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Winter jewellery trends

Make a big, bold statement!

Watches and wonders

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Homegrown Get glam with these local brands

Big-screen bling

The most memorable jewellery moments on celluloid


Jewellery essentials for him

Jewellery every man should own

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Jewellery care 101 How to keep your gems gleaming

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A note from the EDITOR-


The cold winter months are here and that means it’s time to layer and pull scarves, hats, sweaters and coats of all shapes and sizes out the back of the closet. While we might not welcome the chilly weather, we have to admit that winter’s a great opportunity to get creative with our wardrobes – and that includes winter jewellery.

This year, it’s about going a little wild with your jewellery choices.

While dainty jewellery’s certainly had its time to shine over the past few years, quiet luxury is being stomped out by 2023’s hottest trend of bold jewellery. So set aside your dainty diamonds because this season’s all about ostentatious, overpowering jewels for the neck, wrists and ears.

Now’s the time to embrace all your fashion bravery and step out in bling that makes a striking statement.

Editor's top picks for winter jewellery

So whether you’re planning to layer on your gems or let a statement piece shine all on its own, we’ve nailed down the top jewellery pieces to keep you sizzling hot this winter.

Happy reading!

My absolute favourite jewellery trend for winter 2023 is maximising bracelets. Cuffs and bangles were a huge trend in autumn, so why not roll that trend into winter too? Consider layering and stacking your bracelets. This season, more is more and excess is encouraged!

▲ Brass Sienna bracelet. Beaudell Jewellery ▼ Crystal butterfly cuff bracelet. Versace ▲ Blue stone embellished stretch bangle. Lovisa

The rules of style often dictate restraint, but based on winter 2023 jewellery trends, there are no such inhibitions this season

Winter jewellery might be verging on the ostentatious, but not by reinventing the wheel. You’ll notice this season’s leading styles feel like a continuation of autumn’s jewellery trends, only in more dramatic and unabashedly maximalist forms. Let’s look at some of the most prevalent jewellery trends:



statement! BIG,

Large rings on multiple fingers Rings never really go out of style, but – like most jewellery – they also go through different phases. This winter, more is more and anything goes. Having tasted freedom, rings are now all over the hand, popping up in between the digits, straddling two or more fingers or in clever duos that meet to become one. When it comes to styling your rings, don’t forget the thumb ring, either – add one for a carefree, lighthearted look.

Chandelier earrings

Colourful statement pieces

Nothing upgrades an outfit like a statement piece. It’s also an easy way to add vibrancy and playfulness to your winter wardrobe. At JZA, we love a statement pendant necklace and we’re very excited about its comeback. Pair it with a plunging necklace or a much higher neckline, rather than something in between. This really allows the pendant to pop. Don’t be afraid to add some colour too. Bold shades like deep blues, vibrant greens and fiery reds are dominating the scene this winter.

Hello, again, old friends! For winter 2023, we welcome the resurgence of chandelier earrings. They’re like a magnum opus for the ears. Swinging with your movements and adding lustre to your skin, these earrings do wonders in elevating the simplest outfits. In the 2000s, every girl opted for chandelier earrings when dressing up for a night out – and those who stored them away in a box in their closet can consider themselves lucky now.

9 ▲
Upside down rainbow earrings. Meraki Jewellery Design ◀ Monique ring. Jenna Clifford ▶ Diamanté fringe chandelier earrings. Woolworths

Flower power From birth flowers to Carrie Bradshawapproved rosettes, the appeal of floral details is strong, even with winter here. Don’t let the cold weather get you down. Lighten up heavy weatherwear with floral-inspired jewellery. And with so many great options out there, there’s no end to what you can do with flowers.

From necklaces to brooches, rings and earrings, there’s a wealth of items to choose from. Big or small, bright or subdued, there’s no wrong way to rock this floral-forward trend.

Symmetry is overrated

This trend is all about breaking the rules and embracing your unique style. Mismatched earrings allow for endless creativity, as you can mix and match various shapes, sizes and

◀ Orbita asymmetrical octagon-cut drop earrings. Swarovski ▼ Orange blossom & honey crystal post earrings. La Maison Les Néréides ▶ Stainless steel 18ct gold-plated bangles with encrusted emerald zirconia stones. Dusty Diamonds Boutique
Nomad ▲ Brass and silver hoop earrings. A Bird Named Frank

colours. The asymmetrical approach to accessorising is perfect for those who love to experiment and make a statement with their jewellery choices. Rock a long, dangling earring with a small stud, or mix metals like gold and silver for an eclectic look. While you

can always mix and match earrings you already own, when it comes to designer pieces, you can often buy a single earring.

Bold bangles While layering dainty bracelets has been popular for a couple of years now, the new trend in arm jewellery is stacking big and bold cuff bracelets. We saw in autumn that cuffs and bangles were a huge trend, so why not roll that into this season too? If you opt for multiple bracelets with expensive stones, be careful to prevent them damaging each other. A secondary trend that’s also worth noting is the upper-arm cuff, which was seen on runways worn over clothing like oldfashioned sleeve garters.

Jewellery is a way of expressing your personality and uniqueness. During

the winter months, even if you’re wearing a chunky sweater, adding large rings, a statement necklace or stacked bracelets can lift your look – and your mood!

You’ll notice this season’s leading styles feel like a continuation of autumn’s jewellery trends, only in more dramatic and unabashedly maximalist forms.

John & Dawn Field

The new Oris ProPilot X Kermit Edition may not have been something we expected from Oris, but we love it. With this edition, the brand collaborated with The Muppets (owned by Disney) to create a fun, yet highly functional watch. For every day of the month except one, the watch resembles a standard ProPilot X, besides the Kermit bright green dial. However, on the first of the month, Kermit’s face graces the date wheel instead of the date.



This year’s Watches and Wonders was rife with exciting new styles. Here are our favourite colourful releases from the world’s biggest horological tradeshow

Watches and Wonders, a mecca for watch-lovers, journalists and collectors alike, delivered the hottest new releases from the top luxury watchmakers. This year’s edition saw a big focus on jewellery watches and colourful offerings – perhaps catering to a younger generation and the expanding market of female buyers.

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of its Carrera Date model, TAG Heuer has reimagined it with a newly streamlined silhouette in its original 36mm diameter, a mechanical upgrade – and a seriously bold colour palette. Our favourite is the hot pink.

▶ TAG Heuer Carrera Date in hot pink ▶ Oris ProPilot X Kermit Edition

This is Vacheron’s first sports watch with a retrograde display and a very rare example of a retrograde moon phase arc. The moon phases are displayed through a 6 o’clock aperture and also read on a gradation from 0-29½, indicating the number of days elapsed since the last new moon. It’s a precision moon phase, requiring a one-day correction only once every 122 years. The retrograde date arc above is subtle, with a blue hand over the background of a blue dial.

◀▶ Rolex Oyster Perpetual “Celebration Dial”

Rolex showed a number of playful styles for 2023. We loved this cheerful take on the Oyster Perpetual. The coloured bubbles represent the five-hued faces that Rolex released of this style in 2020. It’s a surprising rework of the classic style, which tends to be a quieter option among the brand’s offerings.

Dubbed the Octo Roma Striking Papillon Tourbillon and housed in a semi-tactical, very futuristic-looking 44mm Octo case that’s 11,9mm thick and features a sapphire mid-case, its dial looks like something out of a cool sci-fi novel. A mix of blacks, greens and transparent surfaces, the dial features a central tourbillon with a jumping hour display poised above it, plus a semi-circular minute display below.

◀ Bvlgari Octo Roma Striking Papillon Tourbillon ▶ Vacheron Constantin Overseas Moonphase Retrograde
This year’s edition saw a big focus on jewellery watches and colourful offerings.

GET glam


These six local jewellery brands are making beautiful pieces and using their mediums to educate and advocate South Africa’s fashion future and curve to each piece.

Obtuse Jewellery

Obtuse Jewellery is handmade in Cape Town, with its form-focused collections grounded in the syntax and language of fine art, bringing a strong aesthetic of line

Lynne Avis is the designer and owner of the brand. She’s drawn to jewellery’s intimate relationship with the body. Each piece is a sensual statement, enticing to the eyes and the touch. Obtuse Jewellery believes adornment can give us the courage to present our inner authenticity to the world.



ROHO Heritage Jewellery

ROHO Heritage Jewellery provides a fully supported kit experience that allows you to capture the beauty and fragility of your loved one’s fingerprints (or pawprints!) in specially formulated wax impressions, which are replicated in silver or gold and made into elegant and meaningful pieces of fine jewellery. By capturing the impressions in wax, ROHO is able to achieve a multi-dimensional, organically shaped jewellery piece that reflects all the natural curves of the finger. This makes for a sentimental and tangible piece of jewellery, unique to the people and relationship that it represents: from new moms to loving partners and elderly parents, and even beautiful pawprint impressions of the family pets.



"Thusana" means “help each other” in Sesotho – and the people who produce the products you’ll find at the eponymous outlet are doing exactly that. They’re working together to bring hope in situations that others may see as hopeless. Thusana is a celebration of local talent and the tenacity of our people. Each piece is made using what’s in their hands, along with the skills passed down from previous generations, resulting in beautiful things for the wearer to enjoy.




Kinkel Jewellery

Kinkel Jewellery is the culmination of creative and whimsical jewels, inspired by nature. Each piece is uniquely designed and handmade by Marleen van Wyk, the owner and founder of the outlet, in her Cape Town studio. She obtained her jewellery design degree at Stellenbosch University in 2011, including a sixmonth design course at the Pforzheim Design School in Germany. She also finished a twoyear goldsmithing internship to sharpen her technical skills. Inspired by SA’s rich fauna and flora, she aims to make beautiful, elegant items that appeal to everyone.


Muga Muga Handmades

The name Muga Muga is pure make-believe and, like its range, it’s based on imagination. Its products are created from the heart and inspired by the things we love, that make us who we are. Nostalgic memories from childhood and our love of being original and creative are a focus of Muga Muga’s aesthetic. The Bloemfontein brand’s products are quirky and arty, but are also wearable, affordable and good quality, so they can be owned and loved by many.


Carin’s Jewellery Design

With its studio based in the city of roses, Bloemfontein, Carin’s Jewellery Design designs exquisite and unique handmade jewellery pieces. Its mission is to provide women with accessories that fit their personality, while adding a touch of culture to each piece.

Collections include Botanical, Earthy Pearl, Floating Necklace, Geometric, Organic Shaped Pearl and Petite and Dainty. Carin’s Jewellery Design also remodels old jewellery into new, modern jewellery pieces and restrings pearls and beads.


Its products are created from the heart and inspired by the things we love.

Carefully curated Mzansi jeweller y

A marketplace that discovers local, visionary jewellers you need to know DISCOVER


Explore our captivating edit of exquisite jewellery pieces inspired by the lush and irresistable allure of emerald green.


From dazzling emerald gemstones to stunning green enamel creations, this edit celebrates the timeless beauty and mystique of this enchanting hue. Discover how these green treasures add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your style, bringing a refreshing and rejuvenating energy to your ensemble. Immerse yourself in the world of emerald green and let its captivating charm adorn you with a sense of natural

AILES AJ Jewelry
Stone Fine Jewelry TOiFineJewelry SanazDoost AmwajJewellery The Bleu Concept The Jewelry Gala

From old Hollywood icons wearing diamonds and rubies to modern actresses bringing their inner princesses to life, here are JZA’s 10 favourite moments from the big screen:

1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) Whether they’ve seen the film or not, everyone will recognise the iconic scene of Holly Golightly (played by Audrey Hepburn) standing at the window of Tiffany & Co wearing a five-strand choker pearl necklace, clasped together with a huge diamond brooch.

2. Titanic (1997) Arguably one of the best-known pieces of jewellery in cinematic history is Titanic’s The Heart of the Ocean necklace worn by Kate Winslet. The film’s soundtrack singer, Celine Dion, even wore the piece to the film’s première.

Forget the film plot –let’s look at some of the most memorable jewellery moments on celluloid!
The Jewellery Editor Wikkicommons Jewels Abound

3. Gentlemen

Prefer Blondes (1953)

Marilyn Monroe had already become a mega-star by the time this movie débuted, but it took her luxe image to the next level with her diamond choker, bracelets and earrings.

6. Moulin Rouge (2001)

The stunning diamond choker-style necklace, gifted by the Duke of Monroth (Richard Roxbrough) to Satine (Nicole Kidman) in the film was inspired by 1800s Paris and designed by Australian jeweller Stefano Canturi.

4. High Society (1956)

Among the many jewels in the movie, there was one very special one: a Cartier ring with an emerald-cut 10,47ct diamond set on a platinum frame, worn by Grace Kelly playing socialite Tracy Samantha Lord.

7. The Great Gatsby (2013) Carey Mulligan’s diadem headpiece, along with a matching pearl and diamond bracelet/handpiece, were her character Daisy Buchanan’s most noteworthy adornments in this version of Scott F Fitzgerald’s classic novel.

5. Black Panther (2018)

The jewellery and body armour of Dora Milaje, the woman who was the bodyguard of King T’Calla, were extraordinary and as scenestealing as the leader of the warriors, Okoye (Danai Gurira).

9. How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days (2003)

The most famous outfit from this hit comedy was all-yellow. Kate Hudson, playing Andie Anderson, wore a yellow satin slip dress, but the real focus was her 84ct yellow diamond necklace by Harry Winston.

10. Ocean’s 8 (2018) The gang of über-cool thieves, led by Sandra Bullock, stole a precious necklace worn by Anne Hathaway during the Met Gala: the Cartier Toussaint. It was a replica of the jewel created by Jacques Cartier in 1931 for the Maharaja of Nawanagar, adapted to Hathaway’s proportions.

Movie Treaasures Refinery29 People TheAdventurine OnlyNatural Diamonds 8. Pretty Woman (1980) The jewellery box scene between Julia Roberts and Richard Gere is one of the top romantic movie moments of all time – but the ruby and diamond necklace inside the box was just as legendary.

There are many options for jewellerywearing, fashionable men – and these are the six pieces each of them should possess




Beyond ties and pocket squares, items like cufflinks and watches give a man’s ensemble a new dimension and open up opportunities to show his personality. Here are some jewellery pieces that are a must-have in every gent’s wardrobe.

A stylish watch The perfect timepiece can finish off a look with a bold dash of sophistication. You’ll want to have at least one watch that you can wear with dressier outfits, such as suits, or to the office, as well as a watch you can wear in more casual situations, such as hiking, boating or chilling on weekends.

A ring If you’re about to get married, a wedding band is a must – and nowadays you’re spoilt for choice in terms of details, stones, metals and size. Go large and chunky, find something textured or have it centre around a single stone. Whatever you choose, though, keep it to one per hand.

Cufflinks Among all traditional pieces of men’s jewellery, cufflinks are the statement-makers. They’re de rigueur on formal occasions, but can also add interest to bog-standard suit-and-tie combinations during the working week. Don’t be afraid to have a little fun with them.

A cuff Today’s fashionable guy typically steers clear of traditional men’s chain bracelets, but that doesn’t mean bracelets are off the table completely. Metal and leather cuffs are entirely in style and can work with both dressy and casual outfits, depending on the design and material.

A tie-clip Typically reserved for those of us who still work in corporate environments, a tie-clip is primarily there to

keep your tie in place and out the way while you’re going about your business. There’s no need to overthink this one – simply choose an understated style that matches the existing metals in your jewellery collection.

A chain necklace

Chain necklaces are still a staple, when worn correctly.

Understated silver and gold chains work well with even the most casual outfits.

Choose pieces that best match your lifestyle, outfit choices and personal preferences to help you make a grand entrance, anytime, anywhere.

▼ Silver curb chain. Aria Jewellery
AhtrKru a nalp C a p e Union Mart
◀ Customengraved cufflinks. Silvery ▶ Men's heritage double-wrap black leather strap bracelet. Watch Republic
WE BUY & SELL ANTIQUE JEWELLERY & VINTAGE CURIOSITIES Since 1988 www.bancroftantiques.co.za Use the “JZA Winter” 10% discount code - for a limited period only Mobile +27 82 823 1492 • Email bancroftjhb@gmail.com Stall 103, Bryanston Marklet 9am-3pm (Thursdays and Saturdays)


Learn how to care for and clean your jewellery properly so that you can wear and treasure it well into the future

Over time, all fine jewellery begins to lose its shine. Silver and other metals will eventually tarnish. It’s important to care for your valuable pieces to ensure they’ll sparkle and shine for years to come. Here are 12 tips to help you care for your jewellery:

1. Store jewellery properly Store your jewellery in a safe and secure place to protect it from damage. A jewellery box or pouch with separate compartments for each piece can help prevent tangling and scratching.

2. Keep gold jewellery separate Gold items scratch easily, so keep them

in individual soft cloth bags or the original boxes they came in.

3. Store your jewellery in a dry space If you don’t have a jewellery case, wrap each piece of jewellery in a soft tissue or paper before placing it in a drawer. Sterling silver jewellery does best in an anti-tarnish bag

▶ Songmics jewellery box with glass lid. Greenleaf Home
Wanderers Travel Co

or cloth to limit exposure to air and moisture.

4. Keep jewellery away from chemicals Exposure to chemicals such as perfume, hairspray and cleaning products can damage your jewellery. Remove your jewellery before using these products.

5. When in doubt, take it off The swimming pool isn’t an ideal place for your fine jewellery. Even when preparing a meal or doing household chores, it’s a good idea to store it in a safe place.

6. Avoid leaving it in sunlight The colour of gemstones will become dull when exposed to too much light.

7. Clean jewellery regularly Regular cleaning can help maintain the appearance of your jewellery. Use a soft cloth or a jewellery-cleaning solution for this purpose. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials.

8. Handle jewellery with care Avoid exposing your jewellery to excessive force or pressure. Remove it before engaging in physical work or activities such as sports.

9. Check for loose stones and missing parts Regularly inspect your jewellery for any loose stones, missing parts or signs of damage. Have any repairs or adjustments done by a professional jeweller.

10. Don’t wear it out

Jewellery is beautiful and everyone has their favourite piece. To prolong the life of treasured items, switch them around now and again, giving all of them time in the spotlight.

11. Toothpaste myth

Never use toothpaste on jewellery. It’s far too harsh.

12. Insure your jewellery Accidents happen. It’s impossible to predict burglaries, missing luggage, fire, floods or other disasters. That’s why it’s always a good idea to insure your jewellery.

It’s important to care for your valuable pieces to ensure they’ll sparkle and shine for years to come.
The D a xoBdnom
Address: 228A South Mall, Oriental Plaza, Fordsburg, Johannesburg, 2092 Contact : 083 629 2879 / 011 8384726 • Email: zahirregal@gmail.com Instagram: Regal_jewellers • Facebook: @regal jewellers

Pop art-inspired jewellery presents a playful take on some old favourites and is characterised by vibrant, bright colours and a playful spirit!

The first definition of pop art was provided by British curator Lawrence Alloway, who invented the term in 1955 to describe a new genre characterised by the imagery of consumerism, new media and mass reproduction. Through bold, simple, everyday imagery and vibrant block colours, pop art was one of the first movements to narrow the divide between commercial and fine arts.

Pop artists took inspiration from advertising, pulp magazines, billboards, movies, TV, comic strips and shop windows for their humorous, witty and ironic works, which were also celebrations and critiques of popular culture.

This fun, colourful and creative explosion of highjinks storytelling has also been seen in precious jewellery. It delivers an inspired punch to tradition, using a subversive vocabulary of pulsating colours, witty and whimsical motifs and irreverent materials, from shiny wet-look lacquer to multi-hued titanium.

This bold genre is the reverse of heirloom jewellery’s serious nature, challenging perceptions of preciousness and the well-trodden tropes of sentimentality.

▲ Diamond BOOM ring. Diane Kordas Jewellery
▲ Pop artthemed watch collection. Breo ◀ Pop art lips dangle earrings. The Funky Barcode ◀ Hippie van charm. Charm SA

Tell us about Kioo in situ.

Maruné: We’re a home-based jewellery business founded in 2018 by my dad Henry and me. We’re both very passionate about beautiful, unique jewellery and pride ourselves on the quality of our gemstone jewellery. We want our customers to feel the same pride when wearing the glittering pieces from our store.

What does “Kioo in situ” mean and why did you decide on that name for your brand?

Maruné: “Kioo” is a Kiswahili word meaning “crystal” and “in situ” is a Latin term meaning “in place”. Since we initially worked only with



Based in Burgersfort in the Sekhukhune region of Limpopo province, Kioo in situ Design is a jewellery business founded by father-and-daughter team, Henry and Maruné


crystals, we thought it would be the perfect name for our business.

What drives you when designing jewellery?

Henry: Creativity is what drives us. We capture art in our jewellery, from what we design and produce.

What makes your jewellery different?

Maruné: We truly found our niche in unique, handmade jewellery. The happiness in our clients’ eyes when they wear our creations prompted us to switch gears and focus on quality pieces, each of which is unique because it’s handmade. Stones and crystals are also all naturally different, which also makes our pieces unique.

Tell us more about your collections.

Maruné: Our Kito collection features unique, handmade earrings, necklaces and bracelets crafted from raw gemstones. Our Udongo collection is a unique and exquisite line of handmade earrings crafted with polymer clay, while our Lulu collection offers a stunning array of handmade freshwater pearl earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Where can one find your jewellery?

Henry: Our jewellery collection is available online at www.kiooinsitu. com. We also encourage people to follow our social media pages to see where we’ll be exhibiting next.

is what drives us. We capture art in our jewellery, from what we design and produce.

RING THE changes

No longer content to be anchored to just one finger, multi-finger rings are here to stay. Styling rings may sound pretty simple, but there’s a knack to getting it right

Whether you’re a minimalist who prefers dainty bands or a maximalist who likes chunky, bold rings, deciding how to wear multiple rings on a hand can be tricky.

With the trend of making major hand statements showing no signs of retreating, we’re showcasing our favourite big looks for fingers.

A ring for every finger

A really show-stopping way to wear your rings is to place one on every finger.

Make one finger (preferably the second, third or fourth one) the focal point by wearing a large-sized cocktail ring on it. Keep it simple with the others, opting for simple bands.

Mix metals Contrary to popular belief, it’s fine to mix metals. In fact, a combination of gold and silver is a superchic style that’s worth trying. You don't need to go overboard with this, but when done correctly, mixing metals can create an extremely attractive look.

Black Betty

Be creative The great thing about stacking rings is that you can be as creative as you like with them. For a subtle look, stack plain, skinny bands and for a colourful look, team different gemstones with each other. Experimenting with different styles will open up a whole realm of opportunities.

Alternate fingers For a daintier look that still has impact, opt for two simple rings on alternate fingers.

The pinkie finger may be the smallest, but it will give your ring styling a playful touch. Look for cute, delicate designs such as hearts and small gems.

Simple statement If you want to make a simple statement, a single glamorous cocktail ring is just the ticket. It’s the ideal way to add bling to your best party outfits, but keep everything else minimal and avoid any bracelets or other rings that may steal atten tion.

Make it personal

The rings you pick should fit your personality and style. This means you should choose the rings which stand out for you, rather

◀ Gold baguette broad ring. Meraki Jewellery Design Meraki Jewellery ▼ Yellow gold, rose gold and sterling stacking set with black diamonds. Botanica Missoma MonicaVinader ◀ Raw aquamarine ring. Verus Fine Jewellery


Shimansky Jewellers has won the prestigious Most Compelling Tourism Story award, which was presented earlier this year at the World Travel Market Africa.

The award category recognises Africa’s unique regions and cities that have a story to tell. It honours those who use an authentic and creative narrative to inspire tourists to explore an African destination.

Love is a wonderful experience. In fact, it makes one feel on top of the world. With this one-of-a-kind creation, Cape Townbased diamond jeweller Shimansky has crafted a piece which captures precisely that

According to Deborah Francis from DSquared Connect, it was CEO and founder Yair Shimansky’s love for Cape Town which first stirred him to design the widely recognised Table Mountain ring. Splitting his time between there and New York, in 2022 he unveiled the ring as a tribute to the Mother CIty. “His goal was to start a global movement and take Cape Town to the world by allowing you to always carry a piece of it, wherever you are in the world,” says Francis.

Inspired by nature’s most iconic design, combined with SA’s finest metals and diamonds, the Table Mountain ring is the perfect reminder of moments we treasure.

From your first trip to the beautiful and coveted city to the time you said “yes” to a marriage proposal on top of the natural wonder, the ring captures precious moments.

Made from SA’s beautiful treasures, gold and diamonds, it’s a truly – and proudly – South African keepsake.


An invitation to experiment with unique styles, Pandora’s new pieces encourage wearers to express every side of themselves.

This collection is inspired by powerful amulets from ancient times that represent protection, luck and hope. They encourage the wearer to explore unique looks and express different aspects of their identity through jewellery.

Each Pandora ME dangle is embedded with its own meaning. A symbol of motivation, the new, striking

Each wearer’s choice of dangle represents facets of their innermost self.

Pandora is exploring creativity and the art of selfexpression with a new drop of the Pandora ME collection


compass medallion represents defiance and finding one’s true self in the world.

Rectangular with cut corners and designed to bring luck, the new tarot card medallion combines three symbols not traditionally found in a deck: a piercing purple eye, a horseshoe and a clover.

Whether exploring freedom through symbols such as the butterfly or radiating wisdom and strength through the glow of the crescent moon, each wearer’s choice of dangle represents facets of their innermost self.

The collection explores new crafting techniques across design elements and metal finishes and

features new colours. The pavé dual rings now come in two new colourways – white enamel with sterling silver and blue enamel with 14ct gold plating.

The pavé link earrings are introduced in 14ct rose gold plating. The collection encourages stacking, styling and mixing pieces for ultimate self-expression.

Designed with the future in mind, the new pieces align with Pandora’s commitment to leadership in sustainability, with all stones man-made and crafted in laboratories.

Every piece of Pandora jewellery is meticulously hand-finished by skilled craftspeople and passes through 25 different pairs of hands, on average.



Celebrate the beauty and versatility of different gemstones, featuring jewellery pieces that showcase their unique colours and properties

Indulge in the captivating world of gemstones with our gemstone extravaganza edit. Prepare to be mesmerised as we showcase an array of exquisite jewellery pieces that celebrate the beauty and versatility of different gemstones. From the fiery allure of ALANINA’s rubellite to the serene elegance of La Marquise’s Paraiba tourmalines, each gemstone takes centre stage, revealing its unique colours and properties.

Explore the captivating world of gems with ALANINA, TOKTAM, Noora Shawqi, Khayal, Obari, Kaltham's Pavilion, Opal Republic, Le Trezor and La Marquise Jewellery. Discover exquisite jewellery designs that highlight the magic of gemstones.

N o o r a S h a w iq Jlewe l re y
ALANINA Opal Republic Khayal Fine Jewelry Kaltham's Pavilion Obari
L e T r roze F iyrelleweJen
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Many of the hottest trends in bridal jewellery were reflected in the latest styles and collections introduced at this year’s JCK Luxury

Hearts On Fire

Hearts On Fire’s new Vela bridal line offers modern sensibility and draws on curves and swooping lines of a feather –a design element that appears discreetly in all 11 pieces of the collection.

The diamond engagement rings at the heart of the Vela collection mirror the lightness and shape of a feather floating through air, with a unique and elegant winged setting crafted with no bridge and minimal metal. The innovative design fills the stone with light and maximises the brilliance of the diamond. Each four-prong setting allows for a 360° view of the stone and holds it high.

Ben Bridge

“We continue to see an uptick in elongated shapes in engagement rings, and it’s not stopping anytime soon. Everything from ovals to pears and emeralds tends to be on the top of our fancy shape list,” says Molly Peterson, Bridal Buyer for Ben Bridge.

“We've also seen wide diamond bands that go beyond the traditional single-stone engagement ring becoming popular at the moment.”

About Smitha Sadanandan

JZA's Editor-at-Large is Chicagobased Smitha – a seasoned writer and journalist specialising in the luxury industry. She tracks international trends in the jewellery-watches sector and provides an insightful perspective as an analyst. Her words can be found in the South China Morning Post, Financial Times (UK), Prestige (HK), Vogue (Arabia & India), Solitaire (Asia Pacific), Natural Diamond Council, The Adventurine and Solitaire International (GJEPC), among others.


Norman Silverman

“Our advice to couples who ask about bridal trends is that it's important that you love what you pick. Invest in the central stone and don’t be afraid to choose trendy if that’s your style, as changing the ring in a few years is a minimal investment. Love it and wear it with pride. Don't worry about what others think, as your opinion is the only one that matters,” says Trudy Tracy, Norman Silverman’s in-house diamond stylist.

“Large stones on a simple band and centre stones in an east-west setting, prong-set and bezel settings are on trend at the moment,” she adds.

Kirk Kara

“At the recent JCK Luxury, we showcased new collections, including hidden halos, couples’ rings and rings inspired by motifs such as leaves, vines and blossoms,” says Angela Karaguezian, CEO and Designer at Kirk Kara.

“We've noticed an increase in demand for multi-stone rings that aren't your traditional threestone ones, but feature multiple stone baguette sides, or fancy side stones featuring pears, ovals or trapezoids.”

Le Vian

Rahaminov Diamonds

“Our continuous bezel style ring is new and was launched at JCK Luxury. It is a very clean and chic design,” says Melanie Goldfiner Goldberg, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Rahaminov Diamonds.

“Solitaires and engagement rings with hidden halos are very much in demand, with less of a demand for traditional halo styles. However, our cluster-style rings with larger diamonds are still the best-sellers. Bezel-set rings are also popular – the focus is on less of the daintier styles. It’s more about comfort, style and everyday wear.”

“This year, the bridal trend surges towards naturalcoloured precious gems and coloured diamonds,” says Eddie LeVian, CEO.

“We've noticed that the emerald cut is trending this bridal season, while the double-claw for centre stones has been the setting that's on trend.”



The Barbie doll look is everywhere – from the street to the stars and the runways. Hot pinks and muted hues are sweeping the jewellery landscape this season. Love it or hate it, you can’t really miss it!

We dig the Barbie inspired “pretty-inpink” fashion vibe that’s all the rage, with the movie slated for its cinema release in a few weeks.

Mason and Books
Kavant&Sharart Ailes Serpentine Jewels SigWardJewe r y Misahara FutureFortune Image courtesy @Boity Instagram account
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Photo by Tadeusz Lakota on Unsplash

The stripes trend is one that isn’t going away quickly – it’s timeless and can be worn every season.

Jewellery insider and JZA international correspondent Smitha Sadanandan has gathered some of this season’s best stripe jewellery pieces. So let stripes play the leading role in your accessory line-up this winter.


Halleh Storrow Buddha Mama Assael
NVRNude RobinsonPelham Je mma Wynne

Stripes are alwayspopular


, buttheyh aven’ tbeen th i s f un i n a w h i l e.
HarwellGodfrey S
Emily P. Wheeler Kristin Ohmstede EdenPresley
Karma El Khalil
Sig Ward Jewelry Jenna Blake
Hamilton Jeweler Gemella
GuitaM Kavant&Sharart
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