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_my favourite day of the year had arrived. I had been thinking for months in the greatest prank ever, but I’m not too creative so I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do that day. My first idea was a typical phone call to my parents or to one friend saying something that was not true. I eliminated that idea because I thought that they would expect that because they knew in which day we were. So I decided to do the joke at school. That day I had an important exam but I couldn’t study too much. So I had a brilliant idea. I called the police saying that I was a terrorist and that I had put a bomb in the high school. The police arrived and they started to evacuate all the students. Finally they discovered that it was a joke and also who had made the phone call. So the end of the story wasn’t very funny... By Javi G.

While I was having breakfast I thought about all what I would do. Today is Sunday and I don’t like Sundays because my parents always go to see a football match and they let me at home looking after my two brothers. So I thought I could do something to avoid that. I looked for some information on the Internet and I found that if I put some sugar in the exhaust of my parents’ car, it wouldn’t work. And of course, I did it. When they tried to start the car, they couldn’t but they didn’t know why. I laughed at them when I saw them through the window. They were angry and they had to return home. I will never tell them what I have done.

By Andrea O.

Once I woke up, I realised it was April’s Fools’ Day so I started thinking about a prank. It was exactly 7.30 a.m and I ran outside. Then I phoned my parents, who were still sleeping, and once they picked up the phone I told them what I’d been doing the previous night. Immediately I started crying and they got pretty frightened. I told them I had been to a party without their permission and because of a fight between two strangers in the party the police came there. A policeman told me I had to go with them as well because I was the unique witness. I was really nervous because I was quite drunk. Suddenly my mum asked me where I was in a really rude way, and I started noticing my prank was getting too serious… I answered I was in prison and my parents started yelling at me on the phone and told me they were going to pick me up in 10 minutes. Once I told them it was just a joke, they got really mad at me and they didn’t talk to me in about 3 days. I got punished during 10 days and they even removed my mobile phone! Since that moment, April’s Fools’ Day is the day I dislike the most and still five years later, bad memories come to my mind when I think about it.

By Borja

It was last year, we were spending our holidays in Ibiza while my brother was in my house in Spain, the first of April was the perfect day to do it, because my family didn’t know anything about taking pranks and the hotel staff wanted to have fun, so we decided to do it. While we were having breakfast, the cleaning lady hid our clothes. When we reached our room, my parents were shocked and they started to shout to the receptionist because we had to leave the room and sleep in a tent near the beach and we couldn’t collect our things. At the moment that my father was told that we had played a prank on him and it had been my idea, he punished me. I continue without leaving home, but it was worth.

By Jesús

I knew my parents were not going to be at home on the morning; my mother was shopping and my father was going to stay outside all the day. So me and my brother decided to call two Romanian friends we had met on a school trip. When they arived at home, we gave them a baseball bat and the keys of the house and we went to the hall of the building. When we saw that our mother was going up on the elevator, we called our friends and told them to place in front of the door, and we went upstairs. I think you can imagine my mother's face when she opened the door.


It was a dark night that had come to our little town, I was heading down one of the largest streets of the village with no one else around except my two friends. It was not like another normal night when we all get drunk and make funny jokes about the waitress. While we were drinking alcohol in a bar, a strange man had come to the table where we were sitting and told us how important our help would be for getting the drugs that had been introduced in the country some days before. We all decided to take the opportunity of getting some extra money and now we were walking through the night to take that van with cocaine. Once we got to the place we opened that huge black van with the keys the man had told us we would find in the tank of the car. We got in the vehicle and before starting the car we were caught by the policemen who were shouting at us to get out of the van with their big weapons. As soon as we got out of it, they all started to laugh, they took out their balaclava helmets and we realised it had all been a joke of our friends.

By David

It was quite simple. I only had to call some friends and then the prank was running. Friday night, and my friends and me had gone out. But before partying, we had to buy some things for our joke. We just needed some transparent thread and the best prank ever could start. As it was Friday night, people were used to being drunk so it would make our joke easier. The prank consisted of putting me and my friends at both sides of the road with the transparent thread. So, when someone passed along the street, he or she would hit the thread. Sometimes they saw the thread and other times they crashed it with their ankles. It was hilarious.

By Elena

The one who would receive the joke was clear: my mother. I didn´t have idea about how my joke would be, but suddenly inspiration came to me. I heard the horn of a car that was in the street in that moment, and that was the beginning of my prank. So I placed an old horn behind the door of the bath. I wanted to see the frightened face of my mother, but this was not possible because then she would realize that something was wrong, so I went to my room and waited. Suddenly I heard the honk and later her shout. I couldn't control laugh. It was a great joke, but now I must be careful because she said that before the end of the day, she would take revenge.

By Ignacio

April Fool’s Day, in summer… A few years ago, I was in the town where I go every summer on vacation with my friends, we were bored and we decided to go to the harbor, which is in a nearby town. We spent all the afternoon there having fun, and when we decided to go back home, it was almost midnight, and it was really dark. This town is 4 kilometers away from our homes, and we always go on foot, but we had never gone on that trip during the night, and we were a bit frightened, although we were with some friends of sixteen and seventeen (by then we were thirteen or so). Some of us stayed laggard talking and suddenly we heard someone screaming, we started running to catch up with the rest, and when we arrived, they were arguing, we asked, what was going on, and they said that someone had disappeared in the cornfield of our right. We started calling her, but she never answered, and then, another scream, and another boy disappeared, we started freaking out, we didn´t know what to do, and suddenly, some corns started to shake, and we thought it was them, so we said “okay guys, enough, it was very funny, come on…” and no one answered, so one of my friends got closer to the cornfield, and moved the corns, and there was nothing, there, it was really strange, and we were very confused, and suddenly, some kind of scarecrow appeared and started laughing, we were so terrified that we started running and when we

thought we were safe, we called our parents and the parents of the missing people, they all came, with a local man who is a friend of theirs, and we started explaining everything, and when we finished the man said that it was not the first time something like that had happened, and he told us an awful story of some kind of course linked to that cornfield. Our parents called the police and they were all really worried, it was crazy. My friends and I were all together freaking out with all that, some of us were crying (including myself) and, out of nowhere, a weird noise started and two shadows came out of the cornfield, we started screaming and running and crying and our parents looked terrified too, but then suddenly, they all started laughing, and we were really confused, what was going on? Then, the shadows came closer, and we saw our friends, laughing out loud, they had all played a really horrible prank on us, it was insanely terrifying and we haven’t forgiven them yet.

By Paloma

The funniest prank I can think of is one I saw some time ago on TV. The prank consisted of filling a big bucket with cold water, then you put it on the top of a half opened door and call a friend to cross the door, when your friend pulls the door, the water will fall from the bucket and your friend will get soggy. It's really funny but you should take care that the victim isn’t carrying any electronic devices. You also have to tie a string to the bucket and hold it because if the bucket falls onto your friend's head, it can hurt him. As you can see it's a simple prank but it isn't so easy to place the bucket on top of the door, but if you do it right, it's sure it will be a funny prank.

By Xurde Ramos