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Who we are ... Established for over 13 years, IPS Ltd has provided tailored integrated and practical solutions for a range of industry sectors.


Our technology enables companies to deliver an overall better customer experience without them having to employ additional staff. We value our customers, and take on board their requirements to make sure that we deliver high-quality products. We provide bespoke hardware and software solutions that include visitor management, stock & till management, access control and cashless payments to both the private and industrial sectors. Many of the IPS Ltd staff have worked for years within the further education sector, and fully understand their policies and procedures. With that in mind, we have been able to create a range of bespoke systems that are tailor-fit to the sector, ensuring that our software meets all safeguarding standards. We are highly recommended in the industry and are rated for our product quality and customer loyalty.


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For more information on our products, take a look at our website ips.software

i-Connect A system that extracts data from MIS Systems

This software integrates to your Management Information System, it automatically identifies if a new record is added or a current record is amended. 7

It then pushes the information into the IPS database that is hosted on your premises.

The data held here may vary depending on your requirements but is held in a way that is GDPR compliant, to ensure no data regulations are ever breached. This information is then pushed into any other IPS system, making your MIS system the heart of your technology.

Our continuously growing partnerships enable us to integrate to a wide variety of MIS systems.

For more information on our products, take a look at our website ips.software

i-Ad A system that automatically creates AD login accounts


i-AD investigates your Management Information System (MIS) and identifies if an existing account is already in place.

The user will be put into a category so that they go into the correct Organisation Unit (OU) based on the information provided.

It will then create a password, email address, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams account.

It has a secure self-service facility, and can be accessible to anyone who needs to reset their logins or passwords.

This system has the ability to group accounts for individuals if required.

For more information on our products, take a look at our website ips.software


For more information on our products, take a look at our website ips.software

i-Card ID Card Software uses Mifare technology, to provide a one-card solution, saving you both time and money.

The i-Card system integrates to your MIS system, giving an additional printing method. Its functionality enables records to be created not otherwise supplied by your MIS system, such as visitors or contractors. You can set users to have allocated access levels inside i-Card, which will give them the appropriate access rights within your access control system. ID Cards can be printed individually or in batches to avoid wasting time.

The cards are fully customisable through our design platform. This allows you to design the card, edit the position of the layout of the card and track the printing progress with real-time statistics and diagnostics. The i-Card platform is compatible with all other IPS Ltd products or can be integrated into your pre-existing software and hardware that you may use (subject to consultation).

i-Visit This straightforward system provides you with a full understanding of who is within your building at all times, meaning that your security is second to none. Once a visitor signs into this system, the staff member they are visiting will be notified by email that they have arrived. The visitor receives a label or an ID card that can be programmed with access levels, money for hospitality and signing out when they leave. Giving your visitors a great first impression and reducing their waiting time is achievable with i-Visit


There will be no need to use the old fashioned paper-based visitor books, and stops reception staff trying to locate the person they are meeting.

i-Access Access Control Software keeps your buildings secure and automates user and access level entry. The MIS system defines the access level required for door and barrier users. Then when the user is processed and issued with an ID Card, that card will be usable on the access control system and only able to access the areas that were specified in the MIS system, when the card reaches its expiry date, set by your MIS system the user’s card will automatically be blocked, and no door will open if the card is used. i-Access also has security reporting system functionality, it will report on who has entered rooms during a given time and will track the movement around buildings, utilising UHF and RFID technologies. IPS Ltd is currently working with a multitude of Access Control partners, which in turn makes any integration and installation an easy process. For more information on our products, take a look at our website ips.software

i-Monitor i-Monitor is our safeguarding system that accurately tracks the movements of all people within a building. It can identify which rooms people have been in and where they currently are, this information can then allow you to track user activity and the flow of people. Alerts are created and configured based on parameters set by you, such as the frequency of door use by individual users. This system is ideal for a range of industries, from organisations who need to have secure buildings and for the further education sector, so that vulnerable students can be monitored if staff feel that there is a need. 13

i-Work This system provides state-of-the-art technology to enable recordings to be created so that you have them for as long as you need, such as:Historical information, students and apprentices can record practical evidence so that they can enhance the quality of their course work. Creating recordings is simple, by the aid of ID Cards a simple tap of the card to a device, activates the recording. Once complete they just tap the card again and the recording stops. The recording is then saved to a file which can be stored on your pc.

For more information on our products, take a look at our website ips.software

i-Mark i-Mark is a live self-service registration system that provides immediate awareness of absences, lateness, if students are attending the wrong classes, if tutors have used the wrong rooms and if classes started to early or to late. i-Mark software is activated when a tutor scans their ID Card in a classroom and the student follows by scanning their card against the reader to mark their attendance. This automatically produces the register in the Student Record System. It provides live reports to your MIS system, meaning safeguarding, attendance and accurate classroom utilisation awareness is never an issue. 14

Ubiquitous The Ubiquitous system has been designed for pupils or students to check where their next lesson is. The software can be uploaded into a range of hardware for them to access this information, from scanning an ID Card against a device, or even logging into a self-service kiosk for them to be able to check by themselves. IPS Ltd has given pupils and students this functionality to help them reduce their stress load, and also helps them to be punctual.

For more information on our products, take a look at our website ips.software


i-Pay Users log into the i-Pay – Multipurpose Payment Platform with their AD accounts. The system enables them to purchase a range of items from a shop, top-up their balance on their ID cards, pay for trips, and Parents and Guardians can also have account logins. Students will require specific equipment before and during their course, for example, a construction student will need PPE, and a hairdresser will need scissors. The course equipment-specific requirements can be purchased remotely to reduce the queue time within both student services or shops, and save students from bringing in a large amount of money on campus.

There is a notification center that displays updates and a checkout feature, where multiple items can be purchase at once.

be paid in full or in installments. There is also an option for students or parents to upload forms e.g. medical forms or consent if required.

The trip payment feature has a range of elements. It enables staff to upload specific trips for their classes. Or trips can be uploaded for the whole school, college or university.

In partnership with Mindspace 24/7, IPS Ltd is able to provide online confidential therapy sessions to those who need it. This feature enables users (staff, students, parents or guardians) to book a qualified psychotherapist as an when they need them.

Trip payments can be set-up so that they have to

For more information on our products, take a look at our website ips.software


For more information on our products, take a look at our website ips.software

i-Till Cluster synchronisation, means every till is included on a central server and will contain all the information that has been generated by every till user. Scanning an issued ID card at a till will identify that user. Once selected the operator can identify them by their name, photograph, and current cashless/bursary balance. Also, its installation enables tills to work offline when your networks fail. Once the tills are back online i-Till – cluster synchronisation will


take place and a full update on the transactions will be visual. This avoids downtime when these occurrences take place. i-Till enables the collation of live data reporting as and when required. After training, tills can be programmed by your company admin users, who can list products, manage operators, program deals and run reports.

i-Order This restaurant ordering software, provides waiting staff with easy technology, used from a mobile device to give your customers the advanced customer service that they expect. Waiting staff can take orders from customers with handheld devices, that submits the order straight to the kitchen and then to the tills. This eliminates the need to keep track of orders with paper and streamlines the process with easy to read screens. Through our i-Order Restaurant Ordering software you can tackle queues directly,

ensuring your customers are served speedily. The simplistic interface enables you to have full control over the tables on your restaurant floor and is compatible with our i-Till Software. Need to move tables around? No problem, with i-Order you can manage and align the layout of your restaurant.

For more information on our products, take a look at our website ips.software


For more information on our products, take a look at our website ips.software

i-Kiosk Self-Service Kiosks that provide users with the ability to top-up cashless balances, reset your AD password, purchase a replacement ID card and also sign-in as a visitor.


This system uses facial recognition technology so that users can log into their own personal accounts.

their ID Cards, they can also see what they have purchased each day.

They can then do a range of functionalities without having to wait for a member of staff to do this for them.

Having this machine reduces queue time, cuts down on staff intervention and allows students to focus on their day-to-day activities.

From reprinting new ID Cards, resetting AD passwords and topping up their accounts in order for them to purchase items from

i-Kiosk also has a reporting facility to provide a range of data to key players within the business.

For more information on our products, take a look at our website ips.software


For more information on our products, take a look at our website ips.software

i-Asset This system enables you to know exactly what assets you have and even where they are located using RFID technology.


Organisations have a mixed approach to tracking assets. For some, this is a priority and others have limited knowledge of what assets they have and then may reorder additional assets, when they are not required.

Flexible Industry Usage in any business you will have assets that are of high value and knowing what they are, their value and their product lifecycle is a essential.

Through the dynamic partnership of IPS Ltd and Zebra Technologies and their handheld computers, we can allow an institution to tag and control their assets.

IPS Ltd i-Asset system can ensure that you have that knowledge. In a two minute scan, you can count every asset that you have, you can even have anti-theft meaning that you have full security.

To give the ability to understand what is currently situated in your building and what has been allocated, loaned to an employee and what is broken.

You can track when they are moved, on a rack or ready to be shipped so that you are confident that your stock is always monitored.

For more information on our products, take a look at our website ips.software

PARTNERSHIPS Providing end-to-end solutions to our customers.

IPS Ltd is proud to work alongside partners who share our vision, to provide robust and reliable solutions.


Where our software technology is the brain, their hardware is the body, allowing seamless services to be constructed and tailored to your exact needs. Whether that be through providing high-quality ID cards with Zebra card printers, safeguarding solutions with Paxton or

catering solutions with ForPOS. IPS Ltd’s ever-expanding portfolio of partnerships with manufacturers, as integrators at heart, we strive to provide multiple solutions and the hardware necessary to do so. As part of our partnership with our suppliers we can provide unique and competitive quotes to our customers to enable them to make extensive savings.

For more information on our products, take a look at our website ips.software


Registered resellers - we can provide competitive pricing. Registered Independent Software Vendor - our i-Card is Zebra certified solution. 23

Registered Card Specialists - we can supply the Zebra ZC350 specialist printer. Printer Repair Specialist - allowing us to provide a complete level of service of Zebra printers.


To find out more 01202 006 677 For more information on our products, take a look at our website ips.software



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