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STATEMENT OF ADVOCACY Currently, I’m an undergraduate student on BA (Hons) Interior Design at the University Of Salford. Throughout these three years of my academic career I have acquired a range of knowledge on design courses and design process. For example I adapted an awareness of global range of design cultures and knowledge of design process and methodologies. As an undergraduate design student am very motivated for real world practice and the opportunity to work and get some work experience while am studying at the university will be very helpful and interesting. This exercise will benefit me to built an awareness and understanding on how real design practicing associate with values and visions like ethical business standards and standards of ethical design. I have particularly chosen your company for the reason that your design background experience is so attractive and interesting including both company’s undertakes projects portfolio and the clients catalogues. Your company’s friendly environment and cooperation will motivate me straightaway to the design practicing process and will help me to obtain a professional and successful background to the world real life experience. Working at your company I can offer and bring enthusiasm, passion and fresh ideas for new design future and innovation trends. My experience of design research, analysis and synthesis would be helpful on exploring and examining new projects ideas for your companies based on cost and client relationship. In addition due to undertaken university projects in these two years I have a wide range of visualizing skills and aptitude for designing through digital platforms like AutoCAD, Sketch up and Photoshop which can be variable on designing new projects of your company. As a new designer, I will planning and managing each project according to client expectations, budget and scale innovations. I would be able to attend the work and practice if it is possible one to two days a week. In order to continue my professional practice and to achieve my targets to become a successful and professional interior designer I can work from home for company’s project if it is needed.

Statement of advocacy  
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