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any time soon — nor ruling out Tokyo. There are reasons for this: 1. I have only had one year of training with all of our children in school full-time. 2. I have only been competing at this level for six years. 3. I have already established my other professional career as a Registered Dietitian, which is less fun than marathoning! There are athletes with running careers well into their 40s. I’m still going to bed and waking up with energy and motivation to train and compete. I’ve never done the research to determine the odds that I’ve already likely had my fastest

iRun because it’s empowering. — Shannon Lipson, Toronto

marathon. Likely, they’d say I have. But so far I’ve beaten the odds in so many ways that I refuse to stop reaching high and aiming to run another personal best. There are things we haven’t tried in my training and now’s the time to try. So I continue to press on and make the sky the limit. Here are some future possibilities: 1. Championship races: 2017 Worlds in London, England, 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast City, Australia, 2019 Worlds in Doha, Qatar and 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. 2. Masters records of various distances. I’ll be 40 in January 2017! 3. World majors: Tokyo, London, Berlin,

Chicago, New York. I completed Boston in 2005. 4. Travel to each continent for training or racing. I’ve been to Asia, South America, Europe and obviously North America. I’ll likely omit Antarctica (but who knows!); only Africa and Australia remain. I’ve always said to set the bar high and make your ceiling your floor. There’s no stopping me. Krista DuChene holds the second fastest female marathon time in Canadian history. Racing the Canadian Half Marathon Championships, DuChene finished the course on a broken leg. She took second. Her website is KristaDuChenerunning.


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