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Mirkwood Evans Vincent Joins the IR Global / Sinchi CSR Programme IR Global is the fastest growing professional service firm network in the world with 850+ members, providing legal, accountancy and financial advice to companies and individuals across 150 jurisdictions. The group is renowned for its high ethical standards, innovative approach and niche expertise. In November 2016, the group formed a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in support of Sinchi, a non-profit, which promotes human rights and the preservation of indigenous culture. The mission of the organisation is to highlight the importance of indigenous culture / knowledge and to uphold the UN’s declaration on the rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).  IR and Sinchi were delighted when Mirkwood Evans Vincent, a leading UK technology and property law firm joined the initiative. “The program was created to build a community of like-minded business leaders who understand by working together, we can instigate positive social change. Katherine expressed an interest at a very early stage of the non-profits development and her support and feedback has been really appreciated. Members like Mirkwood Evans Vincent are a great example for others and really represent the values of the IR network. ” Tom Wheeler, MD of IR Global “The IR Global Network brings together specialist lawyers from all over the world, who like Mirkwood Evans Vincent, have chosen to leave behind the world of the amorphous monolithic law firm and follow a different path. It seems entirely appropriate therefore, that we would choose to support an organisation like Sinchi, which recognises what is rare and precious in societies, whose model for life leads in the opposite direction from another twenty lane highway to hell.” Katherine Evans, Head of the Business Technology Legal Department of Mirkwood Evans Vincent. Funds raised will be used to empower indigenous communities to document their own cultural heritage, by providing equipment, workshops and ongoing support for creative arts such as photography, film-making and music production. To achieve these goals, Sinchi is working alongside acclaimed aboriginal photographer Prof. Wayne Quilliam, who has dedicated his life to working with different tribes around Australia and beyond. As Sinchi’s ambassador in Australia, Wayne has direct communication with the tribal elders, ensuring all projects are community led and have a support structure to create longevity. KEY TARGETS •

Connect indigenous communities with collaborators and resources in the Western World.

Develop creative arts skills. Providing opportunities for the youth in communities to share their stories and show the strength of their own culture.

Because our liberation is bound together.

Create a sustainable business model for art & music, which can generate funds. (Whilst ensuring all copyright / ownership of creative collaborations remains with the community).


A ground breaking music project collaboration between aboriginal tribes and electronic music producers.

Photography & Film-making workshops within Australian Aboriginal communities.

Global Photography Competition judged by Jimmy Nelson and Wayne Quilliam.

International Crowd Funding campaign.

Sinchi Tribe Collaboration network connecting indigenous and western organisations.

Launch of an online store for indigenous art, photography and music.

Events bringing together a community of likeminded individuals & organisations.


Because our liberation is bound together.

Mirkwood Evans Vincent Joins the IR Global / Sinchi CSR Programme  

IR and Sinchi were delighted when Mirkwood Evans Vincent, a leading UK technology and property law rm joined the initiative.

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