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An outcome of the Learning Event on Creative Drama with all the activities, material and participants’ contributions

May 2013


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Introduction: Creative Drama in eTwinning? Believe me not an easy task‌ How can we organize collaborative Drama activities in an eTwinning project? This was the question and challenge in the Learning Event that run between 17-30 April 2013 facilitating by me and active members of the Creative Classroom Group. In this edition you can find all the material created by the participants and we strongly believe that it can be very helpful if you want to introduce Creative Drama in your classroom! Many thanks to all the teachers who participated actively and with a real enthusiasm to the LE and to my facilitators Evi, Cristina, Adil, Assimina, Tina, Cornelia and Alessandra!

Irene Pateraki


1. Creative Drama is… At the beginning teachers were asked to describe in Padlet ( what creative drama is for them. Below, you can find some interesting answers:  

  

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Jolanta: Creative drama is the best way to cope with shyness. Some students like to be hidden behind a puppet or a mask. Marie Helene Fasquel: Creative drama is making students enjoy creating and playing parts in a creative way. It's mostly showing students they ARE creative and help them unleash their creativity. Katerina: Creative Drama is about exploring ideas, feelings, and ways of thinking from different points of view. Cristina Gonçalves: Creative Drama is freedom of expression, creativity, imagination... less children and adults are themselves or other characters... Maria Panou: Creative Drama gives the opportunity to students to realize the thoughts and emotions a story dramatically played can give us. A teacher can understand what his/her students have understood about a topic. It's extremely interesting because with a very active, pleased and emotional way we, both teacher and students, can learn by each topic. Yıldız Kanlıöz: Creative drama is a way to understand and tell together. The students have fun and they learn from their friends. It also helps us to write new stories and the students are interested in writing activities. Evi Kousidou: Creative drama is a way to have fun in class, to know myself, my students, to express our imagination, creativity, empathy, to create alternative ways of learning, to speak, to write, to behave... Marcela: Creative Drama is something I could use in my lessons to wake up my pupils. Isabelle: Creative drama is a way for children to open to their own resourceful world. Reny Raicheva: My pupils like songs very much, so for them creative drama is a way to present their musical skills. That's why our creative drama activities are just music, dance and singing. Baiba: creative drama is one of the best ways to get to know pupils, as well as they can express their inner selves and communicate with each other. Grazyna T.: Creative drama is a way of doing and learning things. You inspire people with the characters, story, idea and let them find their own threads to pull and weave. Then they can meet together again, find other interesting things, develop more ideas, involve in the life of characters. Suddenly they live a different life... Anna Moneftsi : Creative drama is an enjoyable and fun way for pupils to learn without realizing it!!

 

Evi T : In creative drama students are the actors and the authors too. Hermina: It can help students to develop divergent thinking skills, inventive creativity, and cognitive thinking skills, and it can stimulate the development of oral and written communication skills. 5

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Marta: Drama activities in the classroom should be a must! Students show their best knowledge on the matter dealt in a way they wouldn't do in an exam. They are creative, imaginative and funny; which makes learning much more meaningful and lasting. Manuela Baptista: Creative Drama is the best way to express our feelings, our dreams, our fears... Tiziana: Expression, feeling, involvement. Drama is the most creative way to learn a foreign language and cooperate with other students. Alina Dezso: Is one of the best opportunities to express in a free way your inner world! We also have the chance to discover/rediscover each other! Liz : Creative drama is brilliant for helping children to express themselves. Lavinia Iancu: Creative drama for me is the best way to involve students so that they can use and develop their communication abilities. Panagaki Paraskevi: It can be an incentive for older EFL students especially as they can use speech to express themselves. It can also make teaching more motivating! Betina: It's to use body and soul to interact with and between people pretending to be another one, being ourselves and expressing ourselves emotionally. Maria Georgiadou: Creative drama is a means to understand better yourself, and to express yourself easily, behind the security of a role. Silvana Turcinovich Petercol: Creative drama is an original way of learning, sharing experiences and socializing. And a great opportunity to have fun as well! Niculina: Creative drama takes children’s natural world, creative play, and develops it further, using theatre techniques, to create learning experiences which are for the participants. Magdalena Goc: Creative drama has the potential to develop language and communication abilities, problem-solving skills, and creativity; to promote a positive self-concept, social awareness, empathy, and a clarification of values Anna Choruży: let's create more drama and less tragedy of dying of boredom in the classroom.... Chiara: Use drama in your classroom and your students will ask you for more literature.....spontaneously! Silvia: Creative Drama is a way to know better who our students are. Mihaela: Creative drama is a way for me to know my students to bring to life their imaginary self. They take on a new personality and let out what they really and truly think and feel. Ulla Lambek: Creative drama helps the students use their imagination and through a kind of game find a solution or show different nuanced views of point of view. Dubravka: Creative Drama is a way to reach my students. Laura Rovira: I love drama! In my opinion, that is the best way to learn a language. It involves speaking, listening, vocabulary...and everything is relaxed and fun.


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Marianna: Creative Drama is an art with learners and teachers being actively involved in order to produce masterpieces. Joanna Zalewska-Coldron: Creative drama is an alternative way to learn, enjoy each other, express yourself and have fun. It could be very efficient and successful method for working with special needs students. Georgia Maneta: Creative drama is the process to express yourself in a creative way which will bring out the "best" you! Kasia Zawiła: Creative Drama is a very good way to engage students in the learning process. Fernando: A way of telling a story playing many games at time. Georgia: The way I see it, creative drama is an amazing opportunity for pupils to express themselves on multiple levels through the use of language and body, developing the so called 'life skills'. Lidia Monica: Creative drama means to develop language and communication abilities by using creativity and imagination. Roxana: Creative Drama is an interesting teaching method that makes our life in the classroom easier. Lúcia Fernandes: Creative Drama is one of the ways that children can learn from/with. It helps them learning through Stavroula: Creative drama is an alternative way to express ourselves! Aimilios: Creative drama is the way to make the students protagonists of the pedagogical process. Arjana: Creative drama means that I come to the classroom to surprise my students with my creative idea and then they surprise me with their even more creative and imaginative ideas. Adriana: For me it is a way of attracting students to the art, self knowledge , teamwork. Claudine: Learning through feelings and emotions. Experimenting in a safe environment. Maite: It's an amusing way of learning. Gülhanim: Creative Drama is the way giving more energy to our students for using their imagination. Anna Moutafidou: Creative drama activities provide lots of opportunities for children to express themselves, become creative and flexible, learn, communicate, collaborate and have fun! Stavroula Yiangou: Creative drama can help children and teachers to learn about emotions, problem solving, relating to other people. Also creative drama gives the opportunity to promote a positive self-concept... and requires both logical and feeling, that is useful in education. One of the most special things about creative drama is that there are no "wrong" answers...... Barbara: all types of dramatic activities that enhance students' communicative ,reading and writing skills Angeliki: Creative drama in the classroom is the way for the students to express their deepest feelings by pretending someone else and for the teacher to become a child for a while


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Kelly Melliou: Creative drama is an imaginative, emotional, expressive, communicative and entertaining outlet to everyday school life. Maria Luz: Creative drama is the best way to involve children in their own learning Emanuela : Creative drama is the way I sometimes lead my lessons to involve my students...

If you are interested to find more about creative drama in eTwinning you can have a look in this short e-edition:

2. Introducing ourselves creatively In an eTwinning project, the first thing we do is to introduce our students to their partners. Most common practice is photos and PowerPoint presentations. In our LE, participants created an avatar using the suggested tools: or or

Photo 1: Avatars


Then, apart from giving information about themselves, they had to describe their imaginary self, someone they wanted to be. The other teachers, then, had to ask them questions about their imaginary self. The forum was transformed to an imaginary land of pirates, talking butterflies, flying teachers, fairies, painters, pianists, singers‌

Photo 2: Avatars made by participants

3. Using avatars in the classroom Participants shared their experience regarding the use of avatars in the classroom. Below, you will find some of the ideas they proposed about the use of avatars in eTwinning activities: Maria Luz Borges: In kindergarten I use avatars to involve children. Normally I use Voki. Children love it and they interact with the avatar as if it is a real person. Sometimes I also use avatars to introduce our eTwinning projects. We used it in our "Adventure with chemistry" where we created a young Marie Currie that used to come to the class and give them some problems and challenges. They really loved her! Fina Vendrell Vila: My pupils use to create their own avatar (a VOKI) when we are working about jobs. They imagine them when they are older, having a job, having a family etc... they write the information about that and next they create the voki and record 9

their voice . Finally we have a look at all their vokis on the blog. Natalia Tzitzi: we could ask our pupils to create an avatar, that is give them a name, decide on facial features, accessories and outfit as well record information about the avatar's age, profession, family, hobbies and preferences. The pupils need to create a complete character from scratch using their imagination. They should bear in mind they are going to be that character. When the avatar is ready, the pupil should assume the character and stay in character till the bell rings! Then the teacher gives the pupils a number of situations and asks the pupils to react staying in character e.g. Your car breaks down in the middle of the countryside and you ask for help from the drivers that pass by. How do you ask? How do they react? Arjana Blazic: I used Avatars in my eTwinning project entitled Embedded in EU We wanted to make our students aware of the importance of leaving a positive digital footprint, so we asked them to show who they are by using avatars. The activity was inspired by the Lorenzo von Matterhorn sketch from the sitcom How I met your mother. Silvana Turcinovich Petercol: In my opinion, avatars can be a very useful tool in introducing a creative drama activity because they allow participants to have fun and play while pretending they are somebody else. They remind me of the Carnival masks that both children and adults put to play different roles. Like a Carnival mask, an avatar can be a fictional/invented representation but also a real image of one’s' inner self. It allows the person who created and uses it to feel free and let go of restrictions. I haven't used avatars in my classroom activities yet but I think that they can be very useful because they can be an excellent opportunity to stimulate students' creativity, motivation and bring some dynamic and fresh energy in the classroom. Besides, they can give a better insight of the students' personality, both to the teacher and to the students themselves, of their learning styles, and sometimes of their needs and problems. Baiba Vitola: One of the main things - if one has an access to an IT classroom then pupils (9-11 year-old and older) can try creating them, as well as later on they can create stories with them, it could be a pair or even a group work, and then they could act it out. Avatars might be good when learning about appearances and describing a person, and acting it out. They might also try introducing their characters to everyone and take turns in acting out each other’s character/ swap roles.


Evi Kousidou: I haven't yet used creative drama in my teaching. I only use role play in History classroom, where I ask my students to take the part of an historical personality, or expressing the opinions of opponent parts or states or parties or historical enemies, imagining how they could participate in the historical facts. I don't know if that play is a creative drama. I suppose I could ask my students to create avatars for some historical personalities and try to show their point of view in History, explaining their participation in the historical facts. Ayca Ocuz: I use creative drama in every each of my lessons. Especially when it comes to web i have many options. I have my own domain ( ) for my class and i use lovely avatars that represent my pupils’ moods. I have an avatar gallery and pupils change anytime they want. By this way forum page and my site look like a cyber theatre. Pupils love them a lot. There are more than 200 avatars that we use in the site. These are giving creative thinking to my pupils and very interesting that they talk different when they use different avatars. Here are some examples. Eleni Gagatsi: the use of avatars help everyone to present the hidden side of themselves, an imaginary side that consist of our dreams, the things we want to do but we cannot, the things we want to say, to share, etch. With the use of avatars the members of one team can introduce themselves and to share ideas, especially when the team consists of member from different sites (cities, countries).I think it’s a very great idea also for the teenagers that need to express themselves in a different way especially when the most of them loves the technology, and they can be very creative in this sector. Carla Asquini: I'd use avatars in a preliminary collaborative work on characters. I mean to set the cast. First step: The students have to create a character each of them. They are completely free to choose between human race and others. The avatars have to say something interesting about themselves. Second step: The students decide which avatars can be set in the drama and for what They work in small groups, make brainstorming and share their choices and opinions. 11

Eugenia Papanikolaou: To tell the truth I had never imagined of using avatars during learning procedure. I thought that they were useful only for Facebook! Now I think that it would be a great idea for children either to present themselves or even better their future selves. They could also write a little text about their dreams and how they imagine their future life. Another idea is to give them a subject and they could create their avatars, give them roles, write the script and then play. To be more specific the other day we made a debate in the classroom. It was about making a sea park and there were scientists and other people to support it, fishermen and hotel and tavern owners reacting to that. Using the avatars in that would have livened up the classroom! Barbara Anna Zielonka: You may ask your students to select a film /book character and present it through avatars. If you have very shy students, they will probably be more willing to use avatars than to stage a play. I find that avatars are very helpful in the beginning of the school year. Later I would probably use them while introducing a new material to my students.

4. Creative Drama activities suggested by teachers Teachers who took part in the learning event made some interesting suggestions and proposed some activities regarding creative drama. Some really interesting examples are below: 1. It's really easy to integrate creative drama in all the things we do in the kindergarten school. So as spring has come I talk with the children about the way that plants grow. We discuss what plants need to grow e.g. sun, water; we read relevant books and search for relevant photos to see the growth of a plant. Then I choose a relevant music piece like Spring of Vivaldi (]) and I start a story where children are small seeds and grow slowly to become beautiful flowers and trees. If children find it interesting we can put in our drama action the sun, butterflies, rabbits and other animals!!! After the improvisation, we discuss with children pictures that came to their mind by listening to that specific music piece, how they felt as they were growing and ask them to draw a picture (Irene Pateraki) 2. Similarly for teenagers we can work on frozen frames. Ideas can come from listening to a piece of music or simply by giving key words. I use lots of New Age music - the sort we use to relax at home where you can hear the sound 12

of the elements: water running in a stream, birds chirping, bees buzzing about on a beautiful spring day, the sound of grass rustling in the wind etc. Then I ask students to form groups of four or five and create a picture frame with their bodies - I can ask them to do it in movement or just freeze a scene. Each of the groups observe one another in turn and can describe the scene or incorporate it in a story or can just describe the feelings that the pictures elicit. Another exercise is narrating the various scenes or even putting all the scenes together to form a whole. We did one on the Seven Ages of Man (As You Like it - Shakespeare) where students dramatized 'the puking infant', 'the whining schoolboy' etc . (Tina Onnis). 3. I have been using drama techniques in my classroom for five years and I found this approaches very stimulating for my students. I am a teacher of Croatian language (mother language) and in our country we have five different areas in this subject: grammar, literature, language expression, reading and media culture. Last lesson of language expression we practiced speaking and listening in a game for warm-up called "Hot chair". The goal of this activity was to build a character without thinking. Participants sit in a semicircle with someone standing in the middle. Players submit the person sitting in the middle to a quick round of questions about her fictional character. Answers should come quick and remain logical. Several players can be submitted to the hot chair and then go on to improvise a scene with the characters they've built on the chair. I like to use music in the background of the improvisations. For example: on the theme song of Pink Panther I propose a topic "Bank Robbery", "Macho on the beach", "Picnic with the bear". One hour of the linguistic expression was describing the imaginary landscape. I let the music Dance with the trees and the students closed eyes. I direct students to enter into the imaginary space and to listen, watch, smell, touch (or even taste) landscape around them. After the song is over, they have to describe what they've imagined (Dubravka Granulic) 4. An old lesson I use is creating a picture in their minds first. I close the blinds in class and tell the students to put their heads on the table and close their eyes. Then I describe a scene. A simple one is sitting in Starbucks in Leicester Square drinking my coffee and describing what is going on outside the cafe window: the people - how they are dressed, what they look like, who they could be, what they are doing, the weather, the sounds the smells. When I have finished, I ask them to tell me what they remember and then if they could see Leicester Square and imagine they are one of the people I described and to tell me why they were there and about their lives - what they were feeling as they walked past, the sounds, smells etc. This way I get an account through their eyes and they really get into the person they are 13

describing with a part of themselves. One can improvise a railway station or a spring day overlooking the Seine - create with your imagination. These people can also interact and dialogues can happen. As I teach English this really helps me with teaching colloquial language and helping the students out of their text book English (Tina Onnis). 5. One of the tasks that my students really like is called "Today I have met...." First of all, the teacher needs to prepare a set of sentences (in fact, part of sentences!) 1........................handsome Italian loving spaghetti 2........................a sexy blonde Norwegian dude 3........................a drunken Russian and so on Students work in groups of three and they have to make a pantomime for the rest of the students. They do not use any words. The audience must come up with a whole sentence starting like this: Today I have met .............................(and then they have to finish that sentence -the one that was written on the paper), Each time we talk about stereotypes, prejudices, multiculturalism we have this game. The group that guesses all the sentences is the winner! I think that this game can be used by all the language teachers. You simply have to decide what your students can show and how accurate they must be when it comes to the "reconstruction" of original sentences (Barbara Anna Zielonka). 6. I think that it's interesting for the children to reverse well known tales, to transform the characters and to change the ending. We did this to the "Little red riding hood�. They presented the main heroine as a very spoilt, rude and ill-tempered girl, the wolf as naive and clumsy and- the funniest of all- grandmother addicted to fitness. They wrote ι totally hilarious script, they chose their roles and they performed it. The only problem was that we spent many hours as they all wanted to play (Eugenia Papanikolaou). 7. I'm an EFL primary school teacher. I find it really fascinating incorporating drama in the 14

teaching-learning process. As vocabulary revision at the end of the unit I recently asked pupils of different grades to form groups of 4, choose a number of vocabulary items that we had previously agreed on together and present each one either forming still images or using their bodies to convey the meaning of the words. All pupils had to participate in the presentation. They really loved the experience and didn't find it difficult at all to perform. Let me tell you at this point that we have a drama teacher in our school that does wonderful things with all pupils as far as body expression and spontaneity are concerned. I also love role playing. This year we have had a city council with 5th graders while we were talking about environmental issues of our city and a teachers meeting with 6ht graders during which teachers were given the 'good teacher manual' that pupils had agreed on. Both activities were quite time consuming, but definitely worth trying. The second was actually presented in front of the teachers of the school and got very positive remarks. This month we are talking about road safety with 4th graders. Pupils wrote down their thoughts in a few lines as road signs (how they feel when drivers and pedestrians conform or don't conform to them). They brought boxes and drew a road sign on it to wear while performing (Georgia Kosma). 8. Students are divided into groups, each group consists of two studentsinterviewees or applicants, and one or more students take on the role of the interviewer or employer. The two applicants go in for the interview in turns. However before the interview they're instructed that one of them desperately wants this job, and the other doesn't want it at all. They’re not allowed to say it explicitly, though. So they must do everything in their power to be selected or not! At the end, the interviewer announces who was successful and who wasn't! Believe it or not, sometimes the one who does everything to appear as inappropriate for this job gets selected (Arjana Blazic). 9. Some activities I've tried out in class: - creating and acting out a scene from a text we've read (creating a newsflash for example) - the "chorus" activity: after reading or writing a short text (a poem for example), the students divide up the text into small parts, then they stand in a semi-circle in groups of 5-6 students, and for each line a leader steps forward, delivers the line and adds a gesture to it (descriptive or abstract), the chorus behind repeat and copy, then the leader steps back into the chorus, another leader steps forward and does the next line in the same way, and so on and so forth. It's easy and quite quick; we can do it in one class period. Sounds childish but my 15 year-olds enjoy it!


- creating and acting out a short scene from an image (photo or painting): they have to imagine how the characters feel and what they would say. (Claudine Coatanea) 10. In the activity Mirrors students work in pairs. One person is performing activities they want and the other student copies the other´s activity as in the mirror. After a while they change their roles and the activity proceeds as before. This activity develops students´ concentration and anticipation. Also, the activity Statues is played in pairs. One student is a 'mute sculptor' and tries to sensitively shape the other student into a 'statue'. When all the 'statues' are finished, the 'sculptors' go around the class and admire the statues by various body or face expressions, such as nodding or shaking their heads. Then the roles are reversed. In this activity the students learn cooperation while the 'sculptor' shapes his 'statue' and practice how to dramatically express without words while looking at the 'statues' ( Marcela Hubackova) 11. I teach History in 12-16 years old students. Last year I used creative drama for making them understand a chapter of Modern Greek History, called "National Division" at 1920's, during which the Greek King and the Prime Minister Venizelos had so opposite policies that they manage to divide Greek people. I divided my class in two groups and I asked them to imagine that they were in a traditional cafe, during 1920's and, being themselves supporters of the opposite parties, they quarrel about politics, expressing arguments, pretending a conflict between King's and Venizelos' supporters, using their knowledge. It was really impressive how they managed to understand the two parties' arguments, the causes of the conflicts and most of all, expressing "threats" to each other, they became not only creative and critical thinkers, but they fully understood what historians call the "history's conditions". After that experience I feel totally unable to teach in another way that chapter. In only 2 hours my students managed to understand and learn creatively one of the more difficult chapters of Greek history (Evi Kousidou). 12. I teach ICT and here is my idea on how to teach introduction to algorithms. First of all I divide students into two groups. Each group chooses a player who should direct into a corridor - maze of chairs that has formed by the other group. Each group gives only one instruction at a time to the player, and waits for the other team. The instructions shall be in the form of an Algorithm: go two steps ahead turn 90 degrees to the right ‌ When an erroneous instruction is given by a team and their player touches on a chair, the player should start again from the beginning of the maze. 16

In this way students will understand the importance of accuracy and clarity which orders must have in an algorithm and the importance of proper sequence they should be performed in order to solve a problem (Nikolaos Aimilianos Papadimitriou). 13. I also use drama in situations where I would like my students to reflect on and be aware of important social issues and forms of behaviour. I would like to share a very inspiring experience I had once with a class. There was a unit in the students' book on bullying. The students' task was to identify with the various characters from the story: the victim, the abuser, their mothers and the headmaster (who had to intervene to solve the conflict). They made up their own story and then did some role-play. I was so surprised to notice how good they were at highlighting the characters' psychological traits and their family context. They explained so well the dynamics of the relationship and I was so impressed with my kids' simple but wise interpretation. I can say that I learned important information from them that day (Silvana Turcinovich Petercol) . 14. A creative drama activity that I have used in the English class I teach was part of a project on volunteerism that I did last year with my 5th Graders. To improve their concentration and build on trust in one another I used three basic drama games. 1) Mirror hands It is a non-verbal game but it is very effective and also popular with kids. The pupils, in pairs, face each other, raise hands, palms facing outward and Pupil 1 in each pair is the leader whose movements his/her partner should follow as accurately as possible, as if in a mirror. They do so for a minute, then they swap places. 2)BODY ROTATION Players are divided into groups of 8 to 10. One member stands in the centre surrounded by a tight circle of his/her team-mates standing shoulder to shoulder. The person in the centre makes his/her body rigid, closes his/her eyes and falls backwards into the supportive hands of their team-mates who then rotate them gently and swiftly around the circle. Each person should experience being rotated by the others, the objective being to build trust .The pupils should make sure their partner is safe! 3)The Blindfolded It is game resembling the blindfolded game children play but in this case each 17

blindfolded pupils is guided by a classmate who tries to guide his blindfolded partner through objects (desks, chairs, etc) scattered in the classroom and lead him/her safely from one end of the room to the other . The blindfolded pupil follows his/her guide's instructions. The guide should give accurate instructions calmly and in a reassuring manner because the "blind" pupils feel helpless as they have admitted after the activity. After building on the the group members' confidence it is quite easy to work on any activity that asks for cooperation. In our case the pupils needed to cooperate to form words related to volunteerism and altruism. For the drama activity "Body Words" the pupils formed the words volunteer (9 letter=9 pupils), volunteerism (12), altruism (8), love (4), friendship, offer, solidarity (10), help society (11) (Natalia Tzitzi). 15. My favorite activity is “Emotional Orchestra”. It is ideal for groups of 8 - 20 performers. Age does not matter too much; I use it with my students who are adults. Teacher serves as the "orchestra conductor."The rest of the performers should sit or stand in rows, as though they were musicians in an orchestra. The conductor will create "emotion sections."For example: One or two performers are the "Sadness Section", some performers comprise the "Joy Section», another make up the "Fear Section" and so go on…Each time the conductor points or gestures to a particular section, the performers will make emotional noises (try to avoid words -- make sounds that conveys the feelings). When the conductor raises his hands high, the volume of the performers increase. Hands low, the volume decreases. "Emotional Orchestra" is a quick way to warm up the students for more challenging activities (Athanasia Papachristou). 16. I teach algorithms and programming languages. For a team project, I can create 4 avatars (one for each responsibility in the project). Each team has 4 members: Researcher (Make documentation) Designer (create algorithm and test its viability and effectiveness) Programmer (implements the algorithm in C + +) Graphic designer (made graphics and presentation of the project) To find out which is his task in the team, the student will have to choose an avatar. After all, I will say what represent each avatar. Usually there are many discussions to decide on each task. In this way I'll save time. After that, each student will "play the chosen role" (Hermina Popa). 17. We introduced creative drama in our first Comenius project 'The Quest for the European Grail': (students 16-17 years old) This was the description in our application:


- history: students create a gallery of videos dealing with historical figures from the partner countries. First, every partner school selects 3 national historical figures and prepares a promotion of these people. After the publicity campaign, the students in the other countries choose their favourite two figures (they can't choose those of their own country). Then, they introduce these figures in home-made videos: they decide on the sorts of videos they want to make (interviews, short films, plays, etc.), write the scripts and the storyboards, perform and shoot them. Once the videos are published, the students from the six countries are encouraged to comment and grade them. And here are the results: (Ria De Wilde). 18. An activity that some of my students seem to like is mirroring scenes from films we watch yet altering them a little bit when performing. Last film we watched was Shrek 1 - in groups they chose different scenes and they all did a marvelous job! If you remember Shrek's adventures, the transformed scene I liked most this time was when Fiona, Donkey and Shrek are heading towards the castle and they act silly yet entertainingly for us the watchers, and my students made things up! I wish I had filmed them. I was thinking to asking them on one of the next day to repeat it all and have them filmed, but it wouldn't have been the same as they seemed to have improvised a lot and enjoyed themselves tremendously while doing so, joy that would have been lost if asked to do it again just for a camera (Daniela Bunea). 19. I would like to explain a drama activity which proved very successful in my last project. The project dealt with energy saving. After working hard on the issue, I asked them to write a script for a short drama sequence in which they would act as actors/actresses. The scene had to do about how energy is wasted in our daily lives (let's say: at school, at home...) and should include clever messages about how to save energy. Students really enjoyed being the scriptwriters, producers, directors and cast of their own short films. Some were really imaginative! They reproduced scenes at school. In the classroom when windows are left open, or lights are not switched off, or in the playground with students littering. Here is a compilation of them: energy drama activities (Marta Pey). 20. A nice activity for the English class combines music and miming: I let my students listen to a song «There’s a place in my heart «by Nana Mouskouri. While they were listening I asked them to close their eyes and dream. I asked them some helpful questions: Where are you now? In what place? What's it like there? Are you alone or with your friends, family? What are you doing 19

there? What season is it? What's the weather like? This was to focus on Present Continuous and the use of adjectives, describing a place, the weather. Students had just to imagine and travel to another place. After the song ended one student (especially the shy ones or the ones that aren't very good at English) had to mime and the other guessed what it was about, the place etc. Some students told their dream in words, in sentences. At the end I let them watch the video of that song (Emilia Marina Alexe). 21. Three days ago we went to a medieval castle, not far from our town, built by the crusaders who conquered Greece in 1204 AD. The visit was related to the history the children are taught in the 5th class. Before the visit the children made their own shields, swords and crowns "for the ladies". The boys chose a lady that they would fight for, she tied her scarf up her knight's arm, the boys fought with each other in groups and the winners bowed and honoured the ladies keeping their scarves. The children were really excited and loved it. Furthermore we visited the whole castle, the museum, learned about its history and had fun (Eugenia Papanikolaou). 22. I tech German in a middle school in Italy. My twelve-year-old students have just finished the chapter about food and drinks. Our partners in Finland learn also German and eating and drinking habits. Every group has to perform a specific drama. An idea could be to set up a drama workshop to go into the topic. Team work and creativity are the most important ingredients. Aims The students think about different approaches to food and drink in other countries, cultures, times, ages, in movies, advertising and so on; They achieve more autonomy taking the responsibility to carry out the plan from the storytelling to the staging; They use the foreign language in a communicative context; They become aware of differences and similarities and various points of view on the topic Warming up 20

The students discuss in the TwinSpace forum about their dietary habits. Task 1: Just say what you see! A collective brainstorming and mind mapping The teacher shows some pictures with too fat and too skinny young people, or people who waste food and drinks and other that haven’t got enough money to eat, and so on. The students recognize different problems and aspects and prepare a mind map with the linked keywords Task 2: Choose your content and start working! Divided in small groups the students have to choose from the mindmap the specific topic they want to work on. Group 1 Food in advertising; Group 2 too much alcohol; Group 3 Anorexia; Group 4 A fat boy Group 5 Strict diet‌ Task 3: Stage your drama, watch the others, discuss and arrange all! The students take turns as performers and spectators. After each drama they can discuss and suggest other solutions. They have then to decide how to integrate all dramas and arrange them in sequence. Task 4: Share the drama and comment! The students make a video of the drama and embed it on the TwinSpace. Everyone can express their opinion by adding some comments. In the end the teacher can create a survey to get a feedback on the whole teaching and learning process. A collaborative video can be edit with the contributions of both schools (Carla Asquini). 23. I teach economics, Law and social sciences in secondary education. One idea in creative drama could be in the class of law in a topic of freedom of speech. The students could be separated in for and against opinions and act as if they were to court or a debate so that they have to support their opinion about one specific incident considering freedom of speech. Furthermore, the students could have the roles like the local journalist, the Mayor, a school teacher, the manager, local people and so on. At the end of the process they will have to vote and see which opinion is the one that prevails (Eleni Gagatsi).


5. Pantomimes Pantomime is basically acting without words and communicating with your body. Mimes (those performing pantomime) do not speak with their mouths, but express life through movement and through using their bodies. Acting like you are trapped in an invisible box is an example of pantomime, or mime. There are two main types of pantomime: narrative and plot/story-based. Narrative pantomime utilizes a storyteller or narrator as one acts out the action of the narrative. Plot/story-based pantomime is a story that unfolds or progresses on its own, with the audience seeing the story, rather than hearing it. Students benefit from pantomime in many ways. Learning to be silent is one of them. From practicing, students gain communication skills, self control, build listening skills, practice focus, learn economy of movement, and create and understand plot lines and situations. How can you use pantomimes in an eTwinning project? Have you ever thought about it? Let's start from narrative pantomimes. You can agree with your partners upon a common topic e.g a special chapter in a history book or an abstract from literature. You can also write your own text regarding a topic that you are dealing with in your project at the moment. So, each partner school can write a text inspired by a special curriculum subject or topic of your eTwinning project and then they can exchange them. Then, one student from each school narrates the text of their partner school and the other students create a pantomime based on the narration. To make it more interesting, the partner school can also suggest the background music of the pantomime. Videos will be created and uploaded to show the results!!! What about plot/story-based pantomime? In an eTwinning project, you can organize a pantomime quiz! Ask your partners to create videos with pantomimes with their students and do the same with yours. Pantomimes can be about everything: everyday routine, books, movies, music, different situations etc. Students will upload the videos and their partners will have to guess what they are doing or the title of the book, movie or song. You can have a winner from each partner school or more! If you want to have even more fun, use Skype and organize a 22

pantomime session!!! In this activity, participants were asked to create a short video where they had to perform a pantomime of a scene from a film, an excerpt of a book, a part of a song or everyday routine like going to work and missing the bus. You can find some nice examples in the youtube channel we created for this reason: . More than 50 videos were created but because of privacy settings you won’t be lucky to see them all. Participants were invited to add some background music to their pantomime clip by visiting Royalty-Free Music, where they could find many copyright free music themes: re

6. Pretexts, still images and freeze pictures A pretext can be in the form of a written text, oral stories, maps, diagrams, pictures, television news clips, sections from a news paper, pieces of music, three dimensional objects etc and will provide ample opportunity to explore an imaginary world filled with characters, contexts and situations (Ewing &Simons, 2004, p.64). A pre-text can be used as a stimulus or 'launching-pad' for drama. The term draws on the work of Cecily O'Neill (1995) "Drama Worlds: A Framework for Process Drama". A pre-text can be a poem, an article, an email, a piece of music, an object, a quote or a book excerpt. Pretext:      

is a source or stimulus that initiates drama/action provides an introduction to the work or perhaps the first episode suggests roles, tasks, actions establishes location, atmosphere, situations offers certain possibilities while excluding others and provides built-in constraints encourages exploration, transformation.

In an eTwinning project, you can exchange pretexts with your partners and then you can try to dramatize them or create still pictures with your students. You can also arrange a Skype session, during which students from one school will read pretexts to their partners and students of the other school will dramatize it or create still pictures and vice versa. Also, students can create a still picture and challenge their partners to continue the story taking into account their still picture. What do you think, isn't it a great collaborative drama activity?


Learning event activity: In this part, the participants worked in Groups of 8-9 people each. They were invited to choose an excerpt from a famous book ( ), read it carefully, find the characters and then decide on who is going to be who. Half of the team had the role of a book character and the other half the role of the journalists. Then teachers opened a TitanPad page and the "journalists" asked questions to the "characters" of the excerpt to find out their feelings, their relationships to each other, the place they live, the time period in which they live, how things are etc. Then, teachers used a blank canvas in DrawitLive and drawn the scene of the excerpt altogether. Lastly, they chose one of the heroes, found a moment of the hero in the abstract and created a still image/freeze frame, taking a pose depicting the emotions and body movements of the hero. In the following pages, you will have the opportunity to read the outcomes of the ten groups. The photos in the texts below are the still pictures of the participants as well as the common drawings. The teachers were separated into groups according to the theatric play they mostly liked:


1. Pippi Longostocking (the three sisters’ drama group) 1. Pippi, we all know that you have superhuman strength and can lift your house and horse without any problems. Can you tell us how you do it and if we could also become as strong as you are? I know it seems like I have the strength of a superhuman but I got a lot of help in this. I have arranged with my horse a look that he can read perfectly. When I give him the look he tries his best to become lighter and to help me lift him. Still I eat everything I want and because of that I am happy. I believe that happy people are stronger. So eat, do things that makes you happy, you will see you will become stronger. 2. Pippi, Have you ever thought about becoming an adult? Are there any things you would love to do, but you cannot because you are still a child?

Yes, I think sometimes when the night is really dark and the moon is sleeping and I cannot talk to her, I think of how it would be to be an adult. But then I remember how happy I am for being a kid. They are many things I shouldn’t do because I am a kid but they are also things I can do despite I am a kid. For example I shouldn’t drive a car with my age, but I can do it. I cannot think of a thing I cannot do because I am still a child. I feel that I can do everything. 3. Pippi, if you were stranded on a deserted island, name one person and one thing you would take with you! For the person I would take with me, I have to say my father. You know, he is a Cannibal King in a desert island, so I would like to take him. I think he will know better than anyone what to do. And one thing I would take, hmm... let me think... I would like to take my monkey and horse... but they are not things... hmm, really hard to pick only one thing. 4. Pippi, what do you do when you feel really sad and disappointed? If I can, the first thing I do is to ride my horse, take a long ride. Seeing the world from an upper view gives me the ability to somehow understand why I am feeling sad and disappointed. Another thing I do is that I talk with Mr. Nilsson, he is so caring. He listens to me, he doesn’t say a word because he doesn’t want to be rude, or say something that could make me more sad and disappointed but it just feels good. Sometimes, when they are around I spoke with Tommy and Annika, I don’t think that


they understand me so well has Mr. Nilsson does, but they try very hard, they are good friends too... 5. Pippi, do you think that children need to attend schools? What does "education" means to you? Well, I don't go to school. I tried, but it doesn't work for me. You can learn so much more with playing outside. Education is learning important lessons for life. You can learn them in many ways, like going on an adventure. You have to take care of yourself. Off course when I go on an adventure I take my best friends mr. Nilsson and my horse with me. 6. What is your favourite saying or proverb? Once you flip a coin there's no going back. 7. Do you ever miss your parents? Yes. Living alone (without parents) is not always nice all days. 8. You seem to be very confident and self-independent- but are there any goals you have not accomplished? Well maybe try school again, Tommy and Annika are very excited about school, maybe Ă? can learn something there too.

Drawitlive collaborative scene


9. Who is your best friend? Why? I have so many best friends, I cannot choose between them. Tommy and Annika are my best friends because I like them very much and I like to go on adventures with them. Off course Mr. Nilsson and my horse are very important for me. With them I miss my mum and dad not too much. 10. What are you going to do at the age of 50? At the age of 50 I hope to live in the same house, or at least move it to a place where I can be happy. Hopefully my backyard will be a playground full of children, and I can teach them about all different things, I can tell my stories and teach them how to lift a horse. I think my life will be full of life, and I suppose during that time my braid can be used as a rope to jump! 11. Would you like to move to a different country? Well I would like to go to the Pirate Island of my dad. Then I will see him more often. I miss him very much sometimes. 12. Who taught you to sew? I learn to sew with an old lady I met once. She was very funny, always smiling; wearing colorful clothes and gives me the most delicious cookies ever. 13. Pippi, do you know what your name means? Does it mean anything? I do not know what my name means. I always relate to the fact that must be some warning to the people. Because it is like: "Piiii ppiiiii, I am coming through!!" For me means warning, here comes a hurricane... 1. Tommy, if you could choose one personality trait that Pippi has what would it be? What I figure out in Pippi's personality is her bravery. 2. Tommy, can you describe the funniest game that you, Annikka and Pippi came up with? Actually when we cook, we think that it is time for playing and we are free to act in the kitchen.


3. Tommy, both you and Annika love playing with Pippi but do you often quarrel with each other? How do you solve conflicts? We stay without talking for a little but afterwards we start again making plans. 4. Tommy, do you think that other children could join your "gang"? Noooo, because we are ok just the three of us, more over nobody could follow to our crazy adventures. 5. Tommy, who is your best friend? Pippi, of course. 6. Tommy, you are a boy and enjoy playing with two girls. Do you have any male friends? What do they think about Annika and Pippi? My male friends don't like Pippi and Annica, they want to play only with their friends who are only boys. 7. Tommy, did you ever hit Pippi in order to find out how strong she really is? I never did it; I am not used to hitting my friends. 8. Tommy, would you like to live at Pippi's house? Why? Why not? It is difficult to answer. On one hand when we are there we are free to do whatever we want without mom’s control but on the other hand sometimes I feel scared in the house . 9. Tommy, have you ever stolen anything from Pippi's house? I never did it because I swore to mum never to do it again when I stole a pencil from my friend's school bag. 10. Tommy, do you think that Pippi will be still your friend in 40 years time? I am sure that we will be best friends for ever. 1. Annika, when and how did you meet Pippi? One morning when I and Tommy got bored we saw Villekulla cottage door opened and Pippi appeared. 2. Annika, were you afraid of Pippi in the beginning? In the beginning I was afraid of her because she was a little different from me.


3. Annika, Pippi seems to be your best friend. What are the most important personality traits that Pippi has, according to you? Her bravery of course She is kind, smart and very strong! 4. Annika, have you ever cried because of Pippi? No, she is always very kind with me. She was a very good friend... 5. Annika, what do you see when you close your eyes? I see flying to heavens with Pippi completely free like the birds. All the adventures we live together. 6. Annika, do you have your favourite song? Have you ever written a song together with Pippi? My favourite song is about the distant moon. Pippi does not like writing songs so we never did it together. Yes, I have a favorite song, is about the sun. And I composed it with Pippi, collaboratively as it should be! 7. Annika, do you think that Pippi should attend an ordinary primary school? Would it help her? I think Pippi should not attend ordinary school due to the fact that it would be boring for her. She is so hyperactive that she could never sit on the chair for hours to watch carefully what teacher says. - Only if she was in my class and next to me, because best friends like to be together. But I think that she would not like it very much, because she had so many experiences in her life that she already knows all that we learn at school. 8. Annika, what is the first word that you think of when you see Pippi? What did she do to her hair? Friendship. 9. Annika, have you shared any of your secrets with Pippi? Yes, Pippi is so trusted; we talk about everything with her.


Yes, of course. After all she is my best friend, and best friends share all, even secrets. But, as you are not my best friend, you are a journalist I will not share it with you, because secrets are secrets... 10. Annika, are you afraid that one day Pippi will disappear and you will have to find a new friend? No, I think that Pippi likes so much our friendship, we are her only best friends, we love her and she loves us honestly, Pippi in no situation would do it. I do not like to have bad thoughts, and I like to live each moment till the end, so i am living this moment of friendship without thinking in tomorrow... We will see. Let´s wait for the future and then we will see what happened. Now I am happy and that is all that matters! Dear Pippi, are you sure you can take care of yourself without anybody's help? I definitely need other people's love and all my creature friends. Without their love and care, I can't make it. Dear Tommy, have you ever thought what your life had been if you were an orphan? I don't even want to think about such a thing. I know I am not a very obedient boy- I can make my parents get worried, but I need their support and affection. Dear Pippi, what are you afraid of the most? I am afraid of losing this magical perspective of life. I wish my broom can always keep me fly up in the sky, so I can see the world I love from high up...


2. The Little Prince (Waiting for Godot’s group) King: Well, I am a King and I order you to ask me some questions! Keep calm please, His Majesty! Well, let's see...Who taught you to order so well? Am I the last of all? Well, you know...the kings needs to be waited! You first question is irrelevant, but I'm going to answer you because I'm well-mannered. My mother was the best queen of all queens in the universe. She taught me how to raise my voice, to be an authority for all who are near me. Which school did you attend? Have you heard for the King's School? That was my school. I had just one teacher and he had to know everything...I ordered him so. His name was Would Be Scholar. Is this the first time you met the Little Prince? The Little Prince is nice kid. I remembered the day when he landed on my planet for the first time: so gentle, so small and obedient boy. But, in some moments he was too curious and I lost my time to explaining him so much about the sunsets and my general. I have to order to my advisers to make some brochures about my great planet! Oh, yes...the little prince! He didn’t' stay to long. What do you think about his thoughts of little boy? He is grown-up for such a small person. As he has grown among adult men. Besides being curious, his imagination is strange childish and naive. I should order him to be as other people! Maybe he might stay with me then. I don't know why he wanted to know so much about me as a ruler! Who does like to watch sunsets these days? He talked about his Rose! What a silly little boy! He was worried for her and his white sheep. I've never been worried in my King's life. I have enjoined to my minions and servants to be worried for me. Are you worried about something? I'll ask him if he's willing to do that. Oh, humans! You always ask for something! Just enjoin him:"Make a brochure!" Try! It's not so hard! No, I order you to order him to make a brochure! 31

Rose: Good morning dear! Oh I am scarcely awake. I wish you excuse me. My petals are disarranged yet (apart: Roses are always so .....vain!!!) Just to begin... Wait dear reporter. I must make up first! Ugh! Are you finally ready for the interview? You know dear reporter. We roses are like to show our beauties. It takes time for me to be ready sometimes, actually i am almost ready. What's your family name? Everyone calls us the most beautiful flowers in the earth. We are roses. I am the most precious one Which is your relationship with the Little Prince and the King? The king? I am the Queen as myself. I give them wonderful smells and make their day lighten. By the way, did you notice? It is a little bit windy here. I want you to put me under a glass globe. Otherwise this wind hurt my beautiful skin.... What do you think about their thick speech? Oh do you expect me to give all my time to them? I am very busy every day I don’t have time to listen. I must care myself. Make up, manicure etc takes all my time and now I think it is time for breakfast. If you would have the kindness to think of my needs. Do you understand them or you can only see their mouths moving? Look please!!! How my wonderful colors began to fade now... A last due curiosity: what's your favourite colour? I am the favourite of the all colors myself. But if you keep ignoring my needs, I won't have any ability to show my wonders anymore. What would you like to have dear? (Apart: I swear this is the more stressful interview of my career!) 32

Oh!! Where is my water? I am so hungry. Where is my glass globe? Here is too cold for me. Ok, ok. I'll send you someone as soon as possible!

Drawitlive collaborative picture Planets and stars: Hello! How are you all? I'm going to ask you some questions about your very welcome presence in our story. Well, first of all.. Do you belong to our solar system or not? Hello, we are stars we belong to another galaxy, very far away. We can understand the human languages so we can keep conversation to everybody. What about your names. I can't wait knowing them! Everyone calls us "little fireworks" but we prefer our nickname Doties. Our friends call us in this way. Can you understand the words the King and the Little Prince are saying? If yes, what do you think of them? We can understand the human languages so we can keep conversation to everybody. But we can't resist when the king say: "Do This, do That". He is unbearable. We would like to make a joke to the king: We will bright even in the day so when he will say “stars switch off yourselves!� and he is sure we do that, we will continue to bright. What do you think about? 33

Nice idea! It'll we be a good lesson for him. Well! I will pass the word to all my brilliant sisters so we will make a luminous flux even in the day!

The Crown: Good morning Madam! While we're waiting the King and the Little Prince to finish their speech, may I ask you some questions? You are welcome How do you feel being always on a King's head? To be honest it is really difficult because this King is a bit liar and I can hear his thoughts to move under my "feet" How many kings did you wear? Oh, I was made ages ago, so I was wore by many Kings. Good and not. The one I prefer was King of Reign of Seven Stars, he was so kind and generous!! Beyond a doubt a wonderful head! Would you like to change king sometimes or you are fine with this one? Change, change, change...definitely change..Please Can you hear his thoughts or not? Yes, it is the worst part of my life at this time: I can hear his thoughts and I haven't any possibility to switch off them! Could someone help me, please? Scepter: And here we have Sir Scepter! Good morning Sir! Oh! Good morning to all. I must hurry up. My dear king will wake up in a few minutes and look for me. He needs me. 34

A first question: could you explain your exact function? Don't you know? My king always wants me to do something for his country. I am very special for him. He never leaves me anywhere. I've always wondered about that. Have you got any magical power? Yes, sure. I have to say that I use my magic power just for my owner, not anyone else. How long have you known the King? I've been living with him since the grand king; his father gave me to the kinglet as a gift. Do you sometimes meet Lady Crown? Not sometimes, but often. How do you find her? I think she's the most beautiful and attractive partner. She can't live without me. Have you ever invited her to go out for a walk or to the restaurant? When my dear king goes to bed, he leaves her next to me and so we often visit other stars together. I never use my magic power with her as I like being myself.

The King's magnificent ermine robe: Well, welcome to you too dear Magnificent ermine robe... It's not only you, dear Scepter that is precious to our king. Actually, my quality and origin signify the role I have to play. Our king should never feel cold, so he needs my company!


By the way and to begin our interview, why your made of ermine and not of another poor animal? Is this related with something we don't know? Ermine is to embrace only the special beings. What about you during summertime? Do you go on holidays? I'm wondering with whom... I prefer the Mediterranean- but I have to avoid suntan! I really have to groom myself meticulously... Could you tell us about the King's feelings, as you are always so close to him? For example, how is he feeling while speaking with the Little Prince? The king wondered with the reasoning of the Little Prince. What troubled him was not just the mind, but another domain. He found the boy's answers provoking but his emotional involvement could bring troubles to the kingdom. Maybe the king will miss the smart dialogues with the boy, yet feel relieved not to have to think of appropriate answers. After all, the king shouldn't answer.(Just order?) I wonder what the fate of this boy can be......


3. Winnie the Pooh ( Romeo and Juliet’s group) Characters: Georgia M as Winnie Ema as a Bee Katerina as Rabbit Angela as Christofer Assimina as balloon Journalists: Georgia K Evi Marta

Drawitlive collaborative picture

Gabriella (Journalist Evi) Question to Winnie: what colour is your favorite? Winnie: Hello everybody!! Well, my favourite colour is the honey- golden brown!! It reminds me of my favourite honey!! (Journalist Evi) Question to bee: Do you like umbrella? Bee Emanuela: No I don't as they scare me and they make me think about rain and I fear every single drop falling from the sky... (Journalist Georgia Kosma) Question to the bee: How high can you fly, bee? Bee Emanuela: I can fly higher than the tallest tree in the One hundred Acres Wood but not too near to the sun as it’s too hot...I prefer buzzing around the hive to prevent hungry little bears from stealing my honey... GK: How do you feel when a bear steals your honey? Bee Emanuela: Really frustrated as I did a lot of work to produce it and I have a strong feeling of stinging that little greedy bear.. (Journalist Georgia Kosma) Question to the rabbit: How many carrots do you eat per day, rabbit? I eat six carrots a day - three for breakfast, two for lunch and one for dinner. I take care of my slim figure! 37

GK: And what about dessert? Carrot cake of course!' GK: Interesting! Do you eat any fruit? I am strictly vegetarian, that means only vegetables I think! GK: I thought so! Well, thank you rabbit. It was my pleasure taking this interview. Goodbye! The pleasure is mine! When will it be on the news? GK: Actually I'll have to ask my manager, Mrs Assimina. I'll let you know as soon as I she returns to the office from her Easter vacation. RABBIT I’ll be waiting anxiously. Bye for now! GK: So long my dear rabbit! RABBIT Best regards to everyone, especially your boss! (Journalist Georgia Kosma) Question to Winnie: Who is your best friend? Winnie: Hm... Difficult question... Well Christopher Robin advises me really well but...he is a human so I guess the tiger can be considered my best friend... Christopher Robin : No questions for me! Is that because I am not a cute furry animal but a clumsy little boy? (Journalist Georgia Kosma) Question to Christopher Robin): Tell me, my sweet boy, what are your hobbies? Christopher Robin: Thank you for asking, Reporter. I sometimes feel invisible in the vastness of the forest. Luckily, I have my friends Winnie, Piglet, Mrs Kangoo, Rabbit, Tiger to play with, and that is my favorite pastime activity! I can't wait to join them and their adventures in the forest every day!


GK to Christopher Robin: Hmmm, adventures... Tell me a few things about the last one you got involved in! Christopher Robin: Well, a few days ago we all decided to take a walk in the forest. Tiger started bouncing so fast that he got lost. We started looking for him but it got dark. Rabbit was so angry that he decided to go back. Unfortunately, he got lost, too. When we finally found Tiger he felt really responsible for the situation, he bounced really high and managed to see where Rabbit was. So, we all came back home safe and sound! GK: I see. Can you imagine your life without your friends? Christopher Robin: Absolutely not. What is life without friends? GK: What does a real friend mean to you? Christopher Robin: A real friend is there when you need him to support, share, keep company, soothe, help, listen, talk,! GK: What a meaningful answer from a little boy like you! Thank you Christopher Robin. It was a pleasure talking to you! Good bye! Christopher Robin: You're welcome, Reporter. It's always fun to talk about important things Journalist Marta: Winnie, why do you think balloons could be a good idea for getting honey? Winnie: I am really small and I can hide myself really well under the balloons... Or can't I??? Hm... Journalist Marta: Christopher: What do you like most about your friend Winnie? Christopher Robin: What I like 39

most about my friend is his innocence and his imagination...He thought he could hide as a cloud to trick the bees! Such a person has innocent and true feelings towards his friends as well, which makes me trust him and enjoy his friendship. Assimina (journalist): my little cute bee! How do you feel seeing Winnie flying on the sky holding this balloon? Bee: I have an urgent need to follow him but I cannot fly so high as I fear the hot sunrays.... Assimina (journalist): hey you Queen of the bees!!!! Where did you find this fancy dress you wear? Bee: there were sales on our world famous shop "Honey" ...


4. The little Prince (The importance of being earnest group)

So, here I am, I'm the old rat, ready to answer your questions! ;-) OK, old rat, how do you feel being the only creature on the planet? Would you like someone else as a friend? Who could be? What do you think about your king? What would you do if you were the king? I kind of like being the only creature on this planet, it makes me feel special. I enjoy having the entire king's attention - can you imagine that? A king all to myself!! That's why I must confess I didn't really like the intrusion of the Little Prince today, who does he think he is? I know what that guy is like, he might start thinking he can adopt me like he did with the fox, as if he could adopt all the creatures on the planets he visits!! Little prince, who are your parents? What was your first thought when you arrived at that planet? What do you think about the king? Was there something in his personality that really annoyed you? How do you imagine yourself after 50 years? I don't know anything about my parents. Most probably they left me and emigrated to another planet. That's why I have been travelling from one planet to another. I'm looking for them. I was so impressed when I came here first because the king was able to recognize me even though he had never seen me before. I think the king feels alone. He likes 41

to order but he is so indecisive. I hope I'll find my parents one day. It might even take more than 50 years to find my parents but I'll never give up. Imaginary general is ready to answer any questions that might come up to him! Imaginary general, do you obey all the orders given to you by the king? I am a very obedient imaginary general, even if I am an imaginary one. And I would obey every order of the king as his orders are considered to be reasonable. I am the king! I have the answers to the questions you seek! Just ask. Your Excellency, where are your subjects? How big is your kingdom? Why do you like giving orders? Does everybody obey you? What would you do if they stopped obeying you? Do you ever wish that you are an ordinary citizen? I have no subjects. That's pretty frustrating. My kingdom is huge as my spirit. And who told you I like giving orders? I really hate it! I would like people obey without orders. The obedience should be originated by inner feelings. I am tired giving orders to all. I wish I were an ordinary citizen like everyone else. I want to laugh, to love, to live! Your Majesty, according to your opinion what is the main trait of your personality? What do you think about the little prince? Do you ever feel alone? I love myself! Maybe I feel alone sometimes when I can understand who I really am. But I am wondering often how could I feel alone, since I have a millions of stars in the nocturnal sky keeping me company, since I have millions of multicolored flower blooming inside of my heart. Every day I smell their aroma, I hear their whispering, I feel their unconditional love. But deep inside my mind an absolute emptiness reigns... You hide a poet inside you! Describe yourself, Little Prince, in a few words.


People call me a traveler. I always travel from one planet to another in search of my parents. From time to time I feel tired but I won't give up.


5. The red shoes (Servant of two masters group)

Drawitlive collaborative picture Question for Karen. 

May you tell me, what is mean red for you... Suppose I say red, please just say the first thing that pops into your mind. Red is my hope that things will get better in my life. 

Karen can you hear other things like the mirror? Can you hear the river,or the princesses’ morroco shoes? I can hear whatever I want, whenever I want.

 

Karen how do you feel wearing these shoes? What do you hope to change?

Did you ask for help?

Did you know that you can not wear red shoes in church?


Question for the angel 

Why you cursed Karen? It is a great sin that she came into the church with the red shoes? What symbolizes this?

Questions for the shoemaker 

What do you think? The shoes were charmed or cursed?

The shoes are, of course, charmed... but this is a form of cursing.... 

What spell do you said? :) fly, fly, little shoes

In order to be creative (shoemaker) you have to make a wish. Furthermore, if art is made with emotion and love then the results are magnificent. My wish is that all the cursing that you can imagine become charmed. Don't forget that this is a tale story... must be charmed, because there were made with love and faith for the good purpose. 

What do you think is the good purpose in this story?

Well, think what’s the meaning the shoes for someone?? The way to move from one place to make you dance with them... or even don't get cold even if you haven't got socks... but the most of it is you don't seem as a poor person. So, shoes for Karen in this particular period of time means a lot and shoes gives her the chance to be part of her mother's funeral. Karen is a kid and like a kid needs some motive to be creative. Shoes like them help her to ''dance''... dance means expression of our feelings, creativity way of living. Yes ... Could be ... But, the first shoes. No, I meant the second pair. In this story are two pair of red shoes. The first pair, the girl has worn it at the mother funerals and second at communion. The second time, also she has chosen red shoes even if she knew that she'll go to church. The shoes are everything, what suppose to be what the girl wants to be, have everything, and do everywhere. Don't forget it.

 Your skill (art, mastery) may be the cause of what happened?

My skill, both art and mastery (what do you 45

think, darling?) is the cause of everything. 

Have you helped her to make her dream a reality?

It seems that the dream must come true... Not just helped, but I, my mastery, my art is the cause of the dreams, whatever she can dream. She could fly very easily in her dreams... but she needed for "dancing shoes" to go there... My shoes are what allow her to fly and go wherever she wants. 

Have you ever wonder why Karen is dancing in front of the church??

Hmm ..Probably, soldier insistence and her curiosity ... why not, the joy that she have so nice shoes. or maybe was as if the shoes had power over her.  What is your explanation? Dance... why she danced not only to the church ...wherever She could run.. or jump ... the shoes are always dancing, it is her condition...

Question fot the soldier: how do you know that Karen was wearing magic shoes? Are your black boots magic too?


6. The Six Swans (My fair lady group) The King- Anna I am a sorrowful mourning King. After my first wife had died leaving me with 6 boys and a girl, I got married to a very pretty young girl. Even though I would have liked her to become the new mother of my children, I had hesitated telling her about them because I was afraid she wouldn't marry me if she knew about them. So I hid them in a castle and went to visit them very often. But when I went there today, I couldn't believe my ears!! My daughter told me that my boys had been turned to swans by a witch and had flown away. So now I don't know what to do! Where can I look for them? How I can have them back in my arms? What am I to do without them? The Queen (Step-mother)- Valerica I am a young married woman and I think I deserve my entire husband's attention. He hasn't told me he had children so far so I was curious where he was going so often, instead of being with me. I was furious when I knew about his secret and I lost my mind with anger. He wasn't honest with me.... I didn't think of the consequences. I only had in my mind keeping him and his love only for me. I thought we both were young and we could have our own children. I am not a mother and I wasn't able to imagine how much suffering my deed caused him. Now, as I see him so sad and in grief ... Anyway...What's done is done. The boys are far away now. If they come back I will try to make a spell to change them into boys again. The only thing I know is I love my husband and I don't want to lose him. The Lonely Princess - Grazyna I was all the time with my brothers who cared for me. I was eating wild berries when I saw the Queen coming. I could not move, my dress was caught by the thorns and I wanted to save the dress I liked. I kneeled and suddenly I saw her giving something to my brothers who just disappeared. I was frightened to see swans instead. I crawled into the bushes to wait for them. A moment later the swans took off. I realized the number of swans was the same as number of my brothers. My heart was beating, I could not breathe. I looked up in the sky. My brothers were so small and so far away. Emptiness. I felt the thorns in my body. It was painful. I 47

remembered how my father the king caresses me and felt better. I was happy that I will be able to tell him everything. He will know what to do. I was sure. I had to wait for him in a safe place. In fact I was in a safe place. I carefully removed the thorns, freed my dress from the bush, I brought some moss and sat there waiting for my father. Then I heard some birds singing and this made me calm. The Swans Swan 1 the leader of the flock. Why was I so stupid? I thought it wasn't father coming, but I approached that wicked woman anyway. Father was right. We really did have to keep away from her. I really had fallen for her sweet nature. It was all false. Right now I have to take my brothers away from here before she calls her hunters to kill us. But where can I go? It's so wonderful to have the wind around you and fly away from your problems like this. I've always hated heights but this is really something. You have the world at your feet without the problems of ruling a country. But what about our sister? How can we let her know what we are going to do? Swan 2 the youngest brother- Silvana My brothers didn't trust me because they said that I am too young but I sensed that something bad was going to happen to us. We have had a very difficult life since our mother died and our father remarried so I have learnt to watch out all the time. Now it is impossible to get in touch with our sister. We look like birds and she can't realize that we are her dear brothers. I tried to fly close to her, to make some strange noise but she was absent-minded and very sad. She was staring at something far away. She looked so miserable and I was desperate because I couldn't attract her attention and let her know that I was close to her. What will happen to us? What will happen to our dear sister? One Journalist - Maite 48

For the Swans: Why did you fly away? Were you going to find your father? Why didn't you take your little sister with you? What did you feel when you became a swan? Did you feel better than being a boy? We flew away because we are birds and we were afraid of hunters.------ jola Our sister was hidden and the step-mother couldn't see her. We feel strange as we can't talk and inform our father what happened. No, we don't feel better; we want to be boys again. We don't know how to find our father, we are unhappy and lost. For the Princess: Were you sad when your brothers went away? Where did you hide when the Queen arrived? Were you frightened? Did you say something to your brothers before they went? I felt sad and abandoned by them at first but then I realized that something terrible had happened to them. I was told that my step-mother had put a spell on them. I hid in a dark cave. I was afraid of being all alone in the darkness with birds flying all over me. It was dark so I thought they were bats but later on I found that they were beautiful white swans. For the Queen: Why did you act this way? Weren't you ashamed of your behaviour? Did you think about the King's feelings? No, I was not ashamed of my behaviour. They were naughty kids who got on my nerves! And I was jealous of their father. For the King: Why didn’t you tell the Queen about your children? If you were afraid of the Queen, why did you stay with her? What are your plans about your children now? And with the Little Princess? Is she going to stay in the castle? I was afraid the Queen wouldn't marry me if she knew about my children. I was sure she would like to have children of her own rather than raising somebody else's children. Now I'm desperate and I don't know what to do and where to look for my boys. They could have gone anywhere. And how can I recognize them, If I see them? I am afraid I have lost them forever..... 49

As for the little Princess, of course I will take her with me back home. I can't afford to lose her as well. My Queen I'm sure will be upset that I hadn't told her about my kids, but in the end I think she will understand me and help me raise my only daughter... Journalist 2 Emilia Q for the younger brother: How did you manage to live in that forest, far away from the love of your father? Have you ever crossed your mind to come to your father's Palace to live together and meet your step mother? For the King: Are you going to find the truth about what has happened to your boys?Could you forgive the Queen, will you be able to live together after this terrible incident from your life? I'm going to have to talk to her. She must know where they can be. I wonder what she will do when she knows they are all my children and there is a girl too. But she has always been so sweet, I'm sure she'll understand. If she were wicked she would have killed them but has only transformed them into swans. She will know how to change them back.

Drawitlive collaborative picture


7. Charlie and the chocolate factory (The perpetual patient group) CHARACTERS: THE RIVER (Evi), WILLY WONKA (Kiriaki), GRANDPA (Joanna), CHARLIE (Ria), JOURNALISTS: (Marcela, Joanna, Anna) ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Evi - River: The River of chocolate: I am very happy that I can give to the children and the grownups the pleasure of my pure and hot melted chocolate. I can make everyone sweet and plummy! I love little children and they love me. They are fond of swimming in my "waters" and taste huge quantities of them! i spring from the fountains of the Grand Cocoa and after that I am becoming a huge chocolate river. As you can see above, my fountains are in the Grand Cocoa springs so I am "born" darker than this colour you see now. After a while a small river of milk pures into me and I become less dark. Kiriaki - Willi Wonka: This is Willy Wonka the famous candy maker and owner of the most incredible Chocolate Factory. Oompa Loompas informed me that a press conference is going to be held in response to my great contest with the five Golden Tickets So I am ready to answer your questions Joanna - Grandpa: Hi, I am Charlie's Grandpa. I am very happy to visit the chocolate factory with my grandson. I am a big fun of chocolate, especially good quality ones.I am ready for journalists' questions tonight.At my age you have a lot to say...


Marcela - The Journalist: I am a bit slow journalist who comes from a magazine which nobody reads. I am an unmarried lonely guy. I am trying my best because I would like to work for a prestigious magazine one day. However, it will probably never happen. :-) Anna -journalist: To be honest...I am not really a journalist! I just love chocolate and caught the opportunity to sneak in the factory! QUESTIONS FOR THE RIVER: Are there any fish in your waters? If yes, are they chocolate too? Of course there are fishes in my waters! They are called chocofishes and people use to fish them all the time, use them as special delicacies. Children like my fishes, because they don't need to become fishsticks to be delicious. I thing that mothers also love my fishes, because they don't need to "transform" them to something else, in order to persuade their children to eat them. They are nutritious and full of vitamins. Have you ever been out of the walls of the factory? No I have never been out of the factory. I have heard so many stories about the outside world but I am not sure if I want to see that world. I have been told about unhappy poor children, about river pollution, about war, injustice and poverty. That entire situation makes me sad. If only I could do something about it. Have you ever seen the sea? No I haven't. I dream about it. If only there was a chocolate sea, or even a chocolate lake. Some part of you is eaten every day... Does it make you sad? Of course not. That makes me very very happy, because, as I always say, everything in my waters can be used for making people and especially children pleased and happy. Have you ever seen somebody looking at me without at least a bi Are you happy when machines turn you into hard chocolates and wrap you in a piece of silver paper? Of course not. I am really happy that these machines turn my "waters" into something so loved and good for the people and especially the children. I am proud


that all this chocolate becomes people's favorite "medicine" that always pleases them and makes them happy. I can imagine that flowing always the same way could be boring... Have you ever been thinking of changing your direction? I am not always flowing the same way. All that beauty you see it's because every now and then I am changing my direction. That's how all these trees and bushes are growing by my riverbanks. See all these weeping willows and alders and tall rhododendrons with their beautiful blossoms (that can be edible too! They are full of chocolate). Don't you like all these meadows? I guess all you content is pure chocolate? Would you like to be diluted with some water or milk maybe? Some milk, as I said before, pures into me. That's why I am not as dark as perhaps other chocolate rivers. My "waters" are milked chocolate and I very fond of that, because, as I am informed, this chocolate is children's favourite. Do you like the idea of people swimming in you? Not only I like the idea, but I find it fascinating and joyful. Would you like to have your banks expanded? Yes I would like my banks to be expanded, if it is possible. I think that in that way more people can visit me and enjoy the pleasure of swimming, eating or drinking my "waters" and have fun and play by me. But I wouldn't like the trees and meadows to be destroyed. Is a splash possible? Of course it is. Try it. Do you have any dreams? When yes-what about? 53

As I already told you I am dreaming of a chocolate lake, or even a chocolate sea, but I don’t know how that can be possible. I am more than willing to help in anyway. What is your favourite weather? Do you actually know what the weather is? The weather here is always warm and pleasant. After all the temperature must be warm too, for my "waters" (chocolate) to be melted and hot. I remember once that a very strange think happened: something called winter happened and my chocowaters got frozen. I was really unhappy then. But fortunately that "winter" ended and never happened again. Do you know something about the ecology? Are you afraid of somebody or something? I am afraid of my fountains to be dried up. I hope and pray that my fear won't happen again. Do you have any friends here? Can you tell us about them? Which language do you use to communicate? All the workers in here, Mr Wonka and mostly visitors, children and adults are my friends. I don't think that there is one human soul in the world that knows about me, or even has heard about me and doesn't love me. What's your opinion about Mr Wonka? Is he nice with you? Because.. to be honest, I find him a bit frightening! I think that Mr Wonka is a wonderful person. He loves chocolate and candies. He is inventive and innovative as a businessman. He loves children and he wants to give to the people joy, happiness, delicious and nutritious candies. What better can you expect from a factory owner? I guess people do not visit this place often. But when they do, they must be really impressed, like I am! Can you please describe us an extreme incident, something that you will always remember? It can be something that made you very happy or something that really bothered you...


I always get happy when children visit me, splashing in me and enjoy swimming in me. I can't get enough of their voices and laughs. I remember once than a worrying mother didn't let her children swim in me. I can't forget their cries and unhappy faces. Fortunately Mr Wonka assured her that there is no danger in swimming in my "waters". The unhappy, crying faces of the children became suddenly joyful and happy. Thank you all dear Journalists for your questions. I hope that I answer them adequately enough. Come again and visit us, whenever you want. I am sure that Mr Wonka will be more than happy to have you here, as I am! :) QUESTIONS FOR WILLY WONKA: Do you always wanted to be a candy maker? Although my parents wanted me to be a dentist, my dream was to become a candy maker and to own my own gourmet chocolate shop. Do you feel your dream has become true? or you have more to give to the chocolate world? Oh believe me, there are a lot more to follow Where do you find inspiration for flavors of your famous fabulous choccolates? I have gained inspiration from my travels. Everywhere I have travelled has given me creative ways to make my products unique Is it a secret how much do you earn during the year? Don’t tell me that you are from the Ministry of Finance!!!!!! What do you do in your free time? I read and listen to music Have you got a girlfriend? Yes! Chocolate!!! Is it Miss Chocolate or a Chocolate sculpture? What shall the readers imagine? I am sorry, but this is personal!! Do you ever travel outside of your factory walls? 55

Always Where do you travel? I travel everywhere on Earth and in space Why everything in your heart factory center is so grandiose? Why so huge pipes? My products are shipped and sold worldwide, so everything needs to be huge, to feed the whole planet Why do you need such an amount of chocolate being produced? Why chocolate? Because chocolate is the only thing that we can make last as long as we want it to Why do you need weeping willows, flowers in a factory? It is very unusual approach to focus on beauty in industrial world... You think I am eccentric? Well, my factory needs to match my personality Why do you need to lock the place? Because chocolate makers have become jealous and started sending spies to find out my recipes When did you discover you want to produce sweets? From the moment I tasted chocolate When I watched at the "nerve center of the whole factory, the heart of the whole business" - as you called the chocolate room with a beautiful valley with the chocolate river, the waterfall I was delighted... My question is: are you ecologic? And are your products organic? It is at all important to you? And the next question related to the above: Do you support the idea of fair trade? All my candies are produced using methods of organic farming. Therefore my products are healthier, safer and more nutritious! I consider myself as a fair trade businessman since apart from my marketing strategies all my workers come from developing countries. 56

Why did you invite only 5 children to your factory? Because number 5 is the most dynamic and energetic of all the single-digit numbers. It is unpredictable, always in motion and constantly in need of change I heard you love inventions. Are they made only by yourself or do you support any other inventors? All inventions, from the ice cream that never melts to small candy eggs that hatch chocolate birds have been made by me and.....only me!!!! Which is your favorite product? I think is the Lickable Wallpaper Do you eat anything but sweets? To be honest...NO If you do eat a lot of chocolate, how can you still have such a bright smile? I floss and brush my teeth twice a day If you could be one of your sweets, what would it be and why? I would probably be the Glow-In-The-Dark Lollipop because it suit with my bright twinkling eyes!! Do you find it easy to go along with people? Because you give me the impression correct me if i am wrong- of a lonely person... Although I am a little shy I am so nice with the people close to me and I show genuine concern for the little Oompa-Loompas. QUESTIONS FOR CHARLIE´S GRANDPA: You said that you have a lot to say, tell our readers if you have ever seen a factory like this? O yes! I used to work in this factory years ago...when Willy started his great business. He-Willy Wonka was great from the very beginning of his activity on the sweets market but now his factory is a real dream that come true! And another question for The Granpa - by the way, where is your kid? Charlie follows the boss of this factory-Willy Wonka. Now when Charlie is with Willy Wonka... Can you tell our readers "what is Charlie like?" 57

He is a wonderful kid. Not like others: selfish and ignorant and inpatient...He behaves better than grownups-if you know what I mean? He is independent, patient, emphatic - it is not typical for children. Usually they are thinking only about themselves. Has he got any friends? His family is his best friends. You see, we are poor people and no one want to be Charlie's friend because of that. It is sadly truth...Other kids don't get Charlie any chance to show them what he like is, that he can be poor and cool! How come that you became so poor? We - myself and my wife- lost our jobs since the robots and machines took our tasks over. If you are at home, what are your favourite hobbies? We love to make up stories. Especially about sweets. We love sweets! Yes, people like sweets. What about your teeth? Has it got any negative effect to your teeth that you love sweets? Oh no! I always eat only dark chocolate without sugar. That was better for my teeth so long I've got ones... A good brush is always helpful to keep your teeth in good condition even if you eat a lot of sweets. Aren't you afraid that Willy Wonka may corrupt Charlie with all the money and influence he posses? That's a good question...I think that it could be a great test for Charlie and his personality. I am sure he is a good boy and I hope that he will find his own way in a big wild world jungle...I would be very sad if somebody or something would spoil our Charlie. But naturally, everything is possible in Wonka's factory and Charlie is only a child. I don’t want to be naive. 58

Do you have high hopes for you grandson? Do you want him to work for Willy Wonka? I repeat: Charlie is a great personality and my, as you called "high hopes" are that he will not want to change his behaviour influenced by thinks like money, goods, not real friendship, ect. If the job by Willy W. made him happy and gave him a chance to develop and grown up - I want that! Do you personally trust him? Yes! I trust my grandson! That's the main reason I am here. What do you think of his factory? The factory is very unique, original and made the best chocolate all over the world. It is fun to visit such place and share this adventure with loved person. I admire all the beautiful things I've seen here: the chocolate river and waterfall, the lovely valley made of sweets, the inventions, etc. But I am most impressed by Oompa Loompas. This little people are amazing: so efficient, helpful, funny, reliable... What impression it makes on you? As I said earlier: I used to work by this factory and I was always happy here. But now the place is even better, more modern, and bigger. I can say: I am impressed! Mr. Wonka developed his factory into a big amazing, perfect working chocolate imperial! Any other questions? I would like to join my grandson. How do you feel visiting this factory after so many years? Good. It is very nice to see great things growing up and develops. I have to say I am very surprised that Wonka managed his factory so well. When I met him for the first time I was not convinced he stays in the candy-maker area for long although he was great with the discovering and mixing new flavors. What's your opinion about Mr Wonka? You have known him for so many years. How was he then and how do you think he is now? Has great success changed him? I think his success make him stronger and more self-confident as he was at the beginning - but only refers to the sweet business. I am not sure if his personality is quite ok. He sometimes behaves very strange like a clown. Is that some kind of facade for the outside world to protect himself or just a rich man style who can do anything what he wants.


8. Little women (The glass menagerie group)

Marianna (journalist): - So, Amy, I see that you enjoy drawing. What do you like drawing? Amy: I draw all sorts of little things, like birds, flowers, grass, pebbles, raindrops, but I also enjoy drawing my family. Marianna: Oh, I'd love to see some of your drawings, then! Amy: Oh, I am quite shy, not many people get to see my drawings... Amy: Oh, I am quite shy, not many people get to see my drawings...

Marianna: - As for you Beth, you are fond of music. What kind of music do you like? Beth: - I like opera. Opera was created in the late 16th century as entertainment for the rich, but I think opera is for all those who have sensitivity for music and drama. Marianna: I totally agree with you! Everybody should have access to entertainment in ways that suit them regardless of their social status! Marianna: - Meg, you're the eldest. What's your relationship with your sisters?

Marianna: - Oh, Jo, you like reading. Can you tell us what books you enjoy best? Jo: It's true, I like reading! I am fond of poetry! I am reading now Oscar Wilde's "Ballad of Reading Gaol" Look at that: "Yet each man kills the thing he loves By each let this be heard. 60

Some do it with a bitter look, Some with a flattering word. The coward does it with a kiss, The brave man with a sword!" Beautiful, isn't it? What would you draw below this piece of poetry?

Drawitlive collaborative picture


9. Pipi Longostocking (Midsummer night dream group)

Drawitlive collaborative picture

List of characters: Angeliki: Journalist 1 Paraskevas: Journalist 2 Laura: Villekulla Cottage Fina:Pipi Kasia: Mr Nelson Natalia: Annika Lavinia: Pippi's father Hello all, Here is your journalist 1 (number one), always in a hurry to catch up the news. So, I prepared some questions for Pippi. Journilist 1 (Angeliki): Aren't you, Pippi, afraid of living alone? Don't worry about me, I don't live alone, my friends Mr. Nelson and my wonderful horse are living with me. Don't you miss your parents?


Well, my mum is always with me, she's peering from somewhere, I talk with her everyday. My dad, my dad is in my dreams, we sail together to beautiful islands, he teaches me how to fight the cannibals, he shows me where his treasure is. All children want to have love and safety from their parents. Don't you miss this love? What is love? Is it something like kissing someone? Well I am safety in my cottage; don't worry about me ÂŤI can take care of myself" Aren't you jealous of the other children who have a typical family? My family is my cottage, Mr. Nelson and my white horse. I don't like to be typical How's living without parents? Life is great, I feel free, nothing is more important than my shoes, my reddish hair braids, my longstockings and my swing. Do you want to swing with me? Have you replaced them with anybody else? Anybody and anything can be replaced. Who is able to replace the rain? Who can replace the sunshine? Can you replace your dreams? I also prepared some questions for Villekulla Cottage Journalist 1 (Angeliki): Hey, you, Villekulla Cottage, what is the most important thing that makes you different from other Cottages? I suppose Pippi makes me different from other cottages. She is my soul, my hand and my eyes. She is my reason to live. I was slept and silent for years till his father came to me. It was love at first sight. When he discovered my old wooden walls in the middle of the orchard, he knew he was at home. What kind of trees surrounds you? Well, I leave in an orchard, which is really fantastic. I am surrounded by lots and lots of fruit trees, especially apple trees. In spring, there is a lot of green grass and small flowers all around. It is a lovely place. 63

Do they have a particular flavoring? Yes of course. My orchard smells very well. Fruit flavours, blooming flowers, wet grass in the morning...I really love this place! The best time of the year is when the apples grow: it smells like an apple pie everywhere. Does Pippi plays in you sometimes? Well, Pippi loves playing outside, especially near the see or under the trees. I can see her having fun and laughing, and it make me the happiest cottage in earth. She also likes sitting on the porch, on an old rocking chair. She closes her eyes and dreams about fantastic places and creatures. When it is cold or dark, which is quite often in our country, she comes inside and plays with Mr. Nelson in front of the firework. What kind of girl is she? She is unique! She is brave, intelligent, cheerful, honest and a good friend for her friends. No one like her! Hello dear friends I also have some questions for you Journalist 2 (Paraskevas) for Pipi Dear Pipi do you have any photos of your mother and father? If not would you like to describe them to us?? I have a photo of my father when he was sailing to the Caribbean coast. He is the strongest man in the world. His long brown beard is powerful and his deep blue eyes make him brave and courageous. Do you remember the most dangerous trip you have done with your father? Give us some more details if it is possible Well, I can remember one starry night, when the sea was in calm and everyone in the ship was sleeping peacefully. Suddenly something bright and shiny lighted up our ship and a second later a loud thunder and huge waves shook us up and down. We got wet in a few seconds, everyone got on board. Luckily my father could manage to lead the ship to a safety island. He is the bravest and the strongest on land! Tell us more about Mr Nelson your liitle monkey? He is adorable, funny but quite naughty. I never find my boots, (he sleeps inside one of them), but he also helps me when I need him. I think you are very strong. What else can you lift? 64

Everything you can imagine, but i only use my strength when someone annoys me. Do you love Tommie and Annika? Could you describe us something strange or dangerous you have done together? What a pair of funny children. They are so good; I feel comfortable when they visit me. Yesterday when they came back school, a naughty group of boys were chasing Tommie. He was really scared, her sister AnniKa couldn't manage to get them away, and she was also scared. When I hear a noise outside and I noticed someone was trying to hurt them I used my magic power. When they felt flying above the apple tree I have in the cottage, something changed so fast! Journalist 2 (Paraskevas) for Villekulla Cottage Hello Villekulla cottage. I am very proud to meet you. How do you feel for this interview? This is my first interview online, but I will try to do my best. At least, there are no cameras, which make me feel more relaxed. Would you like to describe to us some of your rooms? Well, I am an old and cottage in the middle of an orchard. My rooms are not big, but they are enough for Pippi. I am a two-storey house, with common rooms in the ground floor and two bedrooms upstairs. Is there any room that you love more than the others? My favourite room is the kitchen. It is really big and there is an enormous wooden table in the middle. I love when Pippi bakes pancakes is flour is spread everywhere! Would you like to leave and go somewhere else to stay? Definitively not! This is my homeland, the place where I was born and where I grew up. Here there are my friends, my family, my trees... 65

Tommie, Annika and Pipi have ever visited you? Yes, of course. Their first visit was quite strange. Pippi invited Tommie and Annika and she cooked some pancakes. They were surprised of a girl living alone, with Mr. Nelson, but they were happy too: they had a new friend just in front of their house. Journalist 2 (Paraskevas) for Mr Nelson(to Kasia Dear Mr Nelson Nice to meet you. Is it the first time that you participate in an interview??How do you feel for this?? Yes, this is my first interview and I'm really excited about it. Tell us some things about your family. I don't remember my family very well. I haven't seen them for ages. How have you met Pipi's father? It was a very sunny and hot day. As usual I was jumping from tree to tree when suddenly my long tail caught on the branch and I couldn't move. After a few hours I was very tired and thirsty. Fortunately, Pipi's father found me and he decided to give me as a present to his daughter. What was like the life with a Cannibal King? He always treated me with respect, although I'm an animal. And I think that he loved me, as he was very kind to me. Could you describe us a typical day of that period of your life? I usually sat on King's shoulder when we were listening to his subjects. Every evening we went around the island to check if everything was fine. And if the King was tired or unhappy, I always played some tricks to change his mood. Do you remember the day that you have met Pipi? That was the best day in my life. It was love from the first sight. From the beginning I knew that she'll be my best friend. Do you love Pipi? Do I love her? Of course! She's the most lovable person in the whole world! She has a very good heart and she's very imaginative. She's the only one who can understand me. Would you like to return and live with Pipi's father??


Not really. I can't imagine living without my best friend, Pippi.

Journilist 1 (Angeliki) for Mr Nelson: Ohh Mr Nelson, you're an animal...How's to be a present to a little child? Pippi treats me like her friend. Don't you prefer better to live in nature than to be a present to someone? I'm very happy to live with Pippi. She's so imaginative and we always have fun together. Did Pippi play a lot with you and of course did she share you with other children? We both love playing with Annika and Tommie. What are you going to do if someday Pippi forgets you and find another company, perhaps another animal to be her friend? I would be very miserable. I can't imagine living another life. Have you ever seen Pippi crying and begging to have her parents with her? Pippi is very brave and very mature about it. I have never seen her crying or sad, but I know she misses her parents. Journilist 1 (Angeliki) for Annika: Why do you think Pippi was the most curious child you'd ever seen? Pipi looks definitely strange. First of all, her hair is of an odd colour and she wears it in a funny hairdo. She also did something strange with her horse the other day. The horse was standing on the front porch of her house and Pipi managed to lift it and then they had tea together!!! Of course, this may not be what actually happened. I might have dreamed it. I can't say for sure. Have you ever thought of playing with her or inviting her to your home? I most certainly have. She might look a bit strange but she is probably lots of fun to hang out with. She seems so free and outgoing. 67

However, I am not sure whether my mother would agree to have Pipi over. She is a bit fussy with tidiness. I don't think she would let me invite Pipi to our house. Did Pipi ever invite you and your brother to the Villekulla Cottage? Pipi did invite both Tommy and me to her house but everything in the Villekula Cottage seemed .... Different from what I know. For example, there was neither a fridge nor a cooker! Pipi said that she didn't need either of them. How does she prepare her meals? I sometimes wonder whether she is a witch or an alien! Did she ever introduce you to her unusual friends? If by friends you mean her horse, yes, she did. At first, I felt awkward. I thought she was making fun of me but actually her horse responded to her introductions as if it was greeting me and saying "Nice to meet you, Annika" Have you shared a secret with Pippi? No, I haven't told her any of my secrets yet but I feel I can trust her. So, the first secret I have, I'll share it with her. Journilist 1 Pippi'father:



Nice to meet you captain!! First of all I want to tell you how much I admire you, because you were a captain and because you had this special daughter. When I was younger I wanted to be a captain to explore strange places. So, could you please tell me how is to be a captain in a ship and traveled all over the world? Well, it's very nice to see a lot of different places and people as long as you travel with your family, but I can still miss my home, my sweet Villekulla Cottage. As for being a captain, it's not so easy work. You have to manage the 20 sailors’ crew and make difficult decisions when we have problems for example storms at sea. Could you describe me one special moment or place or people that you remember from all your sails into the sea? Yes. There was once in the Caribbean a strange woman whose words scared me when I heard her. She looked like a beggar and I gave her some money to get rid of 68

her. But she followed me and she was saying some strange and scary things for methat the ocean will call me one day and I will lose my dear Pippi and Villekulla. Of course, I didn't want to believe her... Do you remember the time of the storm? Yes, it was a fine summer night. Everything was quiet and the ocean was so calm. But all of a sudden, my crew started to shout "Storm, storm! Âť So I got on the deck leaving Pippi in the cabin to sleep, assuring her that everything will be all right and I asked her to always be brave. How did Pippi react? She was scared at first, but then she trusted my words and calmed down, falling asleep. I know you are feeling much sorrow because you lose her. Could you please tell me what kind of girl is she? Well, she's the ideal child for everyone. She's always helpful and lively and joyful and she never says no. She likes to play a lot and she also likes animals which she takes very much care of. Which are the most curious elements of her character? She is a bit stubborn as she does what she likes first and she has a special power to talk to the animals and she can make them do what she wants. For example, she can lift a horse... Do you feel blessed that you had a special child like Pippi? Of course, who wouldn't! She is a child who knows that her parents love her even if they are not near. Do you want to be with her again? Of course, and I promised her that I would. And I will keep my promise to my child.


And allow me one more question. How is to be a Cannibal king? Well, it's good and bad at the same time. It's good because I am a king and everybody trusts me and does what I say, but it's bad because I am on an island in a remote region of the earth and I can't leave when I want. Besides the other travelers avoid this island of the cannibals so I am somehow trapped here. But I will find a way to go back to my sweet child.

10. Pipi Longostocking (Long day’s journey group) Characters: Betina, Alina Journalists: Carla, Effrosyni,Yıldız

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Interview with the suitcase Journalist: Nice to meet you! Suitcase: Hello, my dear. Thank you! Journalist: Oh, I see you are well on in years! Suitcase: lool... of course I am, my dear! I am the suitcase not a suitcase... Journalist: Can I call you just suitcase or should I better...? 70

Suitcase: No problem, my dear, no problem at all. You can call me just suitcase; usually, I like to be as reticent as I can! Journalist: May I ask you some questions about you and your owner? Suitcase: Yes, of course, my dear. That's why I am here for. And you can feel lucky, you know? Because this is just my second interview, my dear. Journalist: Where do you come from? Suitcase: I was born in a small town, Town number 7. Maybe you don't know, but in Suitcaseland, my planet, the places have numbers, not names, my dear. Suitcaseland is such a beautiful planet! It's very small; we have no countries, just places: like towns and villages. The trees are like numbers and their leafs are like little suitcases in so many different forms. It's seems like art in your country, my dear. Journalist: Which languages do you speak? Suitcase: Let me tell you that I'm a lucky suitcase, because I am the suitcase, as I told you. And do you know that means? It means that I was chosen by our God to be a suitcase without age and with the possibility to speak and write all the live languages in your planet Earth. The suitcase has 3 unique features between all the suitcases in our planet and God just choose another one when she dies. Journalist: Are you married? Suitcase: No, my dear, not anymore. I was married in my planet. He was such a gentle suitcase... really awesome. He was a blue, round and soft suitcase, with a wood handle on the top and a little red zipper in the front; it seemed like human lips. Really, really nice. And, of course, he was kind, lovely, worker, always thinking about me and the others in first place, always fighting for noble causes, always with a kind word... but, you see my dear, it was too good to be true, isn't it? There are no men like this, even in my planet, so he died, in a winter day, suddenly... Journalist: Have you got any children? Suitcase: Unfortunately, no children, my dear. It's a pity, I know, but he has a problem: he wasn't able to say "I love you" and to stand totally stopped by me, at the same time...because he was round... He said "I...I...I..." and ... oh please, my dear, let's change the subject, it's still too painful for me to talk about him, even after all these 341 years... Journalist: Do you consider Pippy a problem child? Suitcase: My dear, Pippi is my angel. She is a very particular child (in my planet, we used this expression when we want to say that, "yes, the child is a problem child"), 71

but... she is my angel, she is my life and she is funny, after all. Let me tell a thing, so you can understand how special she is for me. Because I am the suitcase, I can live as long as I want, it's the 3rd, as last, feature I have as a unique suitcase and I decided to die as soon as Pippi dies. My long life will have no meaning after that... Journalist: How old are you? Journalist:What did you take with you? Interview with Annika Journalist: What was your first thought when you met Pippi? Annika: I thought she was just one of those weird girls!! AGAIN!! I mean it wasn't the first time that we had strange neighbours, you know! And when I saw those pigtails of her.... I thought: wow, now we've got some work to do! Journalist: How does it seem to be all the time so well-behaved? Ummmm.... do you mean me? I'm not really! I LOOOVE doing some nasty things, but then again some boys reaaaly ask for it! :-) Journalist: Are you just a little be jealous because you are not the hero of the story? NOOOOOOOO way!! Pippi is such a great girl it so easy to be friends with her! Of course she's the centre of it; she is really the mouth of this story, what with her intelligence and all! Journalist: Do you feel annoyed because you are not as courageous as Pippi is? Sometimes! But I really try to learn from her, otherwise what friends are for?

7. Script Writers In Creative Drama students can create their own scripts and then try to play them in a less structured way than real theatre. In the same way, in an eTwinning project students from one school can write a script and then the students of the other school can play it. In the last activity of this Learning Event, each group visited another group's

page to have a look to the collaborative drawing- question/replies and still pictures. Taking into account this material and not the excerpt that inspired their colleagues, they were invited to create their common collaborative script using TitanPad . Then, they were asked to pick up one of their group 72

to narrate their story using Audacity and then upload it to soundcloud. Participants could watch the following tutorials in order to use these new tools: Audacity: ded Soundcloud: ed In an actual eTwinning project, students from the partner school could use these recordings to create their pantomime and express with movements what they hear like this example:

Below, you can find the links of the participants recorded scripts. As you will see, most of them are really creative and very professional: Waiting for Godot Group based on The three sisters group material: The three Sisters Group based on Waiting for Godot group material: Long day’s journey based on Romeo and Juliet group material: The perpetual patient group based on The importance of being earnest group material: My fair lady group based on Servant of two masters group material: Servant of two masters group based on My fair lady group material: The importance of being earnest based on The perpetual patient group material: A midsummer’s night dream group based on The glass menagerie group material: The glass menagerie based on A midsummer's night dream group material: Romeo and Juliet group based on Long day's journey group material:


8. Other resources Coming to an end of the Learning Event on Creative drama some more resources were suggested to the participants. Last year, Creative Classroom Group organized an expert talk with Patrice Baldwin about "Drama in and across the Curriculum". A very interesting webinar that you can watch, if you follow the link and find the presentation HERE Some interesting resources can be found in the following links:  Childrama  ESLflow  Classroom Drama Lessons Last year, a few members of the Creative Classroom Group shared with us the creative drama activities they implemented in their eTwinning projects. You can have a look in the ebook:

"The school of the future will, perhaps, not be a school as we understand it—with benches, blackboards, and a teacher’s platform—it may be a theatre, a library, a museum, or a conversation." Leo Tolstoy




Creative Drama in eTwinning  

An outcome of the Learning Event on Creative Drama with all the activities, material and participants’ contributions

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