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“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.� Walt Disney

Table of Contents The Vision A Growing Content Ecosystem ................................................................................ 07 -Ecosystem Problems -The iShook Solution Existing Technologies ........................................................................................................ 11 -Web Platform -Blog & E-commerce Store -Mobile Application Blockchain Technology .................................................................................................... 16 -iShook Tokens: a New Digital Economy -Content Creator Benefits -User Benefits -Referrals, Incentives, and User Drive Token Generation Event.................................................................................................. 22 -Supply -Token Allocations -Sale Economics and Dates -Utility -Token sale blocks distribution -Budget Allocation Our Team .................................................................................................................................... 27 Roadmap ...................................................................................................................................... 34 Legal ................................................................................................................................................. 36

The Vision “Books are the carriers of civilization. Without books, history is silent, literature dumb, science crippled, thought and speculation at a standstill.” -Barbara Tuchman

The exponential frequency at which newly generated content is on the internet is astounding and serves as a reminder of how intricate and delicate the relationship between content developers and their audience is. Every second, millions of pieces of content are both created and consumed across various networks with limited amounts of interoperability. There’s both a lack of an epicenter and connectivity among platforms and audiences. As time goes on and as more individuals adopt emerging technologies, the ecosystem is expected to continue to expand and experience a form of scattering. Publishing content online grants content creators access to a broad and distributed international audience. The problem is, how can the success of a content creator be accurately measured against the masterful content they create while buried amongst the clamor? Blockchain technology has become a popular commodity in the attention economy due to its ability to remove a growing inequality between hosting services and content providers. Curators and artists are left fending for themselves while larger corporations bury them under the noise and benefit from their backbreaking. As a videographer or a writer pours their soul into their masterpiece, the vessels in which their content is delivered are plagued with gatekeepers that wish to strip them of what they’re rightfully owed.

At iShook, our goal is to connect content creators and audiences while leveraging the blockchain technology and of course to ensure rich content is delivered to end users. What began as a vision and successful platform that enables publishers and booksellers to distribute their works to millions of users are seeking to break those limits and move to all forms of content. iShook will be a refuge for all inspired content creators seeking a platform, a community - a home. This is the revitalized content economy - this is iShook.


A Growing Content Ecosystem “He who learns but does not think is lost! He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger.” -Confucius

Though the 21st century has seen technological innovation at exponential rates unseen by any prior generation, it has brought with it a breakdown of brand communications and authorial reach. General information has become ubiquitous, but how it is accessed have become overbearing, overwhelming, and more often than not end up diluting messages. Almost every second, millions of likes occur on Facebook, thousands of tweets occur on Twitter, millions of likes occur on Instagram, and hundreds of hours of videos regularly uploaded to YouTube. With billions of users spread across dozens of social networks, these types of numbers don’t come as a surprise. Content consumers have a tough time connecting with content creators due to a lack of proper targeting, especially concerning authors and readers.


1. Ecosystem Problems “If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.” -Bruce Lee On the authorial end, authors are considerably spread thin between writing, distribution networks, and social networks for their promotions. Self-publishing and the establishing of “hybrid-authors” have become commonplace in this new form of content economy. Part of promoting one’s work involves targeted metrics which might be difficult to measure when accurately gauging an audience. Social media networks not only contain non-readers but advertising solutions that may be costly, even though they’re not targeting the right individuals. Monetization is also a significant pitfall for content creators, as they grapple with multiple platform inputs for royalties, and outputs for advertisements and promotions. As the negative environment of traditional publishing slowly shifted towards electronic publishing, content creators still struggle finding reasonable, easy-to-manage monetary outputs to keep doing what they love.

On the user end, readers are plagued with a multitude of management channels that exist to handle the exponentially growing amount of content and information that exists. Individuals are buried beneath the tumult, and both content creators and consumers can’t seem to find the right ecosystem to manage all of their needs.


2. The iShook Solution “If we open a quarrel between past and present, we shall find that we have lost the future.� -Winston Churchill

iShook is seeking to enhance its singular network to facilitate and host digital content and increase content creators visibility. Rather than have content creators lost under a multitude of distribution networks and social media channels, iShook will provide a singular social network gateway between authors and their audiences. For example, an author on iShook can self-publish for a minimal fixed yearly fee rather than a fee for each work, and the author can then monetize their work, and then reach a dedicated audience directly on iShook platform. A reader can then consume content directly from authors, and share their thoughts and insights straight through a social networking platform containing like-minded individuals. iShook is for the social reader who searches for better access channels to their desired content. ¡


iShook is for the note takers who wish to share and access their notes directly from content creators and other readers. ¡

iShook is for the content creators looking for a single network channel in which they can publish, monetize, and market their content. ¡

iShook’s future goals include a content ecosystem in which any medium of creativity can generate a profit. iShook plans on being a platform not just for facilitating publishers and readers, but also artists, musicians, actors, and any content developer seeking a better way to expose and monetize their material globally.


Existing Technologies “Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” Joel A. Barker

iShook differentiates itself from existing startups, by utilizing blockchain technology on its already existing platform. Thousands of books already exist within the iShook ecosystem, and an immense number of users are already leveraging our existing platform. The social reading experience has already been initiated and is well underway on iShook. Content creators and consumers have both, publishing options and markup abilities at hand only to enhance their experience. The iShook ecosystem doesn’t just include our web application, but a developed mobile app, a news aggregator, and an eCommerce store.

1 – www.ishook.com: The primary social networking platform 2 – www.ishookdaily.com: News, blogging, and articles 3 – www.ishookstore.com: E-commerce store


1. Web Platform

iShook currently facilitates over 12,000 publishers and over 60,000 ebooks through our partner “Gardners UK� www.gardners.com. Our platform serves the needs of users who wish to share their experiences across a list of social networks, all while hosting content natively. Our website www. ishook.com is our flagship platform featuring a robust social network and discovery tool for content creators and consumers alike. Our social network is meant to connect members of similar reading interests as well as authors with their potential reader-base. After signing up, users are then prompted to insert their general information to establish their profile on the platform. After that, users can customize their profile with photos, a cover photo, and a bio to let other users know who they are and what their interests are. Users can then add books to their library to start building their content collection on the website. Whenever users decide to share updates, they have a list of integrations to choose from when distributing their content. Once the basic user signup process is complete, they also have the option to sign up as an


iAuthor. This allows content creators the ability to not only publish their works natively on the platform but has a robust social media platform at their disposal for marketing and exposure to potentially millions of clients. This allows the iShook ecosystem to thrive not only as a platform for content interaction but content distribution as well. Sharing content as a publisher also allows a development angle where users can respond to published content and start discussions on how it can evolve for future works and iterations.

2. Blog & E-commerce Store As an extension to our already existing web application, iShook will also feature a blogging platform known as iShook Daily. The platform acts as an aggregator to serve users enticing and engaging content on a frequent basis to add to their daily experience. Content will be served across a myriad of genres to please even the most inquisitive of readers. iShook Daily will serve as a free access-extension to users participating in the iShook ecosystem. The blog will aggregate popular content genres including (but not limited to): 1. Fiction 2. Nonfiction 3. Business Texts 4. Short Stories 5. Self Help 6. Science Fiction iShook will feature the ability for authors to link their products (i.e., Books, mugs, marketing materials, etc.) to an e-commerce store of their choice. But of course, there are more significant


benefits to linking their products (i.e., Books, mugs, marketing materials, etc.) directly to the iShook eCommerce store. The eCommerce store will also offer a more open-ended “Mini Market� in which content creators can go beyond providing their books and open up their brands to begin exploring merchandising options and more. These offerings will only compliment the iShook social media ecosystem by acting as an extended feature for content creator revenue streams.

3. Mobile Application Having a mobile application is integral when facilitating a 21st-century community. The iShook mobile demand will play a large part in our user’s lives on-the-go as they not only read but share their intellect and insights to the iShook community. One of the many problems facing blockchain projects is a lack of a dedicated mobile application. iShook is currently not just a web platform, but also a robust mobile application that users can already download.


The iShook mobile application is already available in the iOS app store. The application already features over 20,000 books to purchase, as well as 40,000 books as free downloads and has already reached over 120,000 downloads in the iOS app store. A few of the already integrated features include: 1. Sophisticated sharing features to let users not only share their reading habits to the entire iShook platform but also share their activity on any social media platform of their choice 2. Push notifications to alert users as to any promotional offers currently occurring, author updates, and more. 3. User bookshelves to allow them to aggregate their content, and share their entire collection of what they’ve been reading with the iShook community. 4. Highlighting and markup features to allow users to add notes and highlight specific areas of books that they found to be captivating.


Blockchain Technology Blockchain technology provides countless possibilities for the registration and distribution of intellectual property, including transactions without intermediaries. Blockchain-based power of attorney (POA) combined with a decentralized delivery of digital content creates a new paradigm shift in the era of digital management culture. Blockchain technology based encryption and digital rights management (DRM), payments, and transactions are secure by offering a distributed and transparent online marketplace. Verification and proof of identity in the digital service world is a challenging yet critical component to ensure the intentions of providers and consumers. As more and more services move online - and fraud continues to grow - this is of paramount importance not just to individuals, but to the businesses and governments with which they interact. Licenses of Content The nature of copyright-culture creates a gap in cultural participation. At iShook we encourage, protect and give priority to the use of free, shared or owned licenses as a means of helping to facilitate the construction of a cultural marketplace. iShook is working with Gardners Uk, which has grown to become a leading wholesaler of books, eBooks, music, and film to retailers around the world. Based out of a 350,000 square foot facility in southern England, their stock represents the most extensive range of physical English language media products in Europe, as well as 1.6 million+ eBooks available for instant fulfillment to consumers.


Payments and Transactions There are a variety of electronic payment types available that reach providers worldwide. Along with Global ACH and wire transfers, PayPal is one of the most well-known methods. When considering how to make payments to affiliates, publishers, developers, or other suppliers, apart from being expensive, conventional payment systems are slowly becoming obsolete. iShook is currently working with Tokenpayments.net & Parallelpayments.com to accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies including iShook Token, and to provide PSP tailored solutions that allow cryptocurrency payments on behalf of our providers. This means business-as-usual with safety, speed, and security. Smart Contracts iShook Tokens will be minted off of the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-20 standardized tokens. The importance of iShook Tokens adhering to this standard is that they are compatible with any ERC-20 compatible wallet (MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, IMToken, etc.) but to ensure our procedures within the Ethereum network are streamlined. ERC-20 standardized tokens adhere to transfer procedures, data accessibility, and full smart contract communication functionality.

These contracts are signed cryptographically between the parties and are intended to provide greater security than traditional contract law. In doing so, they also reduce transaction costs along the process of contracting. iShook’s smart contracts mean a considerable saving of time and money for artists, producers, institutions, organizations working in the content creation and publishing sector.


A connection with the Ethereum Mainnet will be handled using Mist (cold storage) & backup on external hard drives, which will serve as our Ethereum node. This will ensure that our connection to the network is always synchronized, and transactions can be processed and validated fast and securely. A React and Web3 stack will be used as our front end bridge, and interface to monitor all events in real-time.

iShook Tokens: A New Digital Economy

Cryptocurrency has been a unique and growing way to not only grow brand awareness, but a way to place power back in the hands of individuals who interact with systems by offering a specific form of valuable utility. iShook plans on harnessing blockchain technology to not only be on the cutting edge of recent innovations and breakthroughs but to incentivize our user base and decentralize a multitude of features already established on the platform. To introduce new and unique monetization models on iShook, we will be leveraging the Ethereum blockchain to create iShook Tokens. iShook Tokens will first be introduced to our web platform in the form of microtransactions


and peer-to-peer payments for content and network exposure. The tokens will then recirculate through various incentive models deployed by iShook, creating an ecosystem in which users and content creators can transact. iShook will build value for iShook Tokens through the multiple ways in which users can utilize them throughout a multitude of platform functions as outlined in the following sections.

2. Content Creator Benefits

In addition to a standard rate set by iShook in the royalties’ process, content creators will also have the ability to receive additional royalties for their content in the form of iShook Tokens. Besides providing an open publishing platform, we wish to give authors a bonus to help leverage their materials. These can then be spent on advertising through the iShook network to boost a content creator’s presence and assist them with visibility and sales. To help authors gain access to a broader audience, they will be able to exchange iShook Tokens for promoting their content to the entire iShook network. Authors will not only be able to signal-boost their recent works to the whole iShook community but also grant it a paid placement on the iShook eCommerce store through its “New Releases” tab. This will ensure that an author has the maximum amount of exposure for their content and that it doesn’t get lost in the rest of the noise. iShook will also feature dedicated advertising directly on the platform, which will give authors the opportunity to circumvent the tedious process of purchasing ad space and pay iShook Tokens directly for the possibilities. One of the most significant hurdles as an avid reader is having access to the authors that genuinely make a difference in your life. To incentivize content creators to engage on the platform, they will be granted the ability to facilitate private Q&A sessions right on the


iShook platform with their audience, and charge an access fee in iShook Tokens. Content creators will be able to charge both a spectator and engagement fee to be paid peer-to-peer in iShook Tokens. This feature will be hosted directly on the iShook platform, and grant content creators a plethora of multimedia options to utilize when hosting. To recap, content creators will gain the following benefits (but aren’t limited to these items) through the introduction of the iShook Token on the platform: 1. The ability to also receive royalties in the form of iShook Tokens on the platform 2. Access to an extensive advertising network within iShook for content promotion and exposure 3. The ability to host paid Q&A sessions and set prices on entrance fees

3. User Benefits One of the significant benefits that our iShook Tokens will offer users on the platform are discounts on both contents released by authors and items listed in the eCommerce store. If an author publishes content at a premium price, users will be able to subsidize or receive a discount on the content based on a variable rate of iShook Tokens that the author sets. A smart contract will be deployed to take care of any discounts established by an author and will facilitate the transfer of iShook Tokens. The same discounts apply to items that are to be listed on the iShook eCommerce store. On the content side, iShook Tokens will give users the ability to access an author’s notes and annotations in their work that they release for a premium price. One of the most coveted areas of knowledge for readers is the potential to achieve a fully fleshed out genetic criticism through a full form of authorial intent. Aside from content creators, readers will also be able to release their notes on content for a fee to be paid in iShook Tokens. If a reader begins to add copious amounts of thoughtful notes to a


work and begins to amass a following on iShook, we wish for them to be rewarded accordingly through our cryptocurrency in peer-to-peer transactions that don’t involve any intermediaries. Following on a previously mentioned symbiotic relationship, users will have the ability to pay content creators in iShook Tokens to access valuable private Q&A sessions that they can either spectate or participate in. Authors will set entrance fees for both a spectator pass and an engagement pass. We want to give content creators the ability to allow readers to determine the price of their works. This is why we are also opening up a tipping feature on the platform to let users name their price and have them determine what a piece of content is worth. Content creators will be able to establish a suggested amount for a bit of content, but the feature will enable users to name their desired price for the content and pay authors accordingly. To recap, users will gain the following benefits (but aren’t limited to these items) through the introduction of the iShook Token on the platform: 1. Discounts on both content released by authors and eCommerce store products 2. Notes from both authors and readers to be paid with no intermediaries at a variable rate 3. Access private Q&A sessions hosted by the content creators of their choice 4. The ability to name their price on content when it’s released for free by a content creator

4. Referrals, Incentives, and User Drive The majority of tokens minted outside of the crowdsale will be used to promote the growth of the iShook platform and to grant benefits for active users and content creators. In iShook’s effort to kickstart its cryptocurrency based ecosystem, bonus incentives will be distributed to both content creators and users in a variety of different ways: 1. Bonuses to content creators will be granted once they sign up as iAuthors on the iShook platform. iAuthor’s won’t just have


access to our advanced self-publishing and marketing tools, but will also be granted a significant amount of iShook Tokens which can then be spent on advertisements, promotions, and more. 2. Bonuses for submission milestones will be granted to iAuthors after a certain amount of content submissions are made to the platform. The more active an author is with content submissions, the more they’ll be rewarded by the platform. 3. Bonuses for engagement milestones will be granted to iAuthors that facilitate an extremely active audience. The more that readers engage and critique an author’s submission equates to rewards being issued to those content creators. 4. Bonuses for longevity milestones will be granted to users for being active participants on the iShook platform for set periods of time. Milestones will be reached upon set thresholds by iShook, and rewards will increase over more extended periods of time spent on the platform. 5. Bonuses for signups will be granted to users after fully establishing their profile and meeting a strict set of criteria to verify their identity. 6. Bonuses for referrals will be granted to users who actively seek to expand the iShook ecosystem by referring their friends, loved ones, and communities to join iShook.

Token Generation Event Token generation events have become popular vehicles in which funding is democratized to place power back in the hands of individuals. As we embark on our mission to democratize content, we wish for the community support to be directly linked to our development efforts. As such, we also want to ensure that users are protected throughout the entire process of the sale. As token generation events continue to grow in popularity exponentially, there have been increasing risks of security concerns associated with participation. However, at iShook, security is of paramount importance and will be treated with maximal control. Our crowdsale will be operated through audited smart contracts to ensure the highest degree of user security. Smart contracts operate as agreements affixed to a blockchain network and only activate once all parameters are met in their operation. To participate in the iShook token generation event, individuals will send Ethereum as a means


of payment to the designated contribution address which will be confirmed across all of our official social media channels. Once users submit Ethereum to the assigned address, the smart contract will then execute and grant the sender the relevant amount of iShook Tokens based on their contribution amount. Tokens will be available instantly in user wallets and will be transferrable upon the end of the token generation event.

1. Supply

iShook Tokens will have a complete fixed supply of 1,000,000,000 (one billion) tokens, 570,000,000 will be minted during our token generation event as per the parameters of our smart contract. At no point in time will new tokens be minted after one billion, nor will any other additional unique tokens be minted for the iShook platform. Our fixed supply will circulate solely through the various functions on the platform and will be utilized by iShook users to access features outlined in previous sections


2. Token Allocations

Distribution Location

Amount Distributed

Percent of Minted Tokens

General Crowdsale



Locked in iShook Wallet



Vendor Payments













Funding Allocation 30% Scaling E.G. (Content acquisition, content development)

24% Marketing 20% Reserve 18% Development & Overhead 8% Legal

We chose a common token generation event distribution model to ensure that at least half of our minted tokens have the potential to be in the hands of our participants to use on the platform. This will kickstart platform functionalities and help begin to build our community and contributions. The other significant portion of the tokens will be distributed to platform participants over time in the form of incentives listed in previous sections. Incentive distributions will occur over situated periods of time to ensure user growth, participation, and to build our thriving content ecosystem.


3. Sale Economics and Dates In the condition that we have unsold tokens, we reserve the right to either put the tokens in our vendor’s section for platform growth. As the tokens continue to be distributed, a degree of scarcity will ensure which will only boost the token’s value on the iShook platform. Our sale will feature a soft target minimum of 2000 ETH. The reason for deploying this approach is to ensure that we reach a minimum goal to fund the development and marketing of iShook entirely. Once we reach our soft cap threshold, the sale will be deemed a success and will continue until the end-date specified. The public crowdsale will begin officially on January 8, 2018. If this date is to change, it will be announced through all of iShook’s official social channels no later than one week from the anticipated token generation event launch date. The last five numbers of the contract address will also be announced for security purposes within twenty-four hours of the anticipated token generation event launch date.

4. Platform Bonuses iShook token holders can use their tokens to make purchases and will be granted a 9% discount bonus. Tokens used by the public will be injected by iShook into the ecosystem in the form of user incentives again, creating a cycle that will increase demand and in-turn raise the value of the token on the platform1. 1 iShook has the right but not the obligation to take a percentage out of the tokens injected into the platform, and place it into the specified locked wallet.


5. Token sale blocks distribution Block Number

Token allocation

Ether to Token


















All bonuses will be sent manually and processed within 72 hours of purchase.

Team & Advisors


Beni E Rachmanov, CEO, and founder of iShook Inc. Real estate investor and project manager at engineering & architecture firm. Designer and chief architect of the iShook Platform. Road scholar graphic designer with multiple years of experience.

Michael Yusupov, CFO, and co-founder of iShook Inc. Michael Yusupov, CFO, and co-founder of iShook Inc. Graduate of St. John’s University in Bachelor in Finance Experience in banking and FX Hedging in Deutsche Bank. First VC in iShook Inc.


Jason Butcher COO & Founder, Tokenpayments & Parallel Payments A seasoned professional with over two decades of hands on experience starting business with the last 10 years in the electronic payments, fintech, and financial markets. Specializing in entrepreneurship, business development and creating connections Jason strives to bring individuals, markets and opportunities together on a global level. Priding himself on his keen abilities as a solution and problem solver, Jason enjoys mentoring fellow entrepreneurs and advises local and international startups. Jason is the COO of TokenPayments. Net and is the founder of Parallel Payments. He is an active member of the Blockchain association of Canada and the fintech advisor for the National Crowdfunding association of Canada. He contributes to many entrepreneurs as a mentor and is an advisor to several organizations raising capital through ICO’s and traditional financing.

Benjamin Theobald Co-Founder & Investor, ICO Global Benjamin is a serial entrepreneur of British-Dutch origin. He started his first company in 2003 at the age of 23 and has been active around the world with successful projects leading to the sale of iGo Inc. (NASDQ) listed in 2010. During the last 2 years Ben has been proactive in the crypto currency market creating ICO Global with partner Michiel Triebert. After helping to commercialize several successful projects, ICO Global have joined Pindify as hands-on advisors.


Antoun Toubia Investor & Chairman, United Capital Investments Antoun is an investment services professional with years of experience in Private Equity investments, venture capital and Blockchain Technology. He is currently building a new type of Private Equity Portfolio Fund based on the Blockchain technology and has already secured several project agreements including government backed contracts. Through his extensive network, he is bringing high value projects to the ICO market. Antoun brings expertise in JV negotiations, acquisitions, ICOs and venture financing deals. His portfolio currently includes diversified projects across several markets including Fintech, Green Energy, medical technology, industrial technology and IT.

Toshendra Sharma Tosh is listed in Forbes India 30Under30 List of 2016 in Technology space. Sharma graduated from IIT Bombay (India) is the founder & CEO of RecordsKeeper, a Blockchain-based data security company & also the founder of Toshblocks, A Blockchain Consulting, Development & Training Company. He is a wellknown instructor & speaker in Blockchain space and taught more than 10,000 students worldwide spread in 145+ countries. He has also worked on cryptocurrencies, ethereum-based tokens & ICO projects for many companies & individuals.


Gary J. Ross is the founder & managing attorney of Jackson Ross PLLC. Gary focuses on securities law, VC & PE, corporate governance, & general corporate matters. He represents private companies, angel investors, & VC funds. He hasextensive experience advising as to SECregistered and exempt capital markets transactions, and counsels registered & exempt investment advisers as to compliance issues. Clients include AngelList, Steemit. He is an adjunct professor at Seton Hall Law School, teaching courses in the Financial Services Compliance concentration, including Regulating Depository Banks, Introduction to Corporate Finance, and Regulating BrokerDealers. Martin Mushkin has been the co-chairman of a Practicing Law Institute Course on Accountant’s Liability; Law and Litigation; a member of the Special Committee of the Bar Association of the City of New York on the Lawyer’s Role in Securities Transactions, co-author of an AICPA course, Handbook on Accountant’s Liability, and is a past secretary/ director of the Connecticut Venture Group. He was the chairman of the Sub-Committee on Technology of the ABA Committee on Developments in Investment Services from 1983 to 1987. He was a director designate of Connecticut Innovations, Inc., the state venture capital fund. Mr. Mushkin received his B.B.A. degree from the University of Wisconsin with a major in accounting, and his J.D. degree from Harvard Law School. He served as a Judge Advocate General officer in the U.S. Air Force before entering civilian practice. He was a Senior Trial Attorney with the Securities and Exchange Commission. He has an A-V rating from Martindale-Hubbell, the oldest and largest attorney rating service in the United States. This is the highest rating that they award.


Nikhil Rathi, Director, Web Werks India Pvt. Ltd. & Neosoft

George International Business Development | Consultant Mobile Apps + Web + Software + IOT Solutions @ NeoSOFT Technologies, a 20-year-old Digital Agency, consisting of over 1200+ programmers across 100+ technologies such as dot NET, SharePoint, Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Mobile Technologies, and more.

Aatish Chief Technological Leader for iShook


Rashmi Chief Software Developer for iShook

Swapnali IOS Developer for iShook, leading developer for the yChat app.

Pritam Chief IOS Developer for iShook, leading developer for the iShook App.

Kinjal Chief Graphic Designer for iShook.


Roadmap Q1 2018

1. General app development on both iOS and Android to match the web social network and have support for Android 8.0+ and iOS 11+ 2. yChat application for communications release to support the iShook Ecosystem on Android

Q3 2018

1. yChatPro application development to support authors and content developers. The app will contain the following features: 2. Performance metrics on released content 3. Engagement analytics to assist marketing strategies 4. Campaign creation tools for network exposure 5. Continued stages of token integration and use-case development

Q1 2019

1. Release of iShook TV in Apple TV and potentially other smart TVs to further the scope of content shared in the iShook ecosystem 2. The release of iShookMD.com a medical platform for medical professionals & users.


Q2 2018

1. yChat development and integration on iOS 11+ 2. iShook tutorials and webinars to maximize publishing and exposure results for content creators, and provide best practices for content consumers 3. First stages of token integration on the iShook platform

Q4 2018

1. yChat app integration with Apple Music 2. iShook eBook application development and release on Android 8.0+ 3. Completed stages of initial token integration, continued use-case development

Q2-4 2019

1. Support for music, podcasts, and radio content pages 2. SDK creation of the iShook eBook application for universities white-label use


Legal This whitepaper merely is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer to solicit securities, nor is there any sale of securities in iShook associated with the token generation event outlined in this white paper. Any such offer or solicitation of securities will be facilitated by means of appropriate legal documentation and will be carried out in accordance with applicable securities laws. iShook Coins are cryptographic utility tokens to be used on the iShook platform and within the iShook ecosystem. There are no known uses for iShook Coins outside of the iShook platform. At the time of this writing, iShook Coins cannot be traded on any known exchanges. iShook Coins are not an investment nor are they a vehicle of investment. Accordingly, this document does not constitute investment advice or counsel or solicitation for investment in any security. iShook Coins do not grant any individual ownership or equity in iShook, nor will they have any voting rights nor any other influence on any governance systems by which iShook operates. iShook Coins are not intended for speculation and offer no forms of profit sharing for individuals. This paper is meant to explain the future of the iShook platform moving forward and how it will incorporate blockchain technology to improve its infrastructure. Individuals acknowledge that iShook, as described, may never operate as intended, and that iShook Coins may have no value. iShook Coins are non-refundable, and all proceeds received by iShook may be spent at will by the governing party regardless of conditions. iShook is not responsible for any loss of iShook Coins both during the minting process, during the token generation event, and afterward. Blockchain technology is currently a sizeable regulatory topic, and if governing bodies impose regulation, iShook’s progress could be impeded, limited, or ended by said regulation. iShook will operate entirely in accordance with any law imposed by any governing body having authority over the company. iShook expressly disclaims any and all responsibility for any direct or consequential loss or damage of any kind whatsoever arising directly or indirectly from: (i) reliance on any information contained in this document, (ii) any error, omission or inaccuracy in any such information or (iii) any action resulting therefrom. Potential token purchasers are urged to consult their own legal and financial advisors. Certain information contained in this document constitutes “forward-looking statements,” which can be identified by the use of forward-looking terminology such as “may,” “will,” “should,” “expect,” “anticipate,” “project,” “estimate,” “intend” or “believe” or the negatives thereof or other variations thereon or comparable terminology. Due to various risks and uncertainties, including those risk disclosures described herein and made available at http://www.ishook.io & http://www.ishook.me prior to the beginning of the token sale, actual events or results or the actual performance of the tokens may differ materially from those reflected or contemplated in such forward-looking statements. © iShook, LLC. 2017. All rights reserved.