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R&B songstress Toni Braxton talks about her multifaceted career in entertainment, suffering from lupus and how topical hemp products have improved her quality of life.




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Tis the Season CULTURE ’s complete Holiday Gift Guide is chock-full of gifts that are sure to impress all the cannabis aficionados on your holiday shopping list.


Charity for the Cause Embrace altruism this month by purchasing from cannabis companies that support local charities and causes.



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Online Exclusive! d Recreational Cannabis Legislation Expected in Illinois d Infuse Your Hanukkah Celebrations with Cannabis












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‘Tis the Season


heerful and festive cards arriving in the mail, shopping for the hottest deals, warm cinnamon rolls in the morning and spiked eggnog in the evening—there are endless signs that the holiday season is upon us. When it comes to holiday shopping, the experience wouldn’t be complete without small bells ringing outside of grocery stores, as volunteers accept donations for mainstream charities. As we get ready to wrap up the year, there is also no denying our cannabis culture’s



focus on giving back to the communities we live in. While we support the sentiment, altruism shouldn’t be limited to the holiday season alone. Year-round, our friends and neighbors are facing economical hardships, from not being able to feed their families to unemployment, low incomes and homelessness. Don’t limit your charitable actions to just the month of December—give back through donations and volunteer work year-round. And if you’d like to witness inspiring examples of how to act every day and month of the year, you need

not look further than the cannabis industry. Countless dispensaries, cannabis companies and entrepreneurs have adopted a culture of altruism into the identity and mission of their brands. While we can assume the desire to do this stems from compassion and dedication to helping others, it’s clear that these charitable actions also help dismantle the negative stigma that cannabis companies often face in mainstream society. It’s essential that as consumers we continue to support companies in the cannabis industry that elevate our identity and work to improve their surrounding communities. Be inspired and find ways to support those in the industry who are so dedicated to giving back to their communities throughout the year. In this issue of CULTURE, you can rest assured that you’ll find everything you need to elevate your holiday celebrations. From our annual Holiday Gift Guide to infused and shareable dessert recipes, we’ve packed these pages with loads of holiday cheer. Let’s continue to demonstrate through our actions the world in which we hope to live in. Happy holidays from the CULTURE family to you and yours. c Cheers!






Quarterly Tax Report Indicates Cannabis Industry Shortcomings According to the latest quarterly numbers released on Nov. 14 from the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA), cannabis tax revenue increased in the state, but fell short of industry projections. “The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration reported increased revenue numbers today for cannabis sales for the third quarter of 2018,” the report reads. “Tax revenue reported by the cannabis industry totaled $93.1 million for third quarter returns received through Oct. 31, 2018, which includes state cultivation, excise and sales taxes.

It does not include tax revenue collected by each jurisdiction.” The state also collected $52.4 million in excise tax, $12 million in cultivation tax and $28.7 million in sales tax. But according to the Legislative Analyst’s Office, the numbers for the first six months of 2018 reflected over $100 million below earlier forecasts.

Nevada Officials Tour Cannabis Lounges in San Francisco Sen. Tick Segerblom and six other lawmakers from Nevada toured Harvest and Barbary Coast cannabis lounges on Nov. 19 in San Francisco. The group of officials included Nevada Assemblymembers Steve Yeager, William McCurdy, Daniele Monroe-Moreno, Chris Brooks and Sarah Peters, as well as North Las Vegas Councilmember Isaac Barron. The purpose of the tour was to gather insight into how Nevada lawmakers might tackle handling cannabis lounge rules and regulations. “Setting the standard!” Barbary Coast posted 12


on social media regarding the lawmaker visit. “We hope eventually every medical and recreational state will adopt ordinances for consumption lounges, it’s the only way!” Segerblom introduced several statewide attempts at regulating consumption lounges in Nevada, but earlier attempts failed to clear the Nevada Assembly. A Las Vegas city ordinance could be introduced to city council soon and sent to a recommending committee as early as December.

New York Health Department Releases Medical Cannabis Report The New York State Health Department issued its latest two-year report on the state’s medical cannabis program on Nov. 14. The report outlines recommendations including allowing doctors to prescribe cannabis at their discretion and allowing doctors who can prescribe controlled substances to become registered providers. It also recommends initiating a pilot study to explore insurance coverage for medical cannabis. “New York’s Medical Marijuana Program has grown quickly since its launch almost three years ago,” said Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker. “Nearly 81,000 certified patients and more than 2,000 registered practitioners are now participating in the program. The recommendations in the two-year report are part of the continuous work to improve the quality of this program to help New Yorkers who are suffering from serious and debilitating conditions.” The report also recommends making amendments to promote research and allowing third-party contractors to work as security officers.

The amount of cannabis tax revenue, in millions of dollars, that was collected by the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration during the third quarter of 2018: (Source: California Department of Tax and Fee Administration)


The projected amount of money, in millions of dollars, that San Francisco’s newly approved Proposition D is expected to bring in cannabis tax revenue: (Source: KTVU)


The number of epileptic syndromes that the new FDA-approved cannabis medicine Epidiolex can be used to legally treat: (Source: CNN)


The percentage of Contra Costa County residents who cast votes in favor of a cannabis tax bill called Measure R: (Source: NBC Bay Area)


The percentage of voters in San Francisco who cast their votes in favor of a cannabis tax measure called Proposition D: (Source: San Francisco Examiner)


The estimated number of patients who registered for Pennsylvania’s medical cannabis program since it began accepting applicants in 2018: (Source: Philadelphia Magazine)


The percentage of Americans who said that they believe that cannabis should be legal: (Source: Gallup)


The estimated number of Americans who live in states that passed pro-cannabis legislation on Nov. 6: (Source: Yahoo! Finance)


The Emerald Cup

WHEN: Sat, Dec. 15-Sun, Dec. 16 WHERE: Sonoma County Fairgrounds, 1350 Bennett Valley Rd., Santa Rosa WEBSITE: The Emerald Cup returns to Northern California for its 15th year. Sample some of the best organic, outdoorgrown cannabis that the Emerald Triangle and coastal California has to offer. Hosted by comedians Doug Benson and Ngaio Bealum, this event will include several renowned speakers as well as an impressive lineup of music acts. The legal side of the industry will be covered

in detail with seminars by high-ranking state officials. Speakers include Lori Ajax, Ethan Russo, Sue Sisley, Cat Packer, Dr. Dina, Hezekiah Allen and many others. Musical performances will include Gogol Bordello, Big Gigantic, Margo Price and Proteje. There are plenty of contests that will take place including The Emerald Cup, The Breeders Cup and the 2018 Farm Awards.





LOCKED AND LOADED South San Francisco approves c a n n a b i s ta x a n d i t s f i r s t delivery business By Benjamin M. Adams


outh San Francisco voters opened up the door to cannabis delivery with a new set of policies allowing those types of businesses. On Nov. 6, South San Francisco voters approved Measure LL, with nearly 75 percent support. Measure LL allows the city to tax cannabis businesses one to five percent of gross receipts. Delivery-only businesses can be taxed up to five percent of gross receipts while cultivation businesses will be taxed up to four percent, distribution companies will be taxed up to three percent and testing companies will be taxed up to 2.5 percent. Since Measure LL is an excise tax and not a sales tax, it will directly fall upon commercial businesses and not consumers. With the implementation of Measure LL, it is expected to provide the city with $100,000 to $700,000 per year in tax revenue. Many other Bay Area cities voted to approve cannabis tax measures on election day as well, including Emeryville, Santa Clara, Half Moon Bay, Redwood City, Daly City, Union City, Morgan Hill and Mountain View. San Francisco and Oakland also voted to approve amendments to their existing cannabis tax regimes. Once they’ve seen the endless lucrative possibilities, the cannabis industry is hard to ignore. It didn’t take long for the first business to test out South San Francisco’s new tax regime.



On Thursday, Nov. 15, The South San Francisco Planning Commission approved a license application for South San Francisco residents Dalvin and Genevieve Martin. “Our planning commission approved the first delivery-only business last Thursday,” South San Francisco Planning Manager Sailesh Mehra confirmed to CULTURE. “They approved it unanimously. The staff report conditions of approval and findings can all be found online on our website.” Mehra conducted the Joint Study Session of the Planning Commission and Design Review Board concerning the opening of The Loaded Bowl at the meeting. The Martins will open up a delivery-only business called The Loaded Bowl at an industrial office at 500 S. Airport Blvd. The owners are aiming to “change the stigma” surrounding cannabis businesses in their area. The business lies within the Business Commercial Zoning District in accordance with Title 20 of the South San Francisco Municipal Code. The Loaded Bowl will be allowed to operate for five years, at which point the city will determine how successful the business has been in compliance with local laws. The Loaded Bowl was formerly located in Redwood City. While the business will not offer retail sales as a storefront business, two employees plus a team of drivers will deliver cannabis throughout the city. The business isn’t allowed to erect any signs with the business name. In accordance with the city’s strict zoning laws, the business had to ensure that all restrictions were observed. “No delivery of our product will ever take place anywhere near a school, day care center, youth center, public park, open space, public building, eating or drinking establishment,” The Loaded Bowl’s agreement with the city reads. The Loaded Bowl will deliver prepackaged items that are ordered via phone or online. All cars must have locked boxes, video and audio recording, emergency alert systems and GPS. The company must also fill out vehicle maintenance records, inventory logs and delivery tracking. South San Francisco provides a good midpoint between San Francisco and the South Bay areas. Cannabis will soon become available to residents living on the San Francisco peninsula who previously had to drive to other cities in the Bay Area to obtain cannabis. c

Sublime with Rome Sublime with Rome’s latest single “Wicked Heart” recently became an online hit and prompted the band to film an acoustic video to accompany the song. Sublime with Rome and cannabis go way back since the original band formed in 1988. “I smoke all day,” vocalist Rome Ramirez told CULTURE last August. “That’s my thing. I don’t even know what a day without smoking cannabis is like—to put it that way.” Ramirez enjoys a good dab and some flower, while longtime bassist Eric Wilson prefers to stick to flower only. Here you’ll be among the first to hear Sublime with Rome’s upcoming album with all of the band’s new material. Sublime with Rome embodies the sound of Southern California—most notably Long Beach—so don’t miss out on your chance to experience it yourself. WHEN: Thurs, Dec. 13 WHERE: The Masonic, 1111 California St., San Francisco WEBSITE: sublimewithrome. com





cognitive functioning due to cannabis consumption, regardless of the subject's age of initiation. These findings are in contrast to similar studies assessing the impact of alcohol use and other controlled substances on cognitive performance, which “have shown medium to large effect sizes.”

TOP 10 CANNABIS HEALTH STORIES OF 2018 By Lanny Swerdlow, RN LNC 2018 has been another record-breaking year when it comes to the sheer amount of cannabis news. More states have legalized recreational or medical cannabis, and many progressive peer-reviewed health studies on cannabis interacting with various medical conditions were published. As we complete 2018 and move into the last year of the decade, let’s review some of the top health and cannabis issues that were discussed this year.

Doctors and nurses support medical and legal cannabis Recent articles referenced a survey by WebMD of 1,544 doctors covering 12 specialties in 48 states, which found that 69 percent of those surveyed believe cannabis can help with certain treatments and conditions, 67 percent believe it should be a medical option for patients and 56 percent support making it legal nationwide.

Cannabis dependence is down A study published in 2018 in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence found the risk of developing cannabis dependence among heavy cannabis consumers to have declined since 2002 and that reported tolerance showed no significant change.

Youth cannabis consumption has not increased In October 2018, the journal Preventive Medicine found that adolescent cannabis use in Canada fell nearly 50 percent between the years 2008-2009 and 2014-2015 with similar declines in the U.S. Maybe cannabis is no longer the forbidden fruit to youth, since parents are more frequently using it.

Study confirms cannabis consumption can treat insomnia Although cannabis has been used for 16


thousands of years to treat insomnia, a July 2018 study in the journal Medicines confirmed that test subjects “experienced a statistically and clinically significant improvement in perceived insomnia levels.” Insomnia causes multiple health problems costing the U.S. over $100 billion per year in lost productivity and healthcare costs.

Legalization does not increase traffic fatalities A study published in March 2018 by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that cannabis legalization in Colorado and Washington is not independently linked to an increase in traffic fatalities. These studies confirmed a previous study published in 2017 in the American Journal of Public Health, which reported that “crash fatality rates for Washington and Colorado were not statistically different from those in similar states without recreational marijuana legalization.”

Cannabis consumption not associated with reduced cognition or motivation A comprehensive review published in April 2018 of 69 separate studies involving 8,727 subjects published in JAMA Psychiatry reported no significant long-term deficits in memory, attention or other aspects of

Cannabis can reduce in-hospital mortality PLOS One published in July 2018 the largest analysis ever done of hospital heart attack admissions reporting that cannabis consumers had a significantly decreased risk of in-hospital mortality. Separate studies have similarly identified an association between cannabis use and decreased in-hospital mortality in trauma patients, those undergoing orthopedic surgeries, patients with traumatic brain injuries, heart failure patients and burn victims.

FDA approves first cannabis plant medicine Although the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has previously approved synthetic cannabinoids, on June 25, 2018, the FDA approved Epidiolex, the first plant-derived CBD medicine for the treatment of two rare forms of epilepsy. The Drug Enforcement Administration then reduced Epidiolex from a Schedule I controlled substance to Schedule V.

Cannabis is effective as opioid replacement Multiple research studies have been undertaken to confirm findings in 2014 that states with legal cannabis have 25 percent fewer deaths from opioid overdoses. Confirming the ability of cannabis to replace opioids and why cannabis can reduce opioid overdose deaths, studies released in 2018 have shown that in states with legal cannabis doctors prescribe fewer opioids and over two-thirds of chronic pain patients substitute prescription opioids for cannabis.

Legalization increasing adult cannabis use The August 2018 Annals of Internal Medicine released the survey results of 16,280 adults finding 14.6 percent using cannabis in the past year, including 8.7 percent admitting use in the last 30 days—the consumption rate doubling in just 10 years. c






The Essential Cannabis Book: A Field Guide for the Curious


Rob Mejia Pub. Spring House Press There are cannabis novices and cannabis experts, the cannasseurs and the cannabis curious. While The Essential Cannabis Book has the potential to be enjoyed by all who love the cannabis plant, it was written specifically with the cannabis-curious in mind. Covering some of the most basic cannabis questions like, “Can you really use cannabis and not get high?” this book might be a little boring at times for the monthly CULTURE reader. However, it is a great gift for those in your life who want or need to learn more about the intricate world of cannabis. (Jacob Cannon)




Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate Dev. Bandai Namco Studios Pub. Nintendo This year the game industry is blessed with the fifth installment of the Super Smash Bros. series, entitled Ultimate, which features new characters and endless hours of soaring wins and epic losses. Play as Simon Belmont from Castlevania, Isabelle from Animal Crossing, a Piranha Plant from Super Mario Bros. and many other notable characters, all while testing out new stages and playable modes. Ultimate brings a lot to the table, both for seasoned fighting game aficionados as well as those who are new to the concept, and it’s the perfect game to play with your friends and family together this holiday. (Nicole Potter)


BlacKkKlansman Dir. Spike Lee Focus Features For almost four decades now, Director Spike Lee has been bringing powerful and compelling stories to the silver screen. His most recent film, BlacKkKlansman, continues in this tradition telling the true story of retired Colorado police officer Ron Stallworth (played by John David Washington) and the incredible work he did infiltrating and investigating the Ku Klux Klan in the 1970s. Filled out with stellar performances by Alec Balwin, Adam Driver and Topher Grace, BlacKkKlansman does well bringing this nearly unbelievable tale to life through Lee’s unique lens and adds yet another stellar film to his already incredible body of work. (Simon Weedn)


Black Velvet Charles Bradley Daptone Records Late last year, modern soul legend Charles Bradley passed away after a fight with stomach cancer at the age of 68. On what would have been the week of his 69th birthday, Daptone Records released Bradley’s fourth and final studio album, Black Velvet, comprised of unused recordings from his three previous records. Brimming with all of the vintage style soul sounds that made Bradley a star in the final years of his life, Black Velvet is an incredible collection of songs. The album marks a fitting end to one of the most talented, brilliant and stunning artists of the last decade. (Simon Weedn)







By Kiara Manns

With a decorated career and involvement in just about every corner of the entertainment industry, legendary singer Toni Braxton is more than just an R&B icon. Through years of success and dedication to her craft, Braxton has become a household name. From her solo music career to producing and starring in a hit reality TV show series, Braxton Family Values, the multitalented Braxton has nearly done it all. She first stepped into the scene with her four sisters as the musical group, The Braxtons, during the 1980s. Soon after, her first selftitled album debuted in 1993, which featured the hit song “Another Sad Love Song.” The album alone led to three Grammy Award wins, and Toni Braxton became one of the top female artists in R&B. Braxton’s next studio album Secrets was even more commercially successful and generated the chart-topping hits “You’re Makin’ Me High” and “Un-Break My Heart.” Currently, she has released eight studio albums, achieved a total of seven Grammy Award wins, 11 Grammy Award nominations, sold 67 million records, mothered two boys, produced two reality series and tapped into a successful career of acting and producing. She’s also the recipient of five Billboard Music Awards, an

Echo Award, a NAACP Image Award and several Soul Train Music Awards. Only a few years ago, in 2010, did Braxton publicly share her diagnosis of an autoimmune disease, systemic lupus erythematosus. As an autoimmune disease, lupus causes the immune system to attack healthy tissues and can affect any part of the body. The disease can also cause unwanted butterfly rashes to appear on the skin. Pain and inflammation are often side effects of the disease, but Braxton refused to let these challenging symptoms stand in her way. Braxton took her diagnosis story to the world in hopes of bringing a sense of community and connection for those who have also been diagnosed with lupus. She encourages others to not let their diagnosis halt their ambitions and hopes to lead by example. By committing to a healthy lifestyle and using all-natural health and beauty products, she continues to maintain her own plans for her performance career and future projects. Braxton is now taking on a new role as the brand ambassador for Uncle Bud’s Hemp, a company that specializes in “natural hemp-infused products for pain relief, skin care and personal care.” Uncle Bud’s Hemp prides itself in incorporating natural hemp oil, which is rich in fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants that help to promote healthy skin and slow cell damage. It’s a brand that Braxton can personally stand behind. CULTURE caught up with Braxton to receive insight into her career thus far and to learn how hemp products have aided in providing her a lifestyle that is healthy, safe and fulfilling.



You have been involved in reality TV show Braxton Family Values not just on-screen, but behind the scenes as executive producer. What is it like producing a reality show that centers on your own family? I am enjoying being the executive producer on both Braxton Family Values and my recent movie roles. I like the control of making decisions that has a positive impact on my acting. You were also a contestant on Dancing with the Stars in its seventh season. How was that experience? It was really exhausting. At the time, I didn’t want the world to know that I was living with lupus. I committed to Dancing with the Stars to show that I was healthy and strong. You’ve been in the entertainment industry as both a solo recording artist and you’ve worked in various projects with your family. How have those endeavours impacted your life today? Family is first and foremost, of course. Professionally, music is my first love, and I have enjoyed the opportunities I have had to act both in movies and on Broadway.


OCT. 7, Toni Michelle Braxton is born to Minister Michael Braxton and his wife Evelyn in Severn, Maryland.


Braxton grows up in a strict religious household, but she finds her true passion while singing with her younger sisters Traci, Towanda, Trina and Tamar at their father’s church.


JUNE 30, Braxton’s breakthrough moment arrives. Anita Baker is unable to sing for the soundtrack of Eddie Murphy’s Boomerang, and Braxton is asked to fill in. The soundtrack attracts a lot of attention with several hit singles.


Not only do you have a big family, but you all have collaborated together from singing with your sisters to filming reality TV. What are the benefits of working with your family members? We love each other. If feelings are running high, you know at the end of the day, you are family, and you have to settle your differences.



Tell us about your upcoming role in the Lifetime movie, Every Day is Christmas. It was fun to be the bad guy as a female Scrooge. I enjoyed doing a woman’s take on that wonderful holiday parable.


Braxton and her younger sisters form The Braxtons. The group releases its first single “The Good Life,” and singer, songwriter and producer Babyface is impressed by what he hears. Babyface quickly signs Braxton to LaFace Records.

JULY 13, Braxton’s eponymous debut album is released and becomes an enormous hit, eventually selling over eight million albums and reaching number one on the Billboard 200 chart.


MARCH 1, “Another Sad Love Song” earns her Best New Artist and Best Female R&B Vocal Performance awards at The Grammy Awards.



How has life changed for you since you were diagnosed with lupus? Being open about my condition has been empowering, and it lets others who may be suffering know that they aren’t alone and that they don’t have to give up their dream. I don’t let the disease stop me. I help manage my symptoms by using safe, natural pain-relief products like Uncle Bud’s, along with other healthy lifestyle alterations.

You’ll also be on tour at the start of the New Year. What can fans expect from this upcoming tour? I love my fans, and I will be doing all of my hits. It’s no secret with your extensive resume that you enjoy working in so many aspects of the entertainment industry. From singing and acting to producing, is there a favorite form of entertaining you have among them? I enjoy them all; music was my start, so that will always remain my favorite. How do you feel about being referred to as a diva? It is an honor to be a celebrated female singer. Many doors are open to me, because of that description. You’re a mother of two teenage boys; what are some of the lessons you hope to instill in your sons? I want them to be honest, kind, honorable and hardworking young men.


MARCH 1, Braxton earns a Grammy Award for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance at the 37th Grammy Awards for “Breathe Again.”


APRIL 25, The Heat, Braxton’s studio album, is released.




FEB. 28, Braxton is nominated for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance at the 38th Annual Grammy Awards.

JUNE 18, Braxton’s second solo album Secrets is released and is also massively successful. “Un-Break My Heart” becomes her most successful single to date, followed by “You Make Me High.”


FEB. 21, Braxton wins a Grammy Award for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance with “He Wasn’t Man Enough” and is nominated for another Grammy Award.



FEB. 27 Braxton collects another two Grammy Awards for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. She is also nominated for two additional Grammy Awards.


OCT. 23, Snowflakes, Braxton’s first holiday album is released.

NOV. 19, Braxton’s studio album More Than a Woman is released.



What is something about overcoming the symptoms of lupus that you would like others to know? Never stop living your life. Take control of your body, and carefully work yourself through life’s hurdles. It can be done. When were hemp-based products first introduced to you as a treatment option for lupus? I was first introduced to the power of hemp through Uncle Bud’s products. I am hooked. For those who are considering using hempinfused topical products, what’s something you’d like to share about how it helps you? That there are some misconceptions surrounding hemp versus CBD products, and many mistakenly use the terms interchangeably. Hemp seed oil is an all-natural oil that contains no psychoactive properties


SEPT. 27, Libra, named after Braxton’s Zodiac sign, is released as her latest studio album. Braxton takes a short hiatus from the studio.

relief products, making them an essential part of an everyday routine for me, as I have long suffered from the painful and debilitating effects of lupus.

and is legal in the United States. Uncle Bud’s Hemp Pain Relief & Skin Care products do not contain any CBD. The industry can help dispel the conceptions by continuing to educate the consumer, and Uncle Bud’s will continue to be a source of information with the launch of their efficacious products, packaging and website. What types of treatment options did you try before resorting to hemp topical products? Rest, clean living, staying out of the sun.




The company shares that it provides a natural remedy for various conditions; why is it important to you to work with a company that utilizes natural ingredients in its products? Having had to make healthy alterations to my lifestyle, this hemp-healthy brand specializes in pain

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers? You are strong, and you can meet the challenges that life throws your way. c


MAY 4, Braxton releases her studio album Pulse, and shortly afterwards, she decides to focus on other parts of her career.

MAY 14, Braxton releases her memoir Unbreak My Heart: A Memoir published by HarperCollins.

Why did you choose to partner with Uncle Bud’s over another brand or treatment option? I believe in the product, and it really works for me. I wanted to share that experience with others.

What is your favorite Uncle Bud’s product? Why? It is hard to pick just one. But right now, I am loving the Uncle Bud’s Topical Pain Reliever as it works super-fast, penetrates deep and relieves aches and pains better than any other over-the-counter product I have tried. All you need is a small dab. A close second is the Massage and Body Oil. It adds a touch of pampering to pain relief.

APRIL 11, The reality television series Braxton Family Values debuts on WE tv, and it receives three times the ratings of typical WE tv series.

2015 FEB. 8, Love, Marriage & Divorce wins a Grammy Award for Best R&B Album.


FEB. 4, Braxton releases her collaborative album Love, Marriage & Divorce with Babyface.

OCT. 30, The Braxtons release a holiday album Braxton Family Christmas, in which all five of her sisters participate.


MARCH 23, Sex & Cigarettes, Braxton’s most recent studio album is released.




gifts for the cannabis lovers in your life



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PAY IT FORWARD Support cannabis companies and o r g a n i z at i o n s t h at g i v e back to those in need


By Caroline Hayes


or some, the holiday months are a time to celebrate, a time to give, receive and enjoy meals with loved ones. For others, this time of year may only highlight the fact that they may not be able to provide for themselves or their families. The holiday months are an opportune time to pay it forward thanks to the places of business that organize food, clothing and toy drives or donate to charities using revenue from their sales, making it easy for people to get involved. This holiday season, cannabis consumers can help just by supporting the stores or companies in the industry that are taking an altruistic approach and helping others. Just as


Photo courtesy of The+Source

important as the charities in need are the medical patients in the cannabis world. Donating directly to dispensarysponsored programs that assist patients with free meds or patient-focused groups are also easy ways to get involved. Paying it forward can be as simple as buying products at a local dispensary that is using proceeds to supply meals, toys or services to those in need. For the second year in a row, The+Source, a Nevadabased dispensary, will donate to Three Square, Southern Nevada’s only food bank. Customers of The+Source can help support Three Square by purchasing one of the store’s select promo items during its 12 Days of December celebration. Customers can also bring in canned food in exchange for points to use in the store. Dan Zarrella, director of marketing for The+Source, shared with CULTURE the simple reason why the company donates. “There isn’t a great inspiration story other than our desire to find an inspiring way

to give back and show off the spirit of the community we all love,” Zarrella said. He added that The+Source’s customer response to the food drive in 2017 was impressive, and the community was generous. “We built massive towers of cans in our lobbies, yielding over 150,000 pounds of nonperishable food donations.” Bloom Farms, with locations in Nevada and California, is also committed to ending hunger in those states and has partnered with local food banks to supply meals. For every Bloom Farms product sold, including PAX Era oil cartridges, ultra-premium flower and pens, the company will donate a meal to one of the local food banks. Michael Ray, founder and CEO of Bloom Farms said he knew he had to help when he learned approximately one in eight Californians suffer from “food insecurity,” meaning that they don’t know where they will get their next meal. “We decided to build our one-for-one program deep into the foundation of company structure," he said. "It expands as we do because other states have similar or worse food insecurity and because contributing to our local communities in meaningful ways is part of our culture.” Ray has seen his company’s altruistic gestures create a new expectation in cannabis customers. Ray went on to share, “We are seeing firsthand the light bulb go off for some people when they realize they can contribute to real change simply through purchasing decisions that have some kind of social giveback, and we think it raises their expectations for what companies across all industries should be doing.” Bloom Farms’ year-round one-for-one program began December 2015 and has since donated more than $1.4 million in meals. Large cannabis brands in other recreational cannabis states have also demonstrated a yearround dedication to giving back. Native Roots, a leading Colorado


dispensary chain, recently donated $1,000 to Servicios de La Raza, which provides essential human services to people in need and also to Victory Service Dogs, which assists veterans in obtaining service dogs, said Kim Casey, communications manager. Native Roots employees also volunteer at various shelters throughout Colorado during the year. Also in Denver, Colorado, GroundSwell Cannabis Boutique hosted a coat drive throughout the month of November. Medical or recreational customers who donated a coat received a discount on their purchase. Just by shopping at stores that organize drives and donate is a simple way to help as a consumer. A way to directly support medical cannabis patients in need is to seek out programs like Dispensary 33’s (D33) Cannabis Compassion Program (CCP) in Chicago, which donates at least one percent of sales to getting financially distressed patients free cannabis. Co-owner Zachary Zises told CULTURE that D33’s owners knew they wanted to run the program from the day they opened the store. “The basic idea is that, while it can be really helpful to offer those in financial need a 10 or 20 percent discount, the reality is that those discounts won’t really move the needle for the neediest patients—they still won’t be able to afford anywhere near what

they need,” he said. So, what’s more helpful than a discount? Free product. A small number of people each week receive an eighth of flower at no cost. “As we get bigger, so does the program, so at this point we give out about $50,000 in free product every year. It really changes people’s lives and is something we’re really proud of,” Zises said. These kinds of programs especially work when a dispensary is doing well and has revenue to spare. Cannabis customers can encourage the growth of programs like CCP by shopping at dispensaries that run them. Another way to help individuals is by donating to national patient-based groups such as United Patients Group, an organization that is a valuable resource for patients wanting to learn more about cannabis for specific medical conditions. United Patients Group provides people with resources to help them video chat with a certified doctor, learn what cannabis products are legal in their state, find doctors in their area who embrace cannabis use for medical treatment, explore learning blogs about cannabis and illnesses and more. To contribute to this cause, go to United Patients Group website and click “donate.” The companies and organizations talked about here, along with so many others not mentioned, demonstrate what it’s like to show a strong compassion to care for the welfare of others. Utilize these programs by supporting altruistic cannabis companies, so that others in the community can benefit. Even a small donation to a patient-focused group or program is helpful. Call around to your local dispensary to find out if they are involved in any philanthropic efforts this holiday season—see how you can support these organizations and people in need. c



the Season of sharing

G i v e t h e g i f t o f d e l i c i o u s f l av o r w i t h r e c i p e s f o r s h a r e a b l e s w e e t t r e at s standing underneath the mistletoe or sitting beside a warm fireplace—and treats like these are best made to share with your loved ones. Here are just a few seasonal recipes that are perfect for sharing with others. As with all cannabisinfused recipes, be sure to keep the THC potency low so that everyone can enjoy their treats comfortably and safely.

By Laurie Wolf Nobody would argue if December’s unofficial slogan was the “Season of Sweets.” It is hard to deny that this month is the best time of year to enjoy a variety of comforting and tantalizing desserts. Of course, add a bit of cannabis into the mix and you’ve got the perfect treat to eat while

R u s t i c A p p l e Ta r t In late fall, when apples are still crisp and crunchy, all this tart needs is some cannabutter, apples, a bit of sweetener and a squeeze of lemon. And of course ice cream is always nice touch. We recommend serving it with rum raisin or cinnamon bun flavored ice cream.



1 9-inch store-bought pie crust, or your favorite recipe

1. Heat oven to 340° F.

3 tablespoons cannabutter, melted 2 apples, cored, peeled and sliced 2 tablespoons maple syrup 1 tablespoon lemon juice


2. Place the pie crust on your work surface. Brush the surface with the cannabutter. 3. In a medium bowl, toss the apples with the maple syrup and lemon juice. 4. Place the apples on the crust. Fold the outer edge of the dough around the apples. Bake until the apples are tender and the crust is golden brown.


Photos by Bruce Wolf



Instructions: MAKES

1. Heat oven to 340° F.


P u l l-a pa r t P e c a n Cinnamon Sugar Tree This easy recipe is a morning treat or perfect for an infused afternoon tea. Go for it—you won’t be sorry. Don’t get carried away when eating this tasty sweet treat, because moderation is key.

Ingredients: 1 can refrigerated pizza dough 3 tablespoons cannabutter, melted 1 1/4 cups chopped pecans, toasted 3/4 cup brown sugar 1/3 cup chocolate chips 1/2 cup icing or frosting

1 tablespoon cinnamon 1/2 cup cinnamon sugar Candy for garnish 1 flat-bottomed ice cream cone, cut to form the base of the tree 1/2 cup melted chocolate

2. Place the pizza dough on your work surface. Gently stretch dough to 10 x 15 inches. Brush with the cannabutter. Cut into 36 squares. 3. In a small bowl combine the pecans, brown sugar, optional chocolate chips and cinnamon. 4. Place a heaping tablespoon of the mixture in the center of each square and pinch tightly to close. Be sure that all seams are pressed tightly. 5. Place the balls on a piece of parchment on a baking sheet. Make a holiday tree form and keep the seams on the bottom of the pan.

6. Bake at 340° F until golden brown, about 15-17 minutes. 7. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and decorate with icing or frosting and candies. 8. Heat the melted chocolate on top of a double boiler. Stir and remove from heat before fully melted; it will melt off the remaining heat. Coat the bottom of the cone in the chocolate, holding it inside the top of the cone. Place on parchment to set. 9. Dip the cut part of the cone in the remaining chocolate and place on the bottom of the tree. It will set and stick in a minute or two.





H o l i d ay T r i f l e Trifle is the perfect dessert. Cake, custard, fruit and whipped cream. Come on—how can this be any better? Well, we’ll tell you how. Cannabis. We have used our favorite medicated orange cake, as the base of this magnificent dessert. Feel free to change the cake, custard or fruit. It’s that easy. Remember—approach the trifle with a big spoon and dig deep; that way you get some of everything.

Ingredients: 1 Orange Almond Pound Cake* 4 tablespoons almond syrup 2-3 large packages instant vanilla puddings, depending on size of trifle bowl 5-7 cups milk for instant pudding 2-4 tablespoons cannabutter, melted and cooled for 10 minutes

1 tablespoon vanilla 1 teaspoon almond extract 2 cups raspberries 4 cups blackberries 2 cups heavy cream 4 tablespoons sugar 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 1/2 cup pomegranate seeds

Instructions: 1. Cut the cake into cubes and place half in the bottom of the trifle bowl. Drizzle with half of the almond syrup. 2. Prepare the pudding using the milk, cannabutter, vanilla and almond extract. Top the cake with half of the pudding. 3. Place half the fruit on top of the pudding. Continue with another layer of cake, almond syrup, pudding and fruit. 4. Whip the cream with the sugar and vanilla. Top the trifle with the whipped cream and sprinkle with the pomegranate seeds. The Holiday Trifle can be prepared a day in advance up to the whipped cream and pomegranate stage. Remember, dig deep. 42


*Orange Almond Pound Cake Ingredients: 1 teaspoon butter, softened 1/2 cup butter, melted 1/4 cup cannabutter, melted 1 1/3 cups sugar

2 eggs Pinch of salt 1 tablespoon freshly grated orange rind 2 teaspoons vanilla 1 1/2 cups flour

Instructions: 1. Preheat the oven to 340° F. Butter a 9-inch cake pan. 2. In a medium bowl place the melted butters. Add the sugar and mix well. 3. Add the eggs and beat until creamy. Add the remaining ingredients and stir well. 4. Bake for 45 to 50 minutes, until set. Allow to cool before cutting.




he Oakland garden is now ripe and is being harvested. As expected, the buds were ripe on Nov. 1. However, there was a delay in preparing for it, and the crew is playing catch-up. Every cultivator eventually learns that plants don’t wait. No matter what your intentions, plants develop somewhat mechanistically; input determines outcome, including timing. The buds’ ripening is a case in point. The light extension regime, interrupting the dark cycle by passing high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps through the field several times a night, ended on Sept. 1. By that time, there was a long enough dark period each night to switch the plants to flowering from vegetative growth. At that point, it was time to start preparing space

2. Using a limb cutter at first, then later a small chainsaw, the plants were cut down and placed on small garden wagons.

to accommodate the plants that would be harvested. However, steps were taken only close to ripening and have delayed harvest. The buds ripened on Nov. 1, 60 days later, as expected. However, it was only a week after that the first drying lines were set up. Then harvest began. On Nov. 19, about 40 percent of the field had been harvested. We have been lucky as other parts of California suffered through fires, but our farm has not been affected. Through October and early November, California days featured clear bright sunshine with highs in the 70s and UV light ratings as high as five. These are the steps in the harvest process are:

3. The wagons were pulled to the processing area. 4. In the processing area, the plants were dipped in one percent hydrogen peroxide solution and then hung on racks to dry outdoors. This prevents them from molding as they dry out. 5. The plants were cut into top and bottom sections and hung to dry. 6. The space was outfitted with a room dryer to keep the space warm enough for the plants to dry quickly. Fans were placed all around the drying area to support air circulation.

1. The plants were trellised using netting. It started with one layer of netting, which the plant branches were woven into. Then, when the plants grew larger and had more branches, netting was wrapped over each side, so that there were three nets holding the plants in place. The outer nets had to be removed in order to clip the plants. At first, crew members cut it using small clippers. Later an electric mini hedge-trimmer was used to cut and remove the netting.

Mature plant is trellised so it has a width of less than 12 inches.

Close-up of bud. All but a few rows were OG Kush.

Plants drying off from the dip.

Craft paper is placed in between layers of dried plants to help with airflow.

7. The plants dried in about a week and were placed in a separate area to cure at 55 percent humidity for another two weeks. 8. After the plants dry, they will be sorted into “A” buds, smalls and concentrate material. c

Plastic being removed so plants can be cut.

The drying rack is full.

Plant being dunked in a one percent hydrogen peroxide solution to protect against mold and bacteria.

Remaining plants in the field.

Copyright by Ed Rosenthal. All rights are reserved. First North American Magazine rights only are assigned to CULTURE Magazine. No other reproduction of this material is permitted without the specific written permission of the author/copyright holder.




Brassy and Sassy, Dec. 7-8 The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus has grown to become quite popular over the years, so don’t miss this winter celebration complete with a brass quintet and 250 talented voices. Stick around for an exclusive performance from the lovely and talented soprano Marnie Breckenridge following the main act. Nourse Theater, San Francisco

Dead Kennedys, Dec. 9 Few bands have played a more important impact on politically-themed and socially conscious punk rock than the Dead Kennedys. Led by the highly eccentric Jello Biafra, who ran for president in 2000 with Mumia Abu-Jamal, the band has influenced the style of underground music that complemented antifascist, anti-war and antigovernment movements. The UC Theatre, Berkeley

Nutcracker, Dec. 12-29 Why see the 2018 Disney live action film adaptation when you can see Nutcracker live and in person in its original ballet form? Presented by 44

the San Francisco Ballet, this classic tale is told through fine dancing and the timeless classical music of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco

Bay Area Women Grow Signature Networking Event, Dec. 13 Women (and men) are invited to collaborate and make the connections needed to become a success in the cannabis industry. Entrepreneurs at all stages of their careers are invited to network with investors and established business owners. Harvest on Geary, San Francisco signature-networkingevents Tenacious D, Dec. 17-18 Jack Black and Kyle Gass are back on tour, hot off the heels of their latest release, Post-Apocalypto. Get your tickets fast, because this show will likely sell out to loyal Jack Black and Tenacious D fans. Fox Theater Oakland, Oakland


featured event


The king of “outlaw country” graced the cover of CULTURE in 2011, telling us that “stress is the biggest killer on the planet, and the best medicine for stress is marijuana. And I know that to be a fact.” See the living country legend perform classic hits like “Crazy” live at this once-in-alifetime opportunity. Fox Theater Oakland, Oakland George Clinton, Dec. 17 George Clinton’s colorful and original style is what propelled ParliamentFunkadelic on its mission to revolutionize R&B, soul and funk and pave the way for generations of other funk and soul bands. The Independent, San Francisco Cannabis 101, Dec. 20 The Apothecarium’s Public

Education Officer, Sara Payan, survived stage III colon cancer, and she wants to share this amazing healing plant with others. Before you can move onto advanced medical cannabis strategies, you need to learn the basics, and your learning begins right here. The Apothecarium – Castro, San Francisco education/cannabiseducation-events



NEWS of the



LEAD STORY—NEW WORLD ORDER With the advent of driverless cars, new questions are being raised about a wide range of potential traffic situations. One example: What happens when police pull over an autonomous vehicle? According to The Washington Post, the company whose cars are now zipping around Phoenix is one car-length ahead of us: Alphabet’s Waymo cars (Chrysler Pacifica minivans) will use “sensors to identify police or emergency vehicles by detecting their appearance, their sirens and their emergency lights,” the company’s “Emergency Response Guide” explains. “The Waymo vehicle is designed to pull over and stop when it finds a safe place to do so.” Next, the car will unlock its doors and roll down its windows, allowing the police officer to communicate with a remote support team. The company will even send a human representative to the scene if necessary. So relax and enjoy the ride. Hal will take care of you. IRONY Kids at Pierre Part Primary school in Pierre Part, Louisiana, thought they knew what to expect during Red Ribbon Week, an annual alcohol awareness program, but a school administrator 46


threw them a curveball, reported WBRZ-TV. Rachel Turley, 49, assistant principal at the school, was on her way to work on Oct. 29 when other motorists reported that she was driving dangerously on Highway 70. Officers caught up with her at the school and took her to a police substation, where they determined her blood alcohol content was .224, nearly three times the legal limit of .08. She was charged with DWI and careless operation. “The fact that she chose to do this on the Monday of Red Ribbon Week is a slap in the face,” commented Niki Lacoste, grandparent of a Pierre Part student. ELECTION ROUNDUP An Independence, Missouri, city councilman who was not on the Nov. 6 ballot managed to let his temper get away from him that morning at a church polling station. Witnesses told KSHB-TV that councilman Tom Van Camp was in the parking lot of the church when another man yelled at him, “Tom Van Camp, you SOB!” Witness Lee Williams said the man then approached Van Camp, and the next time she looked up, Van Camp and the man were “down there on the grass and they’re punching each other. I was just shocked to see my councilman in a fist fight.” A voter called police, who responded, but both men had already left the scene in separate vehicles. Van Camp is under fire in Independence for spending public money on personal travel. He is up for re-election in 2020.



Culture Magazine Northern California December 2018  
Culture Magazine Northern California December 2018