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1. Introduction 2. Location & Accessibility 3. Maps 4. Facilities & Amenities 5. Pro-active approach 6. Costs and contacts

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C H A N T R Y M A N S I O N & PA R K Chantry Mansion, originally built in 1688 by Edmund Ventris and now a grade II listed building, sits majestically in amongst gently undulating expanses and woodland groves that now comprise today’s Chantry Park. Originally designed in the 18th century it was opened to the public in 1928 and is Ipswich’s largest park at nearly 124 acres. Open all year round and enjoyed by many, it also plays host to a select number of diverse events. The park lies just under 2 miles west of central Ipswich on the outer edge of the town suburbs, backing onto farmland, and is bounded on the north by Hadleigh Road and on the south by the A1214. Most significantly it is situated just minutes away for the Copdock interchange where the A14 and A12 intersect one another.

Address: London Road, Ipswich, IP2 0BS Locality: Ipswich, Suffolk Site Size (Hectares): 50 Venue currently licensed for 19,999 (can be varied up to 150,000 max. capacity)

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L O C AT I O N Road access A12 to London & the south (using M25); A14 to Cambridge & the Midlands (using A1); A14 to Birmingham and North West (using M1). By rail London – Liverpool Street, approximate travel time: 1 hr 20 min. (Connections also to Norwich, Cambridge, Harwich, Felixstowe & Lowestoft). Nearest major airports Stansted (A12, A120) – 1 hr 15 mins Heathrow (A12, M25 north) – 2hrs Gatwick (A12, M25 south) – 2 hrs Luton (A12, M25 north) - 1 hr 50 mins Norwich (A140) - 1 hr 30 mins


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FACILITIES AND AMENITIES • 4 separate site entrances allowing quick and easy access from main roads. • Internal hard surface track allowing non-detrimental movement of vehicles within park. • On/Off site parking, on-site production parking. • On-site utilities provided e.g. water/gas/ power. • Additional off site parking and camping capabilities adjacent to main site (see satellite image).

As well as boasting direct and multiple access to the county’s main roads Chantry Park is also extremely fortunate to located well within walking distance of an abundance of useful amenities including a host of well known food retail outlets, hotel accommodation, supermarkets, two central bus stations, Ipswich train station, shopping centres, petrol stations, cash points and so on…

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FACILITIES AND AMENITIES Immediate proximity (5mins) Sainsburys supermarket, cash points, MacDonald’s Close proximity (5-10 mins) Ramada hotel, Train station Copdock (5-10mins) Park and Ride, Tesco supermarket, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Holiday Inn

Cardinal Park (15 mins) Frankie and Bennys, Nando’s, KFC, MacDonald’s, Golden dragon Chinese, Old Orleans, Novotel, cash points Town centre (20mins) Restaurants, bars, hotels, banks, bus station (x2), shopping centres (x2) Ipswich waterfront (20 mins) Ipswich waterfront is the newest development in the rapidly transforming town and is definitely worth a visit. The combination of its historic character and modern style creates a vibrant energy easy to enjoy on many levels; either relaxing with a coffee by the quayside, or hitting its popular nightspots.

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Ipswich Borough Council

PROACTIVE APPROACH Throughout the year IBC actively conceive, organise and facilitate a large and diverse programme of events with the upmost professionalism. These range from sporting and cultural events to large-scale entertainment, most notably, the Ipswich Arts Festival or `Ip-art’. The high point of the festival is undoubtedly Ipswich music day; one of the largest, free, one-day music festivals in England. In 2010, it was attended by approximately 40,000 people. Comprising of over 50 live performances over six stages and as many hours of entertainment, the internal Ipswich Borough Council Event Team organise the whole event from start to finish giving real and invaluable experience.

As well as events on the IBC Event calendar, there are regular collaborations with concert promoters seeking to bring events to Ipswich; for example, most recently playing host to two IML summer session concerts including an 80’s extravaganza and a performance by Jools Holland. Because of this varying and competent background in events of all types it means we are in the position to lend valuable expertise and experience if required, as well as local knowledge and connections.

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As well as the credentials above, there is also the added internal facility of the many IBC departments that can also play a significant role in areas surrounding the organisation of an event. • Event management team: aims to facilitate and coordinate full integration of available services, initiating high levels of event planning and support; therefore insuring an efficient and professional experience for the client on every occasion. • Licensing: all licensing can be handled by borough authority; licenses for venues, events, food, alcohol sales and so on, can be arranged. • Food hygiene: ability to conduct food hygiene checks on catering units and so on in order to insure all regulations are met. • Environmental health: provision of environmental checks primarily in sound regulation, monitoring of sound checks etc to verify limits are not exceeded. • Cleansing: utilised for the clean up operation of an event as well as provision of onsite refuse during the event’s course. • Parks liaison: regularly aid closely in the consultation process of event planning. Also provide security support and general assistance on-site during events. • Theatre Technical crew and box office facilities: qualified and experienced crew from the Regent theatre regularly work in accordance with various large travelling shows throughout the year. Utilising the theatres box office for promotion and ticket sales is an additional advantage.

With the integration of these services we can offer a high level of support in order to ensure a personal and professional experience every time.

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C H A N T R Y PA R K EVENT VENUE Chantry Park is, and has always been, used extensively as a primary out-door venue for significant events. Its regular usage is testament to its integral role within the community for staging large-scale entertainment events and as a result, bringing the spectacular to Ipswich.

Previous and continuing events that have taken place in the Park include: • • • • • •

BBC Radio 1’s ‘One big Sunday’ Westlife live in concert Peter Andre Live Cancer Research ‘Race for life’ Cyclo-cross National Trophy BBC Sport Relief Mile

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COSTS (Rates Negotiable)

C O N TA C T S Jonathan Stephenson Operations Manager Business Deleopment & Corporate Marketing Email: Tel: 01473 432217 | 07736 826272 James Young Events Manager Email: Tel: 01473 432869 | 07736 826312

Chantry Park, Ipswich Events  

Profile of Chantry Park, Ipswich as a venue for festivals and events

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