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Temple President Charity Chairman Member of Management Board South Regional Coordinator Mentor UK Zonal Supervisor

Food for Life Coordinator



Temple Administrator Charity Secretary / Trustee Member of Management Board South Regional Secretary Mentorship System Coordinator Mentor

London College of Vedic Studies Coordinator

MURLI MANOHARA DASA Head Pujari Charity Trustee Member of Management Board Chair of New Temple Committee Member of Brahmacari Council Mentor


Head of Community Development Team Volunteers Coordinator



Financial Controller Member of Management Board

Volunteers Coordinator



Govinda’s Restaurant Manager Kitchen Manager Member of Management Board

Radha’s Boutique Manager



Charity Trustee Mentor

ISKCON Educational Services Ladies Ashram Leader



Radha Krishna Records Manager

Communications Secretary



Food for Life Coordinator

Russian Vedic Society Coordinator



Festivals Coordinator

Child Protection Officer



General Manager

Atma Lounge Manager



Closet Krishna Assistant Manager

Atma Lounge Manager



Sankirtana Leader

UK Rathayatra Coordinator



Closet Krishna Manager

Men’s Ashram Leader


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Temple president’s activities It’s been a busy first month of the year for ISKCON-London’s Temple President,with a full and varied schedule taking him both in and around our capital (and some miles beyond).


anuary’s first weekend saw Jai Nitai dasa attend the National Sankirtan Festival at Bhaktivedanta Manor (on Saturday 6th), before attending a UK Management Council meeting at Bushey’s Niland Centre (on Sunday 7th).The following week he went to Krishna Avanti School in Croydon (on Tuesday 9th) to dutifully continue with an ongoing series of teacher training sessions on the Krishna Consciousness philosophy. The next weekend (Saturday 13th), he stopped by in Rochester to chair the South Regional Meeting, which was duly held above the Closet Krishna shop there.

Going into January’s second half, Jai Nitai dasa was to be found teaching the ISKCON Guru Disciple Course from 10.00am to 3.00pm on Sunday 14th, 21st and 28th respectively. He was also on hand to chair a Trustees meeting at ISKCON-London on the 18th. Towards the end of January, he took part in another UK Management Council meeting held at ISKCON UK offices in Radlett, before rounding off his month of service by giving a much-appreciated talk at the post-sankirtan programme at Nalini devi dasi’s home in Morden.

In February, Jai Nitai dasa and his wife, Bhava Bhakti devi dasi, were invited to facilitate talks at the ISKCON Leadership Sanga which took place from 4th to 11th February in Mayapur, India, on the topic of “A Devoteefocused Temple”. On Sunday 12th February, they were invited to attend the Chakra Installation Ceremony in Mayapur and bathe the Chakras that were installed on top of the Temple of Vedic Planetarium.

Back in the UK, on Sunday 18th February, Jai Nitai dasa performed the first outing ceremony at the Temple for Jaga Mohini devi dasi’s grand-daughter, Eden Radhika Walker. He continued to train the teachers on basic Krishna Consciousness philosophy at the Krishna Avanti school in Croydon on Tuesday 20th February. The following day, he did a similar training session at Avanti Court school in East London. On the last Sunday of the month, he gave the Sunday Feast talk at Bhakti Yoga Centre in Crawley.

Jai Nitai dasa features in TimeOut London magazine


n a January print edition of the TimeOut London magazine, Jai Nitai dasa shared things the public may not know about the Hare Krishna’s in a short interview. Time Out London is the ultimate guide to things to do in London. Read full article:


Community development team Follow-up Training Seminar


here was a Follow-up Training Seminar on Monday 19th February, facilitated by Olga Dorovko, Follow-up Coordinator. A number of volunteers have now joined the team as Follow-up Callers. There is a great need to follow-up with guests who come to the Temple so that they are inspired to keep coming to visit and feel part of the Temple community. The Follow-up Callers are devotees who guests can explore Krishna Consciousness further with after his or her visit. This way, the guests are given an opportunity to learn about Krishna Consciousness – both the philosophy and practices – at the level of understanding they are at, understand the various activities happening at the Temple (with the aim of being inspired to get involved) and have any questions answered. If you would like to join the Follow-up Team, please email

London Mellows


n January and February, the London Mellows team held a sponsorship campaign for their first album. Simultaneously, work also went underway by Radha Krishna Records in the recording studio to produce the album. The team would like to thank all the sponsors who have contributed towards the album which will be launched in the summer. If you would like to donate towards London Mellows, the link is provided below:


festivals nityananda trayodasi Monday 29th January


food for life as a qualified accountant for the Home Office in Croydon. He became involved with the Hare Krishna movement in his final year of university. Later in 2007, his wife, Krishna Kanta devi dasi, introduced him to the Food for Life project and he began volunteering. He continues to volunteer now with his wife and is sometimes joined by their three-year-old twin girls.


owards the end of December 2017, it was announced that Food for Life’s chief organiser, Acyuta Charan dasa (Ashish Soni), was to be honoured with a British Empire Medal (BEM) for voluntary and charitable services to homeless people. The BEM is usually awarded for either “hands-on”provision to local communities, long-term voluntary or charitable activity, or innovative work of a shorter duration that has made significant impact on and improvement to vulnerable lives. Acyuta Charan dasa will humbly accept his BEM from Her Majesty’s representative at a high-profile awards event later this year. He shares, “I wasn’t expecting it at all, a few colleagues put me forward for it. This award should really go to all the wonderful volunteers who make Food for Lifepossible. They sacrifice their precious time to come and distribute to the needy. Each week is a delightful experience. It has been a privilege to be a part of this service for over 10 years.” Acyuta Charan dasa is a civil servant and works


Pritesh Mashru from West London recently started volunteered with the group after searching online for a vegetarian soup kitchen. He says, “The first evening I joined in with the great cause it was my birthday and I wanted to give back something to others. I was captivated by the enthusiasm of the volunteers giving up their Friday evenings for those less privileged. Seeing the group of people who had gathered at the square to receive a plate of hot food was an overwhelming experience and it was wonderful to be able to lift their spirits. The volunteers carried out the tasks so swiftly and with so much care to ensure nobody left the square without something to eat. I was so impressed with the service that I set up a group of helpers from my workplace to ensure someone was always available to help out, especially on busy Friday evenings. It was very satisfying serving over Christmas and spreading some joy to those who have so little. We even distributed scarves and hats, which were so much needed. I can’t wait to go along next week and see what new helpers I might meet and who I can greet at the square. Helping with Food for Life is my small way of giving back to the country that has given me so much.” The teams are working towards reinstating regular sangas and striving to cultivate a larger volunteer base. Anyone inspired to want to hand out delicious free food to hungry (and appreciative) souls in London, can contact the team at or go to the kitchen at Govinda’s Restaurant from Monday to Saturday at 6.00pm. Food is delivered to Lincolns Inn Fields in Holborn, where it is distributed at 7.00pm. Alternatively if you would like to donate towards Food for Life, the link is provided below:

govinda’s restaurant Govinda’s Restaurant among top vegan food places in London


ovinda’s Restaurant has been listed as one of the best vegan food places in London by London Evening Standard.

The article reads: “Tucked away in Soho Square, just around the corner from the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street,

Hare Krishna restaurant Govinda’s is known for serving a wide range of delicious vegan curries. Its location makes it a pretty ideal lunch spot for shoppers in the area and the healthy, affordable menu is one to try out.” Read full article:



london college of vedic studies Follow London College of Vedic Studies on Facebook


ondon College of Vedic Studies offers a wide range of educational, spiritual and practical courses aimed at nurturing character, personal fulfilment and spiritual progression. To stay informed of upcoming courses, “like� the new Facebook page at


outreach Ladies Sanga


he enthusiastic Ladies Sanga team continued its devotional services over January and February by conducting sessions on “how to offer food” to Lord Krishna. Newcomers enjoyed the session as they learnt the best ways to prepare and present their offerings. Some handy tips discussed were:

• As far as possible, use fresh, natural ingredients for cooking. Krishna accepts only vegetarian food, and packaged, store-bought products may contain meat, fish, or eggs. So it is essential to read all labels carefully.

• It’s best to use a new set of dinnerware that has not been used by anyone else for Krishna’s offering. • Cleanliness is extremely important while cooking for Krishna. • When offering food, place the plate in front of Krishna and request Him to accept the offering whilst reciting the following prayers: nama om vishnu-padaya krishna-preshthaya bhu-tale, srimate bhaktivedanta-svamin iti namine, namas te sarasvate deve gaura-vani-pracarine, nirvisesha-sunyavadi-paschatya-desa-tarine Meaning: I offer my respectful obeisances unto His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, who

is very dear to Lord Krishna, having taken shelter at His lotus feet. Our respectful obeisances are unto you, O spiritual master, servant of Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Goswami.You are kindly preaching the message of Lord Chaitanyadeva and delivering the Western countries, which are filled with impersonalism and voidism.

To mark the end of the informative session, Bhaktin Natasha prepared some savoury snacks for a feast while Bhaktin Narada baked a delicious vegan lemon cake.


he following week, on Thursday 22nd February, the team conducted a Bhagavad Gita session with Bhaktin Mina facilitating both reading and discussion.

New Facebook page for newcomers A new Facebook page, Bhakti Yoga London, has been created to advertise events specifically for newcomers:


radha krishna records BBC Radio 4 plays track from Mantra Lounge Volume 2 album “Bestowing Mercy: Tulasi Prayers” by Govinda Priya devi dasi from the Mantra Lounge Volume 2 album, produced by Radha Krishna Records, was mentioned and played on BBC Radio 4 during an episode of “Something Understood” by Jahnavi Harrison, which focused primarily on her interest in sacred botany.

Radha Krishna Records singles rank among Top 20 Conscious Music Albums of 2017 The Soul Traveller Radio Show’s Top 20 Conscious Music Fresh Tracks for 2017 placed Jahnavi Harrison at #2 and Ananda Monet at #5 for their tracks from the Mantra Lounge Volume 2 album. It is gratifying to see artists collaborate and also amazing to witness their success in artistic endeavours carried out for Krishna and His devotees. You can purchase a copy of the album at Radha’s Boutique or online



spiritual mentorship system

Candra Caitanya dasa, from Satya Narayan dasa and Madhvi devi dasi’s Mentee Group, tells how he joined the Spiritual Mentorship System:

“ I joined the Mentorship System because my wife and I needed guidance on spiritual matters.Because Satya Narayan dasa and Madhvi devi dasi are very close friends, it was so nice to accept them as our Mentors.We both enjoy the time spent with our mentors and the mentees because there is such camaraderie and willingness to help each other.Every one of the group is willing to help out, e.g. bringing prasadam.They remember birthdays and ensure that they are celebrated. My wife and I both appreciate the warmth and kindness of the mentees and that’s what makes it so special. If anyone desires to make progress on their spiritual path,I would recommend that they become part of a mentorship group and reap the benefits of devotee association and Krishna Katha. ”

volunteering Volunteering Opportunities COMMUNICATION OFFICERS Have a flair for networking or are you a communications professional looking to use your skills to help the Temple build relationships with external communities? ISKCON-London Communications Team is looking for volunteers to help build relationships with our neighbours, interfaith organisations, Government officials, and yoga communities. ASSISTANT HTML DEVELOPER ISKCON-London Communications Team is looking for a volunteer to help with various email development tasks. Requirements include basic CSS and HTML knowledge, ability to code mobile responsive designs, basic photo editing skills, and ability to work independently and manage multiple projects under tight deadlines. For more information on the above roles and other volunteering opportunities, please visit: To apply for any volunteering opportunity, please send an application to outlining your reasons for wanting to volunteer for the role, and your relevant skills and experience.


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* Excluding Sundays

LUNCH PROGRAMM E - MONDAY TO SATURDAY 13:00 to 14:00 Introductory talk and lunch. SUNDAY FEAST PROGRAMME 15:30 to 19:30 Includes arati, introductory talk and feast.


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January to February 2018 ISKCON-London Community Newsletter  
January to February 2018 ISKCON-London Community Newsletter