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UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE OF LISBON Exploring the future The internationalisation of scientific education and research is one of our main strategic pillars. As a consequence of this policy we are now positioned as educational partners in Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique and China. In addition to these partnerships we offer a significant number of joint programmes with American and European universities. Furthermore, we recently achieved one of the highest Erasmus student ratios amongst Portuguese universities. This last indicator is without doubt related to the high level of curricular units and programmes taught in English. For the next four years we have defined three main goals: to increase the number of curricular units taught in English, to enlarge the number of Master and PhD programmes in collaboration with foreign universities and to develop more research projects with renowned international networks.

Exploring the Future

Therefore we invite you to explore what our institution has to offer with regard to teaching and research and I am also confident that you will find an institution open to innovation and international cooperation. LuĂ­s Reto ISCTE-IUL Rector

Faculty Staff


Students Life Learning and Living in LISBOn

Founded in 1972, ISCTE-University Institute of Lisbon is an outstandingly innovative and proactive public institution geared towards teaching and research. ISCTEIUL currently has around 8500 students (over 48% of them being postgraduates), 450 academic staff, more than 400 researchers, 9 research units and 230 administrative and technical staff. The University is strategically located in the centre of Lisbon.

Benefit from a top level academic offer in a great city with the possibility of gaining an international experience. ISCTE-IUL provides a great diversity of academic possibilities with the renowned quality in scientific teaching and research, as well as, resources, access to knowledge and information and the possibility to learn in English. Students have the opportunity to complete part of their studies at one of the 350 university partners worldwide during their studies at ISCTE-IUL whilst benefiting from the competitive tuition fees in Portugal. In addition, the diploma provided by ISCTE-IUL is automatically recognised and accepted in all EU member states should students eventually wish to pursue further studies at any university in Europe.

The university is among the most prestigious universities in the country and provides an exceptional variety of programmes, covering a wide range of study areas at all levels of higher education. It is strongly committed to developing new understanding through research and creativity in order to provide the best continuing education to its students and help strengthen teacher expertise. Promoting entrepreneurship is also one of the main activities of the university carried out through its specialized centre – Audax – which plays a leading role in knowledge transfer and start-ups.

At ISCTE-IUL due to the great level of its internationalisation, quality and innovation students have the opportunity to enjoy an exciting and multicultural life created by an international body of students, 12% of whom are foreigners, in a compact and intimate campus.

The stress of ISCTE-IUL in internationalisation is one of its strands of development. The Institution is actively engaged in collaborative projects and partnerships all over the world and participates in a significant number of EU education, training and research programmes. With an international network of over 350 partnerships, the university welcomes over 400 mobility students per year of approximately 45 nationalities.

ISCTE-IUL is located in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, a friendly city with a cosmopolitan population welcoming all visitors and families and is open to minorities and alternative lifestyles, with a lively café culture and nightlife that is one of the most vibrant in Europe. Lisbon is one of the world’s great historical cities, with characteristic and surprising views, cultural treasures and a beautiful setting that make it a paradise for walkers and photographers alike. Only about a 2-hour flight from all other major European cities, Lisbon is both one of Europe’s least expensive and safest European capitals.

48% of our students are enrolled in Postgraduate, Masters and PhDs | 12% of our students are non-Portuguese | 150 of our curricular units are taught in English | 11 programmes in English | More than 350 exchange partnerships | Programmes with MIT, and the universities of Columbia, Central Florida and Delaware | Programmes in Mozambique, Cape Verde, Brazil and The People´s Republic of China | More than 800 faculty members and researchers in our 9 research Units

With a mild climate it is an ideal year-round destination and is the only European capital located so close to sandy beaches, enabling students to combine their studies with fun by the sea. Get to know Europe’s westernmost and sunniest capital.

Erasmus Students at ISCTE-IUL

View of Ancient Lisbon

View of Modern Lisbon

DEGREES AWARDED Doctoral programmes ISCTE-IUL offers a great diversity of doctoral programmes, covering a wide range of scientific areas, from the traditional to the more emergent ones. Some of these programmes are offered in association with other universities, granting a double degree. Doctoral students of ISCTE-IUL participate actively in national and international research projects developed in the research centres of the university. African Studies Anthropology Architecture of Contemporary Metropolitan Territories Business Administration Communication Complexity Sciences Economics Finance History History, Defence and International Relations Information Sciences and Technologies Management (with specialisation in: Accounting, Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour, Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Operations Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Marketing and Quantitative Methods Applied to Management)* Modern and Contemporary History Political Science Psychology Public Policy Social Work Sociology Urban Studies

ISCTE-IUL Library with 300 reading places, has a collection of 70 000 books, 3 500 e-books, almost 40 000 journals (paper and online) and several full text databases.

Master programmes Master programmes (three to four semesters corresponding to 92 to 120 ECTS credits) include courses and a dissertation or project. Master students of ISCTEIUL can participate actively in national and international research projects developed in the research centres of the institute. Accounting African Studies Anthropology Architecture (integrated Master, five years) Architecture of Contemporary Metropolitan Territories Art Markets Management Business Administration* Business Intelligence Chinese Studies Communication, Culture and Information Technology Complexity Sciences Computer Engineering Computer Science and Business Management Data Mining and Data Analysis Demography Development Studies Economics* Economics and Public Policies Economics of Enterprise and Competition Education and Society Enterprise Law Family and Society Finance* Health Services Management Health, Medicine and Illness History, Defence and International Relations Hospitality and Tourism Management* Human Resources Development Policies Human Resources Management* Indian Studies Information Systems Management Information Technology Applied to the Information and Knowledge Society International Management* International Migration Labour Sciences and Industrial Relations Management Management and Studies of Culture Management of Services and Technology Marketing* Mathematical Finance Modern and Contemporary History Monetary and Financial Economics Open Source Software Political Science Portuguese Economy and International Integration Psychology of Emotions Psychology of Intercultural Relations Public Administration Public Policy

School Administration Science, Innovation, and Society Social and Organizational Psychology Social and Solidary Economics Social Community Psychology and Child Protection Social Psychology of Health Social Studies of Environment and Sustainability Social Work Sociology Telecommunications and Computer Engineering Urban Studies

Undergraduate programmes At present, ISCTE-IUL offers 15 undergraduate programmes in various fields of study. These 3 years programmes correspond to 180 ECTS credits. Anthropology Computer Engineering Computer Science and Business Management Economics Finance and Accounting Human Resources Management Management* Marketing Management Modern and Contemporary History Political Science Psychology Services and Industrial Management Social Work Sociology Telecommunications and Computer Engineering

*Programmes in English

Members of the Rectorate of ISCTE-IUL in a Public Session


Other postgraduate programmes Executive Masters Advanced Financial Accounting Business Administration (Accredited by AMBA - Association of MBA’s) Business Management Commercial Direction (Sales Management | Key Account Management) Energy MBA* Entrepreneurship and Innovation Finance (Corporate Finance | Financial Markets and Asset Management | Finance and Managerial Control) Fiscal Management Human Resources Management International Business Management Management Control and Performance Marketing (Digital Marketing Management | Integrated Brand Management | Marketing and Sports Management | Marketing Management) (Accredited by EMCQ, European Marketing Confederation) Project Management Tourism and Hospitality Management

PostGraduation in Family Social Work and Social Policy in partnership with Göteborgs Universitet, Gothenburg, Sweden, Universitetet i Stavanger, Stavanger, Norway, Università degli studi di Milano - Bicocca, Italy, University of Nordland, Bodo, Norway, Università della Calabria, Arcavacata di Rende, Italy, Università degli studi di Parma, Parma, Italy. The Energy MBA offered in partnership with the Columbia University – two semesters of classes held at ISCTE-IUL and one semester of energy-related elective classes with Columbia University, New York, USA. Executive Master with specialization in the area of Management and Executive Master in Public Administration Joint Programmes with Fundação Getúlio Vargas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Master in Business Administration offered in partnership with Instituto Superior Politécnico Universitário de Moçambique, Maputo, Mozambique and Instituto Superior de Ciências Económicas e Empresariais, Praia and Mindelo, Cape Verde.

Postgraduate Programmes Applied Informatics to the Organizations Community Intervention and Child Protection Cultural Mediation in Health Systems Data Analysis in the Social Sciences Digital Architecture Evaluation and Organizational Development in Public Administration Family, Social Work and Social Policy (International PostGraduate Programme)* Inclusive Project LGBT Studies Performance Studies Practicing Ethnography: disciplinary frontiers Quality and Management Strategies of Social Organizations Unionism and Industrial Relations Visual Digital Culture Postgraduate Short Programmes Communication and Culture Mini-MBA (6 days) Sociology of Education Sociology of Family Sociology of Health Sociology of International Migration Sociology of Science and Innovation Sociology of Work and Employment Human Rights and Well-being Interactive Ethnographic Documentary Filmmaking Practices of Architecture Risk Assessment in Design Projects: Education Premises Risk Assessment in Design Projects: Concepts, Methods and Relevance in the use of Sites Risk Assessment in Design Projects: Playground

Master in International Management at ISCTE-IUL with the possibility of obtaining a double degree after a period of study at Groupe ESC Clermont, Clermont-Ferrand or Ecole Supérieure de Commerce et Management, France, Pforzheim University, Pforzheim, Germany or University of Ljubljana Faculty of Economics, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Master in Hospitality and Tourism Management a Double Degree Programme with the University of Central Florida, Orlando, USA – combining one year stays at each Institution. Master in Accounting offered in partnership with ISPUInstituto Superior Politécnico Universitário de Moçambique, Maputo, Mozambique. Master in Social Science Studies offered under the scope of the network “Red de Excelencia Interuniversitaria en Estudios sobre Ciencia, Tecnología y Sociedad (CTS)”. Participants, apart from ISCTE-IUL include the following universities: Universidad de Salamanca, Salamanca and Universidad de Oviedo, Oviedo, Spain, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México City, México, Universidad de la Habana, Habana, Cuba and Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Honoris Causa Ceremony in ISCTE-IUL

DBA – Doctor of Business Administration (China) focused on two main areas: Business Administration, in cooperation with the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu, China, and Healthcare Management in cooperation with the Southern Medical University, Guangzhou, China. Master in Healthcare Management a double degree with the Southern Medical University, Guangzhou, China. PhD in Finance and in Economics a unique academic programme, offering intensive training and knowledge development in two complementary areas, economics (University of Delaware, Newark, USA) and finance (ISCTE-IUL, Lisbon, Portugal).

Research centres The esssence of University Institute of lisbon


The University Institute of Lisbon is renowned for the high quality and impact of its research across the world, mainly in the areas of Management and Economics, Sociology and Public Policy, Social Sciences and Humanities, Information and Communication Technologies and Architecture. ISCTE-IUL has more than 800 researchers in its 9 research units. The evaluation of the research centres conducted by international experts ranges from excellent to good:

INDEG – Executive Education in Management INDEG is the result of an association between ISCTE-IUL and private companies in a pioneering initiative begun in Portugal in 1988. INDEG’s mission is to provide executive education at the highest level helping to enhance competences in business that lead to success.

Excellent CIES-IUL, Centro de Investigação e Estudos de Sociologia (Sociology) CIS-IUL, Centro de Investigação e Intervenção Social (Psychology) Dinâmia/CET-IUL, Centro de Estudos sobre a Mudança Socioeconómica (Socioeconomics) Very Good CEA-IUL, Centro de Estudos Africanos (African Studies) CRIA-IUL, Centro em Rede de Investigação em Antropologia (Anthropology) BRU-IUL - Business Research Unit (Management) Good ADETTI-IUL, Associação para o Desenvolvimento das Telecomunicações e Técnicas de Informática (Computer Sciences) CEHC-IUL, Centro de Estudos de História Contemporânea Portuguesa (Contemporary History) ISCTE-IUL is also part of the consortium of the associate laboratory ‘Instituto de Telecomunicações’ (Telecommunications Research) evaluated with excellent.

Typical Class

IPPS – Education in Social and Public Policy IPPS is the result of an association between ISCTE-IUL and public and non-profit organisations whose main objective is providing education and training in Public Policy and specific education programmes for public administration workers. IUL-Global IUL- Global is the main body at ISCTE-IUL responsible for knowledge transfer and organisational change in society through consultation in the Business and Public sectors taking advantage of the top level research, knowledge and competences of our faculty members. Audax – Entrepreneuring centre Audax is a non-profit organisation created in association with the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Lisbon to promote studying, teaching and support to the entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and self-employment. Over the years Audax has systematically supported the start-ups of several companies including family businesses not only by helping establish a sound business and strategic plan but also financially through its venture capital fund and access to other funds.

Muhammad Yunus at ISCTE-IUL

Team building in a class

Contacts International Relations Office Tel.: +351 217 903 209 | Fax: +351 217 903 929 E-mail: | Web site: May 2012


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