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nce upon a time... A budding art enthusiast named Irena began her quest as an aspiring graphic designer. A graduate of Bina Nusantara University majoring in Visual Communication Design, she had acquired various magic spells as preparation for her journey. She was in love with illustrative design and found delight in mixmatching pastel hues. A hardworker and an eager learner who longed for a room to grow, she was often seen collecting sparks of inspiration by doodling and reading story books with a mouthful of chocolate. Flipping through the following pages, you will discover some of her most colorful adventures. Now wave your wands and pack your potions, are you ready to explore?

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Character Profile


Editorial Design



19 25 33

Packaging Design

Social Media

Brand Identity

Character Profile Language

I d e r ntification e r u t n e v d A Name

: Florencia Irena Gunawan

Bahasa Indonesia


: Mage



Graphic designer + illustrator : January 3, 1997


Location : Jakarta

Positive Traits

Contact +62 8211 4531 365



Eager to learn



Education Citra Kasih Senior High School Science Major 2013 - 2015


Bina Nusantara University Visual Communication Design New Media 2015-2019

Tomas Bata University (Czech Republic) Student Exchange Program Graphic Design February - May 2018

Skills & Spells

Illustration (Digital + Traditional)

Social Media Content

Digital Imaging

Editorial Design

Packaging Design

Work Experience

Brand Identity Design

h t e Trade f o s l o To

Ps Id

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Indesign

Ai An

Intern Art Teacher Assistant & Comic Extracurricular Co-Teacher at Citra Kasih Elementary School August 2015 English Tutor at Bina Nusantara University September 2016 - February 2017 Part Time Graphic Designer at Popsockets Indonesia August 2017 - January 2018 Part Time Graphic Designer at Ah Mei Indonesia August 2017 - January 2018 Junior Graphic Designer Intern at Creatifactory August 2018 - January 2019

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Animate


Chapter 1

Editorial Design “Step into the written realm of tomes, where adventures start with exciting drop caps, stories are spun in strings of paragraphs, and imagineries overflow beyond the page margins.�

National Museum Activity Booklets For Kids

Phase : Tools :


Final Project for Bachelor’s Degree Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe Indesign

Scope :

Activity booklets Booklet companions Merchandises Promotional aids Social Media

The National Museum, also known as “Museum Gajah” contains numerous archeological, etnographic, and heraldic collections discovered in the prehistoric, classical, pre and post collonialism eras. Because of the large quantity of artefacts, the overly textual layout of the museum brochure, and the unavailability of easily accessible tour guides, visiting children might be in need of a portable, hands-on, and visually attractive medium to keep them educated, informed and engaged during their excursion to the museum as providing it would also result in a more memorable learning experience. After conducting target market surveys, field research, and gathering design inspirations, the big idea of this project was decided : “Petualangan Sejarah”. Activity booklets would be placed at the National Museum, functioning as a guide, a source of information, and an interactive media designed in the perspective of an adventurer. One small booklet will serve as guidelines, and six more will represent each theme of the exhibition rooms.


Filled with activities such as treasure hunting, colouring, and code cracking, fun facts regarding the artefacts of the National Museum are elaborated through colorful illustrations and short narrative paragraphs, as if the visitors are transported on a historical journey. The color scheme is a combination of earthy browns and bright color pallete, giving a sense of historical expedition, ancient maps, decorated with cheerful hues fitting for its target market. The companions for these booklets include a folder to contain the activity booklets, a small map of the museum, a pencil, and a stamp page.

Reward stamps are given upon completing the acitvity booklets. The design of each stamp represents each of the activity booklet’s content and exhibition room.


Other than activity booklets, merchandises to be sold in the museum’s souvenir shop are a part of this project’s extension. The merchandises are A5 notebook, stickers, post cards, pins, tumbler, totebag, and bucket hat. Every merchandise is designed for the visitor to learn more about archeology, immerse themselves in the museum excursion, create memorable experiences that they can bring home, and inspire them to do even more exploration, even outside of the museum.

Names of occupations related to history and museums are printed on the pins, along with their definitions at the back of the packaging.

The postcards come in three designs, with short phrases regarding our history and local values written on the front side. Explorer mascots named “Mus” and “Nana”, as derived from the word “Museum Nasional, are created as a strategy to be more approachable and friendly.

As large backpacks are forbidden in the exhibition rooms, two totebag designs are available as choices. One depicts a compass and another shows a binocular, which are instruments necessary for an explorer to bring along.


For promotional purposes, posters announcing kids events in the museum, an X-banner, and a website banner provide information not only to children, but also their guardians who are planning to or are accompanying them to the museum. Serving as advertisement, they are also made aware that there are activity booklets for children up for purchase.


An Instagram account is made to reach out to the children and their guardians, pre and post visitation, in which they can stay updated about the events happening in the museum, improve their knowledge by reading fun facts about the artefacts, and occasionally answering trivias. The social media account may also be a receiver of feedbacks and suggestions from the visitors.


Chapter 2

Illustration “Beyond inky night sky with a smattering of pixelated stars, in between brush strokes of clouds and droplets of sunshine, tumbling over pastel flower meadows highlighted with liquid rainbow.�

Digital Illustrations

Title : “Anne of Green Gables” Phase : Personal Project Tools : Adobe Photoshop


Title : Fan Art of “A Series of Unfortunate Events” Phase : Personal Project Tools : Adobe Photoshop 14

Traditional Illustrations

Title : Fan Art of “Over the Garden Wall” dan “Le Petit Prince” Phase : Personal Project Tools : Watercolor 15

Course : Drawing Phase : Assignment + Personal Project Tools : Drawing pens 16

Graphic Stylization

Black Lineart

Course : Phase : Tools :

Graphic Design Assignment Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop

A graphic stylization of native Indonesian animals in their slumber, painted in earthy colors. Their names from top left to bottom right consecutively : Cenderawasih, Sun Bear, Tarsius Monkey, Sunda Pangolin, and Sumatran Tiger.


Black and White Reversed

Final Version


Chapter 3

Packaging Design “Unearth a treasure chest painted with tales, carved with glimmering decorations, and coated with resillience.�

Ibu Penyu

Phase : Course : Tools :


Assignment Surface Packaging Design Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator

Scope : Clothing label design Hang tag design Packaging design (for totebag, scarf, and pouch)

Ibu Penyu is a trip organizer focused on local oceanic destinations. In collaboration with an illustrator named Vira Tanka, Ibupenyu provides travel-related merchandises whose designs depict various endangered animals in Indonesia. The sales profit of the merchandises will be donated to “Kampung Penyu�, a turtle conservation center. The watercolor style coloring and color palette utilized in the design is a reminiscence of white sand and the deep sea water. The hexagonal patterns painted in aqua shades represent turtle shells, as a turtle is depicted in the brand logo. Recycled paper as material for the labels and packaging emphasizes the eco-friendly nature of this brand.

Hang tag and clothing label design

Merchandise Packaging Design



Phase : Assignment Course : Surface Packaging Design Tools : Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Scope : Sachet Packaging Redesign Brochure


A packaging redesign of Nutriboost, a bottled yogurt drink, into sachet packaging. Targeted for children, the design is made attractive with vibrant colors and lively characters. Its concept and fusion of flavors are inspired by western fantasy folk lores; magic potion drinks brewed by mythical beings, such as a dragon, a mermaid, and a leprechaun. A mini brochure in the shape of a spellbook was created as a companion, containing the list of ingredients and a brief explanation of the beverages’ positive effects on health explained in a whimsical manner. The names of the flavor fusions have connections to the health benefits of the fruits.

“Leprechaun’s Luck” is made with fruits which increase stamina, serve as moodbooster, and elicit energy to be as agile as an adventurous leprecahun.

“Dragon Dust” is a mixture of fruits which improve body immunity, and thus will make the consumer as tough as a dragon.

“Mermaid Melody” contains fruits which sooth the brain like a song and keep memories as shiny as pearls under the sea.

A brief introduction of the product is written on the back cover of the brochure, while the front cover is titled as “Potion Book”.


Chapter 4

Social Media “Swirling within the crystal sphere; ideas swimming like a mermaid, a window to a digitalized world.�

Popsockets Indonesia

Phase : Part-time Job Tools : Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop


Scope :

Instagram posts design Frames for Instagram photo posts Instastory background Promotional infographic Digital-imaging

Popsockets is a company that produces stylish expanding phone grips and phone stands. Opening its branch of sales in Indonesia through online shopping, an Instagram account is established as a platform for its promotion, product catalogue, and social media. Targetted mostly for young adults, the Instagram posts layout is designed with their spirited energy in mind, with cheerful color combinations, geometric shapes, and the dynamic Memphis style.


As the season of giving arrived, the Christmas-themed promotion posts are colored in white and powder blue, white snowflakes and ornament of festivities against clear blue sky background. For this event, other than instragram grid posts, Instastory backgrounds are also designed along with frames for the photo posts. A promotional infographic is created to be shared through Whatsapp, one of the online store’s communcation platforms.



Ah Mei Indonesia

Phase : Tools :


Part-time Job Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe Premiere


: Instagram posts design Digital-Imaging Simple video editting Admin of Instagram account Social media copywriter

Ah Mei Cafe is a cafe serving Singaporean hawker’s food. For the purposes of advertisement, promotional announcements for discount and new menu lists, as well as staying updated with the customers’ feedbacks, an Instagram acccount is used to publish weekly food posts and the occasional seasonal greetings. The colors navy and yellow are derived from Ah Mei Cafe’s logo colors and a recurring waiter mascot frequently appears in the design of each post.


Chapter 5

Brand Identity “Planted with tough core values, enriched with colorful research, and imbued with visual magic.

Nite&Day Hotel Rebranding

nite&day H OT E L

Phase : Assignment Course : Visual Communication Design III Tools : Adobe Illustrator Scope : Rebranding Graphic Standard Manual Book



A rebranding design for Nite&Day Hotel, a budget hotel specializing in short stays targetted for backpackers and travelling employees. Adopting this concept, the logo redesign takes form of a light bulb, implying that though the stay is as easy and short as switching on a light bulb, it may also serve as an inspirational respite for brainstorming. The sun and moon in the logo directly represent the name of the hotel. The contrasting colors of yellow and black embody the name night and day. The elements in the supergraphic come from parts of the logo; sun, moon, and additional stars and sparkles.


Nite&Day Hotel Amenities


Stationery Set


Graphic Standard Manual Book


Thank you for going through this journey with me!

If you find it worthwhile, please feel free to reach out to me!

Contact +62 8211 4531 365 locoyaki

Profile for Irena Gunawan

Florencia Irena Gunawan - Graphic Design Portfolio 2019  

A compilation of creative assignments, personal projects, and works relating to graphic design and illustration.

Florencia Irena Gunawan - Graphic Design Portfolio 2019  

A compilation of creative assignments, personal projects, and works relating to graphic design and illustration.