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ACWN Newsletter | June 2009 It was a Picnic! Wow. What a wonderful time we all had at the last ACWN luncheon. It was held at the Amador Flower Farm and it couldn’t have been a nicer day. Thanks to Jeanne Deaver for her hospitality! We were all treated to a terrific demonstration of Archery by Lynn Shield. Lynn is an expert and shared information with us about the sport. She then demonstrated with complete precision as she aimed for the target and hit the bullseye. It was a wonderful example for all of us to see a woman succeeding in a sport that many of us have not been exposed to. The equipment she used was very high tech! As Lynn was sharing with us her story about how she got started in archery, she made some excellent points. Her suggestion is that each of us needs something that we do “just for ourselves”. Something that relieves the stress of our daily lives. Lynn told us that when she is participating in archery....all of the pressures of her job and life simply melt away. Kinda makes you want to grab a bow and arrow right now, right? Thanks to Lynn for a fabulous talk! We have the most interesting people in our group. Page 1

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Special Thanks to Our Guests

Cherylanne Ciotti-Pobuta, Bella Lmagio Skincare invited by Deb Mathia

Thank You!!! What a Raffle!! THANK YOU!! These generous people brought raffle gifts to our last luncheon:

Jeanne Deaver, Amador Flower Farm donated a Planter, Candles and a $25 Gift Card.

Maureen Higgins, Realfair Trade invited by Anne Frost Roberta Hughes, Berta’s Beautiful Beads invited by Lys Marr

Carolyn Fox donated 3 boxes of photo cards

Loretta Vincent, Piano Teacher invited by Mary Molina

D eb ra Ma thia d ona ted a Flower Pot, Book a nd a Ca nd l e

Pamela Sheridan, Gerard Insurance

Elke D uffy, Am a d or Rea lty d ona ted a L a ce Tab le Runner Anne Frost d ona ted 2 Box Ca rd s Ma ureen H i g g ins , Rea lfa ir T ra d e d ona ted a s et of wood en ha nd ca rved monk eys

Save this Date!! Location: Tea Eras, Sutter Creek Time: 11:30am


June 24th - ACWN Luncheon

Sue Allred , Crea tive Memories d ona ted a mini “p ictfolio” b ra g b ook a lb um (p erfect for D a d ’s Gra d s or y ours el f!)

Name _______________________________________________

Pa t T hurin, Pioneer Tra vel d ona ted a b l ue b ra cel et a nd ea rri ng s

Address _____________________________________________

Ka thleen H a rm on, Food Ba nk & Grea t Find s d ona ted a $20 g ift certi fi ca te to Grea t Fi nd s Thri ft Shop a nd a Gl a s s Pi cture Fra m e

City State Zip__________________________________________

*Reservation Policy- Send a check AND e-mail or call your reservations to , 296-2180 (work), 256-3686 (cell) Mail your check to ACWN, P. O. Box 1513, Jackson, CA 95642 *Cut off is Friday June 19th at 5pm!! *Luncheon cost is $16 for all. If no reservation and/or no $$, no food! PLEASE NOTE: No refunds or credits will be given on lunch reservations, so PLEASE, reserve in advance.!

All of the money raised from our raffle goes directly in to the Scholarship Fund!

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r T o ve for a e r u s a e r T

Amador County Women’s Network is sponsoring a progressive raffle to benefit young women in our community through scholarships for higher education. You do not have to be present to win. The raffle is open to members and non members. Tickets are $5 each and can be purchased at the ACWN monthly luncheon or from an ACWN member. Package #1 “River Cruise and Champagne” Includes: One Night River Boat Cruise, leaving from Sacramento, includes dinner donated by Pat Thurin of Pioneer Travel Champagne donated by Deb Mathia Value $360 WON BY LUELLA FULTON!

Package #2 Package #2 “Home Girl” Includes: $100 Gift Certificate and a personal consultation donated by Sharon Stanley of Details by Design Lamp for your home donated by Marie Wiens of Pine Grove Mercantile Melaleuca Safe, Natural, Cleaning Products for your home donated by Corinne Thorsell Marketing Executive Melaleuca Value over $300

Package #3 “Gold Rush” Includes: Gold Nugget Dangle Earrings donated by Bernie Cramer of Pioneer Travel

Package #4

“Silver Legacy” Includes: Silver Dollar, uncirculated “In Case” 99.9 Silver Value State Quarters for each of the 50 states donated by Bank of Amador Value $300


Package #5 Package #5 “Photography Collection” Includes: Photo Session donated by Steven Farrell Photography Custom Card donated by Anne Frost

All tickets will remain in the drawing for all prizes with the exception of winning tickets which will be removed for future drawings. Drawing dates and winners are announced at the luncheons. For more info, please visit our website:

ACWN P. O. Box 1512 Jackson CA 95642

ACWN News June 2009  

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