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2 years + / 12 x 12 cm / 24 pages / Cardboard / €6.60

CAptAin WReStleR

Author / Illustrator: Barroux

Catchman is a tough nut to crack, a champion wrestler, king of the ring, a demon with his dukes, a hoedown artist. He fills his enemies with terror and he is afraid of nothing, except maybe his mom when she shouts to send him to bed.

tell me mR BiRD

Author: Alice Brière-Haquet Illustrator: Claire Garralon

A. Brière-Haquet C. Garralon

“tell me mr Bird, why do you fly so high?” “Well, mr cat, it's because you are down there!” A greedy cat tries to ensnare a shrewd, mistrustful bird whom he believes to be far too fat. Will the tiny bird be taken in by his predator’s cunning verve?

HeRe, it’S fOR yOu

Author / Illustrator: Antonin Louchard

Tiens c’est pour toi Antonin Louchard


BORiS by Mathis


Boris is a cute, funny little bear with a tough character. He loves playing with toys and he loves teasing them. He may be stubborn, mischievous, adorable and a quick-tempered young soul but never boring. Boris the Bear is the perfect companion little children never knew they needed! 2 years+ • 14 x 14 cm • 32 pages • Hardcover • €6.50

WHen i gROW up

Boris’s rubber duck asks him what he wants to be when he grows up: fireman, vet, etc. Boris scratches his head, then a whole host of funny ideas spring to mind: hunter – of plump little ducks, or chef – specializing in chocolate duck cakes. the little duck soon regrets ever posing the question.

i’m A gReAt gARDeneR

Boris is gardening with his dad and decides to plant his teddy bear. But when no leaf grows on his poor teddy's head, he decides to take matters into his own hands. With a pinch of bad faith and a soupçon of mischievousness, Boris is back with a vengeance.

Drawing is so difficult. you have to choose the right color, take care not to mess things up and concentrate to stay within the lines. the most important thing when you draw is knowing when to stop and offer your gift. A delightful cardboard book with graphics as minimalist as a child’s drawing, which will appeal to budding artists everywhere.



When louis’s mother tries to force him to eat spinach, he decides to run away from home with his wolf. the two friends decide to build a cabin, but it turns out to be harder than they expected. fortunately they find one ready-made, and they only have to move in. the big return of louis and his wolf after moi le loup et les chocos and moi le loup et les vacances avec pépé. 21 x 16 cm / 64 pages / €12.50




Author / Illustrator: Delphine Perret


A book of photographs that has fun with ideas of “big” and “small”. inside we discover how subjective these notions are, how we dream them up, and how we invent them to suit us. finally there is an entertaining game of perspectives. this work presents pairs of mirror images, always related to childhood, inspired by nursery rhymes, tales and games, which create worlds-within-worlds and hold us at a distance, providing a reminder that our relationship to the world is only a question of perspective. 20.5 x 14.5 cm / 48 pages / €12.30

me, tHe WOlf AnD tHe CABin

Author: Corinne Dreyfuss Illustrator: Virginie Vallier


WHO’S tHe little One?



Author: Christian Bruel Illustrator: Anne Bozellec

Un U n jourr de les lessive ssive Christian Bru Bruel uel Anne Anne Bozellec Bozellec

When one summer's day a little boy sees washing drying on the line, his imagination gets the better of him. He takes a large linen sheet and suddenly discovers new enchanting changing worlds full of wonderful encounters, magical landscapes, each new and different. Knights in armor, wild animals, natives and elves take it in turns to guide us through a journey like no other. 16.8 x 23.8 cm / 32 pages / €11

liBeRty teDDy BeAR

Author: Christian Bruel Illustrator: Anne Bozellec

nours é Nou Libert

llecc lle ne Boze ne uel An n Bru Christia


“my teddy bear goes to bed when he wants. He loves to be kissed on the tummy. He's never ready on time. He knows Zorro. And he's not afraid of the dark. He loves me and i love him.” throughout these pages a boy presents his teddy bear, his little secrets, his tastes and his shortcomings. He thus paints the picture of his daily life, with a hint of protest in his voice. A hitherto out-of-print kindergarten classic, republished once more.

ibert e de Gu François

Badel Ronan

OOmpAHpOOCe gOeS lOOKing fOR A figHt Author: Françoise de Guibert Illustrator: Ronan Badel

On the arid plains of the far West, Oompahpooce the little indian is desperately looking for a fight. So, who's up for it? not his big brothers - they're going hunting bison. not roaring bear - he's fast asleep in his cave. not the Billy the cowboy - he is stuck at school. for want of anything better, Oompahpooce’s sister is available. But she won’t let him have an easy ride. All the madcap fun of Billy le môme, among the indians. 21 x 16 cm / 40 pages / €12.50 5


Author/Illustrator: Aude Poirot

A tale of two young lovers, Rosalie and isidore, who could also be called Alcmene and Amphytrion. She is a daydreamer; he is highly rational. One evening after an argument following a magic show, a strange magician claims he can take on the young man's appearance, and consequently take his place. Rosalie and isidore take up the wager, and learn to their expense that magic has some funny tricks to play. An original graphic album presenting a playful and colorful re-creation of the myth of Amphytrion. 16 x 21 cm / 40 pages / €12.80

7 years + • 10.5 x 15 cm • 48 pages • Softcover • €5

eACH tO tHeiR plAyHOuSe Author: Mathis



Author: Raphaële Frier


WHeRe ARe tHe giRlS?

Author/Illustrator: Gabriele Sparwasser

Anna, les

jongleuses Et hop une

Nous voya


balle, et hophop deux balle s, et hop-hopEntraînem ents quot hop deux balle geons sans s et une mass cesse et parto idiens. Rome, Paris , Berli ue. ut où nous passons, nous n. émer veillo ns les gens .

Clement has had enough! Ok, his parents have separated but now they can’t even agree on where and when their son will go on holiday. Clement knows where he wants to go, all on his own, without telling anyone: to his grandpa’s home, where he learns how to build a playhouse.

yOu’ll Be An OySteR


Miss Frix et



tHe AmpHitRyOn Of COlOuR

this work presents twenty illustrations of women at work in a wide range of professions: florist, poulterer, stone mason, doctor, and presents twenty puzzles. Within each image lurks the working woman’s daughter hidden among the engravings, as well as one of her daughter’s missing toys hidden among the tools, and the reader has to find them. in her first ever work, gabriele Sparwasser provides an entertaining presentation of women’s professions. 25 x 25 cm / 48 pages / €15

When myriam’s cousins tell her she has to play the oyster in their game, she is so annoyed that she decides to maintain her role as a silent, invertebrate mollusk to the hilt until the end of the holidays. She perfects her character study and her vengeance is complete when a neighbor asks her to go to the circus, and, instead of inviting her cousins, she goes alone. the trip turns into a catastrophe when their car winds up in a ditch after an accident. Despite herself, myriam has protected her cousins and saved their lives.

tHe CAt Of tHe muStAng mummy Author: Fabrice Bourland

How do you go to the cinema when you are broke? easy, by kidnapping a cat and asking for a ransom. if only life were so easy. Our budding delinquents, max and tom, soon learn to their expense that life is not quite so easy.

tHe WOlf’S DAugHteR Author: Patrice Favaro

A lazy old wolf goes in search of a solution to be able to enjoy delicious tender sheep without tiring himself out. His daughter is more ambitious and abandons her father’s age-old methods to modernize sheep -hunting techniques. But sheep, it seems, are not as dumb as they look. A contemporary fable with several possible interpretations. 7

BeSt up-AnD-COming femAle tAlent Author: Marie-Sophie Vermot

Damienne spends the summer by the sea in the house where her mother works as a maid. As the “maid’s” daughter, she is roped into a number of odd jobs, such as babysitting for the six-year-old twins and waiting at table. On the beach she meets other teenagers of her age, but not the same social background, so she decides to become isild, the child of a well-to-do family. But, however talented an actress you are, it’s hard to live a lie in a small seaside resort, where everybody knows everybody else. from misunderstanding to misadventures, isild learns the hard way. marie-Sophie vermot takes a light-hearted, humorous look at acting.she endeavors to grow up. 14 x 20.5 cm / 352 pages / 14.50 euros

HeAD in tHe CABBAgeS Author: Gaia Guasti

margotte’s parents have always dreamed of living in the countryside, and so they move to a small hamlet with seventeen inhabitants. margotte’s mother is delighted; at last she has a garden to herself and can make all manner of conserves. margotte’s fouryear-old sister, Clairette, meanwhile, discovers her wild side, and takes great pleasure bathing in the nearby icy stream. margotte, the quiet intellectual of the family, provides a hilarious, detached account of their new life. every morning the school bus grinds its way around the winding roads, a surefire way to bring back children’s breakfasts. At junior high, margotte encounters the locals, some ancestral country-dwellers, others new to rural life, recognizable from their very different names. margotte soon comes to recognize the hamlet’s other 16 inhabitants, but who is the 17th, and why the low profile? this chronicle of country life is a paean to simplicity, providing a humorous, gentle portrayal of newcomers’ trials and tribulations. 12 x 21 cm / 152 pages / €9 8

WHeRe i’m gOing

Author: Fred Paronuzzi

in 3,300 seconds, lives can be turned upside down. in this tale lasting just 55 minutes, this is precisely what happens to lea, ilyes, Clement and Oceane, four high-schoolkids who see each other every day without ever getting to know each other. Clement, a failure at school from a family that is falling apart, suddenly finds meaning in his life, when a teacher suggests a career as a boatman. ilyes is passionate about the theatre. When he senses that a classmate is having problems, he teams up with him during lessons and a friendship takes seed. Oceane, a good kid with zero issues, turns up at school in a state of shock and heads straight to see the school counselor to spill her heart out. lea, meanwhile, has fallen in love with a classmate, lisa. giving in to temptation, lea has sent lisa an email and ever since she has been fretting like crazy. Suddenly, lisa asks to see the school nurse, but who will go with her? A novel of life’s key moments written with simplicity and sincerity. 12 x 21 cm / 80 pages / €7.50

teen nOvelS

teen nOvelS

teen nOvelS

HeAD in tHe ClOuDS

Author: Régine Detambel

After her parents’ divorce when she was five, lola followed her mother to Canada. Contact with her father became ever more distant until it eventually dried up. now, lola speaks with a Canadian accent and has practically forgotten france. When her mother goes away, lola seizes on the occasion to return to france and get in contact with her long-lost father for the summer. their reunion makes both impatient yet anxious. philippe has decided to live a Spartan existence, raising pigeons, far from civilization. through their deep mutual love, they manage to build their relationship again, cautiously rediscovering their respect and affection for each other. At the heart of this short, intense novel lies the power of a father-daughter relationship, related through feelings. 12 x 21 cm / 80 pages / €7.50


Author: Florence Cadier

gary lives alone with his mother in new Zealand and knows nothing of his father. Despite her son’s requests and insistence, his mother obstinately refuses to tell him anything about his father. gary lives in a permanent state of melancholy and blind revolt, obsessed by what he believes to be a shameful secret and by recurrent nightmares. When lola accosts him in a bar one evening and tells him she knows about his father, gary’s life is turned upside down. But the young woman is attacked in the street and left in a coma, so cannot reveal more. Will gary manage to track his father down? 12 x 21 cm / 192 pages / €9.50

WHO tRAvelS fAR COmeS HOme Author: Christophe Léon

Kisangani, Democratic Republic of Congo, 2004. Kimia’s father is ill and to make sure she goes to school and grows up in safe, affectionate surroundings, he decides to send her to live in france. via an intermediary she is sold to a rich french couple who adopt her. the girl spends eight years locked away in a beautiful apartment as a maid. At seventeen she manages to escape and finds herself on the streets of paris, without friends or money, and gets to know the capital. She meets gilles, a generous young man who takes her in. Her nightmare seems to have come to an end. Christophe léon’s new novel once more focuses on a scandal of modern society. His characters come to life manifesting all their complexity, paradoxes and vital energy. 12 x 21 cm / 144 pages / €9


teen nOvelS

teen nOvelS

tHe SHADOW Of tHe fAtHeR

WHAt BeCOmeS Of CHilDRen At nigHtfAll? Author: Jean-Paul Nozière

Bertille’s parents have bought an old farm to refurbish, an un-daunting task as her father has stopped work and loves Diy. What’s more, the barn, when redesigned, is set to become the new offices of his private detective agency. So when Bertille finds a human skull buried inside the barn, father and daughter set out to investigate. in parallel, fifty years earlier Anelie and ylisse, two rebellious kids living on a french colony, are taken in by an association, which relocates them on a farm in the heart of the french countryside. in his tale of french mainland rule over its overseas territories, Jean-paul nozière demonstrates his command of language and storytelling to create huge suspense in very different registers. 14 x 22 cm / 272 pages / €14.50

life meAnS RiSK

Author: Jeanne Benameur

now in a single collection, four novels of great artistry by a great author whose delicate simple narration gets to the heart of the fundamental questions of existence. Si même les arbres meurent (if even the trees died): in a hospital corridor, two children sit waiting. their father, a mountain climber, is in a coma. A kindly cleaner helps the pair run away. Quitte ta mère (leave your mother): As every year, Bastien is spending the summer with his grandpa. the old man struggles with despair as he tries to come to terms with his wife’s death. la boutique jaune (the yellow store): every morning marion stands in awe, hypnotized by the yellow front of a local store. Adalbert, an elderly gentleman, tells her the disturbing tale of the boutique. une heure, une vie (One hour, one life): Aurelie’s parents have separated. On the train home to her mother’s, she tells a series of different stories that make her cry. She needs to tell of her pain and pour out her feelings.





13.5 x 16 cm / 128-192 pages / €9.80

SHAme Of eveRytHing Author: Caroles Fives

there’s his “dumbass virginity” that one day he’ll have to get rid of. the hairs on his chin that will soon need shaving and his voice that leaps up and down when what he needs are gravely, butch tones. there are those words of affection that spring so eagerly from the mouth that are so soon regretted. Or there may be a preference for girls when boys are meant to be the thing. false facebook friends and online separations. Sixteen short stories recounting the never-ending shame of life caught in between childhood and adulthood, that consummate shame that sticks like glue, destroying posture, and making everything about those thankless years so hard to live. Sixteen monologues or confessions from teenagers today that are funny, cruel, true and ultimately timeless.

WAnt tO KnOW?

Author: Johan Heliot

A normal junior high with its principal and pupils. But strange things start happening. A word search for uchronia turns a history lesson into a discussion on the threat of nazi rule in the 3rd millennium. What’s more, the principal has been testing android teachers as replacements. But what if the principal is himself replaced one day? And then there’s the creative writing class which leads an author of children’s books to the school library at midnight, the time of the crime. is all that normal? Set in a seemingly attractive future, these nine tales scratch the surface to reveal the nightmare. After this trip through the action, fear, suspense, and technological yoke of this world caught between science fiction and fantasy, junior high will never seem the same again.

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Thierry Magnier Rights Catalogue - Primavera 2013  
Thierry Magnier Rights Catalogue - Primavera 2013  

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