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Awnings with a spirit of adventure The Ventura collection is designed and developed in Denmark, which means you can expect the best fit on the differing shapes and designs of UK and Continental caravans. Here you will find full awnings and part awnings, annex, freestanders - everything you need to celebrate a spirit of adventure...

Ventura Trident Back by popular demand, a limited edition for 2002, Trident is a fashionable 380 gm/m2 polyester awning. Easy to clean and with the same features as other more expensive models, the soft warm earth tones of Terracotta and Natural Grey create a feeling of home comfort in a holiday setting. The Trident package contains FixOn-brackets, awning bag and frame bag, curtains with easy to use poles, pegs, draught skirt and wheel arch cover. Available in A-measurement 800 to 1025 cm. There is a choice of steel or Fibre frame. Awning depth: 2.5 metres.

... Acrylic or Polyester canvas The choice is yours!

Ventura Cadet The modern part awning Ventura Cadet is designed for the caravanner who wants an awning that is easy to erect and in a practical size. Cadet is made in 245gm/m2 dope-dyed acryl in a marine/sand colour combination. There is a choice of steel or Fibre frame. The side panel has a mosquito net panel and both sides have sewn-on foam pads which keep the awning snug to the caravan. The front is removable and can be drawn, and FixOn-brackets are supplied as standard. Ground: 240 x 200 cm.

Ventura Annex

Ventura Storage tent

With the Ventura annex you can increase the awning space, use as a dining area, storage or extra sleeping accommodation - the choice is yours. A tall model, which fits on either side of both Neptune and Trident, the annex is an optional extra and is made in coated polyester. It has a mosquito net window to increase ventilation. When this is not required, it can be closed by means of the outside window foil cover. Ground: 200 x 130 cm.

Free standing storage tent with many uses. The tent has a practical opening in the side with two vertical zips, and a mosquito net window with a patterned opaque foil cover, which closes/opens by means of zips. Available in a colour combination of marine/grey and made in polyester/PVC. Ground: 220 x 150 cm.

Ventura Freestander - Annexe for Touring Motorhomes The Ventura Freestander is available in two heights: A low model for vehicles between 170 and 250 cm height and a tall model for vehicles between 240 and 270 cm height. The colour combination is marine/sand and both Freestanders are made in 245gm/m2 dopedyed acryl with removable front panel and door in the right side. Also, the left side has two vertical zips, so that the side can be rolled up or lifted out as a sun canopy by means of two extra poles (optional extras). Freestander has two vertical zips and a lock system for fitting to the vehicle. Ground measurement: approx. 300 x 205 cm (depending on height adjustment on frame).


Ventura Neptune Elegant design and attention to detail are characteristics of the Ventura Neptune models. The colours of the two models reflect the soothing colours of the ocean in Ventura Marine, and harmonious forest hues in Neptune Verde - both combined with a front in sand coloured acryl. This awning can be varied to suit the ever-changing weather conditions and the needs of the family. The removable zipout panels can be interchanged for maximum flexibility (front<->front, side<->side). Neptune is made of heavy, dope-dyed 245gm/m2 acryl and has a coated polyester roof. There is a choice of steel or Fibre frame, and canopy poles are included in all sizes. Supplied with Fix-on brackets, awning and frame bags, curtains with easy to use rods, pegs, draughtskirt and wheel arch cover. Available in A-measurement 800 to 1075 cm. Awning depth: 2.5 metres. VENTURA NEPTUNE VERDE





ALPHA AWNING CLEANER Also available: “KARO” AWNING CARPET in plain colours Breathable Can be cut without fraying Easy to clean Lightweight Won’t fade Made by Bolon in Sweden





Technical Details Ventura Neptune and Trident: PRICE CATEGORY ......





Ventura size .............................. 800 850 900 Covers “A” meas. from-to......... 786-810 836-860 886-910 Ventura size .............................. 825 875 925 Covers “A” meas. from-to......... 811-835 861-885 911-935 Weights Neptune Prenox .......... 33,0 kg 36,2 kg 36,9 kg Weights Neptune Fibre ............. 26,0 kg 29,0 kg 29,7 kg Weights Trident Prenox ............. 32,2 kg 36,4 kg 37,4 kg Weights Trident Fibre ................ 25,2 kg 29,2 kg 30,2 kg


Ventura Cadet: Weights Prenox 26,9 kg

Front divisions


950 1000 1050 936-960 986-1010 1036-1060 975 1025 1075 961-985 1011-1035 1061-1085 42,0 kg 45,2 kg ±37,5 kg 33,0 kg 35,2 kg ±31,7 kg 42,5 kg 46,8 kg 33,5 kg 36,8 kg

Base plan 250 cm

G 13-16

G 18-20

Ventura Freestander:

Front division

Base plan 240 cm

Fibre 21,2 kg

200 cm


Est. weights LO HI Prenox Prenox ±31,4 kg ±33,9 kg





30 cm

30 cm

Range fits vans between heights 230 and 250 cm.

To ascertain the correct size, you need to know: Caravan make, model, year, and "A" measurement as follows: Place the caravan on even ground. Measure from ground level at most forward point of channel to most rearward point of awning channel, and straight down to the ground. B shows Cadet distance between rafters.

Front division

Base plan ca. 300 cm ca. 205 cm

We reserve the right to make improvements/changes on the products without notice, and can accept no responsibility for discrepancies between this information and subsequent models. We make every effort to ensure perfect colour reproduction, but owing to printing limitations, colour differences may occur.


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