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Hereford 2010 Breed Improvement Semen Brochure

The Hereford Breed Improvement Scheme was first introduced in the 1980s. Set up as a revolving fund with a subscription of £25 from each participant at the time the scheme has provided an opportunity for smaller herds in particular to have greater access to and a choice of bulls and semen from Ireland and across the world. Potential sires are identified and semen purchased with a view to providing the best possible genetics at minimum cost to scheme members. Society members not currently participating in the scheme can join for a once off payment of €65. Semen of bulls featured in the brochure is, in most cases, available for export. The Breed Improvement Committee is continuously on the look out for new and improved genetics. Please allow at least 2/3 weeks for delivery of semen.

Mawarra Sentimental ET1

(AI Code: MWZ)

HB Ref: HRP A229

Date of Birth: 1/11/2005

Vena Park Sharka Sire: Yalaroo Tornado Yalaroo Amaze L048

Dunrobin Superstar ET 2A Dam: Mawarra Miss Titania 123 ET6 Mawarra Miss Titania 53 Sentimental was purchased by South Boorook Stud for $24,000 at the National Hereford Show and Sale at Wodonga in 2007. His first nine sons sold at their on farm bull sale in Feb. 2010 to a top price of $22,000 to average $7,333. At Wodonga another son, Mawarra Van Dieman sold at $16,000 while Mawarra Victorious sold at $15,000, a further son Jacandra HS was Res. Senior Champion and sold at $13,000. A trait leader for 200, 400 and 600 day weight he is breeding a consistency of type, carcase and growth for age, also seen in his full brother Mawarra Nostalgia, the Supreme Hereford exhibit at the 2004 Sydney Royal, later sold at auction for $60,000 to the Fraser


Family’s Red Hill Stud. Sentimental’s dam is the Mawarra herd’s most successful breeder selling seven sons to average $16,500. She has proven to be a very successful donor dam in the herd’s ET program and has eleven daughters retained in the herd. Sentimental is not recommended for heifers as his calving figures would suggest caution. Owner Peter Allen of South Boorook has had 79 calves so far (2008 and 2009). Male calves at birth wt. 47.38 kg, female calves at birth wt. 47.03 kg. 77 calves were “unassisted”, one was assisted “abnormal presentation” and one was assisted “easy pull”.

2010 AUSTRALIAN GROUP BREEDPLAN EBVs: Birth Wt. Kg. 200 D Wt. 400 D Wt. 600 D Wt. Mat. Cow Wt. Scrotal Size +9.5 +40 +66 +96 +103 +1.8 93% 86% 85% 86% 74% 80%

Carcase Wt. +45 72%

Smithston Darby

(AI Code: SZY)

HB Ref: HRM D038

Date of Birth: 24/8/2008

Strelley Excalibur Sire: Corilla All The Way Corilla Hetty

Smithston Wee Dram ET1 Dam: Smithston Doreen Z044 Smithston Doreen W170 This is a very promising young bull from the Smithston herd of Dugald & Billy McIndoe. A well grown bull he shows good muscling and easy fleshing and was the top price bull at the Smithston on farm Autumn production sale. His sire has bred a very consistent type while his grandsire Red Hill Rockford Roy was an exceptional breeding bull and a trait leader for 200, 400, 600 day weight and also for scrotal size and retail beef yield on Australian Breedplan.


Darby’s maternal Grandsire Smithston Wee Dram was a successful sire with exceptional figures for milk while his sire Park Grove Impressionist was +4 for EMA and +1.9 for retail beef yield. In recent years the Smithston herd has been downsized retaining some of their top females while the sheep herd has increased to take advantage of local markets. Darby is currently a herd sire at Ardno.

2010 AUSTRALIAN GROUP BREEDPLAN EBVs: Birth Wt. Kg. 200 D Wt. 400 D Wt. 600 D Wt. Scrotal Size EMA Sq. cm +4.8 +26 +44 +62 +1.7 +2.5 49% 59% 58% 54% 71% 39%

GH Adams 144S Bulge 138W

(AI Code: GHZ)

Retail Beef Yield +1.0 40%

HB Ref: C02926658

Date of Birth: 16/1/2009

GH Dynamic Earl ET 401M Sire: GH-Adams Shadow 144S HR Gold Domino 251E

GH Difference Britisher 45L Dam: GH-Adams 45L Twinette 552S FA Britisher Lady ET 20F Born January 2009 “Bulge” was Reserve Grand Champion at the Canadian National 2009. His sire “Shadow” was Grand Champion at Farmfair and Reserve Champion at Agribition. Grant Hirsche of breeder Adams Hirsche describing “Bulge” in the on property sale catalogue stated the following “We have never had 2 calves as strong and powerful as lot 1 and 2. Both of these great calves are sired by Shadow, “Nugget” being polled and “Bulge” is straight horned with no polled in his pedigree. Many feel “Bulge” is as good as Rambo at this age. I wouldn’t argue, but would add that he is more moderate and maybe even shows more muscle expression early in his life. Many have commented on his tremendous thickness and ease of movement. He tracks really wide and always stops with all 4 corners wide and strong like they should be. As an added bonus, he is in the top 20% for REA and top 40% for IMF. The more I am in this business,

the more amazed I am that great pedigrees keep showing up time after time in the good ones. We have established 45L as a great breeding bull with sons like Neon, Twister, Gordo, and last year’s top bull Stanley 286U. Now we see his daughters putting that same punch into their calves. Bulge’s dam is a great one out of a perfect uddered cow we got from Floyd and Daryl Anderson. She produced many show winners for us. 552S has a perfect udder and could easy be a show cow. She’s definitely a front pasture cow. We feel that Bulge has a lot to offer and is one of the most complete Herd Bull Prospects to sell at Adams Hirsche. We will be talking a lot about him for many years to come. A half interest was sold on sale day at Ca $14,500 to Little Fort Herefords. This bull is in the top 1% of the breed in Canada for Weaning Weight and Yearling Weight and in the top 4% for Rib Eye Area. His birth weight 39kgs.

Hollow Point Broker

(AI Code: HWP)

HB Ref: AAT B060

Date of Birth: 18/10/2006

Vena Park Sharka Sire: Churchill Titanic ET2 Widgiewa Hillary K368 ET5

Parson Hill Rocktime Dam: Smithston PR Royal W088 Glanmonnow PR Royal R008 Broker is a bull of depth and thickness his first calves born in Australia this spring are looking good and he will be used heavily for the next season at the Ardno herd of Clive and Kate McEachern just west of Melbourne. Bred by AJ Townsend in Tasmania better known in Ireland as Van Diemans land he has exceptional EBV’s for 200, 400 & 600 day weight placing him in the top


5% of the breed in Australia. His EMA at +2.8 is in the top 20% while his RBI 1.4 is in the top 6%. His sire, the very successful Churchill Titanic whose dam was by SNS Generator 28X is a trait leader for 200, 400 & 600 day weight and retail beef yield. His dam Smithston PR Royal W088 is by Parson Hill Rocktime and was selected as an ET donor dam at Hollow Point.

2010 AUSTRALIAN GROUP BREEDPLAN EBVs: Birth Wt. Kg. 200 D Wt. 400 D Wt. 600 D Wt. Carcase Wt. EMA Sq. cm +7.3 +37 +59 +92 +53 +2.8 85% 74% 69% 71% 56% 43%

Bowmont Vancouver D103

(AI Code: BJW)

Retail Beef Yield +1.4 44%

HB Ref: GRK D103

Date of Birth: 24/4/2008

Alkira Vancouver Sire: Courallie Vancouver Z438 Courallie Fancy M276 Cara Park Xpress T311 Dam: Bowmont Queen Y318 Bowmont Queen W115

Vancouver is a very smooth easy fleshing bull with exceptional performance figures. Top price bull at the Bowmont Autumn on farm sale, he weighed 865 kgs at 22 months and measured 144 cm at the hips or frame score 7. His Australian EBV’s place him in the top 6% for 200, 400, & 600 day weight. With an EMA of +3.3 he is in the top 1% while his EBV’s for carcase weight and RBY place him in the top 10%. He is sired by Courallie Vancouver whose sons had the highest average of the sale. His grandsire Alkira Vancouver is


a trait leader for 200, 400, 600 day weight and for IMF. His dam Bowmont Queen is a very wide cow born in March 2003 she already has five calves on the ground. Her sire Cara Park Xpress is in the top 5% of the breed while her maternal sire Red Hill Time Bomb is a trait leader for Eye Muscle Area and Retail Beef Yield. Vancouver’s pedigree on the sires side is related to Yarram Pompeii V055 and is not recommended for use on his progeny.

2010 AUSTRALIAN GROUP BREEDPLAN EBVs: Birth Wt. Kg. 200 D Wt. 400 D Wt. 600 D Wt. Carcase Wt. EMA Sq. cm +6.7 +34 +54 +79 +47 +3.3 54% 61% 63% 65% 53% 44%

Retail Beef Yield +1.3 45%

Bowmont Storm A584

(AI Code: WMO)

HB Ref: GRKA584

Date of Birth: 15/3/2005

Llanglothan Storm U964 Sire: Glendan Park Storm W134 Llanglothan Thankful 13 Bowmont Jordan Dam: Bowmont Maritana 340 Bowmont Maritana 259

Bowmont Storm A584, bred by Geoff King at Bowmont Stud, Victoria, was selected on his own appearance, performance to date and on the strength and visual impact of his sire Glendan Park Storm. The great grandsire of this outstanding bull A584 is the sire of the very successful Churchill Storm V583. He exhibits tremendous length, growth and carcass characteristics. His sire, Glendan Park Storm W134, an outstanding carcass bull with great length and substance and tremendous mobility, was the 2004 Wodonga $24,000 Grand Champion purchased by Geoff King in partnership with the Nixon Family of the Devon Court herd in Southern Queensland west of Brisbane. The dam, Bowmont Maritana 340, is sired by Bowmont Jordan. Though he has had no progeny recorded as yet, his Australian EBV’s place him in the top end of the breed. This

Birth Wt. Kg. +3.4 66%

200 D Wt. +21 74%

bull has good performance figures for 200, 400 and 600 day growth, for scrotal size, is +2.5 Eye Muscle Area (EMA), +1.5 for Retail Beef Yield (RBY). The Bowmont herd consists of 150 pedigree Hereford cows and followers, its breeding objectives are on doing ability, fertility, structural soundness and cosmetics, combined with the use of EBV’s to produce a package that is practical for both pedigree and commercial breeders. The herd has had some considerable success at the Hereford National at Wodonga Grand Champion in 2000, Intermediate and Reserve Grand Champion in 2002, Reserve Intermediate Champion in 2003, Intermediate Champion 2005, Reserve Intermediate Champion 2006, and most recently with Bowmont Victoria Blend B747 Reserve Intermediate Champion 2008 sold at Aus $26,000.

2010 AUSTRALIAN GROUP BREEDPLAN EBVs: 400 D Wt. 600 D Wt. EMA RBY EU Index Value + Aus $82 +43 +68 +3.3 +1.7 Breed Av + Aus $68 76% 77% 51% 52%

Also available Kairuru Emperor (P) Lawford Lionel (H)

(AI Code: KUE) (AI Code: LWL)

HB Ref: 088987193V91 HB Ref: PLBL04125

Royalty Fees: Bulls owned in partnership

A Royalty fee of €20 at registration applies to progeny of the following bulls: Glaslough Esquire (AI Code: GSQ) a Churchill Storm son, available through Dovea Genetics. Ardlahan Ginger (AI Code: AGI) by Duibhgiolla Rudolph, a Yarram Pompeii V055 son, available through Progressive Genetics. For further details please contact THE HEREFORD BREED IMPROVEMENT SCHEME, c/o THE IRISH HEREFORD BREED SOCIETY LTD. Tel: +353 (0)44 9348855 or 9348862 Fax: +353 (0)44 9348949 e-mail: Web:

Yarram Star General W251

(AI Code: YSG)

HB Ref: YPHW251

Date of Birth: 6/4/2001

BP Star General 51A Sire: Yarram Star General S206 Yarram Fancy N 303 Hot Shot RHHR 20W Dam: Yarram Marinda P224 Yarram Marinda 336

Yarram Star General W251, currently being used within the 700 cow Yarram Park pedigree herd, is an outstanding bull with some very impressive progeny. W251 is bred at Yarram Park, Victoria, the same herd which produced Yarram Pompeii V055, so successful here in recent years producing some outstanding progeny. Commercial progeny of V055 sons are now coming on stream for the Hereford Prime Scheme and are showing excellent carcass characteristics with tremendous length while the V055 daughters are milking well. The latest sire, Yarram Star General W251, is sired by Yarram Star General S206 out of a Hot Shot cow by BP Star General 51A while the dam Yarram Marinda P224 is by the renowned Hot Shot RHHR

Birth Wt. Kg. +5.5 94%

20W by the familiar LCI High Voltage 80S out of Yarram Marinda 336 by Devon Court Emperor. This is a bull with excellent performance figures and with very high accuracy levels on the Australian Breedplan System. A trait leader for 200 day growth, he is in the top 7% of the breed for 400 and 600 day growth. His figures for milk, carcase weight, rib fat and rump fat place him within the top 15% of the breed in Australia. Yarram Park state that the aim at the 17,500 acre property is to produce structurally sound functional bulls with natural doing ability. Soundness, fertility and maternal qualities are the first priorities in their breeding program. Performance data is only then taken into consideration.

2008 AUSTRALIAN GROUP BREEDPLAN EBVs: Milk Kg. 200 D Wt. 400 D Wt. 600 D Wt. Eye Muscle Rib Fat +14 +36 +53 +74 +2.3 +0.8 58% 89% 86% 85% 58% 67%

Banemore Pompeii T036

(AI Code: PPI)

Rump Fat +1.1 67%

HB Ref: BMET36

Date of Birth: 14/4/1998

Lyonbank Jack Knife Sire: Courallie Pompeii Courallie Jeanna L238

I H Solomon 86090 Dam: Banemore Summer Day L041 Banemore Summer Day 78 This exciting proven bull is a half brother to Yarram Pompeii V055 both being by the same sire Courallie Pompeii. Bred by David Jenkin of Penhurst Victoria he was purchased by Pat Pearse as a herd sire at the Yavenvale Herd for the then record price of $10,000 at the 2000 Banemore on-property sale. He has bred exceptionally well at Yavenvale siring the top priced bull at the 2003, 2006 and 2007 sales including Yavenvale Freedom, $22,000 to Cara Park and Raratonga Herefords in 2006. Pompeii T036 boasts exceptionally well-balanced figures with outstanding carcase merit ranking in the top 1% of the


breed for EMA and IMF EBVs. He has been used successfully over heifers and his daughters are displaying tremendous doing ability and thickness. If growth and eye muscle is required then T036 may well be the solution. With Breedplan Australia this bull is in the top 1% of the breed for eye muscle area (+5.1 EMA), top 5% for intramuscular fat (+0.4 marbling) and in the top 10% for 400 and 600 day weight bending the curve with moderate birth weight. Progeny here include Roscommon Autumn Show Champion 08 Cloonbracken Gina, sold at 13 months for â‚Ź2,800 and Champion April Bull Sale Kilkenny 2010, Cloonart Trevor.

2010 AUSTRALIAN GROUP BREEDPLAN EBVs: Birth Wt. Kg. 200 D Wt. 400 D Wt. 600 D Wt. EMA Sq. cm Retail Beef Yield +4.1 +32 +53 +69 +5.1 +1.5 97% 96% 96% 97% 82% 84%

IMF % +0.4 87%

Kairuru Xavier (Polled)

(AI Code: KUX)

Ref: NZ0889020011

Date of Birth: 4–7–2002

Leelands Quinn Q24 Polled Sire: Leelands Transition T7 Polled Leelands Princess P56 Polled

Braxton Dynasty K243 Polled Dam: Kairuru Plum S11 Polled Kairuru Plum P11 Polled Transition is described as an easy keeping bull Bred by Kevin and Jane McDonald, with tremendous volume and muscle. Junior all Kairuru Stud NZ breeds Champion at Hawke’s Bay he sold for Xavier is an outstanding young New Zealand NZ$25,000 at the 2000 Beef Expo. His calves poll Hereford bull with plenty of thickness and at Kairuru show plenty of thickness, depth of constitution a great hindquarter and body and substance. His dam Kairuru Plum performance to match. He topped the Kairuru S11 is a consistent producer of top calves. sale at NZ$12,100. His sire Leelands 2005 NEW ZEALAND BREED PLAN EBVs Birth Wt. Kg. 200D Milk 200D Wt. 400D Wt. 600D Wt. EMA Sq. cm Retail Beef Yield +6 +4 +32 +50 +82 +2.1 +1.1 76% 47% 72% 70% 72% 49% 54% European Union Marketing Rights NZ Hereford Prime/Maternal + NZ$53 Breed Av. NZ$34

Wiranya Batavia (Polled)

SYDNEY CHAMPION 1999 This Polled Hereford was not inspected by Society personnel but was used by the Australian Poll Hereford Society as part of the World Hereford genetic evaluation project. At 26 months he measured frame 7.2, Birth Wt. Kg. +8 Acc 95%

(AI Code: WIA)

Ref: RGPS5

Date of Birth: 8–4–1997

Vena Park Jackpot (H) Sire: Vena Park Sharka (H) Wallamumbi Victoria 348 (H) Wiranya Parker ET6 (P) Dam: Wiranya Diana L99 (P) Wiranya Diana H26 (P)

weighed 1076 kgs. and 137 cm.sq. EMA Sired by the horned bull Vena Park Sharka. Sharka is a highly regarded horned hereford and is a trait leader for 200, 400, 600, day weight plus milk, muscle area and retail beef yield.

2005 AUSTRALIAN BREED PLAN EBVs 200D Milk 200D Wt. 400D Wt. 600D Wt. +10 +31 +59 +84 76% 95% 94% 93%

Retail Beef Yield +2 77%

Border General V85

(AI Code: BGV)

Ref: UK300364400285

Date of Birth: 7–10–2001

HR General 65D Sire: MT 65D Brit General 1071F MT 563 Legacy Promise ET 1071A Broombeck Pacesetter Dam: Border Curly J15 Border Curly D31

Sired by Canadian bull Brit General this 2001 born bull was identified at the Royal Welsh Show 2004 where he was Supreme Champion. Following further inspection with his progeny at Llancillo Hall near Abergavenny, Wales a deal was struck with owners Ralph and Liz Bailey to take semen for the BIS. Since then the bull has become U.K. Bull of the Year 2004 and Supreme Champion at The Three Counties

Ervie Classic S30

Show. The bull is bred by S.W. Quan & Co. The Border Herd, Wormlow, Hereford, UK. This is an exceptional bull producing outstanding progeny. The back pedigree includes High Voltage 80S, 1087, L1 Pacesetter, Super Voltage 15W and ET Lad 17L. One of his first calves Llancillo Hill Beauty 11th was 1st Reserve Female Champion Monmouth Show, UK.

(AI Code: ERV)

Ref: UKW060800781

Date of Birth: 9–11–1998

B918 Stan 204 Sire: GH Simba ET 21E GH Supergirl ET 15Z Westwood Guardian Dam: Hockenhull Betty 3rd Woodview Betty

Owned and bred by Mr J & JS Douglas Mains of Airies, Scotland. Chosen on the strength of his progeny he is sired by the successful Canadian bull GH Simba ET 21E the top selling bull in Canada at $95,000 in 1995 as National Champion. Simba sired: Canada’s 1997 top selling and National Champion bull, the 1998 Denver Stock Show Junior Champion calf. Simba’s dam GH Supergirl ET 15Z produced 5 bulls sold to average $50,000 including Simba. Subsequently she bred GH Buck ET 26H, sold for a record $235,000. Classic’s dam Hockenhull Betty 3rd is a daughter of Woodview Betty possibly the most successful cow in

U.K. EBV’s Ervie Classic S30 Accuracies (%) Breed Average

Birth Weight +3.7 85 1.2

200 Day Milk (Kg) +5 37 0

200 Day Growth (Kg) +65 +TL 86 18

the U.K. show-ring in recent times. A legend in her own lifetime she was sired by Gageboro Suave and bred by R.F.D. Abbott Woodview Hse, Killeshandra, Co. Cavan, sold to W. McIndoe of Scotland at Carrick-on-Shannon. On Mr McIndoe’s departure for Australia she was sold to Sue and Dennis Heath with whom she had an unrivalled show career including the Junior Championship at the Royal Show and breeding several excellent progeny. Calves born in Australia resulting from embryos taken by Billy McIndoe were a better than even match for the Aussies providing several successes there.

400 Day Muscling Growth Score (Kg) (pcs) +83 +0.9 +TL 84 76 30 0.2

Muscle Depth (mm) +4.9 +TL 81 1.4

Fat Depth (mm) 0.1 75 0

Beef Value HE41

75 HE18

Balleen Generator 6th

(AI Code: BGO)

Ref: ZFR12129

Date of Birth: 5–7–1997

LCI High Voltage 80S Sire: SNS Generator 28X SNS L1 Pacesetter


Dunlever Tony Dam: Balleen Fergie Balleen Moira

Current herd sire for Tom Hickey of Ballydehob, Co Cork, and bred by G & T Brennan, Balleen, Freshford. The Breed Improvement Committee believes this to be an outstanding Irish bred bull. He was chosen on the strength of his progeny. By ‘SNS Generator’ he is out of ‘Balleen Fergie’ by ‘Dunlever Tony’. Also included in the pedigree are such notable sires as ‘Kenmare Ivo’

Rathcor Ranger

‘Bell L Stan’ Dom 39E and Millbrook Optimist. A son Skehanore Jason stood 3rd in the All Ireland bull calf class at the National Hereford Show 04. Munster calf champ Bantry Show 2004 and exhibited at NPC 2004. He sold for €3,800 to Mr. George Stanley, Co. Meath. Semen eligible for Export. (AI Code: RRA)

Ref: AJPD4118

Date of Birth: 25–4–1997

Standard Lad 93J Sire: Bishophill General Bishophill Temptress Fortfarm Judo Dam: Rathcor Pam 2nd Rathcor Pam

Drumakeenan Do-a-Lot One of the most consistent sons of the well known Bishophill General, Ranger was himself a 1st prize winner at Roscommon when sold as a yearling at 1,900 gns. An outstanding sire at the now dispersed Drumakeenan herd of Mr. R.S. Kenny of Drumakeenan, Brosna, Birr he was never photographed.

Several of his sons sold into pedigree herds and bred with considerable success. His best-known son is perhaps Drumakeenan Do-a-Lot Champion at Roscommon and winner of the Purdon Memorial Trophy he sold at 4,500 gns. and proved a successful sire at Ballyaville. Semen eligible for export.

Australian, UK, Irish figures are not directly comparable. For further details please contact — THE HEREFORD BREED IMPROVEMENT SCHEME, c/o THE IRISH HEREFORD BREED SOCIETY LTD. Tel: +353 (0)44 9348855 or 9348862 Fax: +353 (0)44 9348949 e-mail: Web:

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