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The Theory of Cosmic evolution A new vision of time and the Cosmic laws

Written by: ABDEL DAYEM AL KAHEEL Translated by : DR /TAHA ABDUL-AZIM Prepared by: Ahmed Adham

On long journey with the book of Allah Almighty , it turned out that the universe is not, as seen by scientists today, but there are many things you need to see with a new vision ... Please look at this important research.

We offer a new vision of time, the universe and physical laws that Allah Almighty has placed to govern the universe and keep it steady. This theory was inspired entirely by the Qur’an, most of which criticizes the ideas prevailing today, which scientists consider global cosmic constants.

After a long journey with the Book of Allah Almighty, it appears that there is no such thing that is constant in the universe, hence the research idea came up to, time is changing and is constantly evolving, and the laws of physics are changing and evolving, the matter also is changing and evolving.

• This is in agreement with what Allah Almighty says: (Do they not think of themselves what God created the heavens and the earth and what between them is only right and destined, although a lot of people deny to meet their Lord) [Rom: 8]. and then say: (Allah starts creation, bring it back, and then you all will be returned to him) [Rom: 11]. • Based on this verse, the creation starts from zero ,develops, changes and then return as it starts, that there is a "cycle" for every creature in the universe, and time is a creature, and the laws that govern the material was created, and the matter was created, all starting from zero and return to zero, and Allah remains!

The new theory consists of three parts related to

Place,time and laws

Time Development

Time Development • The prophet peace be upon him said: (The time has turned as the day Allah created the heavens and the earth), and in this Hadith there is a straight and strong indication that time is changing and not static, but what does that mean? • It means that the " time current " is running quickly (changing) with the passage of years, and I can submit based on this hadith, the theory of " time cycle " in other words, time has a cycle repeated like the water cycle on Earth (hydrological cycle).

Time Development • However, the hydrological cycle is repeated every year, but the " time cycle " thereby repeats over billions of years. This means that the speed of light is not constant, as scientists believe (300 ,000 k/S) , but it is constantly changing with the passage of time. • For example, we can not drive the car at a speed of hundred kilometers suddenly, we have to start from zero, then speed up then slow down and stop! So the light, when Allah created light, it began with zero velocity, then evolved until it reached the speed with which we see today, and it will slow down to zero.

Time Development • In order to understand this theory, we should look at time as a "living being" has a beginning and end! This is referred to in the Quran in one of the greatest verses: (he who created all of you from clay, then destined an age and the destined time and you all in doubt (denying)) [Cattle: 2]. • (term) Age is the time, as Allah Almighty assign each creature a term as well as He also assign a term to time to end, cease to stop which is , the Day after, where either the immortality in the fire (Hell) or eternity in heaven.

Time Development Hence, we can say that the time started from zero at the beginning of the creation of the universe, then accelerating until it reached maximum speed, and then began to slow down until it reaches zero again, and this is the new idea which I wish to submit through this research. Thus, the speed of light in the beginning of the creation of the universe was zero, and then accelerated to the critical limits, and is now slowing down until the light stops moving and vanish, like the rest of the creatures in the universe, this is what we find an indication for in the verse: (all but the face of Allah are die and for Him is the authority and you all will return to Him) [Stories: 88].

Development of laws

Development of laws • The physical laws governing the universe, such as the law of cosmic attraction also not fixed, and in the beginning of the creation of the universe already there was no any laws there, but Allah created laws with the raw material from which He created the Universe (metaphorical, we can say that it is the moment of big bang, and I like to call it global hernia), then these laws developed and are constantly changing. • We must look at the laws of physics as a "living being" is developing and it has a cycle as well as time. For example, the law of gravity, which required that attraction force is generated between any two objects in the universe proportional to the square of the distance between them, this law is not static, but at the beginning of creation it is not already exist at all, and God created it with the matter and time, and there will be a time that all of these vanish and go away. •

Development of laws • Here we find a great verse in which Allah Almighty says: (The day at which the earth is substituted for another one and the heavens as well and all will in front of the God the one the Almighty)[Ibrahim: 48]. So, the land will change and the heavens will change in the Day of Resurrection. • In this verse, there is a reference to the changing nature of the matter, and in turn change the nature of the laws that govern this matter, confirming what Allah says: (The day at which the earth is substituted for another one and the heavens as well).

Place evolution

Place evolution • To complete this theory, we must address "the place"! Or what scientists call "space" The place was not already present at the beginning of creation, and therefore it originated from a tiny point and began to grow and evolve and is still expanding and this is told by the Quran in one of the greatest verses : (We have built the sky with our hands and we are expanding) [Zareyat: 47]. • Place has a special cycle and it can be called "Space cycle", ie, that the place started from zero and will return to zero according to the solid (controlled) cosmic cycle witnessing the greatness of the Almighty Creator. This is where the nice verse in which Allah says to be blessed and exalted: (At the day we fold the sky as the folder folds the books as we start the first creation we turn it back, as we promise, we were doers) [Prophets: 104].

The new idea offered by this research is that everything in this universe is variable, and that Allah Almighty and His words are not changed. The visible universe can be represented by three axes: the first represents the space (place), and the second represents the physical (laws) governing the universe and the third represents the (time) .

Mathematical equations required to be proved • We Should be looking for the rate of change, "the flow of time" over billions of years, and we can state the following simple equations: Law I: rate of change of the laws of physics with changing times. Law 2: rate of change of place with changing times. So, if we are able to know these two laws, it would be easy for us to re-calculate the age of the universe and life on Earth and human life on Earth and the other figures that have been measured on the basis that laws are fixed and not changing.

• This figure presents that the speed of light is changing with the passage of time, where it started from zero and then evolved and accelerated until it reaches the maximum and then slow down until it stops. We may now stand after the middle of the road after the maximum speed at a slowing time stage in order to stop at the Day of Resurrection. • This change to the speed of light and the laws will lead to re-correction of all the laws of physics known today, to consider the changing times and the changing of these laws with the passage of time.

If this research came true, what does it mean?

It means : 1- As the speed of light is not fixed, it means that all measurements of cosmic universe such as the size and locations of galaxies, its speed and its distance from us ... All this will change and more accurate new figures than the numbers we have today will be generated. In other words, the age of the universe will not be 13 billion years, as estimated by scientists today, but will be much less. 2- All the numbers that determine the Earth's age, the age of antiquities, age of rocks, the history of human existence and life of living ... All this will be changed and there will be new numbers less than the current figures.

Finally, reader might wonder: Can physicists agree with this theory, or that there is a critique and I can say: based on the current knowledge, this theory can not be criticized or proved, and it remains on a test and study until we have mathematical evidence that supports it. But as a Muslim I believe in it because it agrees with the Holy Quran and Sunnah.

Prophet Mohamed (PBAH) said: “Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You from the knowledge (science) of no benefit.” Amen…………….. Please visit our website www.KAHEEL7 www.KAHEEL Please send this presentation to all your friends

The Theory of Cosmic evolution  

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