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Musical Legacy

Revered as the “greatest guitar player of all time,” Jimi Hendrix’s life was a vehicle of transcendental inspiration, and his music shaped rock ‘n’ roll as we know it today. On the COVER:

P h oto b y D a v i d M ontgome r y / G e tt y I m a g e s

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Broken Lizard Shenanigans CULTURE got the inside scoop with the cast of Super Troopers 2 and their latest film.


The Latest and Greatest Cannabis culture is thriving, and its new representation in a legal world is inspiring some of the best cannabis films and TV shows of 2018.


Time to Splurge When you’ve got the munchies, nothing satisfies a craving like these crazy, over-the-top edible amalgamations.


Ask CannaSexual Anything Ashley Manta answers your questions about cannabis and sex, taking intimacy to the next level.


Gone, But Never Forgotten Celebrities of the “Forever 27” club were passionate individuals whose lives ended all too soon.


Party On Some of the hottest 420 parties are happening in your area—which one will you choose to attend?


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APRIL 2018

Online Exclusive! d First Dispensary Opens in Jamaica d Celebrate 420 According to Your Zodiac

Vol 9 IssUE 10

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Ce l e b r a t i n g i n U n i t y


hat does the 420 holiday mean to you? Consumers everywhere look forward to April 20 for various reasons, but overall we can all agree that 420 is the official time of year to celebrate cannabis. Let your mind wander and take a journey to a new plane of existence with a special new strain packed with THC. Pay homage to your ancestors who may have used cannabis long before prohibition took place. Spend time with friends or family, and share cannabis with open arms and bowls packed. Watch some of your favorite cannabis flicks with a bowl of infused popcorn. Attend a massive local gathering of cannabis advocates and enthusiasts and smoke a joint at 4:20 p.m.—these events and activities are what make the holiday of 420, and our community, so incredible. In the return of CULTURE’s Annual 420 Collector’s Edition, we want to express our gratitude to our readers by dedicating these pages to honor our community, as well as all things 420. And most 16

APRIL 2018

importantly, we want to party with you! After all, the best 420 traditions are centered on getting together with other consumers to smoke, vape, feast and enjoy our right to consume. We’ve prepared a little bit of everything for you this year—from an in-depth look into the life and legacy of Jimi Hendrix, recipes for some of the most beautiful, amazing, gorge-worthy treats, a cannabis entertainment forecast, and we even landed an exclusive interview with Broken Lizard in anticipation of Super Troopers 2—it’s everything you need to get the most out of your 420 celebration. Regardless of what this day means to you personally, it’s hard to ignore the infectious energy in the air this month. Dispensaries are busy preparing for lines on 420, which will make November’s Black Friday shopping crowd pale in comparison. Consumers everywhere are ready to drop cash for ridiculous deals on their favorite flower, concentrates and edibles. This year more than ever, April 20 will also be a day when

many first-timers will try cannabis in its many forms, and maybe even take their first journey to a dispensary. Don’t let the woes and setbacks of this maturing industry discourage you from taking pride in the work and dedication that our community has persevered through all these years. Instead, focus on the huge progress that we have made collectively as we bring safer cannabis to all who have a right to consume it. Let’s light one up and celebrate ourselves! Happy 420 from all of us at CULTURE Magazine. c Cheers!

Jamie Solis Editor-in-Chief

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Simi Valley City Council Hires Cannabis Consultant On March 26, the Simi Valley City Council voted unanimously in favor of hiring a cannabis consultant to advise the council on a potential cannabis tax ballot measure. “Staff recommends that before the city council makes any decision related to a ballot measure, tax rates, testing facilities and deliveries, that staff engage a consultant that is well-versed in these areas who can provide educational workshops to the city council and public so the council will be better informed prior to making

decisions on such critical topics, or deciding whether to move forward with such decisions,” the city staff recommendation reads. The decision to hire a consultant was made to accommodate the rapidly changing landscape of California’s cannabis industry. Deputy City Manager Samantha Argabrite said that the city council has not yet chosen a consultant as of late March. Simi Valley is typically known for its slow, stringent approach to cannabis.

City of Riverside Considers Ban on Cannabis Businesses It appears that Riverside could be headed toward an all-out ban on cannabis-related activities within city limits. The Riverside City Council voted on March 27 to ask its staff to draft a ban, which would replace the city’s current moratorium, which bans most cannabis activities. Councilman Chuck Conder said he wants to preserve the city’s “soul” by blocking normalized cannabis activities. Ryan Bacchus, CEO of California Cannabis Coalition, however, is planning to draft a measure that

Virginia Governor Signs Medical Cannabis Bill On March 9, Gov. Ralph Northam signed House Bill 1251, which expands access to cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) oils for medicinal purposes. “Gov. Northam signed HB-1251 on March 9, 2018. He added an emergency clause to the bills during the legislative process allowing immediate enactment with his signature,” according to Virginia NORML. First, this expands the affirmative defense for possession to


APRIL 2018

would allow some level of cannabis access in the city. He wasn’t entirely displeased, however, with the city council’s latest moves. “It was very good for the city of Riverside and its leadership to take the time to actually evaluate the situation in its whole totality,” Bacchus said. “It gave time, not only for the residents but also for the community staff to see what exactly you are taking these steps toward, but also how to properly evaluate and do this in a responsible manner.”

all patients with written certifications. Second, it will expand access to Virginia’s regulated medical cannabis program once it becomes operational. The affirmative defense certificate has been updated to reflect the change in law.” Before now, only a limited number of patients with extreme forms of epilepsy were allowed to have access to medical cannabis oil. The bill also increases the 30-day supply limit to a 90-day supply. The expansion could help fight the state’s ominous opioid problem by providing alternatives.

The approximate number of people who spoke at a late-March workshop on the topic of allowing cannabis businesses in Riverside County: (Source: The Press-Enterprise)


The number of Los Angeles City Council members who voted in favor of approving new positions for the city of Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation: (Source: The Washington Times)


The amount of money, in millions of dollars, that the city of Los Angeles has collected in permit fees from cannabis dispensaries since Jan. 1: (Source: Curbed Los Angeles)

The number of dispensaries that the Costa Mesa Planning Commission approved to receive conditional use permits: (Source: Los Angeles Times)


The number of business licenses created solely to favor minorityowned cannabis businesses in Maryland: (Source: The Baltimore Sun)



The estimated amount of money, in millions of dollars, that the state of Nevada has collected in cannabis tax revenue during the first six months of legal sales: (Source: Forbes)

30 The number of medical cannabis dispensary applications filed in Iowa: (Source: Des Moines Register)


The number of acres that were used to grow hemp plants in 19 U.S. states in 2017: (Source:


Cannabis Cup SoCal WHEN: Fri, April 20-Sun April 22 WHERE: National Orange Events Center, 689 S E St., San Bernardino WEBSITE: This is one of the most impressive lineups we’ve seen yet. The list of performers will include Wu-Tang Clan, Method Man & Redman, The Game, Nas, A$AP Ferg, Damian Marley, Lit and Corey’s Angels (yes, Corey Feldman is still doing things). Each day will also feature a seminar schedule with classes covering everything

from veteran medical cannabis access to making cannabis tinctures. Patients 18 and over are allowed to smoke in designated areas with documentation. Who will have the finest cannabis and win each of the cannabis cup categories this year? Attend this event, and you will find out.

APRIL 2018




Supply Chain Changes

california faces potential c a n n a b i s s h o r ta g e s By Benjamin M. Adams


s we enter into California’s new regulated industry, cultivators and distributors that retailers once depended on for decades may no longer be eligible for licensure, at least not under the same circumstances as before the implementation of Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAURSCA). Through the supply chain, some businesses report that they are having trouble connecting the dots between cultivators, manufacturers, distributors and dispensaries. The Bureau of Cannabis Control lays out the state regulations that govern these businesses. In Southern California, dispensary owners could soon face inevitable disruption, because trusted suppliers have yet be granted a state or local license, due to a variety of reasons. Corey, of Long Beachbased One Love Beach Club, told CULTURE that he hasn’t seen much disruption in the local cannabis community as of late March. “Most of our suppliers that I’m aware of have been going after only manufacturing licenses,” he said. Corey told us that the general consensus among dispensaries in Long Beach has been “that they are good through July.” July 1 is when California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control’s grace period ends, and when more product testing, labeling and regulation requirements become 22

APRIL 2018

mandatory. One Love Beach Club recently received one of Long Beach’s 32 (maximum) dispensary licenses. The dispensary reopened on the Broadway business corridor after a battle that lasted over five years. It’s currently medicalonly, but the dispensary is working toward selling recreational cannabis as well, once the city’s moratorium on recreational sales expires. Both medical and recreational dispensaries could be affected by ongoing regulatory changes. The California Growers Association, which represents multigenerational California cultivators, has been concerned about the negative effects of the changes. Part of the problem includes new distributors who are charging more money per pound of cannabis to cover the cost of new cultivation taxes. Cultivators, on the other hand, have not all been able to get approved for state licenses under the new system. According to a recent report by the California Growers Association, in a state of some 40 million people, only 534 cultivators have been licensed as recreational producers—and that’s an impossible task. California, during the medical-only years, was home to around 68,000 cultivators. Big Moon Sky, a licensed online dispensary that delivers to California residents, analyzed 100 of the most populated areas in California to determine whether they had access to a recreational dispensary, but found that only half of California’s most populated areas have access. “It is entirely possible licensed retailers will struggle to find legal, licensed cannabis products to sell in the next few months,” Zach Crafton, CEO of Big Moon Sky told CULTURE. “This pinch will be felt most in urban areas where demand and competition is fiercest.” So far, the weight of new regulations hasn’t impacted Big Moon Sky negatively. “We are seeing Big Moon Sky orders increasing at a tremendous rate as consumers are struggling to find licensed, tested cannabis products from their local dispensary,” Crafton added. For some of us, these burdens come as no surprise. The difficulties of entering a new regulated economy are real, but hold similarities to the struggles faced by cannabis businesses and consumers in other states that have shifted from medical to recreational cannabis sales, or from an unregulated market to one that is regulated. c

Up In Smoke Burlesque Adults of all ages and genders are invited! For one night only, celebrate 420 with an unorthodox party that will probably be unlike any other 420 events that you may be considering. You will be entertained by “cannabis cuties” who will rock the stage. Harvelle’s first opened in Santa Monica in 1931, when cannabis was legal in the United States, and its sister site was opened later on in an underground location in the heart of downtown Long Beach. VIP tables and group discounts will be available. The venue feels like underground speakeasies where contraband cannabis or liquor thrived during yesteryear. Pairing sexuality and cannabis is a popular trend in 2018, and this event reflects that. WHEN: Fri, April 20 WHERE: Harvelle’s Long Beach, 201 E Broadway, Long Beach WEBSITE: longbeach.

APRIL 2018




Slow and Steady A n u p d at e o n Los Angeles cannabis licensing

“Most cannabis business stakeholders in L.A. are in the dark on when and how they will be able to move forward . . . “

By Hilary Bricken


he city of Los Angeles has a love/hate relationship with its cannabis industry. After the passage of Proposition M (the local measure regulating and licensing Los Angeles cannabis businesses), the City of Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) has been implementing a threephase cannabis business licensing system in the following order: Priority processing and temporary approval for existing Pre-ICO/Proposition D-compliant dispensaries (i.e., existing medical cannabis dispensaries or EMMDs), non-retail cultivators and manufacturers that can prove they have been operating in the city since Jan. 1, 2016 (and complied with various mandated criteria) and the general public. Somewhere in there, the city is supposed to implement licensing for its social equity program, but that has not been codified in law yet. Priority processing and temporary approval provide “limited immunity” for EMMDs to keep their businesses open while the DCR processes their full-blown city license applications. Hundreds of dispensaries have applied to the DCR for licensure but the DCR has been issuing them temporary licenses at a glacial pace. As of March 13, the city has issued only 125 temporary approvals. The DCR is understaffed and unable to keep pace with the EMMD applications it has received. The good news is that, earlier in the month, the city council approved 21 new hires for the DCR, which should improve the rates at which operators are getting licensed by the city. The first phase of licensing has 24

APRIL 2018

not inspired confidence in the city’s system under Proposition M. To qualify for priority processing and temporary approval, an EMMD had to have had either (1) a 2017 Business Tax Registration Certificate (BTRC) from the city, or (2) have been registered with the city by 2007 and have either a 2015 or 2016 BTRC. For the first group of applicants, securing temporary approval from the DCR was a relative breeze. However, if an EMMD experienced any kind of partnership dispute, management issue or was in the second EMMD group, temporary approval was much harder to secure. Most of those applicants had to attempt to retrieve from the DCR temporary BTRCs with which to apply, and most of those applicants are still waiting to hear back from the DCR. It will likely be weeks before they move forward with actual city license processing. Under the ordinances that make up Proposition M, the second phase of licensing must conclude by April 1, 2018 and as of March 13, the DCR has yet to open the window to allow nonretail cultivators and manufacturers to apply for licensure. When this phase

will begin is at DSR’s discretion. The DCR has not said when social equity applicants will be able to apply nor when it anticipates opening the general public window. Non-EMMD applicants are concerned about L.A.’s undue concentration requirements, which the city has never fully explained but identifies as applicable “soft caps” on licenses per neighborhood in various districts based on either population or on square footage of land in eligible zones. It is still somewhat of a mystery as to how cannabis stakeholders should best prepare for licensure when they cannot know how many licenses will issue for a given zone or neighborhood. Most cannabis business stakeholders in L.A. are in the dark on when and how they will be able to move forward, and the second largest city in the United States is lagging way behind on establishing a comprehensive cannabis economy. Though the city has made progress by passing and implementing Proposition M, it still faces an uphill battle on starting and maintaining what should be one of the greatest and largest cannabis marketplaces in the U.S.c

APRIL 2018




Know the Facts

I s a d o c t o r ’ s r e c o m m e n d a t i o n s t ill n e c e s s a r y ?


By Lanny Swerdlow, RN LNC ith the passage of Prop. 64, many cannabis consumers no longer see the necessity of obtaining a doctor’s recommendation for a product that they can now acquire simply because they have reached the age of 21 years. But foregoing a doctor’s recommendation may not be the best course of action, as there are many benefits for possessing a medical cannabis recommendation that are unavailable to those who do not have one. Cannabis is inordinately expensive, making it likely that many people cannot afford all the cannabis products that they would like to get their hands on. Cultivating your own cannabis plants is the only viable way to significantly reduce this cost. With Prop. 64 imposing a six plant limit for recreational users and further restricting households to only six plants, no matter how many people 21 and over are living 26

there, it is unlikely those looking to save some money will be able to grow enough. A medical cannabis patient in California can cultivate as many plants as medically necessarily and is not restricted to only six plants per household. Both recreational and medical consumers can keep as much cannabis at home as they can harvest, but recreational consumers can only leave home with one ounce in their possession, while medical consumers can walk outthe-door with up to eight ounces. In recreational states like California, it remains illegal for those under 21 to consume and possess cannabis. With no age restriction, a doctor’s recommendation can help adult consumers of all ages. Although no one can escape state and local excise taxes, a medical consumer with a medical cannabis ID card obtained from their local county health department will not have to pay sales taxes. A few cities like Berkeley and Oakland

APRIL 2018

have lower excise taxes for medical cannabis patients. When driving, many states’ vehicle codes make it illegal to have any loose cannabis or a receptacle “which has been opened or has a seal broken.” Any opened container must be kept in the trunk. While loose cannabis is still verboten, medical consumers can have their cannabis in the seat next to them and comply with the law simply by capping the bottle, closing the box and zipping closed the baggy. For consumers with children, especially those who are cultivating their

“Since most p e o p l e ’ s h e a lt h benefits from the use of cannabis, it remains r e l at i v e ly e a s y t o r e n e w o r o b ta i n a medical cannabis r e c o m m e n d at i o n . ”

own cannabis, a doctor’s recommendation is as beneficial as a marriage license. Prop. 64 prevents Child Protective Services from citing medical cannabis consumption as grounds for taking children from their parents. Recreational consumers do not have that protection allowing CPS to cite cannabis consumption as one of the reasons they can remove children from a home. When traveling to other states, having a doctor’s recommendation will allow cannabis consumption in Arizona, Maine, Michigan, and Rhode Island. While those states have not yet legalized cannabis, their cannabis laws have reciprocity which recognize another state’s doctor’s recommendations. Note that some of those states may have fewer recognized medical conditions for the use of cannabis, so although Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder may be an acceptable condition in California, it might not be acceptable in another state. Finding cannabis will be easier for medicinal consumers, with many dispensaries still only serving medical cannabis patients. This number will likely continue to dwindle as more dispensaries are permitted to serve both recreational and medical consumers, depending on the state. Since most people’s health benefits from the use of cannabis, it remains relatively easy to renew or obtain a medical cannabis recommendation. The extra cost and time is well worth it. c

APRIL 2018



company highlight

From left to right: Frances Schauwecker, CEO and Founder Barbie Sommars, COO Lindsey Jones, CMO Mary Jane University

Mary Jane University (949) 242-5129 How would you describe your company? What is your specialty? Mary Jane University (MJU) reaches the heart and mind of the canna-curious individual and bridges the gap between medicine and education. Our signature line of in-home educational events and courses offer anyone interested in learning about cannabis a unique experience through product reviews, sampling and demonstrations. MJU’s In-home Educators have graduated courses on topics from the endocannabinoid system, history of cannabis, topicals and tinctures, vaping, concentrates, 28

terpenes, CBD, cooking with cannabis and more. What do you offer consumers/clients that others don’t? MJU offers [clients] education in the comfort of their own home or corporate environment. How and why did your company start up? Cannabis has been in the shadows for so long that many are unfamiliar with all of the methods of use (both ancient and modern). As the stigma lifts, we feel this grassroots, eye-to-eye education is the best way

APRIL 2018

to reach the cannabis curious individual who may easily be overwhelmed at the dispensary. We not only educate about types of cannabis products, but also the ancillary products, which are just as important. With the changing landscape of medical and recreational cannabis, what do you see as the biggest challenges to your progress as a company? Any advantages? We only see advantages as society welcomes cannabis into their lives and is understandably confused and curious. We are here to serve the need. What words of advice would you offer anyone seeking to enter the world of cannabis business? Be prepared for an everchanging landscape. We feel

like professional log rollers by now! Although there’s been an underground community for decades, we are an industry in its infancy with much growth ahead of us. Perseverance and passion pays off. What are the goals and vision moving forward, for your company? We envision MJU being a household name, offering education nationally and perhaps globally! What do you hope to accomplish in the cannabis industry? We feel this is an extension of our activism, and as activists, we’d love to see cannabis de-scheduled or at a minimum, rescheduled. Proper education is vital to this goal. In the meantime, we’ll settle for normalization and we clearly see that trend happening. c

APRIL 2018



strain & concentrate

HCI Reserve OG

Available wherever: Humboldt County Indoor products are carried.

This beautiful blend melds the electrifying qualities of Fire OG with the body effects of Skywalker OG, complete with that trademark fuel-like OG aroma and taste that consumers love and adore. This indica-dominant hybrid will appease even those with the most discerning palates. Its tangerine pistils accent the frosted pale green nuggets that glisten in the light. Its sweet petrol taste is tamed with notes of lemongrass and sandalwood. HCI’s selection contains elevated levels of the medicinally beneficial b-Myrcene and Linalool. Available in generous-sized nugs or as a pre-roll, CULTURE’s reviewers quickly found that Humboldt County Indoor’s HCI Reserve OG is helpful in battling insomnia, stubborn chronic pain and anxiety. This pre-roll contained one gram of cannabis with 24.7 percent THC.

Available through:

Artisan Extracts Live Resin Sauce Chunky diamonds scattered throughout a saucy pool of terpenes are the name of the game when it comes to the Artisan Extracts by Ganja Gold. This sativa-dominant extract is the perfect pick-me-up for anyone who is feeling a bit down and needs a little extra boost. The flavor consists of an extraordinarily fruity and citrus taste paired with a bit of a sour aftertaste, almost like a grapefruit. The scent profile is a little different and definitely has notes of pine present, and its pronounced in the aftertaste of the flavor. The sauce texture is certainly becoming a favorite among concentrate lovers, and it’s easy to see why. Sauce is almost always superior in taste, and Ganja Gold has no problem living up to this standard.

R:Evolve Tarantula and Pre-Roll Pack Ganja Gold has always impressed Californians with quality prerolls, tarantulas and other rolled delicacies, but the new R:Evolve pack is a whole different beast. This is a one-of-a-kind item unlike anything else on the market right now, and we couldn’t be happier to get our hands on it. Comprised of five strain specific pre-rolls, which are curated to their own unique experiences: “Awake”, “Zen”, “Heal”, “Inspire” and “Evolve”. Awake and Zen are sativa and indica, respectively. Inspire is a hybrid variety and then there is one tarantula “Evolve”. It is filled with super potent strains covered in wax and kief. Ganja Gold invites consumers on a journey through each pre-roll eventually “evolving” to the tarantula. Each of these joints has a unique flavor and effects and are more convenient than most realize. The benefit of being able to choose exactly which effects you need in any given moment is what puts this package over-the-top. Additionally they are packaged in a sleek cylinder with classy corked glass joint tubes. As most people in San Diego know by now, Ganja Gold really has this pre-roll game figured out. 30

APRIL 2018

Available wherever: Ganja Gold product are carried.

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For More Products Go To

3. Adhesive Glass Protector

1. Cross Bar Pipe We’ve all been there—after setting the pipe aside to reply to a text, you reach over to grab the pipe, just to see that is has tipped over and made a mess. Thanks to the sophisticated designers at Love + Destroy, you can kiss that petty problem goodbye. This beautiful Cross Bar Pipe is an elegant smoking device that was designed to capture the eye of discerning consumers with its sleek geometric design. It is cleverly designed with cross bars underneath to prevent it from toppling over. It’s available in three colors—matte black steel, polished gold steel and blasted stainless steel. Price: $68 Website: 2. Gold Cannabis Leaf Roach Clip Bracelet This is where fashion and functionality collide. This beautiful accessory not only acts as a stylish bracelet that shows your love for cannabis with detailed gold cannabis leaves, but it also doubles as a functioning roach clip, too. Ladies and gentleman alike don’t have to burn their fingertips any longer when trying to puff every last bit of greens with this inconspicuous accessory. The interlinking detailed design of this bracelet is discreet enough to wear at school or work, and your friends and acquaintances would never know that it is also a roach clip. Price: $36 Website: 34

APRIL 2018



Have you broken a couple bongs or hookahs in the past and are starting to get tired of it? Back up and protect your favorite glass piece with the help of Adhesive Glass Protector. No more annoying slipping or gliding for your prized water pipe. This silicone design not only protects your favorite smoking accessory, but complements your favorite glass with a pleasing floral or Mandela-shaped design. It’s perfect for protecting both round and flat glass bottoms of bongs and rigs. Now you can be worry-free when passing your glass pieces to your friends this 420. Price: $12.50 Website: 4. Dipper Vaporizer



Meet the Dipper Vaporizer—one of the most functional and unique vapes on the market. The Dipper Vaporizer by Dipstick Vapes is a sleek and versatile wax pen that provides two ways to smoke or vaporize. One way is with the Vapor Tip Atomizer, and the other is with the Quartz Crystal Atomizer. The Vapor Tip Atomizer actually allows you to dip the atomizer end of the vape into your favorite concentrate to produce a clean hit through the mouthpiece on the other end, similar to a straw. The Quartz Crystal Atomizer is more traditional; it goes in the chamber of the vape and can be loaded up with concentrates directly. Either way that you choose consume your concentrates, you’ll love this state-ofthe-art vaporizer. Price: $149.99 Website: GET YOUR CLICKS


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APRIL 2018

APRIL 2018




Release Date: APRIL 20


The Cannabis Cultivation Coloring Book Edna & Otis Ellison Pub. Stacey Neff Informative books are great, but during 420 we want to kick back and enjoy ourselves. That’s why we found The Cannabis Cultivation Coloring Book to be the perfect companion to this famed holiday. Paired with a joint of a sativa-dominant strain, adult coloring has been brought to a whole new level. As the only adult coloring book that focuses specifically on the horticultural perspective of cannabis, this is also a great gift item for your favorite consumer who has a green thumb. Packed with pictures of the cannabis plant in various stages of growth and development, all the way from seed to smoke, this book will keep your busy mind relaxed for hours. (Jacob Cannon) 38

APRIL 2018

Available on: PlayStation 4



God of War Dev. SIE Santa Monica Studio Pub. Sony Interactive Entertainment The God of War series began back in 2005 and focused on the story of Kratos, a warrior whose intent was to defeat Ares, well-known as the God of War, by interacting with and defeating various other Greek gods. Kratos’ “been there, done that” story seemed to have ended, until Sony breathed new life into the series. Now the eighth game in the series returns (with the same name as the first game) and focuses on Norse inspirations, revolves around Kratos’ relationship with his son Atreus, and is filled with glorious combat displayed in high definition. With a new camera system, this one has a lot in store for diehard fans. (Nicole Potter)


Lady Bird Dir. Greta Gerwig Universal Pictures With all of the wonderful attention being given to female artists and storytellers these days, one female coming-of-age story that shouldn’t be missed is the beautiful film, Lady Bird. The movie takes viewers inside all of the drama, confusion and intensity of a young girl’s last year of high school as she tries to escape her mundane hometown and her parents’ unraveling lives to seek out greener pastures. Helmed by Writer and Director Greta Gerwig and brought to life with stunning performances by Saoirse Ronan as the titular character Lady Bird and Laurie Metcalf and Tracy Letts as her parents; Lady Bird is not one to be missed. (Simon Weedn)

Both Sides of the Sky Jimi Hendrix Legacy Recordings What may even be more mind-blowing than the fact that there is a new Jimi Hendrix record out nearly a halfcentury since his passing, might be the realization of just how prolific he was in his tragically short life. Loaded up with 13 new tunes culled from sessions recorded after the release of The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s 1968 album, Electric Ladyland, Both Sides of the Sky adds even more magic to an already untouchable catalog of work. Though the new album might lack the energy and flow of a more authentic Hendrix release, the record still showcases a true virtuoso at the peak of his talents. (Simon Weedn)

APRIL 2018



APRIL 2018

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APRIL 2018

APRIL 2018


ver 47 years ago, Jimi Hendrix passed away unexpectedly at the tragically young age of 27. In the nearly five decades since his untimely death, the reverence for his music, the stories of his virtuosity and the estimations of his influence have grown to a point where his mythology has nearly fully eclipsed his humanity. For many, Hendrix is an inimitable powerhouse of guitar playing who seemingly came out of nowhere, took the world by storm, and died so suddenly that it seemed he’d vanished almost as quickly as he arrived. For those willing to dig a little deeper though, the story of Jimi Hendrix’s rise adds a richness and context to his playing and the music he created that might take away some of the mystique, but none of the value. From instinctively setting his guitar on fire at the Monterey International Pop Festival to performing his unforgettable rendition of “The StarSpangled Banner” at Woodstock, Hendrix is undeniably an icon in rock ‘n’ roll history. Recently, CULTURE Magazine had the privilege of talking with Jimi’s younger brother and one of his best friends, Leon Hendrix, to hear all about his and Jimi’s childhoods, his perspectives on the Jimi Hendrix legacy, and the roots and revelations of a true music icon. Leon Hendrix poses at Purple Haze Properties Photo by Ted Soqui

It’s quite a journey from Hendrix’s humble youth in the Northwest to playing “The Star-Spangled Banner” after a two-hour encore at Woodstock, which would define the hippie generation. Hendrix accomplished more in 27 years than most accomplish over the course of their entire life. Here’s some, but not all, of Hendrix’s finest moments.





November 27 - Johnny Allen Hendrix is born. His mother is only 17 years old.

Young Hendrix’s father renames him James Marshall Hendrix, because he dislikes Jimi’s birth name.

Jimi and his friends become instantly obsessed with a new music style called “rock ‘n’ roll,” after witnessing performers like Little Richard and Elvis.

APRIL 2018

APRIL 2018



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Photos courtesy of Purple Haze Properties

1958 1959 When you close your eyes and think of Jimi, what are the things about him that come to your mind? How do you picture him? Is it just his gentle spirit and nature? No, because his spirit is not gentle anymore, it’s omnipresent now and I feel him all the time. I even have confidence that we live again now because of my experiences with Jimi.


To get started, so much has been written (and will continue to be written) about your brother’s skills as a musician and songwriter. But we feel like people might not know your brother as a person quite as well. What do you wish more people knew about who Jimi was? Well, people haven’t dug deep, because his image and music were so great; it’s been the only thing people could really concentrate on. But what I wish people would know? That he was a gentle person who never spoke harshly, he treated me very well, he was very humble and also very artistic; he was like Michelangelo when he was a kid. Before he ever picked up a guitar, he used to draw these fantastic pictures;

It’s incredible that is how your passion for graphic arts started out! Like I said, Jimi as a kid was such an artist. He was a sculptor, too. He’d get clay and mold it up into beautiful things. He even crafted some cars and submitted them to Ford. So you might be driving around in a Hendrix original today and not even know it!

Hendrix’s father buys him his first electric guitar, a white Supro Ozark.

May 31 - After being caught in a stolen car twice, law enforcement gives him an ultimatum: Go to jail or the Army, so he enlists in the Army. He completes basic training at Fort Ord, California and gets sent to Fort Campbell, Kentucky.


it’s how I learned to draw. When he started playing guitar, I used to bug him when he practiced, so he’d find some paper and tie a pencil around my wrist. It was better than going to college, because I ended up working for Boeing as a draftsman because of it.

Hendrix’s mother, whom he idolized, dies of cirrhosis when he is only 15.

July 2 - Captain Gilbert Batchman grants Hendrix an honorable discharge from the 101st Airborne Division, mentioning that Hendrix is meant for other things, not the military.

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One thing that comes up time and time again with your brother’s work is his creativity and inventiveness. He had incredible talent for bringing fantastic, far out ideas to life with his music. Where do you think that aspect of his nature came from? Was it something you noticed in him when you were little kids? Well, look at music. You can’t physically touch music. Music is a spirit. It has no body, it just flows. That’s how inspiration comes, and Jimi had this ability to capture that. He didn’t have a guitar early on, but he would go to our grandma and say, “Grandma, I hear stuff!” And our grandma would just swab his ears out with baby oil. Then a week would go by, and he’d be back yelling, “Grandma! Grandma!” and


the same thing would happen again. He was hearing music, but he had no way to bring it, because he had no instrument. But when he hit about 14 and got his first guitar, he was off to the races. Everything fell in place for him; the cosmos were calling, and he captured that because he was born for this, he just needed his instrument. He even told me once that he wished that he had a bigger instrument. He took the guitar and that’s all he had, but really he wanted to be conducting symphonies and write orchestral music too. Do you have any other favorite early memories of your brother and his music? Well, like I said, he heard the voices;

he heard the call. When he finally got an instrument, a ukulele with only one string at first, he was able to make songs with that one string. He learned that he could tighten and untighten the string and get all the notes on just one string. Then at 15 he was in a band and wasn’t supposed to be able to get into the clubs, because he was too young, but they’d let him in anyway because he was the best guitar player around. Then at 16 he worked for Ray Charles when Ray was living in Seattle. If you remember in the movie, at one point a guy says, “We should have stayed in Seattle playing with that kid.” They were talking about Jimi! Jimi went by Buster back then, but playing for Ray Charles was his first job.



The young guitarist’s career soars as he’s hired as a backup R&B and blues musician for a slew of major recording artists, although some instances are disputed. Hendrix joins Little Richard’s band, tours with them, and records “I Don’t Know What You’ve Got But It’s Got Me” with Little Richard.

Hendrix wins first prize in the Apollo Theater amateur contest. Ronnie Isley takes notice, and The Isley Brothers hire Hendrix.

APRIL 2018

1965 1966

Hendrix forms Jimmy James and the Blue Flames, and he plays hippie clubs around Greenwich Village, New York.

Linda Keith, Keith Richard’s girlfriend, notices Hendrix’s greatness and immediately gives him Keith Richard’s Fender Stratocaster.

What kind of music were you two searching out on your own that was inspiring your creativity? Oh, we were listening to Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, B.B. King, Willie Dixon and all of those other blues guys. We’ve read your stories about Jimi taking apart

your father’s radio and trying to find out where the music was coming from. Was the radio how you two were discovering these artists? No, because in those days you just had what they called the Top 40, and the Top 40 was the only music you’d hear in the whole United States. Every night at seven o’clock one channel would play those 40 songs, and that was it. So, at the time, we didn’t have a record player, and there were no black people on the radio. If a black person wrote a song, they’d have to sell it to a white artist for them to record it and get it played on the radio. Would you two listen to the Top 40 songs too? Oh yeah, that’s all we did was wait for seven o’clock so we could listen

to that radio. Then there was that one time when my Dad wasn’t home, and Jimi wanted to know where the music was coming from because he wanted to grab it, but he couldn’t. So, he took the radio apart, and when we opened it, it was just some tubes and wires; there wasn’t anything to really investigate. We tried to put it back together, but just couldn’t do it. When my Dad came home and saw the radio wasn’t working we got scolded, to put it mildly. Jimi took up for me because he didn’t want me to get a whoopin’ and my Dad was a little inebriated and yelling, “Why did you do it?! Why did you do it?!” And Jimi told him, “I just wanted to know where the music was coming from.” He could hear it, he just wanted more information.

In London, Hendrix hires Noel Redding and drummer Mitch Mitchell to form The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Rock ‘n’ roll will never be the same.


We know that you’re a graphic artist and a musician yourself. Was there anyone when you two were kids that was encouraging you both to pursue your creativity and develop it? No, not at all. In fact, they fought it. They wanted us to work with our hands; I’d help my Dad out gardening. They wanted us to work hard and become mediocre. We didn’t really break out of that until Jimi left, and then I left.

Sept. 23 – Chas Chandler quits The Animals, specifically to manage Hendrix. Chandler brands his name as “Jimi Hendrix” and takes Hendrix to London to help him break into the mainstream and solidify his psychedelic image.

June 18 - Jimi’s performance at the Monterey International Pop Festival is a pivotal moment in rock history. After Pete Townshend from The Who makes a statement by smashing his guitar, Jimi makes an even bigger statement by kindling a fire on top of his electric guitar. The crowd goes nuts.

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means transport and "vision” means to see into the future. And if you notice a lot of the stories we were watching on early TV have come true. So, there’s some type of natural progression of knowledge and Jimi got on board; he was in the vortex or something. There’s a rhythm to the universe, and he was in it, and he never fought it. He just went with it and enjoyed it. All that he wanted to do was play music. Do you think your childhoods contributed to that? Because you two were left on your own a lot of the time and forced to be imaginative and create your own fun? You know, everyone here has their own personal experience and whatever you do with that is what it is. I kind of went off the deep end. I was a street kid when the welfare people stopped looking for me when I was 13 or 14. I went on a different journey, another pathway. I joined the Army for the same reason Jimi did, because a judge made me. Then Jimi came home, and I forgot I was in the Army and went on tour with him. Jimi said, “Let’s go!” And I was gone. Two years later I ended up in a penitentiary for it.

When you guys were growing up in Seattle, Washington, were there a lot of blues musicians touring through the Northwest? What kind of acts were you seeing? All of them, all of them were coming through. Little Richard came through right after he’d quit rock ‘n’ roll and become a preacher. He came to Seattle because his mother’s sister lived right around the corner from us. That’s where we met Little Richard the first time, he gave us pictures and everything. Then we went to his sermons, and he was telling the whole congregation how he’d had this dream that rock ‘n’ roll was going to kill him. Jimi and I tried to get dressed up for it, but we were raggedy with wrinkled shirts and broken shoe laces. We thought we were looking good though. I’ve read about you two going to see Flash Gordon movies together and taking in a lot of science fiction. Several of your brother’s songs talk about space themes. Do you know how he became interested in outer space and the bigger universe? Well, the word “television” is made up of two things. “Tele"

I know you’ve got your own radio show on Purple Haze Radio where you play some of your brother’s music. When you’re listening to your Jimi’s records, what are your favorite to go to? Do you have a favorite Jimi Hendrix song? I don’t really because I feel like I’m not done listening to it all yet. When I listen to his music, I still hear stuff that I’ve never heard before. It’s all so beautiful. I mean he’s such a composer, and in between all of the main stuff there are so many tiny riffs, butterfly flutters, and stuff with the music. I just love it. It’s like when you read the Bible or good text from prophets, every time you read it becomes something different. Jimi used to say that music and sound isn’t investigated enough because it’s a spiritual force, and we can only use our instruments to bring it. It’s been almost 50 years now since your brother’s passing. What do you think Jimi would say about his legacy? Well, I think he’d say it’s pretty powerful. In places like South America and Madagascar some people think he’s a saint. Jimi did all of this, he created his own immortality. Because of his music he’s still here jamming and inspiring other guitar players; he inspires me. I’m very thankful for Jimi. c

1969 August 15 - Hendrix’s legendary performance at Woodstock in New York would go down for eternity, forever ingrained in history. 56

APRIL 2018

1970 December 8 – Hendrix testified to the Toronto Supreme Court about hashish and other drugs he was caught possessing at the airport.

Sept. 18 - Hendrix was found dead in a London hotel room. The autopsy revealed he had died form an overdose of barbiturates, despite his friends explaining that Hendrix rarely overused drugs.

Leon Hendrix and Purple Haze Properties CEO Andrew Pitsicalis

n addition to writing his incredibly well-received memoir, Jimi Hendrix: A Brother’s Story, Leon Hendrix has been incredibly busy for the last several years with his business partner Andrew Pitsicalis, developing a powerhouse licensing company, Purple Haze Properties. Though the company helps artists like Digital Underground, Jane’s Addiction and The Alkaholiks, and artists’ estates like that of Ol’ Dirty Bastard, licensing their names and likenesses to a variety of products, it’s been their work with Leon’s brother Jimi’s legacy that’s been particularly interesting. Throughout his lifetime, Jimi Hendrix was never particularly shy about sharing his love for a variety of substances with his captivated fan base. However, it was cannabis that he was most frequently photographed and filmed enjoying, and that became one of the most enduring parts of his legacy. On account of the conservative, ill-informed attitudes of politicians and law enforcement personnel in 1960s America, this made Jimi a particularly attractive target for police harassment. It is well-known that the FBI kept a thick file on Hendrix throughout his lifetime, and there is little doubt that had he lived longer, the agency would have probably

worked hard to undermine his credibility like they did so many other black leaders and entertainers. Yet even under such scrutiny, Jimi seemed to have little interest in hiding his enjoyment of cannabis and in many ways showed that one could be successful, loved and have recognized critically acclaimed talents while also being an enjoyer of cannabis. Because of this inarguable legacy of Jimi’s cannabis appreciation and activism, it should come as no surprise that one of the most valuable intellectual properties in this new era of progressive cannabis attitudes would be Jimi Hendrix’s image and likeness. Thus, Purple Haze Properties was born and has been working hard to make sure that Hendrix’s contributions to cannabis lifestyle and culture are never forgotten. In addition to its licensing of various physical products, Purple Haze Properties has had its eyes set on bigger, more ambitious projects as well. The first of these, Purple Haze Radio, is set to become one the most widely distributed cannabis-focused radio stations in the world. Recently, it was picked up by Dash Radio, which will be installed in millions of cars worldwide beginning this year. The second of these enterprises is The Purple Haze Lounge. These lounges and clubs are being designed to

be 25,000 square foot clubs for those looking for an luxurious, highend experience for their cannabis consumption in this new age of legalized, recreational cannabis. Lastly, Purple Haze Properties is planning to launch the Purple Haze Foundation, a charity organization aiming to champion music and arts education both nationally and abroad, as well as take on arts and infrastructure programs in impoverished, third world countries. With all of these ventures coming to fruition, Purple Haze Properties is becoming one of the biggest and most influential companies in this new age of cannabis entrepreneurship and opportunity. c

Photos by Ted Soqui

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For almost 30 years Broken Lizard has been delighting audiences with hilarious shenanigans By David Edmundson


roken Lizard, the comedy hive mind behind comedy gems like Super Troopers, Beerfest and Club Dread began in New York in 1990. And while nearly 30 years have elapsed since the comedy troupe’s inception, these guys are as quick and funny as ever. With Super Troopers 2 being released on Friday, April 20 this year, CULTURE sat down with Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme and Paul Soter; four of the five members of the comedy troupe. We discussed filmmaking, their long history in comedy and how cannabis helps them in their creative process.

Photos by John Gilhooley

APRIL 2018


“Some of the most epic jokes from our movies came while we were stoned.” What did it feel like to put the uniforms back on? Lemme: Like mother’s milk. Chandrasekhar: It felt great; you look in the mirror, and you’re like, “Oh yeah, there’s that guy from the movie.” I told these guys I wouldn’t roll camera unless everybody weighed the same as the first movie. So, they could say we looked older, but they couldn’t say we looked fatter and older. You guys have been doing comedy together for almost 30 years, can you tell us a little about the genesis of the group? Heffernan: We all went to college together and started doing sketches there. Then we moved to New York and reassembled in the cabaret scene. We had been making short films and videos, and the idea was to make a feature film. So, we made this movie, Puddle Cruise, with credit cards and whatever. Lemme: That was in the early ’90s, when the independent film scene was exploding then with Tarantino, Rodriguez, Linklater, Soderbergh and Kevin Smith making movies quickly and cheaply. Soter: And you would go see them in the multiplex. We were like, wait a minute, a small movie can be on the big screen everywhere. 62

APRIL 2018

Was filmmaking always the goal? Chandrasekhar: Originally, we really just wanted to do sketches. We were such big fans of Saturday Night Live, I think we would have liked to do a sketch show. We had an opportunity to do it, it was between us and a group called The State, and they won the show. So, then we were like, “What are we going to do now?” There’s no need for another sketch

show. So, we decided to try and make a movie. Super Troopers cames out in 2001 and becomes a cult smash when it hit DVD. Very quickly there were rumblings of a sequel, so why the long wait? Heffernan: We didn’t want to dive back into the exact same characters again. We wanted to make a few other movies.

APRIL 2018


Troopers? Oh my god we play all those games you guys play, the meow game, the repeater.” Heffernan: It’s super flattering, that they play all the same games we do. Lemme: There was a great one with an Atlanta Falcons football player where he played the meow game on ESPN, and just carried it all the way through the interview. We saw a video from Felucca with guys at checkpoints playing the meow game with an Iraqi person, but the joke was lost because you kind of have to speak English. Chandrasekhar: I was parked in a car smoking a joint with a friend of mine, and we literally saw a cop car stop behind us. The cop walked up, and I put [the joint] out and threw it out the window, but there was smoke in the air. I didn’t want the cop to see me, because I didn’t want to have a publicity arrest issue. He shines the light in my friend’s face and asks, “What the hell are you doing here?” He can see smoke in the car, and then he shines it up at me and says, “Oh, I’m sorry sir, you have a good evening.” And then he walks away.

Chandrasekhar: We were afraid that if we did that, we would become, and I say this in a friendly tone, we’d become the Police Academy guys, who are mainly known for that one series of movies. Lemme: In retrospect, we probably should have made Super Troopers 2 after Super Troopers. We made Club Dread instead, and that tonal shift threw our fans off quite a bit. Beerfest ends with a tease of a potential cannabisthemed sequel. Was there, or is there a plan to possibly explore that idea? Chandrasekhar: We’d written 64

40 pages of it, and we just kind of got too high and meandered away from it. Then we wrote an animated version of it, kind of never finished that, but I think if this movie does well, I think we’ll do it. One of the things that makes Super Troopers so great is the way you mess with the people you are giving tickets to. What’s the general feeling amongst law enforcement officers when they see you? Lemme: I got let out of a 120 mph speeding ticket. The cop looked into the car and said, “Mister, do you have any idea how fast you were . . . Super

APRIL 2018

Super Troopers is such a beloved classic. Did that put pressure on you guys to top it with the sequel? Chandrasekhar: The problem is the first movie caught on in a way we didn’t anticipate. People sort of look at that movie that they all watched together with friends, they got high, they drank and they bonded over this thing. They have an emotional attachment to it. With the new one, we just decided to make another one. It’s a little bigger, the mustaches are a little bigger, the action’s better, we’re more skilled writers, but whether it catches that magic is sort of up to the audience. Heffernan: That is the trick to making a sequel, though. You want to reference the first one, but how much do you reference the first one? How much do you revisit jokes versus creating new ones? It was a fine line.

“ . . . They’re putting so many people in jail for t h i s g e n e r a l ly harmless drug t h at I d i d v o t e to legalize i t. I t ’ s a n interesting time; we’re in the moment of the end of prohibition.”

APRIL 2018


You guys mentioned cannabis. Are you cannabis consumers? Lemme: It’s part of the creative process. There’s only so much you can do when writing a script without getting high. Some of the most epic jokes from our movies came while we were stoned. You’re in a different place, and you’re laughing your ass off, and the hope is when you’re going over your notes the next day . . . Chandrasekhar: . . . You’ll be able to fit it into your structure. We write our structure sober, we write the magical flourishes and the jokes in sessions where we smoke a lot of joints. Soter: In the opening of Super Troopers, the whole comedy is born out of how freaky things can get when you’re high, and interactions with the police especially. Why do you think cannabis is so helpful to the creative process? Chandrasekhar: It opens a portal to a joke machine that we are able to access. What are your thoughts on the current state of cannabis? Chandrasekhar: You know, I liked it when it was illegal. It was a little more underground, you could be rebellious. Soter: It was dangerous. Chandrasekhar: And I thought about it when 66

legalization came up, that I might vote no, but really, they’re putting so many people in jail for this generally harmless drug that I did vote to legalize it. It’s an interesting time; we’re in the moment of the end of prohibition. Heffernan: It’s certainly a wave. It’s interesting how much it’s changed. My kids aren’t going to grow up with the idea that this is a hide behind the building kind of thing. The way my parents look at it will be so different from how my kids do, which is super interesting. Soter: There’s something very cool about the specificity of it now. The idea that I can find something that will give me a very particular experience. For our lives, up until recently, you just got what got you high. It’s wild that it has been science up to this point.

See Super Troopers 2 i n s e l e c t t h e at e r s F r i d ay, A p r i l 2 0 !

Your films are extremely quotable, what is the quote you hear the most? Chandrasekhar: “Who wants a mustache ride?” Lemme: “You boys like Mexico?” is a big one. People also scream “Eye of the Jew” at me a lot. Heffernan: People call me “chicken fucker,” “shenanigans” and “liter of cola.” A lot of stuff gets yelled at me. Soter: I go every day having “meow” yelled at me. ‘Til the day I die, I’ll be the “meow” guy. c

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APRIL 2018


Cannabis Entertainment in 2018:

G o Bi g o r G o H o m e

If you’re a fan of seeing cannabis on your television or at your local movie theater, then 2018 might be the best year yet. While the normalization of cannabis has done wonders in the arena of acceptance and exposure, there is something to be said about the art that was created around it when it was part of the counterculture. The taboo aspect of cannabis’ past brought us numerous comedy gems. That’s not to say that cannabis entertainment is dead. Far from it—check out a few of the highlights in cannabis entertainment in 2018.

By David Edmundson


“Who wants a mu s ta c h e ride?”

R e l e a s e d : M a rc h 9

Gringo Gringo is an action-comedy that follows a down-on-hisluck man who is tasked with delivering his company’s medical cannabis formula to Mexico. A wacky adventure featuring the Mexican cartel, a mercenary going through a spiritual crisis and a group of backstabbing co-workers ensues. An all-star cast featuring Charlize Theron, Joel Edgerton, David Oyelowo and Amanda Seyfried bring this absurd tale to life.

R e l e a s e s : April 2 0

Su p e r T r o o p e r s 2 The Broken Lizard team is back in uniform in the sequel to 2001’s cult hit. Featuring bigger jokes, action and mustaches, the film finds our favorite Highway Patrol officers going north of the border to Canada. There they are tasked with bringing a reluctant city full of Canadians into the fold as flag-waving Americans. What could possibly go wrong? A lot . . . A whole lot. Release: TBD R e l e a s e d : April 3

4/20 Massacre While cannabis comedies get the lion’s share of attention, horror is also a very popular genre for cannabis. Over 420 weekend, five young women have decided to celebrate their friend’s birthday by taking a camping trip to a secluded part of a nearby national park. However, their fun is quickly snubbed out when they stumble upon an illegal cannabis grow operation hidden in the greenery and protected by a bloodthirsty maniac. 4/20 MASSACRE is a comedy thriller that mixes gore, suspense, humor and is the perfect film to accompany your next joint.


APRIL 2018

Se a r c h i n g f o r t h e Cu r e If you are looking for something a little more refined, Searching for the Cure is a feature length documentary that explores “the world of medical cannabis, tracing its origins, scientific research, clinical trials, legalization and miraculous claims of curing cancer.” It will feature three former CULTURE cover figures—Tommy Chong, Montel Williams and Sanjay Gupta. The film will follow a number of cancer patients as they undergo a 60-day cannabis oil treatment. Their entire journey will be documented, and the film will intersperse the history and science of cannabis from throughout the world.

Release: TBD

T h e Be a c h Bum A tagline like “A rebellious stoner named Moondog lives life by his own rules” might not inspire a lot of confidence in a project, but when Moondog is played by Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey, then you have our attention. The rest of the cast includes Snoop Dogg, Isla Fisher, Zac Efron, Jonah Hill and Martin Lawrence. The film is said to be a comedy in the vein of Cheech and Chong, with McConaughey and Snoop Dogg taking over for the cannabis icons. The film will take place in Key West, Florida, and it looks like a visual feast of flesh and neon colors.

Returning Favorites

B r o a d Ci t y (Comedy Central) Broad City is scheduled to return for its fifth season in 2018. The show has been a breath of fresh air during its run, and stars the amazingly talented duo of Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson. The pair have proven that no subject is too taboo for them to cover, and the show is constantly evolving and pushing the limit of what can be shown on television.

W ee d i q ue t t e Season 4 and B o n g A p p é t i t Season 3 (VICELAND) Hi g h M a i n t e n a n c e (HBO) Everyone’s favorite cannabis delivery man will return for a third season of this HBO comedy. The show centers on a group of eccentric New Yorkers who all share a cannabis delivery person known only as “the guy,” played by series creator Ben Sinclair. The series began as a web series in 2012 before making the jump to HBO in 2016. High Maintenance is currently under contract through its third season.

VICELAND’s one-two punch of cannabis entertainment has yet to get release dates for its respective premieres, but both are listed as currently active. If they follow suit with past seasons, we should hear about their premiers sometime this month. Weediquette is a docuseries that centers on the science, culture, economics and legalization of cannabis. Bong Appétit, which is produced by Jason Pinsky, centers on the world’s most elaborate cannabis dinner parties. The show invites world renowned chefs to flex their culinary muscles with the greatest herb of them all.

In Memoriam Di s j o i n t e d (Netflix)

The streaming giant has decided to cease production on the Kathy Bates comedy that shared the story about a dispensary staffed by all manners of cannabis stereotypes. While the reviews in the cannabis community were mixed, it was overall a big step for cannabis normalization, and it was able to thrust the plant into the mainstream. c

APRIL 2018


Ultimate Munchie RECIPES

By Laurie Wolfe Photos by Bruce Wolfe

These over-the-top recipes should satiate your most extreme 420-induced munchie dreams. Having done an informal study on social media, we are responding to the food desires of the stoned and hungry. Chocolate and Nutella were the popular choices, and this was no surprise. What did come as a surprise was the one person who said blood rare roast beef. To each their own.

B a n a n a Nu t e l l a M i n d - A lt e r i n g W a ff l e S ta c k S e rv e s 2

There is no law saying you can’t make waffles from scratch, in fact, that would be impressive. For those of us who choose to go the frozen route, you will be rewarded with far less effort. If you are looking for an infused waffle recipe; just send an email to This is meant to be a delicious, decadent mess. Take a moment to admire and appreciate this fine work of art before shamelessly devouring it. Ingredients:

1/2 cup Nutella

5 frozen waffles, any type, toasted

2 teaspoons cannabutter, melted, or mild flavored cannabis-infused oil

1 large or two small bananas, thinly sliced 2 tablespoons orange juice Instructions:

4 strips of bacon, cooked until crisp Maple syrup

2. In another small bowl, combine the Nutella with the cannabutter.

and spread with Nutella. Layer with another waffle and place the bacon on top. Place another waffle on the bacon. Once again top with banana and cover with the remaining waffle. Place Nutella on the last waffle, and add the remaining banana slices.

3. Place a waffle on your plate. Top with some banana slices. Layer with another waffle,

4. Pour maple syrup over the whole, beautiful mess, and enjoy.

1. In a small bowl, toss the banana slices with the orange juice (which keeps the bananas from turning brown).


APRIL 2018

T r i p l e P o ta t o N a c h o s S e rv e s 4 to 6

Potatoes and cheese are many a cannabis consumers’ dream. This tower of crispy carbs is the ultimate comfort food. If you have an ovensafe plate or baking dish, it’s easy to pop in the oven to melt the final layer of cheese. Ingredients:

1 cup chopped scallion

(1) 10 oz. package tater tots

1 cup mixed chopped bell peppers

(1) 10 oz. package frozen fries

1 teaspoon salt

1-2 tablespoons cannabis-infused oil (1) 20 oz. box/bag frozen hash browns

1/2 teaspoon black pepper 1-2 cups cheddar cheese, shredded

Instructions: 1. Heat oven to 425°F (this temperature seems to work with most frozen tots and fries).

scallion and peppers. Cook until golden brown.

2. Place the tots and the fries on oiled cookie sheets. Bake until golden brown and crisp, about 20 minutes.

4. Place the hash browns on the plate. Sprinkle with one-quarter cup of the cheese. Next place the tots on top of the hash browns and add another onequarter cup of cheese. Top with the fries. Reduce the heat to 240°F.

3. Heat the cannabisinfused oil in a large skillet over medium heat. When hot, add the hash browns and cook with one-quarter cup of the

5. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and the remaining vegetables and cheese. Return to the oven until the cheese is melted, about 8 to 10 minutes.

APRIL 2018


Ove r -t h e -t o p S ’ m o r e M i l k s h a ke S e rv e s 2

Drive-thru milkshake concoctions fail in comparison to this cool elevation of a camper’s favorite dessert. Satisfy that sweet tooth for at least a month with this Over-the-top S’more Milkshake. Ingredients: 4 tablespoons chocolate syrup, divided 2 single graham crackers, crushed 4 cups vanilla ice cream

2 teaspoons cannabis-infused coconut oil 2 single graham crackers 6 marshmallows 2 single graham crackers, broken in pieces

1/2 cup marshmallow fluff Instructions: 1. Drizzle two tablespoons of the chocolate syrup inside the two glasses. If the syrup is thick, use a knife and spread it in spots inside the glass. It won’t be neat, which is absolutely fine with everyone. Chill for 20 minutes. 2. With the remaining syrup make a pool on a small plate. Place the crushed crackers on another plate. Turn both glasses upside down and one at a time run each rim through the syrup, and then dip the edge into the crackers. 3. In a blender, combine the ice cream, fluff, infused oil and the crackers. Pour the milkshake into the two prepared glasses. Top each glass with a few large marshmallows, followed by the broken crackers. Using a crème brûlée torch, or your favorite dab torch, very carefully lightly toast the marshmallows.


APRIL 2018


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Rory A., 56 In reference to intoxication and sexual contact: Firstly, what are your thoughts on intoxication and a reduction of agency and/ or the ability to give consent? And secondly, what meaningful differences do you see between cannabis and other intoxicants in regards to this?

Intimate Moments S e x e x p e r t A s h l e y M a n ta a n s w e r s reader-submitted questions about cannabis and intimacy Ashley Manta, also known as the “CannaSexual,” is a bimonthly CULTURE columnist who shares her expertise about intimacy, sex and the many ways in which to incorporate cannabis into daily life. Thanks to the questions submitted by CULTURE readers, Manta has answered some of the most important sex and cannabis questions to date. Keep reading to see if she answered your question!

T o mm y T. , 3 6 Is there any reason to incorporate CBD into sex? If so, what’s the best way to incorporate infused CBD products into oral sex? CBD is a fantastic option for a lot of reasons! Hemp-derived CBD is great for folks who live in prohibition states and can’t legally get THC products. It’s


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non-psychoactive so you can consume it without getting high, which is useful for folks who want to squeeze in a quickie before work or for those who have kids running around. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and there is limited but promising data that suggests that CBD could help to treat anxiety disorders. Anxiety and pain/inflammation are two common conditions that can get in the way of pleasure and intimacy, so if CBD counteracts those factors, it could be helpful for sex. For oral sex, you could use a CBD-infused topical on a vulva (assuming there’s one involved) and after let it soak into the tissue for 15 to 20 minutes. If you’re trying to use CBD to relax your throat for fellatio, I will admit that I haven’t tried that yet. But since it takes time to soak in, I imagine gargling with a CBD-infused oil would be more effective than a spray. If anyone has experienced CBD being helpful for throat comfort, please reach out and let me know—for scientific purposes.

This is such an important question. Consent is mandatory, always, and is something that is especially important to be mindful of when there are psychoactive substances involved. Coming from a sexual violence prevention background, I spent most of my 20s drawing hard lines between substances and sex, especially alcohol. The National Institute of Justice research report “The Sexual Victimization of College Women” found that “43 percent of the sexual victimization incidents involve alcohol consumption by victims and 69 percent involve alcohol consumption by the perpetrators,” and I quoted those stats liberally while championing sober sex at my college lectures from 2008 to 2012. When I experienced medical cannabis for the first time after moving to California in 2013, I discovered that there was room for nuance when it comes to combining cannabis and sex, because there are multiple ways to use cannabis therapeutically without getting high—most notably through using topicals and high-CBD products. “Negotiate before you medicate” became my golden rule for using psychoactive cannabis products, because if you’re going to be using something that can impact your ability to consent, it’s important to be with a partner you trust and establish some guidelines and agreements in advance—most importantly how to communicate (both verbally and non-verbally) when you’re ready to stop. Having a clear picture of what you want to co-create together in a given sexual interaction

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(Do you just want to make out? Just receive oral? Just dry hump over clothes?) allows you to play within each other’s boundaries. I’m not a proponent of going to a party, getting super stoned and hooking up with someone you just met. I do support having safer sex conversations, negotiating sexual interactions and thoughtfully using cannabis to enhance sensations and intimacy and help relieve stress and anxiety. Here’s the crux: Decide you’re going to have sex, obtain and maintain mutual consent, figure out what you want cannabis to do for you, and then use the appropriate product or strain. That’s how I navigate cannabis and consent from a trauma and sexual violence prevention informed lens.

T r y s ta n H . , 3 0 I am a cannabis professional, and I’m wondering what the best lubricant base would be to make my own lubricants. I usually use coconut oil for my massage oils, but have had some users complain of a grittiness to it. I use a couple essential oils along with an extract. I care about the body and natural Ph of the nether regions. Quick caveat: I am not a doctor or chemist and I don’t play one on TV. This is not medical advice. Coconut oil that is solid at room temperature can have some grittiness to it because it’s unrefined—meaning there are still tiny bits of coconut still in it. One way to solve that is to use MCT oil—it’s refined so that it stays liquid at room temperature rather than solidifying. Most coconut oilbased cannabis products actually use MCT oil. In terms of essential oil additions, I generally don’t like to see them on the ingredients list


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(except possibly tea tree oil) in genital products, because I’ve had a lot of vulva-owners share with me that they’re sensitive to them. Less is more when it comes to ingredients that touch the mucous membranes of a vulva. That said, I’ve met plenty of folks who totally avoid putting coconut oil on their vulvas—some have a coconut allergy while others find that it’s just irritating or causes yeast infections. Your mileage may vary.

Sandra C., 29 I have an ex-boyfriend who couldn’t get an erection without smoking weed beforehand. He said it helped with his anxiety and nerves. Is there a chance that smoking weed also helped him physically? Anxiety and nerves are some of the most common factors that get

in the way of intimacy. Cannabis, especially when consuming a high-CBD product or strain, can be effective in counteracting anxiety and helping folks be more present during sexy times. The research on cannabis and erections has been inconclusive—some studies suggest that THC inhibits erections on a physical level, while others suggest that it helps. Since erections (and more broadly, sexual response) function on both a physical and a mental level, it’s important to look at both. Dr. Emily Nagoski, a sex educator and researcher, writes about the Dual Control Model of sexual response in her book, Come As You Are: The Surprising New Science that Will Transform Your Sex Life. The Dual Control Model posits that we have two main processes in our brain that impact sexual response: The sexual excitation system (which Dr. Nagoski refers to as “the gas pedal”) and the sexual inhibition system (“the brake pedal”). These processes send signals to our brains telling us to turn on and turn off, respectively. Arousal requires turning on the “ons” and turning off the “offs” and I hypothesize that cannabis helps with both—but especially with turning off the “offs” of anxiety, self-doubt, shame, etc. However, as with all things sex and cannabis-related, sexual response varies from person to person, and context matters. Some strains and products may be especially good for getting penis-owners out of their heads and into their bodies, while others might leave them feeling sleepy or distracted. This makes it especially important to track the strains and products that give you the sexual effects you’re looking for, whether that’s erections, heightened sensations, decreased anxiety or anything else that helps you connect and be present. c

Photo by Nikolay Mikheev

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Honoring ICONS

Famous cannabis c o n s ume r s w h o ARE a p a r t o f T H E “ F o r eve r 2 7 C l u b ” By Kiara Manns

Janis Joplin (1943-1970):

Texas-born Janis Lyn Joplin spent much of her youth looking for a way to break into the music industry, traveling to both San Francisco and New York City to succeed in her passions. Her break came in 1966 when she auditioned for the rock band, Big Brother and The Holding Company. At 23 years old, she became a member of the band, singing only in a few songs at first and playing the tambourine. Joplin soon realized her desires to develop further as an artist with a solo career and made the decision to part ways with Big Brother, performing with the band for a final time in December of 1968. Joplin, like many musical artists, was no stranger to cannabis. Her song titled “Mary Jane” unsurprisingly


It is no secret that musicians can have a reputation for walking on the rebellious side, often straying away from what mainstream society deems as acceptable or normal. While in 2018 it’s more common for celebrities to vocalize support for cannabis, most are aware that this has not always been the case. However, despite the extreme taboos that have hovered over cannabis in the past, there were still a handful of daring individuals who chose to vocalize their love and advocacy for the green. Many artists who passed away at the young age of 27 had reached immense success, only to pass away far too soon. Alongside Jimi Hendrix, there a few more artistic souls in the “Forever 27 Club” who expressed their positive relationships with cannabis in both their art and in the media.

Jim Morrison (1943-1971):

focuses on her devotion to cannabis. Both a musical ode and bluesinfused song, “Mary Jane” consists of five verses. The first verse begins, “When I bring home my hard-earned pay/I spend my money all on Mary Jane/Mary Jane, Mary Jane Lord my Mary Jane.” Simple and sweet, Joplin’s “Mary Jane” details just how much she adored cannabis. An album released in 1975 titled, Janis, features a live recording of the song that was first performed in 1965. Before her passing, Joplin recorded her last album, Pearl, in Los Angeles, California.

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Florida native Jim Morrison was known to be an intelligent student as a child. He attended Florida State University in Tallahassee, later transferring to the University of California, Los Angeles to study film. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in 1965, Morrison, along with Robbie Krieger, Ray Manzarek and John Densmore, formed the band, The Doors. Both a singer and songwriter, Morrison crafted and co-wrote several of the band’s most popular songs including “Hello, I Love You,” “People Are Strange” and “Riders of the Storm.” While there is no official record of Jim Morrison publicly speaking out about cannabis, many feel the songwriter left subliminal messages in his music about the flower. Particularly in the song

“Five to One” from the album, Waiting for the Sun. According to analyses by both Rich Weidman, author of “The Doors FAQ” and Dylan Jones who wrote Mr. Mojo: A Biography of Jim Morrison, the phrase “five to one” is likely to be a cannabis reference. Some believe the phrase was inspired by the ratio between nonsmokers and smokers of cannabis during the time the song was written. The Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek, however, wrote in a transcript that Morrison would “smoke a joint now and then” upon a road case that once held a tape recorder for the band. Photos support this theory.

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Kurt Cobain

Am y W i n e h o u s e



If there is one name that is synonymous with the early ’90s explosion of grunge music, it’s the late Kurt Cobain. As the American singer, songwriter and musician for one of the most notable bands of all time, Nirvana, Cobain was another talented artist whose success was cut short in the height of his professional career. According to his obituary in The Independent, Cobain starting smoking cannabis at the age of 14, which was after he had already started playing guitar. His obituary continued to share that he spent most of his school days under the influence of cannabis. In an attempt to “turn his life around,” Cobain gave up smoking cannabis for the first time ever in order to pass the entrance exam for the United States Navy. According to The Independent, “Celebrating by smoking his first joint in months, he [realized] that becoming a US

Singer and songwriter, Amy Winehouse is one of the more recent fallen artists to join the "Forever 27 Club." Born on September 14, 1983 in London, England, she had several family members who were musically inclined. In 2003 her jazz-influenced and debut album, Frank, released and later received platinum sales. With the exception of two cover songs, Winehouse cowrote every song on the album. Three years later, her second album Back to Black, released in 2006, became an international success and led her to win five Grammys in 2008. Winehouse never seemed to shy away from talking about cannabis. Daily tabloid, The Mirror, released an interview in 2004 with Winehouse in which she openly discussed her relationship with cannabis. “I have smoked an ounce a week at times,” she shared. “When I smoke, I am just the happy me. I sing or whistle for three hours or go up and play guitar for four hours.” Winehouse even gave cannabis a

sailor was not how he wanted to see his life developing.” When Rolling Stone published Kurt Cobain’s diaries in 2004, it was clear that Cobain suffered from severe stomach pain, in which he would use heroin to quell. Ten years later, in an interview with Cannabis Culture, Cobain’s widow Courtney Love admitted to this, saying, “Yes, that was true, and I used to say, ‘Kurt let’s just smoke instead.’” It was reported in his obituary by The Independent that he would drink and use drugs to combat his mystery medical ailment, often bringing himself to a catatonic state.

Other talented individuals have been anointed into this unfortunate club. Brian Jones was the original founder of the Rolling Stones, playing a wide array of instruments on albums and concerts, from the guitar to the saxophone. He passed away in 1969, as he drowned


APRIL 2018

cameo appearance in her single “Addicted” where the lyrics state, “I’d rather him leave you than leave him my draw/ When you smoke all my weed man/You gotta call the green man.” Appearing on her final album, Back to Black, along with the single, “Rehab,” “Addicted” keeps an upbeat rhythm and incorporates a soulful sound mixed with what many critics deemed as “contemporary R&B.” After her death in 2011, Winehouse’s family launched The Amy Winehouse Foundation on what would have been her 28th birthday. Posthumously, a documentary titled Amy released for years later directed by Asif Kapadia and debuted that same year at the Cannes Film Festival. c

in his swimming pool while intoxicated. Other members of this club include American blues singer, musician and songwriter Robert Johnson, American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat and founding member, keyboardist and original member of Grateful Dead, Ron “Pigpen” McKernan.

PART I E S 4 2 0 Hi g h ’ ke , April 20

T h e Hum b l e Se s h , April 20-21

Hosted by the High Guides, the second annual 420 High’ke will take hikers through some of Southern California’s most scenic trails on a four-mile hike! Organizers suggest that attendees bring something to vape with an indica-based oil instead of smoke, because of high winds and the dangerous brush fire conditions. Westfield Dining Terrace Parking Lot, Culver City

With 420 vendors, 420 giveaways, a raffle and plenty of “420,” this is an event you do not want to miss! Get turned up, with a walking distance to the Pacific Ocean with special guest Frank Nitt of the Yancey Boys and hosted by M$AGE$. Tiki Bar, Costa Mesa humble-sesh-3

T h e 4 2 0 F e s t iva l , April 20 Need a little EDM for your 420 holiday? Don’t you worry. Four stages of music will host a huge lineup of artists including ARIUS, Wuki, Ricky Remedy, Dack Janiels, Lostly, Dan Stone, Transcendent, Geo, MVRVELS and more. Belasco Theater, Los Angeles

De a d o n t h e Hi l lt o p 4 2 0 F e s t iva l , April 20 Set in a 1940s ranch, the Dead on the Hilltop 420 Festival will feature live psychedelic jam bands including Electric Koolaid, The Groove, Catfish John, Zoofunkyou and more. Bring some gear, because camping is allowed and vendors will have cannabis-related goods to browse. The Hilltop Tavern and Inn, Apple Valley howardpresents. com/420-party

4 2 0 Sm a l l Bi z Expo, April 20 You certainly don’t have to be lazy on 420—actually, you can do the exact opposite and look for job opportunities within the cannabis sector. The job fair is hosted by GreenWayLA and will feature live music and art in addition to the cannabis professionals that will be looking for future employees. Arts District, Downtown Los Angeles

K a ya F e s t, April 28-29 Where can you see several of Bob Marley’s children performing at once and one of the finest reggae festivals, period? The Kaya (cannabis in Patois) Fest features Stephen, Ziggy, Damian, Julian and Ky-Mani Marley, as well as Lauryn Hill, Cypress Hill, Inner Circle (of Cops theme fame), Action Bronson, Toots & the Maytals and more. NOS Event Center, San Bernardino

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Expensive E at s D o w n -t o - e a r t h c o o k , Z a i r i l l a B a c o n , h a s a c h i e v e d s ta r s tat u s


By Devon Alexander Brown odzilla is a fictitious Japanese sea monster known for breathing fire and raising hell. Zairilla is a professional cannabis chef known for bringing the heat in the kitchen and warming souls. Their names might be similar on paper, but they’re very different creatures—and the chances are what Zairilla’s dishing out will have you running back for more instead of over the hills. Born Zairee Lee in Chicago, Illinois, Zairilla Bacon got her start in the cannabis industry in 2015 after relocating to Las Vegas three years prior. The former owner and operator of a catering business, Z’s and Company, Bacon opted to leave everything behind in Chicago in 2012 for a new start in the Lone Star state, but made a last minute diversion to Nevada after acquiescing to a decade of insistence by a close friend.


APRIL 2018

Photo by MillieXMedia

But Bacon is comfortable with taking risks. And that’s been her greatest asset since arriving in Sin City. Like most movements, Bacon’s didn’t see an immediate takeoff after relocating. In fact, for months she didn’t cook professionally at all. Instead she took a driving job with a local dispensary that would prove to be the first of many lucky rolls of the dice. When she took the position, the dispensary had a tradition of gifting edibles whenever customers placed delivery orders. And although edibles were an ever present menu option, they didn’t generate many sales on their own—until Bacon stepped into the kitchen full-time. “I didn’t want to just make cookies, I was used to making four and five star meals,” Bacon told CULTURE. “I was thinking if you can infuse cakes and pies, there has to be a way to infuse shrimp and lobster tail. So I started doing my own research and then my boss taught me how to make cannabutter, and eventually I learned how to infuse olive oils and coconut oils.” With her newfound skillset, Bacon began experimenting in private with the goal of starting a new company, catering to cannabis clientele. Soon after she would invite friends over for tastings, and after witnessing the potency and the inability to taste the cannabis, they began urging her to take the necessary steps to accept orders. So she took another risk and started securing ancillary materials. The branding name Zairilla Bacon would soon follow in a stroke of serendipity. “One day I was high as usual and watching Godzilla,” Bacon said. “Then out of nowhere I’m sitting there like, ‘Zairilla, hmmm, I like that.’ And I was eating some bacon at the time so I was like, ‘bacon, bacon—hold up, bacon bitch! I’m gonna call myself Zairilla Bacon.'” On April 20, 2015, Bacon officially started taking orders for infused meals. And once the first orders trickled in, word-of-mouth spread like a viral video. Soon the business took off with a surge in orders for infused wings—complete with a homemade THC-infused barbecue sauce called

“ZeeWee’s”—macaroni and cheese and ribs. Z Juice, a THC-infused fruit flavored beverage, is also popular and a Bacon trademark. It’s an original concoction from Bacon’s first days of experimenting with cannabis in the kitchen. “I was at a point where I needed money, so I said, ‘I’m gonna start selling medicated meals’,” Bacon said. “And Z Juice really stood out. But before it was known as Z Juice, I just called it medicated Kool-Aid. I changed it when it started getting popular because I didn’t want any problems with the Kool-Aid people.” Thanks to social media, Bacon made waves across the country, and her work found its way to the East Coast, where it was discovered by hip-hop legends and lifetime cannabis enthusiasts Method Man and Redman. Before long she was flown out to Boston to cook for the duo. And their praises set in motion a whirlwind of celebrity referrals that would, ultimately, lead to a network television appearance on VICELAND’s Most Expensivest. “At the time my branding manager hooked me up because I was making such a big buzz,” Bacon said. “They were saying 2 Chainz is here [in Las Vegas], and he’s going to be recording a show . . . they originally had a cook coming in from New York, but when they told him what I do, he was interested and said, ‘No,

“ . . . The next thing you know everyone knows who I am, I’m getting bookings l i k e c r a z y, a n d I j u s t p r ay t o d o something huge.” why don’t we roll with Zairilla and do something different.” Initially Bacon was hesitant because there would only be two days to prepare before shooting the episode. But after realizing she would be preparing meals for and appearing next to—2 Chainz, Tommy Chong and Hannibal Buress, she couldn’t pass on the opportunity. “It ended up being a really big hit to the point that 2 Chainz kept in contact with me, and I spent New Year’s Eve with 2 Chainz,” Bacon said. “It just went on from there, and the next thing you know everyone knows who I am, I’m getting bookings like crazy, and I just pray to do something huge.” c


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Variable Sexuality By Ed Rosenthal Last month was Women’s History Month, which reminded me that one of the first researchers that wrote a study on cannabis was Sister Mary Etienne Tibeau. She was associated with Mount Mercy Junior College of Cedar Rapids, Iowa and wrote a research paper entitled Time Factor in Utilization of Mineral Nutrients by Hemp (1936). I honored her in the first book I wrote, and I recently decided to take another look at her article. Tibeau chose hemp for experimentation “because it shows marked sexual dimorphism (marked differences between the sexes) and grows well under laboratory conditions.” In her research, she performed three experiments. The first was “a series in 84

APRIL 2018

which the plants were supplied with a high content of the essential elements K, Mg, Ca and N [potassium, magnesium, calcium and nitrogen] added to a Knop’s solution (a standard laboratory fertilizer solution)”. Her second experiment was “a deficiency series in which the plants were supplied with a nutrient solution in which K, Mg, Ca and N respectively were omitted from the complete solution.” The third experiment was “a series in which the plants after first undergoing periods of starvation of a single element were then supplied with a nutrient solution having a high content of this element.” Plants were starved of nitrogen for 27, 44 and 58 days. The results of her experiments caught my eye as I reread the

report again, specifically regarding her experiments with nitrogen. She wrote, “The most striking contrast was between the plants supplied with a high N solution and those supplied with an N-deficient solution. The plants that were given eight times the normal amount of N produced an abundance of dark green foliage, and all plants had begun to differentiate into females before they wilted and died.” Her results continued to elaborate on the effects of nitrogen on her plants. “After an initial shortage of 27 days, plants were able to utilize available N (supplied in high amounts) and the plants were all females. After an initial starvation of 44 days, the plants were unable to adequately use N (supplied in high amounts) and male plants resulted. The plants starved of N for 58 days had already differentiated into males when N was supplied. After 64 days they were still hardy, growing slowly as males plants.”

days they were still hardy, growing slowly as males plants.” I decided to duplicate that portion of her experiment and see if plant sex could be manipulated by N availability to the plant. The experiment consists of 40 cups with seeds planted. They are divided into three groups that will include only 10 cups each. One group, the control, is supplied with a fertilizer containing equal amounts of N-P-K. A second group is given fertilizers with. The second group is provided with fertilizer containing only P-K. The third group is supplied N-P-K, but the N is oversupplied by a factor of 8 until the plants indicate sexuality. In addition to

the seedlings, 10 clones purchased at a store and already identified as female will be included. Five each will be added to the N starved group and the N oversupplied group. Tibeau kept the seeds/seedlings under constant light for 12 days. She then transferred them to natural light on May 27. On May 27, dawn to dusk in Cedar Rapids, Iowa lasts 16 hours, two minutes, a long enough light regimen to promote vegetative growth. In this experiment, the seeds/ seedlings will have continuous light for 14 days. Then they will be provided with 16 hours of light for 14 days. They are being provided with 12 hours of light daily; a long enough dark period to promote flowering. c

I attended the Hawaii Cannabis Expo in Honolulu, and while I was there I was invited by a colleague who has a medical cannabis garden that provides medicine to patients. Each patient’s 10 plants (the legal limit in Hawaii) is behind a locked chain link fence. Here are some pictures from that garden.

829 – This is a garden for an individual patient.

831 – All of the plants are supported using netting for the sea of green.

839 – Another view from inside.

The Results So Far: Seeds and clones were placed in cups filled with coir that had been soaked and rinsed to remove any nutrients. They were placed in a space with a light regimen of 16 hours and will remain there for another 13 days. Upon germinating, they will be irrigated with nutrient-water solution.

843 – Each plant was in its own 100-gallon container.

One month later the buds look like this

One Love

Star Killer

Star Killer

White Fire OG

(Photos by MM)

One Love

Copyright by Ed Rosenthal. All rights are reserved. First North American Magazine rights only are assigned to culture Magazine. No other reproduction of this material is permitted without the specific written permission of the author/copyright holder.

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News of the


By the Editors at Andrews McMeel

LEAD STORY—Wait, What? Police in Mainz, Germany, responded to an apartment building after cries were heard from within one unit early on Feb. 17, The Associated Press reported. When they arrived, officers found two men, the 58-yearold tenant and a 61-year-old visitor, “hopelessly locked up” with a mannequin dressed as a knight and a large remote-controlled car. The men were too drunk to explain how they had become entangled, and one officer remarked that “the whole thing would have remained a funny episode” if the younger man had not become “more than impolite.” He now faces a charge of insulting officers. The Litigious Society Crestline, California, resident Claudia Ackley, 46, has teamed with “Discovering Bigfoot” filmmaker Todd Standing to sue the state of California, requesting on Jan. 18 that state agencies acknowledge the existence of a Sasquatch species. Ackley and her daughters, 11 and 14, say they were hiking a trail at Lake Arrowhead in March 2017 when they spotted a large figure braced in a pine tree. “I ran into a Sasquatch—a Bigfoot. We were face to face,” Ackley told the San Bernardino Sun. Forest rangers insisted at the time that Ackley and her daughters had seen a bear, and Ackley fears that by not acknowledging the presence 86

APRIL 2018

of the legendary creatures, the state is putting the public at risk. “People have to be warned about these things,” she said. “They are big.” Compelling Explanation A woman claiming to be on a mission from God led a Kentucky State Police trooper on a chase at speeds up to 120 mph on Feb. 10, stopping only when another trooper pulled in front of her car. According to the Elizabethtown (Kentucky) News-Enterprise, Connie Lynn Allen, 52, of Goodlettsville, Tennessee, told officers that she was Mother Mary, en route to pick up Baby Jesus, and that God had given her permission to speed. She also said that she had died six years ago. She was charged with several offenses and is being held in Hardin County. Awesome! Staffers at a Bangor, Maine, day care called Watch Me Shine were happy to receive Valentine’s cookies made by a parent—until those who ate them started to feel high. “Within 15 minutes, teachers were reporting they had concerns about those cookies,” Tiffany Nowicki, director of the center, told the Bangor Daily News. About 12 staff members felt the effects of the treats, which were confiscated by the police and are being tested. “If they find something that shouldn’t be in those cookies,” Nowicki said, “that’s a big problem and we’ll make sure it’s addressed.” The day care has instituted a new policy that no outside food can be brought in for the children or staff.

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