing • All Electronic Repairs • COUPLERTEC Approved Installers • All 12V and 24V Supplies • Starter motors & Alternators • EFI Diagonostics • Auto Air Conditioning Including all repairs and Installations • Batteries from $69 • All Vehicle Servicing For:• Trailers, Vans, & Campers • All Auto and Marine • Private & Commercial


2018 - Issue 21 Happy Valentines Day!

Support your Local Businesses



Share of $100K up for grabs to celebrate Qld Seniors Week The State Government is reminding community organisations and local councils that they will soon be able to apply for a subsidy of up to $1000 to host events and activities across the state during Queensland Seniors Week.


!      ! 







                                          ! #%     "&$) %') $&(  "&&) "") *((+     @  ++ 


With the funding opening on 1 March, Seniors Minister Coralee O’Rourke encouraged eligible organisations to get on board and apply for a subsidy. “Seniors Week is about acknowledging and showing our respect to all our wonderful older Queenslanders who live in our state,� Mrs O’Rourke said. “That’s why we’ve invested $100,000 to ensure older people are recognised for the incredible contribution they make to Queensland, further supporting our efforts to building age-friendly communities. “It’s also a great way to bring generations together to share their experiences and knowledge which aligns perfectly with this year’s theme ‘Celebrating a Queensland for ALL Ages’.� Mrs O’Rourke said Seniors Week would be celebrated from 18 to 26 August.



“We are once again proud to support Council on the Ageing Queensland (COTA Queensland) to deliver this

important awareness raising week,� she said. “Last year close to 16,000 Queenslanders attended 723 registered events including morning teas, bush dances, picnics, luncheons and arts workshops to celebrate the iconic week.� “I’m really looking forward to attending an even bigger and better Seniors Week this year with more exciting events and activities hosted right across the state particularly in rural and regional areas.� COTA Queensland Chief Executive Mark Tucker-Evans said Seniors Week provides the opportunity for Queenslanders to explore programs and services available for seniors. “Seniors Week helps to build and maintain strong communities through connecting people of all ages and backgrounds in the many events and activities held during the nine days, too many to fit into just one week,� he said. Applications for subsidies close 31 March 2018.To find out more about Queensland Seniors Week, email, visit www., or phone COTA Queensland on 1300 738 348. To find out about support and services for seniors, visit: seniors

Where’s Anna!! It’s been nearly 70 days since Anna has been missing. On the 6th of February it was Ranee’s (Anna) Birthday and her children Jen & Greg put posts on facebook wishing her a happy birthday and to stay safe and they will never stop looking for her. It was heartbreaking to read it! The Jenkins family have now hired an elite security company called Panoptic Solutions who are ex-military and police and highly trained in dealing with these

sorts of situations. In A Current Affair on the 31st of January Panoptic Solutions said that this is a bazar case and very unusual, especially in a public area and place where she went missing. They said, “that the Malaysian police were callas in this situation and failed to collect CCTV cameras from businesses before they were wiped.� They are not sure if the police were incompetent, or have a lack of training or just not interested. They

also said, “Professionally it is almost incomprehensible, loosing that sort of data when your dealing with a missing person�. Panoptic Solutions have looked everywhere and gone over everything 3 times. They have searched all her favourite places, churches and much more in Penang and George Town. They will now extend their search to Malaysia Main land. Both Jen and Greg take turns in flying to Malaysia to help with the search and continue to keep looking for their mum, and keep Anna in the public eye. Jen said, “they are hopeful and know in their hearts their mum will return safely.� Since my last article on Anna, we have discovered she has friends from Beachmere and have been put in touch with the family, and I have had a few calls of people who are going to Penang who will also help try and find her. Thank you so much for your calls.

Photo of Renee or Ann Jenkins

Ranee and Frank (her husband) playing cricket with their Grand Children, Will’s & Henry

I still urge people to share this with anyone they may know who maybe heading to Penang, or have any friends or relatives living there. Anna’s Nephew lives on Bribie Island, Scott Jenkins, he is extremely worried about his Aunty and very confused how this could happen.



Seeing Japan by train has some definite advantages.

Happy Valentines Day! 2018 - Issue 21

By Deanne Scanlan

Giraffe at the Maasai Mara Reserve,

Rail Travel through Japan reveals hidden curiosities that are priceless contributors to history. Old Buildings and tunnels mark the entries and exits to picturesque country towns. Most travellers fly into Tokyo. The easiest way to make your way to your hotel if you do not have a private collection is by local train. The JR East line is the most used to get around the city centre and surrounding tourist region. Here floor after floor of rail lines move millions of people with an ease not seen in any other country. Places like Asakusa with the Big Sandal and the Ginza are all ‘on the line’. Visit the fabric markets in Nippori or the Meiji Jingu Park at Harajuku which is home to local Shinto Priests. Asakusa hosts the SANJA FESTIVAL in mid may attracting around 1.5 million people.

Todaiji Temple Japan Nara and of course teahouses (ochaya). The best place to find Geisha and Maiko (apprentices)is in Shijo Avenue behind the Yasaka Shrine and the Kamo River.

The tracks of Japan

The SHINKANSEN or bullet train travels to Nagoya from Tokyo and here you transfer to an express train to experience the tranquillity of Takayama or “Little Tokyo”. Noted for its wooden houses it is without a doubt one of the most traditional places in Japan. If you don’t

The SHINKANSEN or bullet train travels to Nagoya from Tokyo have any knee issues I would like to Temple reportedly the largest wooden suggest that you stay in a Ryokan where building in the world. The origins of you can sleep as the locals do – on the Todai-ji lie in a temple called Kinsho-ji floor. Expect to see many of the homes which was founded in 728 for the repose with the sliding rice screens as room of the spirit of Crown Prince Motoi, son dividers especially in the local tea houses. of Emperor Shomu who ruled from 724749. The temple houses one of the great Destination Kanazawa where you will Buddha statues. Nara is located less than discover one of the Three Great Gardens one hour from Kyoto and Osaka and (nihon teien) of Japan. Kenroku-en in was considered to be one of the most Kanazawa, Koraku-en in Okayama, powerful regions for Buddhism in the and Kairaku-en in Mito are collectively year 710. Sites not to be missed include referred to as the Three Great Gardens the Horyuji Temple with the worlds of Japan, or sanmeien, as they are said oldest wooden buildings and Kasuga to perfectly express setsugekka, which Taisha one of the most beautiful Shinto translates into snow, moon and flowers, Shrines in the region. the three most beautiful aspects of nature, throughout different points in the Kyoto one of the oldest capitals unlocks year. the treasures of the Golden Temple and of course is the home of the Geisha Our next stop is Nara - once the capital in Gion. There is a high concentration of Japan. Situated in the southern end of of wooden machiya houses in Gion the south island, you will visit the Todaiji which is filled with shops , restaurants

A huge range to suit all tastes and budgets!

Of course you can travel even further south the visit the Hiroshima site and further into the northern regions as well as the local ski fields – the possibilities are endless. Happy Travelling Deanne

Geisha_maiko shikomj in Kyoto

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Wood Sculptures

Buddha Sculptures


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2018 - Issue 21 Happy Valentines Day!

New Zealand is Magical by Coach There’s a reason the sun shines on New Zealand before anywhere else – every new day in Aotearoa is something to cherish! A tangible wonderland offering one of the most varied and spectacular series of landscapes with a culture that is rich, dynamic and not simply locked away in museums, it’s everywhere you look. Whether you are marvelling at the spectacular glaciers or picturesque fiords or simply relaxing in a thermal pool, New Zealand is magical on a Grand Pacific Tours coach holiday. Relax in

removed. A New Zealand must do is the subtropical Northland region, stretching upwards from Auckland to the very top of the North Island. Northland is synonymous with striking coastline, boating and Kauri forests. In the beautiful Bay of Islands, cruise the turquoise waters of the bay encompassing 144 islands to the famous Hole in the Rock keeping an eye out for dolphins or perhaps visit Cape Reinga where the Tasman Sea meets the Pacific Ocean. Visit cosmopolitan Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand. With World-class shopping, buzzing waterfront precincts lined with restaurants, a vibrant arts and culture scene and harbour adventures are right on your doorstep. Located in the heart of the city is the iconic is the Sky Tower. Experience 360 degree spectacular views for up to 80 kilometres from the tallest man-made structure in New Zealand.

armchair comfort as you travel through each region, feeling secure in the hands of a professional Coach Captain whose reliable knowledge includes numerous facts and figures, stories, legends and many laughs along the way. Unwind and really experience Middle-Earth knowing the hassle of overlooking hidden locations or taking a wrong turn is

RETURN AIRPORT TRANSFERS to Brisbane Airport + SAVE $160 per couple + NZ Travel Guide**

Couple this with a plethora of activities to enjoy in Rotorua - the hot spot of fascinating Maori culture, thermal springs and boiling mud pools. With its hot geysers and steaming volcanoes, this region is one of the most well-known Kiwi attractions. Try a delicious hangi feast cooked in the steaming ground while you’re there! Visit Skyline Rotorua where you will take a leisurely uphill Gondola ride to spectacular viewpoints. In contrast, the South Island provides a dramatic landscape where towering landscapes meet peaceful sounds. Your holiday is not complete without a visit to one of the most stunning locations on earth – Milford Sound. Described as the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’ this magnificent fiord was carved by glaciers during the ice ages, its cliffs rising vertically with waterfalls cascading from mountain peaks. Other Southern highlights include Queenstown, a town set on the shores

of crystal clear Lake Wakatipu and the adventure capital of New Zealand. The rugged West Coast, a place of rainforests and glaciers and the garden city of Christchurch, New Zealand’s oldest city and the starting point for the world famous TranzAlpine, which traverses the mighty Southern Alps through a sequence of alpine gorges, taking your breath away at every turn. As you witness all of this spectacular scenery by coach you can also experience Maori culture and tradition, an integral part of kiwi life. Learn about fascinating myths and legends, displays of visual arts and enjoy specialty cuisine. Food lovers won’t be disappointed by the local kiwi food and wine on tour. Renowned for a distinct Pacific Rim cuisine, coach touring throughout New Zealand is all about discovering this. With most meals included and free time to dine at exciting local restaurants, your appetite will most definitely be satisfied. It’s a wonderful thought that you can have these experiences and share it with like-minded people. Start out as a group of strangers and end up as one big family after just a few days often providing the foundation for lifelong friendships upon return to Australia. There is no better way to visit New Zealand!




19 Day New Zealand Showcase

Grand Pacific Tours in conjunction with italktravel Bribie Island invite you to enjoy a taste of New Zealand coach touring.


Date Monday 19 March 2018 Time 9.30 - 11.30am

iscover all the ‘must see attractions’ from top to bottom such as Pick up point italktravel Bribie Island, 3/229 Goodwin Drive the Hobbiton Movie Set tour, cultural Rotorua, Napier’s beautifully preserved art deco architecture, picturesque Queenstown and scenic ENJOY A UNIQUE KIWI PRESENTATION Milford Sound. • 2 hr experience including a short journey on the KiwiConnectioNZ coach ALL INCLUSIVE Fully escorted tour includes airfares, taxes, 4 star hotel accommodation, most meals, sightseeing & attractions. BRIBIE ISLAND SPECIAL DEPARTURE 4 March 2019.










• Try out the 2 BUSINESS CLASS seats, a key feature of Ultimate Small Group Touring • Captivating presentation • Talk to the experts • EXCLUSIVE Offers^ • FREE info bag • Light refreshments^


italktravel Bribie Island on 3410 0111 or email Conditions apply. *Price valid for travel ex BNE and includes pre paid taxes (subject to change). Single supplement available. **Return airport transfers have been arranged by italktravel Bribie Island, transfer details will be advised at the time of booking. NZ Travel Guide is one per household. Saving is per couple ($80 per person) and is reflected in the price advertised. No other special offers or discounts apply. ^Exclusive Offers at the event are available on new bookings only. Light refreshments weather permitting.


Happy Valentines Day! 2018 - Issue 21


Oh No ! According to Victorian Government Workplace authorities, you cannot reduce the number of staff, cannot reduce the number of hours they work, you must continue to pay the full rate to the full compliment of staff, even though you have complied with the Government’s request to reduce production.

some of you may remember “ the greatest moral challenge of our times “, there has been a concerted push to develop and subsequently manufacture, excitedly encouraged by all socialists, electric powered motor vehicles. These will reduce exhaust emissions from fossil fuel engines, thus saving the atmosphere even more !!

Now, I can understand why you would be confused over this, I am, and most Victorian business people I know are also confused…so, they say, no co-operation because we are hurting ourselves at your request.

It stand out to me, like a dunny in the desert that somewhere in this, there is a glaring fault of logic.

Obvious it is, in the socialist logic cycle, that now, because they have stuffed up the power system and they have asked you to help them out by reducing business activity without compensation, your continuing resistance to this situation is to further deepen the blame on you, and suggest that ‘smart meters ‘ be attached to your meter boxes to penalise you if you use power during periods of peak demand, in other words, you will pay more because they stuffed it up !!

Increased numbers of electric powered motor vehicles will inevitably result in increased demand for electrical power…but the socialists are reducing the capacity to generate electrical power ! So, how does that work ?? Frankly, it does not work. Socialist logic fails every test of common sense applied to it in all its forms, and, it has done every decade since this political nonsense was released from its cage.

In the form of socialist logic this is all quite normal.

In the end, the efforts of the Victorian socialist government, to contribute to the global saving activity of reducing climate change is about as effective as a mouse fart !

But, it gets better.

Which is not much. Really.

In all of this frenzied global saving activity attacking climate change [ which was once global warming, but that failed to eventuate ], and,

Where to Eat Sylvan Beach Seafood Cafe

The Surf Club Bribie Island

First Avenue, Woorim, Bribie Island Bistro | Bar | Gaming Open for Lunch & Dinner 7 Days a Week Phone (07) 3408 2141

11 Marine Parade, Bellara Licensed Venue Waterfront Dining Open 7 Days a week. Phone (07) 3408 8155

Kai Cafe & Restaurant

The Coffee Club

155 Welsby Parade, Bongaree Email: Phone: 3410 0509

Trading hours Monday - Sunday 7am to 5pm Shop1/235 Goodwin Drive Bongaree 4507 This is a licensed venue. Ph: 3410 0611

New Cafe right on the Pumicestone Passage at Sylvan Beach

JJ’s Cafe & Take Away

Sunset Pier Cafe

Shop 5 11-13 Marine Pde Bellara 4507 QLD Tuesday Sunday 7am - 5 pm

3/2 Jacana Ave, Woorim Ph 3088 8205 Open Wednesday, Thursday & Friday from 9am till 2pm Open Saturday & Sunday from 7am till 2pm

Try our Natural Green Coffee Beans & Fresh cooked Menu by our special chefs.

Beachmere Uniting Church JUMBLE SALE

SATURDAY 14 APRIL JUMBLE SALE, 8am to 12 noon, Beachmere Uniting Church, Cnr Moreton Tce and Second Ave. Cakes, jams, pickles, plants, books, clothing, manchester, furniture, electrical goods, CDs, DVDs, videos, records, tapes, craftwork, bric-a-brac and much more. Morning Teas.

Enquiries: 5496 8371


Wednesday night’s we open from 4pm-9pm

“Sit down, relax and take in the spectacular view of the beautiful Pumicestone Passage whilst enjoying a delectable meal and a cold drink.”

New Wednesday Night Members Draw between 6 and 7pm – must be here to win

Barefoot Bowls Barefoo Now on 1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month. $10 per head. Start time 4.15pm

Hours: Breakfast Sat - 8.00 – 10.30am Breakfast Sun – 8.00 – 12pm Lunch Wed to Sat – 12 to 2pm Dinner: Wed to Sat– 5.30 - 8.00pm

Cafe and Restaura Restaurant

Bookings essential

Phone 3410 0509 or message us on Facebook email address f

155 Welsby Parade Bongaree


Entertainment t t i t 9th Feb Arthur Black 23rd Feb Country Karaoke with Don Clarke C – Songs you know and Love

Jam Session 1st Saturday of every month from 2pm – 5pm All welcome

Phone 54496 2090

Proudly sponsored by Pacific Petroleum A1 Servicing & Mechanical • Bribie Island Signs


2018 - Issue 21 Happy Valentines Day!


Community Initiative the country areas and swim along our marine areas. We hope this initial guide makes it a little clearer as to where we are heading in the future and makes meandering easier and more interesting.



We look forward to seeing you Meandering in the Bribie Island and Surrounds.

By Roger Small (founder)


To Join the Association:

Together we are one! The Bribie Island and Surrounds Meander guide is progressing each month. We encourage everyone to join us on our quest to build tourism and business within in our area of influence. We are hoping through our initiative that we will drive tourism and day visitiors from the highway (Caboolture) right through the Pumicestone Electorate Region all the way to Bribie Island, Beachmere, Donnybrook, Toorbul and everywhere in between. We hope you will begin meandering in the beautiful Bribie Island and Surrounds discovering our hidden treasures. This unique area is a truly diverse ecological paradise and you cannot visit without really feeling immersed in the beauty of our countryside, beaches and the glory of nature. We want our Bribie Island and surrounds Meander members and others in the area strive to influence and shape the Pumicestone region for the generations to come. Living close to nature you begin to appreciate the impact it has on your lifestyle and health. Soon local farmers will be opening their farms to guests who can observe farming


ways while enjoying their good old fashioned hospitality. Hopefully we will also help small struggling businesses to pull through. Opportunities are now open for all in the region to benefit from. People who live in the Bribie Island and Surrounds are very aware of the importance of maintaining the balance between nature and development and we will continue to respect this as we progress. The Meander needs to be grown through your own Initiative, by local Artists and Crafters, Hospitality, Businesses and whoever else sees an opportinity. We expect to see businesses opening on our routes over the next few years as a result of our initiative. This is for us all to buy into and take a piece of the pie. We believe community values are also what will ensure our unique country and marine area remains a tourism treasure for generations to come. we truelly have the best of both worlds here and I encourage everyone to work together to make this amazing for us all! Some will will notice that we have introduced a Pelican to our logo. This just helps us to build our identity down the track and they are sybolic of our area as we watch them soar overhead us in

e mail: belinda@islandandandsurrounds. or design1@islandandsurrounds.


How to use this Guide


The Bribie island and Surrounds Meander is divided into five routes, which have a different colour-code in this Guide.


Member numbers show their places on the routes; e.g. 201 is on Route 2 and 301 is on Route 3. To find out more about Advertising and getting your entity on the map call:-

For example the blue denotes that this is a food business and its on route 4 as its number starts with 4

103 For example the green denotes that this is a selective shopping arae or business and its on route 1 as its numberr starts with 1

Belinda 0447 007 966

SEE PAGE 26 for more

For Lease Enquiries please contact John Brass on 0412 649 873

Bribie Harbour Shopping Village TENNANT LIST

Barn Yard Market Bribie Island Bake House Sue’s Café and Takeaway BWS (logo Attached) Discount Chemist National Hearing Care Banksia Beach News Woolworths

ph 0428 383 025 ph 3408 9811 ph 3408 8448 ph 3408 7384 ph 3408 6444 ph 3408 7384 ph 3408 7713 ph 3410 5003


Market & Cafe Fonts: Cabin Sketch & Over the rainbow

Bribie Harbour Shopping Village proudly presents the newest addition to our centre offering: The Barnyard Market & Café Open 7 days per week, from 7am daily. Bringing you the best and freshest in local Fruit & Vegetables as well as … Merlo Coffee & delicious breakfast, lunch, snacks, salads, and catering platters made fresh daily in our Café Also on offer the following for your convenience: Maleny Dairy products JC Quality Foods Snacks & Nuts Pacific Harvest Bait Swap-A-Gas gas bottles Wide range of organic and gourmet grocery and deli items

25 Sunderland Drive, Banksia Beach Market & Cafe Fonts: Cabin Sketch & Over the rainbow © PUMICESTONE CREATIVE


Community Initiative



Natural Areas


Happy Valentines Day! 2018 - Issue 21

Protected areas Open daily to the public



Protected areas not open to the public but may have accomodation or other activities



Other natural areas either privately owned and open to the public


Elimbah Creek



















Caboolture River








For a 5% discount mention this advert




85 years -1932 to 2017 AK







On Bribie Island since 1983 Bribie residents 49 years

Keep it truly local FI






For a Personal Consultation call Mark Or Aaron 3408 2334 or e mail



TIAS Design1


2018 - Issue 21 Happy Valentines Day!


Community Initiative




Mermaid Lagoon












403 SUND

















Big bro burger

Big bro burger Combo

Jeans bene

3/2 Jacana Ave, Woorim Ph 3088 8205

Open Wednesday, Thursday & Friday from 9am till 2pm Open Saturday & Sunday from 7am till 2pm Closed Monday and Tuesday


Cafe & Take Away



C o r a l S e a









Community Initiative

Happy Valentines Day! 2018 - Issue 21

Advert Reference Key

To find out more about Advertising and getting your entity on the map call:-


Belinda 0447 007 966




New Member Pelican Artist or Crafter Child friendly















Pet friendly


Wheelchair friendly with toilet Wheelchair friendly


Access for busses/coaches




Free Wi-Fi Birding Site Credit Cards Accepted


Bike race friendly




Should certain areas need more detail we will adjust accordingly.





This page is an indication of how each area will be covered in the future.



Map Grid Reference



Historical Building T4



Below are our first paying clients that have joined the Meander. These information adsverts will give daily visitors an idea of what they can expect to find and do at each venue.

Please contact us to add an area for you on the Meander as our routes at this point are flexible and developing. Contact us if you would like to join our team and enjoy special benefits.

Route 4

Bribie Island , Sandstone Point


Woorim Beach Boutique


Gorgeous simple fashion to suit everyone. Remember the Good Old Days? Where we had great customer service, good prices? You get that and more at Woorim Beach Boutique, it’s only the fashion that is on trend and up to date. Senior cards are welcome!


Open 7 Days | Mon to Fri 9am to 4pm | Sat & Sun 9am to 3pm

Shop 1, 6-8 North Street, Woorim, Bribie Island Phone 0498 840 761

JJ’s Cafe and Take Away

Bribie Island Community Arts

405 Centre

One of Australia’s largest and busiest arts centres, with space for display, retail, workshops and studios, and catering for more than twenty kinds of arts and crafts. The precinct is also home to the Bribie Island Woodcrafters and the Bribie Island Gem and Fossicking Club. Numerous other groups.

Dine in or take away, we claim the best burgers on Bribie. come in and try THE BEAST or just enjoy a coffee.


Open Wed - Friday Closed Mon9am - 2pm CLOSED Tue Sat Sun -7am -2pm

3/2 Jacana Ave, Woorim Ph 3088 8205



Open 7 Days | Mon to Fri 9am to 4pm | Sat & Sun 9am to 3pm

191 Sunderland Drive Banksia Beach Tel: 07 3408 9288

Bribie Harbour Shopping Village

Barn Yard Market ph 0428 383 025 Bribie Island Bake House ph 3408 9811 Sue’s Café and Takeaway ph 3408 8448 BWS (logo Attached) ph 3408 7384 Discount Chemist ph 3408 6444 National Hearing Care ph 3408 7384 Banksia Beach News ph 3408 7713 Woolworths ph 3410 5003


Call for indibvidual shop times

25 Sunderland Drive, Banksia Beach 0412 649 873

2018 - Issue 21 Happy Valentines Day!



Community Arts






With respected artist & gallery owner, GEOFF GINN

Learn techniques, materials and approaches to drawing the human form. Wednesdays 6.30 – 8.30pm, starts February 28. $20 per session. Suitable ages 15 +. Personal tuition. This course requires weekly commitment.

Ph 0421 724 441 for details. Bookings essential. Places limited.


Have fun, try something new, surprise yourself with Noelene Johnston. Six-week course on Wednesdays, from March 7, 12.30 – 2.30pm $30 per session, includesall materials except for stretched canvas.

Ph 0421 283 582 or email Inquiries

Phone for booking & details. 3408 9288 Places limited. Confirmed on payment.


Queensland scientists and artists recognised in Australia Day awards for 2018

Leading scientists and artists were among a group of more than 100 Queenslanders recognised in 2018 Australia Day Honours List. Minister for the Environment, Great Barrier Reef, Science and the Arts Leeanne Enoch congratulated all those recipients whose professional dedication and creative talents were recognised. Gender equality advocate in science and renowned expert in scientific research Professor Jennifer Louise Martin was appointed as a Companion (AC) in the General Division – the highest Australia Day honour to be awarded. Professor Martin is receiving this honour for her eminent service to science, and to scientific research, particularly in the field of biochemistry and protein crystallography applied to drug-resistant bacteria. A number of Queensland Science and

environment management leaders were also appointed Officers (AO) in the General Division, including Emeritus Professor Shelley Mary Burgin, Emeritus Professor Denis Ivan Crane and Colin Creighton. Emeritus Professor Burgin was acknowledged for her significant service to environmental science and education as an academic, author and mentor, and to zoology and conservation. Emeritus Professor Denis Ivan Crane was recognised for his significant service to education in the field of biochemistry and molecular biology, as an academic and researcher, and to scientific bodies. Meanwhile, Mr Creighton earned a place on the list for his significant service to environmental science and natural resource management, particularly to marine biodiversity, coastal ecology, fisheries and sustainable agriculture.

Musician Russell Morris, based on the Gold Coast, who hit number one with his 1969 psychedelic rock classic The Real Thing, was appointed a Member (AM) in the General Division. Mr Morris’ most recent record, 2015’s Red Dirt – Red Heart, won an ARIA for Best Blues and Roots Album. Brisbane-based visual artist Professor Pat Hoffie was also made a member for her distinguished 40-year career in the arts and education. A former Professor at the Queensland College of Art at Griffith University, she has been a writer and curator, and held positions on a number of state and national boards and committees, including the Australia Council for the Arts, Asialink, the National Association of the Visual Arts, and the Institute of Modern Art. Three leading Queensland music and arts

educators – Andrea Messenger, Helen Mullins and Dr Roslyn Dunbar Wells – were awarded a Medal (OAM) in the General Division. Founder and director of the Western Suburbs String Orchestra (WSSO) since 1989, Ms Messenger was recognised for her services to Brisbane schools in helping foster a love of classical music among schoolchildren. Toowoomba dance teacher and curriculum writer Helen Mullins was awarded the honour for her outstanding public service to the arts and education. Finally, Dr Roslyn Dunbar-Wells, a Gold Coast-based singer and music teacher, was recognised for her services to the performing arts, including being a part of over 4000 opera, operetta, TV and concert events around the world.


Real Estate

Happy Valentines Day! 2018 - Issue 21

Real Estate

Agents, To have your property featured FREE call us now 0447 007 966* *Conditions Apply

FEATURED PROPERTY OF THE MONTH This home is freshly painted inside and out. It boasts polished floor boards throughout, with a newly re-configured kitchen. A new bathroom completes the quality finishes in this home. An artists / teenagers retreat is detached from the main house and as an added bonus is finished with polished timber floors and is supplied with electricity and water. Spacious and beautiful are the two words that come to mind when you enter the sitting room of this magnifcent Meldale home.


The rooms all have the unique quality of flowing effortlessly into each other, while still retaining their privacy. Be distracted by the water views, enjoy the sea breezes, appreciate the high ceilings of this beautifully presented Queenslander. An open plan kitchen and dining with access to the lounge room with french doors leading out to the sitting room and the study.

The large front yard has fruit trees, and the long drive leads up to the double carport. There is side access for the boat to be launched from the boat-ramp or tie the boat up at the large pontoon. The Pontoon is perfect soaking up the lifestyle, on the deck chairs, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, or throw in a crab pot or fish. It’s hard to describe this home adequately as there is so much more to this property, so only a inspection will do it justice. All he work has been done on this Queenslander, all you need to do is unpack and enjoy!

See our other Properties on page 30 324 Meldale Rd Meldale

Michelle Jones 0405 759 996

Awnings ~ Blinds ~ Shutters Security Screens ~ Louvres

Shop 2/19 Benabrow Ave, Bellara Phone: (07) 3408 9299 Mon to Thurs - 9am to 5pm Fri - 9am to 3pm Saturday - by appointment only, Saturday, Sunday & public holidays - Closed




First National Real Estate

For Sales, Holiday and Permanent Rentals contact our Friendly Staff! 71 Welsby Parade, Bongaree Q 4507 Email: rentals@bribieislandrealestate.

Phone: (07) 3408 1006


* Your Smooth Transaction Specialist * 19+ years local practised licensee * Monash Uni. Business acumen

0412 666 779

My Personal Property Manager Phone: 54295425

Roz Tedge 0424 653 717 Take the hassle out of selling call Roz Now! • Free Marketing • Free Styling Consultation • Free Market Appraisal

Advertise here!

only $55 per issue Call Belinda on 0447 007 966

GO to:

The only Real Estate Agency “totally specialising in Residential Property Management” @ Bribie Island & Sandstone Pt & Surrounds Kim Gill - Principal





Real Estate

2018 - Issue 21 Happy Valentines Day!

2 Jacana Avenue, Woorim, 4507 PO Box 2102, Woorim, 4507

(07) 3408 2700

17 Sixth Avenue, Woorim

Web id – 962323


* Grandeur design – steps to the beach – rare 1257m2 * Monumental powered shed + superb mezzanine floor * Self-contained guest apartment separate to the home * Resort pool, solar, bore, water tanks & wide side access * Prime location totally complete with no rear neighbours

Price: By Negotiation Agent: Sheri Binzer – 0412 666 779

104 Bellara Street, Bellara

Web id – 964311


* Your true assurance of relaxing easy care lifestyle * Valuable dual side for a massive powered garage * Office or teenage/guest room own separate entry * Enormous enclosed outdoor area overlooking pool * Multi vehicle capacity plus for both the boat & vans

Price: $465 000 Agent: Sheri Binzer – 0412 666 779

36 North Street, Woorim

43 Clayton FairwayStreet, Avenue, Woorim 34 Woorim

Web id – 974243


* Immaculate and sizeable furnished holiday home * Chef’s delight kitchen complete with big gas stove * Parent’s retreat’s balcony savours the nature views * Tremendous lounge, separate dining + solar panels * Ideally positioned pool & a short stroll to the beach

* Superb rear nature reserve creates tropical setting * Private brick modern home, spear & big 6 kw solar * Handy corner opportunity utilises huge shed access * 2 separate lounge rooms, bonus insulation + air con * Masterly positioned side patio captures all breezes

Price: $ 625 000 Agent: Paul Howard – 0408 068 770

Price: $695 000 negotiable Agent: Sheri Binzer – 0412 666 779

68 - 74 Rickman Parade, Woorim

Web id – 967947

Web Webid id– –967947 956331


12 Hutchinson Street, Woorim

Web id – 967947


* Explore this magnificent ultra-modern residence! * Secluded easterly facing patio, d’stairs room/office * Gated side access for van or boat + extra-large DLUG * USE A QR CODE SCANNER TO VIEW OUR 3D WALTHROUGH

Price: $775 000+ Agent: Sheri Binzer – 0412 666 779

Price: Offers above $729 000 Agent: Paul Howard – 0408 068 770

* Rare opportunity arises - choose your location now * Each prime vacant block is large rectangular 647 m2 * The wide 16 m frontage is ready for infinite designs * Build a holiday home or architectural masterpiece * Directly across from the surf beach with silica sand



Permanent Rentals

We have quality tenants waiting for your Investment homes to rent, we have one of the lowest vacancy rates on the Island. To arrange an appraisal, contact

3408 2700

AWESOME 3 BEDROOMS Spacious beach side apartment is a must see, having a modern kitchen, new flooring, and carpet. Generous sized bedrooms include ceiling fans, free standing wardrobes and outside access to veranda. Large dining area, single lock up garage completes this property. Walking distance to beach, surf club, transport and amenities. Available Now! $340 p/w GROUND FLOOR LIVING A private 3 bedroom downstairs residence - featuring 3 bedrooms, is tiled throughout along with a large separate kitchen and a dishwasher. Conveniently located to the Woorim surf beach and shops. Sorry no pets. Available mid February $350 pw.

Holiday Accommodation We offer holiday accommodation for the perfect holiday, call us to arrange a holiday you will not forget. 2 Jacana Ave Woorim QLD 4507

LOW SET BRICK HOME Privately set within a quiet street, this address is accommodating for the family. And air conditioned modern open plan home that features beautiful polished timber flooring. Fully fenced with low maintenance landscaping, and a secure lock up garage. This property is located in a highly popular area of Banksia Beach, where you are walking distance to Banksia Beach School, Solander Bowls Club and Shopping

precinct. Available soon! Pets on application. $375 p/w SENSE OF SPACE - CLOSE TO EVERYTHING A character home complete with bonus lounge room air conditioning, and brand new carpet in all 3 bedrooms. A property ideally suited for those who require that extra space. This is a location where you will find yourself close to everything including the wonderful patrolled surf beach, being only a minutes’ walk away. Available soon! $375 p/w CLASSIC FAMILY HOME! An extremely large brick well maintained family home. Incorporates 4 massive bedrooms (2 upstairs, 2 downstairs), along with 2 advantageous bathrooms. This residence has an enormous lounge and family living areas. Has a chef’s delight kitchen with all the modern appliances and storage galore. Offers dual carport plus double garage and plenty of lawn space. You will not find a home like this! Available soon! $450 p/w

Permanent Rentals

3408 2700

WOORIM HOMES IN DEMAND Courtney Todd – Woorim has been the standout performer in the Bribie Island real estate market this year. The latest Core Logic data shows the median house price in the surf-side suburb rose 13.8 per cent in the year to November 2017 with $515 000. Bellara came in a close second, increasing 12.4 per cent over the same period to reach $362,500. Bongaree was up 6.3 per cent to stand at $424,000. The profile of the area has been enhanced by the opening of the Sandstone Point Hotel. Woorim is one of the closest surf beaches to Brisbane and is blessed with 30km of national park to drive on and camp at. It’s all about supply and demand plus there is little residential property at Woorim. Having the standout in median house prices over three years rising 29.5 per cent, Woorim is ahead of Banksia Beach on 18.8 per cent and Sandstone Point with 13.5 per cent. Supplied by Sheri Binzer


Real Estate

Happy Valentines Day! 2018 - Issue 21


07 5498 8001

PHONE 0405 759 996


Toorbul available on request

$459 000

$319 $299000 000

Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 1 Car Spaces 2

HOLIDAY COTTAGE LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. CHECK OUT THE VIEWS. Situated on the northern end of the Esplanade in Toorbul discover this 2 bedroom renovator, the perfect holiday house or weekender. Sit out the front cocktail in hand and take in the stunning sunsets over the glasshouse mountains, watch the wildlife, relax in the peace and quiet. Walk across the Esplanade to the waterfront where there is a walking track, put in the kayak, or paddle board.Close to Brisbane and Caloundra.

Michelle Jones 0405 759 996


2 Bedroom 1 Bathrooms 4 Car Space

Cute Coastal Village Cottage

Tucked away on a quiet Avenue in Toorbul this cottage has so much to offer sitting on a 809 m2 block, the potential is only limited by your imagination.The cottage has 2 large bedrooms, dining/ lounge combo which then opens up to a sun-room. Reverse cycled air conditioning to the lounge room and the bedroom. 2 car remote garage another garage/shed. car-port, water tanks, fully fenced, this property has been very well maintained. Image this being an ideal family holiday retreat, suit a first home buyer or the savvy investor.You can walk down the street to Elimbah Creek put in your kayak or throw in a fishing line.

Michelle Jones 0405 759 996

Toorbul available on request

Toorbul available on request

OFFERS OVER $299 000 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms 1 Car Spaces 6

HOLIDAY/RETIREMENT COTTAGE OFFERS OVER ON THE PUMICESTONE PASSAGE THIS HOME OFFERS - 1 bedroom + study - new bathroom - large dining/family/lounge room - front deck to catch the sea breezes - outdoor under-covered area - 2 car garage with 1 carport space - 2 car carport out the front - back yard fully fenced backing onto council reserve Ideal investment property or the family holiday house.

Michelle Jones 0405 759 996

Toorbul available on request

$395 000 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 1 Car Spaces 4

WATER VIEWS TOORBUL WATER VIEWS located in one of the quietest locations in Toorbul. This family home has been loved for many years now the time has come to downsize, make this your family home, holiday retreat, or investment property -3 bedrooms with built in robes -hand-crafted timber kitchen with water views -good sized lounge room -hand-crafted timber vanity -outdoor area the length of the home -2 car garage & workshop area, room for the tinny -fully fenced -rebuild the the old jetty and enjoy the lifestyle

Michelle Jones 0405 759 996

1814 Pumicestone Road Toorbul


We have buyers looking in the area

$1 150 000 4 Bedroom m 2 Bathrooms 6 Car Spaces S

TOORBUL THE POSSIBLE DREAM Magic queenslander with an industrial shed on 7.11 ha We have listed for the first time this magnificent high quality modified Garth Chapman design Queenslander home. The land includes two dams of which one has a continuous supply of fresh water. Enclosed floor space is 200 m2 + Large wrap around verandah bringing the total to 325 m2. This top of the range 4 bedroom family home (ensuite in main) was built in 2009 with a lot of thought. A home of such caliber in a coastal area being only 10 minutes to the highway and less than 50 minutes to Brisbane is a sure seller.

Michelle Jones 0405 759 996

OFFERS OVER $1 150 000 3 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 9 Car Space


$170 000 Residential Land


This 100 year old Queenslander on Elimbah Creek is nestled among the fruit trees. This charming home welcomes you with a water feature and up the wide stairs to the veranda you will find 3 bedrooms, a beautiful traditional lounge room, spacious dining room sun room and renovated traditional kitchen. The deck over looks the creek and manicured gardens and the jetty, where you can pop in a crab pot, or throw a line in, glass of wine in hand. There is a large boat/work shed with a boat ramp that goes down to the deep water frontage.

This is your opportunity to purchase a building block in Toorbul being within a short walk to the shop, beach and boat ramp and surrounded by quality homes. Looking to retire at Toorbul, well this may be your choice block of land to build your dream home. Seldom available at this low price Great lifestyle, fishing, boating, canoeing Only 20 minutes to caboolture and less than 10 minutes to the highway Town water

Michelle Jones 0405 759 996

Michelle Jones 0405 759 996

Our Team has Sold 10 properties in 5 months ...we have the runs on the board. Please contact us for an unconditional appraisal of your property.

0405759996 Michelle Jones 0405 759 996

30 Delisser Av Toorbul

FREEHOLD BEACH FRONT BUSINESS • Licensed Tavern and Bottle Shop • Restaurant • Take Away Foods • Class A News Agency Licence • Boat Hire Licence • 15 minutes to Caboolture

Ideal family business located in Toorbul overlooking the beautiful Pumicestone Passage & Bribie Island. This business has been established for a long time in Toorbul, there is no opposition. Freehold General Store and Tavern and another building leased by a Pharmacy at the moment.

Please contact Michelle on 0405759996 for more information and to secure an inspection.


$300 per week 2 Bedroom 1 Bathrooms 1 Car Space

Toorbul Cute 2 bedroom cottage

This cottage has been renovated, kitchen dining lounge open plan front deck to catch the sea breezes good sized bedrooms with built-ins

Call Michelle Jones 0405 759 996 for an inspection



324 Meldale Rd Meldale 4510

2018 - Issue 21 Happy Valentines Day!

INNER BRISBANE VACANCIES EASE, REST OF STATE TIGHTENS Renters flocked to the middle ring, while supply in inner Brisbane exceeded demand, pushing the vacancy rate to 4 per cent. Inner Brisbane (0-5km ring) vacancies lifted from 3.7 per cent in September last year to 4 per cent in the December quarter, while the middle ring sharply tightened from 3.4 per cent to 2.1 per cent. The vacancy rate of inner Brisbane has only reached 4 per cent or higher twice before – December 2013 when it reached 4.1 per cent and March 2017 when it peaked at 4.4 per cent, the highest level since records began in 2008. REIQ CEO Antonia Mercorella said this news was disappointing for investors, but not unexpected. “We knew vacancies in inner Brisbane would edge up for the duration of 2017 thanks to strong levels of apartment supply coming to the market. “Approvals have fallen in the past six months and we know that this period where supply exceeds demand - is likely to be only temporary thanks to a steadily growing population and consistent demand for inner city accommodation,” she said. “Just how temporary is difficult to predict but our expectation is that demand will start to catch up to supply very quickly and vacancy rates will return to the typically healthy levels this market usually achieves of around 2.5 – 3.5 per cent.” The middle ring (5-20km) is popular with the vacancy rate tightening from 3.4 per cent to 2.1 per cent in December 2017.


Real Estate

“This market has become very popular. It’s affordable, in most suburbs there is the convenience of good infrastructure and public transport and tenants have a good range of options to suit many budgets,” Ms Mercorella said. The Outer Brisbane markets of Ipswich, Caboolture, Pine Rivers and Redland eased slightly but are still classed as healthy rental markets. Logan and Redcliffe tightened. Queensland’s southeast corner beach front markets of the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, as well as the Fraser Coast, all tightened and are now among the tightest rental markets in the state. “Caloundra and Maroochydore have vacancies of just 0.4 per cent, the lowest rate ever recorded, and this means that tenants are going to struggle significantly to get a rental property,” Ms Mercorella said. “Markets that remain consistently tight will eventually see upward pressure on rents,” she said. “It’s no surprise that the Gold Coast, which has officially been classed as a tight market for the better part of the past five years, is the most expensive place in Queensland to rent a three-bedroom house or a two-bedroom unit.” REGIONAL RECOVERY 2017 is the year of the regional recovery with a group of regional markets outside of southeast Queensland moving from the weak (in some cases very weak) range into healthy territory, or very close to healthy. In early 2017, Toowoomba was the only regional rental market (excluding the Gold and Sunshine coasts and Cairns, which were all tight markets) to operate in the healthy range. By December 2017 the rental markets of Bundaberg and Mackay exited the weak range. And even though Rockhampton and

Servicing Bribie Island and Surrounds Specialising in: All types of fencing

• Timber, Colorbond, Rendered Pillars, Modular and custom designs • Timber, Concrete and Block Retaining Walls • • • • •

All your landscaping needs

Decking Dingo and Operator hire Glass and Aluminium Pool Fencing Slat Screens Standard, Custom, Automated Gates and more

Ph. David 0433 762 206

View our Gallery of work on


South East Fencescapes

Townsville remain weak, they have made significant moves toward healthy status. Rockhampton vacancies were at 8.6 per cent in March 2017 but by December had improved considerably to reach 5 per cent. Townsville has shown similar improvements, tightening from 6.2 per cent in March 2017 to fall to 4.6 per cent in December. “These rental markets were facing extremely difficult conditions however the improving broader economy, in particular the recovering coal price and strengthening employment figures, is having a positive impact on regional rental markets and this is good news,” Ms Mercorella said. Fraser Coast started 2017 in weak territory with 3.9 per cent but by December reached the lowest level all year with 1.6 per cent. This is the lowest level reached since June 2008 (when the REIQ commenced

QBCC No. 1279696

calculating its vacancies). Cairns, which has been a consistent rental market performer in recent years, reached its lowest vacancy level of 1.6 per cent for only the second time. “As yesterday’s Deloitte Access Economics report shows, Queensland’s economic prospects are improving with Queensland the most popular destination for internal migration. Our population is steadily growing, and people typically rent before they buy, testing out the area before they commit to a mortgage. We are confident that Queensland’s rental markets will perform steadily throughout 2018,” Ms Mercorella said.

INTRODUCING THE NEW Sandstone lakes plaza is located in a master planned community just a stones throw from Bribie Island and 20 mins from Calboolture and 45 mins from Brisbane CBD


• Located just minutes to Bribie Island Road,

Sandstone Lakes Plaza has been purchased by motivated owners who have begun a beautiful revamp of the centre, making it ready for new tenants to join Sandstone Lakes Early Learning Centre, QM Properties and Miss Monroe Hair & Beauty.

Sizes vary from 70m2 to 140m2 with the possibility to combine more tenancies up to 530m2. Features throughout the centre include: - Male/female toilet facilities - Alfresco dining - Arcade style dining - Ample onsite parking – over 100 car spaces plus dual street access and truck loading bay - Great signage opportunities - brand new pylon signage board

• We believe that we are currently offering the most competitive rents in the local area.

• The owners

have started an online marketing campaign that is ongoing and will promote the individual tenants and the centre.

We are looking for a variety of tenancies including a Convenience Store, Cafe, small to large take-away food/Restaurants, Bottle Shop, Medical/health and Offices to complete the Centre and would love to hear from businesses of any kind! The motivated Landlords are offering excellent incentives to the right tenants so don't hesitate to enquire. © PUMICESTONE CREATIVE 7d902fd8f19b6&model_id=5a5f 1a400747d902ee8f19b7

For further information please contact Exclusive Agents Darren McArthur or Michaela Webb.

Call 0434 585 008


Youth Interest

Happy Valentines Day! 2018 - Issue 21

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‘On the Passage’ Shop 3/1 Toorbul St, Bongaree (opp. Jetty/Brennan Park) Bribie Island 4507

RIP Ivan, Thanks for the stories, laughs and open ears for our young readers

Education for the head, heart and hands. Upcoming School Tours for 2018 Tuesday 13th February 10am to 11am Saturday 3rd March 10am to Noon Thursday 22nd March 10am to 11am

Comeback: The Return of Instant Cameras Lucy O’Connor Year 8 Today, teenagers’ rooms are being filled with Polaroid photos. Photos of friends, food and scenery are hung on strings with fairy lights or littered around the room. You may be surprised to learn in a time of technological invention this is not a new phenomenon. The first instant camera was invented on February 21, 1947. It was called the Land Camera after its inventor and founder of the Polaroid company, Edwin Land. In a first, the camera was self-developing creating a chemically developed print seconds after taking the picture. This was a major advancement in technology at the time. In an era of high-tech time with fingerprint passwords, electric cars, robotic vacuum cleaners, and smart phones, retro mechanic cameras which churn out low resolution photos are making a comeback. You may ask why this ancient technology is once again popular? The most popular instant camera brand is currently Fujifilm’s Instax range. Like the Land Camera, the Instax prints out photos seconds after you take a photo. At an affordable price, these cameras come in many different colours and were recently named Amazon’s 4th most popular Christmas present. So why the sudden resurgence? For the younger generations, Polaroids add old-school charm to a Photoshopped, digitally mastered age. However this is not the only reason Polaroids are back in vogue. There are

several reasons why these cameras are back in the [f lash] light. Could it be that these cameras produce photos in our hand straight away (a common criticism of our youngest generation)? Or maybe it’s because a moment feels more precious, memorable or even important if it is a physical photograph. But the most likely reason for the instant camera’s popularity is that it is now seen as retro. Retro has a lasting appeal. Things which should be technologically defunct or stylistically outdated, such as vinyl, black-and-white photography, Polaroids and vintage clothing, have enjoyed a revival in recent years. This retro revolution has popularised this primeval technology, placing it the majority of homes in our local community. Retro is the new black. These older trends seem to be built to last; unlike recent trends such as fidget spinners or bottle f lipping. These new trends seem to last a mere few months before becoming cringeworthy and ‘uncool’. Fuelled almost entirely by nostalgia, instant film cameras, like the traditional Polaroid, are still a fixture in today’s market and they will be for years to come. Maybe in 30 years, everyone will be pictured in Polariods with holographic fidget spinners sipping unicorn Frappuccinos. I guess only the future knows.

Education for the Head, Heart and Hands. At our opening ceremony on Monday 29th January, we welcomed many new children and families into the school community. Each new student in the Primary School, including all of Class 1, received a beautiful rose and the Class One Teacher shared an inspiring story to begin the year. One of the unique differences in a Steiner School is that the Class Teacher follows the same children through the Primary School. This develops a strong teacher/student/parent relationship. In order to familiarise with the new year level, all of our teachers attended a week long professional learning intensive in January to plan for the year ahead. Early Childhood children experienced a gentle transition via a picnic and play in the new sandpit. Our new buildings are due to start. A very exciting year ahead!

Limited Spaces available for 2018

Our new Beachmere Campus is coming soon for information visit: 07 5429 0511

Our Class One Teacher Kate, with her students sharing a story � � �� ���� ����

2018 - Issue 21 Happy Valentines Day!


Youth Interest

Bullying research shows need for national response to tackle complex issue A survey of Australian kids showing that more than half (52%) who admitted they engaged in potentially cyberbullying behaviour believed they were being cyberbullied highlighted the need for a national response, coordinating actions and programs to tackle the issue. Ms Palaszczuk asked the Prime Minister, State Premiers and Chief Ministers, at the meeting of the Council of Australian Governments in Canberra on the 9th of February, to be part of a national response to combat bullying, particularly cyberbullying. “The yourtown survey released on the 9th of February shows this is a very complex issue for children, their parents and the wider society,” she said. “yourtown operates the national Kids Helpline and Parentline from Queensland.” “I support yourtown’s conclusion that – ‘We need society-wide and targeted education programs across the nation

Youth Voice

for both children and adults’.” “I asked the leaders of Australian governments to come together to consider existing and new initiatives to help combat bullying and cyberbullying, to ensure we all work together as a nation and consider pulling together a national summit as we did for family and domestic violence.” The Prime Minister, State Premiers and Chief Ministers were all on board and will work together to roll out the programs and make it compulsory in every school.

Young people needing support can contact the Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800. Parents and carers can call Parentline on 1300 30 1300 built and working collaboratively is learnt. An important aspect of this is learning tolerance: to work with those who have differing opinions to yourself. A participant also learns important physical skills including, but not limited to, throwing and catching a ball, coordination and other fitness skills that are vital in the development of youths. In the last 25 years, the rates of child obesity have risen in many countries, especially Australia, and this provides a way to combat this issue.

The Importance of Club Sport School life is busy. You’re up early to make sure that you get to school on time. You attend math, humanities, English, and the work doesn’t stop there. There is homework and chores awaiting your arrival home. So, why is it important to encourage the participation in sports? As the sign-on for various sports are approaching rapidly, many decisions are made regarding what sport to play; or if to play sport at all. Bribie Island offers youths an abundance of options in sporting areas. With the luxury of island-style living, we are offered with an inclusive range of sports from rugby league and netball to surfing and dance. These sports help to shape the individual and instil important personal values. Club sport is a beneficial factor of a child/teenager’s life. It teaches the participant basic skills, both physical and mental. The development of interpersonal skills is at the forefront, as friendships are

Another benefit is the building of selfesteem. Studies have shown that those who engage in sport are more confident – this is particularly important in the development of a child. Sport clubs allow the youth to build self-esteem as they learn to have faith in their own abilities, receive encouragement and praise, and learn to accept constructive criticism Interacting in local sport is a technique that can be used to protect your physical wellbeing and assist youths in developing healthy bodies and minds. Commonwealth Youth Sport for Development and Peace (CYSDP) states that “The Sport and Sport and physical activity can make a substantial contribution to the well-being of people in developing countries. Exercise, physical activity and sport have long been used in the treatment and rehabilitation of communicable and non-communicable diseases.” Yes, school life is busy, but the advantages of playing sport are clear. If you are on the cusp of deciding to play or not to play club sport this year you should seriously consider joining a local team. Come and have some fun!

Bribie Island Garden Club donates much needed funds to 2 year old Dylan for her walker Bribie Island Garden Club have a wishing well each year of which the members donated $1,600 in the past 2 years. For the past 2 years their wishing well, donation has to a 2-year-old little girl Dylan who requires major surgery to her legs. She has Fibular Hemimelia and PFFD Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency, which means she has no fibular in her legs and heals. Mum Renee Monck said they thought they may have to go over seas for Dylan’s operation, however they may have found a surgeon here in Australia. Dylan and her Mother Renee received the cheque at the General Meeting of the Bribie Island Garden Club Wednesday 24th January at the RSL Auditorium.

you can assist in any way, please contact Lee James the President on 3408 6058. There is also a go fund me page called Dylan needs life changing surgery. We at the ISLAND and Surrounds urge you to donate some money to help one of gorgeous little girls to help her get this surgery. Poolwerx Bribie Island will be hosting a sale day on the 3rd of March and you can meet Dylan and her family there. See their advertisement in this paper. You will see what a darling she is and despite her incredible disability she is a typical beautiful little 2 year old. Come on Bribie Lets get behind Dylan and her Family and make this happen for her!

All members of the Bribie Island Garden Club raised the money on their own, the money has helped go towards the cost of her Walker and a Wheelchair for little Dylan. She requires the walker and wheelchair for her development in the future. The Wheelchair alone cost $4,500. Little Dylan is also eligible for an assistance dog however the cost of training an assistance dog is such that the family must raise $20,000 before this is possible. Bribie Island Garden Club are calling on our community to help to raise much needed funds for little Dylan. An assistance dog would give Dylan confidence and independence. Bribie Island Garden Club would need your suggestions on raising money and any help would be much appreciated. If

From Left President of Bribie Island Garden Club Lee James, Little Dylan and her Mum Renee Monck


Gardening & Lifestyle

Happy Valentines Day! 2018 - Issue 21

MICK’S PATCH Sustainable Gardening Welcome to our latest gardening articles written by a passionate local Horticulturist, for our equally passionate local gardening community, living on Bribie Island and Surrounds. In the last article, I mentioned how the citrus leafminer, Phyllocnistis citrella, is out in force and in plaque proportions and by the time their damage has become apparent, its often too late to treat the pests, as this seasons growth may have become disfigured already. I also mentioned how there are pheromone traps available for purchase. One brand called: EcoCLM Trap, which consists of a cardboard housing and a pheromone tablet that is placed in a sticky substance, which attracts the male moth and it works a real treat. Worth thinking about if you have trouble controlling these pests to date. While on the subject of citrus pests, I have been asked by some readers to explain the various ways of controlling aphids, scale and mites in the home garden, as these pesky critters are determined to hang around your juicy new leaves until the black sooty mould arrives. Sooty mould is a by-product formed from the excess excreted sugars from the sap-sucking pests feeding on the new f lush of foliage and over time a mouldy black substance becomes noticeable. This can be hosed off relatively easily as the first point of control, but it really helps to understand how some insects are actually predators for your pests, (beneficial insects= good bugs) and can actually whittle away your pest problem (the bad bugs), naturally. I have also noticed many times on some heavy infestations of aphids, scales and mealy bugs, there are ants on the branches nearby, and on guard. Now, these ants offer protection for these pests, the tradeoff for the ants, are they farm the sugars produced by the aphids and other sap-sucking insects. It’s fascinating to watch, a real symbiotic relationship going on here. If you hose the bugs off as mentioned above, the ants will go collect them from where they fall and march the buggers back up to their feeding spots that you just cleared off. The control strategy then, after hosing off what pests you can, would be to put a band of horticultural grease around your tree trunk to stop the ants in their tracks, and from climbing back up your tree. If the foliage has been severely disfigured due to excess feeding, it’s probably best to give a light prune all over before spraying any horticultural oils or homemade soaps, which can be also applied on any remaining live sap-sucking pests too. The result is a thin film of oil or soap that will suffocate some scales and deter most aphids from congregating. Well, that’s all this segment. Stay tuned for next issue, as I will elaborate more on what to look out for when identifying the beneficial bugs, before assuming all the little bugs on your citrus trees are bad bugs!

The image below: Clusters of Cowpea aphids, (bad bugs), feeding on the end tips of a Mandarin tree. Sugars on tap and ants on standby!

PLANT OF THE MONTH Tilapariti Tiliaceum ‘Rubrum’ Formerly Hibiscus Tiliaceus ‘Rubrum’ Or Commonly Known As:


by Mick O’Brien Dip.Hort(MAIH)-RH-101

When the Spirit is Willing The weather conditions of late, have been incredibly hot and humid for gardening, with not much rainfall about either. ‘Australia day,’ on Bribie Island, was an extremely busy day indeed, with lots of families securing their spots early along the foreshore clambering to find shade while setting up camp for the day. Although I had pencilled in my diary to do my own gardening for a change on this fine holidaymorning, the high humidity was enough for me to ask myself; ‘do I really want to mow, snip and hedge today?’, any old excuse will do, that’s for sure, and it is ‘Australia day’. So, I come to my senses and decided to take the dog for a walk along the beach front, but up to that point, the spirit was ever so willing- and that’s my excuse! We can all be forgiven then, if your gardening duties have been put last on your priority list during the summer holidays and of course, with the intense heat and humidity as of late, just the thought of leaving an air-conditioned room for more than 20 minutes at a time, may seem a little unbearable to say the least for some. Unfortunately, lots of lawns and plants are suffering incredibly too. Interestingly, it’s amazing to see how some plants deal with moisture stress; such as Ctenanthe sp, Calathea sp, Maranta sp and Stromanthe sp, to name a few, have the unique ability to roll the leaves over on themselves to prevent any further transpiration or wilting.(Like putting up an umbrella!)

This is the red leaf variant of the cottonwood, formerly Hibiscus tiliaceus ‘Rubrum’, which has been reclassified and is now referred to as, Tilapariti tiliaceum ‘Rubrum’. Tilapariti tiliaceum ‘Rubrum’ is a handsome evergreen tree which forms a lovely dome-shaped canopy and has large heart-shaped- red to bronze coloured leaves and when in bloom, the tree is adorned with yellow Hibiscus- flowers with a red centre that are borne in the summer months. These trees can be kept smaller with regular pruning or trained into an informal hedge. There is also a variegated leaf variety called Tilapariti tiliaceum ‘Tricolour’ which is not as common as the ‘rubrum’ but a very attractive variety if you can source it. T. tiliaceum ‘Rubrum’ has been used extensively as a street tree in South East Qld for many years and can grow up to 8 metres tall and 4 metres wide in cultivation. The cottonwoods are naturally dotted around the coastal fringes of Eastern Australia and can tolerate salt-laden winds, all day sunshine, and they thrive in sandy soils. They are so versatile that they and can grow well in sand, sandy loam, or clay soils within a PH range anywhere between 5.5 to 8.0 (slightly acidic to mildly alkaline) they are not too fussy where they grow but dislike heavy frosts. Great pioneer plants for revegetation purposes and we have them growing as street trees right here on Bribie Island. Can be easily propagated from cuttings!

Stromanthe ‘Tricolour’ Can roll its foliage over on itself to avoid excess transpiration like turf grasses suffering from moisture stress can do also.

Calathea makoyana (above right) is well hydrated and mulched.

The same goes for some turf varieties too. You may have noticed during the hotter parts of the day that stressed turf grass will roll their individual leaf blades up in the same fashion also, trying to prevent losing their last water reserves through transpiration. This doesn’t happen if your lawn is well watered and the soil base contains ample organic matter, but if you are relying on rainfall alone or manual irrigation, you will surely see the telltale signs this summer, as our sandy soils will be parched indeed. It’s this very reason that pruning your shrubs too hard or cutting your lawns too Bribie Island & All Surrounds short in hot, windy weather, could PHONE MICK : 0417 618 203 certainly contribute some extra stress and as a consequence, some hedges and lawns could be set-back, QUALIFIED HORTICULTURIST Dip.Hort(MAIH)RH-101 unless you can irrigate sufficiently, • Garden Creation & Renovation • Makeovers & Rejuvenation immediately after the cut of course. Well, l hope you and your sward • All Aspects of Garden Maintenance • Horticultural Consultancy Service are managing to stay hydrated • Lawn Mowing & General Clean-ups • Topiary Hedges & Edges Manicured sufficiently this month.

• Pest & Disease Diagnosis & Treatments • Property Pre-sale -Detail & Presentation • 5 STAR Quality Standard of Workmanship

Until next issue- ‘See you in the garden’. Or maybe the beach!

2018 - Issue 21 Happy Valentines Day!




THIS MONTH! *Bring this ad and receive a 10% discount store wide!

We have a comprehensive range of plants, pots, produce, fertilisers, soil, chemicals, animal feed & gardening tools.

Open 8.30am till 4pm 7 days a week

Lots of Parking 2/50 Verdoni StreetBellara QLD 4507 Ph 0477 711 320 *Valid until 15th March 2018


WHAT IS VIEW? VIEW (Voice Information and Education for Women) is the leading women’s volunteer organisation in Australia, with over 16,000 members in over 300 clubs. VIEW offers a friendship network, providing fun, together with a sense of purpose for members by supporting the education of disadvantaged Australian children through programmes offered by The Smith Family. According to The Smith Family figures, one in seven Australian children and young people are living in poverty. When families experience financial disadvantage, children can fall behind with their learning, leaving them more vulnerable to experiencing hardship themselves later in life. TSF is endeavouring to break this poverty cycle by providing these vulnerable young people with the best start possible. This is done through sponsorship of students through the Learning for Life programme, as well as reading clubs, mentoring of students, and other educational programmes. Last year over 150,000 children received support through these various schemes. TSF provided Learning for Life sponsorships for 39,000 students. Over 1,200 of these students were sponsored by VIEW Clubs, including four sponsored by our Bribie Island VIEW Club. We currently sponsor one primary student and three high school students. Up until last year we had sponsored a tertiary

Bribie Island’s View Club Executive and Ancillary Committee student, who has gone on to graduate in Nursing. From time to time we receive communications from these students, so that we can keep up with their progress. Bribie VIEW was established 22 years ago, and currently has a membership of around 50. We meet for lunch on the fourth Wednesday of the month at Kai Café and Restaurant, Welsby Parade. We have a guest speaker at these lunches, sometimes light hearted, sometimes with an important message to impart, but always interesting and informative. Apart from these monthly luncheons, several other social and fund raising events are held during the year, ranging

from a simple coffee morning, a trip to the movies, or casual luncheons to a trip off the island to visit places of interest. If you are looking to make new friends while helping a very worthwhile service, you might like to talk to one of our members to find out more about our Club. Feel free to phone Jennifer on 3408 2152 or Pat on 3408 3835. Alternatively if you want to find out more about The Smith Family you can look at their website , or check out VIEW at, where you can follow the Find a Club link to Bribie.


Happy Valentines Day! 2018 - Issue 21

Camping & 4wd Permits (We are the only place on Bribie Island that sells beach permits)

Open Monday to Friday fron 6am till 5pm, Open Saturday and Sunday from 6am till 3pm Public Holidays close at 2pm

If you want a happy start to the day . . . head to Surfside News in Woorim


Great Local Friendly Service Stationary • Beach Toys • Bribie Island T-Shirts • Hats • Coolers • Exclusive Bribie Island number plates • Drinks • Ice Cream & Slush Puppies • Ice • Bait and Tackle Sunglasses • Sunscreen • Phone accessories Lotto and Scratch-it’s From left Chloe, Sandy, Kevin and Mary-Ann

NEWS & TOBACCONIST 10 North Street, Woorim QLD 4507 Ph 3408 1796


Every morning since I’ve lived in Woorim I have made the trip to the local newsagency, Surfside News in North Street, Woorim. From day one I was asked my name by the two women that ran the business then, Sandy Mitchell and Veronica Hagan. Not only were they welcoming but their smiles and the way they greeted you was refreshing, and still is, after four years. Sometimes you get out of bed on the wrong side and feel a bit grumpy, but after a visit to get the papers you return home with a grin on your face. It was just under eight years ago when Sandy and Veronica took over the business and a bit later Russell (Veronica’s husband) joined the girls. Kevin Mitchell also assisted when he had the time, usually when he had time off from the Gabba. The business has been growing steadily and is the only place on the island that you can purchase camping and vehicle permits to drive on the beach tracks. Surfside news has been lucky in the scratchy and Golden Casket part of the business as well. Just over twelve months after taking over they sold a $1.25 million dollar winning ticket in lotto and have sold numerous minor prize tickets as well and just recently selling a $10,000 $1 scratchy ticket. If you don’t feel like just getting you papers, or whatever in the morning, you can go next door to Little Mike’s coffee bar, grab a drink and sit at one of the outdoor tables with a couple of local character’s and read the news and have a chat. I don’t know where the “Little Mike” came from, Mike Brown is about 6ft 18in (tall) and he tells me he makes the best coffee around. Little Mike’s is open from 6am until 2pm daily (closed on Tuesdays). Surfside News also sells beachwear,

thongs, souvenir clothing, milk, ice creams, telephone accessories as well as mobile phones and ice alongside of the usual things that a newsagency stocks, schoolbooks and magazines, greeting cards and stationery and also a range of Woorim only clothing, T-shirts etc. Late last year the partnership between the four friends had to end because of ill health to Russell, so he and Veronica retired to an acreage in a little place called Clifton, south of Toowoomba. We hope they return every now and then to say gidday. They will be missed. Add photo – Chloe, Sandy, Kevin and Mary-Ann So, it brings us to the present time. Sandy has had to make changes and is in the process of renovating the shop, gradually. Also, she had to find new staff, and she has found a beauty in Mary-Ann Cumming, she also has the puppy eyes and a smile to melt you and sends you on your way happy. But wait! That’s not all, Sandy has also bought a trainee onto the scene, a bubbly, beautiful and always smiling, Chloe Stanley. She’s only been there a short while and does casual hours while doing her last year of schooling at Bribie High. She has the job of issuing camping and vehicle permits as well as being trained for other duties. So, don’t take my word for it, next time you’re in the North Street area pop in for a chat and a coffee and come out with your own smile on your own face. And if you are lucky, you might run into Kevin Mitchell and get some ideas on how to grow grass?? Lawn, that is. By the way, if you happen to tell Sandy a joke, service goes out the window for five minutes or so until she stops laughing. She has a great sense of humour.


2018 - Issue 21 Happy Valentines Day!

Fresh Fruit & Vege and Café


Happy Valentines Day from Your hosts Scott and Kylie

• Wide range of Organic Groceries • Maleny Dairy • Pacific Harvest Bait • JC Quality foods (snacks and nuts)

Join us for our FAMILY BBQ BREAKFAST Sundays from 8am, Adults $15 Children $8


Upgrade to begin on Bongaree Jetty

Market & Cafe

Address; Bribie Harbour Shopping Village, Shop 7-10/25 Sunderland Dr, Banksia Beach

Open en 7 days from 7am Ph: 0428 383 025 best spots to visit and cast a line, and after a busy school holiday period and great Australia Day event, work crews will now get to upgrading this popular facility,” Cr Savige said. “Parts of the jetty will get a fresh lick of paint and crews will carry out minor maintenance on the pontoons and rails. Cr Savige said the jetty would need to be closed to public and boat access for the duration of works.

See our weekly specials on facebook

National conversation and action on bullying

Premier and Minister for Trade

The Honourable Annastacia Palaszczuk More than 817,000 young Queenslanders will return to school on the 23rd of January. Sadly, I know there are children and parents were apprehensive about the return to school. They are concerned that the resumption of classes will also mean a resumption of bullying in person and online. I can assure Queenslanders our 1241 state schools take a zero tolerance approach to bullying. Each school has a Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students that sets out clear standards expected of all students.

Moreton Bay Regional Council will begun works on the first week of February on the Bongaree Jetty upgrade. Division 1 Councillor Brooke Savige said from February 5, crews would begin replacing the aging timber deck with a sturdy, weather-proof decking and carry out important maintenance following a bumper summer season. “The Bongaree jetty is one of the island’s

“If you find yourself near the jetty works, please follow any instructional signage and heed the safety advice of crews as they work to improve this popular attraction. “I want to thank everyone ahead of the project beginning for their patience, so crews can get stuck into the work and keep the jetty in tip-top shape for all to enjoy.” Works are expected to be complete early May, weather permitting.

In March each year, the Queensland Department of Education coordinates the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. Schools also use the national Bullying. No way! website to access information, resources and successful practices to counter bullying, harassment and violence in Australian schools. We know bullying is a complex and can have tragic circumstances, as the death of Amy “Dolly” Everett has highlighted to all Australians.

Bullying can take many forms and it can occur inside and outside of the school. No longer can a “bad day” at school be left behind at the school gates. Through social media platforms, school yard taunts and harassment can follow students into their home. From the classroom to bedroom, some young Queenslanders feel there is no respite from criticism or worse. Imagine receiving – repeatedly – the message “you are not wanted, and no one likes you”? I urge parents to talk with their children – are they receiving bullying messages on their phones and devices? Are they aware of classmates who are receiving them? Or, and let’s be frank, is their child sending these messages because some are? As Premier, I do not know who is to blame, but I know we all need to be part of the solution. Therefore, I will be re-dedicating the Queensland Government to work with children, parents, our schools, our communities, experts and other stakeholders to help young Queenslanders, and put the search for answers on the national agenda. We need to raise awareness around this issue and we must have a national conversation and action about how we tackle it as we have done on family and domestic violence.

To Advertise or have a story Call Belinda on

0447 007 966



Happy Valentines Day! 2018 - Issue 21

World Day of Social Justice 20th of February 2018

By Amelia Strazdins

On the fourteenth of February, the world gathers to celebrate their love for their partners and many spend inordinate amounts of money on bunches of red roses and immaculately wrapped chocolates. However, many are oblivious to the fact that only a mere six days later a very important day falls, one that recognises and supports world issues. The twentieth of February is the proclaimed day for World Day of Social Justice, bringing awareness for all issues from inequality to homelessness. International organisations band together with the intent to inform and educate the world about the imminent issue still prominent in their modern society. Many agencies such as the United Nations release statements pledging their

Induction ceremony sees new police recruits sworn in to service with 2 new police officers to be placed at Caboolture Station Police Minister Mark Ryan and Police Commissioner Ian Stewart have welcomed 38 new police officers to the Queensland Police Service during a graduation ceremony at the QPS Academy’s Oxley campus in January. Graduating as First Year Constables (FYC), the new officers completed 25 weeks of intensive training to boost police numbers throughout Queensland. The recruit training program provides recruits with a quality foundation so that they can deliver an excellent service to the community with the skills necessary for operational policing as First Year Constables under supervision. Police Minister Mark Ryan said the Palaszczuk Government was committed to increasing the number of police officers in Queensland and these new constables would help deliver on its promise to ensure the safety of Queensland communities. “Police perform a vital role in the maintenance of law and order, and public safety; and on behalf of the communities and Government of Queensland, I am grateful for the 38 First Year Constables who have accepted this

A representation of multiple flags and unification at the United Nations Headquarters commitment to improving societal issues and pressing the importance of social justice across all religions, races and genders. Each year the United Nations choses a specific social issue to tackle or a phrase to focus on during the new year, although the 2018 theme is yet to be picked, the theme last year was “Preventing conflict and sustaining peace through decent work,”. The theme for 2017 focused heavily on tying nations together through peace and each year the United Nations presents plans on how to achieve better social justice, focusing particularly on the set theme and what steps both the government and citizens can take to help ensure a better future. It’s not only international organisations responsibility today,” Minister Ryan said. “Modern policing is always adapting to meet the demands of our changing society and I am confident that these First Year Constables, with their diverse backgrounds and experiences, will breathe new life into the Service.

that get involved on February twentieth, but many schools and universities prepare activities, whether for the week or day focusing on the prominent issues brought to light by the chosen theme. Fundraisers are set up, donations appreciated, and many schools talk to students about what they can do to help eliminate the problems affecting their futures. However, despite such an encouraging response from the education community, many people in society are not aware of what an important event World Day of Social Justice is. To help encourage the importance of the day that falls on February, pushing for the media to further promote the day would help spread the message about what can be done to help contribute

towards this event. Not only pushing for more media attention but also pushing for more community activities based around the annual theme would allow locals to do their part to help fundraiser or promote the difference the help the community can make towards reducing these societal issues. Although the month of February is based strongly on love, it is time to spread the love further and help support the hard work that these amazing international organisations are doing to help people tackle issues such as poverty, homelessness and unemployment across the world and appreciate the hard work and effort put in by millions to try and achieve these goals.

Bribie Toastmasters held their first meeting for 2018

“They will be at the forefront of creating a safe environment for residents and visitors, working in partnership with local communities and other government agencies around Queensland.” Of the 38 expected inductees, 2 will be place at Caboolture Station with none for Bribie Island. “The role of a police officer is like no other – responsible for the safety and security of Queensland. There is no doubt that each of these new officers will experience some challenging situations, however there will also be many rewarding and humbling times.”

Bribie Toastmasters held their first meeting for 2018 on the 16th of January, celebrating the start of another year of public speaking and leadership tasks with new faces and returning club members looking forward to growing their confidence and abilities. As usual the Bribie meeting was full of entertaining speeches and fun topics which made everyone think on their feet. The great thing about Toastmasters is that members are being educated and empowered while enjoying the challenge of improving each time they speak. If you wish to improve your ability to speak to one person or an auditorium full of people then Toastmasters is

an international club that will help you reach your full potential in a motivational and supportive way. Bribie Toastmasters meet on the 1st and third Tuesday of each month and guests are very welcome to attend. The meetings are held in the ANZAC room of the Bribie Island RSL. Commencing at 7pm for a 7.15pm start and will always finish on time at 9.30pm.

For more information please contact John on 0411143772 or Cathy on 0408803037

2018 - Issue 21 Happy Valentines Day!








FREE ENTRY, ALL WELCOME - Cnr Beerburrum Rd & Hasking St (07) 5495 1699

Caboolture RSL Gig Guide February 2018/March 2018

From little sings…big things grow Everybody has to get their start somewhere, in 1983, Keith Urban was a contestant on the Australian TV talent show New Faces, walking away with an encouragement award. In 1945 a ten-year-old Elvis Presley stood on a chair to sings “Old Shep” in a youth talent contest at the MississippiAlabama Dairy Show and eventually won fifth prize. It just goes to show, in order to make it - you have to work hard and put yourself out there. Starting Sunday February 11th, the Caboolture RSL is calling out to all divas, crooners, vocalists and songsters. Karaoke lovers are encouraged to enter the free 6-week Karaoke competition, with weekly prizes and $1000 to be won on the Grand Final day. Weekly heat winners will receive a birth in the Grand Final event, to be held on

Sunday March 25th at Caboolture RSL main stage area. The competition is hosted by Ketrina Baird from Wired for Sound Karaoke, who is an accomplished professional singer with many years experience in the entertainment industry. Ketrina is also singing teacher and judge within the music industry has been hosting Karaoke Competitions for over 20 years. Ketrina said of the competition “we have all kinds coming along, some are there to compete, others are there just to have some fun singing karaoke while many are there to watch or support their friends”. Singers can register from 1pm and performances start from 2pm each Sunday. For more information about the Karaoke Competition or the Club call Caboolture RSL Reception on (07) 5495 1699.

DATE GIG Friday 16th Feb Simply Three Saturday 17th Feb B-Rocked Friday 23rd Feb GlasVegas Saturday 24th Feb Fiddle Me Please Friday 2nd March Country Boys Saturday 3rd March Hot Pursuit Friday 9th March Across the Ages Saturday 10th March Chi Chi Friday 16th March Wild Card Saturday 17th March Too Many Hands Friday 23rd March Rockin Bodgies Saturday 24th March Australian Crawl and Dragon TRIBUTE April Sons of Beaches



Happy Valentines Day! 2018 - Issue 21

“We would like to see Bribie Island reduce the amount of Elder Abuse and Domestic Violence! We currently have the highest rate in the Moreton Bay Region and want to see it become the lowest. You can help!”

BRIBIE’S GOT YOUR BACK There is No Excuse!

Monster Garage Sale and Sausage Sizzle Clothing, Brica Brac, Furniture, Tools, House Hold Items, White Goods, Toys & Baby Goods, Gazebos, Paintings, Golf Clubs, Golf Bags, Sporting equipment.

All proceeds go to Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse Where: 27 Emu Walk Bongaree, When: 3rd of March Starts from 6 am

A lot of items have been donated by people in our community and are near new. Hairdressers with Hearts and Bribie’s Got Your Back team will be there, please come and have a look and say hi to a wonderful group of people who are doing extraordinary things in our community for elder abuse and DV victims. Remember when you have been Domestic Violated of any type, it’s extremely hard to bounce back and one of the biggest issues they face is financial hardship. They often leave their home with absolutely nothing at all and have no idea how to survive. So raising money for our victims is what Bribie’s Got your Back and Hairdressers with Heart is all about and turn them into survivers. For more information please contact Tammy Maszaro Ph 0432 509 233


Special Thanks to Bribie Bowling Club PUMICESTONE CREATIVE

2018 - Issue 21 Happy Valentines Day!


Chill Time


Our Youngest Reader

The “Food Cart” has arrived!

Thank you, Nikki Evers, for sending these gorgeous photo’s of your beautiful boy Zion Evers reading our newspaper. He really looks like he is enjoying the read. Maybe he might become a journalist when he grows up?

John is true Local who goes to Scoopy’s every morning for Breakfast, on his way he stops off to all the dogs and gives them a Smacko. The local Dogs know him as the Food Cart! If you have a short story and a photo to share from your daily life in the Pumicestone, please contact or send us an email.

On Bribie Since 1978


Locally owned family run business

We Supply Batteries for Cars, 4wd’s, Caravans and Boats


ter t a e B ng e r F ti Tes Unit 4 179 First Avenue Bribie Island, Qld 4507 Find us on

TEL: 34081542

Ironman distributor – Huge range of Ironman products and • 4 x 4 accessories • Bullbars • Suspension Lift Kits • All automotive repairs and servicing • Batteries • Tyres • Log Book Servicing PUMICESTONE CREATIVE


Chill Time

Happy Valentines Day! 2018 - Issue 21

www bribiecinemas com au

PRICES Adult(13+): $10 Child(2+): $7.50 Senior: $7.50 Tuesdays: $6.50


and OUR


Blanckesee 8 years

Please submit your completed artwork with your full name, age (if under 18) and contact details via scan & email to or photograph and SMS to 0447 007 966 for your chance to win 2 FREE Movie Tickets to the movie of your choice at The Bribie Island Cinemas. Please submit by 04 January 2018. The winner will be contacted and announced in next issue. Good luck and happy colouring!

Tickets kindly sponsored by

Full Name: ....................................................................... Age (if under 18) ................. Phone No. ..................................................

udoku Issue 21

nswers from issue 20

32018 -9Issue 217 1 4 6 5 Happy8Valentines Day!














Sudoku Issue 6 provided 7 8 5 21 1 answers 3 published in next issue by

























































94 5















4 8




36 4












37 7

6 4






8 7 3 2 6 5 1 9 4 Sudoku provided by 9 2 4 1 8 7 3 6 5 1









Sudoku provided by Issue 21 Game




4 2











1 4




6 9












9 1

Issue 21 Game




2 5 2

6 6















3 4


Sudoku provided by

4 3





3 4

2018 Numerology

By Michelle

ANSWERS FOR SUDOKU FROM ISSUE 20 Answers from issue 20


Chill Time



Sudoku provided by

Our winner and runner up

This month we chose Mya for her use of glitter colours! Thank you all for your efforts. Keep colouring!

Welcome to a super interesting and life changing period of 2018 beautiful souls. The quiet and thoughtful stability of February’s 4 vibration brings us productivity and strength. Anything of a physical nature will bring powerful forward movement in your life. If you are not feeling your best physically now is the time to make new and healthier choices. Any choices you make toward heathier nutrition and physical fitness will bring great rewards in the coming months. Your body deserves all the love and care you can give it. The partial solar eclipse on Thursday the 15th of February in Aquarius brings a major focus on thinking, ideas and communications. When a new moon darkens the sun the influence of this solar eclipse can last up to 6 months, and will be powerful right into the beginning of July 2018. All the way throughout this period of time you can make positive changes to improve your life and the lives of others. This is a solar eclipse of choice and freedom in all areas of your life,

especially companionship and health. This six month period will see worldwide benefits to the lives of women and mothers regarding their rights and health. Question old habits and old behaviour patterns, as you search for new ways to move your life in a positive direction. Write down your new goals, written words are as powerful as spoken words. March changes up the energy, bringing adventure and fun. The 5 vibration is extremely energetic, so it is important to prioritise your down time and sleeping patterns. Things may seem a little unstable under this vibration, however you can real them in to your benefit if you are aware not to let any situation spiral. Take control. Have a fantastic month, Michelle For your personal Numerology year chart email


Russian Mushroom Stroganoff on Toast

DIRECTIONS INGREDIENTS 9 ounces brown button mushrooms Mya Blanckensee 8 years

garlic butter, for spreading

Tip the butter into the pan and when sizzling add the mushrooms and cook over a high heat, stirring occasionally until the mushrooms are tender and juicy.

2 slices whole grain bread, thickly cut

Meanwhile toast and lightly butter the bread and put on 2 plates.

1 teaspoon coarse grain mustard

Stir the mustard and some salt and pepper into the mushrooms with 4 tbsp of the sour cream.

1 ounce garlic butter, plus a little extra

5 tablespoons sour cream

Sofia Hassen 10 years

Put a wok or frying pan over the heat while you thickly slice the mushrooms.

1/2 tablespoon fresh chives, snipped

When lightly mixed, pile the mushrooms and their creamy sauce on the toast.

Next month we have a Portugese Recipe

Spoon the last of the soured cream on top, sprinkle over the chives and grind over some black pepper.


Support your Local Businesses

Happy Valentines Day! 2018 - Issue 21

The lightest and toughest car toppers on the market 4.5m Lapstrake


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With weights starting at 180kg, the 4.5m Lapstrake is light, strong, stable and very fast. There's a reason the outboard manufacturer's want to do their fuel tests with our boats.

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Wonderful addition as lightweight Tenders The 4.5m Islander Hopper is possibly Australia's longest and lightest rooftop boat! Weights starting from 115kg the Lapstrake design provides stability, quick to plane and fast top speeds from only a 20hp engine

We do total packages: • • • • • • •

Boat Outboard Shade Loaders Portable Trailers Sounders Electric Outboards

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( ( (

We are also dealers for a range of accessories and can also supply and fit to your boat accessories such as: Sounders; Electric Outboards; Mangrove Jack Portable trailers; Kingfisher Bimbis; SeaDek and Fusion Sound Systems. Also available to the public at competitive prices.


07 5499 3155 Email: 13-15 Piper Street Caboolture QLD

2018 - Issue 21 Happy Valentines Day!

Wind and rain effect fishing Anybody that defied the wind and rain for our first competition for 2018 on January 20 and 21st , who caught fish well done in the monthly competition for Amateur Fishermen’s Association of Queensland Bribie Island. No offshore reports, the seas have been running up to 3 metres. The winners for January were Jim Mischke 1st place, Graham Newton was second and Ian McPherson was third. The catches were Bream & Flathead. A great result for a windy and rainy weekend. The winners and 2nd and 3rd place saw two nice catches of bream, both around 2.5 kilos each. I ventured out with family on Sunday morning to the ripples, my daughter caught some very good and above legal Grassy Sweetlips and bream. Bait was pilchards and squid.


AWESOME LINKS Each month we will take time out to find some awesome local websites to share with you. This month we have a few to share that really will help you on your quest for Whiting . To watch these shared links download a QR Code Reader to your Tablet or Mobile, scan the codes below and watch.

Catching Whiting How to catch whiting on surface lures This is a video on catching whiting using the Bassday Sugarpen and Stiffy Popper. The video details appropriate rod, reel, leader material to use, retrieve technique and how to play out large whiting.

Filleting Whiting From the Coastwatch Vault this video shows tips from professional filleter Steve Jamieson on how to fillet and bone whiting

Kamikaze Whiting Rig How to rig and use.

TIDE TIMES FOR 14 FEBRUARY - 15 MARCH 2018 FEBRUARY Time m 0151 0.43 0826 2.15 WE 1500 0.54 2034 1.73


15 0232 0901 1534

02 0320 0933 1608

16 0312 0935 1609

1015 03 0407 1646

0350 17 1010 1642

1055 04 0451 1721

18 0427 1044 1713

1132 05 0532 1754

19 0503 1117 1743

0613 06 0003 1207

0.39 2.18 0.49 TH 21111 .78

0.37 2.20 0.45 FR 2148 1.81 0.37 2.19 0.44 SA 2225 1.82

0.40 2.15 0.45 SU 2301 1.82

0.45 2.08 0.47 MO 2338 1.81

0538 20 1150 1812

0.53 1.99 0.50

0017 0616 WE 1224 1843

1.80 0.62 1.87 0.54

21 Whiting Catch and Cook Recipe A simple recipe cooked on board!

From Dan O’Connell

0103 22 0703 1305

1.79 0.72 1.74 TH 1924 0.58

0447 007 966 $77 Inclusive of GST Includes photos and description

0488 586 595

The only BBQ BOAT HIRE on Bribie Island


1858 0135 0750 TH 1325 1939


0903 09 0236 1420

1.78 0.89 1.38 SA 2149 0.75

1.81 0.85 1.41 SU 2255 0.72

1.87 0.77 1.49 MO 2349 0.65

1308 13 0636 1850 TU

0715 14 0036 1347

28 0132 0759 1441

0752 15 0120 1424

0.35 2.38 0.33 WE 2026 1.87

1.94 0.67 1.73 0.54 1.86 0.80 1.58 0.64

1.80 0.88 1.45 FR 2036 0.72

0027 27 0705 1350

0.46 2.26 0.46 TU 1933 1.73

Lot 2 Harbour Promenade, Banksia Beach

0657 07 0046 1243

1224 12 0551 1805

2.09 0.62 1.58

0.40 2.05 0.36

2.00 0.53 1.89 TU 1825 0.45

25 0448 1130 1709 MO



1131 11 0455 1704

1248 26 0603 1832


0.30 2.21 0.29 SU 2322 2.04

0321 24 0950 1528

1.93 0.78 1.47 SU 2314 0.57

• Located at Pacific Harbour Marina • Full Length Roof to provide Shade • Half day or Full day hire • Fishing and BBQ Boats • No public holiday surcharges • No boat licence required • Gas BBQ's • Toilet on board • A great day out for all ages • Explore beautiful pumicestone passage

0.24 2.33 0.23 SA 2241 2.05

1024 10 0347 1540

1.82 0.86 1.47 SA 2149 0.63

m 0.27 2.43 0.24 1.97

0.23 2.41 0.22 FR 2158 2.03

23 0202 0809 1402

1.79 0.83 1.59 FR 2023 0.63


MARCH Time 0229 0848 TH 1527 2113



The bridge and Bongaree jetty have also been quiet this month. We are hosting the Gallipoli Fishing club at our next competition. Always nice to fish against the Army team.


Sport, Fishing, Camping

1.95 0.69 1.59

0.57 2.02 0.60 WE 1930 1.70 0.50 2.09 0.52 TH 2008 1.80

Moon Symbols New Moon First Quarter

Full Moon

Last Quarter

Send us your catches!


With your photos, captions and story.


Happy Valentines Day! 2018 - Issue 21

SHOWROOM ON BRIBIE ISLAND MATTRESSES BASES BEDHEADS also Electric Lift Beds Call us or visit our Bedding Showroom right here on Bribie Island 1/181 First Ave, Bongaree Mon - Fri 8.30am - 4.30pm Sat - 8 am - noon

3408 2155


Coastbound Campers was formerly named Bribie Island Camper Trailers. With recently moving to their Showroom at 2/76 Lear Jet Drive Caboolture, their old business name Bribie Island Camper Trailers didn’t really work and caused confusion on where to visit them. Now with 2018 being upon them, they have moved forward with a new life and new campers! They have taken on the Agency for Blue Tongue Campers for Qld. Blue Tongue Campers have been around now for over 10 years. Built tough for Aussie conditions and are locally assembled in their Australian Factory in Sydney. There are many support outlets throughout Australia so if you need assistance, it is not far away. Coastbound Campers are their Qld Agent and located at Caboolture, only 40 min from Brisbane Airport and 30 min from Caloundra. The range consists of quality soft and hard floor camper trailers with the Overlander XF Series11 their most popular model. Other models are: • Overlander Light Forward Fold • Overlander XD Double Fold

ISLAND and surrounds


Coastbound Campers was formerly named Bribie Island Camper Trailers

M-W 9-5 T-F 9-6 & SAT 9-1



models on show at 2/76 Lear Jet Drive Cabooture QLD 4510


For only $55 per issue your advertising reaches

20 000

• Overlander XR Rear Fold • Galvanised Deluxe Off Road (soft floor) • King Swags

readers in the entire Pumicestone electorate region, That excludes the hits on your adverts on our website. What this means that your

target market is far larger

They also stockists of EvaKool, CGear Multimats, Maxtrax, Mats by Design and also do servicing of your Camper Trailers.

than any other publication in the region.

Come visit them at the Moreton Bay Caravan, Camping, Boating and 4x4 Expo from 16th to 18th February 2018 at Site OS564

We are the only publication in the region that has a website and an active Facebook page that extends that reach even further.

or visit our Web Page

Call Belinda on

0447 007 966

2018 - Issue 21 Happy Valentines Day!






Soccer World Cup

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

14th June – 15th July 2018


Australian Open @ The Lakes Sydney

15-18 November 2018


Australian Open @ Melbourne Park

15th Jan 2018


International Davis Cup

29th Jan 2018


National League

23rd March – Sept 30


National League

2nd Mar – 1st Oct


Super Netball

18th Feb – 3rd June

Rugby Union

Super Rugby

23rd Feb – 5th Aug

Bathurst 1000

Car Racing

4th – 7th Oct

Australian Formula 1

Car Racing

22rd – 25th March 2018

2018 Commonwealth Games

Gold Coast

4th to 15th April 2018

Bribie Island Golf Club Ladies Results from 12th January, 2018 to 8th February2018 Single Stableford 11/01/18 Div 1 Winner – M Barbeler 39, R UP – S Hose 36 Div 2 Winner – A Mitchell 34, R UP – J Jordan 33 Single Stableford 16/01/18 Div 1 Winner – A Lauchlan 37 C/B, R UP – S Power 37 Div 2 Winner – J Stafford 37, R UP – J Jordan 34 4 Person Ambrose 18/01/18 Winners - C Price, J Barrett, J Knight & B Truswell 59.75 R UP - W Robinson, S Hudda, K Highlands & S Hose 63.125 Single Stableford 23/01/18 Div 1 Winner – L Ball 41, R UP – L Pinson 38 Div 2 Winner – L Brook 40, R UP – M Huxley 37 Div 3 Winner – R Kent 36 C/B, R UP – S Wagg 36 Single Stableford 25/01/18 Div 1 Winner – B Newcomb 39, R UP – V Jones 38 Div 2 Winner – A Mitchell 36, R UP – L McDonald 35 Div 3 Winner – S Wagg 38, R UP – B De Graaf 37 Single Stableford 30/01/18 Div 1 Winner – K Wilson 42, R UP – S Vallely 36 Div 2 Winner – L McDonald 33 C/B, R UP – D Shearer 33 Div 3 Winner – G Muir 36, R UP – S Barry 34 Monthly Medal Sponsor Woorim Pharmacy 1/02/18 Div 1 Winner – V Jones 77, R UP – L Wilson 78, 2nd R UP – J De Ruyter 80 Div 2 Winner – S Weeks 77, R UP – M Carruthers 79, 2nd R UP – J Brooks 81 C/B Div 3 Winner – S Barry 78, R UP – N Aylott 80, 2nd R UP – L Cockerell 81 Single Stableford 6/02/18 Div 1 Winner – M Barbeler 40, R UP – J Wills 37 Div 2 Winner – D Shearer 36, R UP – D Croft 33 Div 3 Winner – J Barrett 36, R UP – G Burnham 35 Single Stroke v Par 8/02/18 Div 1 Winner – S Hose +3, R UP – K Tomlin +1 Div 2 Winner – E Jensen +5, R UP – M Peterson +2 Div 3 Winner – V Miller +2 C/B, R UP – C Price +2

green and the company. Tuesday’s competition of self selected pairs kicks off at 10am and Bob Prosser, President, always encourages bowlers to arrive by 9.30am. Thursday’s competition is club selected pairs and again kicks off at 9.30am for a 10am start. Every first and third Sunday of the month is Jackpot Pairs with that same start time of 9.30am for a 10am start. A Saturday competition is also being organised.

Beachmere Bowls Club Off and Bowling Beachmere Community Lawn Bowls Club kicked off its new year with a game of 2,4,2 pairs. The morning was a little warm, but several players enjoyed the rejuvenated

If you want to join a Bowls Club, then give Beachmere Community Lawn Bowls Club a try. The annual fees of just $35 makes it affordable for everyone in the family, which includes social membership of Beachmere RSL. For further information about lawn bowls in Beachmere contact President Bob Prosser on 0456 508 222 or Games Director Dawn on 0429 095 998.

On the Park with Tom Brown

Meet Bert van Marwijk, our new Socceroos Coach When Ange Postecoglou, previous Socceroos coach, decided to vacate the role as Head Coach in late 2017, it paved the way for the appointment of Dutchman and class act, Bert van Marwijk. Albeit for a short-term contract which ends after the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Bert van Marwijk has the credentials and personality to build respect and provide the best possible result in Russia. Van Marwijk background is impressive. His most recent job oversaw the Saudi Arabian Team where, as the opposition coach, he ensured that the Socceroos finished second behind Saudi Arabia in the Asian qualifying group sending the Socceroos into a playoff with Syria and Honduras. The last time Van Marwijk coached at World Cup Level, he took the Netherlands to the World Cup Final, loosing to Spain 1-0 in extra time. This 65-year-old knows how to manage elite players and win at the cutting edge of world soccer. It has been said by some commentators that qualifying for the World Cup is an end for the FFA (Football Federation Australia). It runs something like this – we fight hard to qualify, we collect the cash, hold a player farewell or friendly home game and enjoy a short burst of publicity. This is certainly not the opinion of all, but it does sound logical to many. At the same time, it is worth remembering that qualifying for a World Cup is tough. Italy was in a state of shock last year when Italy failed to qualify for this years World Cup. This is the first time that Italy missed a World Cup berth since 1958. Its is refreshing to know that Van Marwijk is not a man that goes on tour to a world cup to make up the numbers. Van Marwijk said, “We are not going to Russia just to be competitive. I want to win our matches. I know a lot about the Australian players and how the team has been playing after coaching against them for the two World Cup qualifiers, in 2016 and in June last year,” he said in a

statement to SBS The World Game, AAP (25th Jan 18). He said, “I have also been impressed by the national team setup that the FFA has developed over the past few years.” Without taking anything away from the success of Ange Postecoglou, the FFA has a history of recruiting talented overseas coaches for World Cup events. You may recall previous coaches like, Guus Hiddink (Aussie Guus) taking Australia to the second round of the 2006 World Cup. The there was Pim Verbeek who enjoyed less success between 2007-2010. Let’s be clear about the intend here. Soccer (Football) is big business and the potential income to the FFA for achieving a World Cup line-up is significant. Lead by CEO, David Gallop AM and its’ esteemed board, the FFA have an active short-list of preferred world-class coaches to approach, especially in pre-world Cup Years. Bert Van Marwijk is world class and will bring the best out of our elite Socceroos. Bring on the 2018 Russia World Cup Australia player France on June 16 at 8pm – live on SBS. About the FFA An exert from the FFA Website. Football Federation Australia (FFA) is the governing body of football in Australia and is a member of Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the international governing body for football. FIFA is made up of the FFA and 207 other national associations and recognises six confederations loosely grouped along continental lines. Each national association is also a member of a confederation. FFA has been a member of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) since joining the body on January 2006. Information regarding FIFA is available at

We want your Local Sport Content

We are keen to include a few local Bribie Island Sports stories each month. If you have a short story about your club we will publish it. Contact us at or phone our team captain, Damian on 0497 424 193


Proffessional &Trade Services Member for Pumicestone



Domestic Air Conditioning Specialists Sales, Installations, Servicing, Repairs & Breakdowns. Family Owned and run local business. Qualified Refrigeration Engineer with over 33 years experience Servicing Bribie Island and Surrounds We will beat any written Quote!

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CLEANERS Bribie Dazzler Cleaning Service

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Bribie Island Carpet Cleaning

and nutrition.

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When it doesn’t work or you don’t know how! Tech Butler provides repair, set-up and training services to your premises 24 hours, 7 days a week for your PCs, laptops, phones and devices.

Sarah’z Hair Boutique

• style cuts • colour • ladies and men • seniors • blow dry • bridal parties • special occasions • extensions • perms

Tel. 3410 1585 Unit 2 / 13 Toorbul St, Bongaree Qld 450

LANDSCAPING AND MAINTENANCE Precision Landscaping & Maintenance

Hair 4507 & Eyebrow Bar

Color , style cut and blow dry $60.00 Perm style cut blow dry or set $70.00 A man’s buzz cuts $10.00 Weekly shampoo and dry off $10.00 Eye brow tint and wax $10.00 Eye brow tint on its own $7.00 Eye lash tint $10.00 All other waxing $5.00 each eg: lips, chin, cheeks and neck. PHONE: 3408 1501

• Established for over 10 years • Body Corporate maintenance and Landscaping • Specialising in Paving and Retaining walls • Concreting • Plant layout and Supplies • Complete Garden Make overs • Hedge Trimming and Weed Control • Turfing and Irrigation • Ride on Mowing

OPEN 7 DAYS Mon - Fri 7.30am to 5.30pm Sat - 7.30am to 3.00pm Sun 8.30am to 1pm Cnr Goodwin Drive & Coolgarra Ave (next to McDonalds), Bribie Island 4507 PH: 3408 0972

Call Shaun Lynch for a quote on 0401 754 288 ELECTRICIAN CAKES


Cake It To The Limit


Qualified & Registered Horticulturist (RH-101) Horticultural Consultant- Bribie Island Provide information on all things gardening. Guest writer for local gardening magazines. Pest and disease diagnosis and treatment plans. Organic gardening advice, Plant selection & ID. Info on: Soil health & Eco-friendly fertilisers. PHONE: Mick 0417 618 203

No Call-Out Fee & Free Detailed Quotes

Are you looking for a special occasion cake? Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, Baby / Bridal shower, Christmas, Thank you or Just because.... Cake it to the Limit - Bribie Island can help you with your requirements! PHONE: Regan Cooper 0428 260 562

All Electrical Installations & Repairs, Ceiling Fans, Smoke Alarms, Power points, Shed Wiring, Metering, Surge Protection, Safety Switch and much more... PHONE 5497 7226 or 0458 912 121


GARDEN CENTRE Bribie Garden Centre

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High-quality affordable treatments by an experienced skin & beauty specialist. • Microdermabrasion and cosmedical­ grade peels • relaxation massage • manicures • pedicures • waxing • lash & brow tinting • spray tanning. 20% OFF your first visit. By Appointment : 0410 839 699


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CertIII & CertIV in Fitness, Australian Heart Foundation Heartmoves Licensee, Menofitness Trainer. Private personalised fitness and wellness is our focus at Fit Beyond 50. We aim to encourage and motivate all our clients to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle through fitness

Bribie Family Owned and Operated For over 20 years Carpet Cleaning/Pest Management

Lot 2 Harbour Promenade, Banksia Beach The only BBQ Boat Hire on Bribie Island Modern BBQ and Fishing Boats designed for a great day out!

355 830 or 5495 5553

FITNESS Fit Beyond 50 - Cathy McGillivray

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BBQ Boat Hire Bribie Island

5/181 First Ave, Bongaree • Professional approach to customer service! • New competitive packages • Wash & Vacuum package • Mini Detail package • Full Detail Package • Free Pick up & Delivery • Pensioner Discounts • Gift Vouchers Available. PHONE: 3408 0014 MOBILE: 0439 462 288

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ABN 71 326 381 155


CAR DETAILER Bribie Island Car Detailing Bribie Island

• Locals supporting locals • Serving Caboolture/ Bribie Island for 6 years, with 18 years industry experience • We come to you or meet us at Welsby Pde Bongaree; King St, Caboolture or Oxley Ave, Margate • Free call anytime for free advice • Pre-planning & pre-payment available. Pay now and pay no more.

Phone: (07) 3408 6700

Awnings – Blinds – Shutters – Security Screens – Louvres

2/50 Verdoni Street Bellara QLD 4507 Open 7 Days a week from 8am till 4pm Huge Range of Plants & Pots Soil Chemicals Fertilisers Gardening tools Phone 0477 711 320


Dean Sluce - B.App.Sci Chiropractic Bribie Island Shop 3-4, 9-13 Benabrow Ave Chiropractic P.O. Box 633 Bellara Qld 4507 Fax: (07) 3410 7230



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Bribie Island Chiropractic

“Bowen is a remarkable gentle Therapy which resets the body to heal itself quickly.” For pain/stress, sore tight muscles, back /neck pain. Sports Bowen. Sue Osborne Dip BT Health Fund Registered BTAA & BAA Email: PHONE: 0455 855 071



Phone 0488 586 595

Huge range of unique and well priced goods for your Home Decor, Homewares, gifts, unique furniture and fashion needs

Unit 7 / 95 Lear Jet Drive, Caboolture

ARCTIC: AU00625 & Electrical Licence: 65106

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY 0488 351 575 Email:

Mayyada Bazaar

Shop 1, 43 Benabrow Avenue, Bellara • phone : 3474 2100 • email at pumicestone@parlia


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Your local mobile Auto Air Conditioning Service Specialist. ReGasing & repairs provided. HEADLIGHT RESTORATION now available We come to you. AU 38260 Lic.111895 Steve Barr Email: PHONE: 0416 164 445

Bishin Body Beautiful

Happy Valentines Day! 2018 - Issue 21

171-173 First Avenue - Bribie Island Sand Soil & Gravel Supplies Red Mulch Now in Stock.

FAX: 3408 1955 Email: PHONE: 3408 1037

LAWN MOWING SERVICES Phone Mick on 0497 646 055

BBG Mowing Services “Mow You Good Thing” 0497 646 055

• Local lawn mowing service • Reliable and a professional approach customer service, • Edge cutting, • Rubbish taken away, • Free Quotes

2018 - Issue 21 Happy Valentines Day!


Proffessional &Trade Services

MEDICAL EQUIPMENT HIRE & SALES BRIBIE & CABOOLTURE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT HIRE & SALES We hire medical equipment and also sell new equipment. All equipment is height adjustable and has arm rests.


Quilting and Patchwork We accommodate Bus and Quilting Groups • Over 1,500 bolts of fabric plus and some haberdashery. Open 9am to 4pm Wednesday and Thursday. Ring 0409 290 113 for a preferred time or other arrangements. Location is 155 Bishop Road Beachmere, 4510 – house at end of driveway.

Call now!1300 55 40 10 Please call for an appointment


Let’s Keep It Local! Ph. Richard on 0425 477 639 to book your space or email


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Tara Cheers Hair Stylist


• Phone Graeme 0403 883 051 • Prompt Service • 20 years experience • Local company • Removal of tree stumps and tree roots Busy Fingers Op Shop • Small machine for tight access • Covers Bribie Island and 38 Cotterill Ave, Bongaree Surrounding areas Phone: 3408 1014

For bookings please phone or text 0424 997 953


Simply download a FREE QR reader application to your Mobile or Pad, scan our codes and you will be directed to our advertisiers site. Drive Viewers, Clients and Business to your Website, Facebook, Instagram or any other web based page using our UNIQUE CLASSIFIED FINDER tool.

TILES & ACCESSORIES quality products impressive displays competitive prices





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PEST CONTROL Complete Pest Control Email: All Household Pests Controlled www.busyfingersfundraiser.comSWIMMING SCHOOL Guaranteed.


• House Inspections Great bargains on clothing, shoes, • Termite specialists where the pieces come together All our pesticides are natural, electrical, tools, art, kitchen, furniture, • Thermal Imaging 3/75 Lear Jet Drive, Caboolture Pyrethrum based products. • Fully Insured Babies to Mini Squad linen, toys and much more. • Free Quotes • Family Discount (3 or more) Local family owned & • Rodent, Bird & Possum Free pick and low cost delivery • 2 Lesson Discount ated since 1998. Management

Pool Safety Inspections

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5432 4840

VOLUNTEERS ALWAYS WELCOME! 5 Wrenaus Way NINGI POOL & SPA EQUIPMENTPHONE 54988517 Make friends whilst helping the PET SERVICES Aussie Pooch Mobile

Bookings & Enquiries Please Ph: 54976866 Bribie Island Community

Address; Bribie Harbour Shopping Village, Shop 7-10/25 Sunderland Dr, Banksia Beach Open 7 days from 7am Ph: 0428 383 025

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coMMUNity NoticeS

TELEVISION ANTENNA The Mobile Dog Wash that comes to you! Monday-Friday 8.30-3.00 and Saturday 8.00-12.00 • Mobile Hydrobath • Eye & Ear Clean JohnPh. theRichard TV Antenna on 0425Man 477 639 to book your space or • Coat Brushing • Nail Clipping • ITUNING $60.00 email Aromacare • Blow Drying • Deoderant • Australian-made Digital TV Antennas, Dog Treats outlets & troubleshooting EPTPOS AVAILABLE - PENSIONER DISCOUNTS If I cannot fix your Problem, Call Megan Today! there will be NO CHARGE MOBILE: 0409 451 254 Specialising in - I.D. - 7.30pm. of Christ hall, cnr of Fifth TitabMonday Lic No: T15423 Est 20yrsChurch 5yr Warranty







22ft Tasman Great Condition

Alcoholics Anonymous meets on Bribie Island 3 times per week

Ave and Foley St Bongaree. Complete Bathrooms, SURROUND AREAS PHONE 3408 6530 Fibreglass Live aboard Full kitchen Double bed and Thursday - 12 Steps and 12 Traditions - 7pm - Church of 41 Benabrow St, Bribie Island Laundry and House Local for more than Christ hall, cnr of Fifth Ave and Foley St Bongaree. single Toilet Garmen sounder and GPS Freezer/Fridge TILER remodelling for the 25 years Friday - I.D. - 7.30pm. Banksia Lodge, corner of Sunderland New Canopy Suzuki 40 HP motor only done 60hr • Huge range of dog/cat food including raw 4 paws Elderly and Disabled M.E. Tiling & Renovations Drv and Solander Esp, Banksia Beach Licensed to • Toni is happy to discuss your pets diets

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Come One, Come All, Car Rodeo After Hours: 0402 048 275 Call Michael Early 0419 729 223

Corner of First Ave & Queen St, Bongaree. Saturday from 1:00pm WEIGHTLOSS &Every WELLNESS At the coffee shop behind the library HERBALIFE For FurtherNUTRITION details call Dennis on


Computerised water testing REMOVALS & STORAGE Water & Energy efficient products


TWO MEN & TRUCK Equipment repairs & InstallationMoNGreL trAiLerS Shop2, 122 Goodwin Drive HEAVY DUTY TRAILERS Bongaree FROM $77 PER HOUR MANUFACTURED LOCALLY 07 3408 3566 Safety inspections and handovers




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0418 159 116

Would u like more energy? Want to lose weight & keep it off ? Just like Sue has …then call us!

Call Bribie & District Wildlife Rescue Inc andinjured Jan (Ind.animal Dist.) anywhere if Ph: youAlbert find an 07- 34080541 or 0413582747 Before After  Caravan/Trailer from Bribie Island, Caboolture,  Service & Morayfield, Narangba, Redcliffe and WINDOW TINTING Repairs Clontarf. 0400 836 592


Serving Bribie & Surrounds since 1999 Window Tinting: Car, Home, Office - Reduce heat, glare and UV Frosting: Plain & Decorative Sunday 11th October Signwriting: Vehicles, Shops, Offices

3408 2334 or e mail info@  Custom Trailer Builds

Wheels by the Water

 General Fabrication Works

Supply & Fit Sandstone Point Hotel. Towbars Phone 0410 508coin 468 entry/ Car Entry: $10 Gold Trailer Parts and Accessories AJ Smart Move (proceeds go to charity) Removals and Storage CESSNA DRIVE, CABOOLTURE OPEN Mon-Fri 8-5, Sat 801 Family Fun, Kids Fun, Entertainment, SEWING & ALTERNATIONS We make moving ...EASY 1/75 Lear Jet Drive, Caboolture. Ph. 5432 4093 Used 20 mm Manilla Jute and 20 mm nylon. BBQ & More AL’S CLOTHING ALTERATIONS Used 13 mm Kernmantle response line Alterations & manufacture of clothing, Phone Justin Now cushions, curtains and all sewing needs. Mostly 50 meter lengths at $1-00 per meter. Also 2 X Tegan Lather’s Monthly Beach SIGNWRITERSPHONE: 0410 326 376 TV AERIALS & TUNING Al & Enid Workman New/Unused 20 mm X 250 meter lengths nylon at Clean Up Bribie island 25 Water Gum Crescent Ningi Qld 4511  SIGNMAKERS SOLICITOR Plus GST if applicable. Mobile:0427349171/Phone:53303360 2nd Sunday of every month at  DIGITAL PRINTERS THE TV ANTENNA MAN Inspect at Caboolture  SCREEN Wallace PRINTING Brennan Park from 8:30-9:30am Davies Solicitors PICK UP AND DELIVERY SERVICE T: (07) 3408 7366 REMOVALIST


Phone Bill on 0435 594 237

Surrounding areas. Local for more than 25 years.

Cnr Bribie Island Road & Regina Ave, Ningi Ph 5429 5995 Ah: 0402 048 275 POOL MAINTENANCE


Only $13,000

Waterproof, Specialising in Complete Bathrooms, Jaime 3408 9798 tiLe and Laundry andContacts: House remodeling for the renovate Elderly and Disabled. SteveBribie 0409 Island 560 561 and

• Clipping/bathing (available by appointment) Call Michael Early • Flea/Tick/Worming & Heartworm control • Much more


We Make Moving... Easy!

$600 per roll.


TUNING $60.00 Call us for yours and your client needs F: (07) 3408 9244 – a-frames – digital – frosted etch E: – illuminated signage – directional signs – screen printing 1/35signs Benabrow Avenue, Bellara – vinyl signage – routed letters – safety – construction signs – vehicle/boat decals – magnetic signs TV Aerials, Outlets & Troubleshooting! POestate Boxsigns 61 BRIBIEAustralian-made ISLAND QLDDigital 4507 – real – vehicle/boat wraps – shop fronts

Phone 3408 6530

ge 40

– banners


If I can‛t fix your problem, there will be NO CHARGE!!!

Titab Licence No.T15423 – Established 20 Years – 5 year Warranty!


For all your steel sales and fabrication needs. Steel cut to size. Guillotine, press, plate roller, band saw, welders all available on site. Delivery service available. No job too small or too large. Phone 5498 9516 Email 33 Piper Street Caboolture 4510

Foster Carers Wanted at Caboolture & District Animal Welfare We supply food, vet care, worm and flea treatment” - 0435 2460 06

ISLAND and surrounds


– installations

Phone 07 3408 1151

F 07 3408 1122 E


– window vision

Call Bob 0407-579318

Directory Services Advertise here for only $55 per issue Call Belinda on 0447 007 966


0447 007 966

$77 Inclusive of GST

Includes photos and description



Happy Valentines Day! 2018 - Issue 21

Simone’s PEN Pumicestone


Fun • Sun • Everyone


Electorate Office: Shop 1/43 Benabrow Ave, Bellara l Phone: 3474 2100 l Email: l Facebook: @SimoneWilsonMP

A message from Simone Wilson MP

I have been overwhelmed by the support and well wishes since becoming the Member for Pumicestone and I cannot thank you enough. Like you, I am proud to call Pumicestone my home. Pumicestone deserves to be recognised by all in this Government as being part of this great state with its unique beauty and boundless offerings – with its diverse needs and immense possibilities. These aspects of our electorate should never be taken for granted and I give you my assurance that I will work hard for you and on behalf of you. I look forward to meeting you when I am out and about in the electorate and wish you all a happy and prosperous year ahead. Introducing Team Pumicestone I am pleased to introduce our new electorate staff, Sally and Daniel, who have hit the ground running with me. Sally and Daniel bring years of experience to their electorate officer roles and they are here to help you with any matter. Next time you are passing by, pop in to say hello and meet the team. Mobile Offices I want to know what’s important to you and so I intend to bring my office to the communities of the Pumicestone Electorate for your convenience. Keep an eye on my facebook @SimoneWilsonMP to find out when I am in your neck of the woods. If you would like to meet with me at any time, please give me a call on 3474 2100 to arrange a suitable time.

Out and About January was full of activity with the new school year commencing and business back to usual following the Christmas break. It was wonderful to join students and staff at Caboolture Montessori to welcome our newest preppies. Congratulations again to Medicrew Medical Centre Toorbul on their grand opening last month where I joined local staff, volunteers and residents over a special morning tea. Thank you to the Sandstone Point Community Association for inviting me to join your first community meeting of the year. It was my great pleasure to get to know members and to hear what’s important to the Sandstone Point community.

Helpful info Protect yourself from scammers - We all know there are many scammers out there and the very best way to protect yourself is to be aware and learn more about scams. The ACCC puts out a great pocket sized resource titled “The Little Black Book of Scams”. I have just received stock of this book so if you would like a copy, please pop into the Electorate Office to collect one or drop a line to and we’ll post one out to you. Passport Renewals - A number of residents who do not have access to a computer have contacted me in regards to renewing their Passports. After speaking with my Federal colleagues, residents who need to renew their passports can simply call 131 232 and speak to the Passport Renewal Team to request a hardcopy renewal form.

Celebrating Australia Day 2018 Australia Day celebrations began a little early this year with the Moreton Bay Regional Council Australia Day Awards. The Pumicestone Electorate’s very own Ken Piva was recognised as this year’s Volunteer of the Year. Ken has worked tirelessly to support our community over many years through his work with St Vincent De Paul, Lions, Camp Quality and as a Chaplain at Bribie Island State School (to name just a few). It's people like Ken that make Australia and Pumicestone a great place to live.

Upcoming Event

Each year, International Women’s Day (IWD) celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Our electorate is home to amazing women with rich and diverse life experiences. Keep an eye on my Facebook @SimoneWilsonMP for details of the IWD Breakfast I will be hosting on Friday, 9 March at the Pumicestone Lions Park (Welsby Parade, Bongaree). We’ll also be supporting Domestic Violence victims in our electorate by asking for a gold coin donation as you join us for breakfast. Hope to see you there!

Issue 21 ISLAND and Surrounds Community Newspaper  

More than just a newspaper

Issue 21 ISLAND and Surrounds Community Newspaper  

More than just a newspaper